Chicago Fire s07e18 Episode Script

No Such Thing as Bad Luck

1 Some firefighter is swiping the key from his company's rig and using it to commit a robbery.
Why do I have to be the snitch? 'Cause it's the right thing to do.
We were on a call this morning.
I just got this feeling something bad was going on in that apartment.
We wear our badges on our hearts and that spirit was demonstrated by our very own Stella Kidd.
You did a good thing.
Anyone would've done the same in my shoes.
Not so sure.
There's no one like you.
[INDISTINCT TV CHATTER] [SIGHS] There's a special kind of peace that settles over this place once Herrmann leaves for home.
It's five minutes to closing time so I'm going to flick the lights.
[ROCK MUSIC] Hey, uh, I'll take another beer.
Uh, no.
We closed your tab about ten minutes ago when we gave last call.
I didn't hear you say last call.
Law says if if I don't hear you say it then you have to serve me more.
The law definitely does not say that.
Ah, come on, lady.
One more damn beer! - Hey! - Hey, hey, hey.
Take a step back, buddy.
Gulliver? When I was a kid I had a St.
Bernard who looked just like that.
Oh, big guy got me through some rough times.
I'll I'll give you $100 for that mug.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [SIGHS] I'll tell you what.
It's yours for free.
All you gotta do is go home.
Hell yeah, I'll take it.
Here you go.
[CHEERFUL MUSIC] Bye, Gulliver.
We hardly knew ye.
Nicely done.
When you go against great minds like that, you gotta play up.
- Night.
- See ya.
You ever noticed how Severide only stays till closing on the nights you're working? That's just a coincidence.
I'm sure.
You look like you're stuck in first gear, Chief.
Um, hey.
- Hey.
- Let me ask you something.
[CLATTERING] You ever heard of the terrible twos lasting till age four? Please.
Lee Henry's still there and he's 18.
Well, Terrance throws these weapons-grade temper tantrums and, um, it's driving a wedge between Donna and me.
We were up half the night, arguing about how to deal with him.
She wants to coddle him.
I keep telling her, no, you can't indulge that behavior.
You've got to, kind of, drop the hammer.
Damn straight.
You're not doing your job as a parent unless your kid is scared to death of you.
You're trying to make me rethink my position, right? What are you talking about? Hey, Joe! - Excuse me.
- What hey.
I'm agreeing with you.
Yeah, yeah.
Joe, Joe.
Um Yeah, what's up, Chief? Keep an eye out for Detective Halstead.
He wants to talk to you regarding, the, uh, you know, the case that you helped him out on.
The lockbox key? I thought that was all wrapped up.
What more could Voight want from me? No, no, no, no.
It's nothing like that.
It's good news.
Look, I'm not supposed to tell you, but let's just say that the words "special commendation" were mentioned.
What [CHUCKLES] They're giving me an award? Seriously? Yeah, just make sure you act surprised when Halstead tells you.
- Will do.
- Okay.
Is everything all right? Um uh, yeah, yeah.
It's nothing, really.
It's, uh it's not even official yet, so What's not official? Um I guess CPD is gonna give me some sort of a commendation? Really? - Yeah.
- That's awesome! - It is, right? - Yes, I'm so happy for you.
Well, you did a really good thing, Joe, and I'm glad you're being recognized for it.
[SIREN BLARES] Engine 51, Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61 Oh, hey, hey.
Seriously, though.
Keep it under your hat, okay? Of course.
[SIRENS WAIL] [HORN HONKS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [ENGINE HISSES] She's trapped in there! Help me! Hurry! Please! Help me! The doorknob fell off and I'm stuck in the bathroom! Hang in there, honey! We've got a victim on the first floor.
Window's too small.
I've gotta find another way in.
Chief, front door's a no-go.
Copy that.
Looks like the fire's getting into the walls.
It's spreading fast.
We've got to get in there.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] Help me! Please hurry! Squad, get us in there as fast as you can! 51, let's get a line ready.
Please hurry! - Copy that! - That door's too tough.
We have to cut through the bars! Cruz, grab a K12.
No, no.
I-I got a better idea.
- Window's open.
- Copy that.
Let's get the straight ladder in here! Coming in, Cap.
[COUGHING] [GLASS SHATTERS] Truck, you're on containment.
Severide, find a way to that victim.
Copy, Chief.
[TANK HISSING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [EXTINGUISHER HISSES] Call out! In here! I'm in here! I can't breathe! [COUGHING] - [KNOCKING ON DOOR] - Ma'am? - Yeah? - Back up! I'm coming in! Okay.
[COUGHING] The doorknob came off right in my hand.
[COUGHS] I thought I was going to die in there.
You're all right.
I got you.
- Oh, what about my house? - Everything's fine.
The fire's out.
[PANTING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Wallace Boden? Jasmine Lacey.
- Oh.
- [LAUGHS] Guess you two have met? Uh, we go way back.
All the way to my senior year.
When you broke my heart.
Yeah, I remember that being the other way around.
Come on.
What a fool I am.
Locking myself in the bathroom with breakfast on the stove, and it just had to be Wallace Boden to come and save me.
Oh, no, no, no.
It could happen to anyone.
I'm just glad we can come and help.
[COUGHS] [SIGHS] What you must think of me You know what I think? It's good to see you.
Come here.
- Watch your step.
- Thank you.
[ENGINE HISSES] - Gaze upon the Slamigan! - Ooh! Whosoever holds it, if he be worthy, possesses the power of Cruz! [CHUCKLES] - My hero! - Oh, come on.
Seriously, you guys, is there anything it can't do? Hey, Cruz, can I borrow you a moment? Yeah, sure, Lieutenant.
How's your hearing these days? My hearing? I asked you for a K12 to cut through those security bars but you decided to ignore that order and show off instead.
Oh, yeah, I-I guess a little, but it worked, right? I asked for the saw based on my assessment of the situation.
Those bars were secured with grade-5 lag bolts.
- They were? - Yeah.
There was no way they were gonna break.
Lucky for us, they were short enough you could rip them out.
But what if they weren't? What if you wasted that precious time with a victim trapped inside and a fire that was about to run riot? [SOMBER MUSIC] Maybe you should ponder that scenario for a while instead of strutting around here, shaking your ass.
All I am saying is that you have been driving the truck since Cruz went to Squad.
Maybe it's time to give somebody else a shot.
You know when that's going to happen? When I'm dead.
Hmm, least I know what I gotta do.
Hey, guys, we've got a real problem.
What's wrong? Uh, this morning I went to Molly's, you know, to to take a delivery and first thing I notice when I walk in that door is my antique stein is missing.
Your antique Stein! With the St.
You know, I figured that the cleaning crew that comes in on Tuesday morning, maybe they moved it.
But I just talked to them and they said they haven't seen it either, so I'm thinking that maybe somebody stole it.
[SIGHS] Herrmann I mean it was the first thing that I bought for, you know, Molly's decor, from that, you know, little thrift shop down the street! And the moment that I saw it, I knew that that was going to be the bar's, you know, good luck charm.
[SIGHS] I am telling you, that is the reason we have stayed afloat, even when we were on the brink, you know? - Mm.
- So yeah, you you were you were gonna say something before? Uh, I don't I I just hope we find it.
And that it has been a a real blessing for the bar.
- Hey.
- What's up? Turns out I placed a curse on Molly's by giving away that mug last night.
- [CHUCKLES] The pitcher? - Yeah.
Well, there's gotta be a way to get it back.
Well, hopefully the guy shows up at Molly's tomorrow.
I can scout it out.
All right, well, hey.
If you need an extra set of eyes, I was planning on being there tomorrow anyway.
That's so nice.
I bet it actually won't take that long, but thanks, though.
Okay, well, let me know if you change your mind.
What's up? Boden say anything about his friend from the stove fire? No, not to me.
We just overhauled her place.
Fire was isolated to the kitchen but I checked every room just to be sure.
Yeah, of course.
When I got to the bedroom, it looked like it was hit by a tornado.
Mattress was flipped over, drawers emptied onto the floor, closet ransacked.
Like the place had been tossed? Exactly.
You know, I didn't I didn't think much of it at the time, but the way she said she got locked in the bathroom she said the doorknob came off in her hand.
But the spindle was snapped off from the outside, almost like somebody broke it on purpose.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I don't think your friend is telling the truth.
Someone locked her in that bathroom intentionally.
Anyway, I just wanted to check in everything was okay.
Give me a call back when you can.
I'm on shift until tomorrow.
It was good seeing you, Jasmine.
I'm sorry it's under these circumstances.
I'm sure she's going through a lot right now, you know? The fire damage, broken windows.
You don't think she's hiding anything? Long time since we were close, but I've never known Jasmine to lie.
Still, if she is in some kind of trouble, I would want to help.
'Cause she saved me from a lot of grief back in the day.
So thanks for the heads-up, Casey.
I hope it's nothing.
Yeah, me too.
So this really cool girl I went out with last night, Alexa? Turns out she's into line dancing.
You ever do that? Oh, of course.
I'm from Indiana.
She invited me to join her but I'm like, line dancing? - [GASPS] - Really? No, it's so fun! You'd love it.
Here, I'll teach you one.
She'll be so impressed.
So Hey.
Hey, I'm going to teach Foster how to line dance.
Come join.
Okay, it's a basic 32-count, - four-wall dance.
- Okay.
You start with your weight on your left foot.
And you go toe, toe.
Heel, heel, toe, toe.
Heel, toe, heel, toe.
Hey, have have you noticed, uh, Severide being a little extra around me lately? Extra how? Just, like, going out of his way to be around me more often.
Otis pointed it out to me.
But I was thinking that it's just his way of solidifying that we're buddies now.
Right? - Yeah.
- Sure.
Right, that's what I thought.
No big deal.
Okay, yeah.
What's next? Then we do step, kick, step, together.
But you're cool with the buddy thing though, right? That's what you wanted? Oh, yeah, totally.
Okay, so we're a little out of step.
So one, two, three, four, heel.
What am I doing? It's the Cowboy Hustle.
[SOFT MUSIC] I think I need more coffee.
- Hey, all set.
- How's it going? It's great, uh, Chief mentioned you'd be stopping by.
Yeah, I'm bringing good news.
CPD's awarding you a special commendation.
It's an award that goes not just to cops, but to members of other government agencies who've made a significant impact on crime prevention or public safety.
That's, um, that's great.
Voight nominated you.
He knew how hard it was, informing on a fellow firefighter and he wanted to show his appreciation.
Did Boden spill the beans? I told him not to say anything.
No, no, no, I'm, uh, I'm surprised and I'm flattered.
I just, um, I gotta finish up these axes before Severide uses one to chop my head off.
Well, uh, ceremony's on Saturday.
Um, it's at the Public Safety Building.
A lot of top brass is gonna be there giving out the award.
You should bring a guest.
It's going to be a nice little event.
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Congratulations, Joe.
- You earned it.
- Thanks, Halstead.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER PA] What's that about? Overdue parking tickets.
Chief, visitor.
Thank you, Captain.
Come on in, please.
- Aww! - Aww, good to see you.
Sit down.
I got your message.
I don't blame you worrying after that crazy scene.
Well, Jasmine, there was a few things from this morning that gave my men some concern.
Did anything happen before the fire started? Besides me locking myself in the bathroom like a dummy? [CHUCKLES] No.
- Hmm.
- Why? What'd they see? The bedroom.
Apparently it looked like somebody had rifled through your things.
Oh, Lord.
[CHUCKLES] I can see why they thought that.
Well, I'm I'm redoing the place and I was going through my room and sorting what needed to go and and and making a terrible mess.
But I promise you, there's no cause for concern.
- Well, I'm glad to hear that.
- Yeah.
So how have you been? Well, despite this morning, I'm very well, thank you.
Blessed, in many ways.
I have a teenage son, Dex.
- Teenager.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, he's right around the age we were when we met.
On the edge of it all.
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] I have full custody of the boy.
His father and I split up about six months back.
Sorry to hear that.
Oh, it was for the best.
Believe me.
Even if my ex doesn't agree.
But overall, life is good.
So what about you? Well, I have a son too.
- Hmm.
[GASPS] - He's four years old.
Oh! A baby! Yeah, I started late.
Mm! [CHUCKLES] So you're married.
- I am.
- Yeah.
Her name is Donna and she's a teacher.
She's a wonderful woman.
I believe the two of you would make fast friends.
Oh, I'm sure we would.
[TELEPHONE RINGING] Um [BOTH CHUCKLE] I'll let you get back to work.
Yeah! All right, um [CHUCKLES] You know, I, uh I'm glad you came by.
[SIGHS] I'd love to get dinner sometime if it wouldn't rattle the cages, so to speak.
[SIGHS] [CELL PHONE RINGING] Perfect timing, Cindy.
Hey, sweetheart.
What's up? Did you open it? Well, what are you waiting for? Open it! Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
It's a letter from the IRS.
Molly's is getting audited.
What did I tell ya? Our luck has run out.
That Saint Bernard mug was the only thing keeping failure at bay.
[SIGHS] All right.
Keep reading, Cindy.
What else does it say? There's no such thing as bad luck.
He doesn't know that! [SIREN BLARES] Squad 3, Ambulance 61.
Person trapped.
26 State Street.
[SIREN WAILS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] All right, everybody, back up! Guys, let's go! Come on! Come on, out of the way! Please! Please.
Oh, boy.
Stay back.
[GRUNTING] I was walking and it just collapsed.
Hey, stay back! Is really unstable.
I can't I can't pull myself up.
All right, don't move.
Don't try.
Okay, you just stay still and we're gonna get you out.
He's bleeding a lot.
We've got to get in there.
All right.
Tony, Capp.
We're gonna secure the victim with webbing.
- Copy.
- Cruz, we're going to build an overhead anchor point.
Copy that, Lieutenant, what do you need? Uh, two roof top ladders.
We're going to build an A-frame, secure him, and bring him up from the center.
- Two ladders, copy that.
- [GROANS] I'm gonna fall.
All right, y-you're fine, okay? We got you, stay still.
- One at a time.
- Cap, you go first.
[GROANING] Okay, Brett, you're up.
- Foster, I need some four-bys.
- You got it? [GROANS] Where do you need 'em, Lieutenant? Here, one on the left and one on the right.
- Set the ladders right here.
- Copy that.
- You got the webbings? - Right here.
Hey Cruz, it's good directly across from me? Oh damn, I'm one rung up.
Doesn't matter, all right? - I got it, I got it.
- All right, come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Cruz, it's fine.
Just let's go.
All right, you got the beamers? Yeah.
[GROANS] Just hold it up.
We'll be right there.
You ready? Up on three.
One, two, three.
Put it up there.
There we go.
- Grinder.
- Got it.
Foster, give me that blanket and a pair of glasses.
All right, let's get that blanket on.
- Yeah.
- [GRUNTS] [WHIRRING] - Ready? - [GROANING] [GRUNTS] - Ready? - [GRUNTS] I got him.
Okay, we got him.
Let's pack these lacerations and get him to Med.
Let's go.
- Hey there.
- Where's the boy? - Sleeping.
I thought he napped at school.
Not today.
Apparently during art, Sadie took a brush from Terrance's easel, he wasn't having it.
He grabbed all of her brushes, threw them into the sink and then refused to go to nap time.
I told you that boy needs discipline.
Well, sounds like Sadie does too.
Maybe we should just send them both off to juvie.
I'm serious, Donna.
I'm gonna need to sit him down and explain the concept of respect for adults.
[CHUCKLES] He's four, Wallace.
He gets a time out from Miss Ellie and then we remind him to be kind to others.
But maybe maybe save the lecture for high school.
Trust me when I say that's when they really need to hear that you're in charge.
I, uh, ran into an old friend yesterday.
Jasmine Lacey.
She had a stove fire in her house.
[CHUCKLES] Is she an old friend or an old girlfriend? - Both.
- Hmm.
But I hadn't seen her in over 30 years.
Anyway, Casey and Severide, they were concerned that someone else may have been involved in the fire, but she swears it was an accident.
Well, what do you think? I'm not sure.
She says there's nothing wrong.
She's been through this divorce, custody battle.
Oh, I don't like the sound of that.
Remember what Desiree had to go through with her ex? She ended up needing a restraining order.
Maybe just check in on her again.
Just to let her know that she's got somebody in her corner.
Guys! If anyone took this antique or knows anyone who took it, just please return it and no questions will be asked.
[MUSIC PLAYS INDISTINCTLY OVER SPEAKERS] Have you seen Mug Guy tonight? No, and I've been giving out general descriptions but no one knows him.
We're doomed.
I pulled all the credit receipts from the other night.
Oh, okay.
Maybe we can figure it out using these? It is worth a shot but Herrmann cannot know.
This round is on me.
A congrats for your fancy commendation.
[SHUSHES] Thank you, but uh I'm just don't really need to tell anyone, you know? Why not? [SIGHS] After that smackdown from Severide, I just I don't want to go crowing about myself, all cocky.
Joe, you should be proud of yourself for what you did.
No one at 51 is going to deny you that.
That's that's really nice of you to say.
Just I'd rather play it close to the vest.
Did you at least tell Chloe? Well, she's traveling for work.
I don't want to make her feel bad about missing the ceremony.
Well, just so you know, I am very proud of you, Joe Cruz.
It's a big deal.
Thank you.
Hey there.
Um So what are you up to? What? You know what I'm asking.
I can't get her off my mind.
[SOMBER MUSIC] The truth is we were good together and I miss it.
The two of you broke up for a reason.
- I know.
- Do you? Severide, you put her through the ringer this last time.
What happened point back whenever things got tough.
If you're not ready to step up and be worthy of Stella, then you need to back the hell up and let her move on.
- Hey.
What are you doing here? You know, I just thought I'd, uh come and check in on you.
You don't need to do that.
I'm fine.
You should leave.
Hey, Jasmine.
If you're in danger or trouble, you can tell me.
I'm not.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Wallace Go home.
Ted Beechum? Yeah? This is great, so great.
Um, I'm Stella, I work at Molly's Pub.
What what are you doing here? Well, the other night, I gave you a big mug with a-a St.
Bernard on it? Oh yeah, Gulliver.
Yes, yeah.
Um, I need it back.
Oh, I gave it to my dad.
Yeah, he loved that dog and he's been sick, so Oh, jeez.
Oh, I'm I'm I'm very sorry to hear that.
How sick? Oh, he's got a pretty bad cold.
The cough keeps him up at night.
He's like [HAWKING] Just a cold.
That's great! That's great.
Ted, I really need the mug back.
Sorry, you can't have it.
Ted, listen to me.
Molly's very existence hangs in the balance.
I'll give it back to you for 100 bucks.
A 100 bu uh, Ted, I gave it to you for free.
Get it back from your dad and bring it to firehouse 51 by the end of the day and I will give you 100 bucks.
I don't know what I walked in on exactly, but she was scared.
There's no denying that.
And I'd have done anything to help her, but the way she turned on me, the anger in her voice so I'm not sure what to do.
You can't force someone to accept your help.
You've already done a lot.
Just letting her know you care, I mean, that's big.
Yeah, I mean, ball's in her court.
At least she knows she's got someone to turn to if she needs help.
It's not enough.
I'm not good at sitting back and waiting.
Anyway, the way she left things, I'm worried that I'll never hear from her again, so Thanks.
Hey, good morning, Chief.
Yeah, morning.
- Hey! - Hey.
No one can see you, I said.
You didn't say that.
- All right.
- Come on.
- Oh.
- Come on.
Bye, Gulliver.
You're the best, bud.
[SIGHS] Hey.
- You did it.
- We did it.
You can't tell Herrmann this was on us.
No way! No.
I'm gonna slip it back tomorrow night and deny any knowledge of how it got there.
Uh, yeah, it's because the coach stinks.
It was the best record they've had in years.
Hey, Herrmann.
Would you mind checking the truck for us? Yeah, one of the, um, tires look weird.
You checked the pressure? Yeah, but see what you think.
What's going on, Jasmine? Yes, of course.
I'll be right there.
- No, no! - You know I still love you! - Jasmine! - You know I do! [GRUNTS] Hey! Who the hell are you? Hey, Dex.
Dex, put that gun down.
I don't know you, man.
Your mother was my best friend in high school.
- [PANTING] - Okay? Come on.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - This is Wallace.
- I don't care! Hey, Dex, lower your voice.
Okay? Lower your voice.
You don't wanna talk to your mother like that.
Stay away from me! - You don't have to talk - Stay away from me! Okay, okay.
Now, whatever it is you are going through - Stay there.
- You are gonna get hey.
You really need help, son.
Everybody does.
- That's what I'm here for.
- I said stay away from me! Hey, hey, hey, Dex! Put down the gun, man.
[INTENSE MUSIC] - Oh! - [GRUNTS] - Put it down! - Get off! - Come here.
- [GRUNTS] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
[PANTING] My hands are off you.
You know, I meant what I said.
Okay? Everybody needs help getting through high school.
I wouldn't have made it through without your mom.
[SIGHS] But look at you, you're all strung out.
You can't go on like this.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] It's got to change, son.
[SIGHS] You can't call the police, Wallace.
He's just a boy.
It's either gonna be CPD or a live-in rehab facility.
Jasmine, I know a real good one.
I'll take him there right now, but you got to give me the go-ahead.
Mom! Mom, no.
Mom, ple please.
I-I don't need that.
I could I could get right without it, I-I-I swear.
Please, don't let him take me.
Mom, I'm s-sorry [SOBBING] Boden got the kid checked into this rehab facility he knows on the Southside.
Now it's just a question of, will he go the distance? That's a good first step anyway.
The kid is lucky as hell.
Talk about unconditional love.
You almost you almost burn your mother alive in her own home and she still has your back? I'm gonna hit the commissary, exchange some gloves.
See you at Molly's? I think I'm gonna skip out tonight.
Big plans or just avoiding Kidd? [CHUCKLES] Uh Eh, a little bit of both, I guess.
Got some work to do on that front.
Look, look, look.
This is what happened Yeah, I don't care.
What? Oh, yeah, it turns out that that IRS letter was meant for the vegan deli down the block and that new drink that we put on the menu, the Ginger Whiskey Sleeper, someone wrote a-a review online, called it the best cocktail in Chicago.
Turns out, losing that mug was the best thing that ever happened to this place.
[CHUCKLING] [SCOFFS] I'll try one of those Ginger Whiskey Sleepers.
Please, barkeep? Mm-hmm.
Hey, you know how I was, uh, ranting about Severide being all extra with me? - Yeah.
- Well, it turns out Otis is wrong.
He's not here tonight and he barely said a word to me yesterday, so Oh, I guess my head spins a little too easy when it comes to him.
It happens.
Wish it didn't.
Hey any chance you want to cut out of here early and paint the town all kinds of colors? - You know I do.
- Mm-hmm.
[APPLAUSE] Next up is Firefighter Joe Cruz, from Chicago Fire Department Rescue Squad 3.
And here to pin the Special Commendation on Joe is his lieutenant, Kelly Severide.
[ETHEREAL MUSIC] [SIGHS] [CLEARS THROAT] Lieutenant, you didn't have to come to this.
You really think I'd miss this? Joe Cruz is one of the toughest, most loyal firefighters that I've ever had the honor to work alongside.
But what sets him apart is his determination to always do the right thing.
To put others above himself.
That's what not only makes him a great firefighter, but a good man.
I've taught him a lot over the years, but I've started to realize that I could learn a thing or two from him.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [APPLAUSE] Whoo! I'll get this one, okay? [GASPS] Look at that! Is this one for Mommy too? [GASPS] Ooh! [GASPS] Is that my dinner? Yes, it's good for you, Mommy.
Is it? Okay, I wanna try this one.
Oh, it looks so good.
[MOCKS CHOMPING NOISES] - [CHUCKLES] - Mmm, mmm, mmm! - Daddy! - [CHUCKLES] [LAUGHS] Come here, little man.
Mmm! [CHUCKLES] I missed you.
I missed you too.