Chicago Fire s10e01 Episode Script


1 I don't ever want you to leave me.
Stella Kidd, will you marry me? Kelly Severide, I will.
You're right for each other.
We are.
When you know, you know.
Chloe's pregnant.
Some changes might be coming to 51.
Commissioner Hill has asked if I would like to be Deputy District Chief.
There's one man below.
That boat's gonna sink any minute.
I don't like the look inside here.
- I'm out of air, lieutenant.
- Me too.
Everybody out.
That's our way out.
- Who from Squad is diving? - All of them.
Come on, come on, come on.
Where are they? CFD fast boat, any sign of the divers? Negative.
- Oh, God.
- You good? - What happened? - We hit the bottom.
Depth is 30 feet.
All right, everybody drop your tanks and your weights, and sit tight.
I'm gonna look for another way out.
Copy that.
To hell with this.
Send that Zodiac back here to pick me up.
Copy that.
On the way.
What are we looking for? Whatever dive gear they've got left over.
- You going in? - If I can find what I need.
Hey, Captain, I can't find a mask, fins, anything.
- Just just a spare tank.
- Give it to me.
- I'm coming with you.
- You're staying here.
- Hey.
- That's an order.
I'll get him.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Fire in the hole! [BOOM.]
Over there! I think somebody surfaced.
Yeah, yeah, they're up, they're up! - All of them? - I see two, no, three.
Capp! Tony! Where's Severide and Cruz? They should be right behind us! Brought another tank.
Can you use it? No regulator.
We had to ditch the gear to get out of the boat.
I see someone.
Four! I count four divers.
Severide! Not me.
Not me.
Cruz! Oh, no.
Take over.
What's happening out there? Come on! Somebody talk to us, please.
Come on, Cruz.
Get him up.
- Take a deep breath in.
- Yeah.
You're doing remarkably well, considering what you've been through.
Course he is, 'cause he's a stubborn bastard.
You keep saying.
But just make sure he gets his downtime, okay? - Yeah, will do.
- Thank you, Dr.
Yeah, you bet.
All right, stay out of trouble.
I'll see you again.
- Joe, oh, my God.
- Oh, hey.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.
Is he really? A little rest, and he'll be home tomorrow.
I'm sorry I ruined the baby shower.
It's okay.
If you hadn't been there when Severide brought Cruz to the surface Any of our guys could have handled it.
I'm glad I was there.
You gotta stop with the staring.
It's freaking me out.
I thought you were a goner.
I'm gonna stare at you until my heart finally believes you're really here and stops pounding.
Well, this is gonna be awkward, 'cause I wanna watch the game.
Can you imagine how lame our wedding would have been if you'd drowned? Just me, standing there, cursing up a storm.
I'm turning the game on now.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
I, um, I just thought of another way to convince myself - that you're alive.
- Okay? Okay, so Maybe If I kiss every part of you then my brain will tell my heart that you're really all here.
Or did you want to watch the game? [REMOTE CLATTERS.]
I believe she's expecting me.
Yes, she is.
Come on in, Chief.
How's your man from Squad 3? Joe Cruz, he's doing fine.
Gave us a hell of a scare, but he came through all right.
I'm very glad to hear that.
Look, I know there's gonna be a review about the incident, but I feel confident that my men That's not why I called you in.
It's about the Deputy District Chief position.
There's been a decision.
Oh, you call that a high rise pack? Man, this place really goes to hell without me.
Mouch, will you hand me that rope bag? - Yeah, you got it.
- Thanks.
Hello? I'm gone two weeks, this is the welcome I get? Mouch, you feel a chill all of a sudden? Yeah, like a presence.
Like some troubled spirit just entered the firehouse.
Ha, ha, hilarious.
I will haunt your dreams, Mouch.
- [GASPS.]
- Did you hear that? Don't step into the light, Joe.
Come back to us.
I tried to warn them, Cruz, but they insisted.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks, Capp.
Welcome back, big guy.
- How you feeling, Joe? - Thousand percent.
- Excellent.
- There he is.
Dead man walking.
Hey, that joke wasn't funny when they made it.
Well, look who's back.
What happened? - You run out of shows to binge? - Wow.
Would you listen to this guy.
He's so happy to see me, he can't even hide it.
Well, give me a few minutes.
I'll get over it.
All right, come on, quit grab-assing.
- Let's get to work.
- Yeah, you heard him.
- Yeah, get to work.
- Yeah.
What's this? Your unpaid tab at Molly's.
- Sheesh.
- Yeah, you're telling me.
Hey, this is what I've been saying for weeks now.
We need a side gig to pay the bills.
The trip I took with Eric to California cleaned me out.
I'm in.
What were you thinking? Something with a fire theme, maybe? Like, we could create a hot sauce with a catchy name.
How about 1,100 degree? Bunch of houses do that.
Elmhurst makes a batch once a year for charity.
What about a line of candles with cool scents? [SNICKERS.]
No offense, but that's kind of girly.
Um, offended.
My cousin opened a florist shop next to Oak Woods cemetery.
Does gang-buster business selling to funeral-goers.
Yep, some business owners get it.
Location, location, location.
No, no flower stores.
No? Just no? Who made you the decider? What does a florist have to do with firefighting? What does a candle? You light them on fire.
Okay, okay, let's shelve this for now.
Maybe come up with ideas on our own, discuss them later? Gotta fill out some paperwork for Boden, so give me a full inspection of your SCBAs - while you're waiting.
- You got it, lieutenant.
Need a refresher, Cruz? Check your facepiece, check your back frame and harness assembly.
I didn't forget how to do it.
I just, uh, I'm a little out of sorts.
No surprise, what you went through.
You know, I think it's this baby shower.
Since it got cancelled, we lost the deposit, and now it's turned into this whole thing just to try and find a new venue.
It's that after-COVID boom in social events.
And Chloe's mom insists on "helping," so you can imagine.
It's been a lot of stress.
Hey, things could be a lot worse.
We almost lost two of the best firefighters in Chicago.
What do you mean, two? How do you think you got topside, Cruz? Mermaids carried ya? [HUFFS.]
Severide pulled me out, I know that, but Are you saying that he got into trouble because of me? What happened? He pushed himself way past his limits.
He was either gonna come up with you, or not at all.
Uh, hey, Chief? I have a message from the commissioner's office that I don't really understand? - They said you would.
- Okay.
Uh, the press release is going out.
You're free to make an announcement.
Okay, listen up.
I got some news.
Wanted y'all will be the first to know.
I've gotten a promotion to Deputy District Chief.
- Hell, yeah! Well deserved, boss.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Wait, does this mean that that you won't be working out of 51 anymore? Well, my office won't be here, but You'll gonna see plenty of me.
- Happy for you, Chief.
- Thanks.
Yeah, good on you, boss.
Ambulance 61, assist requested - Congrats, again, Chief.
- Thank you.
- 18399 North Street.
- Get the hell outta here! - [GLASS SHATTERING.]
You better get the police here.
The queen is on a rampage.
You're nothing but a snake in the grass! I'm surrounded by traitors! Don't you come any closer! - The queen? - Queen Cleopatra.
Now get out of here! I swear to God, I will cut you, bitch! - Leave me alone! - [GLASS SHATTERS.]
You keep your hands off of me.
Please, Jackie, I'm trying to help.
You can't touch me.
I could have you beheaded.
Now, Queen, you don't want to do that.
She She touched me.
I'm sorry, but, Queen, you know you can't rule - without your medication.
- I can do whatever I want.
But the pills help you to think clearly.
Isn't that what you told me? Where are they? Come on, let's sit down.
Come on.
Here, I'll take that.
Here we go.
Ooh - Here we go.
Brett, that was amazing.
Straight up Obi-Wan Kenobi mind control.
No, Jackie's a longtime frequent flyer.
And, when she's taking her medication, a really sweet, lovely person.
Probably a good thing they didn't dispatch the police.
Oh, hey, I hear we're going to be answering to a battalion chief over at 19 now, Chief Murphy? Yeah, but Boden'll run the whole district.
He'll keep an eye on us.
Yeah, us and a couple dozen other houses.
It'll be fine.
Oh, yeah, I know.
Good to be back? Yeah, yeah, no doubt.
Hey, uh, listen, Severide, um Yeah, what's up? [CLEARS THROAT.]
Um me and the guys, we were, uh, talking about the boat, and everything.
And, um, they told me what you went through to get me out of there.
I just knew if I came up without you, I'd have to answer to Chloe.
I don't know how to thank you, man.
Tell you what? You buy me a beer later, and we'll call it even.
All right, see you then.
So I was thinking, man, forget the fire theme.
Or don't.
Either way is fine.
I mean, there's no such thing as a bad idea, right? What would a firefighter scented candle be? Out of curiosity.
Burning rubber, crispy critter? I'm not pitching any more ideas.
Oh, that's helpful.
Time for more drinks.
Hey, um, I'm running low on cash.
Could you cover me? It's gonna be strange, not having Boden at 51.
I know.
I wonder when he's gonna move to the new office.
Soon, I'd think.
You wanna get out of here? Uh yes.
We can make a low-key exit, right? Nobody's gonna think anything of it? Sure.
Do they not realize we all know they're together? How could we not know? We knew a year before they did.
Okay, I am calling this Kelly's Liquid Courage.
- Ah.
- Yes.
Why do I have a feeling there's a message in here somewhere? Well, maybe it'll help you finally call your mom and tell her we're getting hitched.
I'm not scared to call her.
I'm just Not sure I want to hear her reaction.
You can't put it off forever.
And maybe she'll surprise you.
- Chief! - Hey.
Hey, oh, it's always great to see you here.
- How are you, Stella? - I'm good.
Can I get you a drink? Actually, I'm not here for a drink.
I'm here to talk to you.
- Everything okay? - That's what I'm wondering.
You seemed concerned today when I make my announcement.
- Did I? - Mm-hmm.
No, I No, I'm really happy for you.
You know, you deserve this promotion.
Stella, don't do that.
Your honest opinion means a great deal to me.
Talk to me.
You know, firefighters always say that their house - is like a family.
- Mm-hmm.
But ours actually is.
And that is because of you.
I couldn't help but think about it when we were in the hospital with Cruz, the way that everyone was there for him and Chloe.
And then I saw it again with Severide and Cruz this morning.
I see it every day.
And it because you You are with us, right there, guiding us.
And I'm not saying this for myself because I'm gone, the next open lieutenant slot.
I'm saying it for For the good of the people that I love.
Are you saying that you want me to turn down the job? No.
I don't know.
No, I no, that would be wrong and and very unfair.
And, of course, you would make a great DDC, but the truth is, if you go, 51 will never be the same.
You can't leave, Chief.
Hey, Brett.
Oh, uh, tank's a little low.
Oh, gee, thanks, Houser.
Hey, did you catch that big crane collapse in East Pilsen? I wish.
We were stuck dealing with Mr.
Hewett, that frequent flyer over on York.
He wanted us to play taxi service and drive him to his doctor's appointment.
Lucky for those construction workers, there was another ambulance available not much farther out.
Sooner or later, a victim's gonna end up dead 'cause we're busy patching up some old timer who cut himself shaving.
- Stay safe out there.
- Yeah, you too.
See you guys.
But why did someone have to make popcorn weird? Okay, but have you tried, like, dill popcorn? - Hey! - Morning.
I think I have a way we can brainstorm ideas - without us getting into a war.
- Okay.
We write our ideas down on a slip of paper, and pull them out of a hat and discuss them anonymously.
I gave you a birthday card a couple years ago.
You know my handwriting.
Oh, if I ever did, I forgot it, trust me.
Well, yours isn't very memorable either.
Seriously? Hi, Chief.
That bugle looks pretty sharp.
Thank you, Deputy Commissioner.
What do you need? I'm late for a meeting.
Uh, just a procedural question.
Well, come on, walk with me.
Talk fast.
I want to find out what it would take to move my district headquarters to Firehouse 51 so I can continue to work out of my old office.
I've got plenty of room there, you know, for all the necessary support staff.
You've had this promotion for what, three days? And, already, you're making demands? Look, I'm not trying to be difficult.
I just want to be the most effective Deputy District Chief I can be.
Chief, you knew that the district headquarters were based out of Firehouse 90 when you accepted the promotion.
Yes, of course.
But is there any reason why it can't be moved besides history and protocol? If those aren't enough for you, there's also politics to consider.
And, yes, you're gonna have to deal with a lot of that now.
It's a point of pride for Alderman Ainsworth to have the headquarters in his ward.
Makes him feel important, and he won't give that up easily.
And I am not making an enemy out of him.
- You understand? - I got it.
Is there anything else I can do for you, Chief? No, ma'am.
Yeah, I would imagine that the Four Seasons is very nice, Chloe, but why does your mom want this baby shower to cost more than our wedding? Yeah, yeah, okay.
Yes, no, we will talk to her after shift.
- Okay, bye.
- Hey.
You don't got to break the bank for this, Cruz, all right? Yo, you could do the thing at Molly's.
We'll give you the patio for free.
Uh, thank you, Herrmann.
I know that that word doesn't pass your lips very often, but I just I don't think that Chloe's gonna go for a, uh, baby shower in a pub.
It's a classy pub.
I know, just, she's got this whole floral theme in mind.
That's why we were going to have it at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
Well, if you change your mind, my offer stands.
You really called her? - Yep.
Just hung up a few minutes ago.
So, what'd she say? She did not surprise me.
Just kept repeating herself about Severide men being doomed to fail at marriage.
She's wrong.
You know that.
You're no Benny.
Squad 3, Truck 81, Engine 51, Ambulance 61, Structure Fire, 2210 [SIREN WAILS.]
Oh, thank God, you've gotta help me! I don't know where my son is! I think he's still upstairs.
- How old is he? - 15.
His name is Dominic.
We live in 3A.
Okay, looks like the fire's on the second and the third floor.
Possible victim on three, unit 3A.
Squad give me a primary search.
We are looking for a male teen.
Copy that, Chief.
Casey, better vent the roof.
81, aerial to the roof.
We're on it.
Tony, Capp, you guys take the second floor.
Cruz, straight up with me to the third.
- There's a teenaged boy in 3A.
- Got it.
Kay, mask up.
- Hey, Ritter.
- Yeah? - Make that hydrant.
- Copy.
Help! Hey, Chief? There's somebody trapped on the roof on the D-side.
It looks like it might be a kid.
- Casey, you hear that? - Yeah, I got him.
81, we're all going up.
Kidd, Gallo, vent the roof.
Mouch, vent the top floor windows.
- Yep.
- I'll bring the victim down.
81, don't linger up there.
I can't see how fast this fire is moving.
We'll be quick, Chief.
Stay there.
Coming to you.
- There? - Yeah.
- Whoa! Mayday! Mayday! The fire's advance to the roof.
Kidd and Gallo have fallen through.
I do not have eyes on them.
Squad 3, get to the top floor.
- Attempt a RIT rescue.
- On my way! Kidd, Gallo, report.
- Ah! Gallo, you okay? - I think so.
We're okay.
We're on the third floor.
The fire's raging up here.
Casey, you have to evacuate that roof.
Can you reach the victim? I think I have a plan.
Stay right there.
- Ah! - Uh! Hey, Kidd, Gallo, we're on four.
Where are you? We're on the B-side.
Can't find a way out of here.
Are you guys sure you're on the B-side? That's where we are.
Yes, I'm sure.
Oh, hey! [KNOCKING.]
I hear them.
- I'm coming your way, okay? - Copy.
All clear! Come on! Come on.
Keep moving! Come on, I got you.
Here you go.
Come on, keep moving.
Come on.
Okay, Chief, we got Gallo and Kidd.
Wrap up your search.
Need you to hold onto me real tight.
Can you do that? All right.
Keep your eyes on me.
You good? Nice swing.
Nice catch.
Can I get your attention for a minute? Something I need to say.
What, you got another promotion? - That was fast, Chief.
- Oh, no, no, no.
It's about everyone here.
I just want to say that I have never been prouder of this group.
Not just because of the incredible job that you did out there today, but because of who you are.
You always look out for each other.
51 has been blessed.
Many of us been together for over 10 years.
That is unheard of in the fire service, but big changes may be coming.
Most important thing that I want you to remember as we move into this uncertain future we will always be a family.
No matter where any of us go.
You just make sure you clean the hell out of all that gear before you move inside, do you hear me? You got it, Chief.
I've heard guys talk about it.
But, man, you do not believe it until it's your turn to plunge through a roof.
So many things racing through your mind all while in free-fall.
"I hope I don't get impaled by something.
" "I hope this saw doesn't land on me.
" "I hope I made the car payment this month.
" A thousand different thoughts hitting you all at once.
Well, were any of them good ideas for a business? No.
Hey, Cruz.
You good? Yeah, sure, why not? Okay, spill.
I just just been a little off the last couple of weeks, you know? Yeah.
Hmm, uh, it's probably just the stress at home, you know, the mother-in-law and the baby shower.
Something was different, watching you up there, now that we're together.
I can't describe the pit in my stomach at the idea of anything happening to you.
I had it all under control, I promise.
I'd still like you to never, ever do that again.
I'll try my best.
Painful as it was to watch, I'm glad 61 made it to the call.
Me too.
We've been busy with so many non-emergencies lately.
Yeah, I've been thinking of a way I might be able to help that situation, actually.
- Yeah? - See you later, lovebirds.
Okay, if those two know, then everyone knows.
So, tell me about your plan.
All right, you guys ready to do this? Absolutely.
I bet there are a lot of great idea in there.
From everyone.
If this is about me getting mad earlier, - I - No, no, no, it's not that.
Whenever Gallo almost dies, for like two days, I stop feeling like I want to kill him.
Yo, what is this? It's good.
I've been making my own beer lately.
Getting kind of decent at it.
This isn't decent.
It's amazing.
- Really? - Yeah.
This should be our business.
It should! We can start our own microbrewery.
That's a great idea.
- Yeah.
- Herrmann.
- Hey.
Uh wow.
You three ever separate from each other? Buncha weirdos.
All right, look, uh, I need to talk to your cousin, the one near the cemetery, stat.
- Okay, oh.
- Another.
- Watch the belly.
- And one more.
This is such a mystery.
Why do I smell stale beer? What are you talking about? There's nothing stale here.
Okay, we're at a door now.
Coming through a doorway, squeezing through.
Oh, not risky at all to the child - Almost there.
- You there with me, sweetie? - Yeah.
- Err! Stop.
- Okay.
- Okay, and where what? [CHEERING.]
Oh, my God! - CROWD: Aww - Okay, okay.
It's gorgeous! It really is.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, Chief, I owe you an apology.
I should have never said what I did.
- You don't need to apologize.
- Yes, I do.
It's no excuse, but I did not grow up in a loving, happy house.
And so, once I found one, [SIGHS.]
I mean it felt kind of like a miracle.
- You know? - Mm.
And I guess that I didn't want that to change for the sake of everyone in it.
Even if I'm not gonna be here.
You leaving will affect this place just as much.
Each change, there's a little shift in the foundation.
We just have to trust that what we've built up here is Strong enough to hold.

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