Chicago Fire s10e14 Episode Script

An Officer With Grit

This thing with your boss, it's not a good idea, Violet.
It makes you look pretty bad.
Has it ever been tricky with you and Severide dating? Who give a damn what people think? Yeah.
Who gives a damn? Call me when you're done here.
Gallo! It's a nice piece of leadership, Kidd.
Really impressive.
- This is Girls on Fire stuff.
- I'll help.
Now you see why I can't be lieutenant right now.
I've watched you work so hard for that lieutenant position.
So why wait to show it? You're in early.
Yup, looking for the worm.
Just want to inspect a few tools on the rig before shift.
This time of year, equipment gets all gummy.
Oh, I made a fresh pot of the grounds that I keep hidden in the back of the spice cabinet, so might want to help yourself before the rest of these stiffs show up.
I will do that.
You plug in the IV tubing into the oxygen end of the nasal cannula and you let the IV fill up with fluid and run it into the patient's eyes.
Oh, I never thought of that.
Just a little paramedic hack.
You want them to be on their back though Hey, Brett, the cab heater's broken on 61.
Fleet said it'll be two weeks to fix it.
Are you kidding? It just conked out on us.
I said to bring in a new rig and headquarters laughed at me.
Now the cab is an icebox but everything else works.
It's gonna be below freezing today.
- Hey.
- Ooh, Stella.
- Hmm? - Do you still have those battery powered gloves in your locker? I think so.
Truck 81, Squad 3, Ambulance 61, vehicle accident.
Ashton and 35th Street.
Oh, it's like the Arctic Tundra in here.
Please help! Help me, please! Please help me.
- Please help! - We're coming to get you.
Squad, rope rescue the driver.
- Copy that.
- 61! Standby down below for the victim.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
If those poles shift, that cab is gonna drop.
All right, 81, raise the aerial for an overhead anchor point and secure the truck bed.
Gallo, grab the straps.
I want those poles secure.
Kidd, let's move it with the struts.
- We gotta stabilize that bed.
- Got it.
Hey, buddy, let me know you're all right.
I'm okay.
Please help.
Okay, listen, hang tight and try not to move.
- We're coming to get you.
- Okay.
Cruz, I'm going over the edge.
You belay? Yup.
Truck 72, here to help.
How can we assist? Give us a hand stabilizing those poles.
- On it.
- Thanks.
All right, guys, let's look alive, 72.
Webbing and struts, let's go.
Move, move, move.
Where do you want this? Down by the rear wheels.
All set.
How we looking over there? Yeah, we'll be good just as soon as hey, hey.
I said down by the rear wheels.
No, on the back of the bed.
All right.
Let me see.
Give it here.
How we doing on those tie-down straps? Still a few minutes away.
Clear to throw? Clear.
- Severide, we're all set.
- Copy.
All right, nice and slow.
- Hey, buddy, what's your name? - Dave.
How'd you end up down here, Dave? My front tire blew.
Flung the whole rig right over the guard rail.
I swore I was a goner.
- All right, let's go.
- Good to go.
Hold, hold, Cruz.
Severide, don't move.
I'll grab the hook, you pull it tight.
All right.
I'm sorry.
That's on me.
No sweat.
We got it.
- All good up here.
- Good to go.
What the hell was that? 15 feet.
All right, hold.
- You good? - Yeah.
How you doing? Any pain, injuries you know about? Just my shoulder.
Okay, yeah, you're gonna need an MRI.
Let's get him to Med.
Okay, it's a little cold back here but we got plenty of blankets.
Nice work, Kidd, Gallo, Mouch.
Hey, just wanted to say it's awesome watching you guys work.
You got a hell of a unit.
Oh, thanks, Lieutenant.
- Boswell.
- Pelham.
Hey, Boswell, how long you been at 72? Not long enough to whip this crew into shape.
They mean well, but they're still - in that lump of coal stage.
- Mm.
Turman, Burnacki, Lloyd, load up.
We're drilling when we get back to the house.
Copy, Lieutenant.
Anyway, thanks for showing them how it's done.
Maybe the next lieutenant will have time to mold them.
Wait, you're transferring? All the way to Arizona.
My wife needs to be near family so it's sunshine and blue skies for me.
- Well, best of luck.
- Yeah, thanks, you too.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
I always wondered what it would be like to play alongside the Bad News Bears.
Now I know.
That was cool, watching you work the ropes.
It never gets old.
If the driver had been incapacitated, you think you would have used a stokes basket - instead of the rescue sling? - Yeah, probably.
Hey I was thinking of signing up for vertical rescue at the academy.
Maybe just, you know, start pointing myself toward squad.
You should.
I want to stop by the cafeteria and get like a gallon of hot chocolate before we head back to 51.
Mm, great idea.
I'll dip my fingers straight in the thermos until I feel the circulation.
Chief Hawkins.
Uh, Chief Hawkins, yes, yes.
Chief Hawkins, how how are you? I'm okay.
Brett, I need those paramedicine response times from you.
Oh, shoot, I knew I was forgetting something.
I got Tom Jenkins breathing down my neck.
Yup, sorry.
I'll email you soon as we get back to the house.
If her fingers thaw out first.
The ambo's heater conked out last shift.
We're like two popsicles inside of an igloo in there.
We're fine.
I'll send you those numbers.
Hey, excuse me? I'm looking for Christopher Herrmann.
He's out on a call.
Anything I can help you with? Can you relay a message for me? Of course.
My name is Spiro Stephanides.
I sold my bar to Mr.
Herrmann about ten years ago.
No kidding? I own the bar with him now.
Oh, the best time in my life was pouring drinks there.
It was called the Bombardier Lounge back then.
- Molly's now.
- I heard.
In fact, why I stopped by, I I still can't get used to telling people this but I'm on my way to greener pastures.
Doctor says I got about a year to live.
Oh, man, that's I'm sorry to hear that.
It is what it is, but the reason I was coming to see Mr.
Herrmann I was wondering, well, hoping really maybe I could get back behind my favorite bar and mix a drink or two? Bartend? If it's not too much of an inconvenience, it'd mean a lot for this old gunslinger.
Well, yeah.
I don't see why not.
Really? We're on shift tonight but tomorrow.
Pop in and we'll put you to work.
I'll tell Herrmann.
You have no idea what this means to me.
Thank you.
What are we making here? Oh, Elvis sandwiches.
Banana, peanut butter, and honey.
That sounds pretty good.
On toasted butter bread? Now you're TCB, buddy.
How big am I supposed to make it? - How big would Elvis want it? - Pretty big.
There we go, there we go.
Kylie, do you think that Chief has a minute? Yeah, he's just in there doing paperwork.
- King bananas.
- Okay, all right.
Want to see some of that king chop.
Hi-yah! Chief, you got a second? Yes.
Have a seat.
So, this morning we had a semitruck accident.
- Truck 72 assisted.
- I saw the report.
They're in your district, right? Yes, house 25.
Well, it is my understanding that their lieutenant is leaving.
That is correct, Lieutenant Boswell.
Well, I was hoping that I could take that spot.
I'll be honest, Truck 72 second shift is a little bit of a rehab project.
- No, I saw.
- Huh.
They are definitely a crew of shaggy dogs, but I've always had an affection for diamonds in the rough.
Have to say that I am surprised that you are ready to take this step forward after what we spoke about before.
Perspective is a funny thing, Chief.
Sometimes you gotta get out of your own head and look at yourself through other people's eyes.
The battalion chief of 25, O'Brien, is a good man.
I will talk to him and see where his head is at.
He might already have somebody in mind.
If so, I would not want to interfere.
I absolutely understand.
Thank you, Chief.
Thank you.
How was your call? Had smoke coming out of the kitchen lightbulb.
Cut the power.
Big whoop.
Well, I have some news.
Does the name Stephanides mean anything to you? The original owner of Molly's.
The very one.
He stopped by while you were out.
Why? Actually because he's dying.
Sorry to hear that.
I'm sensing some sarcasm here I don't fully understand.
Spiro Stephanides sold me a bar which he did not own all of.
I had to track down his ex-partner to make things right which is how the place ended up being named Molly's.
That doesn't seem like such a bad thing.
Then it turns out he had an under the table deal with a mobster for extortion money Arthur something or another.
That was a real kick in the balls.
Well Don't you remember Jay Halstead undercover and the bar nearly burning to the ground? That vaguely rings a bell.
Oh, no.
What'd you do? I just agreed to let him tend bar tomorrow night.
Kind of a last hurrah thing.
- That's it? - That's all he said.
What's his angle? That he's dying.
I don't buy it.
The dying part? All of it.
I did the Polar Plunge and I was less frozen then than I am now.
I'm afraid to lick my lips in case my tongue sticks to them.
So that was pretty awkward.
My tongue? No, with Hawkins at Med.
So I guess you're keeping all of that a secret? It's not like we're dating.
We just had a night.
I mean, there might be more nights, sure, but yeah, we're not really talking about it like it's a thing so.
What? It's from fleet maintenance.
"Bring the ambulance to the shops immediately.
" Sweet.
They must've had an opening.
Who do you guys know? What? At HQ, 'cause I got a 465 form here that says, "Ambulance 61 cuts to the front of the line.
" Oh, I mean, we just have a broken heater.
I know, you need a new blower motor.
It's gonna take me an hour to fix it which means Engine 12 over there is gonna have to wait.
No, you can let them go ahead of us.
- This is a 465 form.
- And that means? That means I gotta do this right now.
Oh, okay.
- Chief Hawkins.
- What? Bumped us to the front of the line.
Or Boden maybe? No, I saw EMS Division on the form.
You did? I didn't ask him to do that.
No, but he took it upon himself to rig the system for his the woman he's involved with.
You get one of these Elvis sandwiches? I haven't yet.
So there is a lieutenant spot open on Truck 72.
The guys we worked with last call? Yeah.
So You know, Chief's a solid guy.
The truck needs some leadership.
It'd be a challenge.
- And? - I told Boden I want it.
You're gonna be a damn good lieutenant wherever you go.
What about us? Different houses, different shifts.
We'll make it work like we always do.
One of these.
I'm telling you guys, you got to feel it in the legs.
I start to feel it in the legs.
I just got back from talking to O'Brien at 25.
I wanted to see the truck myself.
- Mm.
- You're right.
Those firefighters need an officer with grit.
If you want it, I'll put the paperwork in.
O'Brien's on board.
I want it.
Then I'll let you know as soon as the T's are crossed.
I am sure he was just trying to help and didn't realize he'd be inconveniencing a bunch of firefighters.
Yeah, but nobody likes cutters and the blowback is gonna be on us.
Okay, in Evan's defense In Chief Hawkins' defense, he always goes the extra mile for his paramedics.
He rounded up all of your patients for - your paramedicine presentation.
- That's true.
And I heard he got extra syringes for Ambulance 19.
That's what I heard.
Okay, listen, you might want to say something to him because when people find out about your thing, they're not gonna think he's doing it for all of his paramedics.
They're gonna think he does it for you.
Okay, I will talk to him.
61, you are all set.
Got your motor blowing and your cab should be a toasty 74 degrees.
- Thanks so much.
- Great.
Sorry, fellas, I'll get back to your engine now.
Come on.
Ah, Mr.
It's good to see you again.
- Stephanides.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks so much for letting me do this.
How you feeling? I have good days and bad.
This is one of the good ones.
- You stuck me with a mobster.
- Herrmann.
- No, he did.
- You're right.
I'm sorry I didn't disclose everything.
You got the hell out of dodge with my life savings and you left me to clean up this mess.
It took me years to get this bar into the black.
No, that's on me.
- If it means anything - No.
I do like what you've done to the Bombardier.
This old girl looks better than she ever did in my hands.
Well, I'm sorry to have bothered you.
I'll get out of your hair and let you get back to it.
Come on, man.
What am I doing? Wait a second.
Let me see you make a Sazerac.
One Sazerac coming right up.
It's like he never left the bar.
All right, you can work the bar for one night only but I am not paying you anything.
Thank you, thank you.
I promise you won't regret this.
Hey, Herrmann, two scotch and sodas.
- Yeah.
- Coming right up.
Oh, man, look at this get up.
Lipstick on a pig.
There he is, Stephanides.
Hey, now.
I want a line of shots and a bucket for when things get ugly.
The Devil Dogs are in the house.
Good to see you, fellas.
What is this? I might've invited a few of my old regulars to come and raise a glass.
Bombs away! - Uh - To the Bombardiers! To the Bombardiers! Bombardiers! Ah, Chief Kinsey, you got a sec? I'm about to start a class.
That's actually what I came to talk to you about.
I'm Blake Gallo and I'm dying to take your vertical rescue course but the portal says there's no spaces available.
Yeah, because there's no spaces available.
That's why I came down, to see if there's any way I can't.
Safety rules.
Yeah, I understand.
It's just Kelly Severide told me to hop in your class Severide? Sorry, Gallo, if I make an exception for you, there'll be four more behind you.
I can't do it.
Next class is in June.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Good morning, team.
Half of Molly's was chain-smoking cigarettes.
And they were knocking over bar stools like dominoes.
There was a woman dancing on a tabletop and let's just say that this woman should not have been dancing anywhere.
It was like circus in Chicago.
Poor Herrmann.
And poor me, okay? I took my jacket to the drycleaners and it still smells like an ashtray.
Hey, the cab in 61 is like a toaster oven.
Don't know how you got her bumped to the front of the line but whatever you did, keep doing it.
First shift is damn appreciative.
Oh, yeah, right.
We - They just had an opening.
- Awesome.
I haven't talked to Evan about this yet, but I will do it.
I got it.
- You did? - Truck 72.
Paperwork just went through.
Thank you for never giving up on me.
You kidding me? You're made for this.
When you start? Next shift.
I'm gonna miss 51.
You're gonna be so busy, you're not gonna have time to miss 51.
You're right about that.
Oh, whoa.
I barely saw you last shift.
Must've been a crazy one.
It was.
We good? I get too protective with the people I care about and I overstepped the other day.
When I commented on you and Hawkins, it's none of my business.
I'm sorry.
- Thanks, Gallo.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we're good.
Kylie said you were asking for me, Chief.
You are gonna need to find a new firefighter for Truck 81 starting next shift.
I want you to look over a list of candidates, plus guys from the floater pool.
All right, sorry.
Is someone leaving? I'm sorry.
Paperwork just went through.
Stella Kidd.
She will be taking over the lieutenant spot on Truck 72.
There was an opening.
She wanted it.
It is my opinion that she's gonna make one hell of a leader.
Mm, I agree with you, 100%.
Well, thanks for letting me know.
I will look over the list.
Yeah, it's on Kylie's desk.
How'd it go at the academy yesterday? It didn't.
Class is full.
That was a total nightmare.
More of his regulars kept coming in all night.
Meanwhile the usual crowd, they headed for the hills.
I don't know if they're ever gonna come back.
You're always saying we need to expand our clientele.
Those old goats cleared the top shelf and the bottom shelf.
That's good, right? They didn't pay anything.
Stephanides comped them all night.
We got hosed, Mouch.
Hey, Herrmann, I don't know if you're up to regulation since around 2004, but I don't think you're supposed to allow smoking indoors.
Ambulance 61, person injured.
1556 South Wolcott.
You sure this is the right address? - 1556 South Wolcott.
- Yup.
Hello? Paramedics.
It's freezing in here.
How is it colder than outside? I'm over here.
I cut myself.
- What's your name? - Frank.
Frank, I'm Sylvie.
This is Violet.
Let's take a look at that wound.
It looks bad, but you missed the femoral artery.
Thank God.
We're gonna clean and pack this wound.
I'm gonna give you something for the pain, okay? I can't.
I'm allergic to opioids.
I break out in hives.
This isn't the first time I cut myself.
Hazard of the job.
Okay, so what do you take for the pain? Here.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Get you some water.
Thank you.
All right, couple of abdominal pads.
All right.
We need to get you on the stair chair.
You think that you can get on your feet without putting weight on that leg? Yeah.
You taking me to Chicago Med? Yes.
I got a really big favor to ask you.
Is there any way we can take the ice sculpture with us? Uh, Frank, you need stitches.
We don't have No, I know but it's for a wedding near the hospital.
I can get my friend, Gary, to pick it up and deliver it.
Look, Brad and Tiffany are gonna get totally screwed and I'm not gonna get paid.
Please, please, please, do it for Brad and Tiffany.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
Hey, it's like a sauna in here.
Can we cut the heater? Uh, maybe open a window too? Hey! Gallo.
Did you drop my name with Chief Kinsey trying to get into his class? I didn't drop I was just trying to explain By asking Kinsey to make exceptions? Yeah, I was just trying to go the extra mile.
Stop, stop.
There's a fine line between being driven and acting like a pain in the ass.
Will you look at this? - Hey, fellas.
- "Hey, fellas"? Is that what you have to say to us? Well, no.
Actually, I came over here to thank you for making a man's dreams come true.
Last night, I felt like I was 30 years old again.
Oh, really? When you were 30, did you give all of your buddies free drinks all night and then stiff your employers? Because that's what you did to us.
No, no.
I couldn't figure out how to work your register, and you were gone by the time the gang carried me out of there.
Anyway, I didn't want to leave this just lying around.
First thing you learn in bar school is there's too many sticky fingers on the other side of the bar.
So here you go.
That's tips and everything.
That's a lot of green.
All right, may Maybe I jumped to some conclusions about Don't worry about it.
And so you know, I didn't take a cut.
My gratuity was just getting to live out a little of my yesterdays.
So thank you again.
Hey, Stephanides.
Are you really dying? You'll know when the will comes out.
Thought you got the heater fixed? Congratulations, Brad and Tiffany.
It takes a while to get it cranked back up.
Don't ask.
Uh I hear you're leaving me for Truck 72.
I'm so sorry.
I just found out top of shift.
I just I thought I mean, my understanding was that you were looking to take a step back from leadership.
I was but when the call came at me this time, I just found myself really wanting to answer.
It just felt right.
Sure, sure.
But, you know Bad News Bears? Oh, I'm gonna turn them into the Yankees.
And, listen, I just want to thank you.
You know, I wasn't here when 51 needed a lieutenant to step in after Casey left, and you answered that call.
And I have seen for myself what a great leader you are on 81.
And it gives me confidence to move outside the house knowing that the truck that I love is in your hands.
You think any of that rowdy crew will be around? That was a one night kind of thing, I assure you.
Molly's will be back to normal.
- Damn it.
- Too bad.
What are you talking about? Those guys were maniacs.
Yeah, we know.
We hung out with them after Molly's closed.
They were awesome as hell, plus they spent like another two grand at the next bar.
Well, you got their phone numbers? Text them and you tell them that Stephanides will be back behind that bar Friday nights.
- He will be? - Yeah, anything's possible.
You can't Want to grab breakfast? Sure.
I got nothing but time.
Be at that address, 10:00 p.
Bring something warm.
Well, I am going straight home and taking a very warm shower.
How about you? No plans actually.
Not going to see Evan? Like I said, it was just a one night thing.
Okay, I just want to say that, while I appreciate you bumping the ambulance to the front of the list, I don't want anyone thinking that I am getting special favors, okay? Noted, but I'm really not thinking about - ambulance heaters right now.
- Noted right back.
There was an injury in Kinsey's class.
Bad news for that firefighter, good news for you.
If I can get you caught up on your course work, he said he could slip you into that spot.
Really? That's amazing.
So that's what we're gonna do.
Are we cleared to be up here? Do you want to get into that class or not? Did you think to get his cell phone number? How many Stephanides can there be in Florida? - Hey.
- Hi.
- Can I grab you for a sec? - Yeah.
Everything okay? You're not leaving Truck 81 to go over to 72.
I appreciate the thought, but I have made up my mind.
You are not leaving 81 to go over to 72 because I am.
Look, when I came to 51, I never expected to find a permanent house to be a lieutenant.
I just figured it'd be a few shifts and on down the road.
But I got way more of an education than just being a lieutenant.
I learned what a house should be.
What a truck should be.
You know, 51 taught me that a great house isn't just officers or firefighters, it's both.
Treating each other like a second family.
Yeah, and you are part of that family now.
Well, now I know.
After what I've seen here, I can carry 51 with me to Truck 72 and make that into something to be proud of.
And I may not be able to make them into the Yankees, but I'm shooting for the Good News Bears.
Okay, but Boden Already cleared it.
At the firehouse, you thanked me, but I want to thank you.
Look, I wouldn't even be in the CFD right now if it weren't for you.
You're not just an inspiration to Kylie and the girls you train.
I see Gallo look up to you, Ritter hell, everyone.
Including me.
I'm just glad I could keep your seat warm for you.
Come here.
I don't know what to say.
Well You don't have to say anything.
Just got to start giving orders.
Yes, sir.
You good, Lieutenant? Yeah, I'm good.

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