Chicago Med (2015) s02e13 Episode Script

Theseus' Ship

Light day today.
That's good, 'cause we just got a call from Mercy Hospital over in Rock Island.
They have a young woman with a Type A aortic dissection who needs a valve-sparing root replacement.
Rare, difficult procedure.
Mm-hmm, and none of the surgeons there have any experience with it.
Have the air ambulance bring her in, and I'll clear an OR.
I'm afraid we can't.
She's multi-trauma from a car accident, and she's too unstable to travel.
Then they'll have to perform a standard repair.
- Dr.
Latham, I - I do not like to travel.
I can understand that given your situation You can say it.
My Asperger's.
Latham, these cases are indeed rare.
And while I have assisted you on one before, I would like to be able to say I have done one running lead.
Now, it's only a 20-minute chopper flight, and we don't even have to spend the night.
This is important to you.
It is.
[sighs] Perhaps I shouldn't be so rigid.
A broadening experience might do me good.
All right, Dr.
You'll get your procedure.
We'll even spend the night.
A hotel gonna be interesting.
I'll let them know.
- More like five under.
- It was ten under.
I just like to be careful, okay? I have a history.
- [giggling] - Hey, guys.
- Morning.
- Hey.
That a new stethoscope? Oh, yeah.
Owen got a hold of the last one, so Hey, those stuffed animals are not gonna diagnose themselves.
[laughing] Ah, all right, Blondie.
- Coffee later? - You got it, Red.
Have a good day.
Hey, babe.
You forgot your lunch.
Tate, I could've gotten something here.
Potato chips, pickles, and a Zagnut bar? Pregnant ladies get to pretty much eat anything they want, huh? We could fill you with a gallon of hormones, then analyze your diet.
Enjoy your lunch.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Incoming, Dr.
Treatment 2.
Got it.
Gabe Moor, eight years old, with advanced non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, found seizing at home, temp 104.
One milligram of versed in the field.
All right, hang in there, okay? All right, on my count.
One, two, three.
All right, get this out of here please.
Compression bags.
Equal and reactive to light.
Does he see oncology here? Yeah, Dr.
Get his current med list and give a dose of vanco and ceftriaxone.
Vanco and ceftriaxone, got it.
Does he have a mother we should call? She passed when he was a baby.
- Dad? - I'm right here.
These doctors are gonna take good care of you.
He's seizing! Give one of Ativan, push 500 milligrams Dilantin.
Oh, my God.
Let's get some labs, CBC, CMP, CT head, blood cultures, and an EEG.
The seizure may be caused by his fever.
However, it is possible that the cancer's spread to his brain.
- When was his last scan? - Couple of months ago.
Let's get an infused MRI.
I just want to see if the cancer's spread, okay? Okay.
- Dr.
Manning? - Yeah.
Excuse me, please.
I just called the pharmacy.
Dad hasn't filled Gabe's chemo in three months.
He's withholding his medication.
Maybe he filled it someplace else? His oncologist ordered straight through the hospital.
No other way to get it.
He's just waiting for his son to die? Mr.
We are aware that your son was prescribed a new oral chemo, and that you have been withholding it.
I'm not "withholding" them.
I understand that you're a single father and that this must be incredibly hard for you It's not about me.
But if you are willingly keeping your son - off of his meds, then we - It's his decision.
Excuse me? Gabe's.
He's been through four courses of chemo.
The nausea, the pain, the drugs to treat the nausea and the pain it was awful.
That doesn't mean you can just stop trying.
He begged me all through the last course.
But I wouldn't stop it.
And it didn't help at all.
None of them helped.
So this time, I let him decide.
He can't decide.
He's eight years old, okay? His brain is literally not developed enough to process this.
Life and death and forever are concepts that he cannot fully understand yet.
Gabe does understand.
I'm sorry, but we need to start your son on his new chemo.
I won't authorize that.
I will be back soon to check on your son.
DCFS can have a court order to start the chemo in two hours.
Let's get the MRI result first see if the cancer's spread so much that it's no longer even treatable.
[taps door] Ms.
Holloway, I'm Dr.
I hear you had some trouble today.
I fell down.
Big deal.
Well, says here your troponin level is .
That means you fell down because you were having a small heart attack.
Ever had any heart trouble before? I don't know.
I don't go to doctors.
Halstead? Your blood glucose is 458.
You're diabetic? That's what they say.
Let's get a VBG.
Give her 10 units of IV regular insulin and bolus her a liter of NS.
I'll call endocrine for a consult and let cardiology know we're admitting her.
Admitting me? Yeah, that's right.
Diabetes can cause numerous problems, including coronary artery disease.
I want to admit you to run a few tests on your heart and more importantly, get your diabetes under control.
Not gonna happen.
Why is that? Are you gonna feed Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore? I'm sorry? My cats.
Named after the first 12 presidents.
Let's start getting your sugar down, and we'll talk in a little bit.
- Got us a crazy cat lady.
- Mm-hmm.
Rhodes and Latham, Mayor Hendrix.
Call me Jim.
My family and I can't thank you enough for coming.
I assure you we will do everything we can for your daughter.
If there's anything that you need, please let Bob or me know.
- We will.
- Thank you.
Must be hard staying upbeat under such trying circumstances.
Guess if you're a politician, it's expected.
Tough case? Kids get sick.
I understand that.
But seeing what their parents do to them that drives me nuts.
Coffee time? That's right.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm swamped.
Oh, no problem.
Lunch maybe.
- Absolutely.
- Okay.
- Hey, Will? - Yeah? Did you and Natalie ever have a thing? What? Natalie and me? No.
I mean, we're good friends, and, you know, she's a great doctor, but we never dated or anything.
[laughs] Besides, who cares? The only person in the world I have a thing for right now is you.
You're such a charmer.
- You saw Ms.
Holloway? - Yep, thanks for the heads-up.
Diabetes studies keep the lights on upstairs.
Glad I could help.
Huh, that's odd.
She was an architect.
Why is that odd? Well, her hemoglobin A1c and lipid panel indicate she takes extremely poor care of herself.
You know, it seems out of character for someone I assume pays great attention to detail.
Slow day for head-shrinkers around here.
You want me to have a chat? Sure, knock yourself out.
- Shoot me her chart.
- Sure.
Hello there, Mrs.
Well, hello there.
He's breathing so hard.
He's septic.
We need to give the antibiotics time.
He'd scream out in his sleep when it first started and get these pains.
But he kept on fighting.
I quit my job to take care of him.
Then help him keep fighting.
Tell him that there's a chance this new chemo could work.
Look at him.
He's not fighting anymore.
He's done.
And I will not flog him against his wishes.
My boy deserves better than that.
Incoming trauma.
We're going to 2.
Grace Snow, 26.
Driver in a two-car MVC.
Found hypotensive and tachypneic, but responded to a liter bolus on the ride.
I'm Dr.
You're at Chicago Med.
Let's transfer.
On my count.
Ready? One, two, three.
- Grace, does any of this hurt? - [moans] Let's get trauma labs, blood gas, and a pan scan.
- Becca - What? Becca driving crazy.
Courtney, I thought this woman was the driver.
They said she was.
I'm her husband.
What happened? She was in a car accident.
Oh, my God, Grace, are you okay? Crashed the car Possibly some small fluid in Morrison's pouch.
Since vitals are stable, let's get a pan scan.
She keeps mentioning Becca.
Was there someone else in the car? Ah, I don't know.
Does she know someone named Becca? If there's another victim still out there, we need to find her.
Maggie, call P.
Might be another injury in the field.
Wait, wait.
There's no other victim.
Uh, Becca is Grace's tulpa.
Her what? A sentient being that lives inside her body.
Becca is Grace's tulpa.
I created her.
- You created Becca? - It's how tulpas work.
First you start with an image in your mind of a person or a character you might like.
Then you spend some time with her each day.
Eventually, she takes on a personality of her own.
She becomes three-dimensional.
That's interesting.
So how do you know what Becca thinks? I talk to her.
It's tricky at first.
She likes to stay in the background.
But likely she's been fronting more and more.
Fronting? Taking over my body my muscles, my eyes.
Wasn't always easy, giving over total control like that.
But you get used to it.
There's a website that teaches you how.
So is is that what happened today in the car? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I let her drive.
I shouldn't have.
She's not very good at it.
We got into an argument, and she got upset and lost control.
Which is why we decided that you, Grace, wouldn't see her anymore.
Right? Right.
They're ready for Mrs.
Scott in CT.
Okay, well, very nice to meet you, Grace.
Um, we hope that both you and Becca are feeling better soon.
As long as the scans are negative, I'll observe for a few hours.
Then you can admit her to psych.
[sighs] Differential's long.
Could be dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia Or it could just be a tulpa.
I mean, I'm not ruling out any of that other stuff yet, but until we see signs of impairment, we have to consider the possibility that she really could've created an alter ego that she believes cohabits her body.
But tulpas aren't in the DSM.
So what? She's clearly disturbed.
We need a diagnosis.
Well, it's challenging.
And I look forward to seeing where you land.
Hey, I just got off the phone with P.
They've got several eyewitness accounts of the accident, saying that your patient accelerated directly into traffic.
They think it was a suicide attempt.
Just got a little more complicated.
Graft is in.
Let's re-implant the coronaries.
We'll do the left coronary first, due to its anterior location.
How far do you prefer to dissect for implantation? Five or six centimeters.
Even when it's a little shorter, there could some tension.
That rarely becomes problematic.
Though Kessler et al did report pseudo-aneurysm formation in 20% of implants under tension.
Which we can avoid with added dissection.
So you'd prefer to risk a branch injury and possibly force a double bypass? No.
I believe Dr.
Rhodes means we can do a Cabrol.
Attach an 8-millimeter woven graft to the left coronary in order to ease the tension.
Am I correct, Dr.
Rhodes? Yes.
Yes, that is what we should do.
Open an 8-millimeter woven graft.
What's the verdict? Definitely in the red on the old eccentricity meter, but not really any alarm bells to speak of.
So we can't hold her? Not if she wants to go.
Totally her call.
You know, it used to be if a doctor told a patient to do something, they just did it.
You been binging on "Dr.
Quinn, Medicine Woman" again? I'm just saying, things were different.
Like, guys didn't need to tell women every single thing they were feeling.
My father never did.
Are we still talking about diabetes? Brought the rest of that assessment for you to fill out.
Can I ask you, that handsome doctor is he seeing anyone? Dr.
Halstead? Actually, I believe he is.
Not the one with the hair.
The big one in the vest.
Charles? Actually, I have no idea.
Hey, buddy.
Where's your dad? He went to the bathroom.
- Can I go home? - Not yet.
We're still working on your fever.
You like video games? Yeah, I do.
So you know when your character dies and a game ends, you can just start over and play again? Uh-huh.
Okay, well, when people die, it's different.
There are no do-overs.
You can't just start a new game.
I know.
You don't think or do anything, because you're not here anymore, like my mom.
So if you only have one chance, wouldn't you want to fight like crazy to keep going for as long as you can? I did, but nothing worked.
It just hurt a lot.
I know.
Gabe we want to be able to give you a new medicine.
And I'm afraid if you don't take it, you are gonna die.
And I don't want that.
Thank you.
But everybody has their time to live.
I've had mine.
I want to see what's next.
Grace, I'm sorry, but we have to ask you did you try to kill yourself today? What? No.
You said before that you and Becca were having an argument.
- What was that about? - Nothing.
She just gets upset with me sometimes.
- Upset? - Not upset, just like, she doesn't understand how I could love someone who wants to keep us apart.
I imagine that'd be hard for her.
It is.
Really is.
I mean, she's my best friend.
Why should I have to stop seeing her? I don't always connect with other people.
So when there's one person you can talk to and be yourself with who isn't gonna judge you or hurt your feelings knowing I have a really good friend should make Mark happy.
But it doesn't.
I don't understand why.
Grace, are you sure that you weren't trying to end your life today? No.
I don't know.
[crying] I just I don't know.
[exhales] Put her on a five-day hold? Yeah.
Poor woman.
At least we can narrow it down to something psychiatric.
Maybe put her on a trial of antipsychotics? I don't know.
Becca tried to kill Grace.
Yeah, but let's not forget, Becca is Grace.
I mean, we might yet find that she's psychotic, but she could also just be cracking under the pressure of forcibly being cut off from a part of herself.
Wait, you don't think she is actually within the bounds of functionality? I think we need more information, don't you? Grab me when her husband gets back.
I think it might be time for us all to, um to meet Becca.
[wheezing] ST elevations she's having an MI! Give her an aspirin, nitro, and push 5 milligrams of morphine.
- What can I do? - Get her on 10 liters of O2.
Lydia, we're gonna get you through this.
- Stay with me.
- Lydia, lift your tongue up.
- Morphine's in.
- Send another troponin and get a 12-lead.
Holloway, you just had another heart attack.
I need to get you up for angiography and probably a stent right now, do you understand? - Yes.
- Good.
But I'm not doing it.
I told you, I'm going home to my cats.
Maybe I have not been clear enough How many cats? Twelve.
Draw a red top tube as well.
Give me a few minutes.
I think we might've found a reason for her to stay.
Hey, back in the OR, thanks for not letting me look like an idiot.
- Oh, no need to thank me.
- Still, I appreciate it.
I always thought that needing to be rescued was a sign of weakness.
I'm starting to see it's more complicated than that.
Latham! [chuckles] So glad you could join us.
Now, we may not be Chicago, but I bet you guys have never had a wicked sidecar inside a hundred-foot rock dome.
- Um, no.
- Come on.
Rhodes, Mike Evans, chamber of commerce.
Pleasure to meet you.
- Let's get you a drink.
- Absolutely.
Strap yourself in.
Holloway's case has a psych component after all: Toxoplasmosis.
That's a parasite from cat feces.
Which lives in the victim's brain forever, and in women, Toxo creates a compulsion to take care of cats.
Makes me wonder do cat lovers get Toxoplasmosis, or does Toxo make them cat lovers? Interesting, but not terribly relevant.
What is relevant is its other effects on women.
They become less concerned with their own welfare.
Which might be fueling her refusal to let us take care of her.
All right.
Let's go tell her.
Sure you want to do that? There's a parasite in her brain.
Yeah, there's no cure for Toxo.
You'd be giving her information she can't do anything with.
Her decision-making capability is compromised.
Knowing the truth could help her change how she thinks.
Eh, a lot easier said than done.
Still, it's our responsibility to let her decide.
Fair enough.
All right.
[chuckles] So what you're saying is, I've been living alone for ten years, keeping to myself, all because of a parasite? It's certainly a factor.
It alters your thoughts, but it doesn't dictate them.
I mean, you must have noticed differences from when you were younger.
I used to go out more.
Had more friends.
Always liked to travel.
But as the years went on, I didn't really feel like doing those things anymore.
But wouldn't it be great if you did? Maybe.
Doesn't seem so interesting now.
That's it why not? You're the same person you used to be.
Am I? You just said there's a bug in my head pulling the strings.
But now that you know, you can do something about it make better decisions.
There's no reason you can't reach down inside and find the person you were.
I don't know.
Holloway, I think the chance to be yourself again is worth fighting for.
See if we can get her in the cath lab today.
You okay? Nina asked if there was ever anything between Nat and me.
Really? Well, technically there wasn't.
I mean, we never went out.
But okay, no, I wasn't completely honest.
I should I should tell her the truth, right? I mean, we're in a relationship.
That should be built on honesty.
You asking my advice? Women don't usually appreciate hearing about their boyfriend's feelings for other women.
But it's the right thing to do.
Ah? Isn't it? Hi.
Gabe's blood gases are getting worse.
We're getting to a point where we may have to intubate.
And that'll get him through till you get the infection under control? The antibiotics still aren't turning it around.
And there's a very good chance that once we intubate, we may not be able to get the tube out again.
Wait, I won't be able to talk to him again? It's possible.
I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Dr.
Manning? We're not there quite yet.
I'll be back.
The radiologist hasn't read the MRI yet, but I don't care.
We need to get Gabe that chemo.
But, April, bringing in family services Okay, you feel for the dad.
I get it.
But you are Gabe's doctor.
And that boy understands more about his situation than you think.
Natalie, if you don't call DCFS, I will.
[exhales] Okay.
I'll talk to Goodwin.
You can see it on their website.
Tulpas go on dates with other tulpas dates.
How does that work? Oh, you bring your tulpa, they bring theirs.
It's nuts.
I can't believe that you're taking it seriously.
Well, what we're doing is, we're taking Grace seriously, which is why it's important for us to get a sense of who this alternate personality is and how she presents herself.
Okay? Hi, Grace.
How you feeling? Okay.
So we were wondering, um, if it might be possible for us to say hello to Becca.
You, too? Yeah.
It'll just take a moment.
Take all the time you need.
What's up? Hello, Becca.
I'm Dr.
Charles, and this is Dr.
I think you know Mark.
Mark, would you like to to get us started off? Becca.
I heard that you and Grace had a fight.
- So? - I'd like to hear about it.
I'm sure you would.
Um, Becca, the more forthcoming you could be Fine.
I was explaining how you don't love her.
Of course I love her.
Then why don't you want her to have any friends? This is crazy.
- Grace, can I please just talk to you? - No.
You deal with me.
I want Grace to have friends, but she spends all day and night online.
That's where her friends are.
Chatrooms for tulpamancers! For what? Tulpamancers.
That's that's what they call it.
Grace wasn't always like this.
She used to be normal.
"Used to be"? Grace and I were married for two years before you showed up.
I didn't "show up.
" Grace just told you about me last year.
What does that mean? It means she created me in high school.
[gasps] - High school? - Yeah.
I'm the reason she was able to move out of her parents' house.
I'm the reason she got up the courage to meet you at that party - Grace, can I just - I'm the one who's been with her all these years, not you me.
Whoever you are, you tell my wife that she has to choose.
It's either Becca or me.
[chuckles] Obviously, she is profoundly disturbed, which we should've known when she first said "tulpa.
" Why are we treating her like she is sane when she isn't? Wouldn't that be a little too easy, though? I mean, sure, we could, you know, slap a label on her, put her in some diagnostic box, pour some medicine on top but sometimes it's a little more complicated than that.
She had an argument with her made-up friend while her subconscious crashed the car.
It seems pretty simple to me.
Grace is definitely a fractured personality.
But it's all the more reason that we have a responsibility to dig deeper and figure out why.
I'm sorry, Dr.
Charles, but I like boxes.
None of this makes any sense.
It is all so subjective.
I hate it.
I mean, where's the science? Dr.
Reese, every medical discipline, psychiatry included, is as much art as it is science.
Well, I don't see the science or the art.
You know, everybody was so surprised when I went into this me, the lab geek.
Well, they were right.
I don't belong here.
Ah, excuse me for a second, guys.
Looks like you're having a good time.
Very nice young woman.
We're going up to my room.
She has an irregular mole she'd like me to take a look at.
Was that her idea or yours? Here, Doc, let me freshen that up.
Ah, why don't the three of us go over to the steakhouse? My treat.
Rhodes, are you trying to what is the expression interrupt my flow? No.
No, I'm not.
[exhales] Night.
Are they putting in the tube now? Dad? I'm scared.
I know, buddy.
But the doctors are gonna give you some medicine so you sleep, and it won't hurt.
Right? That's right.
- Dr.
Manning? - Yes? I'll be right back.
DCFS is on their way.
Okay, um, just tell 'em I need a minute.
But they won't wait long.
Just want you to know, you're the best son a dad could hope for.
You are so brave, and I am so proud of you.
And I love you.
So, so much.
- Where you going? - Home.
Andrew Jackson gets anxious when you don't change his water.
But we decided that you'd stay and get a full workup.
- You decided that.
- But, Ms.
Holloway I'm not sure I even believe all this toxic whatever business.
And even if I did, would it be me believing you? Or the parasite.
What is the point in even telling me all that stuff? She's just gonna be back with another coronary event.
But anything about the truth really set anyone free.
I think she likes you.
Hope that's a compliment.
Actually it's more of a diagnostic clue.
Turns out men with Toxo are more attractive to infected woman.
And it also makes them rumpled, introverted, dismissive of rules, and secretive.
- Are you insinuating something? - Not insinuating.
Directly stating that you might have Toxo too.
Thanks Nancy Drew, but it's not possible.
You know I'm not a cat person.
I actually had no idea.
- Maybe because you are so secretive.
- Oh, I take it back Perry Mason.
Did you ever consider the law? You are avoiding.
Why don't we just do a blood test? - Okay, yeah, sure, blood test.
Good idea.
- Yeah? Great, I will find you after work.
See you then.
[machine beeping] Hey! Somebody help? [Breathing heavily] She's tachychardic - Grace, does this hurt? - What's happening? - Is she bleeding? - I don't think so, belly's benign, CT was negative.
- Rhythm's gone.
- EKG leads are comin' out.
She's sweating like crazy.
Let's get the crash cart! - Heart attack? - No cyanosis or pallor.
Check the rhythm.
Uh, fast but regular.
- Grace, talk to Becca.
- What? Talk to her Grace.
- Sarah - Can you talk to Becca? Is she there? What is she telling you? To breathe.
This could be blunt cardiac trauma, let's get an EKG, labs and an echo.
No, no, no, wait.
Anything else? Calm imagine us at a peaceful place.
Okay, then listen to her.
- Reese, we need - Listen to her.
Sats are back up to 96.
She was having a panick attack.
And Becca talked her down.
I got your call.
Latham, are you something wrong? That woman, she asked me to get ice for our drinks and when I returned she was gone, as was the $200 in my wallet and my watch! That my parents gave me for graduation.
I Really? Your skepticism was well-founded, I should have never allowed myself to get involved like that.
My mother would be very upset.
Gabe's MRI results.
His tumors are shrinking? Doesn't make sense, right? I mean, chemo can suppress the immune system, and the immune system helps fight cancer.
So being off chemo might have allowed his immune system to recuperate.
It would explain his fever signs that his body's starting to fight again.
And it's fighting the cancer.
Yeah, I mean Withholding chemo might actually have saved his life.
Goodwin, we don't need to do this.
I'm sorry, it's in the hands of DCFS now.
No, no.
I was wrong.
- He doesn't need the medication.
- What's going on? Mr.
Moore, I'm placing you under arrest - No, no, no, please! - For medical child neglect.
- Dr.
Manning? - No, just stop.
- Everything's okay.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- I'm not leaving my son.
- No, you need to listen to me.
Okay? Gabe's tumors are shrinking because he didn't get the chemo.
Gabe is gonna get better! He's gonna live? He's got a long ways to go, but yes.
Sir, I need your hands.
Adam, we'll fix this.
Whatever happens, it was worth it.
Hey, man.
Hey, there.
So, here's the deal.
I'm gonna need everything that she took from my friend, and I'm gonna give you one hour.
I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
Latham came all the way out here to save the life of the mayor's daughter, so how do you think the mayor's gonna react when he hears that you ripped that doctor off? The watch and the $300.
It it was only $200.
Call it punitive damages for pain and suffering.
Come on, man.
One hour.
Much better.
Thank you.
His temp's coming down.
Antibiotics are finally working.
Goodwin said his aunt will stay with him until she can get the charges dropped.
Sorry I got so worked up earlier.
- I - You had a point.
I get these thoughts and urges now.
Maybe it's this little tyrant in my uterus.
- You think? - [laughs] I'll be really glad when this part is over.
The part where every decision you make is because of your child? I hate to break it to you, but that one's forever.
- Ugh.
- [both laughing] Hey, ready to go? Yeah.
[chuckles] Hey, by the way, um, when I asked you about Natalie before, I I really appreciate your being honest with me.
Look, Nina, about that Yeah? Well, just of course.
Relationships are built on trust, right? Yes.
Which is why I feel like I need to tell you something.
You know Dr.
Rauch in cardiology? I dated him.
Yeah? Okay.
I like Rauch.
[chuckles] I also dated Jay Flint in GI.
Flint? Heavyset guy? It was just a summer thing.
Sherman was a little more serious, but I don't know.
[knocking at door] Your friend wanted to make sure that you got these back.
She had an emergency phone call.
She had to leave.
It turns out that the whole thing was just a big, old mistake.
This is too much.
I only had $200.
Yeah, she just felt terrible about the whole thing.
She wanted to buy you dinner.
Is that really what happened? Dr.
Latham, I'm sorry that I brought you out here.
My ambition to do the surgery got the best of me.
It was selfish.
Well, don't apologize.
All in all, I had a really good time.
- How's she doing? - Which one? Grace, Becca? Who knows? Mr.
Scott, if there's a part of Grace that she didn't feel comfortable sharing with you before, is it not at all possible to see anything that's happened here as a sign of progress? Progress? Yeah, I just learned how unbalanced my wife really is and that she doesn't need me.
She needs Becca.
I'm done.
This was a total disaster.
I'm not so sure that's true.
I mean, from Grace's perspective, this could be as close to a win as we can get.
She just chose her tulpa over her husband her tulpa that almost killed her.
I just saw her tulpa talk her off a ledge.
[laughs softly] I have no idea what to think.
Like it or not, the line between a psychological illness and a coping mechanism is a blurry one.
I mean, just 'cause we don't give them names and voices doesn't mean we don't all have different sides.
I mean, our personalities change based on how much sleep we get, how hungry we are.
Hell, intestinal bacteria could be the determining factor in our emotions.
Look I know you think of yourself as an analytical thinker and a scientist and that you're wondering if you have a place in psychiatry right now.
But I also see this other Sarah in there, and she's filled with intuition and compassion, humanity and when you put 'em both together, like during Grace's panic attack today Then I see a sensational psychiatrist.
Toxo screen.
You a fainter? Or can we do this sitting up? You mind if we hold off on that right now? Come on.
I got a better idea.
Believe it or not, studies show that cat videos are actually good for people.
They increase energy and positive emotions.
- It's crazy, right? - Yeah.
But you know, in the interest of full disclosure and to repudiate this bizarre accusation of secretiveness, I never had a problem with cats.
- Really? - Really.
- [laughs] - Matter of fact, I actually had a cat once.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
Name of Pete.
Abyssinian/Siamese mix.
Used to jump on my chest in the morning to wake me up.
Had these claws that could tear a tin can.
[chuckles] But he never hurt a living soul, that Pete, which was especially good news for all those mice that lived in my walls