Chicago Med (2015) s02e19 Episode Script

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1 - You did this skydiving? - Not exactly.
I fall 9,000 feet and land, no problem, and then I trip walking to my car.
- [chuckles] - Isn't that ridiculous? Well, sounds like you got off easy.
Oh, what can I say? It was on my bucket list.
[chuckles] Okay.
Let's take a look at your head.
Yeah, you got a decent sized laceration - on your scalp, though.
- Ah, figured.
I used half a box of Kleenex trying to stop the bleeding on my way over here.
You didn't drive yourself, did you? No, no, no, my boyfriend actually.
He's out parking the car.
All right, let's get a picture of that wrist.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
[indistinct chatter] Hey, I got a request for schedule changes.
- They could use your signature.
- All righty.
Right there.
Hm, this one's frozen.
Oh, really? I just used it.
Well, I'll pull it up on the desktop.
[elevator dings] Sharon? It looks like this screen is locked as well.
Sharon, it's Bert.
[solemn music] Maggie.
I'll go check on that monitor.
What are you doing here? Is something wrong with one of the kids? No, no, no, everything's fine, as far as I know.
[chuckles] That's, uh, not why I'm here.
Honey, Bert, over here.
- "Honey"? - Uh, that's my lady friend.
She I think she might've broken her wrist.
Excuse me.
Balloon catheter is at the lesion site.
Inflating now.
Stent deployed.
All right, let's have one last look.
You can press the pedal.
Bardovi? I don't know what's wrong with the floor pedal.
I'm stepping on it.
Guys [ominous music] Is that What's happening? Sharon? Don't say anything, okay? I-I need a moment to process.
No, no, no, it's not that.
What is all this about malware and decryption keys? It's a ransom note.
[groans] We've been hacked.
Our sever has been corrupted and shut down, and until we can restore the system, we'll be operating under downtime procedure.
That means paper charts.
Oh, and no tablets, people.
Hand them over.
So we have no access to anyone's medical records? How how do we do stuff? Well, there was a time not so long ago when we actually treated patients without the aid of computers.
Imagine that.
Tell them, Dr.
Can I keep it if I promise not to use it? Sorry, Dr.
Charles, I.
needs to check them all out.
Well, it's not just the electronic medical records that are disabled, right? I hear imaging's down as well? Yeah, so that means what? No X-rays? And no CT scans, no MRls.
We'll have to cancel elective surgeries for the time being, but the I.
department is confident they can disable the malware and get us back online soon.
- Isn't that right, Bruce? - We're doing our best.
And in the mean time, we'll make due.
We'll use the transport monitors to read the vitals Yeah, I'm sorry, but the note says that if we pay them 30 Bitcoins, they'll give us a decryption key, so It's hospital policy not to engage with extortionists.
So we're going to fly blind with one arm tied behind our back? It seems a little shortsighted.
I mean, it's, what, $30,000, $40,000? It seems like nothing.
Says the guy with the trust fund.
We're not paying the ransom, Dr.
We don't need to.
We aren't so fragile that we could be knocked off our game that easy.
Absolutely, Ms.
We're up for the challenge.
Thank you, Dr.
[tense music] - Okay, G.
- G.
Back to your patients.
Increase communication, people.
No blood is drawn, no test is run, and no medication is dispensed without writing on this board.
Sharon? [sighs] Sharon, listen, I I didn't want you to find out.
Then you could've taken her to County.
But Med was the closest and the best, not in small part because of you.
Don't sweat it, Bert, I've got bigger problems to deal with right now.
I can't access any of my files.
- What are we supposed to do? - Cross our fingers and hope that some guy named Bruce can save the day.
- I can't say that I'm optimistic.
- Do you know how much research that I just have to put on hold now? This this is unacceptable.
Oh, easy there, babe.
It's not the end of the world.
[laughs] Are you sure about that? Because things are seeming a little biblical around here.
I mean, last night with the rats and then today with the hacks.
- Rats? What rats? - In the vents of my apartment.
It kept me up all night last night.
Exterminator can't come in till tomorrow.
I [sighs] I'm gonna have to check into a hotel.
No, you won't.
You stay with me until this is resolved.
[exhales] Oh, that is exactly what I wanted you to say.
[chuckles] Give me that.
I need this more than you do.
[strained breathing] He can't catch his breath.
I mean, I tried getting him to To lie back on the way over, - but he just - He's tripoding.
Trying to clear his secretions.
All right, it's okay, Desmond.
Just try to take a deep breath for me, all right? - Does this hurt? - A little.
His lymph nodes are very swollen.
Do you know when he started feeling like this? Um, maybe three weeks ago? Never as bad as this.
I mean, it would come and go, so we just thought he had the flu.
It's been going around his school.
- 102.
- [sighs] He just started running that fever this morning.
I mean, we got here as fast as we could.
I had to find someone to cover my shift.
I was out working too.
I drive for a couple of those ride-share apps.
- [sighs] We're just scrambling.
- I understand.
- Has he had all his vaccinations? - Yes.
I mean, I I think so.
Okay, let's get him on an oxygen mask, and give him racemic epi.
I'll be back to check on him soon, okay? April? - [sighs] What do you think? - I don't know.
Maybe epiglottitis, maybe mumps.
I mean, who knows if he's really had all his vaccinations.
Let's give him some steroids, see if we can't reduce the swelling, and let's do a CBC, CMP, blood cultures, and a DR-70.
Tumor marker? Let's see if we can get a rush on that.
- Sorry.
- This board's a mess.
Look around.
The whole ED's a mess.
We can't even send patients upstairs because we don't know if there's beds available.
What a nightmare.
Okay, so before we stitch up your head, I wanna reduce the fracture in your wrist.
Here, we'll give you a little ketamine to sedate you.
I promise you won't feel a thing.
[groans] Sure I can trust you, doc? Seems I'm an enemy combatant.
Lover boy here failed to mention that his ex-wife is running the place.
I told you Sharon was a hospital administrator.
[laughs] You didn't say it was this hospital.
Before we get started, you should know our EMR system's down, so I can't pull up your records.
Really? Yeah, so I just need to confirm the history you already gave.
Any medical problems? Prior surgeries? - Anything I should be aware of? - No.
You taking any medications? Any allergies to medications? Nada.
Got a clean bill of health.
Lyla's the most active person I've ever met.
[laughs] Biking, tai chi.
We just got back from whitewater rafting in Chile.
[chuckles] It's all I can do to keep up with her.
[laughs] Oh, look who's trying to get in on my good side.
It's working.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
New history and physicals for everyone in the psych ward? Not everyone.
I mean, if they were admitted before today, we still have backups.
Still leaves about six that we lost.
So, you know, we just divvy them up.
Here's the catch.
Even for us so-called "normal" people Dr.
Charles? [mouths words] Thank you.
Getting hacked, it really creates You know, it's a It's a violation, you know, heightens your vulnerability, and that's obviously magnified for people who are dealing with, um Anxiety and paranoia.
Of course.
Yeah, yeah.
So I think it's just important to not let them know why their histories are being retaken.
You know, we just gotta We gotta finesse it a bit.
Oh, I heard that they are having a hard time filling the vacancy left by Dr.
Wheeler's death.
The I'm sorry, the E.
residency? Yeah.
I mean, you just graduated from med school.
I thought maybe you might know somebody who's interested? Oh, darn it.
Hey, Daniel, you got a minute? Yeah.
Anyway, um, just give me a shout if you're having any problems.
So I hear they went zip-lining in Costa Rica.
I thought it was South America somewhere.
You knew about this? Daniel? I went and had drinks with Bert about a month ago, and, you know, he let it slip.
A month ago? And you've just been sitting on this? Well, I kinda thought it was more up to Bert to tell you, and I advised him to do exactly that.
Yeah, well, he didn't.
I'm sorry.
You know, it's not so easy staying neutral throughout all this, you know.
You want me to choose sides, I'll pledge my loyalty to you right now.
Not necessary.
I gotta get back to work.
[strained breathing] Swelling's not coming down, and his sats are dropping.
- Are we gonna need to intubate? - We can't.
If it spasms down, we could lose his airway.
Let's get an analog X-ray up here for a lateral neck, okay? Analog? What's going on here? - Mr.
Rawls, please - I hear you guys were hacked.
Do I need to take my son to another hospital? I seriously recommend you not moving your son in his current condition, but I can assure you that Desmond's care will not be compromised in the slightest.
Chad I hope you're right.
Work-up back yet on my seven-year-old? The lab got them mixed up with another patient.
- They gotta run 'em again.
- Are you kidding me? It's a damn hack, okay? Uh, Ms.
Goodwin, when are we getting back online? - We're working on it.
- You said that an hour ago.
I've got a dad who wants to pull his kid out of here.
You've got to stay on top of the lab.
Don't worry.
We'll ride this whirlwind.
- [groaning] - A little help here! - Incoming! - A little help! - [groaning] - My friend's been shot! - Dr.
Choi? - Get out of the way, move.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I don't have a room right now.
- Out of the way.
- Mags, where are we taking him? Whoa, whoa, wait, get back up.
I don't have a room right now.
- Coming through! - Put him there.
- Keep this area clear! - [screaming] - Lift him up.
- [screaming] Park him in the hallway over there.
"We're gonna ride this whirlwind"? Keep telling me that.
[groans] Sats 100, BP 102 over 69, heart rate 110.
A little hypotensive and tachycardic.
Let's get a 16 in each arm and bolus a liter of LR on the rapid transfuser, and 50 of fentanyl for pain.
How's the leg looking? A likely entrance hole in the upper right thigh.
Big hematoma.
No apparent fracture.
All right, Noah, pop quiz.
Let's see how much you recall.
After we figure out where the bullet went in, - what do we do? - Count the holes.
If there's an even number, it came out.
Jason, I need you to grab the rail and roll on your side for me.
[grunts, groans] - Wanna tell me what happened? - I shot him, actually.
Uh, by accident.
I thought the safety was on.
I'm so sorry, man.
We cool? Yeah, don't sweat it.
[groans] - What kinda gun was it? - Uh, 9 mil.
And you carry it why? You don't know my neighborhood.
They got guns, I got a gun.
Making the world a safer place? I think I might see an exit hole.
It's tiny, but, uh Yeah, too tiny.
Probably shrapnel.
Bullet's still in there somewhere.
- We gotta find it.
- Systems are still down.
Then we'll use the tools we have.
Hey, Natalie, can I ask you a favor? Uh, one second.
Uh, hey, April, can you try and track down Connor for me? - All right.
- Thank you.
Sorry, what's up? I was gonna give this to Will, but it looks like he's busy.
- Can I leave it with you? - Sure.
He's going to watch the game with his brother tonight.
I slept in it last night, and when he left this morning, I was still in bed.
[chuckles] I'd leave it in his locker, but I wanna make sure he gets it.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- You're the best.
- [chuckles] [clears throat] She just said she had a out-of-body experience.
Oh, that's ketamine.
Lyla, do me a favor and follow my finger with your eyes.
That whole time you were pulling on my wrist, I was floating up to the ceiling, looking down at myself.
It was wonderful, though you may wanna tell the cleaning staff there's a lot of dust in the light fixtures up there.
I'll have them look into that immediately.
Are you sure there's nothing you left out of your history? Is something the matter? Probably not.
You're having a little trouble focusing with your eyes.
That could be just a reaction to the ketamine, but considering you suffered the head injury, though, I am thinking I wanna bring someone in from neurology, just to rule some things out.
You know what? I'm sorry, there is one thing that I left out of my history.
I take it for insomnia.
You never said you had trouble sleeping.
It's not an every night thing.
Is it possible that, um, the drug had a bad interaction with the ketamine? Yes, that might explain it.
Oh, good.
[relieved exhale] - Then mystery solved.
- [chuckles] - Hm.
- Tell you this.
He could have come in here with Beyoncé, and it'd still be a step down from you.
You don't have to say that.
- It's true.
- He's lost weight.
Could've been worse.
Could've been a blonde.
- Both: Mm.
- [laughs] - Ms.
- Dr.
Any chance you got ahold of Lyla's records yet? Are you kidding me? How? I've got no idea when things are gonna get here.
Well, in that case, let's repeat her labs, but this time add coags and a d-dimer.
Whoa, whoa, I thought you were wrapping things up with her.
Her head lac's not repaired yet, Maggie.
She's not going anywhere anyway.
I hope this is not another one of your wild goose chases.
What's that supposed to mean? It means keeping Bert in the E.
is the last opposite of what Goodwin needs right now.
Well, this is a hospital, Maggie.
I know I don't need to remind you whose needs come first.
You want new labs? Fine.
We're doing paper today.
How 'bout filling these out? Hey, what do we got? You've really gotta retrace all your steps.
I don't understand why the network isn't constantly backing itself up.
Hard drives are so cheap these days.
Hey, Dr.
Charles says, um, they're looking to fill the open residency in the E.
That's great news, isn't it? - Why? - 'Cause now you can take it.
Isn't that the position that you wanted before Dr.
Charles pulled you into psychiatry? You're missing the point, Joey.
What point? Why would Dr.
Ch [sighs] Why would Dr.
Charles bring this up in the first place? I mean, he sounded innocent enough, and since I just graduated med school, maybe I knew someone who'd want the job, but I can't help thinking that he's got some kind of agenda.
Is he dissatisfied with my performance? - Is he trying to get rid of me? - Well, look at it this way.
Everyone thought that you were really good in emergency medicine.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? Yeah.
[stammers] You know, Joey, you and I don't communicate very well.
You see there? Look how narrow this boy's trachea is.
It's no wider than a cocktail straw.
I assume you've started a work-up? Still gummed up in the lab.
I started treating him for epiglottitis, but that's clearly not the problem.
Lymphs? It's hard to exclude cancer from the differential.
We need to address his airway issue.
Can we remove the lymph nodes? Get a biopsy? Surgically, we're never gonna get an ET tube down him in this condition, and Marty's gonna be hesitant - to put him under general.
- So what can we do? How still do you think this kid can be? What's that you're spraying on him? Ethyl chloride.
And you're positive he won't feel anything? Maybe a slight pinch, but that's it.
Now the most important thing is for you to stay extremely still while we're doing this, Desmond.
- You think you can do that? - Yeah.
You know what I find works sometimes? Is if you close your eyes and you squeeze my hand as hard as you can until it's over.
How does that sound? Good? Okay.
- So okay.
- Okay.
[tense music] Oh, God.
[whimpers] - Mommy? - It's okay, D.
- Mommy? - Just a little bit longer.
- No! - Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
[sobs] - I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
I think we got enough tissue to send to pathology.
You should see this, Jason.
It's cool.
The bullet's, like, in your heart.
Cool for you.
He shot me in the leg.
What the hell is it doing up here? Bullets travel in unexpected ways.
Well, we need to get that out, right? One step at a time.
I can't tell yet whether it's actually in the heart or just behind it.
Well, what about those X-rays we took earlier? Well, they're not that precise.
Well, find something that is.
What about that MIR machine? MRI? And it's not, um, usable right now.
- What do you mean? - Look, if we can figure out the path the bullet took to get to your chest, we should be able to determine exactly where it is.
There are only two options, right? Right, well, either it caromed to your midsection, or it hitched a ride up through your venous system.
Grab a DPL.
Uh, DPL? A Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage.
We're gonna insert a needle in your abdomen, fill it with fluid, then drain it to see if there's any internal bleeding.
Don't worry, we'll drape off this area before we insert the Foley.
What do you mean, "insert the Foley"? Oh, this goes up your urethra.
First you shoot me, then you bring me to a place from the Dark Ages.
You really suck, Marius.
My fault.
Oh [chuckles] Excuse me.
Uh Hey, Bert, um, can I ask you Have you talked to the children about this? Not yet.
I was waiting to see if it was serious or not.
And is it? Sharon You know, maybe, you should speak to your children.
Oh, man, she's a trip wire.
How'd you expect her to react? This city is filthy with hospitals, but you decided to come here.
To do what? - To rub it in Sharon's face? - Oh, come on.
How old is she anyway? What does that have to do with anything? Okay.
When did you meet her? I know what you're implying.
Lyla wasn't even in the picture till way after Sharon and I split up.
Split up? Uh-uh.
You walked out on her.
Okay, so Bruce is no closer to fixing this malware.
And the FBI? Oh, come on, let's not hold our breath there.
You know, I I think it's time to consider putting the hospital on bypass.
What is that? Sending patients to other hospitals? Do you know how much revenue that is gonna cost? A few hundred thousand.
That's just today.
You can double it tomorrow.
I mean, the board is gonna plotz.
What do you suggest then? We're full up.
My doctors are treating gunshot wounds in the hallway.
Listen we keep a little cash on-hand for a rainy day, okay? So we could pay this ransom, and no one would ever know.
- No.
- Why not? And do not say, "Because it's bad precedent.
" It's a horrendous precedent.
These hackers are putting people's lives at risk.
They're compromising their care.
You can't reward behavior like that.
Besides, you pay them now, what stops them from doing it again or holding the hospital next-door hostage? I don't care about the hospital next-door.
We cannot let them win, Peter.
You wanna stick to your guns, that's fine, but you are the one who's gonna tell the board.
Spread the word and notify IDPH the hospital's now on full diversion.
Yes, ma'am.
Give me IDPH.
Yeah, I need a home for a chest pain, a dog bite, and a flu.
Thank you.
You got any room? Ah, thank you.
I owe you.
Leah, tell any walk-ins who can fend themselves that we'll be arranging for transport to Rush and Mercy.
Okay? Hey, have you heard from pathology yet? Let me give them another call.
It's busy.
I'll check back in a minute.
You look worried.
I do? That's not good.
I just [exhales sharply] I lost so many kids to cancer this year that every time one comes in now, with the same symptoms, I just I can't help but feel the fear rising in me, and it's all I can do to control it, so that I don't scare the family.
Manning, I've got your biopsy results.
Pathology called me in.
Why is an epidemiologist getting called in on this? Coccidioidomycosis? Otherwise known as Valley Fever, and it's highly infectious.
[sighs] Thank God.
You realize this is a serious illness? Yes.
No, yes, absolutely.
Um, but at least it isn't cancer.
[solemn music] That's what was causing the fever and the swelling? A fungal infection? Spores are typically found in soil, predominantly in desert locales.
Valley Fever is an endemic of the Great Lakes region.
Have you spent anytime in the Southwest recently? California? Nevada? Arizona? No, Desmond's never been further away from home - than Grand Rapids.
- None of us has.
Okay, well, we'd like to start your son on a round of IV antifungals right away.
But I do have to warn you, it's strong medicine with the potential of side effects, - but it is what he needs.
- Thank you, doctors.
I'll get started on Desmond.
Uh, I'm sorry, uh, but your son is the second person I've seen with this disease.
I'm gonna need a detailed history from the both of you.
It could help me find the source of the infection.
I mean, can we do this later? We just wanna be with our child right now.
It's important that we find this before someone else's child gets infected.
I can sit with you one at a time if that's better.
You go.
Be with Desmond.
Oh, thank you.
At first, I thought it was just the sedation.
You know, but her eyes She's just not able to focus.
I had her fix on my finger from about this distance.
They dart back and forth to a random space over here.
- Almost mechanical.
- A square wave jerk.
So any time I get a an eye thing after a fall on the head, I'm thinking, you know, possible stroke, but Did your work-up come back negative? Yeah.
Any idea what else this might be? It could be anything from a basal ganglia disorder to normal aging.
It's impossible to tell without a head CT or an MRI.
You know, maybe if you just examine her yourself Do I need to explain the definition of impossible to you? I'm a neurosurgeon, not a magician.
Just find someone who can get the scans back up and running, and then maybe we can all do our jobs.
Any word on when we might be getting our network back? Sorry.
You think they still need my tablet? I'm afraid so, Dr.
Charles, hey, about those H and Ps, Mrs.
Kornbluth in Room 17 She was admitted experiencing hallucinations.
- Okay, and? - At intake, it was determined that she was having a psychotic episode, but after speaking with her, I think she simply might've had an adverse reaction to Ambien.
You know, this has all proven to be an incredible inconvenience, I just wanna say.
I cannot believe that our patients' psychiatric histories aren't hosted on a separate secure network, and that HIPPA hadn't mandated that.
Moving forward, you know, maybe - [sighs] - But in the mean time, uh, it might've been beneficial for us to retrace our steps.
I am running some tests now, but I think we might be able to discharge Mrs.
Kornbluth later today.
Oh, there's the I.
Bruce Old rule of thumb, if you can read through the bag, the test is negative.
So there's no bleeding in the abdomen? - No.
- Well, that's good news, right? So you want me to crack this guys' chest open and put him on bypass on a hunch? Not a hunch.
The diagnosis of exclusion.
- And what if you're wrong? - He's not wrong.
I mean, the DPL ruled out the bullet travelling through the peritoneum, and if it went through the retroperitoneum, then he would have reported back pain, so it had to have embolized.
[chuckles] Dr.
Choi He knows his stuff.
It's how he does it on the battlefield.
So we can't just transfer this guy to another trauma center with a working CT? Too risky.
He could decompensate at any moment, and every second we wait just ups the risk - of a massive pulmonary embolism.
- All right, I'll call the O.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't understand what is taking so long.
Get him going.
I'll meet you up there.
If I could just access my files, I'm sure I could find a link between these cases.
I'm sorry, but I was told by I.
that the malware is quite sophisticated.
Then why don't you just pay the ransom? It's not that simple, Robin.
But it is that simple.
It's it's right there on every screen.
Easy instructions to pay the ransom and obtain a decryption key.
A three-year-old could figure it out.
Hey, Robin, what's, uh What's going on? What's going on is there might be an epidemic of Valley Fever breaking out, and no one seems to care.
Let me remind you, Ms.
Charles, in case the air is too thin to breathe atop that soap box, that you are an epidemiologist, and I am the one responsible for running this hospital.
Why don't we just take a second to cool down? - Why don't we? - Don't handle me.
[tense music] [sighs] [sighs] Hey, Barry Lindheim again.
Thinks you're dodging his calls.
Smart man.
Tell him you can't find me.
[sighs] [computer beeping] [soft ambient music] Back online? I guess this means that we are off of bypass? Yes, we are off of bypass.
Thank you, Sharon.
No, no, thank him.
He's the real hero.
Bruce, great job.
I'm sorry, I-I didn't do anything.
What? The system came back up on its own.
Someone must've paid the ransom.
[solemn music] You didn't authorize this? Then who did? Peter I thought we agreed we weren't gonna pay the ransom.
We didn't pay the ransom.
- Then what happened? - Who knows.
Look, maybe the hackers felt the feds were getting close, and they bailed.
In any case, the problem's been resolved, and we can get back to business, saving lives, making money.
Someone countermanded my orders, Peter.
Sharon, whoever that person was, they did us a huge favor, so let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, okay? Preliminary visual inspection shows no pericardial effusion.
Thank you, Dr.
I was just informed that we're back online, in case that's pertinent.
Well, we're not gonna close him back up and send him to radiology just to wind up where we are now, so let's ultrasound the heart directly and see if we can't find the bullet.
[solemn music] There, in the right ventricle.
Yeah, that could be our culprit.
Scalpel? Forceps? - Hey.
- Hey.
Nice work.
I guess that Navy training wasn't a waste after all.
That's how we do it on the battlefield.
Well, if it hadn't worked, I would've blamed you anyway.
- I know.
- [chuckles] Hey, Dr.
Rhodes, I don't know if you heard, but somebody paid the ransom, an open violation of hospital policy.
What, you think it was me? I'm sorry, Ms.
Goodwin, but as much as I would like to take credit, - I didn't do it.
- Well, somebody paid.
Was it you, Sam? My kid starts Sarah Lawrence in the fall.
Not a chance in hell I'm cutting a check that size to solve your problem.
Okay, so you're telling me nobody here knows anything about this? You got a second? What? You you think I need a timeout? [laughs] No.
I'm not endorsing any kind of palace coup, but I just I understand any number of motivations why somebody would wanna get that thing paid.
I've completely freaked myself out how much I miss this thing, you know, which has clearly become a powerful tool that I use to maintain distance between myself and the world, you know Control my environment.
And that's a slippery slope, man Control, you know For all of us.
I mean, one second you're steady in command.
Next second, it's like Ahh, rogue wave, you know, hackers, relationships we can't control.
Come on, Daniel.
Are you trying to bait and switch me? I'm not in denial.
I know my husband is gone.
I may never get a good answer for why he left, but I sure as hell can find out who paid that ransom.
Your son is taking well to the medication.
Hopefully in a couple days, he'll be able to take this orally - and we can send him home.
- Thank you, Dr.
I'm glad we brought him here.
We did, however, get your test results back as well.
Ivie, yours came back negative.
Chad, however, you tested positive.
Positive? But I feel fine.
It just means you've come in contact with a spore.
A lot of people never become symptomatic, but moving forward, it is something to monitor.
Rawls, I think I found a connection between Desmond and my other patient.
You told me earlier you use your car to ride-share.
- Yeah.
Why? - My patient last week She rode in your car 18 days ago.
[scoffs] I mean, if you say so.
No way I can remember everyone I drove.
Did you park it here? I'd like to take a look at it.
I don't understand.
Why would my car be making people sick? I apologize, Lyla, for the delay.
I know you must be eager to get out of here.
Yeah, are you gonna stitch me up or what? I am, uh, but now that our imaging system's come back online, I'd I'd like to get you down for a CT scan of your head first.
[exhales] I just grazed my head.
- It's really not a big deal.
- I hear ya.
Still, standard of care requires me to get a head CT, so blame it on insurance companies, if you must.
Hey, I couldn't, uh, decide what to get, so I bought the whole rack.
[chuckles] Did I miss something? Uh, Dr.
Halstead just said that it might be a couple more hours until he can stitch me up.
You mind running to my place and walking the dog? No, of course.
I'll hurry back.
Okay, thanks, babe.
Why do I get the impression there's something going on you don't want either of us to know? You don't have to send me down for the CT scan.
I can tell you what it's gonna show.
Halstead, I got a message you wanted to see me.
Yes and no.
Actually, Ms.
Dempsey would like to speak with you.
Why? Mm-mm.
I was told you wanted to speak with me.
Yes, thank you.
Yeah, this is pretty much as awkward as I imagined, but now that I told Dr.
Halstead, I assumed it was a matter of time before the head of the hospital found out as well.
Last year, I was diagnosed with a disease called progressive supranuclear palsy, PSP, which is a poor relation to Parkinson's.
I'm familiar with PSP.
I'm sorry.
What's your prognosis? Five more years, maybe ten.
What are you gonna do? Seize the day, right? [solemn music] I'm still able to hide the symptoms for the most part, at least from lay people, which is why I wanted to talk to you.
You haven't told Bert, have you? Wanna scare off a potential guy lickety-split? Tell him in three years you won't be able to swallow or chew or breathe without their help.
I didn't get a lot of calls for a second date, so when I met Bert [exhales] Look [chuckles] Bert and I may have run our course, but keeping this from him - is a mistake.
- I'm selfish, I know.
I'm scared to spend the last few years of my life alone, you know.
Yes, I do.
How long have you owned this car? About two months.
Bought it used from some place out in Hillside.
Only had 40,000 miles on it.
Do you know anything about the previous owner? No.
So what exactly are we looking for here? - That's the ride-share app.
- Yeah.
- What's this? - Uh, I don't know.
It was on there when we bought it.
"FAT" it's not something you really wanna advertise, but we couldn't get the sticker off the car.
That's actually an IATA code.
It's an airport abbreviation.
That's Fresno International.
California, Central Valley? I suspect your car might have spores in the air filters.
They could stay active that long? Yeah, I'm sorry, but the CDC's gonna have to impound your car.
And we're gonna need to check and notify every passenger you have had.
[sighs] Okay, it's I know Hey, Mags, I need to leave early.
I gotta let the plumber in my apartment.
Why can't your girlfriend, Vicki, do that for you? She got deployed.
Oh, that must be hard on the two of you.
Well, it's not the two of us anymore.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hey, we dodged a bullet with that GSW earlier - Ah.
- So to speak.
So to speak.
Noah thinks you're some sort of a miracle worker.
Nah, just a guy who's seen way too many shootings.
Oh, Dr.
Charles, hey, I just finished the last history.
It was fascinating, really.
The patient thought I was an An FBI agent.
I saw.
The system's back up.
But thank you.
Charles? If you wanna fire me, why don't you just do it already? Fire you? Wait, why would I wanna fire you? Okay, I might not be the greatest psych intern of all time, but I know a little bit about subtext and the cognitive unconscious, and so when you tell me that there's an opening in the E.
, I'm left to wonder does that mean you want me to quit psych - and take that job? - No.
No, it does not mean that at all.
Because I am not quitting.
I am sticking with this all the way, and so if you wanna get rid of me, you're gonna have to do more than just try to get in my head.
Leah, thank you.
That was a good job today.
Thank you, Ms.
I forgot you were a pacer.
[chuckles] Wore out the rug every time you were in the delivery room.
I don't know why I'm doing it now.
Lyla's just getting stitches.
Nobody ever died of that, right? Well, I'm sure it'll all work out.
Sharon, um, I know it was incredibly insensitive of me to bring Lyla into your E.
You don't deserve to be treated like this.
- Bert - I owe you an apology, Sharon.
I-I-I've I've crafted a few in my head.
I've even written some down.
I-I'm just so Bert, please, it's fine.
Goodwin? You wanted to know when Lyla was all sewn up? Yeah, yeah, thanks.
You know what, maybe someday, I can introduce the two of you formally.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Nina left this for you earlier.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
So I heard Goodwin's ex brought his new girlfriend in.
- Yeah, Lyla.
- Oh, that's gotta be tough, seeing someone you care about so much with a new lover.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Hm.
I mean, I was the one treating Lyla.
Good night.
Good night.
- Good night, Ms.
- Night.
I was gonna get a little drink.
You find out who paid the ransom yet? You know what? I don't care.
Who do we have next? Two CABGS, back to back.
At least the hybrid suite's back online.
Everyone's wondering who paid the ransom.
I did.
30 Bitcoin versus the continued integrity of our services? Pretty simple math, don't you think? Uh, honey, what's going on? Why are you up? Seriously, who can sleep through that? - Through what? - The rats.
My God, it's like nails on a chalkboard.
This this whole city must be infested.
Can't you hear them?