Chicago Med (2015) s03e04 Episode Script

Naughty or Nice

1 Don't worry.
You'll see, it'll be like you never left.
Connor, last time people from work saw me, I was strapped to a gurney, screaming about rats.
Look, they understand.
You were sick, and now you're not.
Everything's gonna be fine.
And if you need me, which you won't, I'm on trauma service today, so I will be in the E.
, okay? Mm-hmm.
But you have to tell me.
And violate the sacred oath? [laughs] It's not like you're guarding the Holy Grail.
- It's a holiday gift exchange.
- That we call "Secret Santa," because we're supposed to keep it a secret.
Okay, so who is it? Is it April? I'm not gonna tell ya.
Fine, don't tell me, but it's only a matter of time before you crack.
- Not a chance.
- Mm-hmm.
Can I grab you for a sec? - Something to show you.
- Sure.
- Oh, look who it is.
- [chuckles] Hi.
- Robin? - Welcome back.
There she is.
Hello, Robin.
- You look great.
- Doesn't she? Wait till she snaps again.
She was cleared to come back to work.
She's Dr.
Charles's daughter.
They're gonna say no? You too.
See, I told you it would all be fine.
- [exhales] - Coffee at 11:00? - Yeah.
- All right.
There you are.
- You look great, honey.
- I'd be a lot better if everyone stopped telling me that.
Help! I need a doctor! Hurry! - We need some help over here! - Dr.
Choi, with me.
[tense music] Uh, he's having chest pain.
Sir, can you hear me? - Sir? - No pulse.
Get on his chest! - Grab his arms.
- [wheezing] All right, on my count.
Ready? One, two, three.
- What's the matter with Santa? - It's all right, honey.
Let's get him to a room.
- Uh, gurney.
- We're on it.
He thought it was just indigestion.
I told him we should call an ambulance.
- Is Santa going to die? - No, no, sweetie, we're going to take very good care of him.
Still no pulse.
We gotta move.
Let's get a crash cart ready! Massive MI.
We hit him with five rounds of epi.
There was no bringing him back.
Poor man.
Name's Bill Cooper.
He's been Santa-in-residence at Water Tower Place for the past 25 years.
Saint Nick dying in our waiting room? Not a good look for us.
You let me know the second his family arrives.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Incoming! Monique, you're on deck.
Rhodes? [beeping] Pedro Suarez, 30-year-old male.
Fell 20 feet off his roof stringing Christmas lights.
GCS of 8.
King airway in the field.
Initially hypotensive, but responded to a liter of fluids.
Please tell me my son is gonna be okay.
Suarez, I promise you we're gonna do everything we can.
All right, everybody on my count.
One, two, three.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Sats are 86 and falling fast.
I'm not getting breath sounds on the left.
He's got a tension pneumothorax.
Let's decompress him and put a chest tube in.
Needle? Straight up.
Sats and blood pressure are coming up.
All right.
I'm gonna place the tube.
Scalpel? Hey, come on.
[grunts, groans] - That's not blood.
- Nope.
That's that's fecal matter.
Fecal matter? How did he get poop in his chest? [beeping] Vincent Kramer, went through a stained glass window.
Found him wandering the streets.
Kramer, can you tell me what happened? They're coming for me, the demons! GCS, 13.
BP, 86 over palp.
Arterial bleed in his forearm.
Tourniquet applied in the field, but he's still bleeding.
Okay, let's transfer on my count, and watch out for the glass, okay? Ready? One, two, three.
[groans] Doris, let's take a look at his arm.
Wait, did you see them? The demons? Try to stay calm, Mr.
- They're after me! - Heart rate, 134.
- BP, 86/52.
- [coughing] That's hypotensive.
Bolus a liter of LR, and give him two units of uncrossmatched blood - on the rapid transfuser.
- Yes, doctor.
- Ah! - Oh! [groans] All right, it severed his radial artery.
Give me a hemostat and a silk tie.
We need to get control and tie it off.
They're here.
Please believe me.
We got you, Mr.
Just try to stay calm.
[sobbing] No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Got it.
Bleeding's under control.
Can't you see them? Blood pressure's improving.
Oh! Demons, everywhere.
Help me.
[whimpering] We're going to, Mr.
Let's get him in soft restraints, and we're gonna need a psych consult.
[inhales] Get away from me.
Get away from me.
Okay, when did the fever start, Mr.
Rosenblatt? Uh, I felt funny Sunday, but but that went away.
Um, I definitely had a fever Tuesday.
Well, how specific should I be? Just answer the question, Harold.
- Tuesday.
- Tuesday.
And don't forget about the rash.
[sighs] - Oh oh.
- Oh.
Okay, let's get a chest X-ray, CBC, blood cultures, and start him on fluids.
He's jaundiced.
A liver panel and a CT scan probably couldn't hurt.
Thank you, nurse.
That's what I was about to suggest.
Let, uh, Radiology know that we're sending him up.
All right, Mr.
Rosenblatt, can you please put that on? And you might wanna leave any valuables you have - with your wife.
- Wife? She's my sister.
And housemate who told you we should've come in earlier.
- Give it a rest, Sylvia.
- Fine.
Next time, I'll just let you die.
How does that work for you? Anything is better than listening to you.
Okay, um, we'll be back to check on you guys after that scan.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes, uh, Daniel, uh, I'm afraid I've got some bad news.
The man who shot you, Jack Kellogg, was killed in prison this morning.
[solemn music] - How? - All I know is that he was murdered by another inmate.
You predicted something like this.
You didn't think he should go to prison in the first place.
- No, I didn't.
- And you were upset with Dr.
Reese for testifying for the prosecution.
And? I just hope you don't take this out on her.
Do you really think I'd do that? I'm sorry, but given how upset you were that she testified, I didn't know how you would react.
I know this is difficult.
Why don't you just take a few days off? Oh, so not only am I vindictive, I'm emotionally unstable? You know what, I'd rather work.
But I sure do appreciate the offer.
Daniel Come on Daniel.
Fever, rash, jaundiced skin.
I'm sure you noticed his conjunctivitis.
I was getting there.
By any chance, was the rash purple? - Yeah.
Why? - Stohl had a patient with the exact same symptoms three days ago.
The cultures just came in.
Leptospirosis? - It's bacterial, right? - Yeah.
Stohl's guy went into DIC.
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation.
I know what it is.
Are we looking at an outbreak? I'll page Robin Charles.
So, his colon's in his chest? Diaphragm ruptured from the impact of the fall.
Stomach, spleen, and colon were ripped from the abdominal wall, and migrated into the left chest.
I hate when that happens.
The O.
is being prepped for surgery right now.
You'll do the thoracotomy, while I open his abdomen.
- All right.
- Oh, and just as a reminder, uh, I am on trauma service today, and this is a trauma surgery, so So you'll be attending on the case, and you're going to get your kicks out of calling the shots? I'm delighted to assist you, Dr.
I'm glad to hear that.
- Shall we? - Okay.
Boss? [elevator dings] Dr.
Charles? Um I, um I heard about Jack Kellogg.
I am so sorry.
It's exactly what you said would happen.
Uh, he was a very troubled man who brought things on himself.
Yes, but if he had been remanded to a psychiatric facility, like you wanted, uh I-I-I just feel so awful.
Listen, Dr.
Reese, if you're thinking that in some way, this might've been your fault, it just wasn't.
He was a very self-destructive guy, and there's just no guarantee the outcome would've been any different, - no matter where he ended up.
- Dr.
Charles excuse me um, you available for a consult? Yes, we are.
Name is Vincent Kramer, homeless man.
Delusional, combative.
We have him in restraints.
I'm the only one trying to help you.
Don't you see them? The demons! They're here.
No one is safe.
[ominous music] - Why don't you listen? - Actually, Dr.
Charles, there's some patients I need to check on upstairs.
That is why they keep coming back.
- Okay.
- They won't stop.
They will find me.
They were looking for me.
The paramedics say he somehow went through a window.
- Oh - No one is safe! Poor fella.
Kramer? I'm Dr.
I can't stop them.
Nobody can stop them.
They're gonna find me here.
- Them? - The demons.
You know what, I can understand how how demons would be very frightening.
They're gonna take me with them.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
You're safe here.
Five of Olanzapine.
- Yes, doctor.
- Safe? We're giving you something that's gonna calm you down a bit, and you should be feeling better pretty soon.
- Better? - Yeah.
I'm just gonna step out for a bit, and when I come back, you and I, we're gonna start to figure this out, all right? Okay.
Gonna let the Olanzapine mellow him out a bit, and, uh, come back and see if I can get a better picture of what's going on.
- Uh, Leptospi-what? - Leptospirosis.
It's a bacterial infection.
We're starting you on a broad spectrum antibiotic.
[sighs] It's all that pork you eat.
Moo shu, bacon, it's treif.
- Treif? - Not kosher.
Actually, the disease is most commonly carried by rodents, rats, rat urine, specifically, usually through water that's been contaminated.
What the hell have you been drinking, Harold? Will you stop nagging and let her finish? There have been a couple cases, recently.
I need to ask you some questions to see if your case is connected.
Okay, can you think of anywhere you have been recently, where you may have come in contact with rats? Uh uh, like an attic or basement? Anywhere you might've been exposed to contaminated water? Oh.
You've been swimming at the Y.
I told you to join the JCC.
She's talking to me, Sylvia.
Kay, we'll see if the Y has reported a recent infestation.
Anything else you can think of? You sure it's not the pork? I'm so sorry for your loss.
[quivering] My sister would like to move him to a funeral home.
How long do you need to keep him here? Normally, a day or two, but I'll ask the medical examiner to release his body this afternoon.
Oh, thank you, Ms.
[quivering, sobbing] - [door opens] - Hey, Dr.
Rhodes, just wanted to let you know Radiology's uploading - your patient's latest scans.
- Thank you.
Hey, will you do me a favor? If you see Robin, will you tell her that I got pulled into surgery? I'm not gonna make our coffee date.
Sure, but she's probably busy too.
Three cases of Leptospirosis.
Lepto? Isn't that a rat disease? Yeah, it can be.
Just what she needs today.
[door closes] I was doing the laundry, and the next thing I know, I started cramping.
Are these contractions? I'm only 22 weeks.
Okay, um, let's get a CBC and UA with culture.
Is there anyone we should call? My husband's away at a legal conference, but he was having trouble catching a flight out of Buffalo.
Is everything okay with my baby? Let's take a look, okay? [distorted whooshing, pulsating] All right, there's the heartbeat.
Head circumference measuring at about 178 millimeters.
Looks like a normal, healthy 22-week-old fetus to me.
[relieved sigh] Thank God.
All right, so we'll run those tests and go from there, okay? And don't worry, Shannon, we're gonna take really good care of you and your baby.
Okay? Thank you.
- [coughing] - Harold? Harold? [coughing] - [groaning] - We need to intubate.
- 20 of etomidate, 100 of sux.
- Oh, my God.
Rosenblatt, it's okay.
Please, wait out here, - until we're finished.
- Harold! - Get me an ET tube.
- Harold [fast-paced beeping] [tense music] I I can't.
I can't get it in.
It's it's too much blood, suction.
Sats are down to 76.
I still can't get it in.
- Noah - [grunts] I'll get another doctor.
No! - He needs a surgical airway.
- A crich? Really? Splash prep on his neck.
Give me a knife.
I'm in.
Bag him.
- [monitor beeping] - Heart rate's 140.
BP, 124/82.
You did it.
Of course I did it.
Shannon? - [exhales] How are you feeling? - All better now.
[exhales] I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner.
I cancelled all my meetings, got on the first flight out.
How's the baby? Dr.
Manning was just explaining.
- Hi, um - Hi.
Well, I think it's just a case of Braxton Hicks contractions, practice contractions.
Nothing to be concerned about.
However, I would like to just run one more test, just to ensure that it's not pre-term labor.
If that's all clear, then you should be good to go.
What a relief.
[chuckles] Man, is it me or is it hot in here? Mr.
Kim, everything okay? Throat's just a little dry.
Is there any way I can get some water? Definitely.
Your color is a bit off.
Have you had any fever, headaches? I'm probably just worn down from the travel.
Well, how 'bout I give you a quick look-see, - run a few tests? - But Shannon Oh, go ahead, honey.
You do look a little pale.
Oh, I'll have you back in no time.
Honey, I won't be far.
- Right this way.
- Thanks.
First time dads.
Are you sure Robin was ready to come back to work? Let's get that tube out before it contaminates his chest.
I only ask because we had an anti-NMDA patient at Groote Schuur.
She had psychotic episodes for a full year after the tumor was removed.
Tubes out.
Staple the colon, before it leaks anymore stool.
Already on it.
Tough on you, huh? Always wondering if she'll flip out again? [inhales sharply] I'm gonna pull the colon back down into the abdomen.
You'll need to guide it from the top.
Got it.
All right, colon is repaired and reduced.
Bekker, let's irrigate the chest - with 10 liters of saline.
- Right away, Dr.
And open a 10-by-20 Gore-Tex patch to reconstruct the diaphragm.
- I will be back to put it in.
- Where are you going? It'll take you at least 30 minutes to clean out the chest.
I'll be back then.
He's going to check on his girlfriend.
I think I should get a manual differential on his CBC.
And maybe another chest X-ray.
Of course.
I know that.
And I'm sure you won't forget about sputum cultures.
- Will you stop it? - Wha what? I'm sick of you telling me how to do my job.
- I'm just trying to help.
- Well, you're not.
I don't need a big sister here.
I know what I'm doing.
Back off.
[solemn music] That's two cases in the last week, and you know of one at East Mercy? Have you found a common vector? Yeah.
Are they clustered geographically? Okay, I'll need charts on all of them, and let me know if anymore turn up.
[ceiling rattling] [rattling] [ominous music] [rattling] [rattling] [inhales sharply] [rattling] [rattling] [inhales sharply, whimpers] [distressed breathing] [distressed exhale] - Robin? - [gasps] What happened? Nothing.
I'm fine.
What are you doing out here? Uh, just my office.
I needed some air.
Robin, what's going on? - [whimpers] Connor - What? [distressed exhale] I heard them again.
- Rats? - In my office, and - [whimpering] - Okay.
Oh, honey.
- Don't worry - [sobbing] I'm gonna take care of you, okay? But you're not seeing 'em now? They're gone.
What do you think they want, the demons? - To get inside me.
- Oh.
That's what they do.
They get inside people, make them do things.
They got inside of my friend.
I had to get away.
And that's when you hurt yourself? Yes.
The window, I had I had to get through it.
How long have they been after ya? A long, long time.
Running all that time, hiding, I mean, it sounds exhausting.
You must be very tired.
[mouths word] Tired - I am so tired.
- Yeah.
You know, Vince, I can provide you with a place where you can rest.
Would you like that? Clean bed, shower, a place where you can feel safe.
- Yes, I would like that.
- Okay.
So? Hallucinations, paranoia, hyper-religiosity.
This is definitely some kinda delusional disorder.
Bipolar 1, maybe? I'll wanna have him admitted, you know, for a full psychological evaluation.
Okay, I'll start working on the transfer order.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
Uh, you said you travel a lot, so I thought of West Nile Virus.
I ran a mosquito panel.
Good news is you don't have West Nile.
Here's the thing, you did test inconclusive for Zika.
Really? Zika? How? I'm wondering that myself.
I mean, there hasn't been a case of Zika reported north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Have you visited anywhere else recently? Maybe somewhere tropical? There have been a few cases reported in South Florida.
No, I haven't been to Florida.
Okay, well regardless, the first thing we have to do is test Shannon.
Shannon? Why? Well, since Zika can be sexually transmitted, Shannon could contract it, leaving the fetus at risk of developing microcephaly, a devastating birth defect where the baby's brain doesn't form properly.
But we haven't had sex in a week.
I've been out of town.
And you couldn't have gotten Zika in Buffalo, so you must've picked it up before that.
It's important we test her.
I don't wanna scare her needlessly.
Besides, I'm feeling much better.
Probably just had a touch of the flu.
Kim I really need to get back to Shannon.
I'm sorry, am I am I missing something here? [solemn music] Okay.
I wasn't in Buffalo.
I was in Aruba with a lady friend.
Look, I'm not concerned with your personal life.
I only care about my patient, and in this situation, we have to consider your wife.
She does not find out about this.
I'm not risking my marriage over an inconclusive test.
I don't think you understand.
Your baby's at risk.
- Shannon needs to know.
- Dr.
Halstead they teach you about doctor-patient confidentiality in med school? 'Cause they definitely covered it in law school.
I'm your patient too now, and I'm telling you to keep your mouth shut.
Why do I have to do an MRI? We all know what is going on.
The MRI will allow us to see the extent of any lingering inflammation.
This episode could end up being a blessing.
It'll help us adjust your meds.
And there's nothing to worry about.
This is all part of your recuperation process.
Which is endless.
I'll let the tech know we're ready.
Thank you.
At least you don't have to restrain me this time.
Maybe later tonight.
[both chuckle] Hey, look, I have to get back to the O.
, but, I promise you, I will not be very long.
[solemn music] We're starting another round of antibiotics, hoping he'll turn a corner soon.
I hate seeing him like this.
Stubborn old fool.
But he's still my baby brother.
- He's lucky to have you.
- I love him, and I don't know what I'd do without him.
But he hocks me a chainik.
This mishegas with Christmas.
Forgive me, but enough with all the lights, jingle bells, eggnog.
I'm sorry, I'm not following.
Harold's late wife, Mary, lovely woman but she was a gentile.
They celebrated Christmas.
He still does.
Maybe it's his way of remembering her.
I suppose.
Seems kinda sweet.
Yeah I guess it is.
You were gone awhile.
Everything okay? Where are we? Just coming around the posterior medial.
You're just in time for the hard part.
Every time the lung inflates, the patch moves.
Do you have an angle on it? No.
All right, then we need to deflate his lung.
No way.
Sats are too low.
What if I use a Long-Allis-Clamp to get behind the lung and hold the patch? No, it's fine.
I've got it.
I've got room.
I can do it.
All right, go.
Patch is in place.
Stitch away.
No, I still can't reach the crus of the diaphragm.
Can you give me some more torque? No, but I can finish the stitches from here, if you hold the patch in place.
Okay, your call.
All right.
I can't get in the last few stitches.
All right, Allis coming off.
All right, finish the run.
Look at you two, getting it done like Jordan and Pippen.
[MRI machine hissing] [groans] Your scan was clean.
No residual edema or permanent damage to your brain tissue.
Great, so I'm just losing my mind? - Robin, this is good news.
- It is? If it would make you feel better, there are more tests we can run: an EEG, an autoimmune antibody assay, - a lumbar puncture - Ooh, a spinal tap.
Wow, that'll cheer me up.
Robin, we are going to figure this out.
No, it's all pretty clear.
It's all in my head, and there's nothing that you or Connor or anyone else can do.
[door opens, closes] - Hey.
- Hey.
How's Shannon's husband? Bruce Kim? Turns out he wasn't in Buffalo.
He was in Aruba with another woman.
- Tested inconclusive for Zika.
- What? - Well, we have to test Shannon.
- We can't, not without violating his confidentiality.
- He refuses to tell her.
- That's ridiculous.
I mean, if he was HIV positive, we could break confidentiality.
Doesn't Zika get the same exemption? No.
Unfortunately, Zika's so new, there's no legal precedent.
But what if they have sex? What if he infects the fetus? I mean, you've seen babies with microcephaly.
Natalie, I have spent the last hour trying to find a way around HIPAA.
I've got nothing.
He'll come after the hospital and my license, incidentally.
- So you're just giving up? - There's nothing we can do.
We can't justify breaking the law over an inconclusive test result.
[inhales, exhales] I know what you're thinking.
Don't do anything.
[tense music] - Desmond, talk to me.
- Father Luke Novak, parish priest over at St.
Multiple stab wounds.
You're going to Trauma 1.
Ben, you're in.
GCS, 3.
Intubated in the field.
Heart rate, 137.
BP, 70 over palp.
Well, how did this happen? Somebody broke into the church.
The priest must've confronted him.
All right, let's transfer on my count.
One, two, three.
[grunting] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
[panting] Call for two units.
Stephanie, take over compressions.
Is that stained glass? - Did you get the guy who did it? - Not yet.
I'm gonna get someone to look at it, I promise you.
- $16,000? - Sir What in God's name? Sir, please, lower your voice.
Excuse me, uh, what seems to be the problem? This.
Tell me how I'm going to explain a $16,000 bill to my sister, who's already mourning the death of her husband? He died in the waiting room.
- $16,000 - Yeah.
You're as bad as the pharmaceutical companies, - profiting from our losses.
- Mr.
Williams, I promise you, I will personally look into this.
You're not gonna do a damn thing.
[sighs] $16,000.
I'd be mad too.
So, we've got a mechanic, a dry cleaner, a retiree, and now three other patients, but they all live in different parts of the city.
Well, they have to be connected somehow.
Well, last Lepto outbreak in Cook County was five years ago: a contaminated water facility in Schaumburg.
And ten years before that, migrant workers picked it up on a farm downstate, so I've been thinking about more than just water.
Maybe contaminated soil, but this time of year, there's not a lot of gardening.
Well, it is Christmas.
What about Christmas trees, with everyone bringing them home? Yeah, I thought about that as well, but Harold and Lydia Rosenblatt? I mean, they're Jewish, right? Would they get a Christmas tree? Harold may be Jewish, but I know for a fact, he celebrates Christmas.
Huh Our job is to treat patients, not to bankrupt them.
The man died in the waiting room.
After which you had him transferred to a trauma room and thoroughly examined.
Okay, "Position fee, room charge, supplies, maintenance to clean and sterilize the room" These charges are all legitimate.
His wife has suffered enough.
Can't we just look the other way on some of these things? You know as well as I do, the E.
is hemorrhaging money, and you wanna hand out freebies? I'm just asking to adjust the bill.
Goodwin what's the big deal? His insurance will cover this.
And what if he doesn't have insurance? Then they'll cry poverty and negotiate a lower bill.
That's how it's done.
At least we'll look responsible.
Responsible? Fiscally responsible.
Goodwin I'm looking out for you.
[tense music] Get away from me! No one is safe! Kramer, you need to come with us.
Listen to me, the demons are here! Detective, what are you doing to my patient? Dr.
Charles, you don't understand.
- Why didn't you page me? - You said I'd be safe.
Charles, let us do our job.
No, no, you give me a moment and let me do mine.
Vince, nobody's gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna let 'em hurt you, all right? You can't stop them! [grunts] - Call a code silver! - [paddles whirring] - Get away from me! - Vince, look at me, - look at me.
- You lied to me.
No, I didn't lie to you, I promise.
There's been a big misunderstanding.
Vince, look at me, look at me.
Right here.
Nobody else.
Ignore everybody else.
Look at me.
What I need you to do, I need you to lower the paddles, okay, so we can talk this out.
I promise you, everything is gonna be okay.
All right? So just slowly there you go.
There you go.
Nice and easy.
- Liar! - No! - No, don't! - Charles! [groans] Dr.
Charles, can you hear me? - Are you okay? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.
Daniel, stop.
You were shocked.
Let me check your heart rhythm, run an EKG.
- I'm fine.
- Don't be stubborn.
Charles, you could've been killed.
Where are you taking him? What are the charges? - Stop him.
Can't you stop him? - No.
And the what the hell were you thinking, risking your life? It's a police matter.
How did it become a police matter? - He's my patient.
- Let me explain Look, what, that is a good idea to lock a man up who's in serious need, uh, of of treatment? Put him behind bars, blow any chance we have of helping him? - Dr.
Charles, please.
- What did he do? He broke a window.
He stabbed a priest.
[solemn music] What? Father Novak died in our trauma room.
He was covered in the same stained glass as Vince.
You you know why he did it? Don't you? It was because of Jack Kellogg.
He couldn't save Jack Kellogg, so he tried to save this man.
I can't help but feel It's not your fault, Dr.
The antibiotics are working, Mr.
Your white blood cell count has improved.
Now, we still have a ways to go, but things are looking good.
All because of a Christmas tree.
Actually, it was the Christmas tree lot.
The trees were cultivated in infected soil.
Still, if you hadn't brought that thing home Sylvia could we take a night off? Of course.
You need your rest.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna fix you a fresh pot of split pea.
And if you're good, I'll throw in a ham bone.
I'll be back to check in on you later.
Okay, so Robin wants us to update his chart so she can send it to the health lab.
You can do it.
You don't need my help.
[chuckles] Oh, really? That's a change.
Okay, sometimes, you need my help - Oh, okay.
- But you know what, I need you too.
[soft music] Where's this coming from? I've just been thinking.
So, what do you say, when we get to be their age, we move in together.
[derisive chuckle] Not on your life.
[chuckles] - Kay.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
Oh, these flowers are so beautiful.
[chuckles] Kay, let's go.
Thank you for everything, Dr.
Bruce brought me these.
Aren't they pretty? [soft chuckle] Um um um, before you go, there's just one more thing.
What? Since you're approaching your delivery date, I think it's really important that you be cautious with physical activity.
Um, try not to lift anything heavy, limit your stress, and, um avoid sexual contact.
Why? None of the books say anything about avoiding sex.
We're done here.
[tense music] Uh, I'm sorry, I I think I think there's something you should know.
- Um, you - Mr.
Kim This is Dr.
Ellen Hart, Epidemic Intelligent Service Officer for the CDC.
May I speak to you in private, Mr.
Kim? No, you can't.
My wife and I are on our way out.
I'm sorry, but federal law requires that I speak to you about your test.
What te What what's going on? Uh, Dr.
Hart will fill you in.
Why don't we step in here please? - What did you do? - I made some calls.
Since Zika's a public health emergency, the CDC has to investigate all inconclusive test results.
I'm impressed.
Natalie, back there, were you gonna Let's just say it is a good thing you showed up when you did.
So, are you keeping anything from me? Well, I haven't been to Aruba, if that's what you're wondering.
Actually, there is one thing, and this is just between us.
I'm her secret Santa, all right, and I have no idea what to get her.
I'm really glad you shared that with me.
You know, she once told me that the first thing she does when she gets home is take off her shoes.
- So - House slippers.
I'll help you pick 'em out.
Sharon, I mean, what the hell? You blackmailed the board? All I did was explain that it'd be very bad publicity if it got out that we gave Santa's widow a bill for $16,000 one week before Christmas.
If it got out.
The board took that as a threat.
- What are they gonna do? - Well, they got no choice - but to forgive the charges.
- Good.
No, it's not good, They're not happy, and believe me, they would have no qualms about replacing you with someone who would gladly bill Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.
You need to watch your step.
I hear you, Peter.
Now, we were able to remove all the stool contents from his chest cavity and repair his diaphragm.
It might be a little while before he's back on a ladder, but he should make a full recovery.
Thank you for saving my son.
- Uh, thank you both.
- Of course.
We made a pretty good team today.
We did.
Thank you, doctor.
And sign this.
Why don't you say we go have a drink and celebrate? You wanna get a drink with me? Seriously? You know, a little Don Corleone: "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
" Goodnight, Dr.
Yeah, goodnight, Dr.
Charles? Are you okay? Yes.
I'm okay.
Uh, I mean, with everything that's happened.
I'm worried about you.
You know, that's funny, because I've actually been worried about you.
What? Why? You know, this morning, when they brought Mr.
Kramer in, I thought you seemed anxious about treating him.
No, I told you, I had patients to see.
I, um I guess I just hope that that that's really the case.
[elevator dinging] Um, good goodnight, Dr.
[solemn music] - [knocking on door] - Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, uh yeah, things got a little out of hand today, and, um you know, if the offer's still good, I was thinking that maybe I could use a few days off.
The offer's still good.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't stay away too long.
We need you here.
Tough day? We billed $16,000 to a family of a man who died in the waiting room.
I managed to quash it, but the system's broken, Daniel.
Well don't know anybody better with a glue gun than you.
[chuckles] Well, enjoy your holidays.
You too.
Why don't we take it easy tonight, all right? We'll get the fire going.
- Let me just get my stuff.
- All right.
Hey, sorry for the intrusion.
I had to get up through your office.
Heating unit is on the fritz.
- The heater? - Defective check valve.
Noise must've been driving you crazy.
It's all fixed now.
Thank you.
It's good news.
- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.
So, what did you wanna show me? In here.
Kiss me.
Shamrocks? - Uh, wasn't any mistletoe - [laughs] But I found a box of St.
Patty's Day decorations.
It'll do.
[bell dinging] Merry Christmas.