Chicago Med (2015) s04e09 Episode Script

Death Do Us Part

1 Now keep your eyes looking ahead.
- Both hands under the pillow.
- Mm-hmm.
And stop.
Then what? Then you give the rings to mommy and me.
I'm gonna show her.
Mommy, mommy! Hey, you guys aren't supposed to be in here! You look beautiful.
Aw, thank you, my love.
Come here.
Give me a kiss.
I love you.
He's right.
Don't you know it's bad luck to see me before the wedding? Yeah, sorry.
I'm not superstitious.
It's all right.
- [LAUGHS] - Wow.
Oh, don't step on it.
[LAUGHS] We're okay, right? Yeah, we're okay.
I got to pick up my tux.
Hey, we're really doing this, huh? - Absolutely.
- [CHUCKLES] Remember to make sure your sleeves aren't too long.
Bye, Owen! You're sure the sleeves are the right length.
Not too long? They're perfect.
[TRANQUIL MUSIC] Hey, maybe different cufflinks? - Okay.
- Yeah.
Will, please.
Tim, I told you over the phone, I can't.
You don't understand.
Pop fell again.
He he's dizzy.
He's not walking right.
You gotta come see him.
You need to bring your dad to the emergency room.
You know he won't do that.
You know I'm getting married today.
This won't take long.
I promise.
[TENSE MUSIC] Please, Will.
He needs you.
All right, let me get changed.
No, we don't have time.
Get the doc's stuff.
C'mon, we'll drive you.
It'll be faster.
Come on.
Talk to me.
Knife in the upper chest.
GCS 12.
Passed out on the way in.
All right, Trauma 2.
Minimal blood loss in the field.
BP 100/60.
86% on four liters.
How did this happen? She broke into some lady's house and she stabbed him.
Ambo behind us is bringing her in with a hand lac.
Not dressed like a burglar.
More like a duffer ready to tee off.
Ready? Let's go inside.
Let's transfer him on my count.
Ready? One, two, three.
Okay, no breath sounds on the right.
I need another 18 gauge line in the chest tube and let's get an AP and a lateral chest x-ray to see how deep this knife goes.
Got it.
We got an ID on this guy? No.
No, but we found this in his pocket.
Can I see if I can get an emergency contact off that? Thank you.
Courtney, you're going to Treatment 5.
The burglar's here too, isn't he? Why was I brought to the same hospital? I assure you, ma'am, you're completely safe.
Now please, walk me through what happened again.
I-I was making breakfast and then there he was in the living room, just rifling through the cabinets.
Wait, where where's my bag? I have to call my husband.
I'll check the ambo.
Ready to transfer on my count.
One, two, three.
Get it out.
Hello, Mrs.
Young, I'm Dr.
How about I take a look at that hand? Please can you Can you call my husband? I-I have to make sure he's okay.
His name is James.
James Young.
Calling him right now.
Here's her phone.
I'll take that.
[LINE TRILLING] [PHONE RINGING] Any luck finding the husband? Yeah.
That's him in Trauma 2, the guy she stabbed.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What is this place? One of my dad's businesses.
Come on.
Pop? The hell's he doing here? I-I want him to take a look at you.
Today? With everything that's going on? Yeah, Mr.
Burke, I got a few things going on today myself.
This can't take long.
Well, you're already here.
So okay.
Let's have you sit down.
Got a John Doe.
GCS 3, intubated in the field.
Going to Baghdad.
Okay, BP 90/60, heart rate 140s, sats 99%.
Took three bullets one to the head, two to the torso.
Looks like some kind of targeted hit.
Trigger the MTP.
All right.
Let's get him over on my count.
One, two, three.
There we go.
Roll him.
Got one through-and-through.
Don't see a second exit wound.
Back? Bilateral breath sounds.
Let's get a fast scan for his chest and belly.
And the head shot? Wound is tangential.
Looks like he caught a break.
There's a lot of fluid around his heart.
Same in the belly.
I got to open him up.
Tell them to prep the hybrid OR.
Stapler? It's not that I don't want to go.
- Of course not.
- I'm fond of both Dr.
Manning and Dr.
- I want them to be happy.
- Me too.
But is it wrong that I'm just a little cynical about the whole institution? Sharon, I'm thrice-divorced.
Remember, you're preaching to the choir.
How about this? Head to the reception, kiss-kiss, sneak out to a movie.
- Sounds like a plan.
- Excellent.
- Sharon.
- Hey.
Weren't you trying to get out of here early today? Yeah, I mean as soon as all this gets squared away.
Police can't seem to figure out who the heck the victim is.
No, no, no, you go do your maid-of-honor thing.
- I'll take care of it.
- Okay, thank you so much.
I thought this was a straight forward case of self-defense.
Nothing straight forward about it.
That woman is a nut job.
This is your department, not mine.
I'm telling you, it's not him.
I mean, yes, that man looks just like my husband, but But he's he's an imposter.
And you can tell him apart how? It's all the little things.
Like the way he buttons his shirt and the way he nods his head.
It's not James.
It's not the man I love.
Anything like this ever happened before? Have you ever been medicated for your thinking? No? For hearing stuff other people don't? You think I'm crazy, don't you? Eh, it's not my favorite term.
I'm a particle researcher at Fermi Lab.
I do the "Times" crossword every Sunday without any help from Google and I am well past the age of onset for schizophrenia.
So how about you stop trying to figure out what's wrong with me and help me figure out what that imposter did with my husband.
I told you.
I don't want to press charges.
Well, you have my card if you change your mind.
Young? I'm Dr.
Charles and I just talked to your wife.
Is she okay? No one's letting me see her.
Her hand is fine.
I'm just still I'm still trying to figure out why she stabbed you in the first place.
We've been happily married for 29 years.
I have no idea why she would do this.
Any changes to her health recently of any kind? Yes, Amber was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma a month ago.
It's pushing against her brain.
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that.
How is is her treatment going? Is is the tumor operable? Her doctors advised against the surgery because of where it was located.
They're trying to shrink it using medication.
Would one of those medications, by any chance, be bromocriptine? How do you know? Bromocriptine significantly boosts the dopamine in the brain, and that very well could have something to do - with Amber's delusion.
- Delusion? As strange as it may sound, your wife stabbed you because, well, she doesn't believe that you are actually you.
She's under the delusion that you've been replaced by an imposter.
It's actually got a name too, in fact.
The the Capgras delusion and, well, imposter syndrome.
And this is all a side effect of the medication she's taking? I'm pretty sure it is, yeah.
The doctor said her medication's the only thing keeping the tumor at bay.
What I want to do is put her on a very mild antipsychotic and and I'd also like to have one of our own neurosurgeons review her scans.
The longer a delusion lasts, the harder it is to break.
Because this one came on so suddenly, I I'm going to choose to be optimistic and I think that you should too.
Ethan is bringing his ex to the wedding.
That doctor from the VA? That sounds awkward.
That would make me insane.
If I were April, I wouldn't Doris, I can hear you.
We're just worried about you, is all.
Don't be.
I'm going with Noah instead.
- Okay.
- April? And we are going to tear up the dance floor.
Fire up the ultrasound, would you? So how long have you been in labor, Lisa? Uh, a couple of hours, maybe? But the baby's not due for three more weeks.
We decided to come to Chicago as a mini-vacation before the baby came, but then this happened.
Let's check how far along you are.
Okay, so you're really, really far along.
Nine centimeters? Nope, fully dilated.
Ultrasound ready? Yeah.
It's okay.
[TENSE MUSIC] - What? - What is it? Your baby is in a breech position.
It's upside down.
The baby is going to be okay though, right? We want to send you up for a C section.
I'll let OB know we're on our way up.
- Thanks.
- It's gonna be fine.
Ah! Ah, felt something move! Okay, tell OB we need them down here stat.
Lisa, your baby's coming bottom first.
I can feel one leg and not the other.
It's in a very difficult position.
We don't have time to go to the OR.
This baby has to be delivered right here now.
Ah! Ah! Looks like a bullet entered and exited through the apex of the left ventricle.
Heart's still beating, but it looks empty.
This guy's a train wreck.
BP's dropping.
He's about to code.
All right, you got a cross-clamp? Here, do what I'm doing.
- All right.
- Pressure's better.
His belly's distended.
It's full of blood.
Give me a knife.
Got to find what's bleeding.
Page Dr.
I need an extra set of hands.
Extend your arms out in front of you.
Palms up.
We done now? You fell again, Pop.
It could be serious.
Joey? Stop with the shredder.
It's giving me a headache.
How long have you had the headache, Ray? Eh, who knows? Close your eyes.
Okay, relax.
Yeah, you have some pronator drift.
It means your brain's balance system is off, which is consistent with what we found on your MRI.
So the scans show old subdural hematomas.
What's he doing here? I brought him here to check on Pop.
You know what? Good, good.
I swept the house.
Found this.
Bug? How the hell it get there? I got a pretty good idea.
Agent Lee, the hell's going on? Have you heard from your brother? No, not since last night.
He wasn't answering his phone.
So we tracked it to here.
Found it in the changing room.
Tailor said he left in a hurry with someone who fits the description of Tim Burke.
Put out an investigative alert.
- I'm going to their house.
- Already done.
Tim's not there.
None of them are.
We're fairly certain Ray's found out he's been under surveillance.
- Do you know where they are? - No.
I thought you flipped some guy in Burke's organization? We did Shawn Corcoran.
But we can't reach him either.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] [TENSE MUSIC] Hey, Jay, uh, I'm not sure what you guys are up to, but I'm thinking that maybe Will lost his phone or something because he hasn't returned my calls.
So if you could just have him call me back, that would be great.
Okay, thanks.
Honey, Will knows that the photographer wants us at St.
Ursula's, 4:30, right? I told you, Mom, he's going to meet us there.
Hey there.
There she is.
- Yeah.
- No answer? No, and if it was just Will not answering, it'd be fine, but Jay too? I mean, what if they got into an accident or something? Oh, you really need to stop.
Maggie, I Look, your mother just opened a perfectly good bottle of champagne.
Don't let it go to waste.
You know, I just I really don't have a good feeling about this.
I mean, Will has been so stressed lately.
You know, I'm gonna try him just one more time.
- No, you won't.
- Just to be sure.
Natalie, you're the one that made a charge nurse your maid of honor.
So this is what you're gonna do.
You're gonna stop freaking out and you're gonna let these ladies turn you into the most beautiful bride ever.
[SCREAMING] And there's the other arm.
Okay, Lisa, just give me one more push.
I can't push any harder.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
Patchefsky sent this delivery tray down in advance.
- Said she was on her way.
- On her way? Maybe 20 minutes or so.
Look, I don't have 20 minutes.
Yeah, I'll let her know.
Ow! What's happening now? The head's entrapped.
I can't get it.
It won't flex.
Heart rate's down in the 90s.
What does that mean? The baby's just a little in distress.
Her heart rate's dropping.
Ah, come on, come on, come on.
Decels down to 75.
You're doing great.
Decels 63.
I think it's coming.
- Yes.
- Yes.
[GROANING] - Okay.
- [CRYING] Congratulations.
It's a baby girl.
[TENDER MUSIC] [BABY CRYING] Her head is so big.
That often happens in delivery.
It's called molding.
- Nicely done.
- You too.
Choi, something's happening.
Why is she shaking like that? She's having a seizure.
Get me a neonate resuscitation cart and 0.
3 mg of diazepam.
What's wrong with her? We're going to find out.
Ugh, I don't like this.
Tell me again tell me where you're taking me? Well, you took the medication about an hour ago, right? So what are you expecting to happen aside from me feeling a little sleepy? Let's see, let's just call it an experiment.
Amber, sweetie.
Oh, my God.
I was so worried about you.
What are you doing here? What happened to you? Amber, you actually did this to James.
Uh, you stabbed him.
You didn't know it was him.
What? No, I stabbed an intruder.
- It was me.
- I would never do that.
- You know I would never - I know.
I know.
I know.
It's not your fault.
I I don't I don't understand.
You experienced a very rare side effect from the medication you're taking to control the tumor in your brain.
It made you think that James was somebody else, an imposter.
He doesn't appear that way to me now.
Well, that's because I gave you a very mild antipsychotic to control the delusion.
So problem solved? I told you.
Everything's going to be all right.
Honey, are you okay? Hey, what's the matter? - Oh, oh! - Amber! Wha A little help here? A little help, please.
What's happening with my wife? I've been racking my brain as to how this bug got there.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Gotta agree with Tom.
You're the only person who could've planted it.
That day you gave me the EKG.
I could tell you were nervous.
Ray, I swear I have never seen that thing before.
I can't tell you how disappointed I am.
I don't know what to tell you.
Just know that while I was treating you, I was the best doctor I could be.
That sounds like a confession to me.
I wanted to give you the MRI results.
You you wouldn't answer my calls.
Stop changing the sub subject.
Listen to me, Ray, you're slurring your words.
- Your balance is off - That's enough.
We need to get you in immediately to see a neurosurgeon.
You're not getting yourself out of this.
- Hey, Pop.
- Not now, Tommy.
I'm busy.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] What do you mean he's in the hospital? You said Corcoran wasn't gonna be a problem.
I just found out myself.
I thought it'd been taken care of.
We're not done here.
I want answers.
Throwing my last stitch now.
Let me know when I can remove the cross-clamp.
Give me a second.
I'm still trying to locate the source of this bleed.
Got it.
Left kidney.
Metz? All right.
There we go.
Clotting is still good.
I think we've got time to close him up and move him upstairs.
All right, Number 1 vicryl to me and a looped monofilament to Dr.
Rhodes, is your patient stable at the moment? I need to speak to you.
He is but now's not a good time, Jay.
This really can't wait.
I'll be done in an hour.
We can talk then.
Now, Connor.
Right now.
[TENSE MUSIC] What? I need to speak with your patient as soon as possible.
Jay, you can't just come in here and interfere with my surgery He's a material witness in an ongoing investigation.
- I don't care who he is.
- Well, you need to.
His name is Shawn Corcoran and the guys that shot him, they're going to do the same thing to Will if I can't find him.
Will? What are you talking about? I can't get into the details, but Will is missing and this guy is our only lead into where he might be.
This guy has just been through a huge surgery.
I am really not comfortable waking him up before he's ready.
- I don't care, Connor.
- Look, even if I stop what I am doing and lighten his sedation, there is no guarantee that he's going to be able to communicate with you.
I'm sorry.
I get that it's a long shot.
I don't know what else to do.
I need your help.
All right, change of plans.
Let's pack, leave him open, and get to the ICU.
I thought you wanted to close and be done.
I reconsidered.
Patient's lost too much blood.
Best to get out and come back another day.
Let's get an abdominal VAC.
You guys got this? So you just changed your mind? Yeah.
And that had nothing to do with the conversation you just had with Jay.
I don't like being blind-sided like that in the middle of the OR.
And I really don't like you shutting me out.
Trust me, it is better you not knowing.
Why would you say that? Because, Ava, if If something goes wrong, you're going to want deniability.
We're supposed to be a team, Connor.
Let's talk in here.
Pulse 140s.
- BP? - I don't know.
The reading's all over the map.
160 over 101.
88 over 59.
Maybe I need a different cuff.
No, it's labile.
What's happening to me? You're having an adverse reaction to the antipsychotic.
Okay, start a new IV.
5 liters of O2 bi-mask.
125 of dantrolene.
What? Does that mean that the antipsychotic doesn't work? Based on the way you're reacting, I'd say probably not.
- But what about the delusion? - It'll likely return.
Here, I need you to breathe into this, okay? Tell the neurosurgeon to do whatever he has to do to take out the tumor.
Why don't we discuss this after you're stable? No, because I'm clearheaded now.
I want the surgery.
You you hereby have my consent.
Amber, your doctors have advised against it.
It could kill you.
Even if the delusion never goes away, you could live a long life.
We can figure out a way for you and your husband to coexist.
I don't want to coexist.
I want to love him.
[TENSE MUSIC] Is our baby okay? Uh, did they say when we'd be able to bring her home? I'm sure the doctors can answer all of your questions.
We decided to name the baby Esther.
It was Kevin's grandmother's name.
It's very pretty.
Here she is.
Lisa, Kevin.
This is Dr.
She's a neonatologist.
How is she? Mr.
and Mrs.
Jensen, we've done some tests on your daughter.
Your baby has something called a Vein of Galen malformation.
It's a misconnection between the arteries and the veins.
And that's why she had the seizure? Yes, in this case, it caused a hemorrhage that irritated the brain.
So you're saying she's sick.
What can you do to fix her? Normally, we could embolize some of the vessels.
But I'm afraid this specific anatomy of where they are doesn't make that possible.
I I don't understand.
It's not operable and the bleeding will only get worse.
We don't expect she'll survive more than a day at this rate.
No! Our baby's gonna die? I'm afraid so.
I am so sorry.
[SOMBER MUSIC] There's a private room next door.
We'll have her transferred so you can be alone with your daughter.
[CLATTERING] - Pop! Go get Will! - No! - Get him now! - All right! I got this! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Come here.
- What's going on? - Now.
He he just collapsed.
What the hell are we supposed to do? Check him out, Will.
Ray, can you open your eyes? I need a flashlight.
Uh, your phone.
His left pupil's sluggish.
Ray, did you hit your head? He's unconscious.
It's getting worse.
What does that mean? He's not responding anymore.
There's a bleed in his head putting pressure on his brain.
We have to get him to the hospital now.
Call an ambulance.
Can't you fix him here? You're kidding me.
The pressure in his skull needs to be released.
Maybe we should take him to the hospital, Tommy.
Don't be an idiot, okay? Hospitals mean police.
- Look, Pop is lying here.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I'm making this decision.
Figure something out.
All right.
I'm gonna need a few things.
Then do it.
[SHUTTER CLICKING] Oh! I don't know how much longer I can work around not having a groom or best man.
Well, just take pictures of the bride's family.
I don't have a bride either.
Okay, we're We're working on it.
Come on.
Let's go get our picture taken together.
I don't believe this.
Will was supposed to be here an hour ago.
- Is he standing me up? - No, no.
I'm convinced that there's There's a logical explanation to this.
Like what, Maggie? I'm sorry.
It's just, for the last month, he's been so secretive.
Keeping things from me.
I think he's backing out.
Oh, my God, all these people coming.
- Am I gonna have to cancel - No.
Am I gonna have to cancel the wedding? No.
Give me a second, and let me see if I can get to the bottom of this.
It's gonna be fine.
Okay, turn around and sit down.
Go ahead.
Do the same with the bit.
It'll be okay, Pop.
Now just stay calm.
[TENSE MUSIC] [EXHALES] All right, pass me the drill.
How how do you how do you know where to put the hole? His MRI the hematoma was just about here.
It's just about? What are you are you guessing? You want certainties? Let me bring him in.
Will You better guess right.
Could you stop pointing that at me? It's best if my hands aren't shaking.
I need you to hold his head as still as you can.
There you go.
If I go too deep, he's dead.
What did you do to him? What did you do to him, Will? [GROANING] You're all right, Pop.
You're going to be all right.
Temp's down to 99 and her BP is normalizing.
Thanks, Tanya.
How long till you think she's stable enough for surgery? A couple hours, but take a look at these scans.
Tumor's invading her cavernous sinus.
There's a hell of a lot of blood vessels and nerves that pass through there.
If you were to predict the likelihood of success On a scale of one to ten, it sucks.
Luckily, you're looking at the one guy in Chicago who might be able to pull it off.
I understand your patient Amber Young wants to have an inoperable adenoma removed? Inoperable according to her primary surgeons.
Sam here says he can do it.
Ah, not so fast.
I'm not okaying this until I hear it from her directly.
I don't know if that's gonna be possible.
She she won't recognize you.
If you do this surgery, she can die.
I'm not gonna allow this.
With all due respect, Mr.
Young, legally, it's not your decision to make.
Just so we understand each other, I've already spoken with my lawyer.
She completely understood the risks.
I can't just unhear that.
Are you absolutely certain that her Capgras has not impacted her decisional capacity? Look, I've been making these evaluations for 30 years.
Sharon, I'm between a rock and a hard place here.
I completely understand his point of view, but I'm legally and morally bound to honor her wishes.
I'm sorry, Daniel.
I can't open the hospital to a potential lawsuit.
Without the husband's consent, it's not gonna happen.
You sure we can't keep him here? He has a hole in his head.
He's at risk of infection.
He needs an ICU and antibiotics.
[TENSE MUSIC] Where do you think you're going? To the hospital.
I gotta tell the doctors what we're looking at.
Tommy, I swear, I'm not gonna say a word about this to anyone.
Stay here.
Clean this up.
[DOOR SLAMS] Wait! Tell the doctors he has a history of subdural hematomas.
If they need to, they can call Med for the MRI, and keep him sitting up.
- April.
- Hello.
Where are Kevin and Lisa? They left.
But their baby's still alive.
They just left her? How could they do that? They said it would be too painful to watch her die.
So you spoke with them, and you let them leave? I would've stopped them if I could.
How can they just abandon their child? They experienced a tragedy, April, and they couldn't cope with it, and there's no law to make them stay.
- This isn't right.
- No.
But there's nothing we can do.
I'm sorry.
[SOMBER MUSIC] This baby's gonna die alone.
She'll be on the monitors, and nursing will check in on her.
No, that's not what I mean.
You know that.
She is alone.
April, do you want me to stay? Go.
Rhodes! I'm Mary Corcoran, Shawn's wife.
When can I see him? I-I'm sorry, Mrs.
Corcoran, but your husband's still in critical condition.
We're certainly not out of the woods yet.
Then why was he taken out of surgery? Um We could only keep your husband on the table for so long.
We did as much as we could, and then we had to give his body some time to recover.
Now, hopefully, tomorrow we'll take him back to surgery, and we'll close him up.
Uh, I have to run.
I'm very sorry, but someone will come out and get you as soon as he's stable.
[TENSE MUSIC] We're running out of time.
I gotta talk to this guy.
I'm not sure how stable he is yet.
You really want to wake him up? You got something he can write on? Mr.
Corcoran, I'm Detective Jay Halstead.
I gotta ask you a few questions, okay? Turn around.
You don't have to do this, Tim.
You know that.
Yes, I do.
[CLICKS] Turn around.
[SHAKY BREATHING] You don't think I'll do it? I will.
I swear I will.
- This isn't who you are.
- Shut up! Shut up.
You don't know me.
I know you.
We grew up together.
Please, don't.
Shut up! [GUNSHOT] - [COUGHS] - You all right? You okay? Call an ambulance.
This is 21 George.
Emergency shots fired by police.
Offender down.
Call an ambo to our location.
- We're good.
- Let's go.
Clear the building.
Do we know what hospital Ray was taken to? Did you get the license of the car they were driving? [TENSE MUSIC] No.
Can this wait? We can still make it to the church.
Come on.
What is it that you guys aren't telling me? [ELEVATOR DINGS] Dr.
Rhodes? Detective Halstead asked me to forward a message.
He says it's all good.
Said you'd know what that means.
I do.
Rhodes, your patient [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [MACHINES BEEPING] What happened? Chest tube started dumping blood.
Repair must have blown.
He's still asystolic.
Push another round of epi.
He's already had four.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] There's nothing we can do, Connor.
[FLAT TONE] [SOBS] No Time of death, 18:43.
I'm so sorry.
[SNIFFS, SIGHS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] His blood pressure spiked.
Came off the Diprivan pretty hard.
You didn't really have a choice, Connor.
How you feeling? Like I was hit by a truck.
There is somebody outside who I think might make you feel a little better.
Your husband.
[QUIETLY] James.
How you feeling? You okay? You remember James.
You look good.
That's not my husband.
Honey, please.
[SOBS] That's not my husband.
I thought you said my husband was here.
Sweetheart, don't you see? It's me.
It's not you! You are not my husband! No! Get away from me! That is not my husband! You are not my husband! It's okay.
It's okay.
That is not my He's gone.
He's gone.
- [SOBS] - It's okay.
[SOMBER MUSIC] James, I'm so sorry that that, um It didn't go the way that we wanted it to.
Don't be.
You know how Amber and I met? It was April of '87.
On a whim, I drove up by myself to Pontiac to catch a U2 concert.
Scalped a nosebleed seat.
Amber had done the same.
The moment I saw her, I knew.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Over 50,000 people, and I wind up sitting next to my soulmate.
What are the odds of that? This won't stop us from being together.
Maybe her tumor will go into remission.
We'll find a way.
[CLEARS THROAT] I heard somebody say the groom got delayed.
- Oh.
- What you got there? - Rice? - Millet.
They say it's better for the birdies.
I brought enough for you too.
Since when did you get so sentimental? Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Natalie, it's Will! - He's here.
He's here.
- Will? Where? Right outside.
Will? [PANTING] Oh, my God.
Natalie! [CRYING] I didn't know what to think.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
- [GASPING] - I'm so sorry.
Are you bleeding? No, it's It's not mine.
[PANTING] What happened? Where were you? There's so much I need to tell you.
Halstead, we really need to go.
"Go"? Go where? What is she talking about? They're taking me into protective custody.
What? No! - Will, come on.
- No! Jay, one minute.
Will [PANTING] No.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I'll explain everything as soon as I can.
[SOBBING] Will I love you, Natalie.
[CRYING] Jay, what is happening? I'm sorry.