Chicago Med (2015) s04e15 Episode Script

We Hold These Truths

So, Mom, how were you able to save the day? - Actually, I didn't, you did.
- Hmm.
You took one look at the map, and you could see connections we couldn't.
I knew right then you were gonna be a scientist, I swear.
Did you Oh, I did.
Oh, speaking of science, this is the office calling.
Sorry, hold on two secs.
Hello? - You did good there.
- We did good.
Danny, I have something to tell you.
My lymphoma is back and my old chemo regimen isn't working.
I already got third and fourth opinions and the only thing left is clinical trials.
Gaffney has a promising new drug study I might qualify for, and they're screening me for it today.
- Does Robin know? - Mm-hmm.
Well, why'd you wait so long to tell me? I was married to you, remember? I know that your first instinct is to think the worst, and I'm not going there.
Okay, I just want you to remember I work here.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right? Anything you need, anything - I know.
- Do you hear me? I hear you.
Thank you.
Apartment app again? No go on that place in River North? Well, it turns out by "one bedroom," they meant closet.
Pretty fussy for a guy who's been on his brother's couch for a few weeks.
Just saying.
Your patient came in with shortness of breath, pleural effusion on the right side.
EKG unchanged from his previous trip to the E.
The cardiac labs are mildly elevated.
Diuretics aren't doing enough.
I got it from here, thanks.
Hey, Francis.
I'm worried, Dr.
I heard that.
Bump in the road, Kathleen, that's all.
So, I am going to admit you, Francis.
We're gonna do an echo, we'll tap the fluid off your lungs, so you can breathe easier.
And then we're gonna try a new combination of meds to help your heart until a new one's available.
We've been on the waiting list for over a year.
Any update on when a transplant might happen? I'm sorry, but no.
Is there someone we can call? Let them know our situation? I'm not checking out yet, Kathleen.
I've still got big plans for us.
Techs are gonna be by soon, they'll take you upstairs.
Hang in there, Kathleen.
Thank you.
It's the middle of the winter and there's a street fair.
South Side gets bad wrap.
Oh, look at that.
What do you think? Well, I like that it's strapless.
Yeah? But it's a summer dress, it's just gonna sit in your closet, you know? You're right.
- I'll be back in the spring.
- Okay.
Thank you.
What's up? It's Philip, another long night with baby Sophie.
You gave him your number? He's living out of a PICU recliner.
I wanted him to know he's not alone.
You're his daughter's doctor, you're crossing boundaries.
You know what? I don't think you're qualified to lecture about boundaries after you gave your kidney to someone who you barely know.
Okay? Oh, you're throwing that back at me? You're the one who started pointing fingers.
What's happening? Natalie, watch out! It's gonna be okay.
Hang in there.
Oh, my God.
Get a half-inch line on the crashed vehicle in case it goes up, and have PD set up a perimeter.
- Boden.
- Hey.
We've got red tags all over the place and more trampled victims than we can count.
We triggered a plan 3; response teams are en route, ten ambos.
- You okay? - Coping.
- Maggie, I need help.
- Coming.
Open tib-fib fracture.
No pulse in the foot, I need to reduce it.
All right.
Sir, look at me, look at me.
This is gonna hurt.
One two Got it.
- You got a pulse? - Yeah.
Okay, okay.
They're gonna take care of you.
There are more ambos on the way, but it's not gonna be enough.
As long as we get the red tags to the E.
, we should be able to manage the yellow tags until reinforcement gets here.
Natalie, not outside, it's too cold.
What about that? Get the victims ready to move.
Who's the manager? That's me.
I'm a doctor, we need your place to treat the injured.
Yeah, I okay okay.
Everybody, we need to make some space.
Here, help me.
Come with me.
Move back, move back.
This way.
- Monique.
- Mm-hmm? Trauma Bays turned over? Yeah, one, two, and Baghdad are ready to roll.
Okay, perfect.
Go help Leah triage the waiting room.
- E.
's staying open for walk-ins.
- Mm-hmm.
What do we got? 33-year old female, got pinned beneath the car.
- Treatment 4.
- Got it.
28-year old male, dragged by the vehicle.
Treatment 5.
- Baghdad's all yours.
- Yep.
Jada Harris, 18 years old, GCS 3.
Couldn't get an airway.
Witnesses said she took a direct hit from the truck and was thrown.
That's her mom, Jalissa Harris, got clipped by the truck's side view mirror.
Harris, let me take you to a treatment room.
I'm fine.
My daughter, Jada, she wasn't breathing in the ambulance.
Our trauma team is treating her.
Let me look at you and then No, I need to see her now.
Harris, Sharon Goodwin, come with me.
I'll take you to see your daughter.
Jada just got accepted to Northwestern.
We were at the fair celebrating and then this I'm in.
There we go.
Hang 2 units of O-neg, trigger the MTP.
Let's get a chest and pelvis x-ray.
Hank, get the ultrasound ready.
What are vitals? BP 75/40, heart rate 133.
All right, everybody clear.
Left side's whited out.
Give me a chest tube.
Oh, my God, my baby.
Aw, man.
Okay, okay.
- Ultrasound.
- Ultrasound's ready.
Her belly's full of blood.
I can't fix this here.
Let's page my team, get her over to the Hybrid O.
Let's go.
- I love you, Jada.
- Ms.
- Let them take her to surgery.
- I love you.
They're gonna take good care of her.
Kenneth Baker, 53, GCS 8.
BP's 144/86, pulse 88.
Superficial head laceration.
Hit by the car or trample victim? He's the driver, plowed through half the fair and wrapped his truck around a pole.
Unconscious the whole ride over? Yeah, it might not have been from the crash, pharmacy in his backpack.
On my count.
One two three Accident scene's a war zone, gonna make a few round trips.
Thanks, Brett.
Breath sounds are good.
Monique, dig in his backpack.
- See what he's on.
- On it.
Pupils are equal and reactive.
I want trauma labs, a tox screen, chest and pelvis x-rays, and send him over to CT for a pan scan.
A lot of pain meds, oxycodone, naproxen Phenytoin, that's an anti-epileptic.
If he had a seizure while driving he wouldn't even know what happened.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Hey, down to our last ambo for a bit.
It's our call who needs to go now.
Well, this is Grace.
She helped a woman who had fallen, but got trampled herself.
Clear head trauma.
Did you get knocked out? I don't think so, but everything is a little blurry.
We got one more spot in the ambulance, it's yours.
We need to get you to the E.
for a head CT.
But I don't have insurance, I can't afford it.
I understand, but since you don't know if you blacked out, it's best to be overcautious.
I think I feel better already.
I swear, I'm not just saying it.
Okay, hold on to this.
A trip to the E.
is gonna cost a fortune.
Look, her GCS is 15, her pupils are clear, and she has a good recollection of the incident.
Let's hold her off for the next set ambos, if she even needs one.
Keep an eye on her and I'll take a second look at our yellow tags.
- Give the spot to one of them.
- Okay.
A lot of whispers the driver was high.
He wasn't, metastatic cancer.
Terminal, what all those meds were for.
Just extubated, but no one's told him what happened, that people have died.
Or that he's responsible.
Getting news like this can really break someone.
Let me take the lead? How did it go? I had to remove her left kidney, spleen, and a portion of her small intestine.
She needed 15 units of blood, another 15 of plasma.
What about head trauma? She was too unstable for CT before surgery.
She's going up for one now.
- You're concerned.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna change and fill in the mom.
Well, I'd like to be there when you do.
Jada's all she's got, she shouldn't have to go through this alone.
How many people died? Seven.
But many more are injured.
So, they may die also? There are likely to be more fatalities.
I'm very sorry.
Don't be.
They had it coming.
They're trying to deny our heritage All this mixing, they wanna eliminate us.
"Us"? The white race.
But before cancer takes me, I'm taking some of them.
Was hoping for 20, but day's not over yet.
Okay, everybody clear the scene.
Get back now.
What the hell is going on? The truck is loaded with explosives.
We are pulling out and locking down.
But you can't, we have victims that need to go to the hospital.
They have to wait, nobody in or out until the bomb squad says it's okay.
How long is that gonna take? I don't know, but you have to get inside and stay away from the windows.
Go, right now.
Two kits, that's all you could get? Ambos got pushed off the scene.
I go to them, I don't get back in.
All right.
Golden hour's almost up.
Our yellow tags are at risk of becoming reds.
Divide and conquer? Yeah.
Did you get the results of Jada's head CT? Diffuse blood throughout the brain, catastrophic.
She's brain dead.
Have you told her mother yet? Not yet, but I think she already feels it.
Let's tell her together.
You're being moved to the jail ward.
I want the head nurse.
I am the head nurse.
One of those bossy blacks, aren't you? That's right.
Just finished the eval on a walk-in patient.
I'm ready to present.
Okay, let's go take a look.
I know I said I'd put on the gown, but then I realized just because I feel like crap, doesn't mean I have to look like it.
I'm more concerned with your pain than your outfit.
Choi, Sebastian Lopez.
- Nice to meet you, Mr.
- Sebastian.
And I'm sorry for taking you away from all the people injured in the street fair.
I didn't wanna come in, but I can't take the pain anymore.
It's like it's like I'm getting stabbed.
The pain's confined to the fight flank.
It's been steady the last two days, became severe overnight.
This morning he noticed his urine was cloudy and malodorous.
Well, just tell the whole world.
- Fever? - Low grade.
I'm thinking pyelonephritis.
It fits.
Labs? CBC, CMP, UA, and an ultrasound.
Agreed, run them.
I know it's painful, but if left untreated, a kidney infection can lead to permanent damage.
It's good you came in.
I'm glad I did now.
Keep me posted, Terry.
Oh, my Tall, dark, and intense.
Gets me every time.
Amari Moore, 35, severe blunt force trauma.
Pushed his son out of the way of the truck, took the hit for him.
He refused a board and collar, wouldn't let us take him with the first wave of ambos.
Barely got him out before they locked up the scene.
Off duty cop, could hardly breathe, still wanted to stay and help.
My son, Andre where's Andre? He rode up front, Stacy's with him.
I think he hurt his arm.
Take care of him first.
I'm staying with you, but Andre will be safe.
I promise.
On my count, One two three Get a second line and a chest x-ray.
I want my dad.
Andre Moore, 8.
Fell on his arm, no visible deformities, doesn't complain of pain.
Where's my dad? Your dad is with the doctor right now, honey.
- Let me take a look at your arm.
- No! I need him.
Dad, where are you? Hey, hey, hey.
How you doing? I'm Dr.
Charles, tell me your name.
Andre, really nice to meet you.
How 'bout I take you to where we can see what's going on with your dad? - Okay? - Okay.
T-2, right? - Yep.
- Okay, come on.
Dad? Okay, okay, you can see him right here.
Okay? What are they doing? Well, they're helping him.
You see the plastic mask over his nose? That's to help him breathe easier.
And that machine can actually look inside his chest.
It's got x-ray vision just like Superman.
Now, that woman, she's a very special kind of doctor.
If they find something in his chest, she's trained to fix it.
What are they doing? Where are they taking him? Dad.
Dad, where are you going? I have to go upstairs with the doctor.
- I wanna go.
- No.
I need you to stay here and be brave.
Come here.
Andre, I know you're scared but I believe in you.
Okay, I can do it.
I'll be brave.
Be brave.
We gotta go.
Not heading home today, am I? No.
Your echo showed an ejection fraction rate of 12%.
Your heart is failing and the meds aren't working.
Ticker's on its last legs.
That's gotta move me up the transplant list, huh? Straight to the top, status 1A.
Well, next in line, can't beat that.
It's gonna work out, Kathleen, just like it always has.
'Cause what are we? Blessed.
I will be back to check on you guys in just a little bit, okay? Ms.
Goodwin, may I have a moment? Excuse me, Ms.
I have a patient, Francis Buckley, with biventricular heart failure.
Now, I know that Ms.
Harris has just lost her daughter, and she hasn't had any time to grieve But Jada's heart could save his life.
They have the same blood type, it's the first step towards her heart being an HLA match.
If it is, with it being right across the hall, Francis will get it.
I'll ask her if she'll speak to the Gift of Hope.
Thank you.
The man who did this he didn't even know Jada.
Just wanted to hurt her.
All of us.
Yes, I know.
But there's a way she can live on Through organ donation.
You mean cut Jada up even more? As if she hasn't already given enough.
Well, nothing about today is fair, Ms.
Not just today.
How does it work donation? Well, transplants are overseen and managed by an organization called Gift of Hope.
They'll take over and guide you through the process.
What will they use from her? Uh, the doctors will make that assessment.
Just make sure her organs go to someone like us.
Uh Ms.
Harris, I don't have any control over the organ donor list.
So, Jada's organs can go to anyone, even some racist like the man who did this? Then, no.
I can't give permission.
I am so sorry.
Just hold pressure right there, okay? My case is down to a few pieces of gauze.
Yeah, well, more than I've got.
I just flushed shrapnel from a woman's eye with this.
He can't breathe.
I'm holding pressure just like you said, but he keeps gasping.
Sucking chest wound.
He needs a chest tube.
But we don't have any, but I saw something that we can use.
- Yeah? - Natalie.
Okay, got it.
Look at me, I know you're uncomfortable right now, but just try and relax, keep looking at me and breathe in nice and easy.
You're gonna be okay.
Plastic wrap and duct tape.
- That should do it.
- Do what? Every time he breathes in, air gets in through the wound, and it gets caught in his chest, compressing on his lungs.
The plastic wrap reverses it.
It acts as a one-way valve.
It seals the wound when he inhales and lets out the air from the open end when he exhales.
There you go.
Okay, just breathe.
I can breathe better.
Nice job.
You need a break? Me? I saw you working out your shoulder.
Choi, we have to stop meeting like Well, there's the pain again.
So much for being smooth.
So, your labs don't support a kidney infection.
Student Doctor McNeal has a new theory about what's going on.
Do you mind if I take a look? Well, I thought you'd never ask.
All right, have at it.
I agree, most likely kidney stones.
How would you confirm? CT with contrast of the right ureter.
Perfect, get it going.
We'll figure this out, get you fixed up.
Choi, before you go How 'bout we grab a drink sometime? I'm your doctor, better if we kept it at that.
Well, that's not exactly a 'no.
' Yep.
You know this Hold on a second, Mom.
- Hi.
- Hey, Robin.
Um, thank you for the text.
I didn't know if No.
Uh, Connor, this is my mom, Caroline.
Caroline, this is Connor.
Pleasure to meet you, Caroline.
Connor, I have wanted to meet you for a very long time.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my girl when she needed you.
Uh, this is for you, it's a list of mindless, but very entertaining apps.
I figured some games might make the waiting room purgatory go by a little faster.
Now this gonna be fun.
See, this is what I need to keep my mind off things.
Oh, what are we, chopped liver? Anyway, now that you're occupied, I'm gonna check in with the E.
And Mom, we'll be right over here.
Still saving the day, I see, and now with a beard.
Change of pace.
Uh, Connor, I'm sorry.
I should've stayed in touch.
No, it's okay.
Out of sight, not out of mind.
It's the ICU.
I have a patient with questions that I don't have answers to.
Look, if there's anything that Caroline needs, you just let me know.
And the same goes for you, too.
Thank you.
You know, I'll be in town for a little while.
Let's catch up.
I'd love that.
Sebastian's CT results are back, mildly dilated ureter.
No evidence of acute obstruction, but several stones in the bladder causing significant clot.
So you have your diagnosis, what's next? IV Ketorolac for the pain, 3-way Foley catheter to irrigate the clot.
Ethan, patient in two has questions about meds.
Let the pharmacy handle it? Yeah, thanks.
Actually, the pharmacy takes forever to respond.
I'll speak with the patient.
What about Sebastian's Foley? You're not gonna supervise me? Grab Nurse Doris.
She's done a thousand more than I have anyway.
- Oh, Ms.
- Yes? You said that you were gonna speak to Jalissa Harris about donating Jada's organs.
I haven't heard from Gift of Hope.
I did speak with Ms.
She's not consenting to organ donation, because she can't have a say in who the recipient is.
Well, no one has a say, that's the whole entire point.
I know.
Francis Buckley is running out of time.
If he doesn't get Jada's heart, he might not live long enough to get one.
I understand, Dr.
But for Ms.
Harris, this has become a racial issue.
Goodwin, I know that she is hurting, but what happened today was the act of one, ignorant, violent man.
Yes, but for her, this decision goes deeper than one man, one action.
So then what do we do? I don't know, Dr.
I don't know.
Andre's dad didn't survive the surgery? His aunt's on the way, but she won't be here for hours.
This kid is desperate for information about his dad.
Did she give us permission to tell him? Yeah.
Let's go do it.
Where's my dad? Sit down a second.
So I gotta tell you something really sad, okay? No.
No, he didn't! No! Dad! He didn't die! He didn't, no! There you go.
Thank God, Hermann, supplies.
We literally have nothing left.
This is it? It's the best I can do right now.
Any word from the bomb squad about when the scene's gonna be cleared? - Help me! - Maggie! Maggie, I need help.
- Soon as I know, you'll know.
- All right.
She's seizing.
Damn it.
I should have put her in that last ambo when I had the chance.
Not on you, we made a judgement call.
Come on, sweetie.
She stopped seizing.
She's got a pulse, but she's not breathing.
All right, there's an airway kit.
- There.
- Yeah.
Got it.
Are you okay? Some days it seems like we do nothing but give bad news.
I was hoping to see CeCe before her exam.
Where's Robin? Getting a bite.
Have you eaten, Daniel? You know, I keep thinking about when CeCe and I told our parents we were engaged.
They were not too happy, to say the least.
You remember, they didn't even come to the wedding.
I remember, but it's their loss, That reception was the bomb.
All of your friends and CeCe's friends, it was like the last days of disco.
More like "Soul Train" with with a few extra Caucasians, as I recall.
Long time ago.
You're still not in touch with your mother? Cousin told me she is in a nursing home around here somewhere, that's all I know.
I tell you what, CeCe was as whole lot better when it came to forgiving her parents.
I just I couldn't I couldn't let it go.
We're all gonna have to let it go at some point, Daniel.
It'll just go on and on.
Tell CeCe that I'll come back later.
You bet.
I said no.
I'm not speaking with Gift of Hope.
I thought you would understand.
I do, Ms.
I understand you're devastated, you're angry.
I have every right to be.
Especially today.
Yes, you do.
But please don't let Jada's legacy be one of hate.
His is.
But it doesn't have to be yours.
Harris, you have the power to gift life to someone else.
Please use it.
Oh, baby.
All went well with Sebastian, Foley's in and he said he's feeling better already.
Lanik's doing an intraosseous line insertion in Trauma three, go check it out.
Skipping out on the Foley, were you confident in my ability or just uncomfortable Sebastian was flirting with you? I would never ask you to do anything you're not ready for.
Same time, yeah, I was kinda relieved when something else came up.
You know the feeling.
Wouldn't you be a little thrown by a guy blatantly hitting on you? No, I mean, it doesn't bother me when women do it.
What do you mean? Oh.
I thought you knew.
It's no secret in the E.
, I'm gay.
No, uh, I wasn't aware.
So, I'm gonna go check in on Dr.
Lanik's intraosseous line insertion.
Gift of Hope.
Whatever you said, thank you.
My brother was a single dad, yet never missed a teacher's conference, a flag football game, trick or treating I don't know how to replace that.
You know, I would really like to help.
I hope that you'll call me.
Andre, let's go, honey.
What you got there, Andre? I'm gonna grow up and be brave, just like my dad.
I think that's a wonderful idea.
Guys, listen up! Hey, we got the all clear, all right? Calvary's rolling in, dozen ambos, more on the way.
Um, who's going to the hospital? Everyone, and I'll take a sling.
- All right, you got it.
- Thank you.
We did it.
Maggie, you okay? - What's wrong? - I don't know.
Oh, my God.
- Natalie - Maggie.
No Oh, my God.
Help! I need help.
Maggie, open your eyes.
Oh, wow, what happened? She had surgery last week, her incision opened up.
God, she must have been in pain all day.
All right, let's get her on a backboard and loaded.
I want IVs in and fluids running now, let's go.
All right, ready? On my count.
One two three All right.
- Robin.
- Oh, hey, Ava.
You back working at the hospital? No, no, my mom's a patient here or might be a patient.
- Oh.
- Oncology.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.
Have you seen Connor yet? Briefly, we made loose plans to get together soon.
It's uncertain times, so I'm thankful to have a friend close by.
Anyway, I gotta get back upstairs.
Of course.
Hey, Terry.
Hey, man.
Look, I am sorry for being such a dope earlier.
Hey, don't worry about it, man.
You didn't know I was gay.
No, still I'm not "that guy.
" We're good.
Being an alpha male myself, I know the difference between bigotry and being caught off guard.
- Appreciate that.
- Yeah.
But truth be told, Sebastian was laying it on pretty thick.
If I was in your shoes, I might have been flustered, too.
He's not my type, either.
Where's Mom? She needed a moment.
Didn't get into the study.
I mean, not the one she wanted anyway.
Doctor said she was a good candidate for this new experimental trial, but It wasn't our first choice, but it's something.
Yeah, but experimental means phase one.
You know? A lot of bugs, unknown side effects, dosing problems, safety issues Dad, it's okay.
We've beaten cancer before, we can beat it again.
Mom needs us.
How'd you get so brave? Come here.
I'm gonna.
Don't tell me, I popped some stitches.
And you lost a lot of blood, plus you were dehydrated.
All right.
Go ahead, give me the "I told you to take it easy" look.
I'm not really one to gloat today.
Philip? Go up and see him.
You're not wrong about crossing boundaries but I don't care.
And I love you for that.
Ah, man.
His owner? Yeah.
So, what? You just take him to a shelter? Yeah, but he's an older dog, so I'll take him.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Hey, come on.
Let's go, boy.
Hi, Mom.
Do you mind if I sit down? - It's been so long.
- Yeah.
Um, 30 35 years.
Why are you here? I wanna show you something.
This is your granddaughter.
Her name is Robin.
- She's beautiful.
- Yeah.
I would, um I would very much like you to meet her.