Chicago Med (2015) s04e19 Episode Script

Never Let You Go

Good morning.
Saw you posted a picture at Wine Fest.
How was it? Great until I got drunk off a flight of Pinots from Oregon.
Thought you didn't care for Pinot.
Well, I don't, but Phillip Just thought I would try something different.
- Glad you had a good time.
- Thanks.
- Dr.
Manning? - Yeah.
Treatment 4.
16-year-old female, 38 weeks pregnant.
Rear-ended while she was driving.
Now I cleared her C-spine and she has labs brewing, but I figured you could check her cervix before calling the OB.
- Sure.
- Great.
Lily? Hi, I'm Dr.
Uh, I understand you're 38 weeks.
Are you family? I'm her father, yes.
Joseph Cooper.
- And this is Edie Thompson.
- I'm not family exactly.
She's, uh Uh, she's adopting my baby.
All right, well, let's take a look.
- Thanks.
- Mmhmm.
Baby looks healthy and the placenta looks good.
All right, Lily, if it's okay with you, I'm going to ask your dad and Edie to step out of the room - while I check your cervix.
- Okay.
We'll be right outside, honey.
Thank you.
All right, now you let me know if anything's uncomfortable - or if you feel any pain, okay? - Mm-hmm.
All right, if you could just put your knees up and then let them fall open.
Thank you.
All right, you ready? You okay? Mm-hmm.
Everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine.
Um, I'm feeling that you're 2 centimeters dilated and seeing that you started contractions.
What does that mean? Oh, I think the car accident caused you to start labor.
You've got to stop it.
I don't want to see the baby.
That's why I scheduled a C-section.
I'm sorry, Lily, but it doesn't work that way.
Um, you can't stop labor once the baby is full term.
I just want to be put to sleep and wake up with it gone, okay? I will call Labor and Delivery and see what we can do, okay? Now what's that called again? Turmeric latte with macadamia nut milk.
Whatever happened to just plain old coffee? Okay, okay.
Now just a reminder.
According to our calendar, next Wednesday we got that appointment with a broker to find you an apartment.
Danny, why are you talking about something that's not happening for a week? Cece, this stuff is not gonna take care of itself.
Yeah, but can't we just visit it with the people? - We're visiting! - You know Dad likes to plan.
Yeah, I guess he never read "Be Here Now.
" I'm here now.
Gwen, I want to be absolutely clear on this, okay? From what I am seeing, this growth you keep talking about is virtually nonexistent.
I am confident we'll see a marked increase next quarter.
Next quarter? That's what you said last quarter.
Rhodes? Dad? Dad, hey.
Hey, easy there.
Is everything all right? I'm fine.
Just give us a minute, will you? Thank you.
Your pulse is racing and you can't catch your breath.
Incompetence makes my blood boil.
What can I say? - You having chest pains? - No.
Really? Dad, there is clearly something going on with your heart.
We should get you seen by a cardiologist.
Well, that's not gonna happen today.
I've got too much on my plate.
Just let me take you to the ED.
I'll check you out myself.
It'll only take a couple of minutes, I promise.
Connor, please.
Just stop it, all right? I'm absolute Ooh! Hey.
So good news.
Patchefsky called and she can schedule you for a C-section today if you still wanna do that.
So that means the baby's coming today? Mm-hmm.
Oh, that's That's incredible.
I-I have to text Howard.
Are you sure you're okay, sweetie? I know this is a lot.
I'm ready to get it over with, Dad.
All right, well, we'll send you upstairs as soon as a bed becomes available, okay? And where's Lily at? Lily Cooper? David, what are you doing here? Hi, Jessie told me.
Are you all right? - You need to leave.
- It's okay, Dad.
I'm fine, but they say the baby's coming out today.
It it's happening now? - You better go, David.
- That's right! I'm ready to take care of you and our baby.
You're telling me this now? Yeah, you never answer my calls.
All right, I get that you're mad.
When you told me, I'd just lost my job and my mom was sick and I freaked out.
But I got a good job now, all right? They're paying me 12 an hour at the At the tire and rim It's too late, David! No, listen, listen, they're giving me full-time hours.
That's enough! You need to leave.
No, no.
This isn't about me.
Maybe I should wait in the lobby? No, no.
He's the one who's leaving.
Hey, Maggie, call security? - Dad, stop! Please! - Don't touch me.
All right, I'm going to need you to wait in the lobby, okay? But that that that that That's my baby! - Not anymore! - Security.
Well, what does that mean? What does that What does that mean? Lily? I'm giving the baby up.
Did he talk you into this? - Hey, hey! - Hey, that's my kid! You can't take no, no! You can't just take my kid.
Let go, son! Hey, hey! - Let's go, son.
- I'm the father! I have a say! Hey! Let go! Hey, no! You can't take me from my kid! That's my kid! Let go! You can't do this! David Novak? Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm Sharon Goodwin.
Director of Patient Services.
Why don't we have a seat? - I want to see Lily.
- I understand that.
Hey, no, no, then tell this rent-a-cop to back off.
Oh, I'm sorry but it's hospital policy to restrict access only to those visitors approved by our patient.
That's my baby she's having.
I don't have any rights? According to the adoption papers, Lily is not certain who the birth father is.
No, that's crazy.
All right, I'm I'm the only one she's ever been with.
All right, her dad is just making her say that so that he can give this baby away.
How old are you, David? Seventeen and a half.
How did you and Lily meet? How did we meet? Well, I like to hear those stories.
I saw her in in line at the cafeteria.
Oh, so you met at school.
- Yeah, Marie Curie.
- Archer Heights? Well, let me Let me ask you, um, is there anyone that I can help you with this situation? A family member? Maybe someone who can speak to Lily's father.
You know, technically, I'm not supposed to do this, but let me recommend a lawyer for you, someone who specializes in Family Law.
I just need to get to Lily before my kid is born.
Can you can you help me with that? I'm sorry, David.
I can't.
- Hey, Maggie? - Yeah.
Can you see if you can rustle up an EKG and chest x-ray in 2? And have cardiology come down to do a stat echo.
- Sure thing.
- Thank you.
You're examining your father? Just a cursory cardiac check-up.
A doctor shouldn't be treating a close family member, especially one with a fraught history.
Whatever you're doing, Ava, I'm not interested.
What I'm doing is rising above any personal animus I might have to help a colleague.
Well, this colleague doesn't need your help.
Thank you.
All right.
Take a deep breath.
And exhale.
Saw you with your little friend out here.
What were you two talking about? Well, there's some fluid in your lungs which explains the shortness of breath.
And I'm picking up a heart murmur.
I know about the murmur.
My GP told me about that a long time ago.
You know what? Excuse me.
I'm done.
I'm gonna get dressed.
I will get started on your discharge.
Tell me if this hurts, okay, Joshua? Okay.
His temperature was 102, which didn't seem crazy to me because he was already home sick from school, you know? But I called his mom and she said just take him to the ER.
Where is my mom? She's on her way, buddy.
Okay? Don't worry.
I'm gonna need to draw a little blood from you, Joshua, in order to run some tests.
Would that be okay? Great.
I'm just gonna go find one of our super nice nurses to help us out.
I'll be right back.
And my car key is in the diaper bag.
- Okay? All right.
- Thanks.
Are you sure you can't come up stairs while he gets his shots? I mean, Vincent's so much calmer with you.
I gotta work, Emily.
He'll be fine.
- Hey, Ethan.
- Hey.
April, got a patient.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Sorry, I'm late.
What? Just say it.
You know better than anyone my sister is trouble and yet here you are letting her take over your life.
I am helping out a young mother who also happens to be your sister.
Choi? I gotta make a phone call.
Is it okay if I step outside for a second? Sure, we'll keep an eye on Joshua.
That kid in 7's been battling a persistent fever.
I need a CBC, CMP and some cultures, please.
All right.
And the baby looks good, so we're gonna take you up and get you prepped for the c-section.
- Are you ready? - I guess.
It's going to be fine.
Hey Maggie, will you page OB and tell them we're on our way up? - Copy that.
- Thanks.
Don't worry, I'm gonna take care of everything.
What are you doing? Whoa.
David, put that down.
You think I'm gonna let you come in here and steal my kid? Dad, Dad, Dad, no.
Dad, stop! Security, code silver! Active threat in the ED! Dad! Dad! Oh, my God.
David, no.
Drop your weapon! Oh, my God.
Dad! David! No, no, no, no - Dad! - Oh, oh, oh, oh! - Stop! Stop! - No, drop it! Drop it! Now! Frank, listen to the man.
Listen to him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm a doctor! Let me just take a look.
Don't move! Don't! What's happening? Was that a gun? Stay quiet.
Just stay quiet.
Hey, hey, hey! I said stop moving! - Dad! - Stop moving! Dad, Dad, are you okay? Please help my dad! I'm a doctor.
I can help.
- Get get in there.
- This room here? Yeah, yeah.
Now, now.
Dad! We need to help this man.
Daddy! Dad! It wasn't my fault.
But you don't want him to die, do you? No.
Help him, help him.
- Okay.
- Help him.
- Lily? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey! How do I lock the doors? - You need keys.
- Get them! Now! Now! Easy, easy! All right, lock all the doors.
Now! Hey, they hey, they can see me! Hey, they can see where I They're gonna shoot me! All right.
Hey, you! I have to cover the windows! What do I use? I don't know.
How about how about How about the sheets? All right, you have lots of those, right? All right, do it.
You you help them.
Maggie, what's going on? Hey, hey, kid.
I need to get this guy to a trauma room now.
Do you understand me? Yeah, okay.
Maggie, I need a backboard now.
David, they're going to need my help to lift him.
All right.
But right after, you're right back where I can see you, okay? All right, keep pressure on it.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Come on, man.
All right, all right.
There we go.
Dad? Dad, are you okay? Listen, I just want to get my girlfriend and my baby out of here.
I don't want to hurt anybody else, but I will if you get in my way.
Hey, you.
Back where you were.
I got this.
- How's he doing? - Not good, David.
He's bleeding from inside his chest.
Well, it's his fault.
He grabbed the gun.
- Breathe, breathe.
- I don't care.
He needs to go upstairs for surgery.
He stays here, all right? He might not make it if you don't let him go upstairs.
Okay, breathe, yeah.
You're a doctor.
Do something! I need blood, plasma, and platelets.
Now! Otherwise he dies.
Okay, what do I What do I do? Pick up any one of those phones and dial 911 and tell them who you are.
They'll find someone for you to ask.
Now! Okay.
He's got a pulmonary embolism.
So let East Mercy know he's on a heparin drip - and monitor his vitals closely.
- Yes, doctor.
Is this the last of our emergency patients? The last we could get out.
Miss Goodwin, the gunman just called with a list of supplies they need.
He's insisting that you bring the supplies in.
Me? Yeah, he says you tried to help him.
It seems he doesn't trust anyone else.
You're completely dilated.
We've have to deliver the baby.
No, I don't want to push it out.
I know this isn't how you wanted it to happen but we cannot wait any longer.
Can't you just do the c-section? It's not safe to do out here.
I'm sorry Lily, but I need you to deliver this baby.
Okay? I'll be right back.
Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
Hey, stay there.
- What do you want? - Lily's about to deliver.
I just need you to get me a precip pack.
It's for the delivery.
They're in the blue boxes in the Pyxis.
Okay, just right over there.
You heard her.
You get it.
Go, now.
You get in there.
Now, now.
Just breathe.
It's okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
Just keep breathing.
You're doing great.
It's going to be okay, Lily.
I promise.
It's going to be okay.
You shot my dad.
Keep breathing, Lily.
It was an accident.
I swear I swear it was.
But there's a doctor looking at him There's a doctor looking at him right now, all right? And it it's going to be okay.
I promise you.
He's going to be okay.
Manning is gonna need another set of hands to deliver your child.
Okay, yeah.
Help her, help her, help her, help her, help her.
You've got this, Lily.
Keep breathing.
I just couldn't let him take our baby like that, Lily.
I could I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, you're doing great, Lily.
Just keep looking at me, okay? Breathe.
Breathe with me, Lily.
We can raise this kid together.
I know we can.
And I know that's what you want too.
I just want my life to go back to normal.
I wanna finish high school.
I wanna go to college.
No, no, no, no.
That's your dad talking, all right? And I'm gonna fix everything as soon as we get out of here.
Get back! Get back! Hey, hey, get back! You stay where I can see you.
All right? You! You.
Get those cuffs.
Don't move or I'll kill you.
Cuff him to that desk.
I want my mommy! Take take care of that kid.
Baby, let's get you back in the bed, come on! Just get back in the bed, okay? Easy.
Take it easy.
Take down these curtains! I will shoot the next person that tries anything! Sharon, please.
Let me switch places with you.
I I have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with people in David's emotional state.
It's what I'm trained to do.
Oh, well, I appreciate it, Daniel, but I think we should follow David's instructions.
Okay, this is everything on the list.
All right, thank you, Monique.
Okay, listen, people who are as desperate as he is, they need to know that there's a possibility of a happy ending.
Daniel, I'm going to be okay.
I really want you to be careful, okay? - I know.
- Be careful.
- I will.
- Miss Goodwin.
Need to show you something before you go in.
Now the gunman has blanketed the windows to obscure our view, but there is a small gap that gives James here a clean shot.
Now go ahead, have a look.
That's the kill zone.
Uh, look, I'd like to get this resolved without anyone else Getting hurt.
I understand.
But that young man has already shot two people.
You walk him into that spot and no one else gets hurt.
All right? Good luck in there.
Open it! Get in! Keys, keys, keys.
David, what are you doing with the gun? Just help me.
Okay? He's that way.
Come on.
Sharon? All right, hang one to one to one on the rapid transfuser and keep going.
Do not let his blood pressure drop.
Got it.
Do you know how the other patients are doing? My father's in 2.
He's got something going on with his heart.
Earl got hit by a bullet.
Ethan said he was going to be okay.
And April's got a sick kid in 7.
Chest tube auto transfuser's full.
All right, run it back to him.
- Got it.
- How's he doing? His heart rate will come down thanks to the blood, but he's still hemorrhaging into his chest.
If we don't get him upstairs soon, we're gonna lose him.
David, Lily's father is not going to last much longer down here.
Uh, but the doctor said he needed blood and they got him blood.
He needs surgery and a full trauma team if he's going to survive.
Just Lily's dad.
No one else.
But I've got a very sick little boy down there and and a man with a bad heart.
They need to go too.
Just Lily's dad and then we'll see.
Um, Dr.
Rhodes, get your patient ready to move out of the ED.
We're going to wheel him out.
Whoever's back there, back up! All right.
Wait! Hey, hey, hey! Back up! I swear to God, I'll kill her.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! - I swear to God! Lower your weapons! Step back! We need to move this patient through! - Back up! Back up! - Lower your weapons! - Back up now! Now! - Move, move, move, move, move.
- Okay, grab this.
- Move, move! Move, move, move! Close it! Close it now! Now! You better not try anything else! David, please.
Let me talk to the police for you, try to figure a way out of this.
No! Hey, I need a doctor in here.
This boy is not responding to his medication.
I can't get his fever down.
David, please, just uncuff me so I can check on him.
Do you think I'm stupid? Deal with the kid yourself.
Nat, fetal heart tones just flipped to the other side.
I just felt something shift.
Does that mean the baby's coming out? Let me see.
The baby just went transverse.
Wait, what does that mean? The baby's turned sideways in her uterus.
She can't deliver like that.
So what happens now? We need to move her upstairs.
No, you do it here.
Well, then I need you to get me something out of the Pyxis.
A medication, Terbutaline.
I'll get it.
Just look at me.
Look at me.
- Good.
- Are you gonna turn the baby? Water hasn't broken yet.
And the Terbutaline should soften her uterus.
She's in labor.
We could cause a placental abruption or a prolapse.
Well, he's not giving me any other choice.
All right, breathe, breathe, breathe hey, look at me.
That's good.
106 over 66.
Heart rate's 122.
All right, let's give 10 of Lasix and 12.
5 of metoprolol on an IV drip.
- All right.
- What is it? I don't know, Dad.
But something's not right.
This is your fault! I should have never let you convince me to come here in the first place.
If Dad? Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! He's not breathing.
Start bagging.
No pulse.
He's in V-tach.
I need the paddles! Sharon, we need you in here! He's in cardiac arrest! .
We need the paddles.
Charge to 200.
- Clear.
- Clear.
No pulse.
Milligram of epi.
Epi's in.
All right, I've got a pulse.
He's back in sinus rhythm.
Dad, Dad? Can you hear me? All right.
I want to do an echo.
We need to figure out what's going on.
Got you.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
All right.
Hang in there, Joshua.
Okay? Ethan, I still can't get this fever under control.
His BP's in the tank.
He just seized.
Almost aspirated himself.
Sounds like he's in septic shock.
He needs more volume and pressors to get his pressure up.
You're gonna need to do a central line right away.
- I've never done one.
- It'll be okay.
I'll walk you through it.
That man needs to be moved upstairs.
He just had a heart attack.
No, no, no, no! Not after what happened last time! If he dies, they're going to hold you responsible.
I didn't do anything to hurt him! It'll be the same as if you had.
Look, David, I know you didn't want any of this to happen, and it's not too late to walk it back.
They were taking your child away.
That's something anyone can understand.
Please let these people go.
No, no! Because then I go to prison and then my kid is just gone forever! Lily? Lily? - She's hypotensive.
- What's that? Her blood pressure's dropping.
She must be bleeding from somewhere.
- We are losing the baby.
- Fix it! We need to do a c-section now or you're going to lose them both.
Well, if either of them die, I'm gonna kill you.
Hey! Fix it! Now! He's got a hole in his heart, between the left and right atria.
He's in heart failure - Can you repair it? - Not here.
I need to get him upstairs.
No, don't do that.
Don't let me die.
No, Dad.
I won't, Dad.
- Dr.
Rhodes? - Lily needs your help.
I'm not leaving my father.
Connor, I think her uterus ruptured.
She needs immediate surgery before she and the baby bleed to death.
I will do the surgery if you agree to transfer my father upstairs.
- No, you fix him here.
- I can't! He needs an operating room with a bypass machine! Operate on Lily or I will kill you right here.
You want to kill the only person who can save her? I will transfer his father.
And I give you my word, I will not let SWAT in.
Please, David, Lily and the baby are losing valuable time.
All right.
Bring whatever blood we have to the hybrid OR.
Prep her belly, scrub in.
I'm gonna need your help.
Daniel, I I I'm I'm bringing another patient out.
Uh, but it's getting out of hand in here and I need you to keep the SWAT back.
What's the status on the target? I haa clean shot yet.
o get Uh, can you contact them? TOC, TOC, Commander.
I want that Bearcat G3 prepped and ready for dynamic entry.
- Over? - Copy that.
- Yeah? - Sorry, Captain.
Just out of, uh, out of curiosity, what is a a Bearcat? A G3? - That's an armored vehicle.
- Kid's already unhinged.
We don't want to do anything to make him think he's got to shoot his way out of there.
Miss Goodwin's doing a pretty good job.
We already got one hostage out, bringing another.
Don't we want to give her some more time? That kid is a ticking time bomb.
We cannot wait for him to just go off.
Okay, I'm ready.
Insert the needle at a 45 degree angle, and then aim the needle toward your index finger.
Josh's vein is right under the clavicle.
Okay, I'm doing it.
Withdraw from the syringe until you get blood.
There's no blood.
I'm just getting air.
It's okay.
Just pull back ever so slightly.
Change your angle and try again.
Okay, I got it.
Now feed the wire in.
Okay, okay.
His sats are dropping.
April, you need to finish the line quickly and then insert a chest tube.
A chest tube? Ethan, no.
That air you got? That was his lung collapsing.
He needs a chest tube to breathe.
Daniel? We're here, Sharon.
I've got a gun on me.
So if anyone charges through when we open this door No one's gonna do that.
I promise you.
You can open the door.
He's my friend.
I trust him.
Give me the patient.
Sats are good.
Ketamine's in.
- Everybody ready? - Mm-hmm.
Her uterus ruptured.
Wait, what's happening? I don't know.
The baby's floating in the abdomen.
Need suction.
I'm in there.
Mom's pressure is crashing.
O neg's running in.
All right, we're losing her.
Keep suction going.
More laps.
More! [knock on'n'r die! You hear me? Okay.
Make an incision next to his nipple, about an inch and a half over the top of the rib.
- Okay.
- Now take the big clamp.
Place it into the incision and push until the clamp pops into his chest.
It's not going.
This isn't working.
Push harder.
If I hit a lung or the heart April, trust me.
Push harder.
I got a rush of air.
Sats are coming up.
Good job.
What's happening with the baby? His color's coming back.
He's stable for now.
Guys, I need a little help over here.
Wait, what about Lily? She's lost a lot of blood.
What what have we got left? I'm hanging my last two of FFP.
She's not stable.
- All right, keep suctioning.
- Yeah.
I can't see a thing.
All right, the rupture extended into the uterine artery.
All right, keep suction going.
She's bottoming out, Connor.
You said you could stop the bleeding! We had a deal, all right? Your father for Lily! All right, hold on.
Hold on.
I think I got it.
Got it! Give me an 0 prolene on a needle.
Pressure's rising.
Bleeding's under control.
All right, let's finish this and then we'll close the uterus.
See? Lily's okay.
They stopped the bleeding and and your baby's here.
You can still have a meaningful life with him, David.
Please put the gun down.
I promise to help make sure this baby stays a part of your life.
I'm taking Lily and my baby and we're getting out of here.
My baby? It's a healthy boy.
Hey, Lily, we're gonna go right now, all right? That's not happening.
She can barely move in her condition.
Stop talking.
We gotta go.
Lily, we gotta go right now.
All right? David, no.
No, listen, all we gotta do is get to the neighborhood, all right? Because I know people who'll help us get out.
I promise, it's gonna be okay.
All right? No.
It's over, David.
It's over.
If you change your mind, when you do, call my mom.
She'll tell you to get in contact with me and the baby.
What are you doing? Give me my son.
I can't do that, David.
Get back.
Get back.
Everyone back against the wall now.
Miss Goodwin, hand him over.
I said I'd help you, David, and I meant that.
But I'm not giving you this baby.
I'm not leaving here without my son.
Sharon? You don't have a choice.
No, you don't have a choice.
I will kill everyone in this hospital before I leave my son.
Then you're gonna have to start with me.
Give me my son.
David! No! David! David! - Stay stay with me, David.
- Move, move, move, move! Stay with me, David.
- Target is down.
- Stay with me, David.
- Target is down - Stay with me.
David? Stay with me.
Weapons down! Let's go! Clear the area! Susie.
Do you know who did his surgery? Yes, I believe it was Dr.
You did the surgery? He had an atrial septal defect the size of the Chicago Bean.
But fortunately, yes, I was able to patch it.
I saved his life, but I suppose this is the closest you can come to saying thank you.
I'll be back later to check on my patient.
Hello, Dr.
I'm glad to see you're feeling better.
Just wanted to come in and check and see if you needed anything.
Hi, Lily Cooper? Dr.
Lang cleared the baby.
I'm having a hard time finding the adoptive mom, though.
Edie Thompson, right? I saw her leave the hospital.
I don't think she'll be coming back.
I'll call the agency tomorrow.
Have them find another couple.
I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Can you take him back to the nursery until we get this straightened out? Hang on a second.
Lily, is there something you want to say? Would it be okay if I hold him? - Honey.
- Just for a little bit.
Of course.
There you go.
- Dad? - Lily.
But he's mine, Dad.
What? Will? When everything first started, you could've gotten out.
But you came back for me.
I know that.
Thank you.
- Agent Lee? - Will, Dr.
- Is the FBI involved? - No, this is a CPD matter.
I heard about what happened.
Are you two okay? I was worried about you.
I'm all right, Ingrid.
I should get going.
Good night.