Chicago Med (2015) s04e21 Episode Script

Forever Hold Your Peace

1 - All right, okay.
- Uh, coming.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Are you guys ready to go? - Getting there.
Emily's still in the bathroom.
She's gonna make us late again.
- Ethan, hold on.
- Em! Hey! Em, hurry up! Can I just have, like, 20 more minutes, please? We have to get to work.
Look, I'm covered in spit up.
I haven't showered in days.
- I'm look, I'm so exhausted.
- Okay, Em, take your time.
You're going to visit Bernie, right? Yeah.
We'll take Vincent and meet you at the hospital.
Oh, thank you so much, April.
Don't say it.
I know.
Take Vincent so I can finish getting ready.
Thank you.
All right.
I saw that they just put Sophie's surgery on the schedule.
How's Phillip holding up? Oh, he's trying to stay positive.
He's looking forward to being on the other side - of it, though.
- Oh, yeah.
In other news, a little birdie told me - it was your birthday today.
- Oh, yeah? Did that little birdie happen to have long, dark hair? - Don't look at me.
- I never reveal my sources.
- Mm-hmm.
- So any plans tonight? No, just dinner with Robin.
So you and Robin have been spending some time together.
- You thinking about rekindling? - Wow.
You are just brimming with curiosity today, aren't you? - Mm-hmm.
- Maggie.
You want me to turn the air on? No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I always run hot.
Well, you got through the polar vortex.
And now you just have the sweltering Chicago summer to look forward to.
I'm gonna skip town before that heat wave hits.
What, you going on some cruise I don't know about? Actually, I'm I'm heading back to Minneapolis.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What, for the weekend? Um, I was gonna fill you in later.
Hamline made me an offer I couldn't refuse to go back and teach, so I'm going to tie up some loose ends here and then head back in a week.
Well well, what about What about the trial? What about the your clinical trial? They're gonna let me continue my treatment back home.
- It's good.
- Congratulations.
Thank you.
Guess it'll be good to sleep in your own bed again.
Yeah, yeah.
And you know what? I'm gonna get in that claw-foot tub you tried to fight me for.
You offered that woman $10 more than I paid.
- You ain't right.
- That's a great tub.
Your echo report looks good.
You're gonna have to continue cardiac rehab for a couple of weeks.
But best guess, you're going home tomorrow.
Well, thank God.
'Cause that chef can't make a poached egg to save his life.
All the money I'm spending here, this place should be Michelin starred.
Look, Dad, I've gotta run, but I'll be back to check in later.
Hey, before you go, happy birthday.
- Shocked I remembered? - Yeah, frankly.
Well, I will admit that I almost forgot.
But Carlotta was cleaning out the attic a few weeks ago and she found your old Ninja Turtle mask From my seventh birthday? - Yes.
- Wow, yeah.
Uh, Mom made that Donatello birthday cake from scratch.
- She planned every detail.
- You mean your nanny.
No, I mean Mom.
Mom was having a depressive episode.
She'd been in bed for weeks.
That's not how I remember it.
That doesn't surprise me.
Now, what is that supposed to mean? You always paint me as the absentee father and your mother as the saint, and I'm telling you your nanny planned the party.
I paid for it.
And your mom never came.
Why do you feel the need to disparage her? - I'm not disparaging her.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not! - You do this every time.
- I'll I'll come back later.
- No, you stay.
I'm leaving.
Need some help out here.
Got a patient down.
Get a gurney out there.
She's seizing.
She looks like she's full term.
Must be eclamptic.
Lucy, get me ten grams of magnesium.
- On it.
- Name's Desiree Parker.
She had just signed in.
Husband went to park the car.
Desiree, I'm Dr.
Can you tell me where you are? - What? What? - You're in a hospital.
You just had a seizure.
Let's get her on the backboard.
Yes, Doctor.
Gonna get you into the ER.
All right, let's lift her on my count.
Ready? One, two, three.
All right.
She's seizing again.
Lucy! - Excuse us.
- Injecting magnesium.
The magnesium isn't working.
Let's get her two milligrams of Ativan IM.
Let's check her vitals and get her some oxygen.
Well, there's the fetus but she's not even close to full term.
Maybe 20, 21 weeks.
But she's so big.
Whoa, that's all free fluid.
Maybe she's cirrhotic.
No, no, she has cancer.
My wife.
She has ovarian cancer.
Stage four.
- Thanks.
What is it? What's wrong? - Honey.
- It's okay.
Um, Desi, your CT scan shows that your cancer has metastasized to your brain.
Oh, God.
There's a large tumor on your right temporal lobe.
That's what caused your seizure.
I knew the risk I was taking when I decided against treatment.
Yeah, we, uh, got the diagnosis when we were three months along - with the pregnancy.
- With Elijah.
That's his name.
I was already stage four.
It was highly unlikely that treatment would be successful.
Unlikely, not impossible.
I didn't want any interventions that could harm the baby.
What are our options? Well, given the size and location of the tumor, um, a craniotomy is recommended to resect it.
Brain surgery? That could hurt Elijah, right? Well, they would take every precaution, but, yes, general anesthesia does pose a small risk - for the fetus.
- Then, no, I won't do it.
Desi, we agreed not to take treatment off the table completely, especially as circumstances evolve.
Could you give us some time to discuss it? Of course.
- Getting dolled up.
Where you headed? Having breakfast with my sister.
- Oh, Denise is in town? - Mm-hmm.
Third time this month.
Little sneak's been dating someone in Streeterville.
Finally agreed to make the introductions.
Does she Never mind.
No, spit it out.
Probably a dumb question, but does she date men or women? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, well, every trans woman is different.
But Denise dates men.
Speaking of Denise! Look at you! You look awesome! Oh, stop it.
Hey, Will.
- Hi.
- I'm serious.
She isn't lying.
Well, if I look good, I owe it to Trevor.
We've been on a low carb kick.
Um, no, you can thank your folks for that.
I see good genes run in the family.
He's a keeper.
Trevor, this is Will Halstead.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I got you covered.
Have fun.
Thank you.
Well, come on.
Yeah, good luck, man.
You're gonna need it with those two.
Ow! Matt Jacobson, 14-year-old male.
Fell attempting a skateboard trick.
It hurts! Complaining of pain to the left forearm.
- Vitals stable.
- All right.
- You notify his parents? - Uh, dad's right behind us.
Keep breathing, kid.
I know that it hurts.
- Just try to keep breathing.
He, uh, was screaming his head off the whole way here.
- Oh! - All right.
On my count.
One, two, three.
Thank you, you guys.
Hey, Matt, did you put your arms out in front of you - to break your fall? - I can't remember.
- Ow! - All right, easy there.
Breath sounds are normal.
Dad, did you see what happened? No, I was in the house.
I got to him as quick as I could.
- But I don't move so fast.
- Yeah.
Oh! All right, Matt, can you move your head for me? My arm hurts so bad.
All right, just touch your chin to your chest, then.
Make it stop hurting, please! He's too distracted to clear the C-spine.
Let's take care of his pain and then we'll reassess.
Monique, get a line in and give 4 of morphine.
No, no, no, I hate needles.
Can't you give me pills? They're gonna take a lot longer to work, bud.
- I don't want a needle.
- Just give him a pill.
All right, fine.
Uh, give 7.
5 hydrocodone.
Once the pain subsides, we'll do a chest x-ray, AP and lateral x-rays of both arms.
- Be right back, okay? - [GROANING.]
It hurts.
Rhodes, you smell alcohol - on dad's breath? - Oh, yeah.
He reeked of it.
- It hurts! Ah! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Just the lady I was looking for.
What's up? You still friendly with the chairman of the anthropology department at University of Chicago? Yes, I just saw him last weekend at a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club.
Why? Well, you know, they've been trying to recruit CeCe for years.
- And I was just thinking - Daniel.
What? Oh, come on.
They would jump at the opportunity to have her on the faculty.
And let's face it, she should stay in Chicago and stick with the same medical team.
Why don't you just tell her how you feel? Do you have the number? - All right.
- Send it to me.
- Sent.
Thank you.
Emily should be here soon.
I'll hang with him till then.
All right, I I can take him.
He's still sleeping.
I got it.
Thank you.
You got a pep in your step.
Trevor knock it out of the park? The guy's a prince.
I can't believe Denise kept him hidden for so long.
Poor thing was so nervous, she didn't eat a bite.
Well, maybe she was worried her big sister wouldn't approve.
I mean, you can be a little judgmental at times.
I think you mean discerning.
Where are you going, anyway? Forgot my phone in the car.
Be back in a sec.
All right.
- Hey! Denise.
Hey, Denise.
- You all right? - I'm fine, really.
Oh, your lip's bleeding.
Let me I said I'm fine.
I just need to call me an Uber.
Listen, why don't you come inside? Let me check you out properly.
Looks like you're banged up pretty good.
I'm not coming inside, Will.
And you can't mention this to Maggie.
- Promise me.
- I won't mention it to Maggie.
But you gotta let me examine you.
I don't Denise? Whoa.
Denise? Denise? Oh, my God.
- What happened? - She fainted.
Where? How? And where's Trevor? He had to, um Let her fill you in when she's feeling better.
Is treatment four open? Okay.
Here, this way.
All right.
Given the kid's description of what happened, I'd expect a Colles or Smith fracture.
But this is not a fracture from a fall.
And with the bruising pattern, I'd say he was struck with something.
Like a cane.
You think his father did this? I think there's a strong possibility, yeah.
It's odd, though, that he brought his son in.
I mean, usually they try to hide the abuse or delay seeking medical treatment.
Mm-mm, there's something off here, Miss Goodwin.
I-I know it.
Pull social work in to do an evaluation and have them check for any pending or prior claims of abuse, but let's wait to involve DCFS until we're absolutely sure.
- Of course.
Thank you.
- All right.
Rhodes, Matt's requesting more meds for the pain.
Really? Oh, come on.
That kid is 120 pounds soaking wet.
He's had two tabs of hydrocodone.
He should be high as a kite.
Do me a favor.
Get a new urine sample and run a tox.
On it.
Caleb, I was just headed to you.
Have you and Desi made a decision about surgery? Uh, not exactly.
Um, can we? Sure.
My wife and I, we agreed that if the cancer progressed quickly that she would reconsider treatment.
The tumor in her brain, it could be impairing her judgment, right? Yes, it's a possibility, but So maybe she can't make this decision.
Caleb, I understand that you're overwhelmed, but Desi did appear to have all of her faculties Hey, I know my wife.
She's not thinking clearly.
I'm telling you.
Okay, um, I will have the head of psychiatry e-valuate Desi.
- Thank you.
You said she fainted.
What happened to her face? Her lip is busted.
It looks like she got hit.
I told you you're gonna have to talk to your sister.
Did Trevor do this? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
So this is why you didn't want us to meet.
- You told her? - He didn't have to.
How long has Trevor been putting his hands on you? He hasn't.
He just lost his temper today.
It's my fault.
I was pushing his buttons.
- We have to call the cops.
- Don't! Say anything and I'll deny it.
Why? What is wrong with you, Denise? No, I don't expect you to understand, okay? Look, Trevor may not be perfect, but at least he loves me for me.
Loves you? This man doesn't love you.
He preys on you.
He preys on you because he can.
- Mags, let me talk to you.
- Look at your face! Come on.
Let's go.
Denise, sit tight.
I'm gonna have plastics come take a look at that lip.
- What? - Listen.
You shoot from the hip and we all love that about you, but maybe try a softer approach.
Sometimes the truth hurts.
What's going on? I couldn't find Emily.
She wasn't in Bernie's room.
He said she hasn't come by yet.
I'll call her.
I did already.
She didn't pick up.
I left a voicemail.
She had a really rough night with Vincent.
I don't think she slept more than an hour.
I know it's a lot.
I just hope she's not falling back to her old ways.
Well, she's made a lot of strides these last few months.
Let's try to give her the benefit of the doubt.
All right.
I'll run Vincent down to the daycare center, - see if they have room for him.
- Okay.
Hi, buddy.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Hey, Desi.
How are you feeling? Okay.
Just a bit, um, drowsy.
That's from the Ativan.
Should wear off soon.
In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to Dr.
He's our head of psychiatry.
Why? Desiree, I just wanna ask you a couple of quick questions - if that's okay.
- You can me Desi.
- I'm sorry? - Call me - [BEEPING.]
- Bag her.
Desi! What's going on? Let's give them some room.
Her right pupil is dilated and sluggish.
I need to tube her and send her to CT stat.
- I suspect edema.
- It's a swelling in the brain.
20 of etomidate, 100 of sux.
- Do the surgery! - Mr.
Parker I'm her surrogate decision maker.
I said do it.
Where are the pills? I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you take them already? Just tell me.
Where are the pills? Hey, hey.
What's going on in here? Guy abused his son and came here to score opioids.
- Are you insane? - I ran a tox on Matt.
He hasn't taken any of the pills we've given him.
Meanwhile I search the Illinois Prescription Database.
Turns out Mr.
Jacobson here has been flagged as a frequent flier.
I swear to God I didn't lay a hand on my son.
And I sure as hell didn't take his pain meds! Take a drug test to prove it, then.
I don't have to prove anything to you! All right, look, I have a better idea.
Why don't we all go speak with Matt, all right? Please.
I took the pills.
Rhodes ran a tox screen, Matt.
- They're not in your system.
- So? Maybe the test was wrong.
We're going around in circles, Miss Goodwin.
That's it.
I'm calling Child Protective Services.
No, my dad never touched me.
Please don't call them.
They're right here.
Fine, he told him to pocket them.
How did you hurt yourself today, Matt? Did you really fall off your skateboard? Son.
Just tell us the truth.
You won't get in trouble.
- I slammed my arm in the door.
- On purpose? I'm so sorry, Dad.
- I'm so sorry.
- Oh.
I just wanted to help you.
I got into a awful car wreck about ten years ago.
My back's been a mess ever since.
Doc had me on Oxy which was working pretty well, but then some new government guidelines, something came out.
Yes, the CDC introduced new prescribing recommendations.
A response to the opioid crisis.
With opioids, there is always the concern with, um, overdose or misuse.
Yeah, well, I wasn't misusing.
Hit up just about every doctor in the city.
But no one would write me a new prescription.
And how are you currently managing your pain? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Drinking, mostly.
I thought I did a better job hiding it.
But, God, I can't believe he'd personally harm himself to try and get me pills.
Well, Mr.
Jacobson, I'll give you the contact information of a general practitioner in Schaumburg.
I'm confident he'll be able to help you.
- I appreciate it.
- Sure.
Jacobson, um, for what it's worth, I am very, very sorry.
I apologize, Miss Goodwin.
I I just I Oh, I can't believe that I was so off base.
Well, I appreciate your intent, Dr.
But next time just ask more questions before you start accusing.
Well, Denise, your blood sugar's pretty low.
I suspect that's what caused you to faint.
'Cause you haven't been eating enough.
Thanks to Trevor.
Am I right? What, he told you to lose weight? Just lay off, okay? I'm gonna have a nurse put an IV in.
Give you some fluids and bring you a glass of orange juice.
Fine, but can I leave after that, please? Yeah, that should do it.
I'll send the nurse in now.
My sister needs protection from that monster.
I want you to report what you saw today to the police and Maggie, I can't do that.
Excuse me? Look, I want to see that prick behind bars, too.
But what if she's not ready to leave him? Which I don't think she is.
I think Denise will be better off if we convince her to report it herself and walk away.
My sister won't do that! I got an idea.
Grab your coat and meet me out front.
Daniel, do you believe Mrs.
Parker lacked the capacity to refuse brain surgery? I never got a chance to evaluate her.
But a tumor in that area certainly has the potential to affect reasoning, understanding Desi has been consistent in her refusal of treatment since her initial diagnosis.
She also agreed to consider additional treatment if the disease progressed.
Well, is there any written record explicitly - stating her wishes? - Just the advanced directive.
Which clearly establishes her husband as her surrogate decision maker.
This isn't right.
Her husband is taking advantage of the situation.
But doesn't the fact that she granted him power of attorney in the first place demonstrate a bond of trust? A bond that he is breaking by completely disregarding her wishes.
If we operate and anything happens to the fetus I'm sorry, Dr.
Manning, but the advanced directive stands.
Will you guys excuse me really quick? I will be right back, sorry.
Maggie! Hey, beautiful.
- What do I owe the pleasure? - Don't you touch me.
Come near my sister again, respond to a text, answer a phone call, and I will call the cops.
I don't know what she told you, but you know your sister.
She's a drama queen.
Don't you try me.
That's what you came down here for? - Warn me to stay away? - That's right.
What's it gonna be? Could have saved yourselves a trip.
I was done with that freak anyways.
You better back up Go ahead.
Take your shot.
- Connor! - Hi, Carlotta.
Come inside.
Thank you.
Is this what you're looking for? Yeah, that's it.
Thank you.
Um, Carlotta, are there any other albums between '88 and '94? Don't see any.
Why? Well, there's hardly any pictures of my mom.
Your poor mother.
So much of the time she wasn't feeling herself.
Hey, baby.
Call me back.
- I didn't mean to - Denise.
If you're here to lecture me, you can save your breath.
I already signed my discharge papers.
- Trevor's not gonna pick up.
- How do you know? - I went to talk to him.
- You what? You won't be hearing from him.
No, no.
Trevor wouldn't He wouldn't run scared.
You're lying.
I told him I knew about his abuse.
And I was never gonna let him hurt you again.
- You had no right.
- Denise - What did he say? - He said He said you meant a lot to him.
He was really upset.
But I gave him no choice.
I told him that if he ever spoke to you again, I was gonna call the cops.
You stay out of my life, Maggie.
- CeCe.
- Hey.
How did everything go with your your check up? Good.
Good, good.
Are you doing anything tonight? Do you have any plans? No.
'Cause I am having dinner with the head of the anthropology department at U of C.
There's a position opening up next semester.
So what's that got to do with me? Well, I just thought you'd You'd like to join us because the position sounds great.
I mean, two classes a semester, sabbatical every three years, you could you could write your book.
I already have a position at Hamline.
I know, but but this way you could You could stay in Chicago.
You could keep working with Dr.
Maybe I don't want to stay in Chicago.
Have you ever thought of that? Damn, Danny, sometimes you don't know when to quit.
Can you heat up his bottle? It's on the top shelf in the fridge.
You got it.
Ethan? Come here.
All of Emily's clothes are gone.
So is her suitcase.
Charles? You know where Dr.
Manning is? I think she's with another patient.
But, um, they should be coming to prep Desi for surgery - very soon.
- No, no, it's not that.
Without the operation, Desi's never gonna wake up, is she? It's unlikely.
So she'd lose the baby, right? Well, not necessarily.
Plan would be to continue to treat the swelling in her brain with steroids which should allow her to remain on the ventilator long enough to deliver via C-section once the fetus becomes viable in a few weeks.
You mean she'd become one human incubator.
You know, that's not the term that I would use.
But, um I know what she would want me to do.
I just, uh [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- You're terrified.
- Mmm.
Desi and I were just kids when we met.
Freshman year of college.
You know, we've really grown up together.
You know, we've seen each other through everything and she knows me better than anyone.
And you know her better than anyone.
Which is why she trusted you to become her voice when she was no longer able to speak for herself.
And, Caleb, look.
Letting go of someone that you love when every instinct is telling you to hold on, to fight, I mean, it's the hardest thing in the world.
But Desi knew that you were up to the task.
Now you just have to come to believe that you are, too.
Mags? Are you okay? Me and Denise We'd just gotten close again.
And now I probably lost her for good.
- Clear! - [THUDS.]
- Dad? - Epi.
- Charge again to 200.
- What happened? We don't know.
He flipped into V-fib.
Might have had an MI.
- Charging.
- Charged.
- Clear.
- [THUDS.]
Epi, charge to 200.
I'm taking over.
- Asystole.
- Epi.
- Meds are in.
- Come on! - [GRUNTS.]
Come on, Dad! Come on! Come on! Connor, he'd already been down ten minutes - by the time you got here.
Time of death, 17:42.
We'll be moving Desi up to pre-op and Dr.
Abrams will be waiting for us up there.
- No.
- I'm sorry? No surgery.
Can you give us a moment? Caleb, are you sure? Yeah.
The cancer took everything away from Desi.
But this is the one thing she was determined not to let it touch.
She's been so brave.
For me, for Elijah.
The least I can do is try to have an ounce of her courage.
Em, it's me again.
Call me back.
Took a lot of rocking but Vincent's finally asleep.
- She still not picking up? - No.
I'm gonna talk to Bernie tomorrow and let him know Emily's gone.
And after tonight, I'll keep Vincent at my place till till Bernie's released.
The baby can stay here.
- April, no.
- What? - I already know his routine.
- Hey.
His stuff is here.
Vincent's not your responsibility.
It's no problem.
I'm not sure how long this is gonna last.
Even after Bernie's out of the hospital, the guy guy doesn't have a job.
If Emily doesn't come back, Vincent may be with me for the foreseeable future.
With us.
I'm not gonna let you do this alone.
- April - What? Anyone else would have bailed on this whole mess a long time ago.
But you're still here.
Because it's you, Ethan.
I was coming to tell my dad that he was right.
And that my mother wasn't at my seventh birthday party.
In fact, she she wasn't there for most of my life.
I turned her into this doting, perfect mother.
Turns out it was all fiction.
All these years, I blamed my dad for her death.
I thought that it was his cheating that drove her - to kill herself.
- Hey.
You were just trying to make sense of it.
What else am I inventing? [BABY CRYING.]
I'll go check on Vincent.
Ethan, uh whoa.
What's going on? - Where have you been? - Look, I'm so sorry.
I was feeling really overwhelmed and I kinda freaked out.
You ditched your son.
I know it was really irresponsible for me to just take off, but I only made it to St.
Louis before turning back.
I couldn't leave Vincent.
Hey, sweetie.
It's Mama.
Are you ready to go for a ride? Do you know what time it is? Where are you going? Back to the hospital to see Bernie.
ICU's no place for a baby.
- It's fine.
- No.
Vincent's staying here.
Excuse me? Give me my son.
You can't keep him from me.
No, I'm not keeping him from you.
But Vincent needs consistency.
Em, this is no kind of life for Vincent, all right? You need to come up with a plan.
All right, all right.
I'll put him back to bed and stay here tonight.
If that's okay with you, April.
Yeah, of course.
And in the morning I'll figure something out.
With or without Bernie.
I promise.
Oh, honey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I wasn't sure that you were gonna show.
So what's up? Um, so that's a really That's a good situation - at Hamline.
- Yeah.
Y-yeah, yeah.
Do that.
- Right? Yeah.
What's this? You're resigning from Med.
Caroline, these last few months with you, I don't I don't understand it.
It's crazy.
It's felt it's felt like like Like coming home.
Uh, I wanna go with you.
Oh, Danny.
I want to marry you.
I lied.
There was no there was no offer from Hamline.
They didn't ask me to come back.
- They didn't? - No.
I found out a couple days ago that my lymphoma is progressing and the clinical trial isn't working and there's nothing more they can do.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have lied about any of that.
I just thought that it would be better for everyone - if I just left.
- I want to be there.
For all of it.
All of it.
You know, in sickness and in health? If you'll have me.
Please don't make me get down on one knee.
I don't think I'd ever be able to get back up.