Chicago Med (2015) s07e15 Episode Script

Things Meant to Be Bent Not Broken

1 It's better this way.
Not the way I see it.
She's been you therapist for years, what happened? I thought what I missed was the work.
Maybe what I really miss is you.
Exposing the abuse of the Vas-COM was brave.
The Vas-COM business, playing nice with the enemy, it sucked, but I needed to protect patients.
Turns out whistleblowers are entitled to a reward.
How about that? Wait, so Vasik settled with the Feds? Well, there's still some state and criminal cases going forward, but from our position It's over, Will.
But as whistleblowers, you and Ms.
Goodwin are entitled to a percentage of the settlement.
What are we What are we talking about? You've each been awarded $1.
2 million.
2? Oh What does that even mean? I know it's a lot to take in, but news like this is a great opportunity for you and the hospital.
Sharon Goodwin's volunteered to gift her entire settlement to Gaffney's charitable foundation.
Insisted, really.
Now, there's no pressure, but I'm putting together a little press event for the end of the day to officially announce the donation, and it'd be even more impactful if you were a part of it.
As Mrs.
Goodwin said, she didn't do it for the money.
I'm sure the same is true for you.
I-I didn't even know there'd be money.
You know, you'd really be sending a very strong message to your colleagues, Will.
- Right.
- So what do you say? Can we take that as a "yes"? It's feeling like a "yes".
You're doing the right thing.
Truly thank you.
All right.
Scott? Baghdad.
30-something female.
Truck hit a patch of black ice.
Clipped her motorcycle.
Vitals stable the whole time, but positive LOC.
GCS 14.
Helmet was cracked but cleared her C-spine in the field.
- Got it for you right here.
- Got a name? Not that we could get out of her; she's intermittently responsive.
On my count one, two, three.
Get her up on the monitors.
You're gonna be okay, all right? I'm Dr.
What's your name? Right side is clear.
Left side's a bit muffled, but Bilateral, best I can tell.
Looks like there's a deformity in the left shoulder, possible dislocation.
Let's get a chest X-ray.
Hey, hon? - I'm gonna take your bag, okay? - No.
We can't take a picture of what's going on with you clutching it like that.
I promise we'll take good care of it, all right? - No.
- It's okay.
See if Maggie can get any ID, maybe an emergency contact.
X-ray clear.
There's a small pneumothorax on the left, but that left shoulder is definitely dislocated.
Let's pop it back in and send her down to C for a pan scan, all right? Four of morphine, two of Versed.
All right, now, we're gonna relocate your shoulder.
It's gonna hurt for a few seconds, but it'll be over before you know it.
It's back in.
Let's get her another X-ray and get her over to CAT scan.
You did great.
- Hey, Mags, you found an ID yet? - Mm-hmm.
Milena Jovanovic.
28 years old.
Touch what's in the bag yet? No, why? What are you doing? We already have her ID.
Maggie I think our girl Milena might be a drug dealer.
Abby Carpenter? I'm Dr.
Vanessa Taylor.
What brings you in today? Mites.
I've been infested.
I can't stop itching.
Okay, can you remove your suit so I can take a look at what we're talking about? It's been over a year now.
I've tried everything, but they won't stop biting.
Oh, you shaved your head Yeah, I I had to, they were multiplying.
And it's been getting worse.
I think they've started laying eggs beneath my skin.
You definitely did the right thing by coming in today.
Your skin is definitely infected.
But, uh, I'm not seeing any mites.
Yeah, they're so small they're invisible to the naked eye.
I found this larva last night.
Thanks, I'll have the lab check it out.
Let's start a line, hang a liter of saline and give her 600mg of clindamycin IV, okay? - Okay.
- What's that for? It's an antibiotic.
I'm afraid you might be septic, so it's just to be on the safe side.
Okay, fine, but you need to give me something to get rid of the mites.
I'll do the best I can.
- I'll be back.
- Okay.
Have the lab take a look at this.
And lets grab a CBC, BMP, blood glucose, and a tox screen.
And, uh, lets page Dr.
What are you thinking? Probably heroin.
Quarter key, straight off the brick Still compressed, hasn't been cut with anything, but impossible to tell without testing.
- What do we know about Milena? - Nothing.
I tried to pull up her medical records, but there was no history.
It's like she's a ghost.
- I'ma call my sister.
- No, you can't do that.
I can't ignore this.
By law, you shouldn't have kept digging around in her bag after we ID'd her.
I don't know, Dylan.
It feels like you're mixed up and you don't know what uniform you're wearing.
All right, all right.
I'll stand down.
Okay, but let's not be in a rush to give this back just yet.
Everything okay? I'm fine.
I mean, not really, but sorry to bother you.
Not a bother.
I'm Dr.
Halstead, let me know if you need anything Deep breaths.
In through your nose, out through your mouth.
Okay, I'm gonna examine your belly, all right? I thought at first, they were just wedding jitters, but those don't usually land you in the hospital, I assume.
Not typically; has anyone seen you yet? Dr.
Archer said it's a bowel dilation caused by some kind of infection? Diverticulitis antibiotics should clear that up.
When's the wedding? Next weekend.
I wanted to do it in City Hall, but Adam insisted on something grander.
Now it's up to 500 guests, and my mother-in-law booked the entire Shedd Aquarium for the night.
Very generous of her.
Yeah, well, that's Janice for you.
Everything's gotta be perfect.
She's going to blow a fuse when she finds out I'll be walking down the aisle with her son with an ostomy bag under my dress.
Archer's recommending surgery? He said it's the only option I had.
So you just signed it over? The whole enchilada? What are doing Trying to fast-track your application to sainthood? You're crazy.
Please, people are making too much of it.
I want to hear about you.
What's going on with Lonnie? Well, as you know, the State Psychiatry Board frowns on therapists having any kind of romantic relations with their patients, and viceversa, for at least a year after their last session, and it's only been ten months, so, not a whole lot.
That's soon enough.
What happens now? It's actually kinda weird, right? It's awkward, I Last time I saw her, I put something out there, and I haven't heard anything back.
It'd been like a week.
Well, keep me in the loop 'cause you know I live vicariously through you.
- You know I will.
- Okay.
So patient in six, you're thinking delusional parasitosis? I found no evidence of parasites.
Tox screen and sed rate were negative.
All of her injuries appear to be self-inflicted.
The lab did an analysis of the mite larvae she brought in.
- It was a dried pea.
- Hmm.
So CT, MRI, no signs of striatal lesions or or tumors.
Any history of mental illness? No, not in her medical records, but she's certainly presenting as delusional now.
Look, I know it's not my area of expertise, but I'm just not sure what else it could be.
Could very well be right, but if she is in fact delusional, probably gonna be hostile to the idea of even seeing a psychiatrist, so.
We've gotta tread carefully, and might even need to improvise.
They're impossible to get rid of.
I've had to reupholster my car.
I don't even bother doing laundry anymore.
I just wear things once, then throw them away.
Except for my suit, of course.
It sounds completely exhausting.
There's not even a word for it.
And you haven't been able to find any medication that'll give you any relief at all? My dermatologists have tried them all.
Antihistamines, corticosteroids.
Was your lab able to identify what kind of mite it is? You know, I think we're still working on that.
But you know, in the meantime, I'd like to add another more targeted drug to help you with those bites.
- Would that be all right? - Okay.
Okay, great.
Well, I will go find a nurse to hang a dose, and I'll be right back.
Your supervisor seems like a nice man.
Charles, yeah, he is.
So Abby, it says here that you first noticed the infestation a little over 18 months ago.
Can you remember what else was going on in your life at the time? Like, uh Like, what do you mean? Like, were you having problems in your relationships or your career? Had you recently moved or relocated? Are you suggesting that this is all in my head? No You don't think I know how to read the signs? I've gone through enough doctors to know when they think I'm crazy I am not crazy! How do I get myself discharged? I want to go to another hospital.
What's going on? Is there a problem? Yes, your underling here is trying to convince me that I'm crazy.
Really, Dr.
Taylor? Could you wait for me outside please? Look, I'm not delusional.
I'm so sorry about that.
Look, I'm going to be supervising your case going forward.
Will that be all right? Good, now, let's see if we can do something about that fever, what do you say? Okay.
Thank you very much, Dr.
Taylor, for playing along in there.
I have to say, you were quite convincing.
Thank you.
It's strange, though, Abby wasn't always so opposed to seeing a psychiatrist.
What do you mean? Well, I was digging deeper into her file, and it says here she used to see one regularly for years, you know, till the pandemic started.
Do we have their info? It's a Dr.
Lavine from The Fischer Group? - The Fischer Group? - You know them? Yeah, I am familiar with that practice.
It says Dr.
Lavine has retired, so maybe I can call someone else from the group to see if they can discuss Abby's history? You know what, I actually have a colleague over there, so why don't you let me do that? But excellent work.
Really good work.
- Hey, Dean? - Mm-hmm? - You got a second? - Yeah, sure.
I hear that's all it took to sucker you out of a million bucks.
I guess word travels fast.
Yeah, I gotta ask, did they at least promise you your own parking spot? I didn't blow the whistle for money, so donating was the right thing to do.
All right, if you say so.
So what do you need? Your patient, Gretchen Cameron, I saw you scheduled her for surgery.
Laparotomy is the plan.
Yeah, I took a look at her chart.
White count's 15 and trending down.
Antibiotics are working.
So it feels like we should put a pause on the surgery, try a nasogastric decompression instead to reduce the dilation.
You reviewed my patient's chart? She was upset.
And with her wedding next weekend, I thought we could find her an alternative.
Generous with your money and time.
An NG decompression with antibiotics can bridge her to a less invasive procedure.
We could safely delay it until after her wedding, and Gretchen wouldn't need the ostomy bag.
None of that is guaranteed to correct any of her problems, and any more delay will increase her chances of getting septic.
Dean, I think you're rushing the surgery I don't need an E.
doctor second guessing my decisions.
Surgeons and your need to cut Excuse me, excuse me.
What is going on here? We're finishing up here Actually we're not quite finished discussing how to spare a patient an aggressive surgery.
My patient.
And I'm just making sure she doesn't feel pressured into making a decision she's uncomfortable with.
I see, but Dr.
Halstead, this is Dr.
Archer's department, and, most importantly, his patient.
I trust him to make the right call, and I expect you to do the same.
Other than a small pneumothorax in your chest, all your scans look pretty good.
You'll probably have to keep your arm in an immobilizer for a bit, though.
I'll get you another X-ray in an hour or two.
The bag I was carrying, where is it? We're keeping it behind the nurses' station.
Yeah, well, I'd like it back please.
Ahh! Oh, God.
Yeah, It's probably gonna pinch for a bit.
You know what, I can up your pain meds No, I'm fine, just get me the bag.
Am I gonna have to call my lawyer? Because I know my rights.
The Fourth Amendment prohibits the search or seizure of a person or their property without a warrant - or probable cause.
- All right, okay, all right.
Calm down, I'm not a cop.
Well, you could have fooled me.
Hey, Maggie, could we get Ms.
Jovanovic her bag, please? Thanks.
Here you go.
What? You want some kind of reward? I'll check in on you in a bit.
Who was that? I don't know.
He says he's her cousin.
You see that tattoo on his neck? Pretty sure that's Serbian mafia.
Hey, big day, Andre.
New heart and liver are on their way here as we speak.
How you feeling? - Ready.
- Good.
We're so excited.
Got you a little something.
You know I'm not 12 anymore.
Tradition is tradition.
So you guys know each other then? Yes, Andre's familial hypercholesteremia required a liver transplant fifteen years ago.
- I was a resident.
- Oh.
Back when I thought these were cool.
So the hope was that Andre's transplant would reverse his early onset atherosclerosis, but, as you know, livers only last so long.
So as that went Yeah, it put him back in heart failure.
We still chitchatting in here? Or are we ready to get things started? Andre, Tanya, this is Dr.
He's gonna be handling the cardiac portion of your surgery.
Now, this heart I've got for you, it's a real beauty.
There's not going to be any problems before I hand the reins off to these two.
It's gonna be a good day.
Any questions for us? Let's do this thing.
All right, see you in there.
So given Andre's previous transplant, I'm thinking we start with proximal, right? Maybe, but we won't be able to visualize what shape the vessels are in until we're open.
Care to comment, Justin? I just think it's cute you've got a pet general surgeon.
Oh You got something to say to me? Not particularly.
You know I'm happy to share the stage with you, Pamela, but this this bogan? I'm don't know what he's doing in my O.
Well, Dr.
Marcel is an integral part of my team.
From your lips to God's ears.
Let's get this case moving.
- "Bogan"? - No idea.
Come on, let's scrub in.
She's sleeping now, and her fever has subsided.
- Oh, good.
- Mm-hmm.
This is Dr.
Richardson is my colleague that I was telling you about who works at The Fischer Group.
Oh, nice to meet you.
Hello, doctor.
So I'm gonna bring Dr.
Richardson up to speed, and maybe you could just give us a shout when Abby wakes up? - Yeah.
- Great great, okay.
Right this way, please.
I distinctly remember you being told to stay clear of this case, and yet, you told my patient to ask for a nasogastric decompression.
She wanted to know her options.
So what, you just sign your big check over to the hospital, and that gives you carte blanche to do whatever the hell you want? If she doesn't want to have the operation, you can't force her to have it.
Well, no, but since it seems you've made Ms.
Cameron your latest misguided crusade, you can waste your time with this procedure.
It's pretty clear what your preferred course of action should be.
Get Abby to take an antipsychotic? You break the delusion, you cure the symptoms.
The trick is getting her to take the medication.
If I even say the word antipsychotic, she's gonna kick me out of the room.
Unless you never say the word.
Lead her to believe it's what, an anti-parasitic? Benevolent deception.
Ethically, it's justified when four conditions are met.
One, Abby, due to her delusion, cannot make an informed decision.
I think we can both agree on that.
Two, that harm would likely come to her if the antipsychotic wasn't prescribed.
You know, she was this close to becoming septic.
Three, she probably wouldn't take medication if presented as such.
Well, I mean, that's certainly my belief.
And lastly, that committing her involuntarily to coerced treatment would lead to even a worse result.
That one I think might have to be a judgement call.
Nice to know I'm an integral part of the team.
Morris doesn't get to talk to you like that.
That's my job.
It's just, after what you said last week about us I appreciate knowing you're still in my corner, I guess.
Oh, well, don't get sentimental on me.
Like I said, as long as you keep your personal feelings in check, you'll always have a place in my O.
Fair enough.
Scott? Milena says she's leaving against medical advice.
I really have to recommend that you not leave just yet.
Thanks, Doc, but I got things to do.
OK, well, uh, at least let me get another X-ray, - just to make sure.
- She said she's leaving.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.
Step out of the way.
- That's my name.
- Save it.
They can't do anything to stop us.
You all right? Yeah.
Hey hey! Milena? Whoa! Are you okay? Hey, hey, Milena, can you take a breath for me? It hurts it hurts.
I'm not hearing good breath sounds.
Hey, can you help me get her off the floor, man? Doris! Need to put her back on oxygen, and I need another chest X-ray, stat! Got it.
You okay? I know it feels weird.
How long is this gonna take? My fiancé says he's on his way in.
I'd hate for him to see me like this.
Hard to say, but I'll check back in shortly to see how you're feeling, okay? Okay.
Oh, hey, Mother Teresa, they left something for you.
Thank you.
"With our eternal gratitude, the Gaffney Board of Trustees.
" Bet they popped at least a buck fifty for this basket, huh? Could you imagine what you would have got if you gave them two million? Unfortunately, that small pneumothorax we spotted earlier has become not so small.
The lung on your left side is down 60%, so gonna need to insert a tube to re-expand it.
How long does that take? The procedure itself? Just a few minutes.
But we will need to keep you at the hospital for a few days.
Why? Because the tube needs to be attached to suction so your lungs can re-expand, so they don't collapse again.
No, that's not going to work for me.
Look, you're not walking out of here today.
I think you've already proved that.
I'm not staying, I just I just need a little bit more time to catch my breath.
Fine, I'll check on you then.
Hey, where'd your cousin go? He left.
Hey, that guy left with the drugs? I didn't notice, sorry.
That's all right, that's my bad.
I should have called him in earlier.
You're gonna notify the police? Yeah, a mobster just left with what I'm pretty sure is fifty grand in narcotics.
Somebody's gotta keep eyes on them.
I woke up with these on.
Was this Dr.
Taylor's idea? Uh, no, it was actually mine.
You know, you were scratching yourself, and I just didn't want you to aggravate your injuries any further, I hope that was all right.
Oh, okay.
You know, I'm still so itchy.
Is it possible that they've infested the linens too? Boy, I hope not.
You want me to ask the nurses to swap your linens out? - Yes, please.
- Okay.
So look so this pandemic, it's just been hard on everybody.
Right, but I don't know, to be relentlessly attacked by mites at a time when you can't leave your own home.
I just can't imagine how isolating this whole experience must have been.
- Yeah, it still is.
- Right.
So so while you were sleeping, I went online, and I did a little research, and I found a drug that I'm pretty hopeful about.
That I think has a really good chance of alleviating your symptoms for good.
What is it? You know Abby, I'm gonna ask you, if you can, to trust me.
Do you think you could do that, just for today? Another lat pad? Bleeding's heavy, can't see a thing.
More suction.
That's 12 units.
Blood bank's getting twitchy.
- Well, keep it coming, Marty.
- Get a move on, you bludger.
Not going to let you ruin all my hard work just because you can't track down a little bleeder.
If you're not going to help, keep the commentary to yourself.
Just page me when you're ready to close.
Okay, so what do we think? High venous back pressure.
Maybe the intrahepatic cava clotted off.
Yeah, we'll have to take down our caval anastomosis to check.
Okay, get Dr.
Marcel a Fogerty cath.
Blood pressure just dropped into the 80s.
- Heart rate's up to 120.
- All right.
Yeah, she's in septic shock.
Bolus a liter normal saline and start her - on a levophed drip.
- What's happening? You're in septic shock.
The dilation's caused a leak in your intestine.
Transportation! Can't delay the inevitable any longer, Gretchen.
I'm taking you to surgery.
- No.
- He has no choice.
Come on, let's go come on.
Vessel's clear.
No clots.
Damn, still bleeding.
Marty? Gave him another two units, but I'm struggling to keep up.
Oh, come on, we're missing something here.
What if it's in the chest? Hey, what are you doing? Any flow problems with the inferior vena cava in the chest would put back pressure on the hepatic vessels here.
You see that anastomosis? It's sewn too tight.
That would explain our problem.
There's no way it's strictured.
Morris doesn't make mistakes like that.
We need to redo the anastomosis.
Hold on, that's crazy.
- Marty what's our temp? - Getting cold, 35.
We're gonna lose Andre if we don't act fast.
You can do the cardiac repair.
Absolutely not, you can't touch CT's field.
This is our procedure.
Then you can get Morris in here but I'm not sitting on my hands while we wait.
All right? I'm gonna get moving now.
Let's get the perfusionist back in here, and get me a Satinsky clamp, please.
Scott? Do you mind coming with me for a second? Thanks, Eddie.
Don't think we've ever met formally.
Lieutenant Regina Jeffords.
Yeah, I know who you are.
You work out of OCD Narcotics.
You're Reggie's kid, right? Used to work under him in the 23rd once upon a time.
Before your day.
Yeah, I wasn't there very long.
Once a cop, always a cop, though, right? I'm assuming this is about the call I made to my sister? There was a bag you were concerned about, did I hear that correctly? You did.
And the woman who possessed it, is she still under your care? She is.
Milena Jovanovic.
I believe she has ties to the Serbian mob.
Is she okay? Yeah, she looks like you'd expect somebody to look whose bike got clipped by a truck.
Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question, but is it possible to patch up Miss Jovanovic enough to discharge her today? She's still a bit unstable.
Maybe in a day or two, I could hand her over.
OK, what if she's needed on the street today? What the hell is going on here, huh? I put in a call my sister to run something down, and suddenly I got Narcotics brass leaning on me to look the other way.
Hey, if it can't be done, it can't be done.
You must be Gretchen's fiancé? I'm Dr.
Hi, Adam Cunningham.
This is my mother, Janice.
Last I spoke with Gretchen, she said you were trying to keep her out of surgery.
That's right, we tried to.
Unfortunately, her infection progressed, and surgery became necessary.
Oh, man.
Yeah, I'm very sorry.
Well, ask him about the ostomy bag.
Oh, yeah.
Gretchen mentioned she might need one.
I guess the question is I mean, will it fit under her clothes? I mean, is this something that, you know, everybody's gonna see? We won't really know until she's out of surgery.
How about I go check and see how things are going? - Thank you.
- Yeah.
How is she? Too early to say.
I asked you to stay away from this case.
I was trying to give her another option, that's all she ever wanted.
She's not your patient, Dr.
I know, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have interfered.
But I gotta get something off my chest.
Okay? - Your donation.
- What about it? You kinda screwed me, Ms.
Excuse me? Now how's it gonna look if I don't do the same thing? Listen, I donated my portion of the settlement because it was the right choice for me.
If it's not the right choice for you I can't ask for the money back now.
I'm in a no-win situation here.
I got into this to right a wrong, for sure.
But I'm not exactly financially set.
Okay, I'm drowning in debt, and I just gave away my life raft.
All right, I understand, but you can't let your personal issues affect you at work.
Now, you should be on suction, but this valve will give you some temporary relief.
You will need to come back and have it switched out as soon as possible.
But my lung's not gonna collapse? I can't promise you that.
But if you feel like you're gonna pass out, or if there's any chest pain, you need to call 911 immediately.
Yeah, okay.
Trini, could you give us a second? I want you to know that this is not what I want to do.
But I understand that for some reason this is important, so Your instincts were right, earlier.
I used to be a cop.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
I guess I'll never be able to shake it.
Inside, I'll always bleed blue.
Why are you telling me this? Felt like something you might need to know.
You mind giving me some privacy? I want to get dressed so I can finally get out of here.
Yeah, sure.
Stay safe out there.
You're leaving? I finished up all my paperwork.
I have a busy day tomorrow.
Well, why don't I walk you out? Oh, thank you.
Oh, hey, there you are.
Good news.
I don't know how you managed to get Abby to take an antipsychotic, but it appears that her delusion is breaking.
- Oh.
- Really? - Yeah.
- That quickly? Great.
I'll be by just in a second to check up on her.
Well, you're a miracle worker, Dr.
Charles, thank you.
Of course, we both know that now that Abby is regaining her decision-making capacity We're gonna have to get her permission if I want to keep her on the medication.
You're gonna have to tell her the truth.
Hey, do you mind just hanging out for another couple of minutes? How is he? How's my Andre? His vitals are stable and strong.
The procedure took a little longer than expected, but my team did an excellent job.
Your son will make a full recovery.
Oh, thank God.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
You can go in and see him now.
We're gonna be extubating him soon.
Don't ever touch my repairs.
You weren't there, I had no choice.
I'm filing a disciplinary complaint against you, you arrogant prick.
You know, I'm not going to apologize for stepping in.
Andre's life was on the line, okay? No, you just had to play hero.
Nope, I just had to fix your mistake Oh, my God! What the hell is wrong with you? - Are you all right? - Yeah.
So you lied to me? I misled you, and I apologize for that.
Oh, God, you must think I'm crazy I do not.
You weren't wearing that jacket before.
Psychiatry? You were lying to me from the start.
You were afraid I was gonna flip out.
That's actually not what I was afraid of.
I was afraid that you were going to walk out of here in no better shape than when you walked in.
I was afraid that the next time that you came in here, that you were gonna be way past the point that any medication could help you.
So I did what I thought was in your best interests.
By tricking me into taking these? Abby, you're already outside your delusion enough to be able to talk about it.
I mean, before, you were all alone in your head, and now you're not anymore.
Look, there's 30 days of medication in here, and if you don't want to feel the way you were feeling before, I strongly advise that you keep taking them.
Wait wait.
This is what you do? You crack people open with these little tricks and then you just walk away? No, I didn't think you wanted to talk anymore.
Um, look This is the first time I've had a conversation like this with anyone since the pandemic started.
Uh, and I, uh I didn't realize how much I missed it.
Yeah, really important to have someone to talk to during times like this, right? Yeah.
You don't see regular patients, do you? Look, I'm gonna make sure that you can get in touch with me any time you want, but I do work in the ED full time.
There is, however, a colleague of mine who happens to be here today, and among many other things, I can guarantee you that she's a first-rate conversationalist.
Would you like to say hello? She's just right outside.
- Hello, Abby.
- Hi.
My name is Lonnie.
I understand you used to see an old colleague of mine, Dr.
Lavine? You know Dr.
Lavine? I do, yeah.
Hey, Gretchen.
Let's take a quick look here.
Looks good.
How you feeling? Great, surprisingly.
This ostomy might have been the best thing that ever happened to me.
I'm sorry, did I miss something? I called it off.
The wedding? The wedding, the marriage, the relationship.
Janice couldn't stand the thought of me ruining her perfect little moment, and Adam, as usual, didn't have my back.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's okay.
I've had misgivings all along.
I don't think I was ever a real person to him, just some prop he was using to make himself look good.
It's like I've been living my entire life according to someone else's expectations.
Well, no more.
From now on, I'm gonna live my own life.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Honestly, I have no idea how you kept your cool like that.
Oh, well, you know, I was gonna take a swing at him, but I thought, what good would I be to you with a busted hand? Yeah, well, they are your second-best attribute.
I was referring to your self-assuredness.
- Ah.
- Maybe your hair.
- Ah.
- It's very appealing.
You didn't hurt your lips did you? No.
What are you doing here? You said I should come see you to have this replaced.
Yeah, in the hospital, I mean.
I can't do it here.
All right, uh, come in, I'll take you.
So how'd you find me? I'm resourceful when I need to be.
This was taken at your police academy graduation ceremony, right? Navy Pier? Yeah, how'd you know? Guess it takes one to know one, huh? Uh.
Maybe we should get going.
It's actually getting harder to breathe.
Hey, hold up.
I gotcha.
While Gaffney Chicago Medical Center has certainly seen its ups and downs in recent months, today is unequivocally an up day.
After courageously exposing Did I miss your turn in the spotlight? No.
I decided to keep the money.
Or at least most of it.
I still donated some, but not enough to warrant my name up in lights, I guess.
Finally, a smart decision out of you.
Money to Gaffney's charitable foundation.
I'll take some questions, go ahead.

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