Chicago Med (2015) s07e17 Episode Script

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free

I had a daughter.
My memory of her was my, uh, my greatest weakness.
Well, today it seemed like a source of real strength.
It's nice to see you again.
It's good to see you too.
When I get outta rehab, I I'm gonna go somewhere.
- Get a fresh start.
- Are you sure Med is the best place for you, given your history? You mean my addiction.
Welcome back, Dr.
Milena, I used to be a cop.
I guess I'll never be able to shake it.
Stefan's brokering a meet tonight.
If he's not there, my case takes a big hit.
If Stefan spikes a fever, anything off, - you bring him back.
- You got it.
GSW left lower chest.
Oh, man.
Never should've let him go.
It feels like you're mixed up and you don't know what uniform you're wearing.
Dylan, hey.
What's the status on Stefan? Guy got shot.
Gonna check on him now.
If you wanna give me a ring when you do Forget that.
I never should've listened to you.
El Rabioso got a read on the meet and he jumped him.
Yeah, because I discharged him.
This wasn't your fault.
- It sure feels like it.
- Dylan, no.
Had I insisted on him having surgery, he wouldn't have been out there.
Guys like Stefan, you know, sooner or later they're either gonna get busted or shot.
It's just part of the life.
Yeah, well, it's not my life.
Not anymore.
I'll be out here another 30 if you change your mind.
Asher, good news.
Your drug test came back negative.
You're cleared for work.
Sounds good.
I'll be out in a minute.
Let's plan on doing it again next week.
We'll make it a regular thing.
Uh, wait a second.
Goodwin said it was just pro forma, once a month.
I'm sure she did.
But it's my ED, not hers.
Can't stay out of my hospital, can you? I love doctors.
Yeah, lucky you.
What happened last night? I don't know.
I heard shots and I felt pain.
Chest tube output is minimal, but steady.
What do you think? Could have a retained hemothorax.
Maybe a chest CT.
Hmm, dial it up.
I've got a dislocated shoulder in five.
- Can you take a look? - Sure.
Soon as I put these orders in.
And once you do, I think it might be better if I take you off that case.
What? Did I do something wrong? No, no, no.
Just something about that patient.
What? Maggie, I'm his doctor.
Dylan is his doctor.
I am too.
Whatever it is, I've got this.
We've got incoming.
You're going to Baghdad, Dr.
Scott, Dr.
- Courtney, talk to me.
- I've got a 27-year-old male.
Gunshot wound to the shoulder.
Vitals are stable.
Police got a statement at the scene.
I'm Dr.
This is Dr.
We're gonna take care of you today.
All right, I need a CBC, BNP, and tox screen.
On my count.
One, two, three.
Exit wound? Nothing.
All right, man.
Can you tell me your name? - Hector.
- Hector.
What happened to you? All right, let's get a chest X-ray right upper arm and shoulder.
Taylor, can you handle this? - Got it.
- All right.
- Hey.
- How's Stefan? Not why I'm here.
I think there's been a retaliation shooting against El Rabioso.
Goes by Hector.
He just rolled into the ED.
He just recognized Stefan, and I'm pretty sure his buddy got a message out.
You think they're bringing the war to the hospital? Yeah.
I do.
So Tara's gotta be what? Middle second trimester? All I know is she's going to her third-trimester checkup tomorrow.
I asked to come along, but you know how that is.
Our daughters.
They're an independent bunch, right? Remember that '70's song, - "Hard Headed Woman"? - Mm.
- Perfect description.
- Right? How's your hardheaded woman? Anna's great.
Adorable as ever.
Constant source of anxiety.
A new boyfriend I'm not so sure about.
Uh-oh is right.
Oh, I have to go.
I'll talk to you later.
You understand I've got staff and patients to protect? Of course.
But we have two rival gang members here.
And the El Rabioso are gonna do their best to make sure Stefan doesn't leave this hospital alive.
So why can't you have uniformed officers standing guard? Because this is part of an undercover operation that's been in the works for three years.
We have officers inside both gangs and we're only weeks away from a major takedown.
If they see uniformed officers or get wind that police are watching now, they'll go underground.
And if this goes down, what happens to your undercovers? We try to get them out in time.
But if they get made, all bets are off.
We'll have plainclothes officers at every entrance.
We really need your help with this, Ms.
And if I don't extend it, I imagine you'll charge me with obstruction of justice.
We're not so different.
I'm in the healthcare business too.
I don't need you to school me.
Goodwin, regarding Stefan, I think we can accommodate.
All right.
You're the doctor.
I'm relying on your clinical judgement.
You are not to interfere with my staff's ability to provide care to our patients.
Is that understood? Loud and clear.
As soon as we ID him, we'll get him out.
See that you do.
Because if you don't, I'm calling the 21st and getting some uniforms in here, regardless of the repercussions.
- Where's Stefan? - In CT.
Any way to move him out of the hospital? Uh, not till I get a better idea of his injuries.
All right.
Do what you need to do, but give him an alias in the system and keep him out of the ED.
I want your people checking hospital IDs.
You got it.
Team lead, prepare to copy.
Hi, Hannah.
If I, uh, would've known you were coming back, I would've bought you a houseplant.
I know I, uh, kinda went radio silent on you.
Sorry about that.
Must've been some decision, coming back here.
I mean, couldn't have been easy.
Given our relationship.
The last time around, we we got into some pretty unhealthy patterns.
Um, my coming back here is not about you or us.
It's about me.
This job, this position, it's everything I've worked for.
It's everything I want.
Glad to hear it.
Look, I know that we have history, Will.
But it is history.
Halstead? Your patient in six says she's leaving.
Ivy Clark.
16 years old.
Had a seizure this morning.
Hi, I'm Dr.
Everything okay? - Anything I can help with? - Everything's fine.
But this was a mistake.
We're just going to leave.
Okay, but, uh.
Ivy, I hear you had a seizure this morning.
It's over.
I'm ready to go home.
I understand, but, you know, we really should figure out why this happened.
Seizures can have a lot of different causes.
I know why it happened.
Stage 2 glioma.
She has brain cancer.
And it recurred three months ago.
I am sorry to hear that.
If her oncologist is here at Med, I'd be happy to give them a call.
She's not actually seeing an oncologist.
She's chosen not to treat it.
Even though stage 2 is incurable, there are medications that can slow the tumor's Dr.
Halstead, we have been through all of this.
So again, we're sorry.
Thank you for all your help.
What's going on? A teenager doesn't want to treat her cancer.
Parents are going along with it.
A teenager? - Really? - Yeah.
I need a doctor in here! Get me a gurney and 2 of Ativan.
She doesn't want any medicine.
It's just to stop the seizing, okay? And I also need a CT scan to make sure we're not missing something.
Do I have you permission? She's a minor, so you have the authority to make this decision.
Call Radiology.
Tell them we're coming up for a head CT stat.
There you go.
CT shows a small hemothorax.
Blood must be coming from his lung, so it should stop soon.
I'm gonna keep an eye out on his output once we're back in the ED.
Actually, I'm taking him to the ICU.
Why? His blood loss is minimal.
Uh, there's a police issue with this guy, so there's risk involved.
I'm taking you off the case.
First Maggie, now you.
Listen, whatever it is, I can handle it.
Taylor, I'm concerned that this might not be safe.
Okay, but if he goes south, you're gonna need an extra set of hands.
I'm coming with you.
All right.
I'll read you in.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Did you see that our 6:30 this evening was canceled? I did.
So why don't you and I grab some dinner instead? Come on, we've never been on an actual date before.
- A date? - Yeah.
Isn't that something adolescents do? Well, not exclusively.
Crockett, I see you all day already.
Well, then see me a little more.
Hey, come on.
It'll be fun.
I'm a vegetarian.
People don't find that much fun.
- What do we got? - Claire Stone.
32 years old.
Hemorrhaging from her transplanted uterus.
- Transplanted? - I got it five months ago.
- Please help me.
- We're gonna try.
Brittany, call Dr.
Blake, please.
I'm her sister, Beth.
Okay, hang two units of PRBC and two more of FFP and infuse a gram of TXA.
Claire, I am Dr.
This is Dr.
I called her husband.
He's out of town.
- Okay.
- Here we go, guys.
Nice and easy on my count.
One, two, three.
Okay, I need a transvaginal ultrasound.
- Hold.
- You got it.
- Hang in there, Claire.
- Okay.
All right, Claire, scooch on down.
Put your feet in the stirrups.
Beth, you mind stepping out? No, I want my sister to stay.
How long's the bleeding been going on? Every month since the transplant, - but never this bad.
- You can stop it, right? I'm gonna take a look right now.
A little pressure.
All right, any underlying medical conditions? Just the scarring in my original uterus.
They called it Asherman's Syndrome.
Is that acquired or genetic? Acquired.
I can have kids.
Do you know anything about your donor? Just it was someone who died.
- Dr.
Marcel? - Yeah? I'm seeing a severe thickening of the endometrial stripe.
Well, what does that mean? The lining of Claire's uterus is too thick, causing her to bleed uncontrollably.
Can you fix it? I can't lose this uterus.
Let's give the medicine some time to work.
And if it doesn't, can you do another transplant? First let's send Claire for a hysteroscopy to get a closer look.
And then we'll have a better idea of what we need to do.
- We'll be right back, okay? - Yes.
Hang tight.
- Cadaver uterus.
- Mm.
Makes sense she's having trouble.
A uterus from a cadaver can be unpredictable.
It's much better to get one from a living donor.
How bad's the bleeding? Yeah, pretty heavy.
What do you think? If she does need a hysterectomy, could you do another transplant? Yeah, it's certainly something to consider.
I don't like it.
Prolonged bleeding makes her a poor surgical candidate.
And I'm not gonna give her another cadaveric organ.
But she's young and otherwise healthy.
Maybe it'd be worth working her up just to keep our options open.
Uterus transplant is elective surgery.
I'm here to save lives.
We're not doing it.
Marcel? Sorry, it's not up to me.
Disappointed? - Yeah.
- Mm.
To be honest, I agree with Dr.
Really? And is that because of the medicine or because of your feelings about me? I don't know.
Maybe a little of both.
Where's Stefan? Oh, he got a bed upstairs.
Oh, I didn't get a transfer order.
And since when does a doctor come down to get a patient's personal belongings? It's no big deal.
Don't worry, Maggie.
Everything's fine.
I'm sorry.
Goodwin is busy right now.
And I'm sure she would want to see me.
Sharon? Uh, it's okay.
Come on in, Maggie.
What's going on? We've got a situation.
Someone might be trying to kill one of our patients.
Vanessa's patient.
Marisa? Where've you been? Personal matter.
- Everything okay? - Controlled chaos.
Same as always.
Yeah, got it.
Hey, uh, how is that young woman who had the seizure doing? - She back from Radiology yet? - Uh, yeah.
Just came back down.
I'm on my way to talk to her family now.
You mind if I tag along? Sure.
Family dynamics surrounding a minor with cancer are complicated enough already.
No less a minor who doesn't want to be treated.
I just wouldn't mind getting a beat on where everybody stands, you know? Yeah, good idea.
and Mrs.
Clark? This is my colleague, Dr.
A psychiatrist? I understand that you're going through a very difficult time.
And I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that we're here to help if you need us.
Your daughter is sick, and undergoing chemo seems like the right option.
I know Ivy doesn't want that.
But she's only 16.
So I need to know how you'd like to proceed.
We support Ivy's decision.
And the side effects from the chemotherapy and the radiation were horrific.
And her doctor says she only has a year to live.
With treatment maybe she has one more.
- And to spend it like that - But that's the thing.
New treatments are constantly being approved.
And any extra time we could give her, I mean, could make a big difference.
The odds of that happening are so slim.
And she's suffered so much.
We've decided to stand by what Ivy wants.
No procedures.
No tests.
Only medicine for discomfort and pain.
That's it.
Nothing else.
Okay, well.
At least, uh, looks like you're both in agreement about this.
Yeah, we talked it through.
Well, I'll be back to check on her soon.
Did you bring Ivy's tea? It's time for her to have it.
Yeah, Ben.
I'll go make it.
- Could I get some hot water? - Course.
Just out of curiosity, what kind of tea is Ivy drinking? It's called Hoxsey tea.
It's an herbal mix Ben found for people with cancer.
Um, just on the other side of that door is a tea station.
Help yourself.
Okay, thank you.
You've heard of this Hoxsey tea, right? - Yeah.
- It's a bogus folk remedy like apricot pits and antacid diets.
Yeah, I think the FDA debunked it a couple years ago.
They're giving this snake oil to their daughter instead of actual medicine.
I don't know.
This could be medical neglect.
We might need to get a court order to treat.
I think it's probably a little early to force a needle into somebody's arm.
Let me have a quick chat with Mom first.
All right, but I can't keep her under observation forever.
So once she leaves, there's no chance to treat her.
You, uh, you getting everything you need? Yes, thank you.
I know this has been a very rough day for you guys.
How long have you been giving Ivy that tea, do you mind me asking? Oh, just since the cancer occurred.
I know it probably doesn't do anything, but it makes Ben feel better.
Just just Ben? And me too.
I guess.
It's the only thing Ivy'll agree to.
It's the only thing I can do.
Do you have children? I have two daughters.
One of them is actually very close to Ivy's age.
Then maybe you understand.
I have to honor her wishes, don't I? It's her life, after all.
Claire, your bleeding hasn't slowed the way we'd hoped.
I'm afraid we're gonna have to remove the transplanted uterus.
Oh, no.
You have to fix it.
- We can't.
- Then please, give me another.
Unfortunately, that's not possible here.
But you do have other options to have a child.
I know.
All I ever wanted was to carry my own baby.
Feel it inside me.
Claire, I'm I'm really sorry.
- I wish we could help you.
- I've had four miscarriages.
I've gone through five cycles of IVF, please.
There are other hospitals in Chicago.
Could you call them? See if someone out there will do it.
Would it help if I donated my uterus? Beth, no.
I could never - Claire, please.
- No.
You'll get married someday.
You'll have a family.
They'll find me another uterus.
And we'll both have kids and raise them together like we always talked about.
Please, call the other hospitals.
We still have a little time.
Run serial hemoglobin checks.
Let me know if it gets below seven.
Claire, I'm not optimistic, but I'll make some phone calls.
I know some people at Lakeshore Memorial.
I'll make some calls too, okay? Okay.
I understand.
That was Dr.
They're afraid that Stefan might still have a bleed, so they're taking him for an angiogram.
Yeah, they're on the move.
Man, you all right? Uh, chest is killing me.
Push 10 of morphine.
This'll help.
We're gonna figure this out very soon.
Zoom in on three.
Can you ID that man? I got a Paco Ramirez, a known El Rabioso.
Any of your people nearby, get them in there.
Guys, I need you in the surgery hallway now.
Uh, I forgot.
Uh, they rescheduled this to 3:30.
We should probably take him back to his room.
What's going on? Are we good to move? Can you hold off on the angiogram? Yeah, he's stable.
I think so.
Then take him to PICU.
You'll be safe there.
Badge-entry only.
And wait for the all clear.
Uh, yes, ma'am.
Sir? Excuse me, sir? Sir, I really need to see your pass.
Just been assaulted by a male.
Black jacket and jeans.
Silver necklace.
Headed westbound past the cardiac cath lab! Stop! We're all calm here.
So you know what, I, uh, I don't think we're looking at medical neglect here.
Well, then we have nothing.
I gotta let her go.
We tried.
- Dr.
Halstead? - Yeah? Well, Ivy's old records just came in from East Mercy.
Oh, thanks.
- Dr.
Charles? - Yeah? Look at this.
Ivy's tumor.
It's not getting bigger.
It's shrinking.
Hey, Ivy.
You want, uh, Trini to give you some more Zofran? I'll be better once I'm home.
Well, we got your CT records, your old ones, and, um, it seems your tumor isn't getting bigger.
It's getting smaller.
Smaller? It is shrinking.
Oh, my God.
- The tea.
- Yeah.
- It's working.
- Whoa, hold on.
I wanna avoid jumping to any conclusions.
This tea has been widely discredited, and none of its ingredients have proven to have cancer-fighting properties.
Well, but it's getting smaller.
Ivy, this is great.
Why do I keep throwing up? I'm not sure.
Do you have some of that tea I can send to the lab? See if it's causing any of this? Sure, I've got a packet right here.
Ivy, I don't like this.
I wanna send you upstairs for an endoscopy to figure out what's going on.
- Ivy.
- Why's there blood? What's happening? Must be a Mallory-Weiss tear in her esophagus from the vomiting.
Get two units of blood and plasma and 10 milligrams of Reglan now.
Ivy? Ivy? Okay, she's lost too much blood.
We need to get her upstairs to cauterize the vessels.
It's a simple procedure.
But if we don't get her up now, she could die.
Do I have your consent? Yes.
Tell endoscopy we're coming up right now.
She's gonna be okay, right? She has to be.
Honestly, buddy, I don't I don't really know.
Okay, that tea, she's gotta keep taking it.
It's working, so she can't give up.
We're gonna do everything we possibly can.
That I can assure you.
Somebody, help.
Pressure's dropping.
Okay, start norepinephrine, hang two units of blood, trigger the MTP.
- Pulse is thready.
- Transplant? I'm so sorry.
We're out of time.
We have to get you upstairs for a hysterectomy.
Okay? Okay, go! Go, go, go.
Asher? Let me donate my uterus.
You do realize that this procedure is not reversible? You would not be able to have children of your own.
I never wanted kids to begin with.
I never wanted to be a mother, but it was so important to Claire, I couldn't tell her.
It's just not fair that I can have kids and she can't.
- Please.
- Okay, Beth, you need time to make a decision this big.
There is no time.
Once you remove Claire's uterus, that's it.
Isn't it? Unless you can give her another.
We don't know if you're a match.
And I don't know if I could get our head of transplant surgery to agree.
This is my sister's only chance.
You have to try.
Hey, Pamela.
You got a sec? Mm-hmm.
Okay, so they're taking Claire up to surgery.
We have a live donor.
Will you do the transplant? Crockett, transplant medicine is about saving lives when people have no other option.
- She does.
- I don't pretend to understand the bond between a mother and a child, but you do.
You and Avery.
Now you have the chance to give that experience to someone else.
All right.
Fine, I'll do it.
- Hey.
- Heard about your close call.
You okay? Yeah, uh, I'm pretty sure they knew I was leaving the ICU.
El Rabioso probably has someone on the inside.
Okay, like a girlfriend, or a relative, or some hospital employee feeding them info.
Stefan is stable now, but he might have a bleed.
I don't know how much longer we can stay put.
I hear you.
Dylan, these guys are here to kill Stefan.
That's all that matters to them.
And I don't wanna put you in any more danger.
You send up flares at the next sign of trouble, all right? I'll pull the plug.
Ain't gonna happen.
All right.
I'll stay in touch.
Jeffords said you went to bat for us.
- What's up? - His pressure's dropping.
All right, hang another unit of blood - and turn up the Levophed.
- Okay.
Getting ready to clamp off the donor.
Should be to you in 15.
Marcel, where are you with this uterine artery? Getting close.
Help us with the pressure, Marty.
I'm playing catch-up here.
- Lot of bleeding.
- You guys okay? Ah, Claire's in V-fib.
- Damn it.
- Starting compressions.
She's been coagulopathic all day.
Gimme the paddles.
Charging to 200.
- Epi, 1 milligram.
- I can handle this.
Do it, Marty.
Charge to 200.
- Charged.
- Clear.
Okay, we got sinus rhythm.
Beth's uterus is still connected.
We can close her up and forget this ever happened.
No, no, no.
Keep moving forward.
We can pull Claire through.
This is why we don't do elective transplants.
Plenty of other ways to have a baby.
New gown and gloves, please.
Well, I guess we're proceeding.
Have you seen Dr.
Taylor at all? - Has she been down? - Mm, no.
Not in a while.
Is everything okay? Oh, no.
Everything's okay.
Just trying to keep tabs on my doctors.
Well, if I see her, I'll let her know you're looking for her.
Thank you.
Just got that lab analysis of that tea.
No contaminants.
Nothing that would cause seizures, or this amount of nausea, and definitely nothing that would cause Ivy's tumor to shrink.
I I had another test run on Ivy's blood.
Oh, my God.
But if she doesn't know, this is assault.
So Ivy, we got some test results back.
And we now understand what's been going on.
Why your tumor is shrinking.
Yeah, so your symptoms today are consistent with your cancer but they are also consistent with the side effects of chemotherapy.
Specifically a drug called Temodar, which unfortunately, can easily be obtained over the internet.
So what are you saying? Well, we believe that there is a strong possibility that somebody has been giving Ivy an oral chemotherapeutic without her knowledge.
What? What are you talking about? Did you do this? Honey, no.
Mona? No.
Hey, hey, Ben? Can I just take a quick look at your hands? - What? - Just indulge me.
Um, lemme look at your hands, please.
Yeah, see, um, the redness, peeling on your fingertips.
You know, those look like chemical burns to me.
And Temodar pills are caustic.
I'm just curious, is there any chance you could've been breaking them up and putting them in Ivy's tea? Ben.
Tell me.
I didn't know what else to do.
You gave me drugs? You can't die, Ivy.
I love you.
You can't die.
I'm sorry.
His chest tube has stopped putting out blood.
- What? - His pressure's dropping.
His jugular's distended.
I thought the bullet went through his lung, but what if it got the apex of his heart? Then that's where the bleed was all along.
And now he's clotted off his pericardial sac.
He's in tamponade.
Goodwin, we're going to the OR.
If the hospital isn't secure, we'll need a police escort.
All right, I gotta go.
He's in PEA.
We gotta get him to the OR now.
No time.
We gotta drain him here.
But we don't have an ultrasound.
- We'll be going in blind.
- We don't have a choice.
He'll need a syringe.
Kenneth, clear a path to OR 12.
Copy that.
I'm getting my people on alert.
All right.
Tell Dr.
Latham to scrub up.
He's got a case coming in any minute.
Sats are in the 40s.
Okay, pulling back.
Try again.
- Okay, rhythm's back.
- Yeah, for now.
But the sac's just gonna keep filling up.
We gotta move.
Hello? Dr.
Scott, you're going to OR 12.
Escort's waiting at the PICU door.
All right.
On our way.
Hey, I'm here to give you guys a hand.
That's Hector's friend.
Don't move! Hey.
- Beth? - Hey, Claire.
What happened? We were able to perform a transplant.
Really? How? Your sister gave you her uterus.
- What? No, no.
- Don't be upset, Claire.
Please, it's gonna be all right.
You shouldn't have done it.
Why did you do it? Because you deserve to have kids.
Because you're gonna be a great mom.
What about you? I never wanted what you wanted, Claire.
All that about us raising our kids together, that was your dream, not mine.
Oh, Beth.
Don't be sad.
I'm gonna be a great aunt.
I'm gonna spoil your kids rotten.
Is that really necessary? Ben is a part of our family.
He and Ivy have been sweethearts since they were little kids.
I hope you understand that, uh, legally, we just had no choice and had to report this to our hospital's administration.
But they're just gonna process him.
And after that it's completely up to you if you wanna press charges or not.
No, we're not gonna do that.
I know today was agonizing.
But the chemo's working.
Ivy's having side effects, and they are hard to manage, but with the right dose Dr.
Our daughter is going to die.
No matter what.
She's already partway through the course.
Who knows what kind of treatments will come out - if we give her the time.
- Please.
No chemo.
We're gonna take her home.
It's what Ivy wants.
We completely understand.
Thank you for everything.
Yeah, take care.
Whoever said love hurts sure knew what they were talking about, huh? Yeah.
You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go home and hug my daughter.
You all right? Yeah.
I'll see you.
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look, I just wanna say thank you for doing the surgery.
I know you didn't want to.
Thank you.
It's fine.
Good night.
Crockett? Yeah? You made an appeal to me that I knew what it was like to carry a baby, but the thing is, I didn't.
I used a surrogate.
I don't talk about it because people make assumptions.
They judge.
We really wanted a child.
And my husband was older and more established.
And I was just an intern trying to get my career off the ground.
And I had fibroids, which would've made the pregnancy more complicated, so Since we had the means I guess today just brought up a lot of old feelings for me.
Maybe a little bit of regret.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah? You wanna get some dinner? Yeah, I do.
There you go, Rambo.
Okay? Just wrap you up.
I'll do that, Dr.
Yeah? - Good night.
- Good night.
I'm told that Stefan's surgery is going well.
Oh, glad to hear it.
You know, I don't know how you got involved with this case, but I've got a feeling that it wasn't a coincidence.
No need to share.
Just try not to forget that the coat you're wearing these days is white, not blue.
That should do it.
Good night.
Night, Ms.
Look, I know you weren't on board with the surgery today, but It was a difficult procedure.
But we pulled it off.
I think we can take that as a win.
Good night.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I, uh, I heard about your arm.
How is it? Uh, nothing serious.
What about things on your end? All good.
We weren't compromised.
And, um Dylan, look, I'm I'm sorry for putting you in that situation.
It, uh, wasn't what you wanted, and it wasn't fair.
Well, just wanted to say it in person.
I should go.
Did you mean it? When you said you were willing to blow the whole operation 'cause of me? Yeah, I meant it.
Hey, uh, you don't have to go.
Whoa, uh this could be dangerous.
I'm okay with dangerous.

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