Chicago Med (2015) s07e20 Episode Script

End of the Day, Anything Can Happen

This guy says we've never met before, but there's something about him that seemed familiar.
I remember when this was taken.
So you two were close? Your father never wanted you to know.
We were in love.
There's a blue Impala.
Been idling there for, like, 15 minutes.
You're being paranoid.
This woman has very strong ties with the Serbian mob.
We can't do this.
It's not safe.
Milena, wait.
Vasik settled with the feds? Well, there's still some state and criminal cases going forward, but You've been awarded $1.
2 million.
My offer's been accepted, buying that building.
Oat milk, huh? Mm, it's supposed to be better for the environment.
But still getting it in a disposable cup, so A bit of a wash.
Small talking about coffee.
We've become those coworkers.
We could always talk about work.
Pulled a LEGO out of a patient's nose last night.
Oh, that's exciting stuff.
The patient was 34 years old.
- Oh.
- Dr.
Pleasant surprise.
The infamous Dr.
Hannah Asher.
The infamous Dr.
Matthew Cooper.
Hi, how are you? Um, wow.
You are looking quite well.
It must be that new landlord glow.
Congrats, by the way.
The apartment buildings in Canaryville, right? That's right.
The old homestead.
I love that.
It's nice to see someone came out ahead in all this.
What are you doing here, Matt? Getting the old ticker checked, making sure I'm in fighting shape for the trial.
Anyway, I got to run.
I look forward to seeing you in court.
All right, take care, man.
What a dick.
You didn't tell me that you bought an apartment building.
- Hey, Doc Scott.
- Hey.
You all right, man? Something up with your gunshot recovery? No, I'm cool.
You did me right.
That's why I'm here, actually.
Sung your praises to my boss.
Now he needs your help.
Your boss? Oh, well.
You know, I caught your case by chance, man.
I'm a pediatrician.
Really? That's even better.
It's actually my boss's daughter who isn't feeling well.
Okay, um, well, tell him to bring her in.
- I'll take a look.
- Sorry, Doc.
Boss doesn't work that way.
Oh, a a house call.
Um, let me text my boss and tell him I'm going to be late.
It's no problem.
You can do that from the car.
We meet again.
Thank you.
Um, you know, it's Crockett with an R.
I need help.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm a doctor.
Are you hurt? Not me.
My grandson Zeke.
Hey, bud.
Stretcher! Hey! I need a stretcher.
Hey, talk to me, bud.
What's going on? My belly hurts.
This might hurt a little, okay? He has liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis.
This morning, he woke up so sick.
We got here as fast as we could.
Okay, put your arm around me.
Oh, God.
Please don't let it be too late.
Why don't you call an ambulance? We were outside the city, and they only serve the local hospitals.
Get him into the ED.
I'll be right there, okay? We've been to all of them.
They won't help.
Just help my grandson.
You're his last hope.
Zeke Belkin, fulminant liver failure.
Transplant status, 1A.
His time is running out, and his grandmother, Celeste, knows it.
She tried to donate a portion of her liver to save him, got turned down.
So they're coming to ask for a second opinion? Well, more like a fifth opinion.
These are Celeste's medical records.
Blood type and anatomy are a match to Zeke, so She's 68 years old, overweight, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure.
Her labs are terrible.
Yeah, and the kid's only 12 years old.
No, no.
This hospital too? I'm sorry, Ms.
But I've been exercising, eating better.
I'm stronger than I was before.
I'm the only family Zeke has.
Run the donor screening test again.
We will.
Just hang tight, and we'll have a nurse come by and get things started, okay? Thank you.
I feel for them, too, Crockett, but what you just did wasn't smart.
Look, I couldn't turn her away.
Her grandson's dying.
She's likely his only chance to get a liver.
I hope you haven't overpromised, because unless her labs have improved, there's nothing we can do.
I'm still struggling to wrap my head around it.
Was my father the man I knew, the rigid, by-the-book sailor, or was that all an act, and his true self was this secret life with Gerald? The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Yeah, I guess that's true.
But end of the day, it was still a lie, right? To himself, to me, to who knows who else? You check in with your family about this yet? I, uh I tried to I talked to my sister Emily about it, but it was clear she had no idea, so I dropped it.
My mom I don't even know how to approach the conversation.
What if she already knew? That means she went along with the lie and kept it from me.
And if she didn't know, then I'm just outing my father.
The whole thing is, um It's a lot, right? I just think you got to be patient with yourself.
You know, give yourself time to figure it all out.
It's the ED.
Maybe work would be a good distraction.
Nikola Corluka.
Corluka, I'm Dr.
Stefan trusts you, so I'm trusting you.
This is Eva.
She was awake all night.
Stomach pains, nausea, vomiting And fever.
I checked her temperature again a few minutes ago: 100.
My wife, Lena.
Hey, Eva.
I'm sorry you're not feeling so great.
I'm going to try to help.
I need to press on your tummy, and you let me know if it hurts, okay? Anything? What about now? Ow, that hurts.
Don't press anymore.
I won't.
I promise.
So, Eva, what is your favorite food? Ice cream.
Mmm, delicious.
If I brought you a big bowl right now, would you eat it? I don't think I could.
It hurts too much.
I get it.
I need to talk to your parents for a minute.
An ultrasound will confirm, but pretty sure it's her appendix.
It needs to come out.
So make a list of everything you need Ultrasound, other supplies And I'll have Stefan bring them.
I'm not a surgeon.
And we can't do the operation here.
Eva needs the hospital.
I'm more comfortable at home.
It's Eva.
Listen to the doctor.
Okay, what else? I want the best surgeon.
And you're not leaving my side.
Oh, fudge! I'll take over.
I'm Nurse Lockwood.
This is Dr.
Asher, OBGYN.
I'm Mary, uh, Morgan.
This is my this is my husband, Jesse.
Nice to meet you both.
So Morgan, how far along are you? 37 weeks? We're supposed to have three more, right? Your first baby, huh? - It's that obvious? - Aww.
Good vitals.
Baby heart rate's 136.
136? Is that good? It's excellent.
There you go.
Morgan, has your water broke yet? Uh, no.
But but Jesse's been timing the contractions.
How far apart are they? Damn.
I didn't push the timer button.
I thought that I did.
Pushing the button.
Timer's on.
Okay Morgan, I'm going to check you out, okay? Okay.
All right, you're about 5 centimeters dilated.
What's that mean? Baby's on its way.
Okay, Morgan, do you have a birth plan? I think I want to do a natural childbirth without drugs.
This is Two minutes.
Two minutes.
All right, guys, we're going to move up to labor and delivery.
Go from there.
Oh, God.
We're going to be parents today.
Morgan, Jessie, I'm a midwife.
Would you like me to stay with you? - Yes! - Yes.
Henderson, Dr.
- This is Dr.
- Morning.
My daughter, Anya.
Apologies for the mud bath.
We were doing an obstacle course race, you know.
Rope climb, army crawl You know, father-daughter bonding.
Good, clean family fun.
Yeah, it was till I fell.
Eh, just missed a handhold and hit the ground kind of funny.
Yeah? Can you flex up and down - for me? - Yeah, yeah.
As far as you can.
Did you hit your head? Experience any dizziness, loss of consciousness? No.
Just a bruised ego.
Well, I'll get an x-ray to be sure, - but I think it's just a sprain.
- Cool.
There's another race in a couple of weeks.
Think he'll be ready? Well, hell yeah, I'll be ready.
Come on.
A tech will be by with that x-ray in a minute.
- All right.
- Thank you.
It seems pretty straightforward.
No surgery necessary.
So I'm going to peel off.
Okay, Chief.
Then my health is better? Yes.
Your donor screening labs, overall, have slightly improved.
But the numbers are still not ideal for surgery.
Is it a yes or a no? I still want a pre-op clearance from internal medicine in cardiology, but as of now, yes.
You can donate a portion of your liver to Zeke.
Oh, Zeke, it's finally happening.
- Ms.
Belkin? - Yeah? It's important for you to know that even though we've approved the surgery, the operation hasn't gotten any simpler.
These situations can be life-threatening.
But it's not my life I'm most concerned about right now, so whatever consent you need, you have it.
Let's get you admitted.
I love you, honey.
Love you too, Grandma.
Okay, Zeke, so this is what's going to happen next.
I don't think I can do this.
Look, I know it's scary.
But Dr.
Blake she's the absolute best.
You know, it'll all be over soon, and afterwards, you're going to feel so much better.
You don't understand.
My parents died of COVID.
And I think I gave it to them because I wasn't old enough to be vaccinated.
Now this operation I could kill my grandmother, too.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's not going to happen.
You don't know that.
I don't want to put my grandma in danger but I don't want to die.
Hey, hey, hey.
I don't want to die.
It's okay, Zeke.
It's all right.
And I'm not just tired.
I'm utterly exhausted.
But it's like all the time.
I'm also sore, stiff, the works.
And Dorian, how long you've been feeling that way? Off and on for a few months.
I finally dragged myself out of bed to see what was going on.
And I hate hospitals.
But I heard Maggie Lockwood works here, so thought I'd give Med the benefit of the doubt.
So you know Maggie? I haven't seen her since high school.
But, yeah.
No kidding? Maggie's on a case upstairs, but I can let her know you're here.
No, that's that's okay.
I don't want to bother her.
Okay, so tell me.
What was Maggie like back then? Just a little whirlwind.
She was popular, valedictorian.
She ran every club back then.
Sounds like Maggie.
You know, she and I we did "Seasons of Love" in choir.
She over-sang everyone until the teacher gave her a solo.
Yeah, that was probably her plan all along.
You know what? You might be right.
Lymph nodes feel okay.
No tenderness or swelling.
CBC, BNP, TSH, blood cultures, and a liver panel? Sounds good.
We're going to try and get you some straight answers today.
It was nice meeting you, Dorian.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Eva has just been put under.
The surgery will last about an hour.
I'm praying for Eva, that she'll come through this like she did the last time.
Last time? Eva had a medical scare shortly after she was born.
Thankfully, the doctor said it was nothing.
Still, I was so afraid.
Sir, can I get you or Mrs.
Corluka anything? Food, water? Did I ask you for anything? No, sir.
Then leave me alone.
Yes, sir.
You worked alongside Dr.
Cooper, correct? He'd come down to the ED to consult Don't tell her.
Tell the jury.
We collaborated on several cases.
And in those collaborations, did Dr.
Cooper mistreat or misdiagnose a patient? No.
But the VasCOM was approved for use Just keep it simple.
Just yes or no, but with confidence.
So you would describe Dr.
Cooper as a good physician? No.
You just said Dr.
Cooper's patients were well cared for.
I mean, he was a good physician, - but he committed fraud.
- No.
Now you just took the bait.
Okay, now you're on record as saying Dr.
Cooper was a diligent, caring physician.
- You're twisting my words.
- Yes.
And so will Cooper's lawyers.
All right, I can't do this.
Look, if I say the wrong thing, it could blow the whole case.
And then Cooper gets off the hook, and this was for nothing.
I think that's enough for today.
Yeah, me too.
I need to get back to my patients.
All right, Will, I know this is frustrating, okay? It's just this is a big case.
So I'm sorry, but I'm just going to keep on being the prick lawyer.
- Wonderful.
- Hey.
Look on the bright side.
You got an apartment building out of it.
You're quiet.
Visualizing what we need to do, I hope? Yeah.
I been thinking about Zeke.
Just terrified something's going to happen to his grandma.
Cried on my shoulder.
- Tore my heart out.
- Okay, stop, stop.
Stop talking.
Celeste's surgery is already difficult enough.
But for you to bring Zeke's fears into the OR with you, that's That's not helpful.
Let's just concentrate on the task at hand.
That's great.
So we're out of here? Your LDL cholesterol's a little high, but nothing to worry about.
Just maybe cut back on the red meat.
Otherwise, yeah, you're good to go.
Oh, thank God.
Because I am starving but didn't want to go till I knew what was going on.
Dad, do you want anything from the cafe? Kind of already pulled up the menu.
Why don't you get me my glasses? I guess this is what losing a step looks like.
Can't run, can't see.
You know, why don't you just give me the, um, roast beef sandwich? What did he just say about red meat? The turkey wrap's pretty good.
Then just what the doctor ordered.
Always always taking care of me.
Miles, I noticed you were having trouble seeing the menu.
You mind if I take a quick look at your eyes? Sure.
All right.
Uh I am seeing a bit of a swelling in the back of your right eye.
I'd like to get an MRI.
Really? That doesn't sound good.
I just want to be thorough.
Yeah, well, I guess that's what you want in a doctor.
So, okay.
Let's do it.
- Great.
- Yeah.
Small world.
I've got trail mix in my lunch box too.
I eat them when I'm stressed.
And really just the chocolate.
I know fruits would be healthier, but grapes, apples? I'm allergic.
Me too.
So all your tests came back normal.
I'm afraid we don't have any answers for you.
I should have known.
The headaches they kicked in about half an hour ago.
And whenever I get them, bad news usually follows.
You know, there are a few more tests that we can actually run.
I just want to know what's going on so I can start feeling better.
Hang tight.
Stiffness, fatigue, and now headache? Could have been infection somewhere.
I'm thinking the same thing.
Let's get an LP and an MRI.
I'll order them up.
Hey, Eva, feeling better? Can I have ice cream with sprinkles now? How about we start with a popsicle? The operation was as routine as they get.
Eva may feel tired or sore for the next few days, but this time next week, I do expect that she'll be back at full strength.
Hey, sweetie.
I'm proud of you for being so brave.
Eva? Hey.
Eva, can you hear me? Stat's dropping, 70s.
We got a pulse, but she's not breathing.
Call a code and bag her.
What's happening? Mr.
Corluka, please, step back.
I want to know what's going on.
Intubation and drugs.
40 milligrams sux, six milligrams etomidate.
What are you doing? I'm helping Eva breathe.
- Pushing meds.
- Oh, my God.
I'm in.
You said she's doing better.
Why did she stop breathing? I don't know.
A possible heart dysrhythmia.
I don't want theories.
I want answers.
I don't have any.
I need to run tests.
Do what you have to.
CBC, CMP, blood, gas, mag, and false.
Chest x-ray, EKG, and an echo.
Hepatic vein is not cooperating, is it? Does not want to take the suture.
Okay, let's try this again.
The vein is so friable.
It's like tissue paper.
Don't want it to tear.
You through the vein wall? Coming out the other side.
Got it.
Nice job.
One suture.
Long way to go.
You're doing great, honey.
Just keep breathing.
You keep breathing.
Oh, I changed my mind.
I can't do this.
I want the epidural.
I'm sorry, Morgan.
We're way far past that point.
You're too deep into labor.
Okay, a few more big pushes, Morgan.
Oh, my God.
That's a head.
Now breathe out and push.
Slow and steady.
Keep on pushing.
You got this.
Yeah, the head's out.
Head is out.
What? Head went back in.
What happened? Okay, Maggie, turtle sign.
Get her in McRoberts, apply suprapubic pressure.
All right, Jesse.
I need you to step back.
The nurse is going to take over for us.
What's going on? Is my baby okay? Yes, shoulders are just stuck.
Morgan, on your next contraction, I want you to push exactly as you have been.
I'm going to push from above while Dr.
Asher pulls from below.
- Okay.
- Okay? Okay.
That's it.
That's it, Morgan.
You're doing great.
Keep pushing.
The baby's coming.
Yes! Got him.
It's a boy.
Oh, my God.
He's beautiful.
He's enormous.
So interest rates are going up again.
You landed your apartment building just in time.
I guess I got lucky.
You still are.
Got a tenant for you.
I'm not ready for renters yet.
Units aren't even done.
Think of it this way: one less renter to find is one less headache.
Yeah, all right.
Send me their info.
You already got it.
It's Dr.
Just not a good idea.
All right.
But I'll keep looking.
We can figure out the finder's fee later.
Uh, no, Doris.
Is that Miles' MRI? Yeah.
I'll back you up.
Hey, Miles.
We got your results.
Where's Anya? Had to take a work call.
- Oh, we can wait for her.
- No, no, no.
It's fine.
It's fine.
I don't want to interrupt her.
It's a new job.
Okay, so your MRI revealed optical neuritis.
It's inflammation of your eye that causes discomfort and vision loss.
Good news is, typically, optical neuritis will resolve on its own with time.
Good news implies there's There's bad news.
The MRI also revealed two small plaques in your motor cortex.
Now, we'll run some more tests to confirm, but that finding plus neuritis, I think it's likely we're looking at multiple sclerosis.
MS? For real? I'm afraid so.
That's muscular, right? I'm going to lose more than just a step.
I'm going to keep getting weaker and weaker.
When Anya comes back, we can discuss next steps to help you No.
Do not tell my daughter.
We won't.
Right, Dr.
Choi? Zeke? He's doing wonderfully.
As soon as you're feeling up to it, you can go visit him.
He asked me to give you a message.
You rock, Grandma.
Celeste? BPs dropping, 88 over 62.
Celeste? Heart rate's on the rise.
Damn it.
She's bleeding.
Bolus a liter and then two of blood, two of plasma.
Let's go.
It's got to be the hepatic vein.
Didn't hold the sutures.
We've got to open her back up.
Clearly, they're not discussing Miles' diagnosis.
Maybe he's, you know, still processing or trying to find the right words.
You know, didn't want to scare her.
Or he's just not ever going to tell her.
The longer you hold on secrets, the harder they are to admit.
My father took all of his to the grave.
I completely appreciate where you're coming from.
But I mean, how he wants to go about it Kind of up to him, right? But it's a betrayal.
By keeping quiet, he's doing to Anya what my father did to me.
Normal, every single test.
I also did a CT head, MRI and additional blood labs for endocrine disorders.
And they were all normal too.
I don't understand.
Is this good or bad? - Right now, I don't know.
- You don't know.
You don't know.
I'm so tired of that answer.
Scott, she's over-breathing the vent.
RSBI is 50.
What does that mean? Eva's breathing well on her own again.
Eva, can you hear me? Okay.
Set up the extubate.
So she doesn't need the machine anymore? No.
It doesn't appear so.
And you don't know why this happened either, do you? I don't.
I'll re-review her labs, her history.
That's backwards.
Corluka, you said a doctor treated Eva shortly after she was born.
But I don't see it listed in the records.
We didn't go to the hospital.
The doctor came to our home.
One night, her SIDS monitor went off.
I went into her room, picked her up, but she was fine.
The doctor did an exam, but found nothing.
It never happened again.
SIDS monitor.
You know, I'd like to run one more test: an exome sequencing analysis.
What is that? It's a genetic test that targets proteins.
I think it might provide us with some answers.
But it is expensive and can sometimes cause issues with insurance companies.
So we need to contact Run the test.
Have a minute? Of course.
I know my dad.
And whenever he's keeping something from me, he says, "Everything's fine.
" He's saying that about his MRI.
It makes me worried that it's not.
I'm sorry, Anya, but I can't disclose anything.
HIPAA rules.
I guess I just have to trust that he's telling me the truth.
Anya, you know, with your dad's vision trouble, he might need you to help with the fine print.
You know what the CARES Act is? No.
It requires hospitals to give access to patient medical records.
This is linked to their portal.
Maybe you can help your dad put in his personal information to access his chart.
Medications, test results, everything.
Need more suction.
What you expected? Hepatic vein not able to support the sutures? It's not the problem.
Ah, there we go.
Bleeding is coming from the raw edge of the liver.
Let it go.
I got it.
The clip I placed came off.
It faulty? No.
Doesn't seem to be.
Not sure why it didn't hold.
Well, it's an easy fix.
Swap it out.
Blake? Hemostat and clip applier.
You all right? My positioning's just off.
Okay, what do you need? Dr.
Marcel, I think you're at a better angle to apply the clip.
Are you sure? Yes.
Take over.
Congenital what? Central hypoventilation syndrome, CCHS, is a non-inherited gene mutation that affects the autonomic nervous system.
In Eva's case, her brain forgot to tell her body how deeply or how often to breathe.
Then Eva had this forever? Why didn't we know? Well, she had been getting by.
But today, with the appendectomy, she needed extra oxygen to come out of anesthesia.
She couldn't do it.
Is there a cure? Unfortunately, no.
But there are treatments.
Eva's case is mild.
I suspect that she'll be most vulnerable to breathing lapses during sleeping.
I recommend a ventilation machine like a CPAP to monitor oxygen intake.
Da, da, on it, Boss.
Thank you, Dr.
I raised my voice earlier, but I'm I get it.
It's your daughter.
Excuse me.
Well, looks like he told her the news.
That should make you feel better, huh? Hey, Dean.
Yeah? Decided I don't want the chief position any longer.
You keep it.
Really? Why the change of heart? I guess, uh, just not who I am any longer.
All right, well, you know me.
I'm not one to argue, so, uh Deal.
I'll tell Ms.
Goodwin, make it official.
Hey, Morgan.
How are you doing? Sore, bottom and top.
He hasn't stopped feeding since he came out.
We think he's going to be a sumo wrestler.
Well, he's off to a very good start.
His birth weight is a new hospital delivery record.
11 pounds, 9 ounces.
Seriously? My last Leopold predicted seven pounds.
- That was way off.
- Yeah.
Estimating birth weight is still an imperfect science.
Apparently so are due dates.
Almost three weeks we thought we had.
We put them aside to finish the nursery, buy clothes, pick a name.
We thought we were so prepared.
Guess not.
Pretty safe bet that just when you think that you've got it figured it out, this little guy is going to throw you a curveball.
My advice is just to roll with it.
I have placed thousands of clips, Crockett.
What happened today It worked out, and Celeste is fine.
But it could have just as easily gone the other way.
I should have felt that clip hadn't engaged.
Look, I I backed you into a corner when I agreed to new labs for Celeste.
I threw you off your game.
It's my OR, my responsibility.
Not everything's about you, Crockett.
- Oh, Milena.
- Hey.
I'm sorry about today, okay? It wasn't my idea to drag you in.
Stefan pitched you to Nikola Eva's better.
It's all that matters.
I can't wait for this case to be over.
Yeah, me too.
Hey, Celeste.
Just checking in.
What's going on? Are you in pain? No.
I'm happy.
Thank you for taking a chance on me, for not giving up.
You're very welcome.
I'll let you rest.
Oh, when you see Dr.
Blake, would you pass on my thanks to her also? She hasn't been by? No.
Not yet.
Yeah, I'll see if I can track her down.
Thank you.
You got it.
Hey, Miles.
Here's your discharge papers.
I asked you not to share my diagnosis.
You said you wouldn't.
Miles, I'm sorry, but your daughter knew something was going on.
Seriously? You're going to argue with me? Protecting Anya is my job, not yours.
I understand.
You know, Anya's new job is in Seattle.
I didn't tell her about the MS because I knew she'd give it up to stay here to take care of me.
And she has.
I didn't realize, man.
No, you didn't.
Just go.
That looked uncomfortable.
What'd you do? Something maybe I shouldn't have.
A new you, huh? Good call giving up the chief position.
Hasty getaway, huh? It's never a good sign.
Yeah, it's been a long day.
I just want to go home.
Pamela, what's going on? I know I hurt you after surgery.
Just a bit vague on how.
It's not you, it's me.
Well, thank you.
That clears up everything.
Come on, Pamela, talk to me.
If I if I've done something, just tell me.
I told you, it's not you, it's me.
It's literally me.
The clip didn't hold because I didn't engage it tightly enough.
I couldn't engage it.
What do you mean couldn't? My hand at rest.
Rock steady.
But when I pinch my fingers together There's something wrong with my hand, Crockett.
There's something really wrong.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, I was hoping I'd catch up with you.
When you get your schedule tomorrow, let's find time for another practice session.
Listen, um, I realize that I haven't fully expressed my gratitude for all that you've done.
You're still bearing the brunt of the consequences, and I'm the one that got you into this mess.
So thank you.
Appreciate that.
I also appreciate you not congratulating me on my apartment building.
What? Well, that's been the takeaway for most people.
Don't listen to them.
You're a good man, Will Halstead.
You stepped up.
But then, you always do.
- Looking for an apartment? - Yep.
A few decent ones.
We'll see.
You know, my units aren't totally done yet.
Actually, one is livable.
Just needs a coat of paint.
But if you want it, it's yours.
I don't know.
That's What? Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Well, then okay.
Thank you.
Yeah, we'll sort the lease out tomorrow.
And I'll get you the keys then.
You should know, I'll be across the hall.
So So neighbors? Neighbors.
Thank you.
Hey, I think you know my patient in four.
I do? You went to high school with him.
Dorian Harwell.
Oh, my God.
Dorian Harwell.
I haven't seen him in 25 years.
Is he all right? He had a grade 1 glioma.
Waiting on a neurosurgeon consult, but his prognosis is good.
- Is he okay to see visitors? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
- Maggie.
- Yeah? - Um Is he my father? Oh, sweetie, no.
But if he isn't, then who is? You've never asked me that before.
I know.
But just meeting Dorian, it just made me think.
I'm sorry, Vanessa.
But I can't tell you.
Your biological father and I agreed that we would never contact you.
I broke that agreement, but I can't make that choice for him.
But maybe you could just reach out and ask him if he'd like to meet me.
We didn't stay in touch.
I don't even know where he is.
But I can ask around and try to find him.
I I'd love that.
Thank you, Maggie.
I guess I really upended Miles' and Anya's lives.
Look, at least Anya got to hear Miles' reasons for withholding the truth from her.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if he actually convinced her to take that job.
But look, whatever happens, at least now, they need to figure out what happens next together.
And that's a good thing.
Let's hope.
I never got to have a conversation like that with my father.
Let's say you did.
What do you think his reasons might have been for withholding his relationship with Gerald from you? Maybe the same as what Miles wanted for his daughter.
To protect me.

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