Chicago PD (2014) s04e23 Episode Script

Fork in the Road

1 Come in.
Have a seat, Detective.
The mom ID'd Pettigrew.
He's got Derek Robbins.
Should we wait for Voight? There's a kid out there.
Whoa, whoa, Erin.
Your gun.
Erin! What's going on, Detective? Where is he, you sick son of a bitch? - Who? - Derek Robbins.
Where is he? I'm sorry.
I don't know who that is.
- Where is he? - I told you I would never hurt a child.
- Ugh! - Erin! You have three seconds to tell me where Derek Robbins is.
- Hmm? - Erin, don't do this.
Haley, get out! Give me a reason.
Detective Lindsay.
You admit to shoving your fully loaded service weapon down the victim's throat? A repeat violent sexual offender who targets tender-age children.
He knew the location of a boy that he raped who we believed to be clinging to life.
That boy is the one and only victim here.
I have spent my entire adult career training to sit across from liars and scum and get the truth out of them, and I do not regret what I did here.
What you did is official misconduct.
You're looking at aggravated assault.
I came here without an FOP rep.
I've answered all of your questions honestly.
I know you'll look for inconsistencies when you interview Detective Upton.
You will not find any.
Until the board has made its determination, you're stripped.
You can take that badge off your chest.
[scoffs] [phone buzzes] - Mom? - Where are you? Um, I'm downtown.
Why? I I need you.
I need you to come here.
I need you right now.
I need you.
This is really not a good time for me.
He's he's dead! I just got home and and he I need you! Right now! [crying] - Bunny.
- Hank.
- Where is he? - Where's Erin? She's not coming, Bunny.
- I want to see my daughter! - Sit.
- Where's Erin? I want to see her! - Sit down.
He's been shot.
Jeez, it's Johnny.
He's alive.
Roll an ambo.
- Hank, I did not do this! - Get her back.
I just came home, - and he was already shot! - Just sit! Sit! Sit! 5021 George, emergency, got a male, white.
Gunshot wound to the chest.
Roll an ambo to our location.
- Is that Johnny Martelli? - Yeah.
Just keep her back out.
Halstead, where's that ambo? Okay.
That was Dr.
Guy's alive, barely.
Going into surgery now.
His name is Johnny Martelli.
- You know him? - Voight knows him from the Social Club.
We're looking for a 9 millimeter.
All right.
Let's find that gun.
Jeez, man.
You going out of your mind? First you and Lindsay break up.
Now this? I wouldn't want to be here.
I didn't know we had a choice.
Let's get all the evidence we can.
We don't know what happened here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Tech! [takes deep breath] You came home to find Johnny Martelli dying in your bed, and you don't call 911? - You call your daughter? - She's the police.
She's not an ambulance.
Meantime, he's bleeding out.
Why don't you tell us who Johnny is to you.
Is he your new boyfriend? Johnny we go way back.
Grade school.
I mean, nothing happened you know.
But then something happened, and anyway, there's he's not who people say he is.
A three-time convicted felon charged with multiple armed robberies? Well, he never brought that around me.
He was fun.
I thought he was the one.
The one what? Hmm? I mean, you haven't asked how he's doing.
Well how's he doing? He's been shot in the chest! What I want to know is how does this fit into the scam that you're running on Erin? - What scam? - You tell me.
You came around last week.
She's worried.
She's talking about you saying you're leaving town.
What's going on? Hank, can we speak alone? There is no scam.
He still has feelings for my daughter, I think, and that's why he's taking it out on he's taking it out on me.
Thank you.
Bunny, look at me.
Did you do it? Shoot Johnny? No.
Never in a million years.
We found this in your apartment behind the stove.
That's his gun.
I didn't know it was there.
I told him I hate guns.
I detest them.
Bunny, I've known Johnny as long as you.
I mean, I figure you got the inside track with you two shacking up.
So, why don't you tell me right now: what was he into, hmm? Who would've gone looking for him at your place and done this? I don't know.
He was good to me, Hank.
I would tell you if I knew.
Let's get real specific about this morning.
Where were you? Who saw you there? Why are you wasting your time when you could be out there finding who shot Johnny? He's out there.
You need to find him.
Hold your roll, Detective.
- You know about this? - Yeah.
Your mother's world record streak of bad luck and crap timing is still going strong.
But you don't want to go up there.
I just want to help, okay? I'm not looking to cover for Bunny.
Okay, not only shouldn't you go up there, you can't.
Per Chief Lugo, you can't palm in.
If you want to disobey, it's me chaperoning, and frankly I don't need the cardio.
Erin, go home.
Get your head straight.
It's my mother.
Mom, what happened? They think I shot Johnny is what happened.
All right, Bunny, you're free to go.
Stay close.
Keep your phone on, please.
- Where were you? - Don't make him say it twice.
Jay, why don't you walk her down, then stop by Med, see if you can get a statement out of Martelli.
You're letting her go? No weapon.
Alibi checks out.
GSR came back negative.
That doesn't mean she's not involved.
Do you want me to lock your mom up? I don't want her to get away with anything anymore.
Erin, you can't be here.
Till the board rules, the bosses are looking at all of us.
Just go home.
Be smart.
It's surgery.
They're pulling bullets out of the guy.
It takes a minute.
I know.
It's just, um, there's a lot riding on this for Erin.
Is she freaking out? I don't know.
We didn't speak, really.
I mean, we couldn't.
It's so messed up.
Jay, sorry, gunshot victim didn't make it.
Lost too much blood before we could stabilize him.
I'm gonna notify his sister unless you'd rather do it.
It's a homicide now, so I need the time he was pronounced.
I'll get the records.
- Thanks, Choi.
- Yeah, man.
I want you to give me the key to Mom's safety deposit box.
I'm gonna ask Erin to marry me.
She's all I think about, and she has been there for me every step of the way.
Why now? You two aren't even together.
Are you? No, we're not.
But she's in real trouble right now, and I want to be there for her.
I blew it once, but I'm ready.
Jay, this girl does not want to be saved.
Okay, what you should be doing is putting some distance there.
Two white male teens, both found unconscious.
Girl who called said it was oxy.
We administered Narcan, pulled one out, but her friend's nonresponsive.
- Bridgeport? - Yeah.
Joe's Prep.
Two Bridgeport ODs yesterday, same deal.
Kids thought they were taking 10 milligrams.
Turned out to be 80.
Well, there's more coming.
Last count was these two plus nine.
Go do your thing.
Johnny Martelli.
52 years old, healthy, until this morning.
These bruises on his body how recent? Fresh.
24 hours or less.
So, crime of passion.
Bad argument, Johnny says the wrong thing, bang, bang.
Yeah, I hate to disagree, but look at the powder stippling.
Muzzle burns around the wounds.
Shot close-range.
Direction of projectile indicates shooting downwards.
And under the body, we found passive stains where gravity pooled the blood.
He was laying down, probably asleep when he was shot.
This was premeditated.
So, we'll rule out passion.
But what's our motive? So, the bad news is the slugs that we recovered out of Johnny Martelli don't match any guns in our database.
They also don't match the gun that we recovered from the scene, which we also believe to be Martelli's.
However, and more interestingly, the SIG we believe to be Martelli's did hit for another case, and that case involved this truck.
It was robbed on Racine, Back of the Yards.
40,000 pills of codeine.
Two offenders wearing masks.
The SIG was fired three times when the driver wouldn't get out of the truck.
I just came from Med, and kids are ODing and dropping all over Bridgeport, so whoever's selling them these pills, they got the dosage of what they're selling wrong, and this robbery happened about a mile from their school.
Martelli's flooded his own neighborhood.
So, how does that get him killed? Well, the driver said two gunmen, right? Where's the other guy? Work Martelli's associates.
Dump their phones.
Who was near the robbery? Where are they now? And I want to know how this robbery connects to our homicide.
Hey, boss, what about Bunny Fletcher? - Yeah.
Get her back here.
- We can do that.
Hey, Sarge has friends in Bridgeport, right? Is this personal for him? That's the charitable description.
Upton, you got a second? - I was just gonna - Sure you do.
Come on.
You're next at the Review Board.
Yeah, that's right.
It was just you and Lindsay in that room.
Just your recollection and hers.
- And the offender.
- He doesn't matter anymore.
They're gonna drive a wedge between you and Lindsay.
I've been to the Review Board before.
Not when it's you and a friend of mine.
Not with Intelligence.
Some people in that tower have a real bug up their ass for Hank Voight, and they see Lindsay as his girl.
You're the unknown quantity.
I'm taking my FOP lawyer.
We've prepped.
Nothing's gonna bounce on this unit or Lindsay.
I'm not that kind of cop.
Then I came up here for nothing.
There he is.
Hey, Hank! I'm glad I caught you.
Can't divulge the details of Lindsay's hearing, but she put us all in a bind.
Bottom line is I need a scalp.
So, why the dog and pony show? You gonna boot her, go ahead and do it.
This came from headquarters: Lindsay goes or I shut Intelligence down.
- You're asking my permission? - I'm asking you to think.
What's more important: Lindsay's future or your unit? It's your call.
[man grunting, struggling] [indistinct chatter] All right, back off, Ricky.
That's enough.
Ted, Carmine, you think I want to be here? Come on.
Don't lie to me.
I wouldn't.
We had nothing to do with what happened to Johnny.
He was part of our crew, but it wasn't us.
And the robbery? The load of painkillers? Look, I got his gun.
It puts him at the robbery of that truck.
Did you give the okay? Martelli came to us, let us know what was going down, and we didn't stand in his way.
And then somehow the plan went bad.
Well, first, these morons brought guns.
And absolutely not did we give the go-ahead to sell this crap in the neighborhood.
They didn't even know what they were selling.
I understand that your grandson's in the hospital.
Medically induced coma.
Just turned 16.
And the guy you were tuning up? Who's that? Martelli's partner? Him? Yeah.
Vincent Pollack.
Northside punk.
Lucky you walked in.
You are, 'cause I got to bring him back to the district.
Now, I'll do everything I can to keep your names out of this, but a lot of people are watching this case.
You better do more than try.
What you owe us for Justin you still got to pay.
- Feels like we're on the run.
- Yeah, well, Hank said to stay close, but my apartment's a crime scene.
They went through my panties.
Where were you before? I'm on administrative leave.
I was working a rough case, and I went after a guy.
I hurt him.
Are you okay? I don't know.
What happened between you and Johnny Martelli? I'm not a cop.
I may never be one again.
Then why are you here? Because Intelligence will find out how you wound up standing over your boyfriend.
So, now it's time to get ahead of this.
Okay, what if I were to tell you that this is bigger than you think? Tell me how, and I will try to help.
You're not a cop? But you talk like a cop.
And you're interrogating me like a cop.
I want to know the truth for once, okay? I deserve that.
Oh, okay.
This is about your father, isn't it? You think I didn't want to find him? I don't know what you want, Mom.
I never have.
You know what? I'll take my chances with the actual police.
- I want a doctor.
- You'll get one, Vince, the second you tell us how Johnny Martelli wound up getting killed.
Doctor! [spits] Eighteen overdoses.
Two kids ID'd you as the guy who sold them these pills.
Cell tower history puts you at the scene of the truck robbery.
You're cooked, buddy.
Come on.
You got all that on me, but you can't place me anywhere near Martelli's murder.
All right, so, then, how did Martelli get killed? Fifty years on Earth as a guy no one likes didn't help.
Plus he was dealing, too.
But you know that.
Yeah, we'll come back to that.
Bunny Fletcher where does she fit in? We can't find her.
- Bunny? - Vince, one of two things is gonna happen: you're either gonna stop acting stupid, or you're gonna lose a lot more blood.
Bunny Fletcher it's her place where we found your friend bleeding out.
Come on, buddy.
A, I got no idea who killed Martelli.
Maybe Carmine went to see him, and Martelli talked back.
As for Bunny, she was sitting on the pills.
Wait, wait, are you saying this is all her? What? No.
Johnny was dealing.
I don't know how much he sold, but a lot.
Bunny's a bottom-feeder.
Johnny stashed what he didn't sell at her bar.
She was due to get her end.
Five grand.
Am I good to see a doctor now, or what? Chicago PD! Bunny! I thought we tracked her phone.
I thought she was here.
Pollack said the stuff was here.
- You think she ran? - Yeah.
She ditched her phone and she took the drugs.
In the meantime, let's toss this place.
You go see Bunny? It's okay.
You couldn't help yourself.
She's still my mother.
Yeah, and you're still the police.
Where is she? - Did she move those drugs? - What drugs? Fork in the road here, Erin.
Either you're with me or you're with Bunny.
Hank, she said, "There's something bigger going on here.
" She wouldn't say what.
That is all.
Her boyfriend stole 40,000 painkillers.
They're missing, and I think she's got them.
- Okay.
- No.
You have got to stay here.
You can't keep me out of this.
Erin, believe me when I tell you I am doing this for you.
We've got to be smart now.
You understand? All right, come on.
Bunny's associates.
Anyone she might run her mouth to.
You got to work fast.
She's in a lot of trouble.
Uh Glad to hear you're in Chicago.
I'm not in Chicago.
Been too long.
You realize you're selling damaged goods.
You were begging me last year.
Now you're getting exactly what you want plus a major takedown for the local office.
I get a solid hire.
What do you get? A result.
You in? This is Bunny Fletcher's known associates, at least the ones that don't pop in our system.
Happy hunting.
- Al? - She bite? - Put it in play, anyway.
- So, what? You save the unit? I'll tell you what: if Bunny Fletcher doesn't turn up, we're gonna need a whole new plan.
Detective Upton is aware if she doesn't answer your questions, she can be fired.
She's here today to cooperate.
We'd like the record to reflect that.
Haley Upton, made Detective meritoriously following actions of some heroism on an undercover assignment whose details are opaque, even to this board.
She's an exemplary police officer.
Not finished.
Not a month into your time in Intelligence before you wind up here.
I don't see how those facts are related.
This won't take long.
- 40,000 pills? - Yeah, that's what was stolen.
And we don't know how many got sold, so these are not gonna be the last kids to OD.
At least you guys get overtime.
Mom's ring.
She always said it's not a race, but whoever meets the right girl first gets the ring.
[chuckles] Sure about this? You tell Dad? Why do I have to tell Dad? It's Mom's ring.
It's not his.
What's up, doc? Hey, Kev.
How'd it go with the Review Board? [sighs] Not good.
- They grill you? - No.
The opposite.
Like they already made up their mind that Lindsay was at fault.
- They offer you a deal? - Mm-mm.
Just released me.
No disciplinary action forthcoming, and they cancelled the interviews for the rest of the unit.
Something else is going on.
They're jerking us around.
Sarge? I'm lost.
Ugh, we all are.
Every last one of us.
It's why we got to stick together.
What? [gasps] FBI! Don't move! Okay! What? What? FBI.
Hands on the wheel, Bunny.
What is this? You're our millionth customer.
[handcuffs click] Umm listen, my daughter's a cop.
I think this is a misunderstanding.
I sincerely doubt that.
Get her out of here.
[knock at door] Erin Lindsay.
I'm FBI Special Agent Jennifer Spencer.
We're overdue for a chat.
It's just me.
I come in peace.
The FBI usually does.
Maybe we should talk inside.
Do I have a choice? Some history at CPD.
Time away for substance abuse, plus a DEA task force gig that lasted all of two weeks.
Now this interview gets away from you.
That's still being investigated.
You've been on our radar for a while.
So, what? You're looking into the Chicago Police? I'm not here about CPD.
Every bullet point on your résumé makes you an ideal undercover.
I'm with the New York Counterterrorism Division.
I'm here with a job offer.
The FBI wants me? We tried to poach you before, but your sergeant shut me down.
He tells me your situation changed.
It's a mild assessment.
You'd report to me.
We take down major cases with zero jurisdictional boundaries.
Big game hunting.
In New York.
I'd have to think about that.
This is the call people wait their whole life to get.
I can't right now.
My mother I know all about your mother.
Then you know she's in the wind.
She's in FBI custody.
CPD's gonna use your mom to bounce you even harder.
This is a two-fer.
Take the gig, save your mom.
It's that simple.
You have ten minutes.
They're charging me with a felony: drug conspiracy.
The FBI, Erin! Because they found you in a truck full of drugs.
I I had to move them.
I messed up.
- Messed up? - I tried to tell you.
You did [scoffs] You didn't tell me.
And you didn't tell me that Martelli beats you.
Would you believe me? Would it have changed anything? Listen to me: you feared for your life.
He forced you to hide his narcotics for him.
Right? Right.
Mom, if we are gonna make a deal here, I need every bit of leverage available, which means you have to tell me the truth, for once.
Johnny knew that the drugs were on the truck, and he said I had to hide them, how nobody would come looking for them in the bar.
So, he forced you.
He used you.
You didn't plan this? They did say I would make five grand, but Mom! But then the kids got sick, and Johnny was killed, and I think that's why because they blamed him.
- Who did? - His partners.
Vincent something and Ian McAuliff.
Night of the robbery, Ian was the getaway driver.
Maybe he's the one that killed Martelli.
There were three men who robbed that truck? Are you sure? I'm sure.
I didn't tell Hank.
I don't trust him.
Would you testify against them? Yes.
Just tell me what to do; I'll do it.
How did we get here? I'm gonna try to fix this, Mom.
[crying] You're not gonna you're not gonna see me for a while.
I'll do what I can, Mom.
Can we talk? Yeah.
My mom's in custody.
How? What district? It wasn't us.
It's the FBI.
They got a tip on the narcotics the shipment her boyfriend stole.
For someone not working the case, you're up to speed.
I tried to stay out of it.
Look, it was three men who robbed the truck.
Driving was Ian McAuliff.
That could be our shooter.
Man, she opened up.
I guess getting pinched by the FBI will do that to you.
Get McAuliff.
I shouldn't be here.
Ian McAuliff.
Two years in Statesville for agg assault.
Three subsequent armed robbery arrests.
Somehow never charged.
All right, so now we know Martelli's partner blamed him for when those kids OD'd.
Said it was his plan, his problem.
- That's motive.
- Yeah.
All right, we move in with barrels up.
This guy is a shooter.
[tires screech] It's open.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Yeah.
- Ruz, I got blood here.
- Yeah.
Body! 5021 emergency.
Roll an ambulance to 6800 North Wayne.
- Copy that, 5021.
- He's long gone.
Yeah, cancel the ambulance.
Roll the crime lab down here right now.
5021 Sam.
We got a bona fide homicide.
Roll in the crime lab.
- Copy that, 5021.
- She knew.
I mean, she knew he was dead.
So, what's her angle? She sent us to collect a DOA.
I don't know.
All right, let's get a timeline together.
All right.
At 9:00 a.
, Ian McAuliff takes one to the chest and one to the head, and then ballistics matches those shots to Martelli's gun that was found at the scene of his murder.
And we now have multiple accounts that the shots that killed Martelli were fired at 11:00 a.
in Bunny Fletcher's apartment.
All right, so that's plenty of time for Martelli to murder his partner and get back to Bunny and get himself killed.
But by who? Pollack? No.
His alibi rules him out.
His alibi is that he was being beaten up by a couple of Carmine's guys.
It's not our problem now.
FBI is taking the case.
They secured 39,000 painkillers, and Bunny Fletcher has agreed to testify against Pollack in the robbery.
Are you saying we're just gonna sit out a murder investigation? I guess they'll look into that, too.
I want the job.
And here I was prepping my sales pitch.
On one condition: my mother doesn't do time on this narcotics beef.
No charges, no paper on her being detained.
She gave up the real bad guys.
They used her.
And she's not who you want.
She gets released tonight, or I walk.
You win.
You get me.
Let her go.
This is the New York Counterterrorism Division.
We don't trick people into working for us.
We find someone we like, and we go get them.
She's my mother.
[sighs] [sighs] What? You're my ride home? Will you give us a minute? [camera beeps] You know, the one thing we can't outrun is time.
See, I figure you needed these to load your gun, but then you forgot you had them on when you went into the next room to shoot Johnny Martelli.
I hate getting old.
You start making mistakes.
You didn't realize there was minute blowback on the lenses, along with his blood.
He beat me! He was gonna rob me.
He was gonna kill me.
I'd love to ask him about that.
You saw the biggest score of your life just sitting there in your bar.
Street value half a million.
Kids start dying.
Your boyfriend spooked.
You saw an angle.
So, where'd you hide the weapon, Bunny? I've got a deal.
You've got nothing.
Erin has a deal, and it blows up as soon as these become evidence.
Does she know? No one knows.
No one can.
[breathing deeply] Thank you.
Oh, it's not like that.
'cause I promise you the second you put her in jeopardy, I'm coming after you.
I tried to be a good mother to her.
I don't deserve this.
You're right.
You don't.
[camera beeps] How long you been here? Long enough.
They want me in New York, like, yesterday.
What I'm saying I mean, you know about this.
You know about everything, right? I knew I needed to do something.
I mean, they told me in no uncertain terms they're coming after you.
You needed options.
You always thought you knew what was best for me.
[chuckles] Yeah.
I gave this to Justin to add to his dog tags when he shipped out.
Just so he'd have something, knew I was there.
Is this Well, it's yours now.
Did my mother do it? You know, I don't even want to know.
[sighs] Don't look back.
- Thank you.
- Where is she? Yeah.
You know what? I texted both her and Burgess.
Kim's on her way, but I never heard back from Lindsay.
I wonder if she heard back from the board already.
Maybe, but that's all the more reason to celebrate, right? Yeah, or drown her sorrows.
- Jeez.
- Sorry.
I'm Greek.
I see tragedy in everything.
I thought you guys were supposed to be fearless.
And on the streets, I'd like to think I am, but the ivory tower that place is like a minefield with an elevator.
And any cop who thinks otherwise is stupid or Or what? Or stupid.
Plain and simple.
She'll be here.
Give me a minute.
Copy a minute.
- That means a half hour.
- [laughs] [phone rings] [ringing stops] [sighs]