Chicago P.D. (2014) s05e12 Episode Script


1 Hey, birthday girl.
You ready? Remember de-escalation training tomorrow, mandatory.
Oh, it's my dream Saturday.
Thank you.
Not all about you, Burgess.
We all gotta be there.
Let's jump this joint.
Ladies, it's Friday night.
Let's get to Molly's and make some bad decisions.
[LAUGHS] Um, I think we're right behind you.
Speaking of bad decisions, birthday girl, are you ready for these annual Malort shots? That's a negative.
It's a low-key event this year.
Besides, Randall has the flu, gonna make it an early night.
No problem with that.
I gotta make a quick run to Bucktown.
Yeah? You want me to come with? Uh-uh.
Uh, meet you at Molly's.
- Okay.
- Okay, so I heard that Otis convinced Herrmann to put a karaoke machine in at Molly's.
Bad idea.
Attracts the wrong kind of crowd.
I don't know, could be really fun.
When pigs fly, Burgess.
[ROSE ROYCE'S "CAR WASH" PLAYING] Let me tell you it's always cool [CHEERING] And the boss don't mind sometimes If you act a fool At the car wash You're next, Antonio.
How about a little Sinatra? That's grandpa music.
I'll find something.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
You understand the majesty of the Chairman of the Board, right? Jay, come back.
I wouldn't mind hearing a little "Summer Wind.
" Oh.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Kev! Hey, man, where you at? Get down here.
- Come down here! - We're all here.
Get down here.
It keeps going to voicemail.
He'll be here, don't worry.
Let me see your hands.
Just take it easy, a'ight? Don't move.
- Listen, man.
- [SHUSHING] [GROANING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Time to pay for your sins.
- Sorry.
- You're late.
I know.
I'll do the make-up test.
I I was looking for Kev.
- Any luck at his house? - No.
Mail's untouched, his bed's still made.
But he's car's not there so it looks like he never came home.
And he's a no-show for this.
Let's track him down.
Ping his direct connect phone.
Start there.
Hey, so listen, last night he said he had to take care of something in Bucktown.
He ever mention anything like that to you? No.
Anything about Jordan and Vinessa? - No.
- No.
Right? I mean last time I heard, they were doing great.
Hey, I think I got him.
Phone's pinging from Rosewood.
4458 North 14th Street.
That's a long way from Bucktown.
[TENSE MUSIC] It's cold.
- Doesn't look damaged.
- Small miracle in this hood.
Hellcat wheels go for 400 a pop on the street.
What was he doing here? Got his phones.
His personal's dead.
Got an address.
That's right here.
5021 George.
Squad, I need a name associated with an address: 4458 North 14th Street.
- You find anything? - Got a Joe Baker.
Two priors for delivery, one assault.
Atwater ever mention a Joe Baker, felon that lives here? - I got the back.
- No, why? What's going on? Found his address in the car.
Let's see if he's home.
What the hell? Hailey.
- Clear.
- Clear.
- Kim, I'm opening the door.
- Okay! Anything? I got blood here.
What? It's Atwater's badge and ID.
First thing they tell you in the Academy.
Offender gets a gun on you, you dump your ID.
You never tell 'em you're a cop.
All right, so Offender attacks Atwater in here.
He dumps his star.
Then he walks him outside.
[DOG BARKS] Last thing Kevin got was a few messages from a woman named Michelle.
She was waiting to hear from him.
Have Platt track her down.
Garage was padlocked.
Found this inside.
- Half a brick of coke.
- So Joe Baker's back dealing again.
Someone tries to rip him off? And Atwater got caught in the middle of it.
Yeah, but what the hell was Atwater doing here - in the first place? - Maybe he got a lead - and was trying to make a bust.
- But he wouldn't go in alone.
- We all know that.
- All right.
Let's keep digging into Joe Baker.
Find the connect between him and Atwater.
Hailey, come over here.
Everybody come over here.
Listen up.
I want to keep this in-house for now.
Look, this leaks? They find out Kevin's a cop, he's a dead man.
- All right, what else we got? - All right, so we found out that Joe Baker, he didn't show up to work yesterday.
Any connections between him and Kevin? No, Atwater didn't make any of Baker's pinches.
He's not on any CI rolls.
All right, any calls or texts to Kevin? No, no.
Baker's last communication was a series of texts between him and a guy named Calvin Hill.
- Hill have a sheet? - No, he's clean.
Okay, so we find Hill.
- Calvin Hill.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa.
- I'm Detective Dawson.
This is my partner Burgess.
You know a guy named Joe Baker? Sure do.
Why? What's going on? We're looking for him.
Have you seen him? Have you spoken to him? Thursday we had drinks together.
- How you know him? - We coach at the Y together.
You ever seen him with this guy? No, don't know that guy.
Wait, are you telling me that Joe's missing? - Yes, since Thursday.
- Last time you saw Joe, was he acting nervous? Scared of anybody? No, we were just catching up at the Slide Bar.
Okay, so it was just you two at the bar all night? For the most part.
Then he met this little honey and they left together.
- You catch her name? - Sonya something.
Look, are we done? I gotta get to work.
Yeah, just stay in town, Calvin.
I'm not going anywhere.
I just talked to Mattison at the lab.
The blood in Baker's living room is a match to Atwater.
- [COMPUTER BEEPS] - Sarge, we got something.
I've been monitoring Joe Baker's social media.
This just got posted.
Listen to me.
I ain't got it, man.
All right, come on.
[GROANS, COUGHS] - There he is.
- This is payback.
It was posted anonymously.
Screen name "Venganza.
" Means revenge.
This profile's fake.
It was created just to post this.
All right, we know we got at least two offenders.
There's one guy filming, and one guy doing the beating.
All right, let's get some OCD techs on this right away.
- I want someone we can trust.
- I got a guy.
Good, use him.
Al, Antonio.
You shake down every Latino gang, drug crew associated with Joe Baker.
All right, run it again.
- Freeze on that fist.
- Okay.
It's a Mexican flag, gangster style.
All right, see if it pops with any of our knowns.
Look at the windows.
Stained glass.
- Yeah.
Church? - Could be.
Well, it's better than nothing.
- Good news, he's alive.
- Yeah.
And he's gonna stay that way.
[GRUNTING] Hey, yo.
Keep it down, man.
They'll come back.
What the hell did you do to them? I ain't do nothin' to them.
All right? I never seen them before in my life.
Man, you think now is a good time to play me, fam? Huh? If you got their dope, just give it back.
Man, this ain't worth it.
The hell's wrong with you? You deaf or something, man? What'd I just say? I don't know them, and I ain't got their dope, a'ight? I'm out of the game.
I've been clean ever since I made parole.
Come on, man.
Only chance we got is if you own up to the truth, Joe, that's it.
Don't you talk to me about owning up to no truth, a'ight? - You need to do that.
- Not now, not now.
Come on, Joe.
Not now, man.
I feel like I'm in hell being chained up with the bastard who murdered my son.
- Yeah? A couple of things.
According to Halstead's guy at OCD, the Facebook post is a dead end.
- The IP address is encrypted.
- All right.
I had more luck digging into Joe Baker.
Found a connection between him and Atwater.
- That is Ronnie Cartwright.
- Mm-hmm.
Five years ago Ronnie robs a 7-Eleven in West Lawn.
He kills the clerk, the whole thing is caught on video, - and Ronnie's on the lam.
- Atwater made the arrest.
Yeah, Atwater was conducting a canvas, sees Ronnie coming out of the housing projects.
Ronnie runs.
Atwater corners him.
Ronnie pulls a gun.
Good-bye Ronnie.
Were you there? I was close, but I didn't see it.
But there were a lot of witnesses.
And Atwater went through the Round Table, IPRA, IAD, you name it.
It was ruled a good shoot.
Okay, I'll bite.
What's this got to do with Joe Baker? - Everything.
- Hey.
- What's up? - We found Michelle, the girl that messaged Atwater last night.
- Yeah.
- She's Joe Baker's sister.
Bring her in now.
[YELLING] How is that possible? You have no idea what's going on? Like I just told you, I called Kevin 'cause I was worried about my brother.
- He's been missing - Yes, we know.
His parole officer called you yesterday.
Joe missed a meeting.
You went by his house.
He wasn't there.
You called him.
- He's not answering.
We know.
- Okay, I get it.
You're scared.
- Why not call the police? - I did.
The car never showed.
They get here fast to arrest us, not so much when we need help.
Why would you call the guy who killed your nephew? I don't blame Kevin for what went down.
I loved Ronnie.
But I knew what kind of kid he was.
Always trying to be a gangster.
Wouldn't listen to nobody.
And Kevin always said if I needed something to call.
- So I did.
- Because you were worried about Joe being in trouble with gangbangers? No.
- He's out of the game.
- He ain't out of the game.
We found a half a kilo of cocaine in Joe's garage.
[SOFTLY] What? - No.
That can't be ri - Michelle.
Do you know who Joe was running with? No.
He's not dealing anymore.
I know my brother.
This isn't this isn't making any sense.
You know anyone with that tattoo? - No.
- You sure? Look, I'm telling you I don't know.
You packing quite a cohete.
You ain't a cop, are you? Cop? I'm a security guard.
Glock 17 CPD's bread and butter.
I don't know about that, man.
My boss gave me a gun.
I said thank you.
I kept on moving.
- What's your name? - Anthony? Anthony.
I just want my product returned, Anthony.
This is how I feed my family.
I told you.
I don't have it.
I'm sorry to hear about that.
[GROANS] Come on, man.
I'm not the guy, okay? What were you doing over at his house then? I was going over there to just meet up with him on a Friday night.
- To do what? - To hang out.
We homeys.
- Homeys? - Yeah.
You the same homey that was with him the other night I got jacked at his house? I already told you, I don't know nothing about that.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Yo, got the cash.
Wore a mask.
How much you pull? 300.
Maxed out Joe's card.
But check out the receipt.
You richer than you look.
19 G's in the savings? Yeah, and you ain't getting none of that.
No? The city gave me that money for what they did to my son.
It's a settlement.
And it's all that I have left.
So you're gonna have to bury me before I give it up.
- Yeah, you sure about that? - Yeah, I'm damn sure [GROANING] - [GRUNTS] - [GROANING LOUDLY] You don't tell me how it's gonna be.
Monday morning, you and me, we going to the bank.
And you're gonna take out all 19,000.
We'll bring a shovel just in case you're feeling stupid.
All right, listen up.
Asset Forfeiture got a hit on Joe Baker's debit card.
These surveillance stills are from a walk-up ATM in West Lawn.
This guy with a max took out 300 bucks.
Maxed out Joe's daily limit, but he still got over 19 grand in the account.
- When was this? - Three hours ago.
So, if they're after money, there's a good chance they're gonna wait until Monday and wipe out the account.
Well, that leaves us 36 hours.
All right, Jay, Upton, head over to West Lawn to this ATM.
Check PODS, surveillance of nearby businesses.
Maybe we catch Skeletor parked somewhere close.
[GROANING, PANTING] [GROANING] Hey, you sure you okay? [PANTING] It ain't the first time I've been shot.
And you I bet you see this all the time, being police.
Shooting brothers for no reason.
You know, I know two people that were out there that night.
Both of them say Ronnie never tried to grab a gun.
- He never even reached for it.
- No.
You shot Ronnie like he was a damn dog.
You put his ass in the ground.
You don't know what the hell happened, man.
Yes, I do.
I damn sure do.
The city paid me 20 G's.
That shows and proves you a damn murderer.
I bet you don't even think about it again.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] I killed a young black male, Joe.
Yeah, you did.
You have no idea how much that affects me.
Think I became a cop so that I could kill people, man? Especially not my own people.
We talking about Ronnie.
Yeah, right.
Ronnie's from the same place I'm from.
Come on, man.
I think about that boy damn near every day.
He one of the last faces I see when I shut my eyes at night.
And you know who else I think about? Huh? That clerk he murdered.
You even know his name? Do you even care? [SNIFFLES] Mikal Shamardi.
He was also in dental school.
He also had a wife.
Her name was Kimberly, and they had a bright future ahead of 'em before your son came and took it for $312.
That clerk owed my son money.
- He was just there to collect.
- It was a robbery, Joe.
Says you.
Says you.
And what? So so you a cop, so you just get to win? Nah.
Let me tell you something.
Right here.
Right now.
I got the power.
Because if I tell those cats you a damn cop they gonna light your ass up.
Man, they're gonna light your ass up too.
[BREATHY] Yeah, well.
Since I'm gonna die anyway, I may as well get some satisfaction before I go.
[COUGHING] Take a seat.
Look, I still don't understand what I Shut up.
Is it Sonya or Elisa? Sonya? My name is Elisa.
What what is this? Elisa, you ever been to Slide Bar? No, that doesn't ring any bells.
- It doesn't? - Anything ringing now? That's your car.
We ran the plates, see? You need to tell us what happened.
Nothing, that's just a drunk guy - that I gave a ride home to.
- Elisa! You need to stop lying because this this right here, that's kidnapping and assault.
And a couple of Class A felonies.
The other guy they kidnapped is a cop.
- And my friend.
- So we're done playing.
Where are they? Where are they?! I don't know, I don't know.
He didn't tell me.
Who didn't tell you? Reimundo.
Reimundo Morales.
He's this guy that I know.
He paid me to do it.
I I swear I don't know anything about a cop.
Why'd Reimundo grab Joe Baker? Reimundo said Joe jumped him a few weeks ago and stole his drugs, and so he started following him.
And then he saw Joe pull into the Slide Bar.
And so he called me, and he he told me to play him.
Play him how? - Play him how!? - I told him I told him I wanted to have sex with him.
So I put I put a pill in his drink and we met up with Reimundo at some parking lot.
Okay, where did they take him? I don't know.
I don't know, I swear.
I don't know, I swear.
[CRYING] Elisa Rodriguez, you're being charged with kidnapping and assault.
Stop crying.
[COUGHING] You guys have been down here for a long time.
It's been cold.
No food, no water.
I mean, you got to be thirsty.
- Come on.
- [PANTING, GROANING] Here you go.
[COUGHS] [LAUGHING] That's the best you can do? Hm? [COUGHING] [POWER DRILL WHIRS] [POWER DRILL WHIRS] Tell me something to make me stop.
Like where my coke is.
- [POWER DRILL WHIRRING] - All right, I can't tell you where your coke is because I don't know.
All right? Now, look.
Whether you believe me or not, I'm telling you it's the truth.
[POWER DRILL WHIRRING] It's the truth.
Wait, wait, wait a minute! But there's something I could tell you.
There's something that you need to know.
That man right there.
He ain't who he says he is.
What the hell you mean? - It means - It means I was lying, man.
I ain't no damn security guard, a'ight? I deal dope, too.
Okay, I'm the one who took your coke.
It was me and one of my partners.
Joe ain't had nothing to do with it, but we did use his house.
Okay? A'ight? Now, there it is.
I did it.
- And I know you want payback.
- You damn right.
Which is understandable.
- But that's also not smart.
- Why? Because everyone knows that money spends better than revenge.
Come on, man.
Right? Let me get you some real money, man.
Right? I'm talking about serious paper, dog.
Just get us up out of here.
Forget this whole misunderstanding, man, forgive.
- I don't do forgiveness.
- What? - That ain't in my nature.
- Ah, man.
Come on, man, huh.
Come on, man.
Nah, man.
[BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY] This little game.
It ain't gonna work.
They're gonna kill us.
It's just a matter of time.
Oh, no, we're not dying.
Not today.
Okay? Just keep your damn mouth shut and let me do this.
Hey, yo, man, let me holler at you.
Can I ask you a question, man? You stupid or what? - Huh? - What the hell you say to me? I'm just saying, man, I just told your boy that I can get you a lot of money.
And instead of asking me where it is or how much this man drilled a damn hole in my leg.
How much? 100K.
When can you get it by? As soon as you get me a damn phone.
Don't play me, homey.
It's insulting.
[POWER DRILL WHIRS] I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't do that, not to you.
A'ight? That's a lot of money, bro.
- [PANTING] - [DOOR CLOSES] Hey, Sarge, we got something.
That brick of coke in Joe's garage.
Techs lifted some prints.
They match Calvin Hill.
Calvin Hill? His friend from the Y? Grab him.
Put him in the cage.
You got a problem with that? No.
[SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] You don't know how many times I thought about killing you.
I'm guessing a lot.
[CHUCKLES] I used to think of all kind of ways of how to do it.
Smashing you in the head with a bat.
Shooting you in the back of the head.
Or the face.
Guess it wouldn't make much difference.
But you know what I would I would usually come back to this.
Me Grabbing you by the neck.
Squeezing as hard as I could.
Then watching your eyes go blank.
I used to think about that at night in the joint.
It's my own little special way of counting sheep.
[GROANING] Ronnie would be 20 next week.
If it wasn't for you.
But none of this is on you, huh? Me? I remember Ronnie.
He wasn't a bad kid.
Till he started imitating his gangbanger daddy.
I was teaching him how to be a man.
You were teaching him how to die.
What's this? This is where we talk to people when there's Special circumstances.
- Okay, I don't follow.
- Hm.
[MURMURING] Well, we dumped your phone.
Found a lot of calls to Reimundo Morales.
The drug dealer you ripped off.
Holding your friend Joe and my friend Kevin, a cop, hostage.
See Joe He wasn't even in town the night of the robbery.
Yeah, we talked to his parole officer.
You know what he said? He said Joe was in Wisconsin.
But I guess you already knew that.
- I want a lawyer.
- Oh, it's too late for that.
- Where's Reimundo live? - I don't know.
You don't know? Don't know.
- Here, catch.
- Man.
What the hell are you doing? Yeah, what am I doing? Two years ago, put some punk in here, held him for a few hours.
Turns out he snuck a gun in here.
Put it under his chin.
[GUN COCKS] Blew the top of his head off.
His finger prints were all over the gun.
- Where's Reimundo live? - I don't know.
Okay! Me and one of my boys ripped off Reimundo.
We wore mask so he wouldn't know it was us.
Was Reimundo with anybody else? Yeah.
I think it was his cousin.
A guy named Vasquez.
We took a half a brick, and I hid it in Joe's garage.
That's all I got.
I swear, man.
Arrest this punk.
Come on.
Come on.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] I hear you been putting ideas in my cousin's head.
They real good ideas though.
You expect me to believe 100 grand? If I'm lying, you'll kill me, right? - Think about it.
- Okay, where's the money? With my homey, A.
I gave him three bricks last week.
At 35 a piece so, I mean, you do the math.
- And your boy's got the money? - Come on, man.
Of course he's got the money.
It's my money.
You hear me? So just let me get on the phone with him.
Come on, bro.
You can listen to the whole conversation if you want to, just at least let me make the phone call.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] Put in the number.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [SNIFFLES, CLEARS THROAT] If someone doesn't answer, you die.
[SIGHS] Hey.
Atwater has been missing for 32 hours.
Adam, 32 hours.
Isn't it time for all hands on deck? It might be worth the risk.
It's Atwater.
It's not our call.
Somebody in Narcos could know something.
You got to let it go.
- I don't want to let it go.
- All right, hey.
We got to stay cool.
- All right? It's gonna be fine.
- Sure, whatever you say.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] That's my UC phone.
Maybe it's a tip.
- Hey.
What's up, man? - [SNAPS FINGERS] - Uh, I need to renegotiate that deal from last week, man.
You can do me that solid, right? Hey, you cool, man? I haven't heard from you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I'm good, okay? Just listen to what I'm saying.
Last week, right? I fronted you 3 bricks at about 35.
So you should be at about 105 large, right? You want the money now? - Yeah, man, things change.
- We had a deal.
I'm not saying we don't.
I'm not saying we don't have a deal, I'm just saying I need my money now so how about next time I get you in about 30 a piece, huh? - How that sound? - I hear that.
Okay, so we good? I can get you 90, only cause it's you.
When and where, bro? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Let's meet me at that [LOUDER] Old factory on 95th and Bishop, and I'll send one of my guys - to come grab that.
- No, no, no, man.
It's gotta be you.
I'm not giving that kind of cash to a stranger.
This the only way it's gonna work, you understand me? So, 95th and Bishop.
Bring the money, okay? [BREATHING HEAVILY] A.
All right, man, if that's how it is.
It's your money.
Give me two hours.
My man.
Sounds good to me.
How are we gonna get the money? We can't go to Woods for the 1505 funds.
Just let me worry about that.
Get the money from my basement.
Put it in a bag, stitch in a listening device and a tracker.
You got it.
[CAR DOOR SLAMS] Check, check.
Bag mic work? You hear me all right? Copy.
We got you over here, man.
We got him.
All right, Firebird's coming.
Remember, let the exchange happen.
This guy's gonna lead us to Atwater.
? Who's asking? Friend of Anthony's.
You got a package for me? It's all there.
I ain't taken your word.
It's been real, yo.
Tell Anthony I'll see him soon.
[GRUNTING] Come on, man.
What's the point, huh? Even if you got out, you're still zip tied.
I can cut the zip-tie with that broken pipe right there.
[GRUNTING] - You don't give up, do you? - No, I don't.
[GRUNTING] Ronnie say anything before you shot him? Huh? For real, all right? I've been thinking about this for too long.
Come on, man.
That's not gonna bring Ronnie back.
Okay? And that's not gonna get us out of here.
So, let's focus on the now.
[CHAINS RATTLE] Hey, I got the cash.
I'm coming at you.
No, no, change of plans.
Take it over to Exley's.
Stay there, stay hidden.
I'll see you in a couple of hours.
- I'm gonna clean up here.
- You got it.
[SWITCHES GEARS] I'm headed that way right now.
Man, who'd have known it'd been so easy, right? He's going to a friend's place? He's not going back to the location.
So these guys got what they wanted.
- They're gonna kill Kevin.
- All right, let's move in.
Do not shoot unless necessary.
This guy is our only link to Atwater.
Repeat, do not shoot.
[TIRES SCREECH] Yo, I've been made.
It's a setup.
[TIRES SQUEAL] - [CAR HORN BEEPING] - Get out the way! Come on! [GRUNTING] Chicago PD! Let's see those hands! - Do it! - Damn it! Let's see your hands.
Billy! - Billy.
- [GUN COCKS] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, drop the weapon.
- Drop it.
- Put the gun down.
- Drop it or we will shoot you.
- No, no, no, hey, hey.
No one's gonna shoot you, man.
All right? There you go.
No one's gonna shoot you if you put that gun down.
We just want to talk to you.
- You talk to us, we can help.
- Go to hell! Billy, hey.
You talk to us.
We can make this go away.
Billy! [GUNFIRE] [EXHALES] [GROANING] No! 5021 emergency, shots fired at police.
- Offender down.
- Where are they? - Where's my partner? - 3944 South Hoover.
You're not dying.
Come on, man.
[PANTING] I got it.
- He's gone.
- I got this, I got this.
- He's gone.
- I got this.
[SNIFFLES] Adam, he's gone.
Why'd you do that? You just killed Kevin, man.
What'd you say? - You just killed Kevin! - Adam.
Why couldn't you have shot him in the leg? - Adam! No! - He was our only lead! - Adam! - What if I miss and he shoots Burgess? Then what? It was the right call, Adam.
Stop! It was the right call.
[CRYING] - [YELLING] What do we do now? - Hey.
I tell you what we do now.
We all get back on the same page.
And we double down on what we got.
Grab Billy's phone, ping Reimundo's burner.
Okay, we all saw that Kevin was near a stained glass window.
That means he's probably in a church.
So we're gonna search every damn church within a mile radius of that cell tower.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
We're running out of time.
Let's go.
- [TENSE MUSIC] - Here.
That way.
[EXHALES] We good.
- Wait.
- I'll tell the cops he shot you.
Wh what are you doing? Is this the gun you used to kill my son? Huh? Well, how does it feel now, huh? [LOUDLY] How does it feel? Joe.
What did my son say? - Right before you killed him dead.
- Come on, Joe.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Tell me how it went down! Tell me.
I was yelling at him.
I told him to stop.
I told him to get down.
I said, "Get down on your knees!" But Ronnie wouldn't do it.
He wouldn't do it, Joe.
He just kept on running.
And then I just kept on screaming.
And then he pulled out his gun.
Last thing that came out of his mouth was "I don't get down on my knees for no man.
" He pulled out his gun, Joe.
- And it was either - Are you sure? - Come on, man.
- That's what he said? - I wouldn't lie to you.
- Are you sure that's what he said? I wouldn't lie to you, brother.
I wouldn't.
[SNIFFLING] Are you - [CRYING] - Come on, Joe.
On everything I love, bro.
Stand down.
Stand down.
Joe, put the gun down.
We good, right? We good.
Just drop it.
We all good, bro.
Stand down.
We all good, right, Joe? Just put the gun down.
Just put the gun down, man.
[GUN CLATTERS] We're all right.
Ooh, how is that leg? It's not that bad.
It'll be okay.
So, Sarge, how about we give Joe a break on those drugs he stole? He did come through in the end.
Joe didn't steal the drugs.
Some punk named Calvin Hill.
What? Yeah, whole thing was a mistake.
- I know exactly who that is.
- It's me.
Yeah, what's up, girl? - Glad you're okay.
- Me too.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Give me two seconds.
Trudy, I'm sorry I missed your birthday.
I was kind of in the middle - Mm.
- [CRYING] Antonio.
I am sorry about before, man.
I was really out of line.
I was just I was so worried about Kev.
We all were.
That was a hell of a shot though.
What's up? Yeah, what's happening? How you holding up? You all right? Yeah, I'm cool, you know.
Doc says I'm gonna be all right so.
I'm not gonna lie, I thought you stole the dope.
And I ain't proud of that.
I shouldn't assume that.
But it does feel good to be wrong.
So yeah.
You got no idea how close I came to shooting you.
Why didn't you? Because of what you said before.
Ronnie's last words.
"I don't get on my knees for no man.
" I taught him that.
I used to drill those damn words in his head every day since he was a little boy.
So what he did What happened That's on me.