Chicago P.D. (2014) s07e06 Episode Script

False Positive

Hey, Sarge? Is here good for this stuff? Yeah, there's good.
So how long you been volunteering here? Eh, since it started.
About six months or so.
They used to build farm equipment here.
They used to make things in Chicago.
But then the plants closed and all those jobs Yeah, here we are.
It's great for these guys though, right? Yeah.
Man, you wouldn't believe what we found when were clearing this out.
Needles, all that.
No wonder the city gave it to us for free.
But, you know.
Safe space, place for kids to learn how to grow things straight from the ground.
It's a big deal.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
That's ready when I say it's ready.
Copy that.
Anyway, I want you to help me to spread some manure.
Aw, crap.
Turkey crap, to be exact.
- 22-21, units on a city-wide.
- Saved by the bell.
We're getting multiple calls of shots fired in the area of 4000 Avers, North Lawndale.
No further at this time.
Four blocks, left on Avers, couple blocks down.
- All right, thanks.
- Yeah.
Copy that.
5021 George responding.
5021 George, I'm on scene.
I'm at 4400 Avers.
Okay, how many gunshots you hear? Four, maybe five? You see anybody run out or anybody with a gun? No, sir, I heard voices and then shots and then nothing.
All right, could you go back inside? - Stay away from the windows.
- Okay.
5021 George, offender possibly still inside.
10-4, 5021.
2923 are en route if you want to stand by for backup.
5021 George, I'm going dark.
Come on [CRYING.]
Are you okay? You okay? All right, listen.
You stay here, don't move.
It's gonna be okay.
All right? [BABY CRYING.]
Oh, my God.
Hold on, hold on.
Stay behind me.
Come on.
Let's go.
No, no, no! No, God, no! God, please! Take me! No, no, please take me! [SOBBING.]
It looks like a dope hit gone wrong.
Kids weren't supposed to be inside.
I think the offender kicked in the door and he just stumbled across the kids by mistake.
- Covered his tracks.
- Yeah.
In the living room I found the two local kids, David Tatum and Aaron Powell.
They were both shot in the head.
Everybody was done at close range.
A third kid made it.
He's uninjured.
Yeah, they're taking him to Med to get checked out.
All right, did he see anything? He was taking a pee.
He was in the bathroom the whole time.
That's what saved him.
It's where I found him.
Talked to Patrol, he said that he heard the shots but he didn't see anything.
Um guy guarding the door is ID'd as Rayford Godfrey.
He's a Hustlers food soldier.
I think he died immediately.
Guys on the corner said that Ray was soft for the kids, so he probably just let them in to play video games.
Are those the bangers you talked to? Yeah.
West Side Hustlers.
This is their joint.
It's a stash house, flop house, et cetera.
- Mm.
- Shot caller's around the block.
His name's Kareem.
He's willing to talk to us.
Well, we're running point on this.
So neighbors, footprints, barking dogs, the means, the ends, we run it all down.
All right.
PODs, Shot Spotters? Not on the block.
We'll expand the perimeter.
These people need answers.
We are gonna give 'em to 'em.
All right, Jay.
Look, knock down doors, whatever you need to do, okay? This is real.
Kareem, this is my sergeant, Hank Voigt.
Never had no sit-down with no cop before.
I won't tell a soul.
We need to talk about what happens now, Kareem.
- Man, this is not - Peace, Pete.
What happened today typically requires a certain response from you.
One of those babies was my nephew.
I'm sorry.
And I can't even imagine that feeling.
But I need time, Kareem, to do this by the book.
And that's not for me or you.
It's for this neighborhood.
'Cause we need to be able to walk back in here and tell these people, "We got 'em.
" We know what the alternative is.
That's not gonna bring those kids back.
Let me ask you something.
You trust me? I don't know you.
You ain't got forever.
I don't need forever.
Wait a second, I'm not done.
This whole thing it started out as a burglary, right? So we need to treat you like the victim of a theft.
Do you understand what I'm saying? When someone gets robbed we trace the stolen goods and whoever's got the goods.
Oh, hell no.
You want me to tell you what was up in that stash house? What was taken? Stolen.
From your criminal enterprise.
Yes, that's correct.
This is entrapment, man.
I look like I give a damn about making a drug bust, huh? Just give me what I need to do my job.
All right, here's what we got.
Crystal ketamine, 400 grams packed up in jabs.
Two handguns, a semiautomatic rifle, roughly 23 grand in cash.
It's in small bills, sorted in bundles.
They have any idea who did it? No, not yet.
So let's look at rivals, recently released violent offenders, potential anniversary retributions, all of that.
We're on it.
What do you think of this guy? That's the closest camera angle we got.
In an alley two blocks away, and it's a minute after 911 got the first shots fired call.
And it looks like he's running north towards Homan Square.
You run this guy? Yeah.
Nothing on facial rec.
That's not nothing.
Kareem said that the stuff the guy lifted was in a green military-style duffel bag.
All right, so let's press for an ID.
Canvass the neighborhood.
Talking about Lawndale all the way up into Homan Square.
I realize it's a fishing expedition, but it's what we got for now.
- Sir.
- Sergeant.
Hank, this case is an utter mess.
We got two dead kids.
Heat's already coming down from City Hall.
We're aware of the urgency, sir.
Well, I got a proposition for you.
You know I'm a data guy.
- Served you well.
- Could serve you well.
Hank, this stuff I'm into, it's not the competition.
What you do, boots on the ground, that is our bread and butter.
All I'm trying to do is turn the lights on a little brighter while you do it, put another tool in your bag.
And we can take that photo, we can run it through our new facial rec system.
It's beta.
It'll be off the books but it is powerful.
And it works, I've got three arrests already with this thing and they are airtight.
Yeah, well, my guys already ran facial rec, no dice.
Yeah no, this is a completely different thing.
This is what comes next.
Centralized database.
That's our stuff plus FBI, State Department, ICE, DMVs.
That is 600 million images all filtered through precision biometrics, locality-sensitive hashing.
I know it's a lot.
But, Hank, the ACLU hates this thing.
So do the bad guys.
That tells you everything you need to know.
This is going to be the bridge from mapping faces to mapping behavior.
We're gonna be able to read emotions, whether people are experiencing joy, fear, jealousy.
Holy crap.
You can read that emotion? Here he is.
With 99.
64% certainty, Marcus Jerome West, 27.
Can you map 765 Polk? Okay.
It is a half a mile from the scene.
- That's where he was running to.
- Home.
First pinched at 16.
Rap sheet is long.
Drugs, burglary, gun enhancement.
He's indexed in the gang database.
Known associate of 312 Orion.
I believe that's a squat out in the projects.
It's not our jurisdiction, but I can confirm that, Sergeant.
Okay, so this guy's got a lot a long sheet.
Theft, drugs, guns and he's a documented gangbanger affiliated with a crew that works in the shadow of the Hustlers and aspires to bigger things.
That sounds right to me.
Look I like the gadget, but it's upside-down.
I mean, it's handing us a suspect before we've got a case.
We got no evidence, we got no motive.
I just handed you your guy.
This thing isn't even online yet.
It's not official.
I can't get a warrant.
Hank, it's Chicago and my brother's a magistrate.
I will get you a warrant.
Sarge, we got two murdered kids.
Let's go get this guy before he's in the wind.
All right, so let's do it.
Let me know when to go.
- Go.
- We're ready.
Move up.
I got West.
He's going out the window! There.
5021 Henry, we're in pursuit of a male black, tank top, sweats, westbound 1500 block of West Polk.
Stay down! - Spread your arms out! - [SHOUTS.]
Stay down, don't move! 5021 Henry, offender in custody.
Look at him, Marcus.
Look at him.
I don't got a clue what you're talking about, man.
Right, right, right.
More importantly, neither do you.
So you didn't kill those kids? But you were two blocks away 60 seconds after it happened? You're carrying a bag of drugs, guns, and cash.
And you're running home? That ain't me, man.
Where'd you stash the bag? I'm telling you, man.
That ain't me! No, what you're telling me is you don't know what you were doing when this went down.
Where you were, who you were with.
So if your conscience is clear, why'd you run? - Why'd I run? - Yeah.
From the cops? [LAUGHS.]
You know, till you said that I thought we was vibin', man.
Felt like you can really relate to my life.
Poor black man in Chicago and all.
- Don't go there with me.
- Like you would understand.
'Cause you would know.
Poor black man in Chicago cops bust your door, you run.
Whether you did something or not.
You run until one of three things happens: You get caught, you get away, or you're dead.
Because this train right here, it's always on time.
You call it running.
I call it self-defense.
It is with heavy hearts that we come before the Lord, praying for direction and discernment.
The scripture says, "Weep with those who weep," and so here we are, all together.
These boys belong to the world now.
Their lives were not wasted.
And because of their sacrifice, someone is going to get up, step up, stand up, and become a part of the solution.
ALL: Amen.
Listen, we got a car wash going on in support of the family, in support of these boys, and so please take advantage of it.
I was wondering if you could help me out, bud.
Have you guys seen him before? - You ever seen this cat, man? - No? None of you? Seen him? No, sir.
I don't know him.
You sure? Never seen the dude.
He did it? So we doing this here? I'm just paying my respects, bro.
But yeah, here.
Kids die, decorum goes out the window.
Look, I'ma be real with you.
Your time is running short.
See all those people in there? That's a lot of pain.
They need justice.
And a lot of them, they don't expect it to come from you; they expect it to come from me.
All right, hold on a secong.
Why don't we double it, okay? Long as you understand you're buying a clean car and a proper burial for those boys.
You ain't buying no good will and you ain't buying no time neither.
We got 31 hours left to charge this guy or he walks.
- We can't let that happen.
- No kidding.
I stuck my neck out on this thing and we don't even have a case.
We know this is the guy, 100%.
So just let me go in there, I'll break him.
I'll get a confession.
- Okay, get it done.
- All right.
All right.
Get up, Marcus.
Can I go now? No, it's over.
What's over? I got three witnesses that put you on the block.
Man, they're lying! That ain't me! Look, I don't think you meant to kill anybody.
You were dope sick.
You were looking to score.
You stumbled across these kids.
There's only one way that can go down and it was probably the worst day of your life.
No, man! Look, I wish I could take that away from you.
I really do.
I wish I could but I can't.
I'm a junkie, man.
A tweaker.
Yeah, I've done lots of stupid stuff to feed my babies.
Lost it all.
More than once.
It's a disease, Marcus.
I ain't no angel but I ain't no killer either! And I ain't gonna tell you otherwise! No, sir! So you do what you gotta do.
Okay, I will.
This is a good play.
Some folks, you keep 'em here their whole 48, it feels like somebody's just asking them a couple of questions.
But you sweat a guy in County, things change real quick.
Ever since this broke, I can't stop thinking about those boys.
Playing video games, just looking for a little fun.
I wish they'd come to the garden instead.
Maybe I missed them.
- Sarge, you can't blame - Maybe we all did.
Hey, Jay.
Nail this monster, okay? This ain't right, man.
You're holding me on a murder I didn't even do.
You know what comes next, right? Word always gets out in the joint.
- You have an alternative.
- Like what? If you told me the truth right now, I'll take you downstate.
Be a lot less heat for you.
I've told you the truth, every stop! All set.
Signature here.
Keep an eye on him.
Walk-in customer.
You let me know when you're ready to talk.
It ain't me, man! I've told you it ain't me! Oh, yes, sir.
I do understand.
All right, we've got 11 hours left to make our case against Marcus West.
We got him sweating in County but all we got is a surveillance photo from the alley near the house, which the State's Attorney is going to toss because the facial rec system we used to get it isn't even on the books yet.
So where are we at connecting West to gang activity in North Lawndale? We're gonna keep digging, boss.
DNA? The volume's overwhelming.
The whole West Side's been in and out of that house for years.
They're shoveling as fast as they can.
So far, no hairs, no fibers, no blood putting West inside that house, but I'm on top of it.
Have we tossed West's apartment yet? - Top to bottom.
- No cash, no drugs, no dice.
We'll find it.
How about we do what we do, hmm? Evidence, motive, means.
Stick to our rules, build a case.
A witness, a print.
Hank, there's a problem.
Marcus West was attacked in County.
He was stabbed seven times, but that's not the most pressing issue.
His head injuries are so severe that we had to induce a coma, shut down brain function.
It was the only way to minimize the swelling.
Is he gonna make it? I think so.
Got what he deserved, though.
Do everything you can for him.
Got it! - Inmate log from County? - Yup.
Complete with pictures.
Nothing jumps out.
68 of our best and brightest in lockup with West last night.
You can eliminate the frat boys from DePaul, but other than that.
You gotta be kidding me.
You lied to me, Peter.
How's that? You told me you didn't know who Marcus West was.
You know exactly who he is.
Had these outstanding warrants for three years now.
Come on, man.
Listen to this BS.
Criminal trespass and displaying fictitious plates? So after three years it's just weighing on you so bad you just had to turn yourself in.
- Come clean.
- Mm-hmm.
You think you can just come and check into jail like it's a motel so you can get to Marcus West? Something happen to him in here? Yeah, something happened.
Huh? Sergeant, Marcus West is in really bad shape.
All right, anything from County? No, Ruzek's interviewing guys inside.
Nobody's talking.
Sarge? Did I Did you what? I just wanted to make the case so damn bad.
Did I go too far? Hey, we got two dead kids and a city that needs answers.
We're on the clock and dying on the vine.
That's why I jammed him up.
Listen to me hey.
You are a good cop with a good heart.
It was the right play, you hear me? Right now we gotta make a case against Marcus West before he wakes up and it has to be tight.
Come on.
See if Patrol missed anything.
I want you to scrub this case from the top, you hear me? Start with talking to the kid again.
Hey, give me something.
We pulled the supporting docs from the gang database listing and there are a couple things that labeled West as a 312.
He's friends with this cat named Reuben Jones who lives over in Orion Courts and the gang database had this picture from Instagram.
It showed Marcus and Reuben throwing up the same sign.
Orion Courts is only a half mile from the heart of the Hustler's turf.
They get bigfooted around the Hustlers every day.
Reuben Jones' most recent offense was for moving ketamine.
And as you know, Sarge, it's the same drugs stolen during the murders.
So this whole thing could be 312 Orion planting a flag trying to get in the game.
All right, let's run it down.
- How you doing? - Hey.
Reuben Jones? Oh, who that? Chicago PD.
Now, I ain't come here to arrest you, dog.
Hey! [GRUNTS.]
Get up! Run again! Don't do that.
That's not a good idea.
I told you I wasn't going to arrest you but you want to do it the hard way.
You got cuffs? - Yeah.
- Hey, get yo' ass up.
The street life take discipline.
This wasn't never gonna be life for Marcus.
Marcus is a user and he steals.
And on top of all that, he ain't even good at it.
So if Marcus West isn't in the gang, how do you know him? We grew up together.
You know, trick or treating, birthday parties, little league.
Garfield Park Green Dragons.
Y'all ain't never heard of us? Nuh-uh.
We saw you, though.
Bro, y'all trippin'.
Y'all know where we at.
Man, that's Orion Courts.
It ain't no gang thing.
It's a neighborhood thing.
Okay, talk to me.
All right, bro moved away a few years ago when his mom's passed.
But he always around.
You know the main reason why, though? A/C.
We got it, he don't.
Man, when it get hot, he always around.
Matter of fact, I just seen him the other day.
He was over there passed out snoring on the couch like a chainsaw.
Probably hit that weed, had him out like a light.
What day was that? Hmm.
He's been through so much.
He just went through this with the officers.
I know, but not like this.
We need to go over everything in detail.
Any little bit of information can change everything for us.
This is a chance for Noah to be a hero.
I can do it.
Hey, Noah.
I'm Kim.
I was just reading what you told the Patrol officers.
Let's start from where you went into the bathroom, okay? Okay.
So you go inside and you close the door 'cause that's what you do when you pee, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
And that's when you heard the bad guy kick in the front door, right? No.
What do you mean, no? So the kid did hear the door get kicked in.
Yeah, but not until after.
After he heard the gunshots.
If the guy's already in the house, why did he kick the door in? Because he let himself in.
Look, he popped the guy watching the place.
Stumbled on the kids who weren't supposed to be there.
He kicked in the door on the way out.
For show.
Make it look like a break-in.
If this was an inside job, are we saying we got the wrong guy? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
Look, whoever did do this, we know he knew those kids and those kids knew him.
So he's probably in the Hustlers and close to Kareem.
Got something, Sarge.
POD footage from Orion Courts the day of.
We got Marcus West walking to his buddy's house.
And he's still in there at 3:00 p.
Yeah, Marcus West.
Why wouldn't he just say he's there? He was doped up, Sarge.
And probably protecting his buddy.
I mean, Reuben Jones has a couple outstanding warrants.
- Oh, my God.
- Jay.
He's gone.
Marcus West.
He didn't make it.
He's dead.
Come on.
Your fancy software it didn't work, Derek.
You gave us the name Marcus West.
With 99.
64% certainty.
- He wasn't the guy? - No, he wasn't the guy.
Sorry about that.
Sorry? I told Crawford this thing's still a year out.
Six months, maybe.
We're still running the code, algorithms.
And sometimes this kind of thing happens.
You get false positives.
It's rare but it happens.
Mostly to black people.
What? The code was written by white engineers who designed it around predominantly white facial features and tested it on their white friends, so it's less precise if you're black.
And here's the really bad part.
Darker your skin, worse the problem gets.
You don't think that would've been useful information for us before we go and use it on a dark-skinned black man? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Marcus West didn't kill those little boys? We think the killer's an insider.
Remember the Hustlers? All right, let me get this straight.
You drag West in, you interrogate him, you don't have enough evidence to charge, but you book him into County anyway.
Detective Halstead was convinced he killed those two boys.
So yeah, we held him for the full 48 hours.
So why book him into County? Why not hold him at the 21st District? Come on.
We do that all the time.
As you know, County's got a way of encouraging people to confess.
Oh, yeah? But I assume all the other times an innocent man didn't end up dead? An innocent black man? Jesus Christ.
All right, I I'm gonna shoot straight with you here, Hank.
The optics on this, not so good.
White cop playing cowboy jams up an innocent black man, throws him into County for a crime he did not commit, and I mean, someone's gonna pay the tab on this.
I mean, my money's on Halstead.
Really? That's funny, 'cause my money's on you.
You're the one who told us to rely on this fancy computer program that gave us the wrong guy.
I mean, you staked your claim on a technology that's no good at identifying black people.
That's on you, not Halstead.
Well, I'd say we're all in a pretty bad place, Hank.
I mean, you're gonna apprehend the real killer and then everybody's gonna know that an innocent man is dead and they're gonna want heads on pikes.
Let me ask you a question.
I mean, you got a play here? All right, it's not Kareem.
He's the boss, he's not gonna steal from himself, plus one of these dead kids is his nephew.
Okay, so then that leaves these four.
They're the only ones who knew where the drugs and cash were being held right? Right.
So which one of them is cold-blooded enough to murder two little kids? That guy.
" Every step, he's been throwing up road blocks trying to keep us from the truth.
First time we met, he told Kareem not to talk to us, said we're trying to entrap him, even though it's their people got killed.
That's my gut, anyway.
All right.
Well, how do we prove it? We know your boy Peter Dupree killed Marcus West in lockup.
And I told you from the start I got people in pain, hungry for action, grown men with minds of they own.
All those dudes in lockup, it's hard to imagine no one saw anything.
They do happen.
That they do.
Here's the thing, though.
Marcus West didn't do it.
I just wanted to let you know as a courtesy.
And we are still on it.
- And we are getting close.
- I appreciate the info.
- Mm-hmm.
Walk with me.
Listen, I didn't want to lay this on the big man but we've been doing some thinking.
I mean [SCOFFS.]
I mean, who kills a kid, right? I mean, even in our world.
There's only one reason someone kills those kids in there.
It's cause they know who you are.
I mean, you don't think any of your boys do something like this, do you? Someone from your gang? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
No way.
We like family.
Well it's a theory and we gotta run it down, okay? So I'm coming to you man-to-man and I'm telling you, we are gonna be knocking on some doors and I want to knock on yours first.
Listen I just want you to show your boys how to act, okay? There's no show.
There's no guns, no kicking in doors.
So just be polite, okay? Just be part of this.
I mean, we want the same thing, right? Then we'll be out of your hair.
No problem, man.
Okay, Prophet's inside 221 South Tripp.
Assessor's office has the owner listed as Olivia Jackson.
- That's the same last name.
- Yeah.
Hold on, I've got LexisNexis cooking.
This is his sister's house.
Here he comes.
Prophet's coming out.
Hey, he's got the bag.
He's on the move.
Yeah, he's coming our way.
Everybody sit tight.
Sarge, we can end this right now.
I said stand down.
All right, he said stand down.
Street's clear.
It's all here.
We got it.
Appreciate it.
We found the real killer.
And not good.
So was it an inside job? Number two guy in the Hustlers.
Named Randolph Jackson, goes by Prophet.
Got him dead to rights.
So how do we do this? Well Not exactly what they teach you in the academy, but it's a way out.
For all of us.
You alone? This ain't that movie.
What's this? You punking me? How the hell did you get this? I stole it.
- You stole it? - Mm-hmm.
From where? Prophet.
Prophet? All I know is I saw Prophet carrying your bag of belongings from his sister's house.
Stashed it in some car near an alley.
You ask me, I think Prophet ordered that hit on Marcus West at County, too.
So I think about now you gotta ask yourself Is he capable of killing two nine-year-old boys? So what happens to Prophet? That's your business, isn't it? You trust me now? What's up, man? What up, Prophet? Hey, hey [GRUNTS.]
We have identified the man responsible for the execution-style killing of three people in North Lawndale, including two nine-year-old boys.
Perpetrator has been identified as Marcus West.
West had an extensive criminal record.
Multiple counts of burglaries, narcotics, weapons.
And he was located through the use of a cutting-edge facial recognition system, one we hope to take city-wide in the next year after some fine tuning.
Data-driven policing.
It works.
And it works in a way that the people of this great city can believe in.
Now, after he was taken into custody, Mr.
West was assaulted by rival gang members.
He was placed into a medically-induced coma, and, despite the dedicated work of medical professionals, he succumbed to his injuries and he has been pronounced dead.
He was 27 years old.
The CPD is confident in its information and in this investigation.
And this case is considered closed.
Did you do what I think you did? Jay for once in your life, just let it be.