Chicago P.D. (2014) s07e14 Episode Script

Center Mass

1 - Let me help with that.
- No, I got it.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- You hungry? - No.
I can make my famous French toast.
- You don't have to do that.
- What? Pretend like nothing's changed.
I'm not.
I'm just trying to help.
I know, I just Look, you should go to work.
I'm pretty sure the bad guys aren't taking a day off because I had a miscarriage.
I feel like I need some space.
She's doing good I think.
Boss put her on an IOD for a few days, so - That's good to hear.
- Yeah.
Hey, Adam.
Uh, how you doing? I'm really sorry about everything.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Man plans.
God laughs.
You need anything - you let me know.
- Okay, thanks.
You look great.
I can't believe you're a police officer.
Most of the time I don't either.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
We both know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
So what's up? Why'd you come by? Yeah, I need a favor.
Name it.
I'm looking for a guy I've been working with.
He's an addict.
In and out of shelters, but mostly on the streets.
- And he's gone missing? - Yeah.
I had a job interview set up for him yesterday.
We even picked out a suit.
He never showed up.
I haven't been able to reach him since.
I know this is small potatoes for someone like you Aw, Ben.
You've been there for me since I was six years old.
Send me everything you have on this guy.
- That you, Rojas? - Morning.
- You coming or going? - Going.
Hitting the streets already? Well, I'm trying to track down a missing.
Got a BOLO out.
It's a personal thing.
Off the record.
You need some help? '- Roberto Albert Peña.
Three priors for possession.
Last known was an apartment in Pilsen.
My friend Ben says he's homeless.
Who's your friend? He's the Director of Homeless Planning.
He oversees a bunch of shelters.
I've known him since I was a kid.
Okay, I got your back.
Let's get it.
If you hear from him, please, let me know.
Yeah, if I see him I'm gonna break his neck.
Son of a bitch owes me six months rent.
His apartment stinks like cigarettes.
Thanks for being so cooperative! - All right, so what's next? - Don't know.
Maybe we start canvassing, handing out photos? Okay, we'll talk to me.
What's this about? The missing dude or big homie, Ben? Ben.
He was my case worker when I was a kid.
Foster care.
What a good guy.
The best.
He saved my life.
What do you mean? Long story.
I'd like to hear it one day.
When I'm ready.
Meanwhile, I can always share a story from my childhood too.
Freshmen year I got cut from the basketball team.
- I'm still not over that.
- Like Michael Jordan? Just like Mike.
2143 Squad, can I mobile with 5021 Frank? This is 5021 Frank.
Go with your traffic 2143.
We found your missing person.
Copy that.
5021 Frank en route.
- Hey.
- I got word.
Guess they found my card on him.
I'm so sorry, Ben.
That's where they found him? In a dumpster? Tossed like trash.
We'll find who did this.
I promise.
Who found the body? - Construction worker.
- Uh-huh.
Lost his keys.
Thought he accidentally tossed them into the dumpster.
- Took a dive he won't forget.
- Hm.
Your friend got any idea who might've done it? - No, but I told him I'd look into it.
- Uh-huh.
I know this isn't the kind of case we normally take.
Listen, you don't have to apologize or explain.
We got a dead body.
A dead person.
We're taking it.
So what'd the M.
say? - Died from sharp force wounds.
- Uh-huh.
Probably a hunting knife or serrated edge.
Time of death between 10:00 p.
and 1:00 a.
There's no blood present in the dumpster, so he was probably killed somewhere else.
All right Roberto got any gang affiliations? No.
He's an out of work roofer with a big drug problem.
I mean, according to Ben, he was doing better.
All right, so let's pound the pavement.
Find a witness, security camera.
And dig into Roberto.
Track his movements.
Where was he staying? What was he doing? Okay.
I talked to Platt.
She was going through Roberto's priors.
He got jammed up last week.
- Outside this church.
- Why wasn't that in his file? It was just a contact card.
Responding officers didn't arrest him.
I mean, this could be where he's been living.
Excuse us.
Hey, Chicago PD.
- You serve? - Iraq, four tours.
I did two tours in Afghanistan.
This is, uh, Detective Rojas, Detective Upton.
- I'm Detective Halstead.
- Alex.
We're looking for information on a Roberto Peña.
- Yeah, I know Roberto.
- He stays here? On and off.
Not like you need a key.
When was the last time you saw him? I don't know.
Maybe two weeks ago? Did he get into any trouble around here? Nah, he was all right.
He was big talker.
Serious dope fiend.
- What'd he do? - He was murdered.
What happened? We don't know yet.
Does he have any friends around here? He, uh, usually hung out with Sammy the T.
Who's that? You Sammy? Hey, uh, yeah, uh were you looking to buy that Bear shirt earlier? No, sorry.
I'm Detective Upton.
This is Officer Rojas.
We understand that you know Roberto Peña.
You're police.
Yeah, but you're not in trouble.
- We just wanna talk.
- To talk? Mm-hmm.
Have you seen Roberto lately? Last night.
- Here? - No.
We went to an AA meeting on Clark.
Free cookies.
Did Roberto seem upset about anything? Just about the man following me in the blue pickup truck.
Was he following you or Roberto? You guys want me to seriously answer that? You guys are hilarious.
Look, we just wanna know who he was.
I certainly don't know his name Or CIA rank.
I'm sure you do.
Excuse me? I assume you're running point for him now.
Ah, I didn't realize how deep this went.
Look, Sammy.
It's okay, Sammy.
I just want to talk.
How long you been living here? A couple months.
It's quiet.
Good for reading.
And I thought they'd never find me here.
So this guy who was following you, the CIA You sure he wasn't following Roberto? Could've been.
Why? Something happen to Roberto? He was murdered, Sammy.
I used to give Roberto legal advice.
He'd pay me in snacks.
You a lawyer? I went to law school for two years.
Do you know where Roberto was staying? No.
Uh I think you guys should go.
One more question.
How much for that cool Harry Caray shirt? - Sarge.
- What do you got? I followed up on the T-shirt guy's story about going to an AA meeting with Roberto, so this is security footage from the community center, and this is from an auto shop down the block.
- Blue pickup.
- I'ma run that plate.
Zero, one, X-ray, nine, four, King, two.
Driver's got a gun on him.
- Sammy was telling the truth.
- Time stamp says 7:12.
That's a few hours before Roberto was killed.
All right, here we go.
Blue 2011 Ford.
Belongs to a Joe Mason.
Convicted felon, recently paroled out of Stateville on an attempted murder beef.
LKA's a house in Elsdon.
Okay, Jay, you and Hailey get over there.
Stand by for the warrant.
There's our truck.
- You ready.
- Mm, yep.
Let's go.
Joe Mason? Chicago PD.
You got a second? - Hey, man hey! - 5021 Henry.
Got an offender fleeing on foot.
Male, black, 5'10", black jacket, blue jeans.
Put your arms up.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
I didn't do anything, man.
Yeah? Where's the fire, Joe? 5021 Henry.
Advise units to disregard.
- Offender in custody.
- What is this? - What is this? - It's not mine, dog.
Yeah? Unless it's sugar, you're coming in.
Put your hands behind your back.
Put your hands behind your back! - Look, I made a mistake, man.
- Yes, you did.
I'm an addict.
You know Roberto Peña? Who? - Roberto Peña.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know him.
- Mm-hmm.
That son of a bitch broke into my truck.
- Hm.
- I caught him red-handed, and he ran.
What'd he steal? You know, I were you, I'd keep talking.
'Cause you were the last person who was with Roberto before that.
Jesus look, man, I ain't had nothing to do with that.
What'd he steal, Joe? - What did he steal? - Coke.
I had some in my glove compartment.
So, I drove everywhere trying to find that punk.
He said he still had half of my cocaine, so we went to some empty house he was squatting at.
- So you went to the house - Yeah.
You got your drugs, then you carved him up, didn't you? Wait, wait No, no, no, no.
That's why you slit his throat? - No, look, see I was - Why'd you cut his hands off? I was just trying to get high.
Did you slit his throat? No, I was just trying to get high! - What time did you leave? - Sometime after 8:00.
Then I went to my buddy's 40th birthday party.
This guy was still alive when I left that house.
We're gonna check your story.
And if you're lying, you're going back to the joint.
This time you ain't coming back, you understand? So we found a better way in.
Squatters usually lock the doors, not the windows.
That's how they get in and out.
Did you spend a lot of time on the streets back in the day? Just a few weeks.
Not as bad as you think.
Be careful.
- Clear.
- Clear.
This is definitely where the murder went down.
- Clear.
- Clear.
I'll call Voight.
And I found some of Roberto's clothes, personal items.
He was definitely living here.
And we didn't recover the knife? No, but I did find this.
Sammy Logan's signature.
So Sammy was here in the house with Roberto? Yeah, means he lied too.
Said he didn't know where Roberto was staying.
- Huh.
- I just talked to a neighbor, and he told me that he saw a person that matches Sammy's description enter this house around 10:00 p.
last night.
All right, bring him in.
- Damn it.
- You know, I gotta be honest.
I'm still hoping Sammy isn't good for this.
Just doesn't feel like a killer.
Wasn't that open before? Feel like a killer now? Saw the sneakers that we found at the church? Yeah? They're identical to Sammy's.
And the sole pattern and size are an exact match to the prints that we found at the demo house.
All right, where we at in Joe Mason's alibi? We got three witnesses Put him at a party same time as the murder.
Sammy Logan's starting to look good for this.
Yeah, problem is, we can't find him anywhere.
We've been circulating photos of him all over the neighborhood.
No one's seen him.
We've been checking city shelter logs.
He's been in and out of a few for the last two years.
Never stays.
Well, Sammy got some kind of file or a case worker? - Yeah, over in Lincoln Park.
- All right.
Get a subpoena for his medical records, talk to the case worker, see what you can find.
Sammy Logan.
Oh, yeah, I remember this kid.
University of Chicago law student.
Then he got sick.
Paranoid schizophrenia.
Early 20s, that's when it hits.
What about his family or friends? Looks like his mom died when he was young, and he's estranged from his father.
And what do you do for him? Class is about to start.
Follow me.
Well, we've given him a place to live, a place to sleep, some career counseling.
And in Sammy's case we mostly work with the doctors to help keep him on his meds, but he was mostly noncompliant in that department.
He thinks the government's trying to poison him so he won't take his pills.
So what do you think? Is Sammy capable of violence? No.
Truth is, most paranoid schizophrenics are meek.
They're more inclined to hide than fight.
- Any idea where he might hide? - Kid was a compulsive reader.
I'd start with the public libraries.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you.
Hey, it's Upton.
Hey, you still in Lincoln Park? - Yeah.
- Okay, I got a possible sighting of Sammy.
A patrol saw him getting out of a used bookstore and walking into a field house in Luna Park.
They're keeping eyes on him as we speak.
Okay, good.
We'll check it out.
All right.
What's up, Officer? Atwater, Rojas.
- You got our guy? - He's in there.
We got it from here.
Got your back.
It's Vanessa.
You sold me that Harry Caray shirt.
Everyone loves it, man.
Whoa, whoa.
We just wanna talk.
- Do I have to? - No, you don't.
How about we just take you down to the station? - Get you something nice to eat.
- I'm not hungry.
We just wanna talk.
1846 Charlie, what's your status? Sammy! Sammy! Sammy, stop! Stop running! Sammy! Stop! Stop! - Stop the car! - Stop! - Stop the bus! - Sammy! Open the door! - Sammy.
- Back off.
Hey, hey, hey Get off the bus! - Get down Stay down! - Sammy.
Throw the knife, or I will shoot.
Lower your weapon.
I got this.
Lower your weapon.
I know you don't want to hurt anybody.
- I don't.
- That's good.
So just drop the knife, okay? How do I know you're not working for them? That's a good question.
But I'm not really CIA material.
I barely got out of high school.
Drop your knife.
I'll take you somewhere safe.
I promise.
You guys okay? Okay? Sammy.
You're okay.
Okay? Go ahead, Sammy.
If you're hungry.
I'm not stupid.
No one thinks you're stupid.
Did you put ricin in the mustard? It's just mustard.
I get it.
You already took the antidote.
Nice try, but you haven't Mirandized me, so I gather I'm not under arrest.
We're just talking.
Just talking.
We wanna follow up on Roberto Peña.
You said you didn't know where he was staying, but we found one of your books there.
One of my books? Who's behind the mirror? Nobody.
It's just us.
I promise.
What the hell are you doing, Hailey? What? I turned off the cameras so we wouldn't record Sammy.
We all agreed no recording.
That meant no cell phones.
I can see it through your pocket, Hailey.
- All right, I'm sorry.
- Why don't you take five? Okay, it's just us now.
I think Rojas enjoyed that.
Have you been inside this house? Yeah.
Roberto crashed there sometimes.
When was the last time you were there? You found my shoes back at the church? Is that what's going on? Yes.
You think I killed Roberto? I just wanna know what happened.
I didn't kill Roberto.
But you were there when he was murdered? What happened? We were at this abandoned house, and Roberto was getting high.
Myself I don't put chemicals in my body.
I was in a room reading, and then I heard the S.
Five come in.
The the S.
Five? There's this guy that pretends to be a social worker.
He took me and Roberto out to coffee once, and I saw through his whole act.
He's a company man.
A company man? You mean the CIA? Special Op, level five, Latin American bureau.
In Caracas, if I had to guess.
And the S.
Five says that he wants to take Roberto for a ride, and the next thing I know I heard shoving, and I peeked through a hole in the wall and And he was stabbing Roberto.
And I stayed hidden because I didn't know what to do.
I didn't know what he wanted.
And, uh.
I'm not a spy.
I'm not a damn spy! Sammy, just slow slow down.
I know you're not a spy.
I know you're scared.
Look at me.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Trust me.
What did this man look like? He was Latino.
And he had glasses, and a goatee.
He puts himself at the crime scene, knows details only the killer would know.
Maybe Roberto stole something from Sammy.
A T-shirt? We know he was thief.
And then Sammy catches him at the abandoned house.
They fight.
He grabs a knife.
Or maybe the spy really did do it.
Sammy was right about the blue pickup, maybe he's right about this too.
Hey, I just got off the horn with CPIC.
Some guy tried to cash an SSI check in our homicide victim's name, Robert Peña.
What? Someone's pretending to be him? - When was this? - This is 45 minutes ago at a currency exchange in Homan Square.
I'll be damned.
Pause that.
That matches the guy Sammy just described.
And it's a clear image too.
Bet you a bourbon we get a hit on facial rec.
Eduardo Salazar.
Been on the run from Miami, Florida since 2015.
What's he running from? Double murder.
He killed a cop.
He, uh, robbed a bank in Dade County.
Killed the clerk.
Then he killed the responding officer.
FBI been looking for that dude for a long time.
Notice how Salazar and Roberto look similar? Hm.
Salazar hangs around the homeless.
He's looking for the right physical match.
He finds Roberto.
Makes sure he doesn't have any family or close friends.
And then slits his throat and steals his identity.
We talk to the feds? I spoke to the S-A-C in the Miami Field Office.
- She's sending over files.
- They got any leads? There was an anonymous tip that Salazar was spotted in Homan Square, but it came up dry.
Yeah, well, dry or not, this guy killed the police.
Let's find his ass.
Sarge, what are we gonna do about Sammy? Well, first see if he can ID Salazar, then let's do what we can to help him.
That's him.
The S.
Was he acting on orders? Oh, you can tell me.
I'm good with secrets.
Sammy, he's He's not a CIA agent.
He's a really bad person that robbed a bank, and killed two other people.
I saw him another time too.
Where? In front of the church.
He was hiding, but I knew he was there looking for me.
That's why I left.
But why would he be looking for you? Because he saw me when he killed Roberto.
You said you You hid in that room and you were looking through a hole in the wall.
I did, but after a few minutes I ran out.
That's when I think he saw me.
Can I go now? Yeah.
An officer's gonna take you to the hospital.
Which hospital? Is it Memorial? - Yes.
- Please don't take me there.
They are not nice people.
The doctors held me in a basement because I wouldn't take their poison.
We're taking you to Memorial.
We don't have a choice.
It's the law.
But I'm gonna come and check in on you, okay? I'll make sure you're safe.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That's good work.
You're real good with him.
You just gotta be patient and understand that his truth is as real to him as yours is to you, or mine is to me.
I can tell you got a lotta experience - with people like Sammy.
- Yeah.
When I was in the street I, uh I squatted in an abandoned house with a woman.
Her name was Nina.
Yeah, she was sick like Sammy, but once she took her meds she was fine.
So we just gotta make sure Sammy takes his.
Hey, we got a hit off a CTA-cam near the cash exchange place.
The camera has Salazar hopping into a Chevy Monte Carlo.
The car is registered to a Liza Radley.
- Who's that? - Think it's his girlfriend who grew up in the same area of Miami, went to the same high school.
- We got an address? - Yeah.
She rents an apartment on Belmont.
Landlord says she lives with her boyfriend.
Boyfriend's description matches Salazar's.
- Hm.
- All right, when do we hit? Waiting on a warrant.
Chicago PD! Hey! Stop! Get your hands up! Hands on the table.
- Get your hands on the - Get off me, bitch! Shut up and put your hands on the table.
- You Liza Radley? - Yeah.
We're looking for your boyfriend Eduardo Salazar.
You cooperate, you got a shot at freedom.
You don't, you're gonna spend the rest of your life in prison.
Hands behind your back.
She lawyered up and spit in my face for good measure.
All right, anything on her phone? Salazar texted her a few hours ago, and then he shut his phone off.
The text says, "Chasing more Roberto paper.
We almost there, baby.
Punta Mita soon.
" - Punta Mita? - It's a beach town in Mexico.
Sounds like he's getting his new identity in order then making a run to the border.
All right, so keep monitoring the phone.
Let's get a couple of cars down here in case he comes home.
And check all nearby businesses.
Anywhere he could be setting up a new identity.
I know it's a needle in a haystack, but it's worth a shot.
- I got an idea.
- Okay.
And you said the S.
Five took you and Roberto out for coffee? Do you remember the name of the place? It's called the Daily Groundup.
- And that's in Pilsen? - Yeah.
So, Vanessa, can you get me out of here? Let's make a call.
Or something.
It's not safe.
They got cameras in the toothbrushes.
And like I was saying before They're trying to poison me.
You need to take these pills, Sammy.
It'll make you feel better.
Look, I gotta go.
But I'll tell you what.
I'll test these pills, and if they come back clean, will you take one for me? Yeah.
I, uh I talked to the doctors, uh They said it's okay if I give you a phone.
My number's in there.
You call me anytime, okay? I'm I'm making sense, right? You are.
You've helped us narrow down the search.
You did that.
I'll be back, okay? I got the name of the coffee shop.
Maybe Salazar's hanging out in that area.
Good work.
I'll call Voight.
Coffee shop's a bust.
He could be halfway to Mexico by now.
Or he could still be here chasing paper.
We keep canvassing.
How's Kim? Uh, she's pretty good I think.
Trying to give her space.
Leave her alone.
What about you? How you doing? You know, I don't think I really processed it.
I spent all this time trying to wrap my head around having a kid, and I'm trying to wrap my head around not having a kid, so I don't know.
You need any time off, you let me know, okay? - Thanks, boss.
- 5021.
You got your ears on? - 5021, go with your traffic.
- Got a hit on your BOLO.
Wanted vehicle is parked at 8771 South Pulaski.
- Patrol is standing by.
- Copy.
We're close.
Let's bury this prick.
It's right down there.
I walked by the car.
- It's empty.
- Huh.
There's Salazar.
Fan out.
Gun! Get these people out of the way! Go! I got eyes.
Stay down, sir.
Stay down.
Four cars up.
Red truck.
Behind the truck.
Sarge, heads up! You're right on top of him! He's right behind that red truck you're next to! I'm moving up! Salazar! Drop the gun! Put the gun down.
I'll put one in your head! Don't you move.
EMT says he's stabilized.
So less paperwork.
Looks like he was getting a passport photo.
I want you to get a statement from the store.
Make sure all our bases are covered.
- Understand? - You got it.
- Sarge, I got a problem.
- What's up? My witness Sammy just took off from the hospital.
The staff said he was spinning out.
I gave him a cell phone, but he turned it off.
I know I'm supposed to help with the paper, but he could be a danger to himself.
You get a read on where he went? No, but there's a good chance he went back to that church he likes to stay at.
He thinks it's safe.
All right, do what you gotta do.
Thanks, man.
Dude saw Sammy an hour ago with our vet, Alex.
- Hey, Alex, right? - Where's Sammy? I take it you're not here for mass.
- We're looking for him.
- Well, I hope you find him.
He ran out of here with my friend's gun.
- He has a gun? - He was sure someone was gonna kill him.
Like, in that second.
So you let him walk away with a gun? Sure did.
It's loaded.
Didn't want to get shot in the face.
I'ma keep looking.
You don't have to come with.
Shift's over.
No, I'm good.
It's not like I got a hot date, Rojas Grubhub can wait.
Sammy turned his phone back on 15 minutes ago.
We got an address.
Book depository on Clark.
Let's go.
Ready? Sammy? Sammy.
It's Vanessa.
You in here? - "Every person" - Sammy! People are looking for you, buddy.
- Back off, lady! - Hey! I need you to lower your weapon.
- It's Vanessa, remember? - I said back off.
I'm backing up.
- I don't wanna hurt you.
- I know you don't.
I need you to put the gun on the ground, and let's talk, yeah? We got the bad guy.
The S.
- You're safe.
- You're a liar.
You're listening to my thoughts with your phone, and that is very, very rude.
You're right.
I'll turn it off.
There you go.
I'm sorry.
I wanna buy another T-shirt.
Someone took them.
That's terrible.
Let's get out of here.
I'll help you find your T-shirts.
But first I need you to put the gun on the floor.
See? They're here for me! Sammy, Sammy! Sammy, drop your weapon now! Sammy Sammy Sammy! There he is! Move! Sammy, stop! Sammy! - I'll run around back! - I'll clear the front! Get out.
I'm with Chicago PD.
I need you to move.
Guys, get out of the store now.
Get out.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I need you to give me that gun.
Why'd you leave me in that terrible place? - Why would you do that? - I'm sorry.
That's my bad, dude.
Let's go out and talk, yeah? How the hell did you find me? Sir, get back! - Sammy, please! - You will not hurt me.
- Sammy, no, don't do this! - You will not hurt me! Aah! No! Police! I got you, buddy.
I got you.
Get the gun! Get the gun! You will not die, okay? I got you.
I got you.
5021 Henry.
Shots fired by the police.
Roll an ambo to 112 North Harding.
We've got a man down.
GSW to the chest.
Hey, look at me.
I'm gonna go meet the ambo.
Keep pressure.
It's gonna be fine, okay? Keep pressure.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You will not die.
I got you.
You're okay.
- We find the gun? - No.
He had it.
I mean, we saw it.
He started shooting in that book depository.
I know, he must've dropped it during the chase.
I couldn't just let him shoot that man and his daughter.
- I had no choice, Hailey.
- Listen.
It was a good shoot, okay? You did what you had to do.
Do not start second-guessing yourself.
Okay? Do you hear me? Okay.
It's Jay.
He spoke to the docs at ICU.
Sammy's doing much better.
He's stabilized.
Kay, what's that mean? It means that he's got a chance, okay? Let's go find that gun.
Come on.
No need.
Patrol officer just found it.
A .
9? Why don't you go home? Get some rest.
- That's an order.
- Kay.
So where'd they find it? Patrol looked everywhere Sammy had run.
I just told patrol to recheck the alley behind the place.
I guess they got lucky.
Let's get outta here.
Excuse me.
Officer Rojas.
I'm looking for a patient.
Sammy Logan.
He's a gunshot vic.
Officer involved shooting in Pilsen.
You mean the John Doe? No, I mean Sammy Logan.
That's his name.
Sorry, we didn't find any identification on him.
What room is he in? Hi, Sammy.
I brought you something for for when you wake up.
How you feel? Great.
Have a seat.
Listen, we just got a lead on that guy in Bridgeport moving fentanyl.
- Jimmy Hassett? - That's the one.
- What's the lead? - Well, it turns out his girlfriend works at a restaurant called Luna.
Word is she likes to drink, too.
Could be our access point.
I thought you'd be a good person to take the lead on this.
You know just start working her, hang out at the restaurant, get to know her, maybe grab a drink Sarge, stop.
I know what you're doing And I appreciate it.
There's no rush, okay? Whenever you're ready.
Thank you.

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