Chicago P.D. (2014) s09e15 Episode Script


You could lose Makayla.
Theo Morris is a blood relation.
It's time.
We gotta go to court.
Theo, I get what you're trying to do, but what Makayla and I have, you can't just snap your fingers and make that up.
It's real.
We're family.
We won! Let's go see our kid.
Gabby? - Where's Makayla? - They took her.
Makayla? Kim, is Mack here? Kim! Kim! Kim, do you have Mack? Just hold on, just hold on.
- It's okay.
- Makayla's gone.
She's been drugged.
Somebody took her, Adam.
- What? - Somebody drugged her, Adam.
I don't somebody took her.
5021 Eddie, I Help Gabby, help Gabby.
5021 Ida, emergency 230 Mohawk.
Possible kidnapping of a tender-aged child, female.
Name is Makayla Burgess.
Units in the 21st.
Units on the citywide.
We have officers calling for help.
Oh, Gabby.
All right.
Let's go.
Kim, let's go.
Kim! Let's go.
Let's go.
- Bill! - I'm on with 911.
I heard a scream and I I looked through the peephole and saw two men.
- One was carrying Makayla - When? When? - Minutes ago.
- Bill, what'd they look like? Masked.
One was tall.
He was carrying her.
- Well, where'd they go? - Freight elevator.
5021 Ida, two kidnappers, one tall, two plain clothes officers in foot pursuit.
- 230 Mohawk - Oh, my God, come on! Requesting immediate backup.
5021 Ida, we have units in the 23rd responding.
Patrol Sergeant minutes out.
We're gonna find her.
All right? Gonna find her.
We're gonna find her.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
5021 Ida, second female in apartment 2012.
Roll a crime lab.
I'm gonna call Voight.
- Copy, 5021 Ida.
- Crime lab in route.
Department 2012.
Boss, it's me.
Yeah, Makayla's been kidnapped.
Yeah, taken, taken.
At our place.
Thank you.
He's on his way.
Kim, Kim! Kim! - Please slow down.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Please.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Get on the ground! Chicago PD, get on the ground now.
- Get on the ground right now! - Passenger! You stick your hands outside the window.
Put your hands out the window and open the door.
- Open the door now.
- Hands behind your head! - Get out! - All right.
Open that back door.
Open it now! - All right! - Look towards me.
Look towards me.
Get on your knees right now.
- Adam Adam do you have her? - No.
- Who are you? - Window cleaners.
What are you doing at the gate? Somebody broke into our van.
Our clicker's gone.
No, no, no.
Hey, hey, hey.
Chicago police.
Did you did you see a girl, a little girl, - No - She was two men? - Nothing? Okay.
- No.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! - I'm police, I'm police.
Sergeant Adam Ruzek, Intelligence Our kid's been taken.
Please, we gotta We need help.
- Okay, how old is your child? - She's seven, she's seven.
- Okay, any description? - Of Makayla? She's seven.
No, no, of the of the offender.
She's just a tiny thing.
Did you see anything? No, Adam, there's nothing, there's nothing.
All right, All right.
I'm gonna check the next block over, okay? - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- No, wait a second Hey, hey, both of you, right now.
Look at me.
Did you see the offenders? - No.
- No.
Does your building have security cameras? Yeah, yeah.
Get us in the parking garage.
We don't have cameras there.
People were vandalizing them, so Okay, our hallway then.
Go to our hallway.
It's the 20th floor.
Oh, God, no.
Son-of-a oh, God.
2620, on scene, two offenders imaged on security footage.
One male, 6'4", 6'5", 250 minimum, white.
Second male, 5'9", Black.
Need an investigative alert now.
Copy that, 2620.
Investigation unit en route.
They're just gonna disappear Hey.
All right, where are we? There was two masked offenders.
Both were armed.
They shot our babysitter, Gabby.
Looks like she tried to stop 'em.
She's dead upstairs.
Uh, Makayla She's gone.
BOLO's out on a blue Chevy van, stolen plates, silver-tinted back windows, custom spare.
At this time, we know we have two offenders.
We have height, weight, race.
Come on.
It's okay.
We got it, c'mon.
Yeah, yeah.
Two offenders force their way inside, one of them stays here with the sitter.
The other goes to the bedroom.
That's where the mother located the syringe.
Offender one sedates Makayla, comes back out here with her unconscious Sitter sees it, fights back, takes one in the chest.
They must have used a suppressor.
Offenders knew their routine.
Burgess and Ruzek do pizza with Makayla on Fridays.
Kidnappers posed as food delivery so Gabby would open the door.
It was well planned, well executed.
They knew how to get in and out of the building and exactly where they were going.
All right, so let's pull all PODs 20 blocks out.
Do a full cell tower dump.
Wait, hold on a second.
Wait up.
I wanna keep this in house.
That means keep your mouths shut.
Kay? The more people who know about this, the worse it is for Makayla, you copy? All right, keep moving.
- Hey, brother, I got it.
- All right.
- Adam.
- Mm, yeah.
What? It's just I told her.
I think I told you too.
It's just Gabby, she was too trusting, she opened the door for everyone.
She wouldn't look through the peephole first and I should have been harder on her about it.
I shouldn't have just joked around about it.
No, stop.
It's just the way they walk around Stop, hey, hey, we're not doing this.
We're not doing this, okay? We're not.
Our kid's gone because somebody took her.
That's it.
She's our kid.
We're her parents, we're her family, but you and me, we're the police.
We can get her back.
You and me.
We can get her back.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Sergeant.
- Yeah.
CPIC doesn't have a Chevy panel van tracking Makayla from her school, but we pulled an image off PODs.
He was sitting outside of her school for 30 minutes.
He would've seen her get in the car with Gabby.
They could've let the kidnappers know.
Wait, who? Who was outside Makayla's school? Go.
- What the hell? - Where is she? You stop moving! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Where's Makayla? - Whoa! You can't do this.
You can't be here.
Yes we can.
We have a warrant.
Now where's Makayla? - What the - She was kidnapped, and you were at her school four hours ago.
- And you think we took her? - You need to leave, now.
- Why were you at her school? - To see her.
She's not here.
Where is she? Where's my daughter? I didn't take her, and I can tell you that again and again and again So then why were you at her school, and why were you watching her? I told you.
I wanted to see her.
You were waiting outside the entrance for 30 minutes until you watched her walk away.
Do you know what that looks like to us? - You should go to Med.
- I'm good.
- What'd you do to yourself? - From when I hit the door.
I'm not going to Med.
I'll be IOD.
Don't bench me, Boss.
I just wanted to see Makayla.
I just lost custody of her.
Or you wanted to see her leave school so you could tell the kidnappers that Makayla was on her way home.
No, that's not what happened.
They killed a young woman, so you're on the hook for felony murder.
I didn't do anything.
How dare you drag me from my home and accuse me of anything.
I didn't take Makayla, I love her That's right, you do love her.
That's why when the court didn't award you custody, - you took her.
- I didn't take her.
I respect the court's decision even though they made the wrong choice, they made Do you see? - Now, huh? - Hey.
- No, no, do you see? - Come on.
You see? Huh? Drag the Black man out of his home in cuffs, and take my brother's child so you can raise her as your own.
No, no.
Don't you pretend that you can't see that this was not the right choice.
- All right, sit down! - They made the wrong choice - on this you see this? - Sit down! - Adam, Adam! - This was the wrong - choice for that! - Adam! - Sit down - No, I swear to God, if you - took her, I'll kill you - I didn't take her.
Just give her back! Give her back! - This isn't on me.
- Come on.
This isn't on me.
- Let's go! Outside.
- C'mon, c'mon.
- Stop! - All right, I'm fine.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Sarge, Theo's phone records show that he got a text message with a video file from a burner phone at 5:30 p.
Same burner two minutes later called his phone.
Five minutes after that, he goes online, and starts liquidating assets and selling stocks.
- So he's not the offender.
- Hell, no.
He's the victim.
This man has been gathering money.
He's getting hit up for ransom.
How much do they want and by when? I don't know what you're talking about.
You got a text at 5:30 with a video file attached, that was a proof-of-life video, wasn't it? Then you took a 47-second phone call.
It was the kidnappers.
They were telling you how much and by when.
And they told you no cops, didn't they? Listen.
We have a warrant for your phone, okay? I'm gonna get the video and the call in a few hours anyway.
Please just save me the time.
For Makayla.
Just tell me now.
Theo, you gotta forget who won or lost that court case, - it doesn't matter - I know that.
They want a million dollars.
They're gonna contact me tomorrow around 2:00 p.
to tell me when and where to make the drop.
Thank you.
All right.
- Do you have any idea - I have no idea who would do something like this.
I don't have people in my life - who would steal a child.
- Okay.
Listen, I need that video now.
Look, they said if I even talk to the Theo, I'm gonna get it either way.
Screen lock is 0929.
That's all I'm giving you.
You gotta understand This is my job, kay, this is what I do, work cases like this, believe me.
Believe me.
You need to work with us.
They said that they would kill her if I even talked to you.
Do you understand? I'm not a lawyer, but you better believe that I know my rights, and you are not keeping me here.
Now, I am getting that million dollars for Makayla, and I am paying them.
And I am not working with you.
And I am not working with your officers, I am not.
$1 million.
Call to set the drop is at 2:00 p.
Lock screen, 0929.
Boss, does Theo know the men that took her? We need to wire him up and press him All right, listen.
I'm only gonna say this once, and you have both got to listen.
I understand this is your daughter, but this is my case.
If I think it's in the best interest of Makayla, I will pull you off it.
What happened in that room It cannot happen again.
It won't.
- I've got it.
- Pull it up.
Run every identifier you can find in that video, get it over to CPIC.
I want all their best techs on it.
I want a full work-up on that burner, and the slug on Gabby.
And I want silent eyes and ears on Theo.
One block geofence on his phone, then release him.
Wait, what? What? He's gathering the money.
He's refusing to work with us.
Boss, then we make him work with us.
Adam, the offenders told him that if cops are involved, they're gonna kill Makayla.
Look, now we've got 14 hours left before they call to set this drop.
Let's get movin'.
Kidnappers always say don't work with the police.
They abducted a Chicago cop's kid.
We can't assume it's an empty threat.
We've worked dozens of kidnapping cases.
Rule number one: you do not do the drop.
Drop happens, odds go way up that the kid dies - Why are we doing this - That's why we find Makayla first, okay? We let Theo gather the money.
It's a back-up plan we never use.
We're gonna find our kid, Adam.
- You and me.
- Yeah.
All right, drapes came back.
They're from F&W Drapes.
It's a common style, but we got work orders coming in now.
And I'm still scrubbing everybody with a sheet that's 6'4".
I got a few hundred of those names.
Ballistics back from Gabby? No matches on the slug or the spent brass.
- Burner phone? - It's off.
Only pinged two locations today both are abandoned lots.
One off 50th, the other off 70th.
Patrol's circling, but there isn't nobody there.
All right, so they're smart.
They're not going back to the same location twice.
The Chevy? We got nothing on that BOLO yet.
They must've parked it in a private structure.
All right, start pulling all PODs near those abandoned lots, look for any vehicle and run it.
- I'm on it.
- Phone company came back with the location the burner was purchased.
It's a corner store on 57th street.
Good, you and Hailey take it.
Come on.
That's the number.
We need the bill of sale, for that phone.
Naw, you need a warrant.
No, I don't, not for you to help me.
But I promise if you make me go get a warrant, your life's gonna get more difficult.
You need a warrant.
All right, man, I'll go get a warrant.
But I'm gonna call the fire department, I'm gonna call the health department, and my buddy in city licenses, they're gonna shut you down.
Who bought the phone? All right, we'll come back.
I let him pay in cash.
I don't keep receipts.
Who's Reza? Where the hell is he? Police! Let me see your hands! Get up, walk towards me.
- Where is she? - Who? Makayla, where is she? - Who? - Where is she? I don't know who she is.
Keep your hands up.
- Clear.
- Got anybody else - in the apartment with you? - No, no, I'm alone.
Guys, get in here, you wanna check this out.
What the hell is going on? I haven't done anything wrong.
You buy and clone burners and sell them? Is that what this is? - I don't - Now is not the time to lie.
Did you buy a burner five days ago from the market on 57th? Who did you sell it to? I would have to check my computer.
Here, here's the number.
- Uh, they bought five phones.
- Who's they? I don't know.
I don't ask for any info.
- What'd they look like? - There were two guys.
One was white, real tall, and the other was a Black guy.
That's all I know.
Okay, well, we need all those other numbers right now.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Reza sold them five burner phones.
Three haven't been turned on yet, the other two have.
One was used to call Theo.
The other pinged the same towers.
These are definitely our offenders.
They are on the move, and they're keeping their phones off.
Okay so they're making calls on 'em.
- Are they receiving any? - Yes, sir.
Both of those phones got calls from a 9429 number at least three times a day.
That's a dedicated state prison landline.
- Tariq.
Makayla's father.
- No.
It's Logan Penitentiary.
The women's prison.
Nia, Tariq's girlfriend? She helped him kill Makayla's family.
She helped him try and take her.
Guys, Logan confirmed calls came from Nia's wing.
Hold on.
We made her a deal.
She talked to us, she flipped.
I lied to her, Adam.
She didn't get a deal.
She got life.
I gave her life.
Oh, God, what? What do y'all want? Here, have a seat, Nia.
We need the names of the men you hired to abduct Makayla.
Who? The prison keeps logs.
We know you called these men.
What, what, y'all gonna make my life worse - than it already is? - Things can always get worse, Nia.
Oh no.
There's nothing beneath hell.
Nia, look at me.
Yeah, they can get worse.
They can also get better.
She's just a child, Nia.
Here I almost thought you went mute.
Last time you was talkin' so, so much about how you was gonna kill me with a needle.
But she's just a child.
That's why you and Tariq wanted her.
You wanted what was best for her.
- That's why you wanted her - You adopted her.
How does it feel? How do you like it, hmm? Havin' your child stole by someone, you white savior bitch.
You want things worse, I'll make things worse Get me outta here.
- No, no, no Nia - She was never yours.
It can't be stolen if it never was yours.
- Stop it hey! - Get off me! - Hey, listen to me.
- Listen to me, Nia.
This is between you and me.
- Nia, please give me the names.
- Get outta my face.
- Get me out of here.
- Nia, please! You are not helping.
You have got to get a hold of yourself.
You are not gonna get Makayla back like this.
Sarge, the warden needs to see us.
Get him off the ceiling.
- What are you doing? - What am I doing? Did you not hear her in there? Did you not just hear her in there? Makayla needs you to be calm.
No, Makayla needs me to rip that woman's throat out.
Makayla needs me to run through every single wall until I bring her home safe to us.
Kim, Makayla does not need calm.
Then you do it for me, Adam.
You hold on, because I need you to hold on.
Do you understand? I need you to hold on.
Hey, the warden's given us every file and every piece of footage.
We do not need Nia to talk to us.
We're gonna find these men ourselves before the meet happens, come on.
- Okay.
- Kim Not now.
According to the Warden's files, Nia has been writing Makayla's dad Tariq every day since she landed inside.
- Still in love.
- Yes.
The letters show that Tariq was moved to a cellblock that's ran by the Gangster Prophets.
That's when the GPs demanded protection money from him, otherwise, he was gonna have a shiv in his neck.
And that's why Nia kidnapped Makayla? Yes.
Tariq, for his own prison debts, took his daughter.
Well, it's good news.
Means this is still about money.
How'd Nia find out where Makayla was? Custody battle.
Courts contact Tariq, Tariq writes Nia letting her know that Theo was filing for custody.
She knows he's got money.
Cooks up the whole thing just to help Tariq.
Okay, the prison has seven calls logged between Nia and the kidnappers' burner phones.
They talk in code, she never uses their names, but Okay, so this is last week.
ID he gave to the prison is fake We backtracked him on cameras though.
This is him.
This is two blocks away.
Motorcycle's registered to a Julius Aston.
Violent Crimes suspects him of numerous burglaries with his 6'4" roommate Lennie Blake.
- We have names.
- We've got an address.
LKA is two blocks from Nia's old home They're friends from the neighborhood.
These are our guys.
ASA? Exigent warrant's on the way now.
There's two doors.
I got you.
Move, move, move, Adam, move.
Motorcycle's parked around the block.
There's a license plate in the garage.
The Chevy van's gone.
Okay, that's good news.
Means they're in the same vehicle, just ripped the plate.
Okay, get that info out on a BOLO.
A neighbor down the street said they saw a patrol respond to a domestic a couple doors down last night.
All right, they probably got spooked and moved her.
That's what I'm sayin', but, Sarge, we're running out of time.
We've barely got a half hour.
So start pulling PODs from here.
Look, they're in the same Chevy van.
You follow them all the way back to their new location.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
We gotta tell Theo to push the kidnappers back.
We need more time.
- We're not doing that.
- No, no.
The drop is not happening.
This is not happening.
Listen to me We push the kidnappers back, we ask for more time, they could cut and run.
We cannot risk it.
We're doing the drop.
No, we're not.
Kim, she's not gonna be there.
These guys are smart.
They're playing it safe.
They're not gonna bring her there.
They're gonna take the money and they're gonna kill her.
Don't say that.
You need to stop, Adam.
You need to stop.
Okay, the best-case scenario, we find Makayla, we bring her home safe.
We're not gonna get played at a drop.
We're out of time.
She's my daughter.
We're doing the drop.
What'd you just say? We're doing the drop, Adam.
We're doing it, Sarge.
We thought we could find Makayla before the drop.
But you failed? Yes, we failed.
We've ID'd the men who took her, but we've been unable to locate them.
Who are they? Two men involved with Nia, your brother Tariq's girlfriend.
We need to control this drop.
We need a public venue that we can control and a hand-to-hand exchange.
We see Makayla in person, exchange for cash, and then we'll crash.
But we need you to work with us.
And I told you, no cops.
They said that they would kill her.
We will be undercover.
They won't know we're there.
Theo, you got the money together.
Theo, no, no, no, listen, listen, listen.
If you'd won custody and she'd been taken from you, I'd be here, I'd be here asking you the same thing.
This is the only thing that is right for Makayla right now.
The only thing.
Okay, okay.
Anything? I got nothing.
Okay, everybody stay calm.
Just stay patient.
I got a van northbound on Columbus.
Plates are Robert Frank Charlie 392.
I can't confirm, can't see inside.
Could be them though, could be.
Okay, Adam, copy you.
Hold till we confirm.
Just sit tight.
Negative on the van.
It's a utilities vehicle, slated for the park HQ.
Jay, what you got up there? Nothing.
Not yet.
We're still good.
Okay, there's one of their burners.
We're up.
Pinging right now.
Hello? Leave the money by the telescope, walk away.
Where's Makayla? Leave the money, walk away, then we'll let you see the girl.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, hey.
We had a deal.
Money for the girl.
A hand-to-hand exchange, okay, so I need to see her.
Where is she? Leave the money, then we'll pull up in the van.
Do it now.
Wait, hold on, that's a video file.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're not doing that.
Kev, what's going on with that ping? You got a location yet? Any second.
Leave the money.
Do it, or she's dead.
Burner's at 66th and Lawndale, the Tact unit is crashing, 90 seconds out.
That's Marquette Park.
That's 12 miles away.
We're not doing this.
She's not even here.
Theo, this is Ruzek.
Do not do it.
Do not drop the money.
Do not drop the bag.
Do not do the drop.
Adam, what are you doing? Adam, stand down right now.
We are letting this play.
Sarge, she's not here.
She was never gonna be here.
The money's our only leverage.
We drop the money, we get eyes, we move slow, and then we follow.
You need to hold.
Theo, drop the money, okay? Drop the money or she's dead.
Theo, drop the money, please.
Theo, drop the money.
Do it now.
Do it.
Theo, do as he says.
Drop it nice and easy.
- Okay, okay.
- Did you leave the money? Do it now or the girl dies.
Okay, okay, All right.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I did it.
Walk away.
Keep walking across the bridge.
You stop, we kill her.
Okay, where is she? Where where is she? Theo, move.
Movement, coming from the skating rink on-foot.
It's Lennie.
He's approaching.
Sarge, they played us.
She was never here.
Kev, is Tact at Marquette Park? 30 seconds out.
She's not here.
If we lose him Adam, stay where you are.
Do not follow.
She's not here.
I'm not gonna lose him.
I'm not losing her.
Adam! Adam what are you doing? Adam, Adam, stop.
Let's go.
Move! No.
No, no.
No, no.
Lot on Marquette is empty.
Tact's searching for the van but it's not there.
They never had eyes.
Couldn't let him get away.
I told you to stop.
I told you, we could have followed him To where, Kim? To where? He was never going back to Makayla.
She was never gonna be here.
They were gonna take the money and run.
That's what was always gonna happen.
And I told you that's what was gonna happen, but you didn't listen to me.
You didn't listen because she's your daughter, right? - So you didn't listen.
- You don't listen to me.
You never listen to me, Adam.
You never listen to me, damn it.
And now she's gone.
- Hey! - She's gone! - She was never here.
- She was! - That's enough! - You didn't This is not about you.
Stop it.
Look, listen.
It's possible they didn't bring Makayla 'cause they were planning on releasing her somewhere else where they knew there'd be no cops.
Look, hope is not lost.
'Kay, you gotta be in this moment right now, you understand me? These men did this for money, so there is still time.
I got the phone.
There's a message, "You get the money?" Okay.
Look, we don't know.
We don't know if they were planning on releasing Makayla when they got the money or killing, we don't know.
We can't text back.
So call Platt, have her ping that burner - that sent that message.
- Yeah.
Look, Julius is gonna have to turn his phone on to check.
So head to Marquette Park, start searching.
I'm right behind you.
Hank, burners are still off.
Last tower hit was Marquette Park.
He's gotta be mobile.
There's no other way he's moving so fast.
He's in that van, and it's conspicuous.
I'll pull every POD and traffic cam.
Patrol and Tact's branching out.
Yeah, well, get eyes on all the industrial stretches off of Marquette too he could've pulled off the street to try to find cover.
Copy that.
Kim, there's a storage lot on 74th and Marquette.
Lot on 74th and Marquette is empty.
They're not here, the van isn't here.
Kim, we got a hit on a traffic cam.
A blue Chevy van ran through a red light, 74th and Walker.
Was ten minutes after the text.
Listen up.
We got two consecutive pings a half block north from you, Burgess.
Copy, copy, copy! Hank, I lose him after that.
He doesn't cross 75th.
That means he's there.
That means he's still there.
He's gotta be.
Burner just turned on.
74th and Highland.
Southeast corner He's somewhere on that block.
We're right on top of it.
All right, this is the only entrance, get the hammer.
- You got it? - One, two, three.
- Kim, you hear that? - Yeah.
Yo, Lennie, where are you? Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Answer your damn phone.
Hit me back.
Hey, man, the drop should've happened by now.
Should've heard something by now, man.
I don't know.
I can't wait anymore.
I'm gonna get rid of the kid and get out of here.
- Hey! - Hey! Give me a reason.
Give me a reason.
Makayla! No, no, no.
No, no.
Makayla? No.
Makayla! Kim, do you have her? Makayla.
Kim, talk to me.
Makayla, I need you to wake up.
Mom? Hi.
You're okay, okay? I'm here now.
Everything is okay.
It's cold in here.
I got you.
We'll go home, we'll go home.
We'll go home.
Kim! I've got her, Adam.
She's okay! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Is she okay? Yeah, the EMTs think they kept her drugged.
Her vitals are okay, but we're gonna take her to Med to be safe, you know.
You should come to the hospital with us.
You know, be with us until I take her back home.
"Some people think you're not good enough.
"But I won't, I won't.
I'll look inside where treasures hide.
" "If you don't think as some people do, "some people will have no use for you.
"But I will, I will.
Our thoughts will play and stay all day.
" Hey.

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