Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s02e09 Episode Script

Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz

1 I had been wandering the wilderness for months, if not years.
When everything outside the Garden was a vast stony wasteland.
That's where He found me.
This man.
This beautiful man.
Angelic, really.
With two wounds on His back.
He lifted me up.
And then, I helped him.
I healed Him.
I wasn't just the first woman, you see.
I was the first witch, too.
And He was Lucifer.
The Morningstar.
Soon to be our Dark Lord.
I was His handmaiden, and He He was my master.
Aunt Hilda.
- And where have you been all night? - Aunt Zelda.
Do you have any idea what's going on, Sabrina? The trouble we're in? Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda, listen to me for one second.
Wardwell manipulated me into fulfilling a prophecy, one that's meant to bring about the end of the world.
Because of me, the Dark Lord has assumed His original form and is somewhere in Greendale.
And the Gates of Hell are going to open, releasing the hordes of Hell.
Sorry, all this is This is all happening now? Now or very soon.
According to the prophecy I found, His plan is to enslave the tribes of human and witch-kind, and to rule over everything with His demon army.
There's more.
Sabrina created a mandrake that's absorbed her witch powers.
- All of them? - And that's not even the worst of it.
- Oh - What's worse than you being mortal? She's meant to rule by the Dark Lord's side, as His queen.
How? Wh As His child bride? Well Over my dead body.
You're too young.
You'll stand against the Dark Lord, Auntie? To defend Sabrina? Certainly.
Family comes first.
And the Dark Lord is not without his aversions.
- Iron spikes.
- Onions.
Spellmans if Sabrina is the Dark Lord's prize, Sabrina is who He will not have.
We'll build a protection around the house.
Nicholas, you put those strapping shoulders of yours to good use and help.
Sabrina, we need to find out where in Greendale the Dark Lord is.
The more we know, the more prepared we'll be.
Sabrina! - Harvey.
- Harry.
- Are you the real Sabrina? - What do you mean? Or the Sabrina that tried to kill us and turn us into vegetables? Yeah, but don't worry, I killed them.
Oh, no, that was someone else, that was something else.
- What the hell is going on? - Guys, the Dark Lord is in Greendale.
He wants to jump-start the Apocalypse by opening the Gates of Hell, which are apparently also in Greendale.
- Shit.
- In the mines? Actually, yeah.
That's probably exactly where they are.
- If they're in the mines, we can help.
- No offense, farm boy, - but you'll wanna sit this one out.
- I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to Sabrina.
Let us help.
Let us find the Gates of Hell, at least.
Sabrina, they're mortal.
Don't forget, Nick, so am I.
Like, mortal mortal? It's a long story, but kind of.
So if you can find the Gates, that would be great.
If you can figure out a way to keep them from opening, that would be even better.
Like, with dynamite? Sabrina.
Get inside the house.
Dynamite could work.
- We'll do our best.
- Okay.
Be careful.
- And And stay in touch.
- We're on it.
What about me? You be careful, too.
Stick to the shadows.
Sisters? Sisters, I need your help.
We're not your sisters, Prudence.
We don't have the Blackwood name.
Please, Agatha, Dorcas if I am to kill Father Blackwood, I cannot do it alone.
I need my sisters.
How would we do it? He won't let us get close to him.
We won't need to.
Well, well, what have we here? Normally, the Gray Room has a strict dress code, but in your case, I do believe I'll make an exception.
Just passing through town, stranger? Don't you recognize me, Mr.
Gray? We struck a bargain, you and I.
Eternal youth for your soul.
Dark Lord.
- Forgive me.
You look - Just as I did when I was in Heaven.
Minus the wings, of course.
I live only to serve You, my Lord.
That's fine, but where is my handmaiden? Where, oh, where, is my Lilith? Here I am, Dark Lord.
I was surprised you didn't greet me when I assumed my angelic form.
I've been busy.
Preparing the way.
How are you, Lilith? You seem perturbed.
Oh perhaps it's the fact that the throne You promised me, the crown You assured me I'd be wearing, and soon, that those things are going to Sabrina Spellman and not me.
It's not your turn yet, Lilith.
Nor ever, I'm beginning to think.
You will be leading the armies of Hell when the Gates are open.
Supporting role.
Begging the question why her, not me? Self-pity bores me, Lilith.
And you know what I'm like when I'm bored.
Besides, you have work to do.
Bring me Sabrina Spellman.
At once, my Lord.
In the meantime, I must attend to certain wayward members of my flock.
A ring, a ring of roses His pockets lined with stones and Ashes, ashes, he falls down dead A ring, a ring of roses His blood like water flows and Ashes, ashes He falls down dead Father Blackwood! Father Blackwood! What's the meaning of this intrusion, Melvin? Explain yourself.
Forgive me, Father, but it's the Dark Lord.
He He hath returned in His angelic form.
He awaits your presence at Dorian's Gray Room.
A ring, a ring of roses - A pocket full of posies - The blood is a sign.
- One for Jack - Prudence.
Father, erm, we were just Yes, yes.
Never mind whatever mischief you're up to.
The Dark Lord has summoned me, and you must attend me, daughter.
Oh, but this doesn't make sense.
In the Satanic Bible, there's no mention of the world being destroyed - and remade into a Hell on Earth.
- Well, why would there be? The Dark Lord wants us to serve Him, so He kept the truth hidden from us.
But this time, it's not just Greendale that's at stake, it's the world.
What, if anything, can be done, then? Protect Sabrina at all costs.
If this prophecy is to be believed, she is a key piece of the Dark Lord's plans.
Which makes me think my father knew.
Are you suggesting Edward colluded with the Dark Lord? Aunt Zelda, the Dark Lord needed me.
A girl who represented the two tribes.
He wants to rule over humans and witches.
Why else would my father have married my mother? Even if that's true, you'll not be the Dark Lord's queen.
We'll find a way.
We're Spellmans.
We always find a way.
I may have found something in the Demonomicon.
The Melmoth Spell.
I carve a sigil onto your soul.
It's quite painful and bloody, but it makes so the Dark Lord cannot see you, provided you're constantly moving.
I'd have to run for the rest of my life? It will do you no good to run.
Believe me, I've tried.
Here to do more of your master's bidding? What's this now? She's the Dark Lord's lackey, Aunt Hilda.
She's been plotting against me.
Against us, this whole time.
Is that so? Is that how you got past our protection? Well, I don't have the same aversion to onions as our Dark Lord has.
Come along, now.
He doesn't like to be kept waiting.
- Not a step further, witch.
- You are outmatched, dearie.
Three of us for one of you.
- Terrible odds for a witch.
- Witch? I'm not a witch.
Well, not only a witch.
Then who the Heaven are you? You yourself, Sabrina, walked in my shoes.
If only for a night.
You're Lilith? Lilith.
What did you do to Ms.
Wardwell? Did you kill her? - Well - She was my favorite teacher.
And you killed her, and you've been posing as her, helping the Dark Lord, helping me fulfill the prophecy.
And now you have to come with me.
Or He will come to you and destroy everything and everyone in His path.
All right, I'll go.
- Sabrina, no.
- Cousin! - No, wait - I have to face Him.
- That's right.
- Why on Earth? I need answers, Aunties.
I need, at a minimum, to know the truth about my mother and father.
You are powerless, my love.
You'll be like a lamb to the slaughter! - I'll go with her.
- No.
She may take her familiar.
Dark Father, You honor us with Your glory.
I offer myself unto You, slave to Your Will.
My soul is as wormwood in Your fist.
Rise and tell me of my Church of Night.
I have brought the coven back to the old ways.
With your blessing, we are now the Church of Judas, Dark Lord.
And what of Sabrina? Uh She's been er Sabrina Spellman is a very dangerous A child? Dangerous? Too dangerous for you? The High Priest of the Church of what was it, Judas? I knew Judas, by the way.
You, sir, are no Judas.
I've tried my best, but Silence! Your Church of Judas, like all covens of darkness, exists only to exalt Me and now, Sabrina Spellman.
You and your flock will report to her.
Answer to her.
Bow to her.
What? Do you question your Dark Lord, Faustus? Sabrina's coronation and all attending festivities will be held at the Academy of Unseen Arts.
You and your coven will serve us tonight and all other nights henceforth.
That is all.
And how do we even stop the Gates of Hell from opening? I mean, I wasn't kidding about the dynamite.
- Oh.
- My dad has crates full of it from controlled explosions.
If we have to, we'll blow up the whole cavern.
- Assuming we can actually find them.
- Oh! I think the cunning might be able to help us with that.
- I've been practicing.
- Awesome.
Um I guess, grab whatever you think you might need.
Harvey? - You never know.
- Okay, guys.
Let's go stop the Apocalypse.
- Phew.
- Oh, God.
The Dark Lord won't be long.
He'll want everything to be perfect.
When I was playing Lilith in the Passion Play, I kept wondering, "Why does Lilith bend to the Dark Lord? Why does she do His bidding?" Promises were made.
That if I served Him faithfully, He'd lift me up, make me Queen of Hell.
- It's all I've ever wanted.
- And you believed Him? You don't understand.
He was kind at first.
We'd spend our days near the place where He'd fallen and hit the Earth.
Where thousands and thousands of years later, ye old town of Greendale was founded.
Is that why Greendale's so messed up? It's a nexus.
A cursed place.
What happened then? With the Dark Lord? The more time passed since the Fall, the more He He turned into this thing of darkness.
And why do you still serve Him? Even now? It's all I've ever known.
What a terrible, weak reason.
He's ready for you.
Welcome, Sabrina.
You sent for me and I came.
What is it You want from me? Respect? Love? No? Well, soon enough for those things.
In the meantime, I'd settle for gratitude.
Gratitude? For what? Have I not given you every worthwhile thing? Beauty, strength, power above all other mortals? I didn't ask for those things.
- I didn't want those things.
- Now Now that is a lie.
And there should be no lies between us, Sabrina.
Not on the eve of our glorious ascension.
The truth is, Sabrina, you have loved the power I have given you.
You've reveled in it.
Your wrath, when you've shown it, has been magnificent.
I have waited a millennia for such a fit consort.
I will not be denied it now.
Then, might I suggest Lilith? Lilith knows her place.
Her purpose.
To serve.
Here's yours.
You will blow the horn of Gabriel for me, opening the Gates to the Pit for the aristocracy of Hell, who will attend your coronation.
You will wear the crown.
You will sit in the throne.
And then, once we have danced the Mephisto Waltz, the world will be remade in Hell's image.
All the demon hordes will be freed, and you and I will rule over Hell on Earth, together, for all eternity.
Sorry, but I have school.
You've said no every step of the way since your 16th birthday, and yet, here we are.
There has only ever been one path for you, Sabrina.
The Path of Night.
Your every choice you have ever made has led you here.
I have made quite sure of that.
Haven't I, Nicholas? Sabrina.
The Dark Lord asked me to get close to you.
To be nice to you.
To hold your hand.
But then I really did fall in love with you.
Sabrina, you have to believe me.
Sabrina, I never would've hurt you.
But you did.
I didn't know that this was the Dark Lord's agenda.
- That doesn't matter.
- Don't blame him.
Wasn't his choice.
There is no such thing as choice.
There is only My desire.
Was my father a part of this, too? Did he conspire with you? You believe your father colluded with Me? Did he? Tell me that, at least.
But, child, Edward Spellman isn't your father.
I am.
What? So, you see there is nothing to do but submit.
Prepare yourself.
You will blow Gabriel's Horn at sundown, in the clearing where you signed my book.
Leave her be.
Your work is done, boy.
Roz? What did you see? It showed me.
It showed me the Gates.
I I saw them.
Which way? Follow me.
And lo, I was summoned to the very knee of the Dark Lord Himself! And He took my hand in His, and gave me His Unholy Blessing! Upon the Church of Judas! The one true Church! And so I say, praise Satan.
Hail, Judas.
Praise Satan! Hail Judas! Praise Satan! Hail Judas! Praise Satan! Hail Judas! And so, to thank the Dark Lord today, I say we must all partake of an Unholy Infernal Communion.
Yes! Yes! Yes! Be pleased to accept this offering, Dark Lord, as You were pleased to accept the gift of your servant Cain.
Step forward, girls.
Drink deeply in His Name.
In His name.
Hail Satan! That's not true.
Surely, it can't be true, Aunties? Of course not, He's the Father of Lies.
This is but a fabrication.
Did my father offer up my mother like a piece of meat? Or was my mother a part of it? Edward loved Diana, Sabrina, of that much I am certain.
However It's It might be possible that it's somewhat true.
Unholy shit.
What on Earth are you babbling about? He was our brother.
And I was Diana's midwife, if you remember.
Me, not you.
She was so happy and so very proud when she found out she was pregnant, - because - Because what? Auntie, please.
Because Well, they really struggled to have a baby.
So they went to the Dark Lord and asked Him to bless them with a child.
And He did.
But then, later, Diana came to me, and and she said she was worried about the baby.
About you.
And, erm nervous, because she thought the baby wasn't Edward's.
- You - Hilda, you knew, and you didn't say? No, I didn't know, know anything! But why? Why would the Dark Lord want to do such a thing? Don't you see, Aunties? I have read of such tales in apocryphal books on Satanic lore.
In siring a babe of a witch, mortal, and infernal blood, He perverts the Holy Trinity.
A sacrilegious conception, to birth an only ill-begotten child of His own and instigate the Apocalypse.
So He tricked my father and used my mother? And now He expects me to fall in line? Well, I say, not today, Satan.
I don't care who the Dark Lord is to me.
I'm a Spellman and I will always be a Spellman.
And I'll fight Him until my last dying breath.
I just don't know how yet.
Well, I might have an idea about that.
May I come in? Holy shit.
Do you guys feel that? How hot it is? Guys, I don't think dynamite's gonna do the trick.
Roz, can you maybe Um Yeah, um I'm on it.
Har Harvey, something's wrong.
They're too powerful.
Harvey! Roz? Roz? Hey! Hey! Hey, are you okay? I saw something.
Um, like like symbols, or runes maybe, or sigils.
- Okay.
- Like those.
On the Gates.
I think those are locks, and I think the symbols will keep the Gates locked.
Like a protection spell.
Holy crap.
Like drawing images to keep the Hordes of the Void at bay.
What is everybody talking about right now? You guys are gonna think I'm nuts, but Roz, can you describe the symbols, so I can draw them? Um They're complicated, ancient, but Maybe I can share them with you.
Clear your mind.
What do you mean? - See what I see, Harvey.
- Roz Harvey, see what I see.
Roz, what's going on? Keep drawin', Harvey.
Just keep drawin'.
And why would you turn against the Dark Lord now? Well, perhaps someone's defiance has given me hope.
That my story isn't finished yet.
That my destiny hasn't been decided yet.
I don't believe you.
Fine, it's because I want the throne and crown.
I've worked for them, I've earned them, they're mine.
And if He won't give them to me, then let's gut the bastard and I'll take them for myself.
At least you're being honest.
But what what do we do against the Dark Lord? I mean, He's a bit of a god, isn't He? No, He's not a god and never has been.
That's one of the Devil's greatest lies.
He's just a fallen angel, a creature of the cosmos.
Powerfully ageless, but I've seen him bleed.
And I know his weak spots.
If you wish for me to tell you.
How do we do it? You're powerless right now, and that's to your advantage.
He thinks you're helpless.
But He underestimates your secret weapon.
Your family.
He's expecting you at the altar in the woods.
You'll go there alone, with no weapons.
You want me to go unarmed? No, you will be armed, but not exactly with a weapon.
And you won't really be alone.
Does anyone here know how to smelt? - That's pure iron, is it? - Course it is, Auntie.
What's the other thing? We have Father Blackwood to thank for this one.
I'm not sure it'll kill the Dark Lord.
Well, you don't need to kill Him, just distract Him.
Now you'll all have to do exactly as I say.
Sabrina you will exploit the Dark Lord's first and greatest weakness, His arrogance, pride, and ego.
Sabrina, you came.
You must submit to Him, flatter Him, be in His thrall.
Turn and face Me, My daughter.
And you must keep Him facing you at all times.
As you wish, my Lord and Father.
Today, we sound Gabriel's Horn to unlock the Gates of Hell.
Do you still have your doubts? On the Dark Lord's back, there are two wounds that will never heal.
The place where his wings were ripped from his body.
Those spots are where he is weakest, and where the killing blows must be struck.
No, my Lord.
I put myself in Your thrall.
Then kneel, daughter.
Flattery, Sabrina, will be your tool to disarm Him.
Dark Lord.
Lucifer Morningstar.
I praise thee.
And then, with the horseshoe, you pin him to the spot.
Just a little trick I learned from St.
- Ambrose! - Aah! Hah! - Hah! - Aunties! Stab Him with these.
Daggers forged in the ancient city of Megiddo, where Christianity was born.
Well planned, but fruitless.
Only the Spear of Longinus could kill Me.
Stop! I shouldn't be surprised.
You are, after all, My daughter.
And I had wanted to keep things civil, but if blood must be shed Please.
Please don't.
Or you can pick up Gabriel's Horn.
Sabrina, no! Aunties.
Do it or I'll kill them now.
What was that? There.
The Damnation Game begins in earnest.
I shall expect you all at my daughter's coronation.
Defy me again and I won't hesitate.
Now what? We pray Harvey, Theo, and Rosalind are nowhere near the Gates right now.
Here we go.
What do we do if the sigils don't work? Run like Hell.
It's not working.
Maybe those aren't the right sigils.
Maybe there just aren't enough of them.
- Theo.
Theo! - Theo, Theo, Theo! Hold on! Hold on! Theo, get away from there! It worked.
I can't believe it Aah! Whoa! It's gonna hold, right? I mean, your cunning's never been wrong, has it, Roz? I'm sorry.
I truly thought that the daggers would incapacitate Him.
Well, He sent me to help you get ready for the ball.
Like a Satanic fairy godmother, I suppose.
You'll make a wonderful queen.
No, I won't.
The fight's not nearly over.
What are you doing with all those books? Trying to find something, anything, to use to stop the Dark Lord.
Nicholas gave this to me.
My father's journal.
When I first started at the Academy.
Edward Spellman is not your father.
He's more my father than the Dark Lord.
I can tell you that.
Plucky to the end.
You'll learn.
He always gets His way.
Now, I'm to gather the demon aristocracy at the Gates, I will return to collect you for the coronation.
She's wrong, Salem.
I'll find a way.
Father - Are you going somewhere? - We all are.
Fill a suitcase for the twins.
Necessities only.
Must we really run from the Dark Lord? The Dark Lord would raise that brat above us all! You would have me, a Blackwood, bow down to a Spellman whore? - I didn't say - Silence, Prudence Blackwood.
That is your name, is it not? The four of us in this room are the only ones who matter now.
There is but one path for us, and we are following it out of Greendale, tonight.
Wait, what about the rest of the coven? I've relieved them of their Earthly bindings.
Relieved them how? Poison.
That Communion.
You had me You had me give it but not take it.
Prudence! Leaving me now means leaving them.
I will kill you for all that you've done.
Wherever you go, I will find you.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Sisters! Oh, Sisters! Oh Sisters.
Agatha! Agatha, wake up! Wake up! Oh, no! Dorcas.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Oh, come on, Sisters.
Stay with me.
Just please stay with me.
I'm going back again.
- Please! - Son of Pazuzu! Prudence! Please, please save my sisters.
- What happened? - Father Blackwood, he's poisoned them.
- He's poisoned all of them.
- The entire coven? Okay, it's all right, love.
I'm here now.
Okay? I can take it from here.
You said all of them.
- Are they all dead? - They're still alive.
- They're in the desecrated church.
- Right.
You, come with me.
Ianuae magicae.
What are we going to do, Auntie? We try to save as many of them as we can, of course.
Teleport them back to the mortuary.
Start with those two, Melvin and Elspeth.
Ianuae magicae.
Well, well, well.
As I live and breathe.
I expected this cavern to be crawling with demons, but instead, I find you three silly mortals.
Shockingly, you've managed to keep the Gates of Hell from opening.
Wardwell? What are you doing here? Did Sabrina send you? Not exactly.
How are they? Your sisters.
Thanks to your Aunt Hilda, they're all right.
As are the others.
Thanks to you and your Aunt Zelda.
- We just brought them here.
- That was enough.
Blackwood used us.
Both of us, Prudence.
Our desire for a father blinded us to the family we already have.
The Acheron Configuration that held Batibat.
It's a prison, right? I mean my father designed it so that it could hold any demon.
Maybe it could.
I can help.
You're no longer welcome in this house, Nicholas, - physically or astrally.
- Sabrina please forgive me.
Look, it's not an excuse, but you know how it goes when the Dark Lord asks you for a devotion.
- You can't say no.
- Yes, you can.
Look, He asked me to show a pretty girl a wicked time, that's all.
Is He why you asked to sit with me at lunch the first day? No.
No, the Dark Lord's ask came later.
I sat with you at lunch because of the way you sang in choir class.
Do you remember that? You were fearless.
And I fell hard.
I don't think I can ever trust you again.
I pray that's not true.
And I'm in the middle of trying to save the world, so So let me help you, Sabrina.
Trust me or not, but I don't want the Apocalypse to happen any more than you do.
This held Batibat.
Do you think it could trap the Dark Lord? Theoretically, yes.
The Configuration is based on the most sacred and complex bindings in nature the human body.
Your father, he, um he was inspired by da Vinci's sketch of the Vitruvian Man.
But an Acheron is only as strong as the magics and the binding spell behind it.
It's not something you'll really be able to do alone, especially without your powers.
Can we help, 'Brina? - Guys.
- You were right, Sabrina.
The game, it seems, is not yet over.
Somehow, against all odds, there remains a hope in Hell.
Perfect, because I might have a plan.
I'm gonna need everybody's help.
Starting with you, Nicholas.
Fix that Configuration, and maybe I won't hate you for the rest of my life.
Meanwhile, the rest of us will be getting ready with a glamour to end all glamours.
But you, Lilith, you'll go ahead, and make it seem to the Dark Lord that everything is going according to plan.
His plan.
How long have we waited for this moment, Lilith? A Coronation on Earth.
But where are my guests? I brought them from the Gates.
Only the crème de la crème of Hell, mind you.
- They are awaiting my word.
- Perfection.
- And where is my queen? - The same.
Awaiting my word.
Well, then, let us begin.
I have arranged a little treat for you, a bal masqué of the flamboyant flavor you so love.
Masquerade Paper faces on parade Masquerade Hide your face So the world will never find you Masquerade Every face a different shade Masquerade Look around There's another mask behind you Flash of mauve, splash of puce Fool and king, ghoul and goose Green and black, queen and priest Trace of rouge, face of beast Faces! Take your turn Take a ride on the merry-go-round - In an inhuman race - Eye of grace, eye of blue True is false, who is who? Curl of lip, swirl of gown Ace of hearts, face of clown Faces! Drink it in, drink it up Till you've drowned in the light In the sound But who can name the face? Masquerade Grinning yellows, spinning reds Masquerade Take your fill Let the spectacle astound you Masquerade Seething shadows, breathing lies Masquerade You can fool Any friend who ever knew you My fiends and friends! Tonight, I present to thee my firstborn.
Sabrina Morningstar.
Proud Lady of Pandemonium, Maiden of Shadows and Queen of Hell! Hail Sabrina! Hail Sabrina! Hail Satan! And now, my queen, we shall dance as father and daughter, to the Mephisto Waltz.
Isn't that so much better than trying to kill me? Sorry about that Dad.
Dad? Is it not what I'm supposed to call you? Ahem.
Perhaps in private.
In front of our legions, you should use the formal appellations.
Lucifer Morningstar or Dark Lord might be best.
Or King.
Certainly, Dark Lord.
Tene hoc chaos Now that I'm queen, I was wondering if you might give me something? What do you desire? Jewels? Silks? Palaces? sanguinem terrae Give me Greendale.
- elementa mundi - For my own.
- Tene hoc - Ah, yes.
You do care for your mortal pets, don't you? Then you shall have them.
elementa mundi.
Tene hoc chaos.
- Sanguinem terrae te dique perdant.
- Wait.
What are they saying? Tene hoc chaos! Sanguinem terrae te dique perdant.
- Elementa mundi - I told you what would happen - if you defied me again.
- Remember my name.
chaos Remember it was me, Sabrina Spellman, - who beat you, Lucifer Morningstar.
- te dique perdant.
Tene hoc chaos.
Well played, Spellman.
Edward would have been proud.
You try and try to defeat me.
I am the Great Satan that no prison may contain! Hold that nasty thought.
I can't restrain him for long.
We need a better prison, a stronger one.
There's nothing stronger than an Acheron.
Incorrect, Mr.
The mightiest prison is the first one, created by the False God.
The human body.
Flesh and bone.
The strongest and most sacred bindings in nature.
It has to be me.
- No! - Absolutely not.
I'm the best binder and conjuror since Edward Spellman.
If anyone can keep Him trapped, it's me.
Do it, Mr.
Nick! I love you, Spellman.
You taught me how to love.
Carne teneantur tenere tenebrasque.
Palatium, carcere Nick? Nicholas? Tenebris somnum! A sleeping spell.
Well done.
What happens now? You won't like it, I'm afraid.
And there's no other place for him? It's what's safest for the world.
Make no mistake, if the Dark Lord ever escaped the flesh Acheron of Mr.
Scratch's body, we'd all be doomed.
What will it be like for Nick? In Hell? Oh, don't worry, Sabrina.
I'll take good care of him.
Now, if you wouldn't mind Oh.
As the newly self-crowned Queen of Hell, I bestow upon you, Sabrina Spellman, two gifts.
The first, I restore to you all your witch abilities.
So now, my dear, you have both power and freedom.
And may you never give up either again.
Uh What's the second gift? You'll all find out soon enough.
Kinkle? Nick.
Are you ready? So ready.
One last thing.
Come along.
My father won't be as easy to find or to kill.
Once the twins are safe and sound, I shall seek my true destiny as a witch.
We both will.
Can you imagine? This is all that's left of the Church of Night and the Academy.
A handful of witches and warlocks.
What do we do now, Zelds? We don't have a Dark Lord to worship anymore.
Perhaps we're the Church of Lilith now.
I don't know.
But as High Priestess, I'll figure it out.
'Brina, how are you holding up? All things considered, I'm doing okay.
Talk to us.
What is there to say? Everything's changed, again.
All this time, all my life, I've believed I was two things.
Half-witch, half-mortal.
Now, I'm something else.
So what are you gonna do? I don't know, figure it out.
Maybe look into my mom's side of the family.
Another thing that's changed.
You three saved the world this weekend.
I don't need to keep protecting you anymore.
If anything, we could maybe Work together, against the forces of darkness? Basically.
We're with you, Sabrina, every step of the way.
I guess we're sort of, like, a club now.
We're like the Fright Club.
- Oh, yeah.
- We're the Fright Club.
- Yeah! - I don't know Always makin' fun of Harvey.
We need a better name than that.
But I do think we have our first mission.
Wardwell? Ms.
Wardwell, is that you? Sabrina.
I just woke up from the most incredibly vivid dream.
What do you remember? I, erm I remember seeing Night of the Living Dead, then waking up.
Just now.
So, erm, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go and eat something because I am famished.
What How That must be my other present from Lilith.
Getting my favorite teacher back.
You had our next mission? - Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
So, it might be impossible, and it might get us killed.
- Whatever it is, I'm in.
- Me too.
Me three.
It's the four of us, then.
Right, sorry, Salem.
The five of us.
Uh Sabrina, what's the plan? Let's go to Hell and get my boyfriend back.
Greg, move your head!