Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Devil Within

Where am I? Sabrina? Nick, do you have any idea what you've done? You got high, freed the Dark Lord, and then passed out.
Nicholas, you had enough drugs in your system to down a small army.
Laudanum, morphine, opium, dragon's tears, and red mercury.
Nick, you almost died.
You need help.
You need to get clean.
Fortunately, there is an ancient, albeit brutal, cleansing ritual I came across back in my Oxford days.
The ritual normally requires 30 days to complete.
Except we don't have 30 days because the pagans threatened to exterminate the coven in three.
This egg that I acquired in Loch Ness harbors properties that warp and affect time.
Thirty days of detoxing will, in reality, be compressed into one long, unrelenting day.
I hate you.
I hate you, Sabrina! Do you hear me? I hate you.
I hate you! I hate you! [NICK SCREAMING.]
Are you sure this is the only way, Ambrose? [NICK SCREAMS.]
I'm afraid so, cousin.
I just love him so much and this isn't him.
Ambrose, he's sick, and he needs me, - and the coven needs him.
- You're quite right.
We're weak and under attack.
We cannot afford to be down another warlock, let alone one of our finest.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I must, um join Prudence.
See what can be done for Dorcas and Agatha.
One sister turned to stone, and the other one rendered insane.
We'll check on Nicholas in a few hours.
Which gives me enough time to check on Roz, see how she and Harvey are doing.
Please, please be careful.
The Dark Lord is on the loose, and the pagans are circling.
These are dangerous times.
Do you understand? [NICK SCREAMS.]
Oh, no.
Poor Roz.
Please, Sabrina, tell me she's not dead.
I don't think she's is.
The same thing happened to Dorcas, one of the Weird Sisters.
Ambrose is doing his research thing to figure out what he can do to reverse the transformation.
I should never have left her side at the carnival.
They're freaks.
They're pagans, the carnival people.
- Does that mean they're witches? - Not quite.
They're like witches but from a different time.
Do they have powers? Some, yes, others, no.
But they're all dangerous.
So I really need you guys to stay here and sit tight, okay? And then I'll be back, and we can figure this out, and we'll get Roz cured.
I promise, Harvey.
Your Majesty? You're needed in Hell.
Lilith, now is not a good time.
I have to get back to the Academy and check on Nick.
The business of Hell doesn't stop for anyone.
Not even for a queen.
It's time for the second challenge of the Unholy Regalia.
The horde awaits you in the Grand Hall.
You brought them all here? Now everyone knows that you, Sabrina, are Queen of Hell.
By Infernal Law, we hereby declare that the next contest of the Unholy Regalia shall commence.
The Morningstar and her challenger, Caliban, must seek and retrieve the second of our most unholy artifacts Pontius Pilate's bowl.
What do you say, princess? Ready for round two? Sorry, but I can't.
- [DEMON.]
What? - Not right now.
Sabrina, by not accepting the challenge, you threaten the very existence of your coven.
Your friends and family.
And do you know why? The balance of the cosmos has tipped.
The arrival of the pagans.
Your coven's loss of power.
It's all a direct result of your refusal to claim, absolutely, the throne.
Don't you see, Sabrina? All of this suffering, it's your fault.
Well, that that's not true.
It is but if you can recover the Unholy Regalia, you stand a chance of replenishing your weakened coven's energies.
But Nick? [ZELDA.]
Sabrina, the coven is your alpha and omega right now.
So as loathe as I am to agree with Lilith, you must do your duty and win.
Not for yourself, but for all of us.
Go and come back before the pagans arrive.
Challenge accepted! [KINGS CACKLE.]
And where exactly is this bowl? Pontius Pilate's bowl is located on a hill just outside of Jerusalem.
Golgotha? Otherwise known as the Place of Skulls.
The place where the Nazarene himself was crucified.
And could you teleport me? I'm not sure my energies are sufficient right now.
Well getting you to Golgotha is not a problem.
Finding the bowl, that's another matter entirely.
You see, it's been locked in an eternal time loop.
Almost impossible to reach unless, of course, you've mastered time magick, which I sincerely doubt Well, I have access to time magicks.
I have water exposed to a mystical egg that can warp time properties.
Oh! Well, look at you.
There's a painting at Dorian's.
A portal to Golgotha.
Gather your water, and I'll I'll meet you there.
I won't be long.
I promise.
Aunt Hilda? Yes, love? Are you okay? I was gonna ask if you'd be able to check on Nick while There's a fly, Sabrina.
A big fat juicy fly.
Are you sure you're all right? Not really, no.
You need something? No.
Never mind.
Maybe we should do something while we wait for Sabrina to get here.
- Hey, guys.
- Robin, how did you I went over to your place, and your dad said you were over here.
Hey, dude, what the hell is that? Could you wait outside for, like, just a second? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, totally.
- What the hell is he doing here? Harvey, calm down, it's Robin.
It's cool.
It's not cool, Theo.
Think about what's going on here.
Robin can't know about any of it, or things will get so much worse.
I know you like him, but can you please get him out of here? Yeah.
Are you sure you're up for this? Establishing a psychic connection with Agatha while she's in the middle of a mania? My will is stronger than hers.
And how else will we know what happened? - [WHOOSHING.]
Her mind.
It's like It's like a raging storm.
I I cannot focus her thoughts.
It's too difficult.
Her brainwaves like a tsunami.
Don't try and re-order them.
Just slow them down if you can.
What is it? What do you see? - The great - The great - god - god - Pan.
- Pan.
Agatha was driven insane by his very gaze.
The great god Pan.
Moonlighting as that carnival barker, Carcosa.
In that case, things are rather more dire than we've been imagining.
The great god Pan is amongst the oldest of the pagan monsters.
He is madness personified.
His very gaze engenders insanity in witches and mortals alike.
We we have to inform Auntie Zee, and then we can ascertain what secrets your sister Dorcas might be hiding in her stone form.
Deliver us from the void of this stricken realm unto Golgotha.
The stony knoll of skull to take the helm.
Is this The Place of Skulls? Yes.
It's beautiful, isn't it? I'll be waiting right here for you, Sabrina.
And remember, make your way to the Temple of Jerusalem as quick as you can.
Retrieve Pontius Pilate's bowl and get out of there.
The slightest misstep could have you trapped in the time loop forever.
Douse away.
Bestow your gaze upon this land of prophecy.
Back to the time of Anno Domini.
Wait, how will I know it worked? That must be the temple.
- [MAN.]
Hyah! Whoo! [HOOFBEATS.]
Pontius Pilate.
We've been awaiting you.
Centurions, seize her! [CENTURION GROWLS.]
Why don't we just give the pagans Sabrina? What do you mean? This is all her fault.
If it wasn't for Sabrina, we'd still have our powers.
We'd still have the Dark Lord to protect us.
The pagans don't want moon pies.
The only thing they want is blood.
Blood sacrifices.
Oh, thy wanton and wayward witches.
The Dark Lord.
We thought you were [LUCIFER.]
Escaped and gone? I would never abandon my flock.
I'm always here to lead you even when you've strayed.
And unto where shall you lead us, Dark Lord? To remain at the Academy means certain death.
But there is new life and old power with the pagans.
Join them, my children.
You dared abandon me.
- What are you doing? What is that? - It is a tuning fork, Prudence.
Capable of detecting even the faintest of energies.
Okay, what does it mean? It means there's hope.
That deep within Dorcas, there is life yet.
Life yet, life within the stones.
Life within the stone.
No life within the stones Within the stones, in the stones.
Ambrose, is my sister alive? She could be, and she has given me a tip.
Now our energies are depleted to almost nothing, are they not? Yes.
Then we must find a way to amplify what we already have, and there may be a way in our backyard.
A circle of ancient stones that have been used to collect and amplify energy for millennia.
Wait, so are you suggesting we go to England? No, we don't have to.
There's a circle of stones in our woods around the altar we used to perform our rituals where my cousin was almost baptized.
Why've we never seen it? Because the circle of stones is underground.
But if we use the last of our energies to bring them up Never has a High Priestess, or a High Priest for that matter, faced such an impossible dilemma.
If we surrender to the pagans, it spells certain doom for the coven.
But with our powers waning and the Academy's defenses all but eroded, we stand little chance of defending ourselves against the pagans' might.
What would our brother Edward do? [COUGHING.]
Oh! He would, um [GAGGING.]
Well, don't just stand there, sister, masticating, spit it out! What would Edward do in such a case? Um, uh He would ask for help.
- Oh.
- I mean, like, call on other witches.
You know, Dezmelda.
Reinforcements, anyway.
Send out a distress signal, SOS, you know, to other wayward witches.
A summoning spell to assemble the disenfranchised hedge witches.
I doubt we have the power to enact such a ritual.
Actually, auntie, there might be a way.
The stones buried beneath our clearing, we could use them to amplify our energies, enhance a distress signal.
To reinforce our numbers.
Fortify our covens that we might stand a chance against the pagans.
It is a long shot.
But it could be our very last hope, Ambrose.
But we need to be quick about it.
How could you possibly know what a spider feels? O Metamorfóste, sto ónoma tis Aráchnis.
What took you so long, princess? Caliban? How did you get here so fast? The time stone.
Did you not see it? I think so.
Time stone.
That's what that was.
All you have to do is touch it.
Good to know for my return trip, since they confiscated my canteen of time water.
There is no escaping this forsaken place or Pilate's perverse passion play.
Every hundred years or so, someone like you comes along, hoping to steal Pilate's bowl.
A few even catch sight of it as they breathe their last.
But they all die here.
Lucky bastards! I, Barabbas, never die.
It's my curse.
I'm doomed, just like Pilate, to repeat this day of infamy over and over and over again.
Centurion, too doomed, like us to perform to a crowd long since vanished.
Pilate could end it, break the cycle, but he won't.
Barabbas, what do you mean, "catch sight of the bowl as they breathe their last"? How? When? After Pontius Pilate pardons me, as he always does, and condemns you both to die, as he always does he'll wash his hands in the bowl.
Wash his hands of your fate, and you'll be crucified.
He scrubs his hands bloody, but the stains, they never go away.
That's it, then.
When he's washing his hands, that's my chance to get the bowl.
- Not if I get there first.
- You suck, Caliban! You aspire to be king, but you cheated last time.
Even a king of Hell must have some dignity.
Some honor.
Oh, hey, Carl, look.
It's the new kid.
Hey, new kid.
Oh! Give me back my cap, dude.
Oh! For real, I'm warning you.
Oh, shit, Carl.
New kid's talking like he's actually gonna do something.
All thieves shall pay in blood in wormy beds of putrid mud.
What the hell, Billy? Hey, Theo.
Is the new kid with you? Yeah.
So give him his cap and back off! Sorry, new kid.
We didn't know.
Bye, guys.
- Anyways - Yeah.
Tough guy, huh? [ROBIN.]
So, uh those guys are cool with you? [THEO.]
Yeah, they're they're getting better.
They were definitely a lot less cool when I started transitioning.
But your dad's cool with it, right? He was hesitant at first.
My friends were amazing from the very beginning.
Yeah, they, uh they seem really great.
What about your family? Um They, uh they are who they are.
Are you gonna drink that? [PILATE.]
Prisoners! The punishment for trespassing in Golgotha is 100 lashes.
You may choose who receives them.
I'll take the lashes.
What? - Why? - You're the Queen of Hell.
I will not have you debased in such a way.
You see, I do have honor.
Also, I'm made of clay, remember? What? So the lashes won't hurt you? No, they'll hurt, they just won't draw blood.
- Besides, you're too cute for scars.
Your lover's sacrifice is noble but pointless.
He's not my lover.
It's always the same.
First, the imprisonment, then the lashings.
I am pardoned whilst you are condemned.
Would that it could be the other way around.
Barabbas what happens when you're pardoned? Tell me exactly.
We humble ourselves before you.
We forsake our former coven to join you, oh, powerful pagans.
Welcome, children.
As his time approaches, the Green Man, the oldest of the gods, will need ever more nourishment.
And what better sustenance - than witches' blood! - [WET SQUELCHING.]
Elspeth! Should I hunt him down and kill him? No! Let him go and tell his coven what happened here today.
Traitorous children.
All the Sons and Daughters of Night deserve death for how they treated me, abandoned me.
And the mortals too.
Citizens of Judea.
It is in my power to pardon one of these three criminals.
Who will it be? [VOICES SHOUTING.]
Barabbas! [PILATE.]
The thief, Barabbas? Or one of the foreigners? [BOOING.]
Barabbas! So be it.
Barabbas is pardoned! [VOICES CHEER.]
As for the foreigners, let them be executed! As I wash my hands of their blood.
Barabbas, stop! Barabbas! It is time, prefect of Judea.
Let this cycle be broken.
Trickery! Stop her! Kill her! She must not escape! Ibi locum non sicut domum.
Sabrina! Excellent work.
No trouble, I take it.
Tons of trouble.
Caliban was there.
I left him behind.
Oh, well, it can't be helped, but hopefully, he'll be stuck in the time loop forever.
I I don't want that.
It's the past.
Whatever has happened has already happened.
Dust to dust, clay to clay.
Now step lively.
It's time for you to claim your victory.
Nick and the coven first.
Then Hell.
Dorcas, with her energies, should complete the circle.
Will this really work, Ambrose? It had better.
We're ready for the summoning, Auntie Zee.
Then I shall gather the coven.
Hilda? Why are you hiding in here? And what's the matter with your cheek? - It's, uh it's a toothache.
You and your sweet tooth.
Never mind about that now.
It's time to gather for the summoning.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- Who's there? - [LUCIFER.]
Doing nothing! Pathetic! Why don't you do something? Like like what? Like go to the carnival and show those heathens what's what.
A few boys with baseball bats can send a potent message.
Hmm? And if nothing else, you won't feel quite so pathetic.
You know, that's a good idea.
You okay? I mean, we can slow down if you want to.
I'm okay.
I'm great, actually.
I just I I don't know anything about you, and I want to.
Where did you grow up? Uh We My family we moved around a lot, and any time I'd make friends in a new town, we'd just have to leave again.
What do your parents do? Military.
But I'm not like them.
- Okay.
- I mean I was adopted, and I don't believe all the things they do.
The older I get, the less their beliefs make sense to me.
Wait, you've never had to move? [CHUCKLES.]
My family's been in Greendale for, like, generations.
It's like we're planted here.
I've never had roots like that.
You know, sometimes I wonder what would it be like if I just stayed behind for once? I mean, would it be the end of the world? [PHONE RINGS.]
Theo! Hey, Harvey.
You're gonna do what? Harvey, slow down.
Sabrina said Can't it wait until Harvey? Harvey! Is everything okay? Harvey and some meathead dudes are gonna trash the carnival.
We have to stop them.
Ambrose, what the heaven is going on? I did a spot of redecorating, cousin.
So we may summon hedge witches near and far to assist us against the pagans.
You are just in time.
I have to check on Nick.
I already did, he's fine.
I've applied leeches to suck out the toxicity from his body.
For the moment, we need your presence and your energies here.
Of course.
Count me in.
How terribly they've treated you, Agatha.
One of their own.
It's right and just that you seek your revenge.
Coven our powers are depleted, and our pagan enemies are closing in.
So today, we shall use the very last of our natural magicks to call upon the wayward witches to join us as we stand within a circle of ancient stones.
Together they have the power to amplify energy to broadcast our message.
But it is up to us and our psychic intention to set them in harmony.
Stones of old, hear our incantation, deliver thus our invitation.
We call forth the covenless witches of the forests, the banished, the exiled, the disenfranchised witches who dwell in caves.
All are called upon.
All are summoned.
Hear us and answer our call.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Ambrose, it's working.
Lungere nobis covina.
The stones are harmonizing.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis covina.
Lungere nobis [AGATHA SCREAMING.]
No! Agatha.
Agatha, stop! Stop this! How did you free yourself? He did.
The Dark Lord did.
The Dark Lord is here? He was.
Now he's gone.
Ambrose, did it work? Did the message get out? The transmission was cut short.
The frequencies never fully harmonized.
She hath perished.
Oh, Melvin, what now? The pagans did slay Elspeth.
They were never gonna absorb us into their ranks.
They plan to kill us all for our blood.
It's just as I feared.
Surrender was never an option.
What the hell was that? Come out and face us! What the hell's going on? [CARNIVAL MUSIC PLAYING.]
Why, you're not even men.
You're boys.
We're not leaving until you tell me what you and your friends did to my girlfriend.
But of course.
Take me to her.
I will go freely.
Let's get her, boys.
Let's go.
Something's not right.
First, my summoning is a bust.
And now Nick seems worse.
Didn't the leeches work? Come and have a look.
What? The leeches are all dead.
Killed by whatever they absorbed from Nicolas, and if I cut one open Ugh.
What the heaven is that? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
Harvey, what happened? They turned to pigs.
- The guys.
What? How? She did it.
Some woman.
We need to get them someplace safe.
My dad has a barn.
It is radicum outum diaboli, Satan's residue.
Wait, what do you mean? A little gift your father left behind in poor Nicolas.
Part of him.
Like tar in a smoker's lungs, except this tar is alive, infernal, and corrupting.
Nick said he could still feel the Dark Lord inside him.
I didn't think he was talking literally.
We need to get what's left of Lucifer out of dear Nicholas.
Not another exorcism, Ambrose.
The last one nearly killed me.
Well, there might be another way.
What if instead of forcing the residue out of Nicholas, we lure it out.
Enticed it with a stronger host.
A host with blood identical to it.
You mean me.
This holy water will neutralize the residue.
If this works, if your blood coaxes the Dark Lord's essence out of Nicholas's body, you'll need to keep your fists closed tightly.
lest the residue enter your bloodstream.
Step two! Quickly! [RESIDUE SHRIEKING.]
Did it work? We'll know once Nicholas wakes up.
Now I know you must take Pilate's bowl to Hell, but I might have a use for the Dark Lord's residue.
One more trick up my sleeve.
We've nearly run out of time.
The pagans' intention is to kill us as our ancestors did to theirs, after the Unholy Wars.
Zelda? Zelda, I think I think that the pagans might have done something to me.
Not just you, Hilda! All of us! But if we stay here, we'll be lambs to the slaughter.
I feel like I'm changing.
We could flee perhaps, to the Mountains of Madness, but to run and hide like cowards - We are Spellmans, after all.
- Zelda! - I'm scared.
- We're all scared, Hilda.
Even I'm scared.
Aunties, I have an unorthodox idea that just might buy us some time.
This jar contains traces of the Dark Lord's essence that we removed from Nicholas's body.
Perhaps Lucifer isn't quite finished protecting us yet.
Nick? Hey.
How are you feeling? Good.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Nick, you were sick.
You had some part of the Dark Lord still in you, but it's all over now.
The ritual worked.
You're good.
And we can go back to how things were.
That's the thing, Sabrina.
I don't think I can.
I don't think we can.
Why not? Because right now, I don't really know if it was the Dark Lord that made me act the way I did say those cruel things to you.
Or if he activated exploited something that was already there.
Some need, some weakness.
Nick, what he did was awful and traumatic, but No, you're not listening to me, Sabrina.
What if the Dark Lord was able to drag me down so low because because there's something wrong with me? There is nothing wrong with you.
Nick, you have to believe me.
Look, whatever the truth is, Sabrina, I I need time to work it out for myself.
I need space, a break, and I think you do too.
What are you saying, Nick? I'm saying you're the Queen of Hell! You have a coven to save and a realm to fight for, and I'm I'm just a distraction.
Then I'll give it all up.
I'll give it all up for you, Nick.
The only reason I said I was Queen was to get you back.
That may be but you won't give it up.
There's too much at risk.
Also, you don't want to.
You're chasing something right now.
Power being Queen and I I'll only slow you down.
Don't say you're doing this for me, to protect me.
Please don't.
I love you, but I can't do this anymore.
I'm so sorry.
Kiss me.
If I kiss you at this moment, I'll never be able to walk away.
I love you, Nick.
Didn't anyone tell you? Queens aren't allowed to cry.
Now come on.
You and Pilate's bowl are needed in Hell.
I am never eating bacon again.
Robin, there's a few things you need to know about Greendale.
Theo, wait.
Let me go first.
There's some things I need to tell you both of you.
Oh, sorry, we're closed for the night.
Doctor Cee? Hilda? Hilda! My love, what are you doing here? I just, uh Well, I missed you.
Can I get a cuddle? Let it be known to the hordes of Hell that Sabrina Morningstar was victorious in Golgotha.
She has returned with one of the most pernicious of arcane artifacts.
I give you the bowl of Pontius Pilate.
And where is Prince Caliban? Sabrina's victory over Caliban is absolute.
I'm not sure he survived.
You don't really wish that were true, do you, princess? Caliban? - But how? - I'm made of clay.
I waited.
Under the dust of the ages for 2,000 years after you cheated, stole Pilate's bowl, and left me for dead.
Is that the dignity that you spoke of? Hmm? The honor? I won't lose our next and final contest.
Hell will be mine.
You've each won a challenge, which can only mean one thing.
Sudden death.
The winner of the next trial shall reign in Hell for all eternity.
Go on.
Yeah! And I shall reign by your side, Sabrina, forever and a glorious day.
It's hell-sent your father's still indisposed.
He would lose his horned head at the sight of this most Unholy Regalia.
Actually, Lucifer escaped from the Academy.
Nobody knows where he is.
What? The Dark Lord is free, and you you didn't say anything to me? Well, I had other things on my mind.
Sabrina, your father will kill me for betraying him.
It's only a matter of time.
I simply mixed the Dark Lord's residue with a bit of salt, thieves vinegar and Hoyt's Cologne to create an A warding resin.
Painted over every door jamb and crevice, this concoction may provide enough protection to keep the pagans at bay, at least for a short while.
Need an extra pair of hands? [GRYLA.]
Why did you bring us here? Gryla.
I heard your call.
Pesta! Sycorax! Mambo Marie.
You summoned us here against our will.
For that, all in this house will die.