Chuck s01e10 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Nemesis

Hi, I'm Chuck.
Here are a few things that you might need to know.
- It's hard to say goodbye.
- Bryce Larkin is a spy? A rogue spy.
Did he try to contact you? He He sent me an e-mail.
Bryce sent me a database of government secrets in my brain keeping me in a constant state of fear, danger and anxiety.
You and Bryce.
That's not true, right? It was complicated.
It was nice knowing you.
It's Tommy.
We have a problem.
The package has been intercepted.
We're gonna have to clean things up.
Oh, my God.
I'd like to speak with Chuck.
What did he say? It sounded like Chuck! Where's Bartowski? Chuck! This is Sarah, leave a message.
Hey, it's Chuck.
Uh, look, if you could just call me whenever Any time Are we playing hide and seek? Is that Sarah? Did she call? I hope she called.
You have been really weird since breaking up with her.
Like full-on stalker-mode crazy guy here.
Kind of like the old Chuck, funny enough.
Message recorded.
Thanks, buddy.
What am I here for? Am I right? Come on.
Open up to Uncle Morgan.
It's complicated, buddy.
It's just It's complicated.
Yeah, no.
Listen, man.
You like her, she likes you.
Yeah, dude.
Wow, I'm I'm confused.
Like, I thought it wasn't going anywhere, that it was over.
And then we had this This moment.
This really, I mean, great moment.
And then in the moment right after that I realized what a huge mistake it was to break up with her.
I'm I'm actually gonna leave now.
Uh, quick question.
It's cool if Anna comes to Thanksgiving? Yeah.
You know how Ellie loves big Thanksgiving dinners.
- See? - Is Ellie gonna be there? Well, yes, because Chuck lives at Ellie's apartment.
- I know that.
- She makes all my favorite dishes.
Like stuffing with apple chips, and sweet potatoes and marshmallows.
And I know that too.
- I'm sorry.
Is there a problem? - Not yet.
Ha, ha.
She scares the crap out of me.
What is that about? - She's got this idea I'm in love with Ellie.
- Because you are.
- Why does everyone know that? - Because that's what you tell everybody.
I don't know what to do, man.
I'm in love with two women.
Does no Tang mean no work? Bartowski, round up your team.
Grimes, stay close.
Some of you are new, so listen up.
Tomorrow's Thanksgiving.
Do any of you know what happens after Thanksgiving? The tryptophan wears off, and it's time for the liquor to kick in? No.
I'm talking about Black Friday, people.
The biggest shopping day of the year.
When regular housewives transform into a crazy mob blinded by door prizes, sales and the urge to get the Christmas shopping done early.
On Friday, I'm reassigning you nerds to crowd control.
Be here tomorrow for training.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
So wouldn't we, as a store, be closed? - You got a key, work it out.
- Chuck.
You know the drill.
Get these geeks trained and ready for action.
Yes, sir.
Hey, relax, Chuck.
Things are, uh Things are looking up for you.
- Really? Oh, yeah.
And how would that be? Turn on your heart light, buddy.
Let it glow.
Let it glow.
I don't, uh I don't wanna play Beckman here but if, uh, you don't start answering my calls then super-secret-spy-resource Chuck Bartowski does kind of go to waste.
- Did you flash on something? - No.
No, I was calling about other stuff.
You didn't happen to listen to my messages? - Chuck, we have to talk.
- No, wait.
Can I say something first? - No.
- It's the kiss, right? Ha.
It is.
It's gotta be the kiss.
First of all, I know that the moment was very life-or-death-ish.
Normally, I would run from a situation like that.
You, on the other hand You, um You, uh You kissed me, which was just Um, but the thing is, that I'd like to talk about is I'd like to invite you to Thanksgiving.
But we'd need a cover for that.
So really, what I'm trying to ask you is, uh are we back together? Chuck, Bryce is alive.
Sarah, you told me Bryce was dead.
I read his obituary.
We went to his funeral.
How is this possible? We don't know, Chuck.
He won't talk to our people.
- Not even you? He hasn't seen either of us.
- Why? - Because he asked for you.
We wanna know what happened to him.
We think he'll talk to you.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Hold on a second.
You want me to go in there and ask him what exactly? Just so we're on the same page.
Hey, Bryce, why did you send me the Intersect? Why did you choose my life to ruin? How exactly do I start that conversation? Just talk to him, okay? Be a friend.
You're good at that.
Remember, he's a rogue CIA-trained assassin.
Be careful.
Who are you? Hey.
Hey, Bryce.
It's me, Chuck.
I don't believe you.
What did you do with the real Chuck? I'd like to come out now, please.
Natural-born interrogator, huh? Fantastic.
All right.
Well Unless we're in the Twilight Zone right now there is another Chuck, and I'm his clone the answer to your question is, yes, I am Chuck.
Prove it.
Oh, come on.
They're watching us right now.
Do it.
What the hell? Your Klingon's a bit rusty, Chuck.
Yeah, I've been kind of busy lately, ever since I got your e-mail.
- You opened it, didn't you? - Yeah.
- Your computer? - Destroyed.
- So you're the only one.
- I don't get it.
Why'd you do it? Why send me the Intersect? Then why did you destroy it? And last up, how the hell are you still alive? - It's complicated.
- Who saved you? They did.
They saved you? Did they? Could you be any more cryptic? Can I get a name, a place, a something? Come here.
Oh, don't do that.
I'm sorry, Chuck.
Untie me.
Oh, my God.
All right.
Okay, hold it.
Sarah, what are you doing here? Hello, Casey.
Care to try again? Stand down.
Don't do this, Bryce.
We're all on the same side here.
- What side is that? - I've got a shot.
- No, you don't! - You'll be fine.
- No shooting, I'm susceptible to bullets! Access restricted.
The access code.
I'll kill him, Sarah! Between you and me, I think he means it.
Five, one, six, zero, two.
Access granted.
You knew I wouldn't do it.
Right? No.
I did not know that.
How would I know that, Bryce? What are you trying to do? - What's Sarah doing here? - She's protecting me, okay? And so is Casey.
We're the good guys.
Look, you need to stop this, right now.
- Before someone, namely me, gets hurt.
- Too soon.
We're slowing down.
We don't have to do the whole thing.
No, please don't do this! - You stop this elevator again - Bryce.
Who's your friend? - You step back.
- Okay.
I wouldn't want you to kill some random person.
I'd feel just terrible.
- Tell your people that I'm gone.
- This is your chance, Bryce.
This is me being reasonable.
Let's go, let's be friends again.
We were never friends.
Now my feelings are hurt.
You're gonna run, aren't you? Good.
Who was that? Nobody.
What's Fulcrum? Where did you hear that? The Intersect.
I have these flashes.
I was right.
You can remember its intel.
Is it always that fast? What is Fulcrum, Bryce? Who are they, and how do they know you? - This is my stop.
- No, wait.
I have questions.
- I have millions of questions.
- Chuck.
This is gonna sting a little.
Tell Sarah it's hard to say goodbye.
Hey, Chuck.
Huh? Hey.
Not pretty! Ugly.
It wasn't a full dose.
It'll be out of your system in a few hours.
I think I can handle it from here.
So are you and Casey gonna go after Bryce? No.
Bryce is probably halfway around the world by now.
It's, uh, someone else's job to find him.
Sarah, this is Bryce Larkin we're talking about.
Your old flame.
My old nemesis.
We have to do something.
We each have our own assignment.
Right, and I'm yours.
So, what? What does this mean for us? Nothing.
You're protected.
No, for us.
Our fake relationship.
I mean, you and Bryce were You're really not making this easy.
- Hey.
Hey, sis.
- Hi.
- Hey, Sarah.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
Are you coming to Thanksgiving? Of course.
On Black Friday, it comes down to us.
Crowd control.
Okay? Little test here.
Jeff, emergency in Sector 2.
Move! Nice work, Jeff.
That's all.
Lester, converge on Jeff's position.
Sector 1, move.
Now, go.
People's lives are at stake here, man.
Good hustle, Les.
Anna? We cannot lose the doors, okay? If we lose the doors, we've lost the battle.
Got it? All right.
You look beautiful today, but the way.
- Chuck.
- Yes, Morgan? - Yes, I'm right here.
Pal, listen.
Everybody's moving way too slow.
If they don't shape up, we lose control, we are gonna have a pineapple situation.
- What's a pineapple situation? Never say that word.
- You just - It's a black swan.
It's an impossible event that changes everything.
In case something terrible happens.
Nuclear strike, earthquake.
Anyone of you could initiate a full Buy More evacuation by uttering one word.
- Pineapple.
- Hmm.
The word that cannot be spoken.
I really just wanna say pineapple Pineapples are fun.
My dad used to throw them.
- Pineapple.
- Seriously? Wow.
- What's the matter? Who is it? - Ellie.
She's in Thanksgiving panic mode.
I gotta stop by the store.
- See you kids later.
- You gotta be kidding me.
Chuck, where are you? Come on, dude.
What about? What about Black Friday? Okay.
Get ready for some turkey.
- What are you doing here? - Well, your sister invited me to dinner.
- Really? - Thanks.
Did you find everything? - Yeah, I did.
- Yeah, but I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
I need to talk to you about something.
- Hey, hey.
- Ahem.
Uh, I have a question for you.
What? What do you think Bryce meant when he said: "Casey, care to? Care to try again?" Because call me crazy, but I got the weirdest feeling like it was you who killed him.
Good guess.
Are you? Does Sarah know about that? It's in my report.
Why would you do that? Why did you kill Bryce? Orders.
Your old nemesis is a very dangerous human being, Chuck.
You get a chance to shoot Bryce Larkin, you shoot to kill.
Guys, no shop talk tonight.
We got a bird to eat.
Hey, John.
Could you help me stuff this monster? - Cosmo? - Thank you, John.
- He's so sweet.
- Like honey.
Uh, sis, Morgan is bringing somebody tonight.
A real someone or an imaginary someone? Uh, real, actually.
Very real, and she's very nice.
- And, um, she - She? - You said "she.
" - Yes.
Yes, Anna.
Morgan's girlfriend.
There could be a little issue though because she knows about you and Morgan.
What are you talking about? Just remember, it's not my fault.
Ah, hello, Sarah and my other friends.
Welcome to Thanksgiving.
Thank you.
They're beautiful.
- You're welcome.
- Devon's inside over there.
So this is Anna, my - Girlfriend.
- Right.
And this is my green-bean casserole.
Try not to drop it.
It's good to meet you, finally.
Yeah, Chuck just told me about you and Morgan.
- I'm so happy, ha.
- Hussy.
Um - I am in heaven.
- This is so good.
I'm glad you like.
- Do you, uh, usually do Thanksgiving? - Uh, not recently.
Oh, man, oh, man.
Okay, you know what? For my second plate, I need critical side dish number two.
Oh, yeah.
There you go.
Thank you.
There's no marshmallows on my sweet potatoes.
It's Morgan's favorite number two side dish.
I'm sorry.
I must've forgot.
Thanksgiving is ruined.
No, no.
Wait, that's my bad.
I did pick them up.
They're in the herder.
- I'll be right back.
- Don't be too long.
How's everything? Good? Good.
- Hello, Chuck.
- Sarah and Casey are right inside.
One girlish scream, and they go into combat mode.
- This your place? - Ellie and I live here, yeah.
You live with your sister? What happened, Chuck? What happened to you? The guy who wanted to be the software billionaire? - Bill Gates with style? - You got me kicked out of Stanford.
I need to talk to Sarah.
Can you bring her to me? - Without Casey? - Why would I help you? Because of Fulcrum.
That guy in the elevator, he works for them.
And they want the Intersect, Chuck.
They want you.
Thank God the marshmallows are back.
Thank you.
I made this for you.
Thank you, thank you.
- Everything okay? - Yeah, everything's great.
- Do you like it? - Mm-hm.
Very much.
It's devastating Devastatingly good.
Does anyone else want some? Nice and tight, John.
I'm impressed.
You work out? Yeah, work keeps me in shape.
How many calories do you burn at the Buy More? Bryce Larkin is in my bedroom.
About 350 an hour, max.
You look like a guy who needs an adventure.
Two words: Water sports.
Excuse me.
Sweetheart, is that, um, tartar sauce? You're getting rusty.
Bryce, I have a gun.
Do I need to use it? I'm unarmed.
And I'm sorry.
Two dudes.
One raft.
White-water rapids.
I got some brochures I gave to Chuck.
Hey, those the rafting brochures still in your room? - What? - Don't worry, I'll get them.
No, no, no.
I'll I'll get them.
Please, you guys keep, you know, talk Talk.
Why shouldn't I arrest you right now? Because I'm not a rogue spy.
Because Intersect was a mission.
Because, Sarah, you're still in love with me.
So Thanksgiving.
We're all supposed to say what we're thankful for.
I'll start.
I am thankful that I'm here with the most beautiful woman in the world, Ellie Bartowski.
- Good call.
- Morgan.
- Uh, right.
That's sweet, honey.
I am thankful for my family and my friends.
I pass.
I'm thankful that Bryce Larkin is dead.
And is not currently in my bedroom making out with my new girlfriend.
Excuse me, please.
Wow, buddy, that was, um, really dark.
And specific.
Well, you still got it.
This isn't a play, Sarah.
I need your help.
Please don't run.
Casey, everything is under control.
- Chuck, are you okay? - Okay, I might've made a mistake.
- Nice work, CIA.
- Hey.
No guns at Thanksgiving.
It's not Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows.
Okay, Ellie, I gotta tell you, right now I'm getting really excited.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Uh-huh.
So good.
Good? - So good.
Oh, my God.
Fine, Ellie.
You can have him.
What's the matter, babe? Seriously, where? Hold a second.
Honey, hold on a second.
Honey, no more family dinners, okay? What do you think about a destination Christmas.
Anna Banana, come here.
Leave me alone, Morgan.
Come on.
He's gone, call it in from my place.
I'll check the back.
- How did Casey find out? - I made a rash decision.
You saw Bryce kiss me, didn't you? I guess this means we're not getting back together.
Sarah, why is someone in Casey's apartment? Shh.
Put it down, Bryce.
- Close the door, Chuck.
- Okay, okay, okay.
I'm closing the door.
I'm closing the door.
I'm walking into the apartment.
Please do not shoot me.
I need you to listen to me.
- Just put it down.
- The Intersect was a mission.
I was recruited by an outfit called Fulcrum.
A special-access group inside the CIA.
You're lying.
We would know that.
They knew who I was.
My activation codes, my record.
They ordered me to shed my agency contacts and go deep.
Only then did I realized it was an internal strike.
To download and destroy Intersect.
Fulcrum had plans for its intel.
How can I trust you, Bryce? I didn't mean to hurt you, Sarah.
- I didn't know who to trust.
- Why Chuck? - Yeah, why Chuck? - I needed a friend who wasn't a spy.
He wouldn't know anything about Fulcrum or the Intersect or Sand Wall.
Sand Wall.
Sand Wall, that was the name of the mission.
Sarah, I think he's telling the truth.
- What, did you flash? - Yeah.
I'm not rogue.
- Casey, no! - Casey, no! Bryce.
Time to finish the job.
Casey, no.
Chuck flashed, Bryce isn't rogue.
You should aim for the head next time, Casey.
Hey, I'm okay.
I'm fine.
Just, you know, me.
Intersect guy.
I don't get it, Bryce.
How are you alive? I don't know how they did it, if that's what you're asking.
They probably used one of the European clinics.
- I don't remember it.
- But you know why they did it? Yeah.
Well, should I pop some popcorn or beat the answer out of you? - No, thanks.
I'll talk.
- Darn it.
You know the first part already.
I downloaded the Intersect and blew up the computer, raced out of the DNI.
Then I ran into you, Casey.
So I'm on the ground.
No white light.
Just Casey staring down at me.
And then They brought me back, but they weren't trying to save me.
This was a Fulcrum team.
They wanted something.
Bryce, where are they? Where are the Intersect files? Tell me, Bryce.
What happened to the Intersect? Tell me, or I let you die again.
L I saw them.
I saw them.
They're in me.
Save him.
Do whatever it takes.
Save him.
Fulcrum thinks you're the Intersect.
They brought me back to take it out of me.
That's why I need your help.
- We're gonna help you? - I need to turn myself in to the CIA.
But Fulcrum has operatives in every agency.
I need to know that I'm being handed over to the real CIA.
I can do that.
I can do that.
I can be there at the transfer.
If I flash, they're Fulcrum.
If not, you're on your way home.
That should work.
Smart, Chuck.
We still need a place the transfer can go down.
- A public place, a lot of people.
- A public spot? Lots of witnesses? I know a place.
Open the door! Okay, listen up.
Three minutes, we let those animals in.
If this was a zoo, I'd say run for your lives.
But this is Buy More.
For those days when you did squat, this is where you make up for it.
Don't let me down.
This is the single most important day of our year.
And my door is locked.
Don't even think about knocking.
Open the door! Take one.
Take only one.
Hey, are we talking? Anna, what happened last night? It was a test, Morgan.
And you failed.
Well, why are there tests? No.
Take only one.
Take only one.
No, take only one.
So appliances are over there.
All right? And electronics, you're already here.
We're entering the store.
The CIA pickup should be here in two minutes.
Excuse me.
I'm just looking for camera bags.
Cameras are only just over here.
- So if you wanna look Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Do I know you? Wow, dude.
No, I'm sorry, man.
You look just like this guy my best friend used to go to Stanford with.
Oh, Sorry, I went to Penn.
- I'll take it as a compliment.
- You shouldn't actually.
Because this guy Bryce was a real douche.
He got Chuck kicked out of Stanford, he ruined his life.
I don't know why he'd do that to the nicest guy in the world, you know? - Anyhow, happy holidays.
- Jeff and Lester.
They can't do it.
They're hiding.
The CIA pickup is here.
Chuck, do your pass.
Welcome to Buy More.
Hey, hey, nothing happened.
Nothing happened.
There were no flashes.
So the CIA guys are legit.
Can anybody help us? - What are you guys doing? - Dude, it is not safe out there.
- Someone touched me.
- I don't care.
You both have jobs to do.
- Yeah? Morgan? Registers are down.
I need Jeff up there to fix them.
All right.
I'm on it, boss man.
- Jeff, the registers are down.
- No.
- I can't do it, man.
- Dude, you have to.
You're old enough to understand how registers work.
They're from the '80s.
- I can't.
- Listen to me, you're scared.
I'm scared, we're all scared.
But the store is depending on you.
If people can't check out, people can't leave, more will fill in.
- Lf more people fill in, Jeff - The store will explode.
- The store will explode! - I gotta get them out of here! No, Jeff, no.
No, it's a trick! Excuse me, sir? Can I help you? Yes, thank you.
These HD screens almost look like the real thing.
Yeah, they do, huh? You know, I didn't mean to offend you last night.
About living with your sister.
Sarah told me about your team, what you've done together.
- And you're still the super spy, right? - That's nothing.
I got one friend in this world.
You got a home and a store full of them.
So, what happens now, Bryce? You just disappear all over again? It's what I do well.
Thanks, Chuck.
For everything.
You're welcome.
I'm taking him in, Chuck.
You stay here.
Stay in the store, Chuck.
Are we good? Yeah, we're clear.
No, us.
I thought you were dead, Bryce.
Come back with me.
I have my assignment.
You were never good at this.
The saying-your-feelings part.
Well, I don't like to talk much.
Excuse me.
Can I get some service? You're Charles Bartowski, aren't you? We met the other day.
Did we? - So how can I, uh How can I help you? - I'm looking for a computer.
You might be familiar with this one.
It was called the Intersect.
You don't seem to understand the situation, Charles.
Think these witnesses are a guarantee that nothing's gonna happen to you? You couldn't be more wrong.
Um, I I am so slammed right now.
It's really busy.
So I should get back to work.
My team reacquired Bryce Larkin and Sarah Walker five minutes ago.
I have seven trained killers stationed throughout the store.
If you look over there you can also see that my men have neutralized Mr.
See, here's the thing, Charles.
Nothing stops me from fulfilling my orders.
Innocents, civilians.
If you make me I'll execute every last person in this place.
It's done.
Yeah, we'll need about two minutes to broom the area.
- Where is he? Who? - Their boss, Tommy.
- Chuck.
Chuck, the registers are down.
I can't get them back up.
What should I do? Say more than one word, and I'll kill him right here.
- Pineapple.
- Oh! - Let's go.
- Hey, hey.
Dude, don't say that word.
It doesn't have meaning if you keep joking with it.
I didn't say it.
Chuck did.
- Chuck? - Chuck.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency.
I need everyone to leave the store in an orderly fashion.
Anna, pineapple.
Oh! Ah! Grimes.
Hey, it's a mistake! Hey, hey, no! The store is not on fire! No! I got you.
I got you.
Morgan, what are you doing? - Put me down.
- I will not put you down.
Morgan, put me down! Code Black.
Hostiles in the Buy More.
I need a containment team right away.
Are you kidding me? Some kid could find this.
- Lock the doors.
- Let's go.
Seal the video section.
Stay down, Chuck.
This is when the shooting starts.
Right Right now? Wow.
They really are great.
Come on, Chuck.
I'm getting sick and tired of getting hauled around by you all the time.
- Where's Chuck? - Over here.
Let him go.
Does this look like my first time? Isn't it somebody else's turn to be the human shield? Stay there, Bryce.
- You all right? - Does it look like I'm all right? - I need to ask you something.
- Shoot.
Not you, please.
Sorry, Chuck.
What did you say to him? Ask him.
Hi, Chuck, Chuck.
Chuck, come on.
Wake up.
Come on.
I am wearing a vest.
That stings a little bit.
Seriously, that is not fair to not tell someone how much a bulletproof vest still hurts! NSA.
Nobody move.
Hey, stand down.
He's one of us.
- All right, let's go.
Secure the perimeter.
Begin a route.
What? Why did you just carry Anna out? She could've just walked.
No? - Sorry about that.
- You passed.
- I passed? Grimes! You just ruined the most important shopping day of the year.
For what? - Do you know what you are, Grimes? - No.
- What? - There was a gas leak in the store.
- Gas? - Yes, sir.
Whoever evacuated it probably saved a lot of people.
It'll take a few hours to clean up we'd appreciate if you keep everybody out until we say give you the say-so.
Is this straight? Does it look good? What are we gonna do? Relax, Chuck.
These are NSA cleaners.
They'll have Buy More back to normal in a jiffy.
What's happening with Bryce? - He's in giving his report to Beckman.
- It'd appear I have a new assignment.
- As a maƮtre d'? Actually, it's a consulate dinner.
They want me to go after Fulcrum.
On my own, off the radar.
Oh, sounds like heaven.
It means Bryce Larkin is dead.
And he's going to stay that way this time.
Goodbye, Chuck.
This is so weird.
Where are you gonna go? Who are you gonna be? Sorry.
Not even you can know.
We'll always have Omaha.
- Hey.
- What? Um, we have some turkey leftovers.
Actually, we have a lot of turkey leftovers.
I was wondering if I could interest you in some sandwiches or something? - Thanks, but work to do.
- Right.
- Right, okay, then.
- Okay.
- Hey, uh, Casey, Casey, Casey.
- Yeah? Sorry.
What did Bryce mean by Omaha? Outside of it being some weird Casablanca reference? Probably a code.
Contact point of some sort.
Okay, why would Sarah need that? Bryce is going deep, Chuck.
No calls home, no messages out.
If Sarah wants to join up with him, she has to do it now.
Sarah's leaving? But don't worry, Chuck.
Sarah's gone, we'll get you a new girl.
Oh, man.
This is great.
Right? Two buddies, couple of cold turkey sandwiches and all the mayo you could want.
You all right?