Chuck s02e20 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the First Kill

I'm Chuck.
Here are a few things that you might need to know.
Jill, hey.
I can help you.
Come on.
You're under arrest.
I'm breaking up with you.
Dad's gone.
I thought I needed him to walk me down the aisle.
Thought he'd be different from that guy that walked out on us.
Don't worry, Charles.
I'm not who you think I am.
-You're Orion.
-I'll give Fulcrum their Intersect.
But my son walks away from here.
Take care of yourself.
CHUCK: As soon as my dad finishes the new Intersect I'm worthless and Fulcrum wins.
The only thing that matters now is getting my father back.
Fro-yo? It's time to try our latest flavor, Obama Guava.
-I didn't make up the name.
No, thanks.
Not that I'm not thrilled that the CIA has found a new yogurt recipe.
I was just kind of hoping the CIA would find my father first.
The government is doing everything they can to find him.
How do I know I can trust them? The government wants to keep the Intersect in my head.
My father is the person who can get it out.
It's not rocket science.
Okay, I know that you don't trust them, but do you trust me? -Yeah.
Then I promise you we're gonna find him.
Well, hurry, please.
MORGAN: What's the matter, Chuck? Your dad's back in town, right? You're dating the hottest slice of the proverbial pizza and you are best friends with me.
Which means two out of three ain't so bad.
You're king of the world.
Bartowski, get it together.
King of the world.
Emmett's got an announcement, so listen up.
Aye, aye, captain.
[CHUCKLING] All right, now sometime over the next 24 hours a Buy More corporate evaluator will be here to evaluate yours truly.
Now, normally in this situation, I would expect a certain tribe to use this opportunity to make me look bad.
[MOCK LAUGHS] Laugh it up, cretins.
The tech jobs are being shipped to India faster than you can say: -"Would you like fries and a soft drink?" -I can't work fast food, Emmett.
-I keep kosher.
-Count me in on the trip to India.
I've dreamt of seeing Lester in his native environment.
What? Test me and you'll be flipping burgers in Encino for the rest of your miserable life.
Now, let's show corporate that we're a lean, mean Buy More machine.
-So comb your hair.
-Jealous? -Lower that whore skirt.
ANNA: Excuse me? And for God's sakes, Barnes I am tired of seeing your butt crack.
Pull them up.
CHUCK: Well, that went well.
Update from Beckman.
What? Is it information on where my father is? We're about to find out.
Come on.
Do you have any idea what working with fried food would do to my complexion? I can't leave the Buy More.
I won't survive in the real world.
I'm institutionalized.
Morgan, we are the brains of this operation.
So let's come up with something.
Why don't you start us off? Well, as I see it Emmett's threat was a ruse to get us to work hard so he'd look good, but think about this: Emmett asked us to behave because he knows we'd do the exact opposite.
We'd misbehave.
But Emmett, he's no fool so he would know that we would know that he knows this.
So obviously, we need to behave.
Okay, so we behave.
Pay attention.
It's the exact opposite.
Emmett would also know that we'd know that he knows we know.
Because he knows that we know that what he knows is that we know he wants us to behave.
Yes, yes.
I don't know how we do it, but we are geniuses, my friend.
-Thank you.
-So, what are we doing again? God, I love technology.
What we are doing again is we're gonna let Rome burn.
BECKMAN: We've used every resource to find him with no luck.
I'm sorry, Chuck.
Fulcrum's kept a tight lid on your father's whereabouts.
That's your update? Well, I'm sorry, but that's a non-update.
-It's not good enough.
-Watch it.
It's a general you're talking to.
I've spent the last year of my life being tortured dangled off of skyscrapers, bathed in sewage.
Stop me if I've forgotten any other glamorous perks of this job.
I've continually done everything you asked me to do but once my dad gets kidnapped, all you can say is "sorry"? Chuck, I understand your disappointment.
Do you? Then why haven't we found him yet? We've captured them before.
Can't talk to them? Yeah, we tried that but since new administration discontinued waterboarding Fulcrum agents don't talk.
And even if we did, we have no reason to trust them.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes by any means necessary.
So, what if I could get a Fulcrum agent to talk? SARAH: You're 100 percent sure you wanna go through with this? CHUCK: More like 45.
Maybe 30.
But I guess I don't really have any other choice, now, do I? Hi, Chuck.
Hello, Jill.
CHUCK: So how's the food? Standard prison issue or are they doing anything fancy with the sauces? What are you doing here, Chuck? Fulcrum has kidnapped my father.
They're using him to rebuild their Intersect, and when he's done.
Look, I don't even wanna think about what's gonna happen when that happens.
Let me guess.
You want my help.
Forget it.
I get that you're mad but it's not my fault you're here.
You betrayed your country.
You betrayed me.
I thought you cared about me.
But now, all I'm asking is for my family back, please.
I might be able to help.
-But I want a deal.
CASEY: Do not make a deal.
Do not make a deal.
I'm not really authorized to make any kind of deal.
But in this case, I think I can make an exception.
[CHATTERING] Do I work here? No, no, I just wear this ridiculous outfit so that people like you will ask me if I do.
Emmett asked me to give this to you.
Mighty fine cart work.
Emmett? Hello? Got this note.
Let me cut to the chase.
I despise you.
But these losers listen to you -so I need you.
-Talk to me.
I was brought here to make this store efficient.
If corporate sees that they will have no recourse but to promote me out of this hellhole.
Get your little merry band of misfits to behave and I'll be out of your dirty beard forever.
How do I know that I can trust you? You don't.
But I want out and you want me out.
So let's [SPITS] make a deal.
CASEY: Can't believe we made this deal.
You run or double-cross us, your deal is void.
Plus, as an added bonus, she'll shoot you.
Chuck's dad, where is he? I don't know exactly.
But I do know someone who might know where.
-Who? -My Uncle Bernie.
Better not be a joke, I don't have a sense of humor.
I don't remember you mentioning him when we were dating.
He's not a real uncle.
He's a friend of the family.
He recruited me into Fulcrum.
-How do we know we can trust him? -He's my dad's best friend.
If there's one person I can trust, it's him.
Where's Bernie? Flush him out, torture the location out of him.
He's guarded almost 24 hours a day.
What does "almost" mean? -When is Bernie away from his bodyguards? -Only for family functions.
Are there any coming up? Birthdays, confirmations, quinceañeras? Well, then.
I guess we're gonna have to create one of our own.
We're engaged.
It's Tacori.
It's beautiful.
Oh, well, thanks, Judy.
Oh, call me Mom.
Most girls only get four C's with a ring, but my Jill, she got five.
[OVER RADIO] Cut, color, clarity, carat and Chuck.
JUDY: Isn't this gorgeous? That ring cost the taxpayers a fortune, Bartowski.
Don't lose it.
There they are.
and Mrs.
[CHATTERING] So, Jill, this is a such a wonderful surprise.
We thought she was living in Helsinki.
We didn't know when we'd see her again.
Well, Chuck popped the question, and I wanted to share it with everybody.
Well, Wally, I think this calls for a toast.
No, no.
You don't have to do that.
Oh, listen, I have waited all my life for my little girl to get married.
You bet I do.
I remember when you first met at Stanford.
The way you'd look at each other, just like your mom and I did.
And I know you've had your problems.
But deep inside, you knew you were right for each other.
And you never let anything get in the way of that.
[SCOFFS] To Jill and Chuck.
ALL: To Jill and Chuck.
Congratulations, Bartowski.
You're now qualified for conjugal visits.
SARAH: There's a car approaching.
This could be him.
CASEY: Bartowski, this guy's a madman.
His code name is The Carnivore.
Seems he's got a real appetite for blood.
CHUCK: Great.
-Hey, Bernie.
-How are you? -Great, Wally.
What's this big surprise you couldn't tell me over the phone? Jill's engaged.
Jill's here? -Where? JUDY: You are so adorable, Chuck.
You two are gonna have the most beautiful babies.
I want a girl and a boy.
I'm sorry, Chuck.
Is all this talk of children scaring you? No, no, I love kids, really.
I thought you moved to Helsinki.
You're not the only one, Bernie.
You really need to come home more often.
Yeah, I rarely get to see her myself.
She works so much she might as well be in prison.
Oh, so you're the lucky guy, huh? Ha-ha-ha! Oh, hey, hey.
Yeah, it's Chuck.
-Nice to meet you, Bernie.
-No, no, no.
You call me Uncle Bernie.
We're family now.
We were just telling them that the key to a good marriage is trust.
Your spouse must be the only person you always rely on.
Who'll never betray you.
Hey, hey.
You mind if I borrow the happy couple? I got a few words of wisdom myself.
Good luck.
Bernie didn't like Jill's last boyfriend, and that's the last we saw of him.
Oh, is that so? What are you doing here, Jill? I thought you were in jail.
-I made a deal with the CIA.
-What kind of a deal? Look, Bernie, tell us where Fulcrum's hiding my father and we can offer you witness protection too.
Oh, you stupid little-- -Are you wired? -No, we're not.
-Are you wired? -Yes, we are.
-They're gone.
-Let's go.
No, we can't just blast in and blow Chuck's cover.
Oh, my.
Look how happy my baby is.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I wanna tell you dinner's almost ready.
BERNIE: Thanks, Judy.
JUDY: Don't torture them too much, Bernie.
BERNIE: Jill? CHUCK: Come on, come on, come on.
And you are? I'm Chuck's cousin, Sarah.
And this is my boyfriend, John.
Talk about beauty and the beast, huh? You must be loaded.
Just a little friendly ribbing.
We're family now.
Yeah, family.
This is my lovely wife, Judy.
Pleased to meet you.
So where's the lucky couple? They're having a sit-down with Uncle Bernie.
And if I know him, Chuck is dead meat by now.
Casey, Sarah, 3rd floor.
We're in trouble.
I don't know if he wants to kill me or eat me.
There's a bathroom upstairs, I hope? Oh, I have to go.
We had a very long drive.
-Where are we going? -The attic.
The only way out is up.
Casey and Sarah, we're in the attic.
We need some help.
Bernie, please don't do this.
You can't shoot us.
Because the whole family will hear it.
I can't.
But I can beat you to death.
I was really hoping for a third option that did not include death.
[WHEEZES] Chuck, are you okay? Yeah.
Congratulations, Bartowski.
It's your first confirmed kill.
Kill? No.
No, no, no.
You know, I didn't kill anybody, okay? -He just died, it was an accident.
-Maybe he had a heart attack.
-What do you call your move, anyway? -What move? Girlie pose I saw you in.
What do you call that? -The Morgan.
-The Morgan? He invented it when girls were beating him up.
You kind of duck a little bit, protect the important-- You know, your face and your-- What are we gonna do? We were telling him about our wedding plans.
He just kept knocking back Scotches until the next thing we knew he was dead drunk.
Call me, Bernie.
-Yeah, get some rest.
Yeah, we should get him home.
Bye, Mom.
WALLY: I love you.
Take care of yourself.
-Bye, everyone.
ALL: Congratulations.
CHUCK: See you.
CASEY: Yeah, thanks.
CHUCK: We'll take care of Bernie.
CASEY: Way to go, killer.
You just offed the only person who knows where your dad is.
[GRUNTING] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Wow, Morgan, they look great.
I may look good, but I feel like an idiot.
Anybody sees or hears about this, my rep is ruined.
Can you relax? Relax and trust me, please.
This is the only way we'll get Emmett out of our hair.
No pain, no gain.
Well, as you can see, we are running smoother than a Swiss watch.
You'll find no finer example of Buy More employees in the land.
Patel here is one of our certified computer technicians.
Very pleased to meet you, sir.
And may I just say I would do pretty much anything for this man.
He is somewhat of a hero around here.
The constant brown-noser.
Well, he was born brown.
May I go a step further and say that to me Emmett is the straw that gently stirs the Buy More drink.
I can't tell you how many times I defiled myself at work.
Emmett cured me of that.
Now I only violate myself at home or in the car.
But never in the Nerd Herder.
He has made such progress under Mr.
Milbarge's [COUGHS] tutelage.
-We're all so proud.
-I'm your captain.
Yes, sir.
Captain, my captain.
EMMETT: Let me show you around.
LESTER: You better be right about this, Morgan.
Yes, general, I understand.
-Sarah, what's happening? -We're moving Jill back to prison.
What? No, we can't send her back.
We haven't found my father yet.
She might know something.
We had a deal.
Sorry, but the mission was a bust.
She'll put us in more danger.
That wasn't her fault, it was Bernie.
He manipulated her.
-You know Jill.
She's a Fulcrum agent.
That's exactly why we need her.
She knows Fulcrum, their procedures and secrets.
I know she tried to kill you.
I'm sorry.
But she's the best chance I have at rescuing my father.
He's out there.
God knows what's happening.
You have to realize there are some people you just cannot trust.
Sarah I already know that.
I don't trust anyone except for you.
And right now, I need you to trust me.
Jill is the only way I'm gonna get my dad back.
Chuck, the answer is no.
-Chuck? Where've you been? Been calling you.
I'm sorry.
I've just been a little busy, that's all.
All right, listen.
We have a situation here.
I could really use your help.
I'm on an install.
I can't help you right now.
Bear with me for one second here.
What do you do when the person you can trust the least can actually get you the thing you want the most? You know what, Morgan? Sometimes you just need to trust the person.
-Do whatever it takes.
-Yeah, that's what I thought.
Roger that.
Thanks, buddy.
I'm sorry.
They're sending you back to prison.
Well, it's not your fault.
At least I got to see my family one last time.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you, Chuck.
It's okay.
I'm sorry about your Uncle Bernie.
I had no idea the Morgan was so lethal.
I'm glad you haven't lost your sense of humor.
They changed me.
Promise me that you won't let them change you.
I'll do my best.
I liked wearing this.
Even if it was just for a few hours.
They were never gonna let me go even if we found your dad, were they? NSA, Fulcrum, CIA, they're all the same.
They all lie.
They're not gonna let you go either, Chuck.
Watch your back.
Skip, I can tell you got a bright future ahead of you.
It's a pleasure meeting you.
Well? When are you out of here? -We've done everything that you asked.
-Not everything.
The hoi polloi have bowed to me, but now the king must kiss my ring.
Oh, come on, man.
Just have Mr.
Mercer speak to Big Mike directly.
Because Big Mike needs me.
He'll never say kind words about me.
Because if I were to leave, he has to work.
And then he has to start expending all of his energy on the store rather than expending it on your mother.
Hold on a second.
-Yes? What do you want me to do? Ah.
Use this and get him to say nice words about me.
When Mr.
Mercer hears Michael rave he will finally release me from Satan's pit and it will be your paradise.
Big Mike's never gonna speak to me about another employee, okay? The man's a wall when it comes to breaching policy.
Please, every man has a weakness to exploit.
Mine is Renaissance fairs.
Soften him up a bit.
-Grease his wheels.
-Grease him? What is it that Michael just cannot get enough of? What can I do for you? I had an extra chicken teriyaki foot-long I thought someone would be interested in.
-Do tell.
-Five-dollar foot-long.
-Mm! -Oh, boy.
-Chicken teriyaki.
A taste of the Orient in Burbank.
The flavors melt together in perfect harmony.
Just like me and your momma.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think of Emmett? I don't think I should talk about other employees in front of you.
Well, don't think of me as an employee, Dad.
You think of me as family.
You're right.
If you can't trust family, who can you trust? Guess this is goodbye, huh? Yeah.
Well, thanks for trying.
Oh, God.
If it's Fulcrum, this could be my last chance to find my dad.
-Don't you answer that.
-[IMITATES BERNIE] Bernie, talk to me.
MAN: We're moving Orion.
Bill wants all agents back to base.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] They're moving my dad and want all the agents back.
Okay, keep him on the line.
We're gonna trace his call.
Yeah, I'll be back at the base pronto.
There's a couple of things I'd like to discuss.
Discuss? Discuss what? You know, stuff.
Stuff to discuss.
Particularly my salary.
Your salary? I've been burning the midnight oil, and my work speaks for itself.
Bernie, what the hell are you talking about? Also, there are other pertinent things that we could talk about including, but not limited to the dental plan and vacation days.
I could use a gym membership.
Have you looked at me? Excellent, good.
We'll talk about it at the base.
Dental plan? Moron.
Okay, it looks like the call came from 1600 Destefano Court.
An office building somewhere off Mulholland.
I know that building.
It's the headquarters for the Strength Leadership Corporation.
They run CEO and management training seminars but that's a front for a Fulcrum recruiting facility.
-Why would they take my dad there? -They have holding cells on 8th floor.
-We better hustle.
-Take me with you.
I've been there.
I know my way around the building and the security system.
CHUCK: Guys, we need her.
JILL [OVER RADIO]: Chuck, you can't trust anyone.
I know it looks like a boring office building, but it's run by Fulcrum.
Casey, she's right.
These are not pencil pushers.
They're Fulcrum assassins.
Relax, killer.
If the going gets rough, you can always deploy the Morgan.
We've tapped into the security feed.
I'm watching your move.
You're gonna be safe.
When you get to the desk, tell him you're here for auditing.
-What is that, like, accounting? -No, like testing.
-Can I help you, gentlemen? -Yes, we're here for auditing.
Second floor.
Up the stairs.
Now go past the testing center down the hallway to the elevator.
Holding cells are on the eighth floor.
Make a right and go down the hallway.
GUARD: Hey, what are you doing here? We're here for the auditing.
Who set the meeting? Tell him Mr.
-You're on the wrong floor.
-We were told eight.
-Okay, sorry about that.
But it's a common mistake, I'm sure.
Chuck, do what he says.
I'll find another way to get to your dad.
You two are late.
PROCTOR: Before the test, we have a brief video for you to watch.
NARRATOR [ON SCREEN]: Welcome to Fulcrum.
Solving tomorrow's problems today.
We live in a dangerous world and you want to do something about it.
Do you have what it takes? We're about to find out.
Good luck on the test, comrades.
You may begin.
[WHISPERS] What do we do now? Take the test.
You don't wanna raise their suspicions.
[WHISPERS] I hate these tests.
You're not gonna cheat.
-You're kidding, right? -No, I'm not kidding.
Found them on the 8th floor.
Said they were lost, here for auditing.
Well, let's find out who they really are.
Here to rescue your father, Charles? I must say, Emmett, I'm impressed.
Store's running smoothly the employees, for some strange reason, respect you.
Now if I could only find Big Mike.
Oh, he took the day off.
What? Why would Michael take the day off? Oh, you're looking at him.
MIKE: Emmett's a good worker.
Thanks to Emmett, I can fish three times a week, the store never misses a beat.
I'm gonna take the rest of the day off, do fishing this afternoon.
I came down here to evaluate Big Mike and he's off fishing? Well, Emmett you've been gunning for Mike's job all year.
It's yours.
Good luck.
Store manager.
EMMETT: Thank you.
Your test score was very impressive.
Bill Bergey, our leader, would like to meet you.
Bill Bergey's head of recruiting.
He'll know where Chuck's dad is.
-How did I do? -I'm sorry, sir.
You failed.
In fact, I'm afraid you had one of the lowest scores we've ever had.
[STIFLES LAUGH] Come with me, Mr.
You know, what my friend lacks in the intellect department, he does make up for in brawn.
Certainly, you must have some kind of a job moving boxes or heavy equipment.
-Come with me, Mr.
SARAH: Casey, stand down.
Just let Chuck go.
We can track him using his watch.
After you, sir.
This way.
GUARD: This way, Agent Casey.
[GRUNTING] Talk to me, Walker.
I'm all clear.
Chuck's on the 15th floor, heading to the far west side of the building.
It's a secure area.
You're gonna need a way in.
Hello, welcome.
I'm Bill Bergey.
-Charles Carmichael.
-Nice to meet you.
-Please sit down.
-Thank you.
I know who you really are, Charles.
That your father is Orion.
Orion? I'm not really tracking.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm just here for the seminar.
Leadership first, right? Well, then you're out of luck.
The seminar is full.
Are you wearing a wire? That's preposterous.
-Are you wearing a wire? -Yes, yes, I am.
Chuck? They've got him.
I'm going in.
-Take me with you.
-How do I know I can trust you? You don't.
But you need my help, and we are the only chance Chuck's got.
You made a big mistake coming here to rescue him.
SECURITY: Intruder alert, 15th floor.
Sir, we have a break-in.
Security breach.
Security breach.
Security breach.
Security breach.
If he tries to escape, shoot him.
Guys, look, honestly, I'm not gonna try and escape.
Scouts honor.
MAN: CIA intrusion.
Get everyone out.
-We're out of here.
[GUN COCKS] -Looks like I passed that test.
-Where's Sarah? She came to rescue you and got pinned down by Fulcrum agents.
-Okay, let's go get my dad.
-Test-taking skills won't do any good.
Get on the computer, find out which room he's in.
COMPUTER [OVER PA]: Please exit in an orderly fashion.
Please exit in an orderly fashion.
SARAH: Jill, which office is Chuck in? Jill? Casey, Jill escaped.
MAN: Let's go.
Let's go.
Go to Cell 11.
Move Orion to Black Rock.
No time to waste.
Orion's too valuable.
We'll talk again at Black Rock.
Get away from that computer, now.
I want my father back.
Good news, bad news, Charles.
Good news is that your father's too valuable for us to kill.
The bad news, you're not.
Now step away from the-- Whoa! What is it with that move? -Help.
Help me.
CHUCK: Help.
Please, somebody, help.
-Pull me up.
-I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Look, please, please tell me where my father is.
Or what? You'll drop me? I'd never drop you.
That's a horrible thing to do to somebody.
-Really? -Yeah.
It's a 15-story fall, it's an awful way to die.
BILL: Pull me up.
I'll talk.
Hold on.
Hold on, Chuck.
I got you.
He's slipping.
Hurry, he's slipping.
Hold on.
[YELLS] Oh, God.
-Thank you.
-Look, we have to get to my dad now.
-Okay, eighth floor.
Let's go.
[GUNSHOT] That's for flunking me.
Miss me? Oh, yeah, immensely.
Jill's gone.
-What happened? -He attacked me.
I did the Morgan and he flew out the window.
Two kills in two days, Chuck.
That Morgan move really is killer.
CHUCK: Dad? We're too late.
I'm never gonna find him, am I? I overhead them say they're moving your father to a place I never heard of, a place called Black Rock.
Oh, my God.
I know where they're taking him.
Black Rock is a code name for Protocol 7, a secret Fulcrum base in Barstow.
How do you know that, Chuck? You don't wanna know.
Chuck? Can you hear me? CHUCK: I'm on the eighth floor.
They've already evacuated my dad.
Hold tight.
We're on our way.
Come on.
-What are you doing? -Don't move.
Jill, there was no deal.
I lied because at the time, I was willing to do whatever it took to find my father but not anymore.
You held up your side of the bargain, I'm gonna hold up mine.
I told you I wouldn't let them change me and I won't.
Thank you, Chuck.
You should go before they get here.
But, Jill.
Look, you're gonna be all alone out there.
No friends, no money, nothing.
This is worth a lot.
Casey's probably gonna kill me.
I always dreamt of giving you a ring, Jill.
Just not like this.
You're sure you can trust them, right? Go.
Welcome back to gen pop, Michael.
Good luck.
I know it was you, Morgan.
You broke my heart.
You broke my heart.
I don't want anything to happen to him as long as his mom and I are dating.
How could you let Jill Roberts get away? I'm sorry, general.
I took her inside because I didn't have a choice.
So not only do we have no idea where Steve Bartowski is we have an agent who knows all of our secrets free.
Where is Chuck now? He's on his way to the Buy More.
Permission to drop the twerp into a deep dark hole.
-Huh? It's over.
The human Intersect project has become too hard to control.
Can't afford to wonder anymore if this team or Chuck Bartowski is a liability.
-What are you saying? -I'm shutting down this project.
Chuck's going into lockdown.
He'll be taken to Washington and put into a secure facility.
Operation Moron is over? -You're making a mistake.
-I have made my decision, Agent Walker.
-Chuck isn't gonna go without a fight.
-That's why there won't be one.
What do you mean? Chuck trusts you, Sarah.
He believes you would never betray him.
Use that.
Go to Chuck.
Tell him we intercepted his father while being transported and he's back at Castle.
I trusted the wrong person, Chuck.
Agent Casey will be waiting here.
He will tranq Chuck.
Then he will wait for the extraction team to arrive for his transfer.
That is all.
How can you just stand there and say nothing? Beckman's right.
Safest place for Chuck is underground.
What do you think is gonna happen when Fulcrum finds Jill? -We have good news.
-Can it wait? Computer emergency.
It's about your father.
We found him.
What? How? Where is he? One of our recon teams intercepted his transport as Fulcrum was moving him.
He's back at the Castle.
He's safe, Chuck.
It's all over.
I owe you an apology.
Why? I was beginning to think that I couldn't trust you anymore, Sarah.
Maybe Jill was right, that the CIA was never gonna let me go that they would always put their best interests ahead of mine.
But not you.
You've always looked out for me.
Thank you.
-[WHISPERS] Take off your watch.
-[WHISPERS] Why? Because it's all a lie.
Your dad is still out there.
Beckman sent me to get you to bring you back to the Castle.
They're gonna take you underground.
We have to run.
You're disobeying orders for me? Committing treason, Sarah.
You could go to jail.
I know.