Chuck s03e04 Episode Script

Chuck Versus Operation Awesome

Here's a few things you need to know.
Kind of crazy night.
One more patient and I am on my way.
So, what seems to be the problem? Well, let's have a look at you.
Where am I? - Who are you? - My name is Sydney.
And here is where you are.
Now, I trust you're feeling all right.
Not too many bumps and bruises? After all, we're going to need you in tiptop shape.
Need me for what? Nothing too difficult.
At least not for one of the CIA's best.
You've got me mixed up with someone else.
I'm just a doctor.
We know exactly who you are, Devon.
So please tell me.
What is it like being a world-class spy? Chuck, stop freaking out.
I'm not freaking out.
I'll tell you why.
That would require me overreacting.
Don't think it's possible to overreact to my brother-in-law being kidnapped! We're doing the best we can, Chuck.
Go to work.
We'll call you as soon as we have any news.
Look at that.
Ellie is making her In addition to the 20 she's made to me already today.
She's losing it.
What am I supposed to tell her? Honestly, Chuck, the best thing you can do is to just calm down.
If you really want someone to calm down never tell him to calm down.
Because it doesn't work.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm calming down.
Here comes the calm.
I will soon be calm.
Not working.
I'm not calming down.
I got an idea.
I'm gonna go to work then you call me the absolute second that you hear anything about Devon.
Calm down, Morgan.
You got nothing to worry about, son.
You can wipe that concerned look off that hairy face.
It's a little unusual that you'd call me in before I even have time to screw up.
You're right.
Usually mornings are Big-Mike time.
A time for reflection and then pastry.
But I'll tell you something, son.
You've become like family to me.
- Ah.
Thank you, sir.
- No.
Thank your mama.
Woman makes me feel good.
Real good.
Like a man should.
But credit where it's due.
I've noticed a change in you.
Commanding more respect from your co-workers you're walking a little taller.
It seems to me you're ready to run with the big dogs.
Of course.
What? Morgan, are you ready to be my assistant manager? - Me, sir? - I believe in you, son.
Well? Yes.
This should be good.
One of the big dogs.
Don't do that.
That's a little dog.
Schnauzer or something.
Big dog.
Sarah, it's Chuck.
I have an idea: Delta Force.
Called them yet? Call me back with their number.
Just in time.
Need that big brain of yours.
- Jeff is wrong about something.
- That's his default setting.
- Frankly Excuse me, sir.
Can you help me? I understand you're having a big sale on HDTVs.
Yes, we are.
Lester or Jeff here could actually - Sarah.
- Hey.
- Seriously.
It's an emergency here.
Young man? You listening? Excuse me.
I'm so sorry.
That's not what I meant to say.
If Van Damme and Seagal got into a fight, who would win? - Your big question? - Bear in mind that Master Seagal's fighting style is aikido.
Like so, "I'm just a cook.
I'm a lowly cook.
Come on.
" Come on, man.
This is gonna hurt you.
What you got? What you got? Boom-boom-pow! He'll live.
We need to get you out of here.
We think we know who has Awesome.
Last patient he saw at the hospital was a Ring operative.
What? What? Sarah.
The Ring? Oh, my God.
This is all my fault.
I got him involved.
- Probably torturing him as we speak.
- No reason to think that.
Hundreds of other nightmare scenarios far worse.
- Chuck.
- No.
I'm responsible for this.
I killed Captain Awesome Oh, my God.
You're back.
Thank God.
Oh, my God, you're back.
You're back.
This is great news.
Very good news.
Are you okay? Tell me you're okay.
Chuck, they think I'm a spy.
I'm in trouble here, man.
They think I'm you.
From what he has told us, the woman Devon was with is Sydney Prince, head of a Ring cell.
She has tried to recruit several of our agents.
She knows everything about me, Chuck.
Ellie too.
- Except who the real spy in the family is.
- An understandable mistake.
One of them looks like a spy and the other one looks like Chuck.
- True.
- She gave me this.
Told me she'd contact me with instructions.
- It's a Ring communication device.
Works off a closed network.
But the NSA has recently developed new technology to crack it.
Now we can put it into use.
Fantastic news.
Sounds like a plan.
I'm gonna get Awesome back to my sister.
You can't take him home quite yet, Chuck.
We need to talk.
We're going to use Devon.
Excuse me, what? Oh, no.
No one is using Devon.
There will be no using of him anymore.
No more fun spy games for him.
Using Devon is our best option.
Sydney won't go to her superiors with his identity until she knows whether she's turned him or burned him.
When Sydney contacts him, he'll do what she says.
Long enough to track her and bring her in.
- I have to do what she says? - No, you don't.
No, he doesn't.
This is my family.
- Come on.
- It's the only way to keep him safe.
Devon, we'll be with you every step of the way.
If you tell me you can get me through this, I trust you.
I will, Devon.
I promise.
Excuse me.
Stop right there.
Are you leaving early again, Bartowski? - Are you serious? - Of course not, man.
I'm kidding.
Are you being serious? Are you seriously wearing that vest? Ah.
Big Mike made me assistant manager.
And I accepted it.
I'm proud of you.
Lester, I'm really sorry about the A completely knee-jerk reaction.
I'm just gonna switch to decaf.
It's not a problem.
In fact, I wanna thank you.
You helped me feel something I have not felt in a long time.
Another foot on your body? The thrill of being alive.
- What? The sensation of pain coursing through my face was like an adrenaline shot to my soul.
It made me feel like a man.
First time since my bar mitzvah.
I've never had a bar mitzvah.
Chuck, please.
I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
I think that you two are certifiably disturbed.
- I'm gonna go home, so.
Hey, you want a ride home? - Yeah, I got access to the company car.
- Oh.
Big man on campus.
All right.
Awesome is at the mall.
We gotta talk about things.
- So I'll see you at home.
All right.
- Oh.
You okay, man? No.
It's Ellie.
God, Chuck, what am I gonna tell her about where I've been? I'm a terrible liar.
- Devon, is that you? - Remember, keep it simple.
Oh, thank God.
I was so worried.
- Yeah, babe.
I'm fine.
- Why didn't you call? Uh After I got off the overnight I decided I needed to clear my head.
So I went for a run in Griffith Park.
No cell phones there.
So I'm running and I just I heard something in a tree.
It was a cat.
A hurt cat.
I had to see if it needed medical attention.
Then I realized it's a bear.
- What? The cat is a bear? - The cat's a bear.
It's a bear and it jumps out at me and it attacks and it's like It's angry at me.
For some reason, this bear: Rawr! - My God.
You were attacked by a bear? - Yeah.
And I I cut off its head.
Yeah, babe.
I had to decapitate the bear in self-defense in order to survive.
I'm glad you weren't there to see it.
It was grisly.
Do you honestly expect me to believe this? - Because you two think I'm an idiot.
- No.
No, that is not what we think.
That's not what we think.
I think that it's time that we tell Ellie the truth.
Oh, God.
Thank God, Chuck.
The truth.
I'm terrible at this.
I'm a terrible liar, honey.
You know that.
Casey was arrested early this morning in Griffith Park.
He was drunk.
Super drunk, really blotto.
Cop's words, not mine.
He was in bad shape.
Wasn't he? Yeah.
Yeah, it was bad, hon.
He wet himself.
Also exposed himself.
Anyhow, Devon spent most of the day Pretty much all day at the station talking to a buddy on the force to get the charges dropped.
Oh, my God.
Really? - Really.
- Really.
Hey guys.
Let's go inside, Devon.
What? Nothing.
Jeff, you got a second? What's going on here, man? I notice everybody is a little beat up.
- The first rule of fight - Easy.
Our friend Morgan here is the assistant manager now.
Oh, guys, we've worked together for a long time.
You know, we're chums.
Whatever you say, Ass Man.
Don't you mean "Mr.
Ass Man"? I do not.
I can't believe The Ring thinks Awesome is a spy.
When do you think she's gonna call? What do you think she's gonna say? What do we do when she does call? Chuck, the important thing is Devon will be looking to you as his handler.
You need to remember what it felt like to be scared, new to this.
Like he'll ever forget that.
On this mission, Devon is you and you're her.
So be her, Chuck, huh? Well, maybe Sydney will never call.
Guys, it's me.
Are you in there? - She called.
- What's that? I found it on my front step.
From Sydney.
Gotta open it.
- She's gonna call in five minutes.
Come on.
What do you think is in there? It's okay.
Answer it.
Hello? From now on, I will speak to you through the earpiece included in the package.
You will speak to me through the watch we sent.
Put in the earpiece and put on the watch.
Par for the course.
Just do what she says.
Putting on the earpiece now.
Now we can track you on our own GPS network.
It's fine.
Standard operating procedure.
Be at the Crystal Towers downtown in one hour.
Come alone.
Oh, and, Devon, the earpiece is also an explosive device.
Remove it or deviate from my instructions in any way and I will detonate it ruining that lovely face of yours.
Well, that is not standard at all.
Chuck? - Chuck.
Can you hear me? - Yes.
Yes, buddy.
Yes, I'm right here.
You sure they can't hear me talking to you? They can hear you if you push the button on their watch.
An open bug would be far too easy to trace.
I labeled both watches so you don't get confused.
Soon as Sydney calls, Casey is gonna track the signal.
As soon as we've tracked her location, we bring her in, then you're done.
- This is gonna work, right, buddy? Remember if you freak out, he's gonna freak out.
This is absolutely gonna work.
Everything is fine.
I am very confident.
Devon, are you ready to begin? - Ready.
- Penthouse on the 12th floor.
Go there.
The building has extensive security.
It's nothing you can't handle.
We'll talk again once you're there.
She's close.
Wasn't on the line long enough to get an exact location.
- We need another call.
- Another call? No.
The guy has got an explosive stuck in his head.
Chuck, our target is Sydney.
We need to get her to save him.
You get her, I'll get Awesome to the 12th floor.
- Head inside the building and wait.
- Wait? Wait for what? Wait for me.
Good luck.
Chuck? - Chuck, where are you? I'm on my way, buddy.
Sir? Here to see someone in the building? Yeah.
Yeah, kind of.
I'm here to meet my friend.
Does this Chuck work here? He could work here.
- He might.
- It's okay, pal.
Take it easy.
I'm building security.
My name is Julius.
What's the problem? You can tell me.
I'm involved in something really messed up.
Been lying to my wife.
I'm lying to everybody.
- I can't take it anymore.
- Because of this Chuck guy? Yeah.
Yeah, Chuck.
I think I understand.
Look, pal, if you really love this Chuck, you have to tell your wife.
You can't live a lie.
Trust me, I've been there.
- That's not really what I mean.
- Sure, it isn't.
- Uhn! - Oh! Chuck! You killed Julius! What? Killed ? I never do this.
It's a tranq gun.
That's preposterous, killing someone.
Come on.
He's gonna be fine.
Come on.
So, what do you think is up there? Something pretty gnarly, huh? It's best not to speculate.
Nine times out of 10 Well, seven.
you get yourself all worked up over nothing.
See? Nothing to worry about.
You're not allowed up here.
Look out.
You're incredible.
Was that your spy training? "Duck Hunt.
" Nintendo.
Devon? - Yes, Sydney.
Good, you're alive.
Down the hall to your left is an unmarked door.
The lock opens via retina scan.
Cut out one of the guards' eyes and use it to open the door.
- What? - We gotta cut out one of these guys' eyes for the scan.
I took an oath.
I can't cut out a man's eye.
I got a better idea.
Jeez, this guy is heavy.
Well, bad guys don't count carbs, buddy.
Sarah, we have reached the 12th floor.
What is going on? This is a CIA facility.
Sarah, hello? Chuck? Hello? I lost him.
Tracked her.
She's She's right here.
That's her.
Let's go.
What the hell? Casey, Walker, stand down.
We have visual on Sydney.
Just walked past us.
She's heading inside the building.
I've just received new mission information.
Your new directive is to stand down.
Chuck has reached the 12th floor.
He says it's some CIA base.
If that's true, this is a setup.
That's exactly what this is.
Excellent work, Devon.
You're almost finished.
There's a man at the end of the hall.
Sydney says there's a man at the end of the hall.
Find him.
And kill him.
She wants us to find him and kill him.
Nobody is gonna kill anybody.
Okay? Just calm down and stay close.
Excuse me, sir? Excuse me.
I know this is a little awkward, but don't move.
- But also don't be afraid.
My name is Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski.
I know.
How ? How do you know that? I know things.
Lots of things.
About you.
About them.
What do you know about The Ring? Why do they need Devon? They already have everything.
As simple as that.
Sydney will be here any minute.
Gotta do this.
You know she wants me to kill you, right? I'm not gonna do that.
- We do need a plan.
- I've got one.
You're gonna kill me, Chuck.
What? No.
No, no, no.
I don't kill people.
Okay? I have rules against such things.
- Shoot me.
Try to be precise.
- You listening to anything I'm saying? I don't kill people.
Don't shoot them.
Maybe a tranq gun.
I'll tranq anybody.
But a "gun" gun? I hate "gun" guns.
If you don't kill me now, you and Devon are as good as dead.
- Well, I'm not gonna do it.
- Chuck.
I have to die.
The Ring knows too much.
There's no other way.
So just do it.
Shoot me.
God, I I can't do I can't do it.
Afterward, put the gun in Devon's hands and hide.
When she leaves, open this.
Truth is I hate guns too.
Who are you? Chuck.
- Huh? What? What ? No.
I didn't No, that's not me.
I didn't shoot him! I swear! He's dead.
Chuck, this is not a tranq gun.
Listen to me.
Remember, you shot him.
Take off the watch.
Well done.
Cute and talented.
What a catch.
Lose the body.
Keep the phone.
We'll be in touch.
Welcome to The Ring, Devon.
Chuck, what the hell is going on right now? Okay.
"Med kit in desk.
The pill was amiodarone.
Save me"? Amiodarone.
Amiodarone stops your heart.
Only momentarily, though.
If it's a clean shot I think I can save him.
To answer your question, my name is Shaw.
I would like to introduce you all to CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw.
For the last five years, he's worked on taking out The Ring.
Agent Shaw has total command authority on any mission to do with The Ring.
Really? This guy? I have back issues of Guns & Ammo older than he is.
Be that as it may, you should know that I have been fully briefed on the Intersect.
That's right.
I know everything.
Thank you, general.
I can take it from here.
Colonel, Walker, Chuck.
You're in good hands.
Good luck.
Here's an overview of Ring intel.
But Sydney is still out there.
My brother-in-law is still in danger.
Not for long.
The Ring operates through a network of decentralized cells.
We catch Sydney, there's a chance we can contain Devon's identity.
He's a bona fide mole in their operation.
In order to save him, we have to use him.
What? No.
No way.
I've already been over this.
Devon is out of the spy business.
For good.
As long as Sydney is alive - Devon is a marked man.
- She's right.
Casey, Sarah, please.
Explain the risks to him.
Risks are greater for Devon if we don't use him.
Sydney would sooner kill him than let him go.
Well, I don't care.
He's not a spy.
Well, Chuck, I guess the question is, do you have a better plan? Okay, where in the hell is everyone? What is that? Go! Get him! Get him! Let's go! Yeah! There you go! There you go! Come on! Kill him! Come on! Take that! Fight club.
Of course.
Of course.
No, no, no.
We cannot have this, guys.
Come on.
There's insurance issues.
Who's next? - Who wants to regain their manhood? - Lester, come on.
We can't have this anymore.
You have to cut this out.
It'll be okay.
Like talking to a wall.
I'm liking that.
Come on.
Come on.
A little help, please.
No! No! Let me out of here! Let me out of here! Don't Dude, don't Do not hook that up.
- I'm trying to help them.
Don't do it please.
No, no.
Hey, listen to me.
Back to work.
All right? Fight club is over.
Over? Nothing is over until we say it's over.
You may have shut this down, but you will never shut us down Ass Man.
Are you all gonna? Nice.
Okay, at least unplug the battery.
What's up? Everything okay? Please don't say another mission.
I can't take this anymore.
I'm freaking out.
Don't worry.
No more missions.
I'm sorry I put you through this.
I promised I'd take care of it.
Give me the phone.
Chuck, are you in there? - Oh.
There you are.
I've been looking all over.
Can I talk to you for a second? Because I'm in a crisis.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So am I.
Yeah, you are.
My man is still working.
An assistant manager's dream.
On to my nightmare.
Lester turned the cage into a fight club and attached a battery to the fence so he can shock people.
You smell that? That's burnt human hair, dude.
Told them to stop.
No one would listen.
No one will listen to anything I have to say.
My job is on the line here.
Well, it sounds like you need a plan, buddy.
That's exactly what I need, dude.
I was thinking I was You know, I probably need a plan here.
But what plan, you know? You know, sometimes what I like to do is open up a problem, really examine it to find its weak points and then not be afraid to just attack it head-on.
That's some powerful stuff.
I think that will work.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, buddy.
How did you open this channel? Who is this? I'm the spy who killed Agent Shaw.
This is not Devon Woodcomb.
You've been dealing with the wrong man.
Devon was a decoy.
I'm the one that put that bullet through Agent Shaw's chest last night.
I'm the spy that you're looking for.
And I am in charge of this mission now.
Hey, Sarah.
It's Chuck.
Don't be mad.
I may or may not have called Sydney on the Ring phone so she would track me here.
It's a trap.
My trap.
You told Sydney to go to the Buy More? My God.
It worked.
They're here.
Grab Casey and get up here so we can take them out.
Chuck, what are you? Crazy? Not very smart, Chuck.
This is not how I do business.
You start things on your own, you better be prepared to finish them.
On your own.
Good luck.
He hung up on me.
Without us he doesn't have a chance.
He's gonna panic, then he's not gonna perform properly.
Happens to lots of guys.
Or so I hear.
Besides, I'm kind of curious about what his plan is.
This isn't part of the plan.
Oh, this is very, very bad.
Hello, Sydney.
Welcome to the Burbank Buy More.
Please proceed directly to the Home Theater room.
Find him.
I would suggest the best way to the Home Theater room is through the MP3/gaming aisle.
But beware.
You break, you buy it.
Hello, sir.
The store's closed at the moment.
If you wanna come back in the morning, we'll be open around 10:00.
You're signing his death warrant.
Ye of little faith.
This is crazy.
I am going out.
So am I.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you two to stand down.
Don't like guns much, but when necessary I will use them.
Finally, we meet.
In an electronics store.
Which is different.
No matter.
When we last chatted, you mentioned a certain Agent Shaw.
That's right.
I'm the one who ended Shaw's life not Devon Woodcomb.
He was just a patsy.
You took out Shaw? Mr.
Buy More.
In a nutshell.
That's kind of what happened.
Well, then, if that's true you won't have any problem with Glen and Ian here.
Glen and Ian? Sure.
Well, you should know, Glen and Ian, Ian and Glen that if you take one more step, I will drop you.
Come on flash.
Okay, now I'm angry.
I'm angry and in a great deal of pain.
Get him.
- That was his plan.
- I'm going in.
Shoot me if you have to.
Hey! You're fast.
There's something else you should know about me.
I love guns.
Good boy.
I got these guys.
Check the cage.
Stop! Do not move! Or what? Hmm? Please, just do what I say.
Spies don't say please.
Now, Devon, he would have a bullet between my eyes by now.
All right.
Your choice.
Live or die.
That's better.
What are you doing? Do not do that! Do not do that.
It's just the phone.
You do want it, don't you? Or if you can't think of a use for it, I'm sure I can.
I can make a phone call and have 50 operatives here.
Don't make me shoot you.
I don't think you can.
Chuck! Like I said, I hate guns.
But it pays to know how to use one.
I suppose congratulations are in order.
Devon's identity has been contained.
- We got lucky this time, Shaw.
And risked my family doing it.
There's something you need to know.
There's nothing that I care about more than my friends and my family.
I don't expect you to understand.
Being the spy that you are, you don't care about anybody.
Families and friends make us vulnerable.
Make us unable to pull the trigger.
And that puts everyone in even greater danger.
Just ask your partner here.
She'll tell you the same thing.
Sometimes it helps to know that you've got something to lose.
Come out and play.
Come out and play.
Get over here.
You have got to get your house in order, son.
I know.
I know I do.
I don't get it.
I thought we were all friends here.
You ain't.
First rule of Big Mike management: You can't be afraid to pull the trigger.
Pull the trigger.
You know, a wise man once told me that you need to assess a problem then attack it head-on.
You are a problem.
Your behavior will no longer be tolerated.
So here are the first, second and third rules of the Buy More: Do what you're told, do it with respect or Or what? Hmm? You'll fight me? - I'll fire you.
- You don't have the cojones.
You're fired.
Pack up your hard drives.
The rest of you, back to work.
Morgan Morgan, Morgan, Morgan.
Come on, man.
Okay, look, hey.
We were just having a little fun.
- Okay? I take it back.
- Goodbye, Lester.
Dude, don't do this.
Okay, you know I need this job.
I gotta get out of my mom's place.
For God's sakes, man, I got nowhere else to go.
Yeah, okay.
You're re-hired.
- But you're on probation.
- Okay.
- Double secret.
- Double secret? Strong, Morgan.
Real strong.
Was that ? Bigger dog.
Medium-sized dog.
Bigger? Hey, Chuck, you got that, dude? I'm woking and rolling over here.
- Hi ho, neighbors.
- Yeah.
Hey, guys.
Welcome to our-formerly-your home.
Hope everybody is hungry.
I made my Teriyaki Surprise.
Surprise is the teriyaki.
- I think I've had enough surprises lately.
- Oh, Devon, stop it.
I'm sure we'll love it, Morgan.
Mostly sure.
Hey, buddy.
That thing that we were dealing with? It's been taken care of.
We caught her.
Everything is gonna be just fine.
There it is.
That's enough now.
What am I? Chopped scallions over here? No love for Buy More's new assistant manager or? What? That's great.
Assistant manager? Congratulations, buddy.
Honey, you're hurting him.
Put him down.
I hope you don't mind.
I invited Sarah as well.
Oh, really? I'll get the door.
- Oh, Casey too.
- What? - Hi, Ellie.
- Hi, Sarah.
Good to see you.
- Casey.
You've had enough of that.
- What's with her? - No idea.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Wouldn't have been the same without you.
- I'm really glad you made it.
- Me too.
Hey, it looks good, Morgan.
- Yeah.
You really worked hard, I can tell.