Chuck s03e10 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Tic Tac

Hi, I'm Chuck.
Here are things you need to know: The Ring used me as a decoy.
You said I was safe, bro.
- We need to get away.
- Where? Doctors Without Borders.
- I'm a spy, buddy.
- My best friend is a spy? That's the best news I've ever heard.
Lieutenant Alexander Coburn.
Thank you for your service.
You have not qualified for training with Special Operations Command.
You're returning home with your unit at 0800 tomorrow.
Tic Tac? I'm sorry, colonel? I know it's silly, but they remind me of home.
Go ahead and keep them.
I have a feeling you're gonna be out here a while.
How would you feel if I told you that there was a covert black-ops team of America's finest snipers, rangers, and men willing to do anything to protect this country and that team wanted you? I'd say that sounds like a dream come true.
Then I'd say you have quite a choice to make.
You either go home to your family or you become the soldier you've always dreamed you could be.
So tell me, Lieutenant Coburn you ready to die today? I'm glad you took my call.
General Beckman is gonna give you and your team a trace-cell mission to test the ClA's security system.
I need you to pick something up for me while you're there.
I know you'll make the right decision.
You always do.
NSA Agent John Casey in his apartment, speaking to an elderly gentleman.
And I detect a hint of Midwestern with I hear footsteps.
Coming up from behind me.
Closer, closer now.
Whoever finds this video, I want you to It's just you, Chuck.
I thought you were KGB.
Maybe even a ninja.
Although in that case, your footsteps would've been quieter.
- Probably.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing? - Oh, spy work.
I think Casey's getting a mission.
Lf Casey was getting a mission, I'd know because I'd be getting a mission.
And you're being kept out of the loop for a reason.
- Spy work is dangerous, buddy.
- I Pleasure working with you again, old friend.
Working on what? Good morning, team.
Your task this week is a trace-cell mission.
- Excuse me, a trace cell? - It means spy-proofing our security.
The ClA's most valuable assets are held in a vault at our Los Angeles facility.
You'll need to break through 15 levels of security to get there.
- Will Shaw be joining us? - No, Shaw's in D.
Agent Walker, you'll need to catch a later flight to meet him.
You have your orders.
Good luck.
This is just great.
So now you're gonna go meet Shaw in D.
Does everyone have a secret mission within a mission? It's not a mission, Chuck.
This time, it's personal.
Oh, right, right, of course.
Well, that would make sense why I was kept out of that loop.
My work is here, Chuck, so please stay focused.
We are up against the best security in the world tonight.
Our own.
That's the door to Level 2.
- A hallway.
Well, seems easy enough.
- Oh.
- Here's where you flash.
Just relax.
You've got time, nobody's banging down the door.
Mission accomplished.
Pace yourself, Chuck, we've got 14 more levels.
That was manageable.
Walker, watch the door.
Hey, shouldn't we stick together? No, always gotta have somebody watch your back.
I got yours.
The box we need's around here.
There, there, there.
Did you just take something out of that box? No.
I literally just watched you close it.
Hey, hey, look, if you're working on some secret side mission, tell me, okay? You breathe a word to anyone, you're as good as a dead man.
You understand? Is everything okay? Yeah.
- Chuck.
- Hey.
I need you to do me a solid.
Help Ellie commit to Doctors Without Borders.
- What? I thought that she did.
- Yeah, well, so did I.
I think it hit her today that it meant leaving L.
and you.
She's gonna come to you, and I need you to back me up on this.
- That's probably her now.
- Okay.
- Is Devon here? - Hi.
Chuck I got it.
You got it.
What is it? What is this? Ellie Ellie, this is amazing.
Oh, my God.
Neurology fellowship at USC.
- You've wanted this since middle school.
- I know, I know.
But what do I do? Doctors Without Borders is the only thing Devon has been excited about in weeks.
Excuse me.
Yeah, well, you know, sometimes your dream job isn't always what you expect it to be.
Unfortunately, your mission at the CIA facility was a day too late.
The vault had already been compromised, and a drug called Laudanol was stolen.
Scientists were able to create a prototype pill that could suppress emotions in soldiers make them stronger, faster, fearless.
Wait a minute.
No fear? Could that help me flash? Well, maybe, but then you wouldn't feel anything, Chuck.
- Right, but I could work perfectly.
- We'll never know unless we get it back.
We think this might have been an inside job.
Only a handful of our people knew the Laudanol was being kept in Box 092407.
Yes, I get it now.
You're good.
You are good, general.
You guys, you are good, very good.
- This is a test, right? - Bartowski.
First was the solo mission, then turning an asset, now this time it's: "Chuck, will you betray your country or will you turn in your friend and partner, Casey, for stealing the pill?" I'll play ball, okay? Guilty.
He did it.
Are you positive you saw Colonel Casey take the pill, Mr.
Bartowski? Yeah.
No, I would actually not use the word "positive.
" It was very poorly lit in that.
I'm wrong half the time, so.
Colonel Casey, would you care to respond? Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second.
Let's just all take a breath here, okay? John Casey is one of the most loyal spies out there.
He would never do anything to jeopardize the CIA.
Casey, tell them.
With all due respect, general I will exercise my right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment.
What? What are you doing? Agent Walker, please relieve the colonel of his weapon.
John, you wanna tell me what's going on? "Leopard Ted" would be better as an expansion pack.
I need your help.
Yes, I set the DVR to record the Mork and Mindy marathon.
This is not that.
This is the spy related, okay? Did you happen to record Casey's conversation last night? That would depend.
No, don't worry, don't worry.
You're not in trouble.
- I actually need your help.
- Oh, sweet, I knew you'd come around.
Yeah, sure, absolutely.
What do you need, audio or video? Whatever.
Twenty one hundred and forty-three p.
There's a chill in the air and a hint of vanilla.
A man enters Casey's apartment.
- Is that static? - Carrots, actually.
Well, I'm sorry, I get hungry on a stakeout.
- Holy crap.
- What is it, Chuck? I want in.
Morgan, trust me, in this case, the fewer details you know, the better.
Call me if you need me.
Hey, show some respect.
This guy was one of the best we had.
Sorry, ma'am.
Still no sign of the Laudanol.
I just flashed.
Casey is being played.
His old commanding officer is named James Keller, high up in Special Ops.
He's the guy who turned Casey's former sensei because he's a member of The Ring.
- What? - Casey doesn't know anything.
- We gotta tell him who Keller really is.
- We can't.
Casey committed treason, and he's still refusing to talk.
They're moving him to Thailand, outside of U.
torture jurisdictions.
- When? - Tomorrow morning.
Okay, we gotta break him out before then and clear his name.
Lf we do this and get caught, we're gonna be tried for treason.
You're gonna lose everything and never get a chance to be a real spy.
Is that what you want? It's Casey.
I was hoping you'd say that.
You're okay missing your flight to D.
? Yeah, Shaw can wait, Casey can't.
He's in the holding cell on Level 15.
We have to break through the security we spy-proofed.
It's only been 24 hours.
I'd be surprised if they'd fixed anything.
All right, then.
Time to save the day.
- Chuck? Are you okay? - Well, that wasn't there before.
Alert the general.
We've captured two infiltrators.
I see you've encountered my new security measures.
- Well done.
Well done.
- Yeah, really, excellent work.
You deserve a medal for adjusting all of these security measures so quickly.
Yes, General Beckman, the spy-proofing is excellent.
Who to thank? Fitzroy.
Stanley Fitzroy.
It means "son of the king.
" Did you get that, general? Fitzroy? "Son of the king.
" She knew that as well.
That's incredible.
Okay, great.
My name is Charles Carmichael, and this is my partner, Sarah Walker.
We're secure.
Please forgive the intrusion and condescending tone.
I wasn't informed that you two were coming but, then, that must have been the point.
Do you like what I did on Level 1? - Very impressive.
Very, very.
In fact, I think we'd both love to see what you've done with Level 15.
Well, let me show you.
I'll give you the tour.
I thought you'd be happy for me.
Babe, I am, but if we do Doctors Without Borders, we can save lives.
We can save lives here in L.
, next to my brother.
I talked to Chuck.
He thought it was great.
Really? I find that hard to believe.
I told him about USC and he was happy.
Well, then I guess we'll go talk to Chuck.
- Good to see you too.
- Third opinion never hurts.
- I agreed to do Doctors Without Borders.
- Ellie agreed to this.
She said, "I'm in.
" - I found out about my fellowship - Doctors Without Borders - is every doctor's dream job.
- Which is my dream job.
Devon, it appears to me that you're being completely selfish.
Morgan, sidebar, now.
Just a sec, babe.
- You can't tell Ellie to stay here.
- Why? Lf you had all the information I had, you'd know it's not safe for her here.
Lf you had the intel I have you'd know that it is in fact the safest place for her to be.
What exactly do you mean by that? Nothing.
Chuck's here.
He'd look after her.
Yes, but Chuck's job can sometimes be more demanding than most would expect.
Indeed, sir, indeed.
Sure, Nerd Herding does often call for more than just computer installs.
- Do you know? Do I know what? - Do you know? What do you think I know? - I don't think you know what you think.
- On three, we both say what we know.
- Okay.
- One, two, three.
- Chuck's a My God, you know.
- Chuck's a My God, you know.
- When did you find out? - A while, bro.
- Man, it is so cool, huh? - Yeah, it's awesome.
But every time I go on a mission, I put Ellie in danger.
I can't have that.
Man, I didn't think about that.
- Wait, you went on missions? - You haven't? What? Of course.
Dude, are you kid? I just never saw you out there.
I've been thinking, kids in L.
, they don't need your help with their fancy designer jeans and Lady Gaga sunglasses.
I say far, far away is where a doctor could do the most good.
You should go and do Doctors Without Borders, right? So that was 14, and here's Level 15.
Glad you're pleased with my new security measures.
- You know, I'm kind of your biggest fan.
- Really? Yeah, yeah, I read and file all of your mission reports.
Remember you reverse-engineered an antidote to that weapon and kissed Casey only to realize it was all for naught? That must have been exciting and scary at the same time, huh? Can we skip the details for now? We'll get into that later.
Right now, I'm really interested in how you've secured this holding cell.
I'm the newest security measure.
I have the only key card in the whole building.
This card is the only thing that stands between the bad guys and the holding cell.
- We're gonna need that key card.
- But it.
Oh, no.
I'll swallow the key card if I have to.
Well, that's weird.
We're still out here.
- How is the alarm going off? - Somebody's coming.
- We don't have time for this.
- Time for what? Ooh! - Was that absolutely necessary? - Yes.
Look, Casey.
I really hope that wasn't me.
Don't take another step.
We just want the colonel.
Casey, you don't understand.
Keller is not who you think he is.
He's part of the Ring.
Let's go, John.
I know.
Can't believe Casey's a member.
What are we supposed to do? We gotta get out of here first.
Worry about finding the Ring later.
When three of my agents are arrested for treason in 24 hours it reflects poorly on me.
- Look, general, Casey You don't know John Casey.
Not the way you think.
His real name is Alex Coburn.
We've unsealed his file.
This is what we learned.
Alex Coburn faked his death in Honduras in 1989 the same day that John Casey was recruited for NSA Black Ops by a Colonel James Keller.
Keller recruited him again, this time for The Ring.
And it's crucial the Laudanol doesn't fall into their hands.
The only reason you're not in prison is I have a mission only you can accomplish.
Find and capture Colonel John Casey, dead or alive.
Whoa! Shh! Don't say a word.
- Casey? - Yeah.
Oh, I get it, I get it.
This is some kind of mission, isn't it? Yeah.
How would you like to be a part of a very important, very secret mission? Yeah, yeah.
Can I get a cool call name like Condor or Lady Fingers? Yeah.
Three years.
Three years of missions, training, I'm his friend.
- How can all of that have been a lie? I don't know.
Some people change.
You move forward as a spy and the line between what's right and wrong becomes more gray.
You don't know what to believe in or who to believe in.
I thought you had changed.
What do you mean? Look, I know that you wanna be the perfect spy and I know what it means to you and what you've sacrificed to get there.
But please don't lose that guy that I met three years ago.
Don't give up on the things that make you great.
I'll always be that guy.
- Sarah, I - We should focus on the Laudanol.
So the only reason that Keller would go to all that trouble to break Casey out would be if he didn't have it.
We get to it before Casey, we got a shot at catching him.
There's nothing left in the apartment.
- What about Buy More? - No, Casey's smarter.
He knows he would never get past those cameras undetected.
He would have to use somebody.
And that someone would have to be either desperate, stupid or just plain willing to do anything to impress him.
Planet of the Apes, huh? Planning on watching that alone? Yeah, well, you know me, I can't get enough POTA.
You hated the original because their upper lips never moved.
I just.
Yeah, I know, it's just so unrealistic.
Did Casey ask you to come here and get something? - No.
What? - Really? Really, is that so? And could that something be in the case that you're holding now? That is absurd.
Now you're just making stuff up.
Now you're just trying to.
Listen, this is my first mission.
I don't wanna screw it.
Now, Casey, he told me that I can't tell you anything, and I won't.
I am a rock.
Lf you give me that case now, I promise that later I will answer all questions that you have about any of my missions.
- In sordid detail? - Promise.
You're making the right choice, okay? You're making the right choice.
Sarah, I got it.
Where's Grimes? You convinced the little rodent to give you the case, didn't you? I knew he was weak.
Tell me where it is now.
Don't make me do this, Bartowski.
- Don't shoot.
- Give me the case and I won't have to.
I believed in you.
I trusted you.
- Chuck.
I know everything, Casey.
I know everything, okay? I know that you used to be Alex Coburn.
I know that you work for James Keller, that you stole the Laudanol for The Ring.
The only thing I don't know is why.
Alex Coburn.
I had a fiancée, and now she thinks I'm dead.
And if I don't turn over the Laudanol to The Ring, they're gonna kill her.
Her name's Kathleen McHugh.
Twenty years ago, she was the girl I was gonna marry, the love of my life.
To be a spy, to protect our country, I had to give up that life.
She's gonna die because of a decision I made.
No, we're not gonna let that happen.
Lf I don't deliver the Laudanol in the next hour, they're gonna kill her.
- What are we waiting for? - Lf I don't show - Keller will know something's wrong.
- Chuck will go to Kathleen's.
Sarah's right, I'll go.
Give me the address.
I'll sneak her out, put her in a safe house.
I will protect her, Casey, I promise.
You could be charged with treason.
You didn't know I was Alex Coburn.
I don't care who you were.
I know who you are.
And you're not in this alone.
Keller still expects you at the meet.
What are we gonna do? Let's go to a meeting.
I'm alone, I'm unarmed.
All I've got is this here Cuban.
- You mind? - Smoke it.
- Hi.
Miss McHugh? - Yes, may I help you? I'm with the gas company.
I was just checking your meter here out back and I do detect a gas leak, sorry to tell you.
So I need you to leave with me.
Come on.
- Back inside the house.
- But I thought you said Well, ignore everything I said previously.
The leak is outside the house.
- What? - Trust me, it's my job to smell these.
Been doing it for years.
The whole cul-de-sac could blow.
So I need you back inside.
Back inside now.
Inside, inside.
Okay, this is This is getting kind of weird.
- Who are you really? - I'm sorry.
I promise I'm not crazy.
- This is for your own good.
- Huh? Hey! Hey, let me out of here! Hello, Alex.
You got the Laudanol? I knew I could count on you.
Good soldiers always follow orders.
You wouldn't be in this mess if you'd done what I told you You were supposed to let go of her stop caring.
Tic Tac? What the hell is this? Your breath stinks.
You think you're just gonna walk out of here? I got five men outside.
The one thing I always taught you: Make sure you have someone watch your back.
I know.
Five against one.
You didn't think this through.
You can't kill me or Kathleen will die.
- You'd never call them off.
- You're right.
They're at the house.
Gas company, Miss McHugh.
I'm the gas company.
Guys, how far out are you? Five minutes.
Anything immediate, handle yourself.
- Everything is immediate.
- Then you have to flash.
I can't.
There's too many of them.
- Take the pill, Chuck.
- What pill? - You gave him the pill? It's in your pocket.
Laudanol was developed to calm emotions, eliminate fear.
Chuck, it can make you the Intersect you were always supposed to be.
Gas company, Miss McHugh.
Open up.
I just checked the meter.
Everything's fine.
Hey! Hey, come on, now! Open this door! Oh, thank you so much, I Hey, wait a second.
What the? What ? Who are you? You're not from the gas company.
I'm not afraid of any of you.
Chuck, stop.
Do I know you? Kath, I'm sorry, I can't come home sooner.
I got one more mission.
- I'm gonna really be able to help people.
- You don't have to explain.
You love what you do and you're good at it.
I just want you to know, if something happens to me no matter what, I love you You're never one to get emotional, so don't let your guard down now.
That way you can get back to me in one piece.
Got it? Yes, ma'am.
And when you do come back, I've got some news Tonight at 2200, Lieutenant Alex Coburn will be killed in battle.
He'll die a hero and will be given a hero's funeral.
From this point on, your name is John Casey.
Make it a good life, soldier.
The authorities just arrived, Miss McHugh.
What's with the police cars outside? It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll be all right.
I'm okay.
Casey, wait.
- You can't just - What's dead is dead.
It's too late now.
It's okay, honey.
Despite the success of the mission, Colonel Casey you abused your privileged position, and if you were anyone else you would be right back in jail.
But you are not just anyone and I'm about to give you your second second chance which is two more than most people get.
- Thank you, general.
- A second chance as a civilian.
But, general, Casey has given his entire life to this country.
I mean, surely you can't just make him start over.
He's done it once before.
He shouldn't have a problem doing it again.
For the final time you are dismissed.
Good luck, John.
Bartowski please escort Mr.
Casey off government property.
I want to commend you, Agent Walker, for your work with the Intersect.
He seems to need you less and less.
Yes, Chuck has certainly changed and he's well on his way to becoming the perfect spy.
A while back, you requested a transfer out of Burbank, and I haven't forgotten.
There's an empty seat on my flight back to D.
if you'd still like to go.
We could discuss it on the way.
I leave in an hour if you'd like to join me, Agent Walker.
Thank you.
- Hey, stranger.
- I'm sorry, you are? Your brother, who you never see.
How are you? You okay? You look exhausted.
I am, it's this It's this Doctors Without Borders thing.
I think Devon really wants to do it, and I did too.
So I think I'm gonna do it, Chuck.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
USC Neurology, that's kind of been your dream ever since you were a kid, El.
I know.
I know.
But dreams change.
And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that I wanna be with Devon.
That might require some sacrifice from both of us but he's the best choice I ever made.
There you are, El.
- Can I steal you away? - Yeah.
Love you.
Babe, I realized that I didn't congratulate you on getting the fellowship, and that was only my first mistake.
But I should have talked to you first.
Lf this is important to you, then it is important to me.
I'm sorry I lost sight of that.
Babe, take the job.
We'll make it work.
Hmm? Together.
See? This space can work.
It'll be great for civilian life.
I mean, take a look around.
You got a.
Got a nice chair.
You know, you can still go back.
The general made the terms of my dismissal crystal clear.
I was talking about Kathleen.
She lives right around here, man.
And you got a daughter, Casey.
And I made my decision between love and love of country a long time ago.
And it was the right decision for me.
Now you have to make a decision whether that's the right one for you.
Walker's a good woman.
It's still not too late.
's beautiful this time of year.
- You from this area? - No.
But I'm thinking of moving here.