Chuck s03e17 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Living Dead

I'm Chuck.
Here's a few things you might need to know: Your dreams are also proof of stress the Intersect puts on your brain likely leading to serious mental deterioration.
- Shaw, you're not bleeding anymore.
- That's right, Chuck, I'm not.
- What does that mean? - It means I'm still alive.
- Shaw! - You work for the CIA? This is about your father.
There are bad people looking for him.
Including John Casey.
Last time he left, he made sure I had a way to contact him.
Hello? - Justin.
Ellie, hey.
- Hey.
I contacted my dad.
- Can we meet? Yeah.
Same place as last time.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Hey, Morgan.
Hey, buddy.
Listen, I had another dream last night.
It was about Shaw.
No, I haven't told Sarah yet.
I realize that honesty is important in a relationship.
Who do you think I am? Listen, just meet me at the Buy More in, like, 10 or 15, okay? - Whose relationship are you talking about? - Huh? Uh.
Yeah, Morgan and Anna.
The past.
He's been really tore up about her lately.
- Oh, I thought he rejected her recently.
- He did.
He did.
He did.
But the heart is a very It's A heart is a very complicated muscle, so.
Have I told you how beautiful you look? I mean, just, aah! Really.
And you smellfantastic too.
Oh, hey.
Maybe that was just the Pop-Tart.
I gotta go.
Wait, wait.
You dreamt Shaw was alive? Chuck, you saw him die, though.
You checked for a pulse, right? - He fell into a river.
- He fell into a river? Of course Shaw's alive.
Ever seen a John Carpenter movie? Are you gonna help me? I can't tell Sarah until I'm sure.
- Because she has - History with the man.
I'm aware.
Chuck, if he's alive, then he knows everything about her.
He knows everything about you.
Everything about me.
Where I work.
Where I live.
Where I eat.
- Shower.
- Hey, buddy.
Hey, yo, Morgan.
This is why we, we're gonna find him and figure out what he's up to, okay? I need to take care of a few things.
Remember, this is between you and I.
Stay between me and you.
No problem.
Do me a favor before you go.
Key me into Castle.
I left something down there.
If you're afraid of Shaw, I'll let you down there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You are a lifesaver, sir, literally.
Yeah, good.
Okay, fine.
- Just don't touch anything.
- Okay.
Good, good, good.
Oh, baby, come on.
- What? Oh.
What are you doing here? Is Chuck up to something? I don't know.
You tell me.
You'd know better than I would, heh, heh.
Have you seen, uh, where they keep the bulletproof pants? You know, Morgan, you and I, we, uh We never talk, really.
Talking's a bit overrated.
Plus, we don't have a lot in common.
Although I'd like to get to know you better - Sit.
- Okay.
You're gonna tell me exactly what's going on, and you're gonna do it right now.
Reviewing pictures of people you killed? I do that from time to time.
Chuck, we got a problem, bro.
Sarah knows about Shaw.
Yeah, yeah, I broke, man, okay? Your lady's really intimidating.
I tried to make eye contact, but she just kept pulling me in with this gaze.
Morgan, how could you possi? What is ? What? - Is that a bulletproof vest? - Is that a bulletproof tie? - I don't What? - Give me a br That's my dad.
- Why is my dad here? What's the problem? He thinks I quit the CIA.
He does not know that I downloaded the Intersect 2.
Wait, wait, wait.
You didn't tell him? He spent so much time getting the thing out of my head.
Why would I tell him that? Mush, mush, mush.
Hey, Dad.
How are you? What, uh ? What are you doing here? Your sister contacted me.
I wanted to check with you and make sure everything was okay.
Is that? - Is that John Casey? - That is John Casey.
Of course.
- Yeah.
You know that he works here.
- Why? He's an NSA agent and if the Intersect project was disbanded, why would he? - Shaw? - Sarah, you remember my father.
Oh, hi, Mr.
It's great to see you.
Why is your handler here? Handler.
Oh, you've been out of the loop, so I can't expect you to know this.
Sarah and I are boyfriend and girlfriend now.
- Hi, sweetie.
Tell me that you're not in the CIA anymore.
Tell me that you quit.
Dad, the Intersect is out of my head.
I've moved on.
I can assure you We can assure you that I'm no longer a spy.
You know me.
I wouldn't lie.
This is incredible.
From the outside, it looks like a regular office building.
Well, that's the point.
We're the CIA.
Nothing's what it seems.
- Right this way.
- Okay.
- So you were able to contact your dad? - You could say that.
He's, uh.
He's a little neurotic.
A coded message in the Classified section is his way of getting in touch with me.
So once he tells you where he lives, we'll be able to protect him.
And you can tell him everything.
What about John Casey? If he's a double agent He's been in your building for three years, observing.
There's no reason to think that'll change now.
But this may put your mind at ease.
That's a speaker.
I don't understand.
Like I said, nothing's what it seems.
It's not really a speaker.
It'll protect you.
It'll block all of Agent Casey's audio and visual reads on the courtyard.
And, Ellie, if you ever feel nervous, even for a second, just call me.
You know you can trust me, right? I do.
You should tell your dad the truth.
Be honest with the people you love.
And that goes for me too.
I know, Sarah.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you about Shaw.
It was a dream.
I wanted to be sure before I worried you.
If you dreamt Shaw was alive, you dreamt it for a reason.
The doctor said you're healthy and that your dreams could be as accurate as your flashes, right? Uh, yeah, yeah, that's right.
Let's hope so.
I'm not letting you go to Beckman till we know.
I ran a scan on all of Shaw's known aliases.
No activity since Paris.
I think our best shot at finding him is Walker.
- Why? - Why? She has an intimate knowledge of the target.
I think "intimate" is a bit of a stretch.
Walker goes through all the places she went with Shaw all the things they did maybe you'll flash on something that'll lead us to him.
- Would you be okay with that, Chuck? - Of course.
Of course.
Why wouldn't I be? So, what exactly did you and Shaw do when you were in D.
? Casey, heh, they were in and out of meetings all day, every day.
I mean, the trip was purely spy-related.
All business.
No pleasure.
Walker, I have here a receipt from a restaurant named Le Jardin.
Two chef's tasting menus, couple of iced bottles of Pinot.
Doesn't sound like business to me.
After our couple's massage, he took me to Tiffany's.
Did he buy you anything? - Everybody knows that you go to Tiffany's to browse, not buy.
Are those new earrings, Agent Walker? Okay, so March 22nd, you and Shaw were off-grid the whole day.
What exactly were you doing? Objection.
Relevance? What was so compelling that you didn't check in? We spent the day in his loft downtown, okay? At the Hoff Building.
- Was it the penthouse? - Yes.
Did you flash? Shaw ordered the CIA to construct a TR-15 safe in his penthouse.
Whatever he's hiding there could lead us to him.
Looks like we're gonna get to see Shaw's bachelor pad.
Although for some of us, it won't be the first time.
Love hurts, love scars.
Love wounds and mars.
Any heart not tough - Hey.
Excuse me.
- Yes? Please stop.
Awkward and cruel, but not incorrect.
You're not playing from your soul.
You're soulless in Seattle.
Quite a wad of cash you hustled on Buy More property.
This is our dream.
We're on break.
You can't touch us.
I don't wanna touch you.
I wanna help you.
In case you forgot, I know a thing or two about management.
You're too good to be playing outside a chain electronics store.
If I was your manager, you might be playing inside a store.
We've already played the Buy More.
We don't need you.
- I'm listening.
- What? Having a manager means having respect.
How many times do I have to tell you? Art: good.
Commercialism: Bad, evil, weird, chubby.
You know what? I'm tired of it.
You want his empty words and his razzmatazz wordplay, you take it.
You take it and you go solo and you see how that works out for you.
Just try and stop me from walking away.
Just try and stop me.
You just try.
Try and stop me You're not gonna even? You know what? Fine.
But I'm gonna take something with me that you can never have back: The "ster.
" As in "Jeffster.
" Take the.
Dad? What is going on? How did you get in here? - Ellie.
- Hi.
Dad, I told you that I wanted to come to you.
You shouldn't have - What are you doing here? - Why do my children always ask me that? You're my daughter.
Of course I'm gonna come to you.
- Yeah, but - And this is safer, okay? - I thought you'd be happy.
- I am.
I'm happy.
I'm happy.
I'm just I'm surprised.
In a good way.
- Good.
- Ha, ha.
Shaw was a part of our team.
He knows everything: Our weaknesses, including this place.
- I'm worried he's gonna come after Ellie.
- We don't know what he wants.
Which is why I need your help.
I need you to look after her, make sure she's okay.
Until we know what Shaw wants, Ellie Bartowski has a second shadow.
No, you were 5 and you refused to get out of the car for school unless you were wearing the Hawkman costume that Ellie made.
It's true.
I think I still have that Thanagarian helmet, actually.
Dad, how do you even remember that? I You know, I remember a lot of things.
So, what do you guys wanna do tonight? Oh, actually, I've got kind of a date night with Sarah.
We're gonna be staying downtown.
It was a last-minute thing.
Well, it'll just be you and me, then.
That'll be great.
We can talk about whatever it is you wanted to talk about.
Oh, no.
You know what? This is, uh.
This is the hospital.
I gotta go.
I'm still tying up loose ends from that Africa trip.
- You went to Africa? - Yeah.
It's such a long story.
I'll be back soon, okay? Stay here.
Justin? Thank God you called.
My dad, he just surprised me.
He's here.
In Echo Park? I thought you were getting his address.
He just showed up.
What do I do? - John Casey's home.
It's gonna be fine.
Meet me at Bellevue Square alone.
We'll figure out what to do about your dad.
So this last-minute trip with Sarah you're not going on some sort of a mission, are you? Dad, we just had a really nice meal, okay? What's with all the spy questions? Because I don't know anything about your life.
And I'm here and I'm trying to figure out what I missed.
But everywhere I look, I see one thing.
Casey works at the Buy More, Sarah lives with you and this is an active surveillance wire, okay? And your computer is still tapped in to the CIA mainframe.
So tell me you're not involved in anything dangerous.
That you're not a spy.
Okay, I will occasionally do some analysis work for the CIA.
- It's a desk job.
A glorified paper-pusher.
- Charles I sit behind a desk and input data a couple times a month.
It's nothing dangerous.
- This thing tonight with Sarah? - Is a night away with my girlfriend.
You have nothing to worry about, Dad.
I'm just an analyst.
Did your ears just pop? Hey, it's me.
I'm here and you're not.
I really need to see you.
Devon thinks that I'm at the hospital.
It's getting harder and harder to lie.
Please call me, okay? - So this is Shaw's penthouse, huh? - Yep.
I'll check over here.
I found the safe.
- Well, where is it? - Put these on.
How do you get to it? Oh, it's password-protected.
We're gonna be here a while.
Maybe we should start with something common: birthday, pet's name your name.
It's Shaw.
Go, go, go.
Wait, wait.
We need to know what Shaw wants, okay? - You get the briefcase.
I'll make the jump.
- Okay, well, just be careful.
Okay, come on, Intersect, what do you got for me? This should be interesting.
Shaw? Shaw's dead.
Care to join him? Did you get him? Did you get him? If you did, make sure and check his pulse.
- But help me first.
- Hold on.
I'm coming.
Help me first before you check his pulse.
Help me.
Sarah, I think he's coming back.
- Dad.
- Just an analyst, huh? So this is my office.
Pretty sleek, huh? Why weren't you here sitting at one of these computers instead of dangling from a rooftop? Why are you still lying to me? Dad, it's like I told you, the government sees potential in me.
So General Beckman asked if I'd work as an analyst for the CIA and every once in a while, I'll still go off on, you know, a little field mission.
Would you excuse me? And don't touch any of the computers because I know you want to.
But don't do that.
So the guy on the roof, who was he? Couldn't get a good look at our mystery man from the security footage.
- How'd he know about the loft? - Best guess when you accessed the penthouse, you triggered some alert.
He was after this.
Just like the one Evelyn Shaw had.
- Okay.
Well, why does Shaw have one? - It's a spy's last will and testament.
Spies keep a record of information they might lose if they get killed.
In Shaw's case, all the information that the CIA has on The Ring.
My bet is they're gonna want this back.
Hundred bucks says he's working for them.
And if The Ring is looking for this, then it must mean that Shaw is dead.
"My name is Daniel Shaw and if you are reading this, it means I'm already dead.
" I was wrong.
Wrong about what? I've heard the name Daniel Shaw before.
He He's a special agent for the CIA, a Ring expert.
I take it that's his lockbox.
- What happened? - The mission's over.
It's never over.
There will always be another one and another and.
The reason a spy has one of those is because any mission could be their last.
For every spy, there's someone who cares about him.
Someone who has to open that box, read that message and mourn their loss.
This is a bad business.
I don't want my family any part of it.
Sorry I didn't make it to the square.
- It's fine.
Are you okay? What happened? - I wish I could tell you.
The most pressing issue is what to do about your father.
Do what? John Casey's watching us like a hawk.
We've devised a new plan.
But it's gonna require real spy work on your part.
You up for it? My name is Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
That's right I said my name is Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
That's good, son, but it might be a little lyrically lacking.
Hey, girl, what you got for me? You wanna get up on here And have a baby with me? Yeah.
Oh, I see how it is.
Well, I don't need you.
Your uterus won't fit my baby in it anyway.
My name is Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
Hey, you seen Grimes? Lost your friend, did you? Can't find him because he's changed? You think about the days you used to drink together and hold each other for hours and hours, just talking about the silliest little things.
Those days are no more.
They're no Don't you knock? Shaw is alive, okay? And he's bringing a reckoning with him.
No one told you, huh? Shaw's dead.
- No.
Chuck said he - Bartowski's wrong.
Oh, thank God.
Man, someone could've given me a heads-up here.
- I've had to pee for the last four hours.
- But I'm not here for that.
Would Ellie cheat on Devon for any reason? John Casey, if I had the height or the willpower, I would slap you now.
Ellie is not a cheater.
The only way she'd step out was with someone she's known her whole life.
Someone she trusts.
A childhood friend perhaps.
I don't know.
I tapped into her phone.
She left this strange message.
I need to see you.
Devon thinks that I'm at the hospital.
It's just It's getting harder and harder to lie.
That's Ellie.
- Oh, man.
- So, what's the deal? You've done well, John but you're a man who lacks tact and interpersonal skill.
Okay, on behalf of the family, I'll speak to the husband, all right? This is not gonna be fun.
Devon, let me ask you, do you think Ellie's happy in your marriage? Of course.
- Why? Did she say something? - No.
No, not exactly.
I feel that if there is something wrong, it's your fault.
So take me through an average day, and then you talk, I find the problem.
Most mornings, I wake up around 6.
I pop a towel in the dryer so it's warm when she gets out of the shower.
I'll whip her up a Belgian waffle or, you know, a goat-cheese omelet.
Something easy.
After Ellie's foot rub, I'll bike to the farmers' market pick up fresh blueberries, or whatever's in season.
Come home, make her a smoothie.
Organic nonfat milk, flaxseed oil.
Something to give her a real midday kick-start.
Once we're in bed, post-lavender bath I spend about 20 minutes just watching her sleep.
She looks so peaceful.
It's like, what's she dreaming about, you know? - Anyway, that's my day, give or take.
- Yeah.
Hey, Dad.
Is everything okay? I just keep thinking without the Intersect why would they let you go on missions? I mean, you're You're an ordinary guy.
I'm not.
I'm not an ordinary guy.
The CIA wants me to work for them because they think I'm special.
- Because they believe in me.
- You're right.
You are special.
I knew it.
- You downloaded the Intersect 2.
- You threw a knife at my face.
Why would you do that? After I worked so hard to get the first one out.
Dad, knife, face.
- What if you were wrong? - I'm never wrong.
Charles, there's something that I never told you.
The Intersect, it can have a negative effect on the brain.
Hold on.
What? You ? You knew? You? You knew, and you didn't tell me? I didn't think I had to.
You didn't tell me - you downloaded the new one.
- I knew you would disapprove of it.
And you know what? And you left.
You taught me and Ellie how to live life without you and that's what I'm doing.
I have to go.
- Right now.
- What? Wait.
Where are you going? I'm sorry.
I can't stay here and watch my son die.
Dad? Dad? You're leaving? Weren't you gonna say goodbye? Oh, sorry.
I'm, uh.
I still don't even know what's wrong, why you wanted me here.
Nothing's wrong, Dad.
I just, uh I missed you and I wanted to make sure that you were okay.
Oh, okay.
You don't have to worry about me, ahh, Eleanor.
This time I won't be gone as long, I promise.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Take care of yourself.
I did it.
I planted the tracer.
Nice work, Ellie.
You've guaranteed your father's protection.
Where's your dad? He found out I was the Intersect, and he left.
Chuck, he must've had a good reason.
He loves you.
I know.
I I know that he loves me.
He just doesn't know me.
He doesn't know anything about me.
Why I became the Intersect.
That I can help people.
That for the first time in my life, what I do actually means something.
Did you tell him that? No.
I guess I didn't.
But I can't talk to him now because he's gone and I don't know where he lives.
I do.
It's gonna work.
In the event that your dad ran off, I wanted you to be able to find him so I took this.
Your misdemeanor aside, my dad is an incredibly paranoid person - and I'm sure this isn't his address.
- I know.
It was issued by the Bishop County DMV.
I checked all the utility databases.
This is the only house without cable, water, gas but also consumes an incredible amount of electricity.
So I'm pretty sure that's your dad's house.
- That's so.
Spyish? Well, I am a spy.
- We're at the house.
- Good.
Don't call me until you have it.
Well, this must be it.
I'm gonna go in and tell him how I feel.
- Do you want me to come with you? - No, it's okay.
But if I'm not back in 20 minutes, you come save me.
Where is it? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
My employer knows that you have an Intersect.
Where's the thing that's keeping you alive? Dad, it's me.
Don't worry.
I'm alone.
Give me a break.
Cut it.
We'll make this look like an accident.
That's not safe.
That's not safe.
He shouldn't be doing that.
Bartowski, this will all be a lot less painful if you tell me where the Governor is.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Not you.
Your father.
- Aha.
What is he talking about? - The Governor.
It's the watch, isn't it? No.
Tie them up.
- Dad.
Let's clear out.
We don't wanna be here when this place goes up.
I'm sorry about this.
You shouldn't have come here.
- I don't wanna drag you into anything.
- Dad.
Dad, I came up.
I came here because I wanted to tell you why I downloaded the Intersect.
That I'm special and can help people.
But given the circumstances, I think I'm just gonna have to show you.
No guns! The gas! That's a good idea.
Does she have the Intersect too? No, Dad.
That's all her.
Hi, honey.
Come in.
I don't know how The Ring found my cabin.
But I do know what they came for.
I call it the Governor because it sort of governs the Intersect.
See, I realized through the years that, just like a computer, that the Intersect can overheat.
- Is that what's happening to me? - See, your brain is like a circuit and when you flash, it releases a surge of electrical energy.
But if it's not controlled, it can lead to dementia and insanity maybe even death, but I've been working on a fix and this is the closest that I've gotten to one.
See, it, um It governs my neural network and helps control the power of the Intersect almost like a pacemaker would for the heart.
Could something like that work for the 2.
0? Well, I couldn't tell you about it because I needed to go back to my cabin to be sure but, Charles, it will.
I'm gonna make you one.
You're my son and you downloaded the 2.
0 for the same reason I created the original: to help people.
You wanna be a spy.
I'm gonna do everything I can to help you be the man you wanna be.
Thank you.
Lester, I wanna help you be the man you ought to be.
It's too late.
Jeff will be huge here, then he'll be huge in Japan, and then it's over.
Boy, don't you see? The man made a banner that said, "Jeff?" As if it were a question.
He doesn't know who he is without you.
You're more than just the "ster" in "Jeffster.
" You're the "ster" that stirs the drink.
I won't be fooled by corporate trickery.
I will never bow down to the man.
I'm not the man.
I'm a man.
A man who once had a dream too.
- You ever heard of Earth, Wind & Fire? - Yeah.
They jammed.
For a short time in 1988 we were called Earth, Wind, Fire & Rain.
I was Rain.
My God.
I can't wear this anymore, but you have the hips of a 6-year-old girl.
Use them.
Where do I sign? Just depends on your HD.
Excuse me, guys.
Can I speak to you for a second, please? Excuse me.
- Yeah? - I talked to Captain Awesome.
- And? - If he'd have me, I'd let him.
It's Look, what I'm saying is.
As much as it pains me to say it, if there's a problem, it's on Ellie's side.
Let me ask you something.
Why are you doing this? I gave Chuck my word I'd make sure his sister was okay.
What time is it here? Awesome's volunteering at the animal shelter.
Ellie's working a late shift.
The apartment should be completely empty.
I'm gonna go take a look.
Ellie, are you with your husband? - My husband's not home.
Everybody thinks that I'm working.
Do you expect him home soon? - No.
It's safe.
You're sure? - Yeah.
You can come here.
I'm already on my way.
- Oh, okay, good.
There's someone in the house.
- How close are you? Close.
I may not get there in time.
Go to the speaker.
- Okay.
Now open it.
- How? Press all three buttons at once and wait for a click.
- Justin, no, I can't.
Someone's in your house, Ellie.
He could hurt you, hurt your family.
Now, take the gun.
Ellie, wait! Justin.
Justin, John Casey Don't worry, you're safe.
Come with me.
What's wrong? I've been thinking about what happened at the cabin and how you almost died.
You know, everything that your dad said about the life we've chosen, he's right.
What we do is not safe.
I want you to have this.
My spy will.
- Why are you giving me this? - Chuck, this is me.
It's everything I know.
It's my life.
And if something were to happen to me.
Well, if anyone's gonna have it, I want it to be you.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
You're not going anywhere.
And neither am I.
You'll be safe here until we figure out what to do about John.
I'm so sorry.
I just I couldn't I couldn't - Is my dad gonna be okay? - Don't worry.
He's protected.
- What about my husband? My brother? - They're fine, I promise.
You've done everything we've asked.
You've been incredibly brave, and trust me, this is almost over.
Now, wait here.
I'll be back soon.
My name is Chuck Bartowski, and if you're reading this it means I'm already dead.
I don't know what will end up killing me but I've chosen to be a spy, and there are consequences to that.
It may be my emotions that end up doing me in or a slip-up trying to protect my friends or my family who never wanted me to be a part of this.
My team was captured.
This needs to happen now.
No more waiting.
Or it could be the thing I never saw coming.
But I know it's coming.