Chuck s04e09 Episode Script

Chuck Versus Phase Three

Here's a couple of things you might need to know or just forgot.
This isn't a code, Devon.
This is a real car.
My dad must've left this for me.
Your father never wanted you to see this.
See what? Come on! Flash! Sarah, my mom did something to me with that device.
I can't flash.
The Intersect is gone.
Agent Carmichael is coming with me.
Surrender or die.
- What do you want? - I want the Intersect.
It's gone.
I lost it.
The less you resist, the less painful this will be.
You know what I really want? This could be a very good "show me, don't tell me" situation, I think.
I want you to flash.
- What? - I want you to flash for me.
Come on, do it.
Show me.
But I can't.
You know that I can't.
The Intersect's not working.
Why are we talking about this? Are you sure that you can't flash? Well, yeah.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
But we could do other stuff, you know? We could, uh We could kiss more or talk.
Never mind.
Why? No.
Hey, you.
You know, there's pills for this.
Easy, buddy.
This is all in your head.
You have got to get over this.
I mean, come on.
You really expect to keep a girl like that without flashing? This doesn't make any sense.
Why are you here? I shouldn't even be here.
I was on a mission in Switzerland.
I was on a gondola.
I was taken by a Belgian.
What is going on? Why isn't this working? He knows he's in a dream.
Lester was the wrong choice.
Intensify the current.
Try something else.
I just need to figure out the right combination of people from his life to use.
He calls this Ellie a lot.
I can't believe something's blocking the Intersect.
You've got to dig it out.
I can sell the secrets in his head for more money than you can imagine.
Telling me again isn't going to make this go any faster.
Agent Carmichael's brain will access the Intersect if it's properly motivated.
It was clear from interrogation that anxiety is his strongest motivating emotion.
God knows he is a neurotic man.
When we find the right mix of people from his life to pressure him he will become so anxious about not having the Intersect that his brain will be forced to flash.
But this woman, she will do most of the work.
Nothing makes him more anxious than this Sarah Walker.
Five countries in three days, and nothing.
Where's Chuck, Casey? Got every agent in Castle out looking for him.
We'll find him.
Let's regroup with Beckman.
She'll have something.
We have nothing.
The Berlin team had an address for a lieutenant.
By the time we got a search warrant, he had disappeared.
The same thing happened in Caracas.
Target dropped behind North Korean lines where we couldn't follow.
General, a lot of bureaucracy is keeping us from finding Chuck.
I know, but we have to work with our allies here.
Get a couple of hours of sleep.
I'm not going to sleep.
Chuck is out there without the Intersect with people who think he has it.
He's never been more helpless.
I know.
And be assured that the Intersect is a priority to the U.
S as is finding the Belgian before he sells our secrets.
Forget the secrets, this is about Chuck.
General, I'll make sure we get some rest, check back with you later.
I know.
Being a worried girlfriend isn't gonna help him.
- You need to be a spy, a professional.
- Fine.
- Where do we look next? - Is she off? Yeah.
Welcome back.
And Daddy got something Daddy likes.
Oh, Daddy.
I'm Daddy.
You guys were kind of Okay, you were just looking at me This is from our Swiss field op, which, by the way, I just love saying.
His name is Anand Chanarong, an aide to the Thai ambassador but he is also a known associate of one Guys, come on.
Baddie the Belgian.
He handles all the Belgian's dirty work.
Extortion, kidnapping.
And he's in L.
At the Thai embassy.
Which is Thai soil.
It's not in our jurisdiction.
- We don't have jurisdiction, Walker.
- Come on, Casey.
Be a spy.
Who told you to bring this in here? This is the ugliest rug I've ever seen.
We're looking for the Belgian.
- Who are you? - He's taken somebody.
Charles Carmichael.
Goes by "Chuck.
" What do you know about him? You have no right to be here on Thai soil.
Hi, welcome to American soil.
Now, where's Chuck? I'm asking you again, where can I find the Belgian? You don't understand how high the stakes are.
You're gonna tell me exactly what I wanna know.
Listen, I think Sarah's about to go all Kill Bill on this dude.
Beckman knows somebody stormed into the embassy and stole a national.
I'm new, but I think that's international incident-y.
Walker knows what lines not to cross.
Walker! A word, please.
- Well, can it wait? - No.
He's not talking.
And he's a smirker.
Just because I helped bring him here doesn't mean I'm giving you free rein.
You need to cool down, get some rest.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Yeah, I was wrong.
You're not acting like a worried girlfriend.
No, you're acting like a spy I used to know.
Before Chuck.
Langston Graham's wild-card enforcer.
I didn't like that Sarah Walker.
You know why? She was unpredictable.
Now you're gonna go home.
I insist.
- You insist? How are you gonna do that? - I insist.
I insist.
Hey, hey, listen to me.
Look, Sarah, we all wanna find Chuck, okay? But I think we could all use a little rest too, right? I know I'm super cranky if I get under nine hours.
So let's calm down and let's go get a few winks and then you go back to your manhunt nice and well-rested, okay? You have two hours.
Man, that was scary.
Did I do okay? I was kind of shaking there.
I know it's not scary for you, but I can't believe you have a 36-hour shift.
You're pregnant, it's not okay.
Honey, the nurses reserved me my own broom closet.
I have a very nice cot.
I will steal some winks.
Between long shifts and the stressing about family l'm worried about you and the baby.
Listen, I promise to take care of myself.
- You need to be calm and peaceful.
- I will be calm and peaceful.
Not too calm.
Don't go falling asleep at the wheel.
- Speaking of, can't you take the Sienna? - I like my dad's ride.
Did your dad's ride get five out of five stars on side-impact protection? What is this? Whoa.
What is this thing? - I've never seen anything like it.
- I don't know.
I thought I'd found everything of my dad's that there was to find.
- Do you think it's spy stuff? - I don't know.
Well, we could try and turn it on and figure out.
I don't want it to be spy stuff.
You do it.
- Nothing.
- Shoot.
I'm late.
I can't believe that I have to work for two days.
This is all I'm gonna think about.
Babe, remember, we're staying calm, okay? Go to work and don't worry.
I'll call Chuck and figure it out.
No Chuck, okay? If this is spy-related, it's gonna reel him back in.
I wanna keep him safe.
Chuck, listen to me very closely.
If you don't access the Intersect, forget about Sarah Ellie, Morgan, and this Awesome character no one will love you.
You'll be nothing.
You will lose them all.
How you holding up? Not great.
No, me either.
I've had this awful taste in my mouth ever since Chuck disappeared.
Makes me think, wherever he is, he's probably eating something icky.
Strange twin thing.
Do you know what this is? No.
Never really saw that before.
I really miss him.
Okay, I fold.
It's Chuck's proposal plan.
I hate myself.
Chuck was planning on proposing? Yeah.
See, it's a combination of things that are important to both of you.
And some of it is just from when he was little.
So here is where he was gonna drive up in his DeLorean, of course.
And that'd be you, coming down on a wild stallion.
You'd meet here.
You were gonna hop in this Lamborghini and take off down the coast and This might be an older draft.
It's been revamped since puberty.
When was he planning on doing this? I don't know.
Ever since he lost the Intersect the proposal plan got put on hold.
Did he think that I wouldn't wanna marry him without the Intersect? - Is that how I made him feel? - No.
Chuck knew that Chuck knows that you love him, Sarah, okay? It's just you're kind of a big fish, you know? And to a regular guy with no supercomputer in his brain I gotta think that that's pretty intimidating.
That's not the reason why I love Chuck.
I do wanna spend my life with Chuck, with or without the Intersect.
That's fantastic.
That's great.
He knows that, right? Because you told him that.
You're certain you know nothing about the whereabouts of the aide, Anand Chanarong.
- Haven't heard a word, ma'am.
- How mysterious.
I want you to keep an eye on Agent Walker.
I think she might be on the edge.
What are you doing back here? Is the camera in Chanarong's cell still out? - What's in the bag? - Go.
- You're not gonna wanna be here.
- I'm not going anywhere.
I insist.
Do you feel like talking yet? An American agent in a government facility would never use any of that.
- I'm not afraid.
- You're right.
Normally, I wouldn't threaten the subject with death by ammonia injection.
Burning somebody from the inside out doesn't sound like something that's in the Geneva Convention, does it? But this man that I'm looking for, he loves me.
He wants to marry me.
I see.
It's amazing what a woman would do to find a husband.
Even the toughest spies in the world are just racing against that biological clock.
Tick, tick, tick, tock.
You got me.
I'm just a needy, love-crazed girl on a husband hunt.
Who's trained in over 200 ways to kill you.
Afraid yet? The Belgian has a hideout in northern Thailand near the Burmese border.
That jungle's filled with killers.
I'm going with you.
You're not going where I'm going.
I'll do anything to get him back.
And I'm not gonna take you down with me.
You were right.
I'm different without Chuck and I don't like it.
- You let me out of here.
You need me.
- No.
I need Chuck.
Walker! Who's got a screw loose? - That has two meanings.
- Hey, guys, thanks for coming.
I'm hopeless and I was hoping to get this computer fixed before Ellie got home from her shift.
Lucky for you, my Tuesday trapeze class was canceled, so we're all yours.
You have a Roark 7? Yeah, I guess so.
Oh, one other thing.
This little project has to stay a secret from Chuck.
Can we do that? Yeah, yeah, absolutely we can, my large, chiseled, dulce-de-leche-colored friend.
But we want a little something from you, if you know what I mean.
No, I actually have no idea what you mean.
Four words: My abscess, Lester's gout.
Medical consult for tech expertise.
You in? Yeah, uh, anything for Ellie.
All right.
Now let me look at the computer while Jeffrey takes off his pants.
Yeah, I need to get my kit.
I closed my eyes for a minute and then she was gone.
She is so sneaky, she must make an awesome spy.
- Walker went AWOL.
Open the door.
- I figured she'd do something crazy.
I might be responsible.
I told her about Chuck's plans on proposing.
What? You threw gas on the fire.
Can't you ever keep your mouth shut? Well, I'm sorry, Casey, okay? I over-share to connect.
- I'm a connector.
- Open the door.
Okay, I What? I want in, okay? No, listen to me.
Chuck is my best friend.
And I wanna do more than sit behind some computer.
Absolutely not.
Chuck's in the jungles of hell.
It's too dangerous.
Well, fine.
I mean, you want out, I want in, all right? Come on, I'm ready to go.
I have a backpack.
Casey, it's Chuck.
- Deal? - Deal.
No bullets for you.
Come on, we're going to Thailand.
You can talk to me.
I heard the Belgian has a hideout here.
Is that true? First, sit down, relax.
Join me for a drink.
He has my boyfriend.
Where is he? Maybe I can be your boyfriend.
Anyone else wanna be my boyfriend? Sarah, no.
I can't lose you.
Please don't go.
I'll do anything.
You say that, but then you don't flash.
You clearly don't want me enough.
I do.
But I can't flash.
I know you wouldn't do this.
I know this is a dream but please come back! It's not working.
He's still aware enough to suppress the Intersect.
Look at this.
I'm stimulating the hippocampus as much as I can without causing permanent damage.
Don't take this the wrong way, but you are boring me.
Push harder.
Then we are in Phase Three.
We wipe out everything in his head but the Intersect.
We lobotomize him.
So there would be no personality no memories, no thoughts in the way of the Intersect.
All right, let's do it.
That was very impressive.
I'm guessing you are the woman who has been fighting her way across Thailand.
The people have been talking much about the giant blond she-male.
Can you tell me where to find the Belgian? He's taken somebody very important to me.
I don't like the Belgian, so I will tell you where he is.
But first, a little fun.
I will give you the information if you can beat my best fighter.
It's been months since he's had a good match.
He kills too fast.
Ha, ha.
I think you might make things entertaining.
So yes? This ends now.
I definitely know how to use this, dirtbags.
Smart move.
Good move, gentlemen.
Nice beard, nice beard.
- Sarah.
- Oh.
- Morgan? - Yeah, yeah, are you okay? Hold on.
You using this? Here, some water.
Some water.
- How did you find me? - How did we find? Half of Thailand is talking about the giant she-male tearing through town.
But it's okay now.
Casey and I are here.
Oh, my God.
Scary snake.
Scary snake.
King cobra.
Walker, what are you doing here all alone? This place is nothing but scoundrels, assassins and warlords.
The scum of the earth.
Ah, Mr.
Casey, your usual? Come on, let's get out of here.
A deal's a deal.
The fight's not over.
I beat your guy, you tell me where the Belgian is.
- I'm gonna finish this.
- What? Seriously? Does no one care there is a cobra in there? Okay.
Move it over.
Oh, oh, come on.
You are not getting bullets for a long, long time.
There was a lot of bullets.
Tons and tons of bullets.
I can't work with this.
Nando, Pozidriv screwdriver, stat.
What is this? This is not a Po Are you gonna earn your lanced boil or aren't you? Ah, you know what? Just go.
Hey, we only got a few hours left till the end of Ellie's shift.
- I can't make heads or tails of this thing.
- Can't anyone upstairs help? Ooh.
What a relief.
So I just insert the softener and - Yeah, that should do it.
- I really appreciate your help.
You're a heart doctor and don't often deal in the darker corners of the body.
No, no, sure don't.
Now, you have a part that Lester needed? Sure do.
Here you go.
Thank you, Michael.
Nice thing you're doing for your lady, by the way.
I'm gonna go wash up.
Yeah! - Hello? - Hey.
Finally got you.
- I haven't seen you in a few days.
- Ellie Ellie, Ellie, listen.
I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm in major trouble.
- What's going on? - Listen.
Okay, please don't be mad, but I've been spying again and I've been taken, okay? I need you to call Sarah.
Call Casey.
Now, where's Chuck? I am somewhere in the jungle in Thailand.
And I am running for my life.
- Can't you flash? - Well, uh, no, I can't.
Uh, I think you can.
Ellie, you don't sound very upset.
Well, I just know that you could flash if you really tried.
This is all a dream too.
I can't get out of here, can I? No, Chuck, you can't.
My name is Dr.
I'm the one doing this to you.
If you don't access the Intersect, I'll be erasing everything that is you.
Your thoughts, your memories, your life.
- You're real.
- I'm very real.
Now, Chuck, do you want to disappear or give me the Intersect? I can't.
Look, I'm sorry about Castle, but Chuck is No, no.
It's all right.
Moron told me he blabbed about the proposal.
I'm not leaving until I find him.
Neither am I.
It's like your gun is your soul.
Your metaphorical yes to a question she couldn't possibly bring herself to ask.
Emotion later.
- Tonight, we find Chuck.
- You're with the gear.
- You ride in the back.
- I ride in the back.
Initiating Phase Three.
How long will it take? To wipe his mind clean? It varies.
But look at this section here.
It's beginning.
Goodbye, Chuck.
Hey, Chuck.
Hey, wake up, buddy.
Hey, son.
Get on up.
You've been sleeping for a long time, man.
I know I know that this is still just a dream.
But you are all very real.
- Of course we're real.
- No, no, no.
I was taken.
And I almost escaped.
No, that was a dream too.
Like The Manchurian Candidate.
Or that episode of either Family Ties or Hogan's Family? All right, I don't know what you're talking about, buddy.
But we sure would like it if you were to flash.
Ha! See? See, I told you this was just a dream.
A dream that hurts.
- Here.
- Okay.
Here's my pitch.
What if we didn't use guns this time, okay? If you don't use guns, they don't use guns.
If they don't use guns, we have a mission where nobody gets shot.
- You see what I'm saying? - Hmm.
A diversion instead.
A magnet.
Ready, Morgan? Guns.
Let's use lots of guns.
What do you think it feels like to watch your life disappear? Chuck? - Hey, Chuck.
- Morg? It's me, buddy.
I'm right here, okay? Now just flash.
This is a dream.
This is only a dream.
Chuck, over here.
I need you to flash, son.
I'm ready to wake up now.
I mean, remember when Sarah left you? Oh, my God.
That was That was funny.
I mean, man Chuck, I'm on TV.
What's it gonna be, Bartowski, huh? You wanna be a nerd, or you wanna be a spy? Flash or become expendable, Agent Bartowski.
Flash, okay? Flash now, Chuck.
- Do it.
- This is your last chance.
- Flash.
- Do it, Bartowski.
What's the matter? Don't you love your country? - Can I get out? - Yes, and you'll flash.
Understand? Do you love your country? Do you wanna be more than a nerd? - You need to flash right now.
- No! No, I can't! I can't! The government wants you to flash.
Only you can prevent forest fires, man.
This is dangerous.
Be careful.
Is this a hostel? Or is there a? Is there a hostel nearby? Because It's a book.
It's just a book.
Oh, man.
Help me out here, guys.
Hey, you! Shut up.
- Get on your knees.
- Who brought their dad to the party? I have some friendship bracelets.
All right, this is like a violation of my civil rights.
Looks like we didn't need the guns.
What's up with the she-male thing? Chuck, it's okay.
Ellie, help me.
Help me.
I know you're not real, but help me wake up.
Chuck, I'm right here.
We all really need you to flash, though.
No, I can't! No, get away from the door.
Stay with me.
Help me! Argo? Thomas? What's going on out there? None of the guards are answering.
Let's get out of here.
I've been looking for you.
- Chuck! - There really is no use.
- He's almost completely gone.
- Shut up.
Chuck? Chuck.
Oh, my God.
Chuck, come on.
Please wake up.
Chuck, listen to me.
I'm here.
Chuck, I'm here.
Chuck, I'm here.
But you're not.
You're not real.
This is a dream.
I came to rescue you.
I'm right here, Chuck.
Chuck, please, come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Tell him what you told me before, okay? He'll hear that.
I know it.
This is your chance.
Don't be Sarah Walker the spy, be Sarah Walker the girlfriend.
Chuck, please.
Chuck, I love you.
Please wake up.
I have so much that I wanna tell you.
- I found your proposal plan.
- No, no, no.
This is my mind playing tricks on me.
You don't know anything about my plan.
You were gonna do it on the beach in Malibu where we watched the sunrise after our first date.
- There were several racecars involved.
- I revised that.
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
I don't care if you have the Intersect or not.
Without you, I'm nobody.
I'm nothing but a spy.
Come back to me, Chuck.
I wanna marry you.
Oh, Chuck.
He's okay.
He's okay.
- Yeah.
He's okay.
- Hi.
Bro, you almost done yet? Ellie called to see if I've figured this thing out.
While I'll examine dark places for that woman, I'm at the end of my rope.
Not to worry, my supple yet hard-bodied friend.
- You really don't need to call me that.
- Okay, people.
Gather, humans.
You, uh, minions ready to see what your broken bodies have wrought? - Do it.
- Here goes.
Nice work, amigo.
You did it.
Needs a password.
"Knock, knock.
" It's an impenetrable riddle.
I could hack it.
Take me about 12 hours.
And, uh, maybe I should try a colonoscopy.
Okay, everyone out, now.
- Let's go.
We're done.
Thank you.
- That's a no to the colonoscopy? Congratulations, team.
The Belgian is in custody and America's secrets are safe once more.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I did today.
Agent Bartowski, I trust you're feeling better? Yeah.
Uh, yeah, I feel fine.
I'm a little hazy on everything, but, um, much better.
Thank you.
And Agent Walker, you are back to normal? - Yes, uh.
Yes, I am, general.
- Very good.
Because we have something important to discuss: Agent Bartowski's position in the agency without the Intersect.
Excuse me? Government still wants me? The Intersect appears to be buried for good but we'll find a use for you.
You're an asset with or without it.
Yes, he is.
One last thing.
You're absolutely certain that even though the Belgian and Chuck were both found in Thailand you had nothing to do with the Thai official who woke up this morning with no recollection of where he went for two days? Hmm? No, ma'am.
Crazy coincidence.
Welcome back.
- I agree.
Welcome back.
- Thank you for coming with me.
Beckman knew, right? I think she knew.
I mean Hey, wait up, Casey.
- Okay, so I'm still a spy.
- More importantly, you're home.
Hey, um, you should know that the proposal plan that you found? Just a rough draft.
- So you do remember what happened? - Yeah, maybe a little.
A scoch.
Don't think you know all the surprises that I got hidden up my sleeves.
Because my sleeves are chock-full o' surprises, you know? Mm-hm.
I'm surprised I could get in here with all the surprises that are in my sleeves.
I got magic coming your way, baby.
Okay? Magic.
- Magic.
- Mm-hm.
- I've got no magic.
You ruined my life.
- I saved your life.
I took a Thai leech.
But now I can't use my proposal plan, buddy.
Come on.
I need something new.
I need to surprise her.
- How can I surprise a super spy? - It's fine.
Team Chuck and Morgan have To blow Sarah's mind.
By the way, you should've seen Sarah without you, man.
Maybe it's good you lost the Intersect because now you know that girl loves you.
I mean, she will do anything for you.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Yeah.
No, seriously.
Anything, okay? I had to pick a Thai tooth out of her arm.
I've got people who take teeth and leeches for me.
- I'm a lucky guy.
- It's good having you back.
I'm so happy to be home.
And I am so happy to tell you that you have nothing left on your plate today.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your husband has fixed this computer.
Really? Oh, you're amazing.
All we need now is a password.
The prompt is "knock, knock.
" Know what it could be? It's not, "Who's there?" Already tried that one.
Ha, ha.
I know what it is.
When I was a little girl, I would always mess up the "knock, knock" routine.
My dad would say, "Knock, knock," and I would say, "I'm here.
" It made him laugh so hard, I never wanted to do it right.
Oh, my God.