Chuck s04e17 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the First Bank of Evil

Hi, I'm Chuck.
Here are a few things you need to know.
I have nothing to do with Alexei Volkoff.
- Then why does he pay for the manor? - Because I'm his daughter.
- My father never gave me any key.
- Yes, sweetheart, he did.
When you were young, a token of his affection.
Your whole life your father's been grooming you.
You are his succession plan.
I give up.
Strange reaction.
Most people show a bit more enthusiasm when they receive a gift.
- Sorry, who are you? - My name is Riley.
I'm your father's lawyer.
Your father left a letter for you.
"My dearest daughter Vivian as you know, I've met an untimely demise" Sorry.
What are you doing? Well, he specified that I read the letter in his voice.
He thought it would make you feel comfortable.
Please, stop.
I spent several weeks perfecting this.
But fine.
"I'm sorry I was never much of a father.
If I could do it over again, I would trade my entire empire for another moment with you.
But we can't relive the past which is why I have groomed you for the future.
That card in my safe will help you rebuild Volkoff Industries.
" Mr.
Riley, I'm well aware that my father now wants me to take over his evil corporation.
So how can I say no? No.
- Nobody ever said no to your father.
- Then I'll be the first to do it.
I'm sorry I can't allow that.
Now, perhaps you'd like to rethink your answer.
Hmm? Okay, roses or orchids? Uh I don't know.
Roses? What do you think? I think that flowers can really set the tone of a wedding.
You know, roses are beautiful, they're classic, they're passionate.
- Not very whimsical.
- And that's good? If that's what you want.
Uh, okay, well Orchids? Sorry.
I'm sorry, I just I don't have a strong feeling either way.
I just don't think I'm cut out for this.
What if you just make the choices? Okay, you know what? Maybe this girly stuff is a little outside your comfort zone.
I will tell you that at some point every bride feels a little overwhelmed with this stuff.
I totally did.
But there was a moment where that all changed.
I remember I had gone to pick up our wedding bands and I finally held them in my hands and it all just became so real.
I was getting married to the man that I love, for the rest of my life.
And then I just broke down crying, which sounds ridiculous right now.
- Yeah, a little.
- A lot.
But it was a turning point.
You know, from that moment on, everything became magical.
It was my wedding.
I don't know when, I don't know where but I promise you, it's gonna happen to you.
You know what? New apartment, I'm gonna go no television.
It'll be very liberating.
I'm totally kidding.
Seventy-two inches, dude.
I was honestly about to smack you right now.
So how's the apartment hunting going, anyway? It's, uh Pbbt.
Oh, man, it couldn't be going better.
I found a place.
A little pricey.
- So I'm looking for a roommate.
- That shouldn't be a problem.
I hope not.
And in the meantime, it's kind of nice being at my mom's.
- Buddy, I gotta say, I'm a little relieved.
- Chuck, this is needed on my part, okay? I am growing mentally and emotionally, physically Not so much physically.
But some people are saying that I'm acting taller.
Uh, I gotta get down to Castle.
Buddy, I'm so glad that everything's going so well.
You're killing it.
Have a great day.
Talk to you soon.
Hey, son.
You sleep okay last night? No.
No, I did not.
Those cats outside the window are so loud.
They gave me nightmares.
Yeah, cats.
Just a heads up.
Those cats are having a romantic dinner tonight.
And there might be more cat fighting after dinner ends.
Unless your mom eats too much.
Listen, I don't wanna think about you and my Mom doing Making a Slipping and Son, when you move into the forest you can't complain that the wildlife is making too much noise.
It's only natural.
And beautiful.
And frequent.
- I need my own place.
- Yes, you do.
You went to Volkoff's headquarters and you were attacked? Yes.
I shouldn't have gone to Moscow.
- I don't know what I was thinking.
- It's okay.
You're safe here.
Now, this man Riley, he wants you to rebuild your father's empire? Yes.
But I told him I don't want anything to do with my father.
Did he happen to say what his plan for rebuilding Volkoff was? I think this may have something to do with it.
We need to talk to Beckman.
So Volkoff has all of his money in the First Bank of Macau.
- We need to freeze those funds.
- We do.
But the First Bank of Macau is no easy target.
It's really operated by the Guan Yi Crime Syndicate.
The guards are mercenaries.
We've lost agents inside of there before.
But we've never had an account holder working with us.
That makes Vivian the perfect asset.
With her help, we'll be able to get through the bank's security and access her father's accounts.
Um, general, I'm not so sure that Vivian is really built for this sort of mission, you know.
Not to mention the fact that she was pretty clear about never wanting to see her father again.
Well, it's your job to change all that.
You're a spy, she's an asset.
If this mission is going to work, you need to turn that girl into a Volkoff.
Fabulously bearded man seeks roommate ASAP.
No, Morgan, don't lead with the beard.
Let it be a pleasant surprise.
Hey, buddy.
You look sharp.
Listen, you're obviously a worldly fellow.
I was wondering if you could settle a little debate betwixt us.
Where do you think would be the best place to meet ladies? A Renaissance Faire, right? Or a methadone clinic? - It's okay if the ladies are really ugly.
- Really? I don't A Renaissance Faire.
Can we have two weeks off to go a Renaissance Faire? - Not a chance.
- See? - I don't have time to discuss it.
I'm in the middle of a housing crisis now.
Really? Dude.
Dude? We have an extra room in our apartment-slash-van.
So how about this, a place to stay in exchange for, say, one week off? - Hmm.
- Uh? No.
Manager to Register 7, please.
Okay, I'm not I'm done here.
Thank you for the offer but no thank you.
" See yourselves out, please.
He's a heartbreaker, a soul crusher.
I'm gonna pin that guy down and shave his beard.
Looks like Morgan's potential roommates are meeting him here.
If Morgan won't let us go to the Renaissance Faire we'll bring the Renaissance Faire to us.
I have no idea what you're doing right now.
So you want me to help you break into my father's bank.
Absolutely not.
I've had way too many guns pointed at me recently.
We'll be there to protect you the entire time.
Look, most years, I saw my father maybe once.
The longest conversation we've had is 10 minutes.
I get that, I do.
Believe me, I understand.
Your father was a criminal mastermind who forgot your birthdays too? No.
But he did leave me when I was 13 years old.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
All I ever wanted to do was ask him the same questions that I know are swirling around in your head now.
Why'd you leave? Why didn't you ever even make an attempt to contact me? - Did you ever get to ask him? - Yeah.
And I learned that even though my father wasn't around it didn't mean he wasn't thinking about me.
Look, I don't know what you'll find out but I can guarantee you that if you help us we can help you find at least some of the answers that you're looking for.
When the thugs running the bank meet Volkoff's daughter they're gonna be expecting someone intimidating.
And your current outfit doesn't really scream "bad guy.
" I wasn't planning on infiltrating a bank when I got dressed this morning.
Well, we can fix that.
It's kind of like J.
Crew for spies.
It's also got some really cool makeover features that are built in in case you wanna do a full Not that I've ever Anyway Go ahead, try it on.
So meet me in the armory when she's done.
One sec, though, I wanna show you something.
- What do you think? - It's a little formal for a bank job.
You're right, it is formal for a bank job.
What do you think of it, I don't know, for our wedding? Oh.
Oh, the wedding.
Yeah, you'll look great in that.
Very, very handsome.
What's going on? What's wrong? Something's wrong with you.
- Because you love me in a black tie.
- It's just that this is not my thing and I feel like I'm letting you guys down.
You're not letting anybody down.
- Was that Casey? - Yeah.
Yo, what's going on? Nothing.
Just getting a Hot Pocket.
Love me some Fiesta Chicken, huh? The way the cheese and the chicken? We haven't seen you for a while.
You okay? I'm fine.
Let's hook up later.
We'll get facials and chat.
We're shipping out in a few hours.
Don't you need to get ready? Actually, Beckman has me working on a mission of my own.
- What mission would that be exactly? - Can't really talk about it.
But I hear you guys are hitting the First Bank of Macau.
Be careful.
I'm here to heed your call for a roommate.
I know, it's intimidating to be in the presence of a king.
You'll get used to it.
Oh, also, I do dishes.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself? Well, my parents died in the plague.
Um - Do you have any pets? - No, no pets.
I'm not a big pet guy.
- Good to know.
- I like to work in leather.
You are gonna go down on the top of the You may kiss the ring.
How? Look, I think there's been some sort of misunderstanding.
I don't believe you're here for the same ad that I put out.
I don't know what ad you're talking about but the Buy More's a delicate cover.
You need to shut down this now.
I have no idea what happened.
I put out a simple ad to find a roommate and all these weirdoes start showing up.
- Go, go, go.
- Go, weirdo, go.
Go, weirdo, go.
Got it.
Those idiots messed with my post.
Good luck getting a roommate now.
Wait a minute.
I got it.
Casey, you have an extra room.
- Not even worth saying.
- Think about the possi Think about the Vivian, remember, this place is highly dangerous.
You need to act like, well, your father.
- Chuck will pose as your bodyguard.
- I'll be your very own Kevin Costner.
You'll present your account card to the bank manager.
He will lead you to the vaults.
Remember, the vault is highly restricted.
Once in the vault, you're gonna have to pass a pretty rigid verification process.
I'm not good with tests.
What happens if I don't pass it? Just, you know, pass.
You'll be fine.
If you're ever at a loss, just look to me, I'll be right there.
Stay close.
May I help you? I'm sorry, we aren't accepting any new accounts.
Miss Volkoff is already an account holder.
Miss Volkoff? I wasn't aware this account had changed hands.
Please come with me.
Account holders only.
I am her Kevin Cost Bodyguard.
I am her bodyguard.
It's okay.
We'll find another way to the account.
I'm getting you out.
You said this might be my only way to learn about my dad.
- Yeah.
- Then I'm doing it.
We've run into a kink in the plan.
Security stopped me from following Vivian.
- Okay, which way did they take her? - Main staircase.
Okay, there are emergency stairs across the lobby, east wall.
That should take you up to the vault level.
I'm gonna need a key card.
Time to be a spy.
Hi, big fella.
Sorry about that earlier.
Little security faux pas.
I know because we're both in the biz.
You know, the "security biz.
" My real concern is just for Miss Volkoff's safety.
How do we know she's properly protected in that vault? - She's safe.
- So you say.
And I wanna believe you, I really do.
But what if someone were to break in? Perhaps, oh, I don't know, a kung fu master? A little bit of this? Or one of these? How about swooping it and pushing it? Okay.
I believe you.
I get it.
Point taken.
Point taken.
- Chuck, what are you doing? - I'm a believer.
- Sarah, I'm in.
- Oh, good.
- Where are we? - The vault level, Miss Volkoff.
Follow me.
- What's going on? - Standard security procedure.
Place your hand there, on the table.
Please step back.
We needed a DNA sample to make sure you are who you say you are.
There should be no problem as long as you're telling the truth and no one has removed you from your father's account.
Sarah, I'm on the vault level.
No sign of Vivian.
There should be a junction in the hallway to your east.
Moving east.
Oh, no.
- Stepping back.
What? - No, it's not you.
You're fine.
I just got a text from your sister.
She wants to go cake tasting.
Cake tasting.
How awful.
Okay, you should see two doors up ahead of you.
Heading toward them now, but don't change the subject.
Look, I know that this wedding stuff is supposed to be really fun but I just find it a little overwhelming.
You know, the cake and the flowers and the venue and Maybe it would be a little less overwhelming if you would just pick one thing to get excited about ease your way in.
Sarah, I just flashed.
They have servers here, stolen from the Chinese army a year ago.
What are they using them for? I have no idea, but a bank wouldn't use military-grade tech unless they were up to something serious.
Please state your full name.
Vivian McArthur Volkoff.
What business would you like to transact? I would like to access my father's account.
Are you working with a law-enforcement agency? No.
Vivian Volkoff you have passed our test.
The account is yours.
Sorry for all of our extreme measures.
You'll find subsequent visits to be significantly less invasive.
Your father's safe-deposit box.
This was all he kept at this bank? Your father once told me this contained his most prized possessions.
What are you doing down here? You guys sure hide the ATMs around here, don't you? - Is everything okay? - Nothing I can't handle.
I spoke too soon.
I can't handle it.
I need help.
I'm on my way.
I'm afraid there's been a small problem.
Your bodyguard was found in a secure area.
I am so sorry, Miss Volkoff.
Were you trying to steal? I trusted you.
This is what you do to me? To my reputation? Please, Miss Volkoff.
This isn't necessary.
This isn't your concern.
You haven't been lied to like I have.
What I mean is, there is no need to do this on bank property.
Yes? I'll take him from here.
Thank you.
You can hand him over to my head of security.
Vivian's getting pretty good at this, isn't she? Miss Volkoff.
I'll admit I didn't see the family resemblance at first.
But now I see your father in you.
So there's no way these things could be a clue to where your father hid his funds? - No.
I mean, these are all just pictures of me.
So nothing on Volkoff's money.
Looks like we hit a dead end.
Unless Langley uncovers something about those servers that you saw.
Excuse me.
It's crazy.
I mean, I barely ever knew my father and now I discover that he's been watching me this whole time.
- I feel like I deserve some answers.
- You do.
At least you got to talk to your father.
I'm never going to be able to do that.
Maybe you will.
I thought the CIA had him locked up somewhere.
But I am the CIA.
I can ask around, see if we can set up a meeting.
- Are you serious? - I know what you're going through.
I do.
If you really wanna talk to your father, I can do everything that I - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So, what's the wedding epiphany? I just realized we have been going about this wedding planning all wrong.
- We have? - Yes.
You don't build a wedding around flowers or the cake or food.
What do you build the wedding around? Uh, the weather? The dress, Sarah.
You build the wedding around the dress.
I know you're not the typical wedding-dress girl, but I thought - It seems like it could be fun.
- Really? Yeah.
I've been looking for a way to ease into this, and I think this might be it.
In fact, I'm gonna go do some research right now.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
It's perfect.
We're getting married.
Oh, my God.
We're getting married? - Pretty dress.
- I know.
Might wanna get a new one, though.
Looks like this one's been on a mission.
Hey, hey, hey.
Whoa, whoa.
I know what you two did to my ad.
And guess what? You owe me.
We owe you? You owe us.
You would be nothing without us.
You get that? Look, I just need a place to stay for tonight.
- And you said you had the room.
- Sorry, friend-o.
Vacancy's been filled.
- Really? - Come.
Let us adjourn to our castle.
Can you believe we get to live with a king? This is gonna score us some serious Ren-tang.
We've just heard back from Langley.
Using the stolen servers, the bank is turning itself into a black market stock exchange laundering money for criminals, terrorists, and rogue nations.
If we could access those, that intelligence would be priceless.
Exactly, Agent Walker.
Which is why we still need Miss Volkoff.
As an account holder, she can enter the bank and manually upload a digital tag to their network.
Bartowski, do you think you can get the asset to do that? Yes, yes, I think I can, but we might have to give her something in return.
She would like a meeting with her father.
A meeting? With Alexei Volkoff? After all she's been through, don't you think we owe her that much? - Fine.
I'll set it up.
- Thank you, general.
There is one more thing.
In order to keep the bank from realizing what Miss Volkoff is doing, we'll need a diversion.
What did you have in mind? Gear up.
You two are going to rob a bank.
So it comes down to this.
Buy More? Why would there be a facility at the Buy More? They got facilities like you wouldn't believe.
I've seen everything, nothing surprises me.
The only other TR-476 I'd installed before was in Langley.
So why here in Burbank? If it's above my clearance, I don't ask questions.
Neither should you, Todd.
- Just making conversation.
- Don't.
No, it's just maintenance, I believe, over here in Sector 7G.
- Casey.
- What are you doing here, Grimes? Nothing.
I was I needed a place to stay, as you know so I thought I could just crash here for tonight.
- What did you see? - I don't have very good eyesight.
I thought they were installing DirecTV or something because they were There was some Nothing.
I should go.
I'll sleep under my desk at Buy More.
It's probably more comfortable.
If you could point me in the right direction John Yeah, oh, you're still there.
- We are delighted to see you again.
- Thank you so much.
I'm glad you were able to accommodate me at such a late hour.
Our clientele demands constant access.
Okay, she's in.
You ready to do this? - What are you doing? - What? We're robbing a bank, right? - You packed them, I thought - In case we had the chance to go out later.
- Take them off.
You'll wreck them.
- Sorry.
That's better.
Now let's go rob a bank.
Take as much time as you need.
Just let him know when you want to leave.
Ma'am, wait here, please.
- Drop it now! - This is a robbery! Everybody stay down! Miss Volkoff, may I come in? The CIA is not on your side, you know.
You're simply an asset to them, they've been using you.
No, it's not true.
Did one of them seem to understand you you know, what you're going through? And did he use that connection to get you to help him? And was it this one? Yeah, this is Charles Carmichael.
He's the agent responsible for putting your father in jail.
Keep filling those bags, people.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! - Having fun? - A little.
- Takes your mind off the wedding.
- Actually, it hasn't been so bad.
I took you up on your advice, and I found a dress.
- Hey.
- Ellie was right.
When I put it on, it felt like magic.
Get down on the ground before I blow your freaking head off! I'm so glad you found a dress.
I bet you look gorgeous in it.
Don't be a hero, my friend! I will break your face! It's actually really pretty.
I never thought I would say this, but I felt like a princess.
- Mr.
Riley, my father is a criminal.
- That's what they call him.
You saw what your father left for you here at the bank.
He loves you, you know? The CIA has used you.
You know that, right? Chuck promised I would get to meet my father.
No, you're not gonna get to see your father because they don't want you to.
There's only one way that you can truly learn about your father.
When you're ready you let me know.
You left this in your father's office.
Thought you might like to have it.
- Don't shoot.
I'm unarmed.
- Get down here.
Come on, come on.
It's about that time, honey bunny.
Nobody follow, we have a hostage.
Keep walking.
No one shoot.
She's a Volkoff.
Thank you, Bank of Macau.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Mission accomplished.
Hey, you did great in there.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Everything's fine.
You successfully planted the tracer in the First Bank of Macau's servers and made the break-in look like a legitimate robbery.
The digital tag is already leading us to terrorist organizations around the globe.
- Good work, team.
- Uh, general, sorry.
About the deal that we made with Vivian.
When does she get to see Volkoff? Yes.
After some consideration we have decided the security risks are too great.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
I promised her she'd be able to see her father.
- What am I supposed to tell her now? - Agent Bartowski you told your asset what she needed to hear.
That's what a spy does.
Well done.
Do you need my help telling her? No.
Thanks, though.
She trusted me.
I'll do it.
Vivian, I'm sorry, but they're not gonna let you see your father.
What? - What do you mean? - They went back on their word.
They? The CIA? - But I thought you were the CIA.
- I am.
It's just It's It's complicated.
I'm not giving up.
I promise I will find a way for you to see him.
It just might take a little while, that's all.
Look, I know this is a lot to handle right now.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
Thank you for being honest with me.
You told me I had to choose between roses and orchids but that was before you showed me Casablanca lilies.
- I need a hundred dozen.
- A hundred dozen? More? I'm sorry.
What about the cake? Did you like the hazelnut cream? It reminded me of this amazing patisserie in Paris.
I think maybe we should fly the cake in.
Definitely we should fly the cake in.
That sounds really expensive especially after that dress you picked out.
You only get married once.
This is meant to be special.
Plus, it'll make Chuck really happy.
I should look into booking a private island for the ceremony.
Oh, my God.
Ellie, what the heck was that? I think I created a monster.
Yeah? Because I work at the Buy More and that stuff sounds kind of pricey.
Maybe you could just pick up a few extra shifts.
Or rob a bank.
Oh, what's going on there, Case Logic? Case Logic? Mid-90s, held your CDs? - You're clearly not a nickname guy.
- Oh, God.
And, well, look, I just wanted to apologize about, you know, snooping around.
I just want you to know I just needed a place to sleep.
But between you and I, what was exactly going down there in Castle? I mean Nothing.
Not very nice.
Well Then that wasn't some weird, mysterious door that I saw you walking out of? Look, you're right.
I have no idea what I'm even talking about.
There's obviously some rational reason you would have a TR-476 in some weird, strange room.
I'm just overtired.
I haven't slept, I haven't eaten.
I just really want a place to stay.
- Grimes? - Yeah.
Are you leveraging me to stay in my apartment? I don't Am I? Let's say I was.
Is it working? Okay.
You can stay at my place as long as you keep quiet don't tell anyone, especially Bartowski.
Casey, you have no idea how much this means to me.
Come here.
Don't get excited.
I'm keeping you close to make sure you keep your mouth shut.
Because if you don't I know where you live.
Right, because - Scram.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, Vivian, it's Chuck and Look, I know that you must be feeling Just give me a call when you get a chance.
If you could.
That'd be great.
I'm ready to learn the truth about my father.