Chucky (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

An Affair to Dismember

Previously on fucking "Chucky."
Nica, sometimes when we're together,
you looking at me
And I know it's you.
It's not Chucky. And I
live for those moments.
Okay, so there's just one left, right?
One doll left.
Open the fucking door!
Our charity matinee, "Frankenstein,"
will still take place
tomorrow as planned.
- Mom or mayor?
- Excuse me?
Choose. Because Lexy didn't
sign up for all of this,
and neither did I.
Why is someone random guy
delivering a Good Guy doll
to Charles Lee Ray's old house?
Devon's at Charles Lee Ray's house.
My name's Devon, by the way.
- What's yours?
- It's Chucky.
I love you. I just want to protect you.
It's over. We're done.
My dad kissed some lady at the wake.
My mom's wake.
Real classy, Dad.
- No wonder she jumped.
- Shut your goddamn mouth!
She killed herself because of you.
Kid, thank you! Finally!
You have no idea how hard it's been
getting one of you little shits
to step up and play.
Now, the real fun can start.
- Shit.
- Who is he?
Someone who never had
the balls to be one of us.
Or the height. Dude's
almost as short as you.
I know, right?
What do we do?
What do you think?
I'm looking for Jake Wheeler.
- And you are?
- A friend.
Jake's sure got a lot of new friends.
Is he here?
What about your mother?
- She died.
- She died?
Not that it's any of your business,
but she killed herself.
Well, is your dad home?
Yeah, actually, he is. This way.
So how do you know Jake?
We met in an online chat group.
For Good Guy doll collectors.
Said he has one for sale.
I didn't know he was
getting rid of Chucky.
Is Chucky here? I'd love
to take a look at him.
I mean, if he's as mint as Jake says.
I don't think you'll be disappointed.
He was just here.
- Your dad or the doll?
- Both, actually.
My mistake.
I guess he went out.
- With the doll?
- I guess.
Where'd he go, your dad?
Probably out with his girlfriend.
You don't mind if I take
a quick look around, do you?
Just in case he's here?
The doll, I mean.
I don't mind.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know how weird this is.
What's your name?
Junior. I'm Jake's cousin.
You said your dad went
out with his girlfriend.
You really think he
brought the doll with him?
I'd rather not think
about that at all. Thanks.
Why don't we call him?
What, now?
Yeah. Let's try his cell.
- And ask if he has Chucky?
- Humor me, okay?
You having a bath?
I was about to.
He always leaves it.
Be careful.
It's freezing.
Do you have any idea where
your father and his
girlfriend may have gone?
What about Jake? Where's he tonight?
Sorry. I have no idea.
Lot going on.
I'll let myself out.
But if you see Jake,
tell him to call me.
And Junior, if you see the doll,
stay away from him.
I knew he'd never look in here.
The guy's got serious issues.
- Why didn't you kill him?
- He had a gun.
I hate guns.
They're like my Achilles heel.
Along with axes, fire,
and those big, industrial-size fans.
I just wanted to fuck with him.
I got other plans for Andy Barclay.
What'd you do with my dad?
Down the laundry chute.
You hungry?
He doesn't exactly need
help killing people.
No, he doesn't.
So why bother?
What's he getting out of it?
Seriously, why has Chucky
been trying to get one
of us to kill somebody?
What would that accomplish?
Maybe it's part of some voodoo spell.
Maybe it has something to do
with that doll
you got at the bus station.
I left it in the kitchen.
Here's Chucky!
- Who are you?
- I'm Kyle. I'm with Andy.
Okay, how many freaking
Chuckys are there?
That's a good freaking question.
We need to kill all of them.
- We need to find Devon first.
- Who's Devon?
His boyfriend.
He's not my
He's at Chucky's old house.
Okay. Well, trust me,
if we're going into the lion's den,
we're gonna need help,
and we're gonna need Andy.
And we're gonna need a lot of coffee.
- Where's Andy?
- Don't worry, he's on his way.
Okay, so Chucky can, like,
splinter himself into other dolls?
Only Good Guy dolls.
It has to be an identical vessel.
Except for Nica.
- Who's Nica?
- Poor girl at the asylum.
Chucky possessed her, too. I know.
Whack. Fucking voodoo, man.
A few weeks ago, there were three dolls.
Jake, we thought you had the last one.
But here's the thing.
If Chucky can corrupt an innocent,
if he can get just one
kid to kill someone,
he can make an entire army.
Either of you kill anyone lately?
Will you please just let it go?
Somewhere here in Hackensack,
I fear some poor kid is
Chucky's friend to the end.
It's not Devon. Devon's fine.
And they've probably got him as bait,
so what are we waiting for?
Don't worry. I have a plan.
I'm really sorry. I feel terrible.
But Andy would kill me if
I let anything happen to you.
This is all I could
think of to keep you safe.
I promise to do everything
I can to save your friend.
Everything's gonna be okay.
And now
you are, too.
Hi, honey! I'm home!
Ooh, where did Nica go?
Where is she?
Oh, I see a little foot. Ha!
That was fun!
Please don't hurt me.
One thing you should
know about me, Nica.
I would never, ever hurt you.
No, please. I'm scared of needles.
Don't be scared. It's just a little.
You won't feel anything.
Oh, I'm disappointed in you, Tiff.
Here we are again, huh?
This will make how many
times have I killed you?
Is it three?
No, four. Four, if you count
human bodies and doll bodies.
This this will be
the last time, babe.
I promise.
You can't kill me, Chucky! You need me!
You need me, or the plan won't work!
Think about it.
Oh, thinking is for losers.
Think again.
She's right, bro. We need her.
And I'm kind of used
to having her around.
Help her up.
Yeah, help me up, asshole.
Get up.
Fuck you, Chucky.
Thank you, Chucky.
Come to Mama, come to Mama!
Who's a good little Good Guy?
Who's a good little Good Guy?
Looking good, doll.
You're not looking so
bad yourself, Sweetface.
- So where are they?
- They're right downstairs.
- Follow me.
- Okey-doke.
Come into my inner sanctum.
Watch your step. We wouldn't
want to have any accidents.
Chucky, it worked.
Thanks to my pal here, Mr. Patricide.
Proud of him.
Now, he's gonna do his friend.
That's you.
You want me to kill Devon?
Not yet. He could still be useful.
Good thinking.
Are you ready to meet
the troops, Chucky?
Pretty soon, the good guys
are gonna come for him,
and then, we're gonna
party like it's 1999.
What does that mean?
We're gonna fuck 'em up.
- Oh.
- And then, vaya con Dios.
Kill 'em all.
Any questions?
Um, uh
is there an age limit?
On potential victims?
Good question.
No babies. We're not savages.
And they make better stooges anyway.
Anyone else?
Uh, yeah.
Could you define "baby"?
I mean, they can get pretty
wily once they start walking.
Well, let's just say nobody
under the age of five or six.
Fair enough?
What about twins?
Those freaks will gang up on you.
I mean, two against one?
That's not a fair fight.
Am I right?
See you tomorrow night at the theater.
- Don't be late.
- You got it.
All right.
No cookies for bad little boys.
There you go, Sweetface.
Don't get me started
on Andy Barclay, bro.
You should have seen
the look on his face
when I whacked his babysitter.
Chucky! We did it!
Chucky, Chucky, Chucky, Chucky.
- In a minute.
- Ah, Jesus Christ, huh?
So what's all this been like?
You wouldn't believe
the amount of tail I get like this.
Dick, too.
You know, Chucky, you really
need to get over yourself.
You are the most self-involved man
I have ever met in my entire life.
- Are you talking to me?
- Or me?
Well, strictly speaking,
neither one of you is a man at all.
A real man would know
how to treat a lady!
But I don't see no lady.
Oh, no.
- Oh, shit.
- Please.
At least she treats me
with a little respect.
Okay. Tiff, you're right. I'm sorry.
And maybe I should just get over myself.
And sometimes that takes real sacrifice.
Kill her.
No! No! No, no, please! Please!
I'm sorry?
You know what that does to me.
Chucky, she's a part of you, too!
Plenty of me to go around nowadays.
There's 72 more of me on that truck.
Now kill the bitch.
Okay, Chucky. I'll do it for you.
But I don't want to do it.
Who is it you're afraid of losing, Tiff?
Me or her?
Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!
Junior, do it.
I'm sorry, Chucky.
I'm sorry.
Chucky, I mean, who is she?
She's your goddamn trophy.
Now do her, or I'll do the three of ya!
You fucking hag!
You're upside-down.
Back off, Junior!
Who are you gonna trust to get
you out of this shithole town
before they find your father's corpse?
Or that?
I'm done with you, Chucky!
I'm done with your petty
shit and your massive ego
and your tiny fucking dick!
Tell me something, Sweetface.
Did you ever wonder
how those cops found you
that night in Chicago?
We never kill anybody together anymore.
Where the hell do you
think you're going?
Going out.
Don't wait up for me, Red. Eh?
I'd like to speak to
Detective Mike Norris, please.
I have some information
on the Lakeshore Strangler.
I'm gonna get you for it!
I'm gonna get you!
One of me's gonna
get you! No matter what!
You'll do no such thing.
You need me, Chucky.
Besides, it's like
my mother always said.
If you love somebody, set them free.
Well, I'm setting us both free, Chucky.
Vaya con Dios!
See you in hell!
Mic drop.
All right, Junior, look
alive. Make yourself useful.
I'm gonna make her go nighty-night.
No! Tiffany, stop! Please
don't! Tiffany, don't!
So noisy. All right.
Here, honey. Help me
with your auntie, Nica.
I have more important things to do.
- What's that?
- Isn't it cute?
My darling Glenda gave it to me.
They have exquisite taste.
A little something to welcome
Andy Barclay with a bang.
All right.
You took one?
Can I keep him?
Okay, you can keep him.
But you gotta clean up the mess.
Get up!
Kill the twink.
Andy. The front door's booby-trapped.
Yeah, I figured.
They delivered the dolls in a truck.
Andy, they're all alive.
Just get out. Now.
Another goddamn head.
Why not?
Where are the dolls, Chucky?
I'm not telling you, short stack,
so don't even bother.
Oh, you're gonna tell me, all right.
Where the fuck are you?
I'm everywhere.
Help me! Please, help!
Kyle, no!
Lexy, wake up.
Wake up.
The bitch drugged us.
How long were we asleep?
Mom sent like 100 texts from the hotel.
She's actually worried about me.
Devon's still at
Charles Lee Ray's old house.
Check your alerts.
No. No, not Devon.
Jake, I'm so sorry.
Devon. I thought you were dead.
I was looking for you everywhere.
- So what happened?
- That woman.
She was at Bree's wake.
She planted a bomb.
What about Andy and Kyle?
I got out, but
they were both inside.
We're on our own. Again.
Kyle said that
Chucky needs to convince
an innocent to kill somebody.
If he does, he'll have an army.
But who's the innocent?
And who did they kill?
He killed his dad.
- Who?
- Junior.
Oh, shit.
There was a room full of Chuckys,
living ones, at the house.
There was dozens of them.
But they took them away in a truck.
Those dolls could be anywhere.
The mayor's benefit is today.
Some fundraiser for
children's hospitals.
Chucky's gonna hit the benefit.
We gotta get to the theater.
I'd like to thank all of you
for coming to this important event,
a benefit not only for
the children of Hackensack,
but for children in
need all over the USA!
What better way to
celebrate the occasion
than to announce the identity
of our special celebrity guest
And I know this will come
as a wonderful surprise
Oscar-nominated actress
and professional poker
player, Jennifer Tilly!
Hello, Hackensack. Hello!
Help me.
Hello! You look ravishing.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, please, sit down. I love you all.
- Junior?
- Lexy!
Every Better Days
hospital in the country
will receive a priceless gift
from her personal collection
of vintage Good Guy dolls!
"Hi. I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"
That's right.
72 authentic Good Guy dolls
that will be transported
immediately after
the show to Teterboro Airport,
and from there to needful
children from coast to coast.
Let's hear it for
Ms. Jennifer Tilly! Whoo!
Thank you.
Chucky! I want Chucky!
Okay. So let's all go watch
"Frankenstein," all right?
- Yay!
- Let's go.
Chucky wants to watch
"Frankenstein" too!
No, sweetheart, those
are for sick children
who need someone to take care of them.
Well, I'm sure one
measly, little, sick child
can take care of himself.
Here, sweetheart.
Your very own Good Guy doll.
Be careful, you two.
Don't get into too much trouble.
Look, it's moving.
It's moving. It's alive!
It's alive, it's alive,
it's alive, it's alive!
What did you do to Junior?
In the name of God!
See for yourself.
I'm Maria.
Will you play with me?
See how mine floats?
This is my favorite part.
No, you're hurting me! No!
- Hey.
- Hi.
Thank you.
Chucky? Where are you going?
- I'm gonna get some popcorn.
- Oh, yeah?
You want some?
Please, Junior.
I think we should get back together.
You do?
It's incredible.
What is?
I used to be so afraid.
Afraid to compete, afraid of my dad.
I was even afraid of you.
But Chucky changed everything.
How's that?
He taught me how to be a man.
The brain which was
stolen from my laboratory
was a criminal brain.
What'd I miss?
After all, it's only
a piece of dead tissue.
- Here you go.
- Only evil can come of it.
Your health will be ruined if
you persist in this madness.
I'm astonishingly sane, Doctor.
You have created a monster,
and it will destroy you!
What's going on?
One of us, Lexy. That's who you are.
You're a winner. And you
know what winners say.
Fuck the losers who can't take a joke.
Come with us.
Come with us, and it'll be
better than it ever was before.
You and me. Together.
I'm not like that.
You're exactly like
that, and you know it.
You and Junior are made for each other.
Hey. Care?
Devon's gonna get you out of here,
but you have to hold
his hand the whole time.
- But the movie's not over yet.
- I know. We'll watch it later.
But right now, Devon's
gonna get you out of here.
But what about Daddy?
He's coming! Go!
Here I am, asshole! Come and get me!
You know what, Jake?
Once I hack you to pieces,
the world's gonna forget all about you.
Eventually, they're
gonna forget the names
of everybody who died here tonight.
All they'll remember is
the number of people I killed.
My body count.
And they'll remember my name.
And from now on, when
they think of Hackensack,
they won't think about families,
they won't think about kids growing up
to be doctors or CEOs
or Instagram influencers.
They won't think about
pathetic losers like you, Jake.
They'll think of
Hackensack as ground zero
for the army of me that invaded America.
Not if we stop that truck.
Not if I kill you first.
You're thinking,
"How could a little doll
possibly be so strong?"
Doesn't make any sense!
You're nothing against the power
of the great, almighty Damballa!
I loved you, Junior.
I honestly did.
Because you were kind,
'cause you were loyal,
'cause you forgave me
every time I screwed up.
I was a bitch.
God, I was such a bitch.
And you were the sweetest boy ever.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
He's not a boy, he's a man.
No, Junior, you're a boy.
And you will never be
the kind of man he wants you to be.
Kill her now, Junior!
But if you fall
this time I'll catch you.
I promise.
Kill her! Or I will!
Leave her alone.
She's not like us.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Junior! No! No!
No, Junior, please don't. Oh, my God.
Tell everyone I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
There he is! The murderer!
You dare defy the almighty Damballa?
Yeah. I've been doing
some pushups lately.
Look at you now, Chucky.
You're pathetic. You're nothing.
You're just Teddy Ruxpin
without a knife.
I don't need that shit.
All I need are my bare hands.
All that anyone's gonna remember tonight
is that we kicked your ass.
The world won't believe you.
They never do.
Admit it, Jake.
When I killed your dad,
you were thrilled.
I saw it in your eyes.
I knew he'd never be
able to hurt me again.
And this is how you thank me?
Then I was pissed.
I'm still pissed
that we never got
the chance to work it out,
or to be friends again.
I was your friend.
I accepted you.
Your father never would have.
Yes, he would have.
If he only got the chance to meet Devon.
Oh, that is so gay.
Watch your fucking mouth.
That's my boyfriend
you're talking about.
What what about Daddy?
Good job, good job.
The plane leaves at midnight.
Don't be late.
Or I'll kill you.
Just joking. Actually, I'm not.
It's Andy.
He did it.
Andy, I don't think
we've had the pleasure.
I'm Tiffany, the doll, not the person.
It's complicated.
You're not as cute
as I thought you'd be.
Just drive.
If you know what's good for you.
Morning, sleepyhead.
I really like you, Nica.
After all we've been through.
Just one snag.
I couldn't run the risk that
Chucky would sneak back in.
Who knows what that
little shit would do to me?
Sometimes a girl's just
gotta advocate for herself.
So I fixed it.
Hackensack's motto
is "defendit numerus,"
Latin for "safety in numbers."
But what happens when
we feel outnumbered?
How do we fight back?
How do we stand a chance
against an enemy
who disguises himself as our friend?
Maybe the best way is
to know the difference
between friend and enemy.
And that means digging
deep enough to find out.
Sometimes bad things happen.
We try to stop them.
Sometimes we can't.
If people die, it's up
to us to remember them.
Junior wasn't born
with evil in his heart.
Chucky put it there.
Like he tried to do with me.
But you guys stopped him.
Thanks for saving my life.
We can never tell anyone
what really happened.
Not even Ms. Fairchild.
But the three of us are enough.
Even though believing in
one another is not easy,
standing together does
not come naturally.
But when we do, united like that,
that's how we fight back.
That's how we win.
Hello. I didn't see you there.
I'm Chucky, and I hope
you enjoyed my new show.
You were probably wondering
how it all turned out.
Who lived, who loved, who died.
The eternal questions,
explored by authors
such as Austen, Shakespeare,
And speaking of who died,
let's review, shall we?
I scored one electrocution
one decapitation
one defenestration
one exsanguination
an explosion
an awesome dishwasher mishap,
a neck break,
and one beat down
I'm sure you agree
the victim 100% had coming.
And let us not forget
the good, old-fashioned stabbings.
And exactly how did I kill the cat?
Probably better I leave
that to your imagination.
Making for a grand total
of 21 victims.
Well, at least the kids
got their happy ending.
True love, BFFs,
and a whole bunch of dead parents!
But what about Andy and Nica,
and that truck full of Chuckys?
What kind of ending do they get?
And now, a word from our sponsors.
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