Chucky (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

The Sinners Are Much More Fun

I've spent some time with you,
I've spent some time with Chucky,
and I gotta say I like you better.
I thought you quit.
You seem weird.
Holy homemade bomb, batgirl.
Why are you doing this?
There were 72 of me on that truck.
This is for Kyle.
Exactly how many of you are left?
Enough to make this worth the sacrifice.
These kids are responsible
for Gary's death.
It was a tragic accident.
I've done some work with troubled youth
at the School of the Incarnate Lord.
He blew himself up.
He's never done anything
like that before.
No matter what, he's
gonna come for us again.
Guys, why does this
place look so familiar?
Charles Lee Ray lived
here when he was our age.
Welcome to Incarnate Lord.
Do you know why you're here?
'Cause God hates us?
He wants you to seek forgiveness
and to find your way back to him.
No, no.
Good morning, sweet face!
Rise and shine!
What was that screaming?
Oh, I'm sorry, Nica.
I didn't mean to disturb you.
I was just it am just
I I had a bad dream.
Well, that was probably
your fucking conscience.
I don't want to argue, Nica,
not when I'm so happy.
Are you happy?
Are you as happy as you make me?
Take a wild guess.
Somebody woke up on the wrong
side of bed this morning.
Come on now. What's the matter?
You chopped off my arms
and legs, you lunatic.
We've been through this before.
I cut off Chucky's arms and legs,
so he can never come
between us ever again.
You kept me prisoner in
this house for a year.
We never have to
leave here. Look around.
Everybody says Jennifer
Tilly has impeccable taste.
You're not Jennifer Tilly.
Another reason why you can never leave.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Nica,
I need to speak with him.
Hiya, doll.
Hello, Chucky.
What the fuck is this?
Oh, oh, I'm coming for you, Tiff.
You only think I'm stuck in that chair.
You're gonna pay
for what you did to me, doll.
You and those kids,
you're all dead.
I'm gonna see you all
rotting in the ground ♪
"As Jesus came down from the mountain
"to meet with his disciples,
"a man beseeched him, 'Teacher
"By an unclean spirit.
"And does of unspeakable things.
"But I beg you, can you
show my poor boy compassion?
"Is it possible still to redeem him?'
"Jesus replied, 'Oh,
faithless generation,
"how often must I tell you?
"Anything is possible
if you choose the Lord.
"Then, Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit.
"I command you, release this child.
Be gone, and never return!'"
"Then, Jesus took the boy
by the hand, raised him up,
and he was saved."
This is the Gospel of the Lord.
Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ.
So what does it mean?
It's a metaphor,
and I just
I love metaphors.
Sin is a choice.
It's not complicated.
It's primitive.
It's that it's that
devil on our shoulder
tempting us with sex,
drugs, and whatever.
God is a choice too.
Confession is a choice.
And on God's team, every confession
is a victory, because every confession
is someone who has made a choice
to take one step closer to God.
And God sure does love a winner.
I despise sports metaphors.
- Peace be with you.
- And also with you.
Let us offer each
other the sign of peace.
Peace be with you.
Hi, I'm Nadine.
So what you in for?
He who eats my flesh and
drinks my blood abides in me,
and I in him.
Now what do we do? Do we go up?
You Catholic?
No, I don't think so.
Oh, then just hang here with me.
You're a heathen too?
Oh no, I'm Catholic, but
I sinned this morning.
I can't take Communion again
until I make my confession
to Father O'Malley.
What did you do?
There. That's him.
That's Trevor.
- That altar boy?
- Trust me.
He's evil,
and he's brilliant.
He could teach Chucky a thing or two.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
Size four.
- Zero.
- Not here, you're not.
I have to wear this every day?
Welcome to my world.
And you'll have to brush that hair
and take all the makeup off your face.
You look like Madonna,
and not the good one.
Young man, you're underweight.
Thank you.
- Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
That was a wonderful homily.
Thank you.
I'm Father Bryce,
headmaster at Incarnate Lord.
You must be Ms. Cross,
Mr. Evans, and Mr. Wheeler.
Do you know why you're here?
Because God wants us to seek forgiveness
and to find our way back to him.
Very good, Sister Elizabeth.
Actually, I told them that.
I met with them when
they arrived this morning.
Oh Father, I started
cataloguing everything
in the Christmas toy drive.
I thought you were doing that.
It's still weeks away.
Well, that's wonderful,
Sister Elizabeth.
No time like the present.
Sister Ruth, who don't you
go help Edward in the kitchen?
Sister Catherine and I will show
these kids to their rooms.
Follow me.
By the way, Sister,
we received a new donation this morning
for your toy drive.
Oh, how wonderful.
- Who from?
- Doesn't say.
Don't you see it?
Don't you see him?
Our Lord's image, plain as day,
right here in this doll's face.
Didn't you see his image in
a taco at lunch last week?
That was different.
Speaking of tacos,
hadn't you be getting
down to the kitchen?
The girls' dormitory is
here on the second floor.
Boys are up on three.
Officially, you are not
allowed to fraternize,
but I think I finally
convinced Father Bryce
that simply isn't realistic these days.
Just make sure you leave your
door open if your male friends
are in your room.
Don't worry, we're
all perfectly safe here
when it comes to Jake and Devon.
Hi, roomie.
That bed's yours.
I'd actually prefer the
bed closer to the door.
You don't mind, do you?
I I need to be close
to the bathroom on account
of my bladder condition.
Oh, don't worry, she's doing great.
She hasn't wet the bed in weeks.
I'll let you get settled in.
Come on, fellas.
Let's pick up the pace.
Boys are up here.
The girls are on two.
No fraternizing in the girls' rooms.
- No exceptions.
- No problem.
Young people today are bombarded
with empty messages of love.
Hey, Devon, I think we should keep us
- on the down low around here.
- Fuck that.
Look, Catholics aren't
exactly down with the gays.
Avoid temptations of the opposite sex
until you're mature enough to handle
the consequences, you know?
Look, if we screw up, they're
gonna send us to juvie.
You're so pretty.
Not for long.
I've never been friends
with someone so glam before.
And now you never will be.
Oh, please.
You don't need all that makeup.
You're just naturally glam.
I mean, we're not going to be friends.
I don't need any more friends.
They just move away,
get busy,
fall in love,
and they couldn't
possibly understand what
I'm going through, anyway.
Besides, I don't plan
on being here very long.
No one ever does.
How long have you been here?
Since seventh grade.
My parents couldn't control me.
Nadine, why are you here?
Why are you here, Lexy?
I'll tell you my secrets
if you tell me yours.
Trust me, you don't want to know.
So we're roommates.
I'm sure you boys are anxious to get
on the straight and narrow,
get your lives back on track,
back on the right track,
back on the fast track to God.
I just love sports metaphors.
Me too.
Get those clothes off and get dressed.
Class starts in ten minutes.
And gentlemen,
don't be late.
Hey. It's okay, Jake.
It's all my fault.
Everything's gonna be okay.
It's all my fault.
No, it's not.
You know Trevor?
Knockoff Draco Malfoy?
I just need to come out swinging.
Show him who's boss.
Hi. I'm Lexy.
I'm an old friend of Trevor's.
Hey, did you know he was
born with only one testicle?
Or so he told me in fourth grade.
And you promised you'd never tell.
Look, Alexandra.
I made your life a living
hell back in the day,
and for that I'm truly sorry.
I hope you can forgive me.
For what it's worth,
I'm not the same person
as I was back then.
So who are you?
Someone who's not ashamed
of having only one testicle,
I guess.
Banish anxiety from your heart
and cast off the troubles of your body.
For youth and vigor are meaningless.
Ecclesiastes 11:10.
I can only imagine
what you've gone through
this past year.
Everyone's talking about it.
All those murders.
Dating a deranged killer
and that poor soul
taken in your own home
but I think the Lord brought you here
so I can finally make
things right with you.
And I thank God for the opportunity.
It'd be a sin to waste it.
Peace be with you.
You can see how Hieronymus Bosch,
in his typical surrealist mode,
depicts the seven deadly sins,
starting with wrath at bottom,
and then moving clockwise,
we get envy,
and finally, pride.
Can anyone tell me what
the outer four circles represent,
the so-called "last four things"?
They represent the four wages of sin:
death, judgement, heaven, and hell.
That's very good, Jake.
You're familiar with the surrealists.
A little.
I'm more familiar with the wages of sin.
But why should we, as Catholics,
need to worry about this if we can just
go to confession and be forgiven?
I'm gonna let you guys
in on a little secret.
You know, despite what
Father Bryce said in his homily
this morning, in my experience,
sin isn't really simple.
It's actually super complicated.
Good people do bad things
for all kinds of screwed-up reasons.
It's important for all of
us to examine those reasons
and not treat confession
like a hot shower.
Redemption can't really happen
without a long, hard look in the mirror.
Any more questions?
Are there any sins that
are just unforgivable?
Well, I sure hope not,
because then I'm really in trouble.
Okay, page 43.
Hi. I'm Chucky.
- Wanna play?
- Not particularly.
Oh, stop.
Really? Just looking at me
is scary enough to
give you a heart attack?
Oh, my God, thank you!
You made my day.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
That's vampires, right?
Hi. I'm Chucky.
Wanna pray?
Look at him. He's taunting us.
He isn't doing anything.
That's what I mean. It's diabolical.
Could I have your attention, please?
Sister Elizabeth has been called home.
God rest her soul.
God rest her soul.
Apparently, it was a heart attack.
Now, I know you'll all
keep her in your prayers,
but the best way to honor
her is by honoring God.
So let's get back to
class, and let's get busy.
Idle hands are the Devil's playground.
I will be taking the sister's classes
for the rest of the day,
starting with study hall.
Thank you.
Okay. Children, to class.
What do we do?
We can't tell anyone.
They'll lock us in a mental hospital
and throw away the key.
I say we make a run for it.
I mean, this isn't a gulag.
There are no armed guards.
We're not gonna get shot or anything.
We have nowhere else to go.
So let's just stand our ground,
give Chucky what's coming to him.
This is all my fault. If
I never bought the fucker
at the yard sale in the first place,
none of this would have happened.
My dad, your dad, your mom,
Jake, stop blaming yourself, okay?
Chucky did it. He's the asshole here.
I can't let anyone else
die, especially you guys.
I have to get in there.
You people lost?
No, Father.
Look, I know your history.
Dr. Mixter filled me in.
It's just a doll.
I'll see you three in study hall.
That guy reminds me of my dad.
- Yes.
- Yes!
"If I get sole custody of the kids,
that's another 10
grand in child support."
- You just won $11 million!
- Hey!
"I'm the victim here!"
"You said it yourself.
Now, I'm gonna hit him where it hurts!"
"Hit him where it hurts."
You do realize that that's not you.
Of course.
Jennifer Tilly did this
role long before I took over.
This is just sad.
This sitting here,
watching old Jennifer
Tilly movies over and over.
When was the last time you booked a job?
Nica, I told you,
we have everything we need
right here in this house.
Yeah, but at the rate you're going,
you're gonna lose this house.
I know you went through
all of Jennifer Tilly's
"Simpsons" money.
How does someone go
through $100 million?
It's not easy being me.
It's not cheap being me either.
Bullshit! Bullshit!
You know, when you
first brought me here,
I thought-I thought I was gonna be
- living with a real movie star.
- Mm.
Some glamorous and exciting.
Instead, I got this.
I got you A washed up imposter,
obsessed with her own fake past.
You need to get out of this
house and get a job, Tiffany.
So you can escape?
Nice try, Nica.
How the fuck am I gonna escape?
Oh, that reminds me,
my darling Glen and Glenda
are coming by this weekend
for their birthday celebration,
so you know the drill.
It's either the ball
gag or the chloroform.
Your choice.
Oh shit, we're all out of chloroform.
How did that happen?
Oh my God. That's not the gate.
It's the front door.
Help! Help me!
- Shh.
- Help me!
- Shh. Shh.
- Please help!
Shh. Shh. You're
gonna ruin everything.
What is wrong with you? Shh.
H Hello?
Oh, my God.
Ms. Tilly,
I am sorry to bother
you, but I am a huge fan.
H-how did you get past the gate?
I climbed over the wall.
Well, this is private property.
I'm calling the cops.
Oh, Detective Sam Gavin.
Beverly Hills Police,
but I'm also a fan.
Okay. Well, in that case,
Officer, maybe you would
like to take a selfie with me?
Detective, and, you
know, I would love that.
But I'm actually here
because of a missing person.
Ms. Tilly, have you ever heard
Ms. Tilly, have you ever heard
No. No. No. No.
Ms. Tilly, have you ever
heard of Nica Pierce?
Nica Pierce.
Yes, I believe I met her
when I visited that
mental hospital back east.
You know, that's one of the causes
I'm most passionate about
Women with mental health issues.
- Then you're aware that
- No.
Well, shortly after your visit
- Uh-huh.
- She killed several people.
Oh! Oh!
And then she escaped.
I can't believe they'd be stupid enough
to let her escape.
Well oh, you're still here.
I mean
- Yeah
- Okay, bye.
Yes, Mr. Wheeler?
Can I use the restroom?
I don't know, can you?
"May I go to the restroom, Father?"
May I?
You have exactly five minutes.
Five minutes?
Jake, you can't just
You two can wait.
One pass, zero mischief.
All right, you fucking asshole.
Really, Mr. Wheeler?
Back in the old days,
we would have washed
your mouth out with soap.
We have different methods
of teaching lessons now.
You've suffered great
pain in your young life,
but you've also caused great pain.
- You know why?
- I'm sure you'll tell me.
Because you're lost
like every other kid that
comes through my door,
but this place isn't a prison, Jake.
Here, you don't have
to be an orphan anymore.
You can choose to be a son again,
of the Heavenly Father.
Lay down your burdens and
let Him do the heavy lifting.
Just let go
and let God.
All you gotta do is stop fighting.
I'll never stop fighting.
Give it to me.
Your first Bible is
something you'll never forget.
I remember my father
calling me into his study,
which usually meant I
was in a world of trouble.
But on this day, he
handed me the good book,
and he said, "Son, I want you
to flip through these pages"
"until you find a passage
that speaks to you.
"And then, I want you to come back,
and I want you to read it to me."
I spent many nights with
my father after that
going through these sacred lessons.
Some of the best memories of my life.
This is yours now.
It's time for you to find
a passage that speaks to you.
Wait. Wait. What?
I'll check with you at
the end of the period.
Maybe you could read me something.
You can't just leave me here.
Do the work, Jake.
You won't regret it.
- Thank you, Sister.
- Father.
Yes, Mr. Evans.
I was just wondering where Jake is.
Why is that?
Well, he said I could look at his notes
from the sermon this morning.
The homily.
Right. Right. Homily.
Well, that's very charitable of him,
but you're gonna have to wait.
Where is he?
He's exactly where he should be.
And so are you.
How many of you survived that crash?
Oh, come on. This is stupid.
I know it's you. Just talk to me.
All right. Have it your way.
Where's the doll?
I honestly have no idea.
Did you even open it?
Open it.
Turn to John 8:44.
Read it to me.
Loud and clear.
"You are from your father, the Devil,
"and you choose to do
your father's desires.
"He was a murderer from the beginning
"and does not stand in the truth,
"because there is no truth in him.
"When he lies, he speaks
according to his own nature,
for he is a liar, and
the father of lies."
I encourage you to
choose the right father.
Now, where is the doll?
I told you, I don't know.
Can I go now?
Thank God.
Yeah. He locked me in here
with a Bible. And Chucky.
What happened?
He got away.
- He took my picture.
- What?
He had this phone,
and he took my picture
and he ran up the chimney.
Didn't even try to hurt me or anything.
- Why would he do that?
- No idea.
Another killer doll with a shady plan.
'Cause that worked out
so well the last time.
Whatever he's doing, we
have to find him fast.
Or we're all dead.
There's no lock?
They only lock from the outside.
School policy.
What are you doing?
What the hell is all this shit?
Look, I
I steal things sometimes.
That's why I'm here.
The really good stuff is under the bed.
I mean, everyone's got their secrets.
What's your secret?
My mother is the antichrist.
Moms are the worst.
Here. Help me move this
in front of the door.
Why would we be moving the
dresser in front of the door?
Because I sleepwalk.
Hey, that's your thing.
My thing?
Your secret.
Yeah. Right.
Don't tell anyone.
Cross my heart.
What's going on?
- Nadine.
- Open this door.
Now, I know this is intense,
and you may be wondering
what's going on
I know exactly what's going on.
God's punishing me for being a klepto,
but I found the doll in the stairwell.
- He was a ginger just like me.
- I know.
And he was just so adorable
that I couldn't help by myself and
You need to listen to me, okay?
- Say nothing.
- But
I want to know what's
going on right now.
Of course. What would you like to know?
Why were you screaming?
- Because I was scared.
- Scared of what?
What's going on here? What's happening?
I was scared of
You were scared of the bathroom?
I was scared of never
seeing my old bathroom again.
It was a great bathroom.
You're lucky to have a bathroom
at all, young lady.
Sister, please.
Where the hell could he be?
I have no idea.
Get the fuck off me!
Get off!
What are you doing here?
That's for me to know
and you to find out.
Why'd you take Jake's picture?
Picture? What picture?
I don't know what you're talking about.
How many of you are left?
Fuck you. I'm not telling you shit.
I think I know what Chucky's up to.
Does he eat?
I think so.
Does he sleep?
I have no idea.
So, does he, like, go to the bathroom?
God, I hope not.
There they are.
What happened? Did you get him?
She knows. It's okay, she's cool.
So is he dead or what?
We have something to show you.
Come on.
What the hell? Why
didn't you kill him?
Look, think about it.
Ever since he got here,
Chucky's been acting weird.
- Mm-mm.
- He took pictures of me.
He's been taking pictures
all over the school.
And every chance he
got to kill one of us,
he ran away instead. Why?
Because that's not his job.
Exactly. This Chucky isn't an assassin.
- He's a scout.
- Like a Boy Scout?
No, like Like a scout in war.
He's collecting information for someone.
That's what we're gonna find out.
I love birthdays, don't you?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! That's the gate!
They're here! The twins are here!
Tiffany, Tiffany, you
don't need to do this.
It's not that I don't trust you,
but I still don't know how
that head got inside my bed.
What? What are you talking about?
I'm talking about Chucky.
Maybe the two of you
are talking about me behind my back.
Maybe the two of you
are plotting against me
deep inside that pretty
little head of yours.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
I'm coming! I'm coming!
- Hi.
- Hi.
Remember me? Detective Sam Gavin?
I'm sorry to bother
you again, Ms. Tilly,
but something's just not adding up.
I think she's starting
to suspect something.
If she finds out we're working together,
it's all over.
Listen, asshole, the only reason
I even tolerate you being
here is because I have to.
After all we've been
through? Come on, Nica.
Admit it. I'm growing on you.
Like leprosy.
You need me if we're
gonna get out of here.
What I really need is a key
to get you out of my head.
And I need to Tiffany to
get what's coming to her.
You see, Nica? We do
have something in common.
I think Nica Pierce is here.
You're right, Officer,
Nica Pierce is here,
but she's innocent, I swear.
That's not for us to decide, Jennifer.
- Ms. Tilly.
- Ms. Tilly.
I guess deep down,
I always knew this day would come and
May I come in, Ms. Tilly?
Be my guest.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
To tell the truth, I'm kind of relieved.
Officer Gavin, have
you ever found yourself
in a position where you have
to go against your own values
and everything you
believe in as a human being
and a Christian to
protect someone you love?
Yeah, actually
Not me.
Values are for losers.
Glen. Glenda.
It's so nice to see your sweet faces.
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