Chucky (2021) s02e06 Episode Script

He is Risen Indeed

You saved us back there.
You're basically my hero.
You're responsible for
killing Jake's whole family.
But for some reason, he doesn't
seem to care about any of that.
That wasn't his fault.
Look, I know you're good.
What if there's still
the evil inside me too?
Look, I have an idea.
We're gonna need some help.
I have one last
birthday present for you.
- What about Glenda?
- It's for them too.
- Meg, look out!
I baptize you in the name
of the Father,
the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
- Amen.
- You're clean now.
No more evil.
Sister Ruth, get rid
of that abomination.
Yes, Father.
- Holy shit.
- Oh, my God.
What the name of heaven?
Does that guy look familiar?
Get him!
This is for Kyle!
All right, move him out.
Let's go, loser!
Bye, Andy.
Another pound of flesh.
Don't mind if I do.
What happens when there's nothing left?
Then I will cut deeper.
They've been torturing him for a year.
Tiffany has let Chucky Prime escape.
They're on their way here now.
"Chucky Prime"?
That's absurd.
He was the first.
Then he got sloppy.
First, he gets trapped
inside of Nica Pierce.
Then he lets Tiffany chew
him up and spit him out.
There's nothing prime about him.
He's low-grade meat.
All fat.
Sorry, Andy.
That's a rather tender
subject for you, isn't it?
So what happened to Tiffany?
Your infatuation with that
woman has always mystified me.
I am merely infatuated
with the thought
of her demise.
That lady always freaked me out.
- What about my men?
- Seriously.
My mom should get her money back
for all those therapy sessions.
Your brawny assassin is dead,
and the scout is unaccounted for.
And those kids are still breathing.
Let me do it.
Let me kill them for you.
I won't deny myself
that pleasure any longer.
Life's too short.
But Christ said
that to deny oneself is
the beginning of life.
Don't you see, Charlie?
All your self-indulgence
has been so risky.
Every dead Chucky brings
you one step closer
to extinction.
I don't have to answer to you.
I'm not eight-year-old Charlie anymore,
and you're no longer my therapist.
They were weak.
I was strong.
I am all the Chucky
anybody ever needs.
Now take me to the school
and let me finish this.
What about Andy?
Let's save him for dessert.
We'll be back soon, Andy.
If you get hungry while we're gone,
may I recommend your leg?
It's delicious.
Hey, Andy.
It's Devon and Lexy.
We're gonna untie you now.
Hey, hey, we're just trying to help.
- Hey, hey, hey!
It's me, Devon.
Don't you remember?
We met in Hackensack.
At Charles Lee Ray's house
before it blew up.
Hey, we're gonna get
you out of here, okay?
We're gonna take you to a safe place.
A different place. With a shower.
Where is he?
Chucky's gone.
Mixter's taking him back to the school.
Take me there.
Communion wafers aren't
actually for snacking.
Careful, or you'll wind
up like Father O'Malley
In the confessional.
Forgive me, Lord, for
questioning your works.
But why did you send Father
O'Malley to his maker?
I needed to get in a quick workout.
Is your hair different?
Do you like it?
You know, you should be a blonde.
I humble myself before you.
[CHUCKLES] You sure do.
Anything you wish, simply ask,
and it shall be done.
I like your style, "Sister Act."
Sister Ruth.
Oh, shit.
The Colonel's here.
You told me
that that Neanderthal was dead.
He was.
But Charlie, you do have
a talent for resurrection.
- Traitors.
- Hi!
Add them both to my list.
Please, remember you have
to make the kids' deaths
look like accidents or suicides.
I can work with that.
[WHISPERING] Where'd they go?
Devon didn't come back
to the room last night.
Lexy didn't either.
Maybe they got in
trouble with Father Bryce?
His punishments can
be draconian at times.
As servants of the Lord,
we abide by the law of God.
As members of society, we
abide by the law of man.
And as students of this school,
we abide by the rules of Incarnate Lord.
Now, recently, several students think
those rules are just a suggestion.
They are not.
Those rules are in place to protect us,
and if they are flouted,
they put each and every
single one of us in jeopardy.
Now, as you know, one of
the cardinal rules here
is that no student leaves
campus without permission.
Do you think they took off?
I hope not.
That's where the draconian
measures come in.
This rule has been broken.
I have no choice but to
lock the entire school down.
No extracurricular
activities, no field trips,
no outdoor privileges.
Every student will remain in their room
until further notice.
Lockdown begins now.
You're not going to get away with this.
- What?
- Trevor wouldn't run away.
He's not that stupid.
Your psycho friends have
him somewhere, don't they?
I don't know what you're talking about.
What have you done to
Trevor, you fucking freak?
One more word out of you, Ms. Del Gado,
I'll have no choice but to recommend
a transfer to juvie,
where you belong.
Now go to your room.
Where'd you get that?
That's none of your
business, Mr. Wheeler.
Mr. Wheeler,
get upstairs now.
You know, don't you?
You know what he is.
I said "now."
Dr. Mixter, I don't know
if bringing those kids here
was the best idea you ever had.
Trust me. It was.
You'll see.
Where did you get that?
I told Sister Ruth to
throw that abomination away.
I find it's a value in my sessions.
I use it to symbolize
my patients' trauma.
But what happened to his hair?
I can't share that with you.
Doctor-patient privilege.
It doesn't scare the children?
Only those who already
have evil in their hearts.
If you will excuse me.
Father, please. Think
about what you're doing.
This isn't a prison. Is this even legal?
The state of New Jersey and
the Archdiocese of Camden
have granted me full authority
to discipline these kids
as I see fit.
What do you think that will accomplish?
As it clearly states in Proverbs,
"Whoever spares the rod
hates their children.
"But the one that loves their children
are careful to discipline them."
You're saying I hate these children?
That's insulting and absurd.
I'm simply quoting scripture, Sister.
There's nothing simple about it.
Welcome back.
Who is this?
He's the reason we came back.
You taught us about Christian charity.
And when we met him,
I thought to myself,
"What would Sister Catherine do?"
It was clear what we needed to do next.
I hope I'm not getting them in trouble.
They've been very kind to me.
How can we help you, sir?
Well, this last year's
been really rough.
Just when I'd given up hope,
these two angels found me.
They told me about your church.
They were sure you'd
show me some kindness.
I could really use a shower
and a hot meal.
And a toothbrush.
I won't be any trouble.
I promise.
They did the right thing.
The church is always
here for people in need.
Sister, we don't know this man.
The school is on lockdown,
and I find it wholly inappropriate
to bring a stranger,
right now, into our midst.
"Contribute to the
needs of God's people,
and welcome strangers into your home."
Romans 12:13.
Or does the word of God only count
when it's coming from
your mouth, Father?
I don't think that applies
to these circumstances.
Why not?
Isn't it commanded in the Bible?
What's your name, sir?
It's Andy.
Come with me, Andy.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Thank you, Sister.
I would like to see
him in my office after.
- Will do.
- Thank you, Sister.
I'll be there in a minute
to lock you in.
No detours, no shenanigans.
You understand?
Got it.
No detours, no shenanigans.
Perfect example of the idiot patriarchy.
Look who's back.
You know leaving campus
violates your court order.
I could have you thrown
out of here if I wanted to.
But that's not what I want,
nor what he wants.
He wants you here
where he can get you.
So how does it feel
being a red-headed doll's little bitch?
Word of advice:
do not mention hair to the Colonel.
You're gonna pay for
what you did to Andy.
Who would believe you?
He's going to kill
each and every one of you,
and I am absolutely going to watch.
Is that really necessary?
Well, he's still inside her,
and you're still his kid.
So yeah, it's necessary.
Now can you tell us what's
gonna happen when we get there?
Chucky just said there
will be somebody there
who will help set us both free.
And we're just supposed
to take his word for it?
He wants out as much as I want him out.
Trust me.
How do you talk to him in there?
It's kind of hard to explain.
Does he ever mention Andy?
- You think he's still alive?
- I know he is.
They never found his body.
That's why I went to
L.A. in the first place.
I thought maybe your
maniac mother took him.
I really hope you find him.
Thank you.
They really have taken
almost everything from us,
haven't they?
Listen, I really hate
to ask this of you, but, um
You wanna talk to him, don't you?
You ready?
No, but do it.
[CHUCKLES] Glenda.
Oh, you're still alive?
Surprise, fucker.
But the whole house exploded.
You're telling me not one
person died in that explosion?
- Just shut up and listen.
We're gonna be in Jersey tonight,
and I'll help you and
Nica go your separate ways,
but you have to tell me where Andy is!
Oh, Andy Barclay?
I killed him.
He cried like a little bitch
when I cut out his tongue,
like this.
Shitface, I'm sick of
looking at this bitch already.
Kill her for me, will ya?
She has the gun.
Oh, there you go, Shitface.
Do it.
Glenda, do it.
Turn him back.
What, are you fucking kidding me?
It's not like you
haven't done it before!
Would you turn him back?
Does it have to be that hard?
Los Angeles for some breaking news.
Authorities continue their search
for actress Jennifer Tilly,
- wanted for questioning
- Holy shit.
In connection with multiple homicides
at her Beverly Hills home,
which was destroyed by fire
just days ago.
Reportedly, among the deceased
are beloved character
actors Joe Pantoliano
and Meg Tilly,
the Oscar-nominated sister
of Jennifer, herself an Oscar nominee.
Tilly's two children are
also wanted for questioning.
A manhunt is underway.
Next up in sports.
With the big football game on
Looks like we're both fugitives now.
So they were eating him?
Something I never get to unsee.
Man, I can't believe you
and Lexy just went out there.
You know, alone at night.
And now we have this
Colonel asshole to deal with.
He's bad, Jake.
Maybe the worst we've seen yet.
I mean, we've taken
care of Chuckys before,
but now we have Mixter to deal with.
You know, and she could
just call us in for therapy
whenever she wants.
It's dark.
Super, super dark.
Then maybe we need to get light.
[SIGHS] Jake, if this is some
"light of the Lord"
post-baptism shit you're on,
I'm really not in the mood.
Wait, no, I mean, like, light,
like, as in nimble.
You know, agile.
Ready for anything.
You know, whatever battle
this Colonel has brewing,
we need to have it on our own terms.
And what terms would those be?
Home court advantage.
I'm sorry.
You're referring to
this horror show as home?
Well, I mean, this room is our turf.
You know, we can control
what happens here.
Have Chucky come to us.
When have I heard that before?
[SIGHS] Well, I mean,
not just come to us.
No, to all of us.
Look, all of us in one room, ready.
Look, you, me, Lexy,
Nadine, and Good Chucky.
You really, really, really
want this Good Chucky thing to work out.
Well, I mean, it already
has worked for us, Devon.
I mean, you saw what he
did to that other Chucky.
He is good at killing other Chuckys.
Hey, you know
It was brave.
You know, what you and Lexy did.
You didn't throw up.
The night is young.
Bless me ♪
There's a ghost again ♪
- In the shed ♪
I can't see ♪
This make-believe ♪
Does my head in ♪
Come in.
- It's me.
It's Sister Ruth.
What is it?
Father, as you know, I
am and have always been
His most humble servant.
I don't have time to give out gold stars
for His most humble
servant right now, Sister.
This is not piety.
This is
Well, I believe this is a miracle.
He has risen.
Did you get that from Dr. Mixter?
So many dolls, Sister.
I told you to throw this
monstrosity out yesterday,
but here it is.
Same doll, sitting on my desk,
- reeking of garbage.
- I did.
Father, I did throw him out.
Yes, I threw it in the trash can
as you instructed me to,
but then when I returned,
he was sorry, it.
Well, I found it, and
Spit it out.
He is our Lord and Savior.
Let us pray, Sister,
so that this this frenzy,
this this fever
that has overtaken you
shall pass from you
to me
With the strength of the prayer.
And then it,
with our Lord's blessing,
it shall be gone.
Our Lord is sitting right there.
It is no fever.
This school is on lockdown.
That means everybody is
confined to their room,
including you.
Doubly so in the light of this heresy.
Stop dismissing me!
This is real. He has risen!
Sister, go to your room.
Yes, Father Bryce.
Right away.
Nice seeing you out and about, baldy.
What's the occasion, wig sale?
Stand down, soldier.
You think that because
you put on a little muscle,
you can defy me?
That's exactly what I think.
Be careful.
Thinking isn't your strong suit.
All right, cue ball.
Time to get this over with.
Correction, soldier. It's already over.
Arsenic. Special family recipe.
Mind over muscle every time.
General George S. Patton said,
- "It is foolish"
"To mourn those who have died.
"Rather, we should thank God
that such men existed."
So thank you, God, because
That was the fucking funniest thing
I've seen all year.
Please, I didn't do shit.
Nadine practically carried
me the whole way up.
Krav Maga really is
a total body workout.
Glad you guys could make it.
So what's the latest intel?
According to Andy,
the Colonel's the last doll standing.
Well, the last evil one, anyway.
Well, that's kind of good news, right?
Weren't there a lot of bad Chuckys?
There were, out in the woods.
- But
- The Colonel went apeshit.
I mean, he killed all the other Chuckys,
his own men.
He's vicious, and now
he's gonna come for us.
Wait. Hey, Lexy, Lexy.
What are you doing?
Move, please.
It's five against two.
I'm not following.
Six, actually. Andy's coming.
Yeah, he seemed super reliable.
Don't you want this to be over?
Yes, Jake,
I very much want this to be over,
which is why I wanna
barricade the fucking door.
This is how we win.
Look, when he comes through the door,
we'll be here,
and we'll be more ready
than we've ever been.
Hey, do you have the stuff?
Boy, do I ever.
We can stab,
and, for my sweet baby boy,
we've got good old-fashioned
hand-to-hand combat,
so you can be just like me.
Oh, wow.
This is insane.
Nadine, we're not
babysitting here, you know?
- Sure we are.
Good Chucky is the baby, and
you and Jake are the dads.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
What, do you not wanna have kids?
Lexy, you look a little nervous.
I just don't think we're responsible
Want something to help with that?
And besides, we're, like, 16.
Not now. Like, in the future.
Well, if you ask me,
I think you guys are
gonna be great dads.
Give me liberty,
or give me death.
Remember the Alamo!
Who's Khan?
The horror.
The horror
[ECHOING] The horror
The horror
The horror
You should've cut deeper.
Hey, don't I know you from somewhere?
What the fuck is this?
I will avenge thee,
my Lord.
Hello, Charlie.
We'll be there by midnight.
You need to hurry.
There is only one good guy doll left.
Yeah, yeah, Doc.
Pick up the pace, kid.
We got places to be.
Righty-o, daddy-o.
You know, I'm flattered, Kyle,
but you're not really my
type anymore, you know?
Also, what the fuck
did you do to your hair?
Okay, I refuse to ride
another second with him.
- Ow!
- Hey.
- Jake, let him go.
Look, I know what this looks like.
But he's different,
Andy. He saved our lives.
He's good.
They all need to die.
There's no such thing as a good Chucky.
For once, Mr. Barclay, I agree with you.
- Let us out!
Who are you? Where are you taking me?
- Jake needs me.
Snap out of it, Charlie.
My name is Good Chucky,
I'll have you know.
And that is the problem.
When I first met you,
when you were seven,
there was a stream of innocence in you,
despite your more interesting qualities.
A naivete that wasn't
surprising in a child,
but frankly, as your
therapist, I found it boring.
I did my best to stamp it out of you.
What those children have
done to you, I don't know,
but sadly oh, Charlie,
I think it's hopeless.
- What do you mean?
- Let us out, you bitch!
You're going to have to
leave this body, Charlie,
to make way for a better part of you,
the best part.
Leave my body?
Where will I go?
I'm a psychiatrist, not a theologian.
That's a question for Father
Help! I'm being kidnapped!
Not only do I collect dolls,
I dabble in ventriloquism as well.
- She's crazy!
Please help me!
That's incredible.
How many of those things are there?
- What do you mean?
I'm starting to think this
weird obsession with dolls
is contagious, 'cause I had
the most bizarre encounter
with Sister Ruth
- Andy!
Help! She's trying to kill me!
Good Chucky, wait!
Nadine, no!
Nice try, Mr. Barclay.
Good Chucky, wait!
Nadine, no!
Nadine, open the door!
- Nadine!
- Hey!
- Nadine!
- Hey!
Sister Catherine, did you see that?
- Yes.
- Nadine, open the door!
Nadine, come on, open the door!
Where are you right now, psychically?
Nadine, please open the door!
I think we should call the police.
We need to call the Vatican.
Father Bryce, what an interesting idea.
Good Chucky?
Don't be afraid. It's me. I'm here.
I don't deserve you.
I don't deserve any of you.
I'm bad.
No, you're not bad.
You've been baptized in the Lord.
It's okay.
Your godmother is here
to protect you now.
My fairy godmother?
That's right.
Nadine, wait!
Do you know what fairies like to do?
Nadine! [GASPING]
They like to fly.
It's always been my favorite MO.
What have I done?
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