Chucky (2021) s03e08 Episode Script

Final Destination

Previously on fucking "Chucky"
There's something very,
very wrong in this house.
I served you up a
smorgasbord of sacrifices.
You get one more chance.
We have to move now.
- Hello?
- What about my friends?
We'll find a way to help
them once we get out.
Grant! Grant, no.
My execution is tonight.
Get me something of his.
- And get it fast.
Chucky's violent because
he loves violence.
You can't appeal to his better nature.
Good Chucky, remember?
Last year, we brainwashed him.
Want to play?
Join hands.
- Charles, are you here?
Where is Caroline?
BOTH: Caroline?
Where is she?
My name is fucking Chucky!
- Don't break the circle!
Your only chance now is to take
him by surprise on his own turf.
Once I find Good Chucky,
I have to talk him into
sacrificing himself?
How are you gonna temporarily die?
This drug stops all cardiac
activity for five minutes.
- This is crazy.
- We're the heroes.
Does anyone want to say anything?
Oh, you are going to burn in hell.
- Any last words?
- Are you ready?
Goodbye, Chucky.
I love you so much.

No! No!

- No!
[GASPING] Kill him!
- Sorry, Father.
Eli, what took you so long?
Sorry, Miss Tilly.
I just heard about Erica
when I came on duty.
Let's get you out of here.
Tiffany, you bitch!
Bye-bye, Nica, I'll see you later.
No! No!
Get the fuck out of
my way! Get the fuck


Thank you for staying
with us, Miss Tilly.
- Thank you.
- Have a nice night.
Do it.
Bye, Miss Tilly!

This is gonna be the
longest five minutes
of my life.
Is he really dead?
Medically, if not legally.
The drug's stopped his heart.
In all our trials, brain
damage didn't set in
until, conservatively, 6 minutes, 6:15,
but we've never tried this
on anyone this young before.
What does that mean?
This could be interesting.
Fuck that. I'm bringing him back.
Devon. Devon, give him a chance.
He'll be okay for five minutes.
How do you know?
We've done experiments
with these drugs too.
Time expands on the other side.
5 minutes for us will
be like 15 for Jake.
Enough time, hopefully,
for him to find Chucky.
What if Chucky finds him first?
Devon, it won't just be
Chucky looking for Jake.
What do you mean?
It's not just the agony of the people
Chucky killed here that I'm feeling.
I can also feel others.
You mean like ghosts
from somewhere else?
- Who died somewhere else?
- Yes.
Now the White House has
become a kind of magnet
for the dead, drawn here by Jake.
You've been there, haven't you?
- To the other side?
- Once.
For how long?
Seven minutes.
Well, that explains so much.
What happened? What did you see?
I'd rather not talk about it.
Jesus fucking Christ,
I just want to know
what's happening to Jake.
It's different for
everyone who crosses over.
But one thing's for sure,
he's gonna have to be strong
and brave.
That's not gonna be a problem.

Four minutes.
He's so cold.

What the hell are you doing here?

Oh, my God.
I saw you die.
I was there.
Dad, I'm so sorry.
Do you have any idea how it
feels to get electrocuted?
Can you even begin to imagine the agony?
It wasn't me, Dad. I didn't do it.
But you wanted to.
You wanted me dead. You
thought about it every day.
Admit it.
Only after you started hitting me.
I was your father, Jake.
It was my responsibility to correct you
when you deserve it.
I deserved it?
Just 'cause I'm gay?
You embarrassed me, Jake.
You made me ashamed.
You made me ashamed of myself!
And you know, it all stopped
when I met Devon.
Who the fuck is Devon?
He's my boyfriend, Dad.
Come here, Jake.
Come here and take your
punishment like a man, Jake.


You don't actually think
you can win, do you?
You can't think for one second
you can beat him.
You're not the hero, Jake.
You're not a man.
You're weak.
And you're gonna fail.
You never believed in me.
That's not true.
I remember a time I
thought you were going to be
the President of the
United States of America.
You were so smart.
Way smarter than me.
Truth is, I was so proud.
But then your mother died and
You started drinking.
Don't mind if I do.

Dad. Dad, stop.
This is the only thing
that kept me sane.
It's the only thing that made
living in that house bearable.
This made everything make sense!

I forgive you! [VOICE ECHOING]
What did you say?
I forgive you.
I know you were going through a lot.
Shut your mouth, Jake.
I know things have been hard for you.
I know you were doing
the best you could.
I said stop.
And I know you love me.

And I love you too, Dad.

- Dad, I have to go.
- I know.
I have to tell you something, though.
You're still gonna fail.
[WHISPERING] He's much
more dangerous here.

You better wish me luck, then.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.


I'm no critic, but I gotta say,
unlike your asshole father,
I always liked your stuff.
Thank you.
Where's Caroline?
Where do you think?
Is she dead, Chucky?
Is she in here with us?
You know, you got guts,
kid. I'll give you that.
Not only to go against me
but to say "fuck off"
to the world's judgments,
live your life,
and be yourself.
Just like me.
Just like you?
Oh, ouch.
Where is she, Chucky?
You can't kill me, you idiot.
I'm already dead.
- Just like you.
The truth is, everybody lives
on one side of the knife or the other.
It's just that my side is way more fun.
So which side do you
want to be on, Jake?
I don't have time for this.
Well, I guess we're both gonna have
to find another way to get what we want.
What do you want?
Follow me.

Three minutes.
Come on in.
I saved a seat for you.
You're gonna love this.
Just sit down,
enjoy the show, and relax.
Welcome to the dollhouse, baby!

Please! Please! Please!
Oh, no!


Do you remember that?
Look how scared you were.
Fuck you.
You know, you've been
scared your whole life.
Of your dad, of losing Devon,
but most of all, of me.
And yet here you are.
What is it that you
think you can do here?
What do you want, Jake?
I'll tell you if you tell me.
I brought you here so
that you would understand.
Understand what?
That whatever it is that
you think you can do here,
it's pointless.
Forget it, Jake.
It's Chuckytown.
What's so fucking funny?
You had to be there.
Look, Damballa, he asked
us for a bloodbath, right?
And we gave him one.
And your point is?
It's time we start punching our ticket
back to the land of the living.
Maybe paying a visit
to some old friends.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Relax, will you?
When you get to be my age,
you'll see it's not all
stabby-stabby, on to the next.
You didn't unlock the
secrets of the universe, Pal.
You got old.
I'm just saying that you
don't always have to rush.
It won't kill you to stop
and just savor the moment.
"Savor the moment"? [LAUGHS]
- Good Chucky, wait.
"Savor the moment"?
You sound like a fucking greeting card.
And you sound like me,
only fucking stupider!
Do you know where you are, old man?
Do you know who the president is?
Of course I know who the president is.
We just fucking killed him.
Oh, my God, and now you're killing me.
You know, kid, I've
learned just a little bit
since I was your age.
And if you want to stack up the bodies,
you got to be a little bit patient!
BOTH: Fuck you!
Two minutes left.
He's survived worse.
- Sure.
- We all have, okay?
And we're still here, right?
[WHISPERING] Here we go.
He'll be okay.
He's got to be.


Jake? What are you doing here?
Actually, I was looking for you.
Are you dead now too?
Only for a few minutes.
I have to go back.
But first, I need to
talk to you, Chucky.
Good Chucky.
Right. Right. Good Chucky.
Is Caroline dead?
No. Caroline is fine.
She's with Grandfather Wendell.
- Who?
- Wendell Wilkins.
Wendell Wilkins. Okay, I know that name.
Every Good Guy knows
Grandfather Wendell.

What's that for, Jake?
I need to talk to you
about what you were watching
back there with the others.
I guess I don't have
the same sense of humor
as the other guys.
It scared you.
It terrified me.
I can still hear her screams, Jake.
I can never forgive myself.
I know.
I think that's why
you're here, Good Chucky.
That's your unfinished business.
You need to find a way
to forgive yourself.

I made it. I made it.
Uh, we made it. We made it.
Thank you, sweetie.
- Sniper.
- I see him.
- Get down. Get down!
You know, Erica was supposed
to handle this for me,
but she's just like every
other personal assistant
I've ever had, a major disappointment.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Eli. Eli.
- Tiffany!
- I gotta get out of here.
- Tiffany! No!
Stay behind me, Miss Tilly.


It's a pleasure to
serve you, Miss Tilly.
Open the gate. Open the gate.
- But Miss Tilly
- Shh.
- Miss Tilly.
- Right away, Miss Tilly.

Miss Tilly.
It's Tiffany.

[GASPING] No! Tiffany!

You come back and see
us again, Miss Tilly.
No thank you.

You're dead, Tiffany!
You're fucking dead!


Put your hands in the air.

I'd prefer you put the
gun down, Agent Hicks.
But I'm not picky.
Either way, this family's
going down tonight.
You want me to
sacrifice myself?
But Jake, I will cease to exist.
And then you'll never be able
to hurt anyone else ever again.
I can't believe you're
asking me to do this.
It's the only way. I'm sorry.
But you're my godfather, Jake.
You're supposed to protect me.
I can't, Good Chucky.
Not after what you did to Nadine.
But you did the same
to your father, Jake.
What? What are you

Yeah, you fried him up
real nice, as I recall.
I can still smell him.
Fucking love that smell.
Like napalm in the morning.
I didn't do that. You did that.
But you let me do it, Jake.
You could have stopped
me, but you didn't.
You know you need to do this.
You know because there's good in you.
If you do this, you take
all of us down with you.
You realize that?
We're all Charles Lee Ray.
That's the problem.
We're all the same.
No, you're different, Good Chucky.
You're the one who can end this.
Right now.
You can do it.
Will it hurt?
I don't know.
[SHAKILY] One, two,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten
[SINGSONG] 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 16,
17, 18, 19, 20!

Wait, where's the other one?
- Hmm?
- The older one.
Where's Chucky Prime?
Well, Jake, right now,
he's busy possessing your body.
[VOICE LOWERING] Which you stupidly
left unattended back on Earth.
We were just here to distract you.
That was sick.
What can I say, Jake?
I gotta be me.
And by that, I mean I gotta be you.
Time's up. We gotta bring him back.
Guys, where the fuck is Pryce?

Come on, Jake.

- No, no, no, no.
- It's not working.
Come on.
Come on.

Come on.
No! No! Devon! Devon!

No. No.

Oh, my God, Jake.
Thank God.
Are you okay?
I think so.
It's all a bit of a blur.
It's good to have you back, cowboy.
We thought we lost you.
I'm so glad to see you
guys, especially you two.
So what happened?
We did it. We got him.
You got him to
I'd I'd rather not talk about it.
Of course.
I hate violence, as you know.
I'm a lover, not a
fighter, right, Devon?
What about Caroline?
Did he tell you where she is?
Absolutely. I got an address.
- Uh, guys? Guys.
We gotta go. Now.
Come on, let's go!


The elevator!
Hurry, let's go!

[AS CHUCKY] Jake's fucking ripped, man.
That's for sending him in after me.

Oh, my God, Jake.
I gotta find Hicks.
You guys gotta get out of here.
No, Grant, I'm not leaving you.
- Go.
- Jake!
- Devon, go!
- Jake!

You know, Timmy, you're gonna be
real popular on the other side.
I made a few friends in there,
told them to keep an eye out for you.
So just be sure to tell
'em Chucky sent you.

Hicks! Hicks!
Hicks. Hicks.
Don't let me die a failure.
I want you to promise me
you'll get the hell out of here
in one piece, okay?
Okay, I promise. I promise.

Take this. Go.
What's this?
Hicks, please, no. No.
Sacrifices must be made, son.
I wish I could say I'm
sorry it's come to this,
but the truth is, I kind of like it.


Been nice knowing you, son.

Open the door.
Open the goddamn door.
Oh, shit.
I swear to God, I'll kill you all
before the sun comes up!





Grant. Grant!
Grant! Grant!
- Grant. Grant.
- Mom!
Oh. Are you okay?

[GASPS] Jake.
Where's Timmy?
Timmy didn't make it.
- No.
- It was so awful in there.
You don't even want to know.
You okay?
I will be.
Where's Caroline?
Yeah, you said Chucky
gave you an address.
Right. Caroline.
First things first.

Caroline is here?
That's what that dimwit nimrod fuckwad
little devil doll said.
Whose house is this?
Apparently his name is Wendell Wilkins.
So just follow my lead.
I know what I'm doing.
- Wendell Wilkins.
Wendell Wilkins. Why
does that sound familiar?
I still say we should call the police.
No. No.
They said no cops, or they'll kill her.

Hello, sir. We're so
sorry to bother you.
- Are you Mr. Wilkins?
- Who are you?
My name is Jake Wheeler.
And this handsome young
man is the light of my life,
Devon Evans.
We're homosexuals.
And this is our fag
hag BFF Alexandra Cross.
It's very nice to meet you.
I actually have a very
active social life of my own
with straight boys.
I don't usually have visitors,
let alone children.
We're so sorry to barge in unannounced.
It's just well,
we've been through a lot,
the three of us.
We all met recently in
the foster care system.
Our parents, they're all
victims of horrific murders.
How dreadful.
It has been, yes.
But the only ray of light
Has been finding each other.
What do you want?
It's actually a matter
of life and death.
Yeah. Can we come in, please?
All right, yes.
For pity's sake, come
in out of the cold.
Thank you.
When you mentioned that
your parents were murdered,
I knew we were kindred spirits.
When you lose someone that
way, you develop a keen eye
for others that have lived
through a similar nightmare.
My son Tommy was stabbed by a madman
in a shopping mall in 1983.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, I'm so sorry.
He was eight years old.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't try to touch me.
I'm sorry.
No. I'm sorry.
Ever since that day,
the touch of a child makes me recoil.
That makes sense.
You'll have to excuse the mess.
I had to let Jasmine go
once the royalty checks dried up.
I haven't had anybody clean for me in,
I don't know, two decades?
Wait a minute, you collect dolls?
Well, not exactly.
I created them, all of them.
All my children.
Of course.
Wendell Wilkins. I've read about you.
You created the Good Guys.
Yes, among some other
very popular lines,
but the Good Guys were
always my favorite.
Wait. I'm confused. Is my sister here?
You have to realize,
after the murders started in 1988,
the Good Guy doll ruined me
professionally, financially,
and, I have to admit, psychologically.
This is the original Good Guy doll.

The prototype.
I created it right in this very house
in 1987.
If I couldn't hear my own boy laugh,
I figured I could do my part
and make other children
laugh all over the world.
When the murders started,
all the laughter turned to screams.
But then,
the last few weeks, a new
child came into my life,
a little girl the same age as Tommy.
But she didn't come to soothe or to hug.
She came to tell me the good news.
Caroline helped me see
the beauty of what Chucky has wrought.
Hey, Chucky.
[LAUGHS] Nice perm.
[AS CHUCKY] Not for long.

- Oh.
Oh, shit.
Jake's hair is naturally curly,
you monsters.
Where the hell is Jake?
Still in the spirit realm.
But we're gonna fix that now.
'Cause in my experience,
human possession has
been kinda a mixed bag.
Oh, I just want to be me again.
'Cause I'm just so fucking cute.
Thank Damballa you still had it.
Hail Damballa.
Hail Damballa!
And our little contingency
plan worked like a charm.
Good job, kid.
I found my purpose, Lexy.
I'm Chucky's real friend till the end.
No, you don't have to do what
Chucky says anymore, okay?
Or Mr. Wilkins.
I'm here now.
I'm so sorry it took
me so long to find you.
This is who I am now.
If you don't like it, kill me.
What? No.
Bring Jake back now.
Don't worry. [CHUCKLES]
Caroline is well-versed in
the dark arts of Damballa.
Aren't you, sweet face?
I dabble.

Ade due, Damballa.
Give me the power, I beg of you.
Ade due, Damballa!
Give me the power, I beg of you!
Ade due, Damballa!
Give me the power, I beg of you!

It is you.
What happened?
Congratulations, Jake.
You finally really killed a man.
Don't listen to him, Jake.
You didn't do anything.
Chucky did it.
Timmy's a pile of
bones and ashes by now.
And I couldn't have done it without you.
You think about that, Jakey-boy.
Delighted to finally meet you, my boy.
No father could be prouder.
Don't get any ideas, Pops.
I'm 65 fucking years old.
I don't need a father figure.
I'm the boss of me.
So what now, Caroline?
What are you gonna do to us?
You gonna kill us too? You
gonna kill your own sister?
We were,
but Grandfather Wendell
had a better idea.
Let's face it, I'm getting on.
I can't live alone here forever.
What this house needs and what it's been
sorely lacking for years is life,
laughter, and


Aww, Chucky, they're adorable.
Can we keep them?
Absolutely not.
They're my children now,
and they'll be excellent company.
At least you know
they're not gonna breed.
Not with those two.
You heard from GG?
Not for a couple of months. Have you?
I miss them.
Oh, Chucky,
don't you wish we could
be a real family again?
Well, I have something for you.
Ooh. A surprise?
Oh, Chucky.
Is this a proposal?
Is that a yes?
Um well, it's a big decision.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Fortunately, I saved her prototype too.
Good thing.
'Cause they're never gonna
stop looking for Jennifer Tilly.
It's only a matter of time.
You're right, Chucky.
It's time.
I'm ready.


- Nica!
- Nica!
- He's coming, Nica!
- Look out behind you!
He's behind you! Look behind you!
- Nica, help!
- Oh, my
Nica, behind you!
- Look out!
- Nica!
- Nica, look out!
- Look out!
Oh, my God, Nica, look behind you!
- I don't

We are young ♪
We run green ♪
Keep our teeth nice and clean ♪
See our friends, see the sights ♪
Feel all right [BOTH MOANING]
We wake up, we go out ♪
I am too young for this shit.
Put it out ♪
See our friends ♪
See the sights ♪
Feel all right ♪

My fellow Americans,
in times of hardship such as these,
it is important to remember
the good things in life.
Murder, mayhem,
and malicious intent.
These are the values I
have always held dear.
And it has been my honor
to uphold these principles
for lo these many years.
Now, tonight, I am proud
to officially announce
my candidacy for a
fourth consecutive term.
Donations to my campaign can
be made directly to the number
you now see on your screen.
But if you have any doubts at all,
I ask you to please consider
the many accomplishments
of my hugely successful third term.
Oh, shit!
Thank you, good night,
and God bless each and every one of you,
except Devon.
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