Cindy la Regia: The High School Years (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


[quiet, pop music playing]
[Cindy] I realized that there's so much
I had taken for granted.
Like, I used to think that when you win
something, you've won for good.
And that it's not like
they can take away your prize.
But what they could take from me
was a place in this society.
[knocking on door]
[Caro] Cindy!
[knocking continues]
Are you coming to eat dinner?
Are you angry?
No, my love.
[music continues]
Honey, you are Cynthia Garza.
And you listen now.
There's no mistake in the whole
entire world that will ever change that.
So straighten up.
Hold your head high now, okay?
- [people laughing]
- [music continues]
[boy] Hey, look! It's her!
[Cindy] I realize what they took away
from me was so much more than a crown,
you know?
- [girl gasps]
- [boy] Oooh!
[Cindy] There's too many
judgmental voices.
- [Max] Cyn, Can we talk?
- [school bell ringing]
Please? Please, wait!
[Cindy] I lost my trust in everyone.
Even in myself.
Cindy, what happened
wasn't your fault, okay?
[music stops]
You know that you can count on me,
but I also encourage you
to reach out to Mr. Esteban.
He's your tutor.
[Mr. Esteban] Yes. Uh, of course, Cynthia.
So, are you, uh, saying I'm in trouble?
- No!
- No. No, absolutely not, Cynthia.
And Max? Because there's this law that
We have no reason to believe
that Max should be punished.
Take a look.
See? He lost his phone
and he didn't have a password.
I don't understand why he didn't have one.
He made a report before the events,
and apparently it was way too late.
Forget about who sent the photo,
it doesn't matter.
- There are good things coming your way.
- [sniffles]
So what now?
Cindy, why don't you focus
on something else for the moment.
Huh? How about, I don't know,
maybe something extracurricular?
Just think about it.
Think about what activity could look
really good on your applications.
Because I know that you're striving
towards Ivy League, hmm?
[Cindy and woman chuckle]
[Cindy] Excuse me.
[Cindy] She said, "You know we're here
for whatever you need."
Give me a break.
Dude, for real, it's not that bad.
Like, a photo in a bikini
is more revealing.
Well wait,
it's not the photo itself, chilanga.
It's the intention of the posted photo.
Well, it's the same shit.
Stop it, guys. Whatever.
What's the latest?
The most shared is still, um,
"More like Queen of Skanks".
And the most recent one is
Edits of what you're actually
hiding under your arm in the photo.
Can I see?
Aww, it's a lil' puppy! [giggling]
I I'm sorry.
I, uh, I was just kidding.
Let me handle this, okay?
But [inhaling]
- Meanwhile, damage control? Check.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [Lu] Obviously, Felines.
- [Angie] Obviously, Felines.
Soccer, great idea.
[Tere] Excuse me.
- I'm sorry. [chuckles]
- That's okay.
- Theater?
- Really?
- Ahh, yeah.
- What about your stage fright?
This year, I'll be brave.
- What about you? Hm?
- Not sure yet.
I wanna try something new.
Something that'll help me with
my application for college in the future.
I wanna be inspired.
I want
something that'll change the world.
"Positive Game Changers:
Social Action Entrepreneurs."
That's perfect!
That's cool.
Their poster's really pretty, you know?
[upbeat music continues]
[boy] Brenda, right?
Welcome to Game Changers,
my name's Hugo. I'm in
[music stops]
Hello, Brenda.
[Hugo] Okay, we have two new members.
Wait but have I seen you before?
Aren't you
- Ahh, yeah.
- You're the famous one, no?
- The one that, umm
- Yeah.
- Yes, I am.
- Well, um
We welcome you to Game Changers.
My name is Hugo.
Your first assignment
for next week's meeting
consists of bringing a list of ideas
for projects,
Campaigns that we can do this semester
to positively impact the world.
I see a question.
It's a bit broad though.
Also, what type of ideas?
Look, the focus of Game Changers
is to find a sort of balance
between what's
good for the world
and good for our pockets.
Think about Musk, Gates, Greta, Malala.
Got it?
Yeah, but they're very different people.
Very different.
Bring me your proposals
for next week's meeting, all right?
And you, don't think you'll get any
special treatment for being famous, yeah?
[quiet, upbeat music playing]
[Angie] You know Fabiana, the team
captain? She picked me as forward.
Yeah, for next week's game.
Yeah, same. I love you too.
And I miss you a fuck-ton.
Don't two fuck-tons equal a fuck-fuck-ton?
Or we could also ask my cousin
who's a real math nerd
and has also been bugging me
this entire freaking call.
The square root of a fuck-ton
isn't a fuck-ton times a fuck-ton, okay?
It's very different than two fuck-tons,
of which four would
The point is that
I really miss you. Okay, bye.
She was gone already.
Hey, why don't you invite
your bestie to the match?
- Irene, no? That's her, right?
- Yeah.
Cousin, the match
is actually America versus Chivas and
I was talking
about our match against UDEM.
It'd be great if your BFF
cheered you on at the match.
But, you know, right?
That Irene's not my bestie.
Cindy, Irene's my girlfriend.
Like, is everybody here this naive, man?
There's just no way, because the other day
When Lu asked us to rank the senior boys,
I said I would rather stab my eyes
with needles. Obviously.
Yeah, but, well, because,
I mean, they're not your type.
No, Cindy!
Obviously they're not my type, okay?
And the other day during sex ed with Tere,
I literally told her
she should try the condom thing
because I have no use for them anyway.
The hell are you doing?
Don't even think about praying for me.
No. No, it's not like that at all.
- Love is love. Pride and
- [sighs]
Look, I'm sorry, Cuz.
It's just that it's not super common here.
[scoffs] That's what you think.
I've just never met a,
you know, a lesbian.
Cindy, you know
we've known each other our whole lives.
No one knows I'm gay?
[Cindy] Well, wait.
What if it's better that way?
You know that people in San Pedro
are like, a little special.
Some people here are misogynists
and homophobes, Cindy. Special? No.
It's not common for people
to talk about that out in the open.
Which is why it's easy
to pretend gay people don't really exist.
Generally speaking, nobody talks about
[whispering] Sex.
- sex. Yeah, that.
- Sex?
Except for when their mission
is to destroy you,
because then, they won't stay quiet.
But that doesn't mean
there aren't things about San Pedro
that we might be able to change. [gasps]
I love your enthusiasm,
but the turtle's about to poke
its head out, so I gotta take a dump.
Unbelievable, dude!
Nobody knows I'm a lesbian!
[door shuts]
[upbeat music playing]
- [people cheering]
- [music continues]
[Angie] Fabiana, go for it!
- Pass it!
- Angie!
[hits ball]
[all screaming]
According to my research,
11% of people are LGBT.
There are more gay people in San Pedro
than we believed we knew. Get it?
So? What if they don't want
to tell anybody?
Look at what happened to Karla.
[music stops]
What happened to Karla?
They caught her kissing a girl
from another school
and it turned into a scandal.
Check it out.
They say she's sharing her nude pics, man.
Pass the ball!
- Pass it!
- Don't listen to them, okay?
Pass the ball over there!
- You can do it! You can do it!
- Can't believe it, man.
That's it, guys!
Faster! Faster! Faster! We got this!
this is so out of control.
- Things really need to change.
- [upbeat music playing]
What are you gonna do?
You've gotta tell everyone
you're gay, now.
Got to? Why?
Because we've gotta be able
to talk completely openly.
- Don't you think? Besides
- Wait a minute. Stop.
I'm not willing to go through
that experience again, all right?
It's not necessary
to turn this into a show.
But you
Especially after what happened today.
No, thanks.
What happened today?
[upbeat music continues]
Congrats, Lu. You were really good.
Girls, soccer watch party tomorrow
at my place, everyone's invited!
[all cheering]
Well, shit. Aren't we playing on Saturday?
- It's Tigres-Rayados.
- Yeah, girl. Where do you live?
That doesn't count,
it's not America versus Chivas!
- [girls chuckle]
- Freakin' chilanga.
Hey, listen. Well, since we're talking,
right? Uh, how about I invite my
You know what? I've made my decision.
You'll play as a left midfielder.
Dude, what? That's my position.
Hey, least this way
Ren won't ever rub against you again.
[Lu] What are you talking about?
- They say she fouls girls she's into.
- Ooooh.
Ooh! Oh! That explains why she basically
drop-kicked me at that match.
But the girl's got some shitty taste
if they caught her with Karla, no?
So gross, dude.
[moody pop music playing]
Yeah, like eww, right?
Can you imagine having to be butt naked
in front of her in the locker room?
- That's so awkward.
- I know!
Seriously. [groans]
[music continues]
So that was it. I think I'm gonna quit.
What? But you love it!
Yeah, dude, but it wasn't just Fabiana.
Lu was there too.
Listen to me.
It was trash talk, okay?
I know that you don't want a show,
but if you just explain to the girls
Why do you keep pushing this?
- It's not like that.
- [music stops]
Just give the girls an opportunity.
They say stuff like that because
they're afraid of what they don't know.
Let's at least go to the game.
No pressure, yeah. Totally. For real.
[music resumes playing]
I promise I'll be there the whole time.
Pinky promise.
[scoffs] Pinky, my ovaries.
[both chuckle]
[music stops]
- [girls chattering]
- [sports announcer chattering on TV]
- [Lu] Hm?
- Who is that?
[girl] He was wide open.
Are you kidding me right now?
That's bull!
[groaning] He's such a pussy.
What a fag.
- Such a pussy.
- Hey, don't use that word, please.
What's up with you, dude?
- I fucking hate that stupid word.
- It's a joke. Take a chill pill.
Well, I'm not laughing.
Well, are you gonna be okay?
[sports announcer
continues chattering on TV]
[girl] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
[announcer shouting excitedly]
I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gay!
I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gay! I'm gay!
[moody music playing]
I'm happy for you.
- This is why I was
- Stop that!
I wanna watch the match.
Are you sure she'll show?
She's way too late.
[music fades out]
- Hello.
- Hello.
Ah, they're ready, just so you know.
- Your vouchers for Sephora and Amazon.
- [alert on cell phone]
[Karla] You get three questions.
What was coming out like for you?
Well, it fucking sucked.
I told my best friends first.
The next day,
the whole school knew about it.
Aren't there more people
that are LGBTQ+ plus in our school?
[scoffs] Of course, dude, it's just that
people don't say it, is all.
There's a group of gay guys,
super fashionable, but
for us, it's just different.
They call it a phase
or say we're desperate for some attention.
How do you think we might
be able to create safe spaces
for people who are LGBTQ+?
There's no way.
That's how this fucking town is.
They don't accept what's different,
and that's why they think we don't exist.
If everyone spoke about this openly,
well, the teasing might stop.
Of course.
Because normalizing it would mean
there's no one left to ridicule.
- Well, that's three questions.
- No, wait!
Uhh, I've got one more question.
You got another voucher?
There you go.
Do we have another voucher?
[upbeat music playing]
Fuck you!
[Caro] Give me an A! Give me an N!
- Give me a G! Give me an I! Give me an E!
- What do you want?
Angie! Angie!
Aaaaaaangie! Yeah, let's go! [chuckling]
We have to be careful with them,
these girls don't mess around.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
She's wide open! Don't leave her alone!
She's open! Go mark her!
Watch out! Watch out
I told you
- That's offside!
- [crowd shouting]
[whistle blowing]
- I'm in my position!
- What are you thinking?
- Why didn't you pass the ball?
- Get out of my face!
- Come on, seriously!
- Stop it!
I'll be right back, okay?
Wait, wait, wait, young lady. Listen.
Tell your cousin she should check where
she is so she doesn't get caught offside.
Okay, I'll tell her, Daddy.
Wait, wait, wait!
Also tell her I'm sending her
a big good-luck-kiss for the match.
- Yeah, Daddy, I'll tell her. Bye.
- Go on, princess. All right.
- Careful now, princess.
- Careful, baby!
Yeah, Daddy, bye. Love you!
- I mean, they won't give her the ball.
- Yeah. Exactly.
[Angie] You didn't pass me
the ball once, not once!
- [Fabiana] I didn't see you.
- [Angie] Don't play dumb!
There're other players, okay?
Are you seriously gonna screw this all up
because I'm a lesbian?
And you're arrogant as well.
You're staying on the bench.
What's your fucking problem?
My fucking problem is
that you're a sick shit stirrer
and I don't fucking want you
on my team, okay?
Who are you calling "sick"?
[scoffs] What's up with this family, huh?
One's a slut and the other's a lesbo.
- Call her "slut" and you'll be sorry!
- Back off.
Thanks to the Game Changers,
things will be different.
Is that what I am to you?
Your stupid little project?
- To change the world and save us all?
- [Cindy] No
- No, wait, please
- Seriously, don't speak to me again!
- Don't do this!
- Don't talk to me!
- Ooooh!
- And you laugh?
Wasn't your best friend Karla?
And? She's salty because
I friendzoned her. Fucking deviants.
- No one calls Angie a deviant!
- [Lu] Hey, Cindy!
Angie's going to the central bus station!
We gotta go now!
- What?
- Let's go, come on.
It's your decision, Lu. Okay?
Okay then, the new line-up is
No! I'm sorry,
you've crossed a line, Fabiana.
It doesn't matter if Angie's a lesbian.
She was our best forward.
I don't want you as a captain.
- No way.
- Mm-mm.
[girl] Let's go. Let's go, let's go.
[upbeat music playing]
[bell dings]
Lu, please, speed up.
Cindy, I get that Angie's your cousin,
but let's be perfectly honest.
She's being a child.
[woman's voice] Accident reported ahead.
Angie only left because of me.
I thought
I was doing something good, but
[woman's voice]
Broken traffic light reported in 60 miles.
But I messed up.
[woman's voice]
Estimating new arrival time.
You messed up as well, Lu.
[woman's voice]
Updating arrival time: 15 minutes
We can't let her leave like this.
I know.
- [man] Next departure to Mexico City
- [Lu] Excuse me.
[upbeat music continues]
[man] Next departure
to Mexico City, gate 14.
[woman's voice]
In one mile, turn left onto Amado Nervo.
Pick that up. It's your dad.
- No, no, no.
- What? Why not?
No, I can't answer that.
Like wh what? What do I say?
- Hey
- "Oh hi, Daddy! We're in Monterrey."
- He'd murder me. Not gonna pick up.
- You're out of control.
[woman's voice]
In 50 feet, take the second exit.
Dude! You missed the exit, Lucía!
Which exit? Why didn't you tell me before?
The one back there!
Didn't you hear the GPS?
- Recalculating route. Recalculating route.
- How should I know what "50 feet" means?
[music continues]
[Cindy] Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop, stop!
[Lu] Go, go, go, go, go, go!
[music stops]
Excuse me! Sweet! Thanks!
- [man] Bus 1346, destination Mexico City
- [Cindy] 'Scuse me! 'Scuse me!
- is about to leave.
- Sorry! Sorry!
Please do not forget your belongings.
[quiet, upbeat music playing]
Pardon me.
Uh, excuse me?
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
Cindy, what are you doing here?
You were right.
- I was really selfish.
- [Angie] Hm.
Like, for example,
When I found out
[cell phone beeps]
- [Cindy] Uh
- Tsk, quit it.
When I found out
that you were coming, honestly,
I was worried.
Because you're different.
And that's not something I'm used to.
I was thinking about myself,
and what they'd think of me.
- [man] Excuse me, miss.
- But
- Can I see
- Can you give me two seconds?
It'll be super fast. I won't take long,
I promise. Just two seconds.
But then you arrived, and I realized
that you're the absolute most
kindest and by far, the funniest
and nicest person in the world.
You taught me how to be authentic.
With you, I can be like
You coming here has been the best thing
that's happened to me in a long time.
Stay here.
- [man] Miss, you gotta get off.
- Oh.
Ah, right, I'm sorry. Um Okay.
- I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, really.
- [cell phone beeps]
[quiet, upbeat music continues]
- [bus engine starts]
- [music stops]
Hey, send me that video later, 'kay?
[clicks teeth]
[Lu singing]
Wait, what happened?
- She made up her mind.
- No way!
[Angie] Damn, Cuz,
that was quite the speech.
Oh my god! [chuckling]
Mm. Mm.
[upbeat music playing]
Now what?
But, together.
The city lesbian
and the slut from San Pedro.
[both chuckle]
Let's go.
[music stops]
[Cindy chuckles]
Oh hey, you have parking boots too.
- Huh?
- What is that?
- Over there.
- Yeah, Angie, what?
- Where?
- Right there.
Oh, what's that?
In other words, if we all do our part,
we can make this place a safe haven
For people who are LGBTTTIQ+.
That's all.
[Cindy chuckles]
Thank you, Cindy,
for for that presentation.
And thank you to everyone
who brought in their proposals today.
And now, I'd like to say that,
um, well, after much deliberation
and careful consideration of every option,
I've decided that this semester,
Game Changers will take on the project of
[drumroll stops]
We'll start a project to encourage
recycling PET in this school.
We may even cut a deal with the treatment
plant your uncle owns, right, Tony?
- Yeah, of course.
- How about we vote?
Cindy. Your presentation
was super cute and all.
As the leader of Game Changers, I want you
to know that I appreciate your efforts
and I value your proposal.
Javi can tell you as, I mean,
one of the only three openly gay boys
in this establishment,
that he's not interested, right, Javi?
What? I'm not gay.
- Precisely. He's not interested.
- That's right.
Anyway, back to the PET deal.
Do you even know how many tons
of PET this school generates?
No. How many?
Well, we'll find out soon.
[Hugo] All right, Cindy.
I understand that you want to
start this movement for L-G-B
Yes, that.
The problem is that you seem
to be the face already
of a different kind of movement.
Hugo, you look like such an idiot
trying to humiliate others.
Let me tell you something
you might not know.
Using your brain is free.
[pop music playing]
Good luck with your project.
[Brenda chuckles]
Me? Idiot?
No way.
[school bell ringing]
I don't think I'll ever find out
who shared my photo,
and they won't ever stop
judging me in San Pedro.
But now I know
that if I want things to be different,
I have to start with myself.
[pop music continues]
[music ends]
[dreamy pop music playing]
[music ends]
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