City Homicide (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Ripe Fruits In The Garden

? All things bright and beautiful ? All creatures great and small ? All things wise and wonderful ? The Lord God made them all ? The purple-headed mountains ? The river running by ? The sunset and the morning that brightens up the sky ? All things bright and beautiful ? All creatures great and ? Here! ? All things wise and wonderful ? The Lord God made them all.
? ? The tall trees in the green wood ? ? The meadows for our play ? The rushes by the water ? To gather day by day ? All things bright and beautiful ? All creatures great and small ? All things wise and won ? Stanley, what is it? Is there some news? Look, I don't, er Please, Stanley.
Have you found her? I don't have any information.
I'm sorry.
But if but if they've been calling you I'm always on call, David.
The parents.
So it's definitely Deborah? The birthmark's where you said.
Sorry, Sarge.
Keep looking.
Find the rest of her.
I understand.
If I was in your position, I would want the investigation too.
But it makes sense to have someone else run it.
What, are you saying that I can't be objective? I'm saying you're emotionally involved.
Now, I know you think you're at your best - you're motivated, you're vengeful - but you are, in reality, running on empty.
I should order you to go home, be with your family - give your friends the support they need.
What they need, Bernice, is their daughter's complete body to bury.
And someone to blame.
I'll take full responsibility, whatever happens.
But if this goes belly-up, I'll want that memo.
And I'll want it backdated.
And this conversation will never have happened.
Trouble in paradise? Don't look at me.
I've got a photo of a cat on my desk.
You three go home, get some sleep.
You've got a dawn start at the tip.
I want her head found.
And I want a search of every bag in the immediate vicinity of each of the body parts.
Anything that tells us where the garbage came from.
As of tomorrow, this investigation will have our sole focus.
Everything else will go on the backburner - personal lives, everything.
Matt, you're with me.
How long have you known them? Her parents.
A long time.
I'm her godfather, and Linda, my wife, is Deborah's godmother.
So why me tonight, Sarge? I'm gonna need someone in there tonight who can talk to them like a policeman, not a friend.
That's why you.
Give us 10 minutes, then come in.
It's me.
I'm gonna be late tonight.
So don't don't w ait up.
OK? Hi.
It's me.
I'm gonna be late tonight.
So don't don't w ait up.
OK? She left for school at 8:00, as usual, and, um, the headmistress called midmorning to check where she was.
She walked to school? It was only 10 minutes from here.
Alone, or did she meet up with friends? She did sometimes.
What about boyfriends? Was Deborah seeing anyone? No.
She was only 16.
We've already told the police all this.
It makes no difference now.
She's dead.
Mr Statesman, I know this is a difficult time for you and your wife, but Look, let me tell you something, young man, you have absolutely no idea of what we're going through.
David, he does understand.
Detective Ryan lost someone in a similar way.
You've you've been through this? My mother.
Only she was never found.
So tell me something, honestly how do you get past something like this? Is it even possible? Long weekend.
Can't believe it's only two months ago.
Seems like she's been gone a long time.
I can promise them one thing whoever he is, I'm gonna catch him.
Whoever did this, I'm gonna nail him.
Oh, Stanley, you can't carry their burden for them.
Don't make promises you might not be able to keep.
I keep thinking thank God it isn't Stephanie.
I know.
How disgusting is that? What about breakfast? No, I can't.
I've got an early start.
What have you got on? Nothing.
Come and see.
No, I meant today.
Are we still on for dinner tonight? I don't know.
I might be late again tonight.
I've gotta do the rounds of all the design workshops.
Boring! Well, what about a lunch? What? A quick lunch? I'm sorry, I can't do.
I've got the the buyer's briefing for the Hong Kong trip.
I'll be stuck in the office all day.
Looks like we're out of luck then, eh? What? It looks like we're out of luck then.
I know you've got people waiting, Mr Croft, but they're not coming in until we find the rest of her.
Well, how long's that gonna take? As long as it takes.
Now, can you answer the question? Could kick friggin' Morris.
If his dozer hadn't popped the bag with the leg in it, we wouldn't be messing about like this.
And there'd still be a family wondering where their missing daughter was.
Answer the question.
No, we don't get scavengers in here.
We run them off.
What about intruders at night? No, forget it.
This place is locked up like Fort Knox - and patrolled.
So how is the rubbish distributed? What, different trucks, different areas? Yeah, but no driver's gonna remember where he dumped two weeks ago.
It's it's like an artwork out there, a sculpture.
But it's always changing, fluid.
Still, looking at the spread, I'd say it was probably just maybe three different trucks I don't know.
Simon, what've you got? Righto.
They've found her head.
Simon wants to know who's calling Wolfie.
I don't know how many times I can bring them this kind of news.
They seem stronger.
The prayer vigil's helping, I think.
Let's get it done.
If you stay awhile? Pray with them.
The time for prayers is done.
It's time to find this animal.
Three-day window? Well, close as the pathologist can get.
It's a moist environment and it generates a lot of heat.
And they use what mechanisms to estimate the time since she was dumped? The usual.
What? Blood pooling, decomposition, infestation OK, so, three days.
Which means - these are the garbage routes which were operating within that time frame, yes? Yes, we've found a rates overdue notice, some bills, old letters.
They give us these garbage routes for those days.
So, he must've trawled the area and dropped his cargo in different bins.
Looks that way.
It's not likely he was prepared to travel long distances, considering what he was carrying, so it's a fair bet he lives close to any of the given routes.
Jennifer, what about you? Any luck? No similar abduction murders in New South Wales or South Australia.
I'm still going through the other databases, but what did pop up is that seven girls have disappeared in the last two years in Melbourne in very similar circumstances.
Similar how? Well, all expected home within a few hours, either on their way to or from school, or visiting a friend or relative locally.
So, what, are you saying that there are seven teenagers out there that have been murdered and we know nothing about them? No, I'm not saying that.
I've contacted missing persons.
They're classified as runaway, some of them are already back home, but all of them disappeared in more or less the same circumstances as Deborah Statesman.
I think it's worth following up.
So do I.
You and Simon get onto it.
Matt and Duncan, I want doorknocks on every door along those garbage routes.
It's possible someone saw him.
I'll get uniforms to help.
That's it.
Get cracking.
What? Er, Sharon Finnegan? That's right.
I'm Detective Joyner.
This is Detective Mapplethorpe.
You filed a report with Missing Persons that your granddaughter had disappeared.
That was six months ago.
Don't you people talk to each other? She's in Sydney.
Contacted us by phone, the day after I called the cops.
I rang and told them.
So she's alright then? Of course she's alright.
Now she's being paid to stay away from home by bloody social workers.
Oh, they've got a lot to answer for.
You lot too, for that matter.
Sometimes my animal magnetism and sheer good looks just aren't enough.
She went to a rock concert interstate.
She knew that her father and I would never let her go, so she just took off.
She arrived back on the Monday acting as if everything was fine.
Jacqui? Albert Park clubrooms are trashed.
Including These people are detectives.
Why don't you tell them where you went when you did your disappearing act? But you already did that, didn't you? So, who was playing at the concert? My Chemical Romance.
Yeah, nice.
How were they? Sorry.
She's been like this ever since.
She won't talk and she keeps taking days off school.
She won't be doing that again, I can assure you.
Those photographs that we passed on the way in, they're very good.
They're my work, actually.
Oh, do you exhibit? You should.
I particularly like, um, this one up here, the way the light shines on his face.
So you're not really into music, eh? 'Cause My Chemical Romance cancelled their tour.
Something about the lead singer having food poisoning.
So, Jacqui, we're investigating a murder.
The victim was a young girl.
She was about your age.
You might have seen it, it's been all over the telly.
So what? Her name was Deborah Statesman.
You know, she disappeared in pretty much the same circumstances that you took off in.
And I know you're lying about the concert, and the last thing I wanna do is stuff things up for you with your parents, but I need you to tell me the truth about where you were.
I was with my boyfriend, alright? He's older than me.
If they find out, they're gonna go off their brains.
And don't ask me his name because I'm not gonna tell you.
She's only 16.
Yeah, going on 30.
I guess as far as her parents are concerned, My Chemical Romance was the lesser of two evils.
Have you heard their music? Mattie.
Hey, Simon, how's it going? Mate, it's nowhere.
How's your rubbish bin tango? Oh, yeah, same.
Duncan got generous.
Sit down and everything.
Really? What's the occasion? Search me.
Where are you going? Shit! Matt, what's up? Mate, I'll get back to you, alright? Hey, do you think I'm stupid? What's going on? I told you, nothing's going on! Crap.
You two were all over each other.
Duncan, you're hurting me.
I don't think you should put your hands on her like that.
What? What did you say, Zorba? You heard.
Keep your hands off her.
God! Get in the car! You stay out of it! Sit down, sit down.
He's broken my nose! Next time you wanna sort out your personal problems, just don't drag me along! Oh, shit.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Tilt your head back.
Go back to the bloody car.
Is he OK? What do you think, Matt? Tell that crazy prick I'll sue his arse.
If he's serious, you'd better talk him out of it.
Why? Claire, I don't wanna get into this.
It's between you guys.
But if our boss hears what happened, Duncan can kiss Homicide goodbye.
So, keep your boyfriend off his back, OK? He's rooting her.
I mean, what would you do, hey? I'd wait until I got home to deal with it.
I mean, Stanley's got enough on his plate already without having to worry about you having a psychotic episode in full public view.
Go home.
Sort it out.
He nutted him? The old Glasgow kiss.
Think he'll lay a complaint? He'd have every reason to.
Detective Joyner Sergeant Hatzic.
You've got a visitor.
How are you doing? I lied about being at my boyfriend's.
Did you? Well, you fooled me.
Yeah, I'm getting good at lying.
I've been doing it a lot.
Did that woman cop really like Mum's photos? Or was that just, like, to get her away, so you could talk to me? What do you think? I think Mum's photos are crap.
Who's this? Jacqui Quinn.
One of the runaways.
So, you lied about being with your boyfriend on the weekend Why is she here? Well, I think we're about to find out.
They were in Norway at the time.
So, er, what happened? Do you want some water or something? I, um I was on my way home from school, and this guy, he, um, he grabbed me from behind and then he put something over my face.
Next thing I remember, I'm groggy, in a car, tied up.
You know that girl that you were talking about - the one that was murdered? Was she, like, um, into computers? Um, maybe.
I'm not sure, why? He was watching me in my bedroom.
Oh, I shouldn't have done it.
Mum and Dad are gonna kill me when they find out.
News? Have you caught him? No, not as yet.
We need to have a look at Deborah's bedroom, if we may.
Oh, look, I think, um I think it'd be better if you, um, waited downstairs.
It's us, Stanley.
Will you stop being a bloody policeman and tell us what's going on? Sarge.
Stanley? What is that thing? It's a camera.
They broadcast over the Internet.
Do you mind if I have a look? You mean complete strangers? She let strangers watch her here? In her own bedroom? We think that's how the killer picked her out.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's a typical cam girl set-up.
Did you find a remote? Yeah, by the bed.
Er OK.
Switch cameras.
Jen left the whole system up and running.
I can actually use a computer.
OK, so, now we're live.
And I'm doing the switching from here.
So what is this? Exhibitionism or something? Oh, it's in da house! It's a techno-socio phenomenon.
It's huge in some countries.
It's a new version of the old 15 minutes of fame - varies from pretty innocent stuff to well, anything, really.
Oh, like what? Like stripping off in front of the camera, showering.
Some people even have sex.
Not this one, though.
This all seems pretty low-key to me.
And what makes you say that? Well, there's no camera in the bathroom.
You missed camera four.
Under the bed.
She probably switched to this, if, say, she got undressed.
You'd just see the clothes hitting the floor, wouldn't see her naked, just her feet.
It's kind of cute, really.
So, Paul, we're assuming that the, um, the killer chose her just like he chose Jacqui Quinn.
But I don't understand.
I mean, it's just a room.
How does he find her? Well, it's easy if you've got a good system.
I'm doing this live, but your guy could've recorded the output and worked on it later at leisure - just zooming in on whatever he needed.
I'm guessing he's got a pretty extensive collection of recorded material.
Wait now God.
Live action.
Er, Sarge.
Jacqui Quinn's mother's in your office.
She's a little steamed.
My daughter is here.
Yes, she is.
She's, er, in an interview room.
Well, what, is she in trouble? Oh, God, it's drugs, isn't it? She's been caught with drugs.
I knew this would happen.
Um, Mrs Quinn, can we Whatever she has said, you can't use it in a court.
You know that, don't you? She's only 16.
Mrs Quinn, she came to us.
What what do you mean? She's not in trouble.
But I do have some bad news.
He said he was gonna kill me.
And you, and Dad.
I was scared.
Look, if you don't wanna talk to the police, you don't have to.
We can just go home.
No, Mum.
I want to get it out.
I need to.
Simon and Jennifer, you take the statement.
Simon, you lead.
You've obviously made some connection there.
Duncan? You've got a visitor.
You got my message then? We can talk in the conference room.
No, no, Duncan.
You're not gonna wheel me into some quiet little corner so that you can grovel in private.
Oh, I don't intend on grovelling.
Where were you last night? No, don't you try and turn this onto me, Duncan! Don't make a scene, alright? We'll talk about this at home.
Oh, so so it's OK to embarrass me in public?! But when it comes to saying sorry, that's a problem, is that it? I'm not gonna say sorry.
And I don't expect you to apologise either! But what I do expect is some clarity on this relationship.
Now, if you wanna see this guy, that's fine, I'll deal with it.
But you need to make that decision.
Until you make that decision, I can't be around you, Claire.
The problem is that you're never home, you don't trust me.
I told you, nothing is going on! Well, I'm moving out.
I'm gonna give us some space.
You've got this trip to Hong Kong - when you get back, I'm gone.
No, no, Duncan.
We've gotta sort this out, Claire.
I can't live like this anymore.
I'm sorry.
It's like being on "Big Brother', only by yourself.
It was supposed to be fun, that's all.
Is there anything you can remember about this guy? Jacqui, I know it's hard.
I said I was blindfolded the whole time.
I didn't see anything.
OK, let's, um let's go back to the beginning.
Now, he came up behind you and he put something over your face, and he put you in a car and you passed out, yeah? Yeah.
I woke up on a bed chained to it.
After that, I was just I'd hear a key in the door, and I knew he was coming back.
Then afterwards when he'd finished he'd untie one of my hands and there'd be, you know, some food or drink.
When he let me go, I couldn't really believe it.
I think I was more scared then than any other time.
He put me on a swing and he he kissed the top of my forehead.
And I just I sat there holding on, listening for the van to drive away.
It was ages before I took off that blindfold.
When I did, it was night and I was in the park just around the corner from home.
And I couldn't tell I couldn't tell anyone.
Oh, sweetheart.
Jacqui, when we spoke before, you said you woke up groggy in a car.
But just then you said you waited for his van to drive away.
Did I? Mmm.
No, it was a van.
It was a big van.
How do you know? Because I could reach out without touching anything.
And I remember a sliding door on the side.
Do you remember anything else? Do you remember noises? Do you remember smells? That's enough.
It's enough.
She's told you everything she can.
Come on, darling, I'm taking you home.
No, Mum, it's fine.
When I was awake, when he was there doing all that I could hear a drill.
A drill? What kind of drill? Like the ones those council guys use to dig up the roads.
We're close.
Almost there.
I can feel it in my gut.
My crew have been chasing down this location all afternoon.
You want to go in, then? With a warrant.
On what basis? We've got the address, we've got this guy, D'Arcy Carlton, he's aged 32, a courier, he's got a Toyota van.
There was a broken sewer pipe The council did an emergency repair the very weekend Jacqui Quinn went missing.
Oh, Stanley, step back, step back, look at it.
It isn't enough.
There's no other van, no other big van in the street.
The model has a sliding door.
Carlton was off work when Jacqui was taken.
He was off work when Deborah was taken too.
It works.
Just falls into place, huh? Sometimes things happen that way.
Sometimes they're meant to happen that way.
Sounds like a long bow to me.
Thank you, James.
I need this warrant, Bernice.
We're there.
D'Arcy Carlton? Yeah? Detective Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe.
This is a warrant to search these premises.
Search for what? I don't have any Stand aside, please.
Why didn't you answer the door straightaway? I didn't hear.
I was running the bath.
What's this about? Because whatever it is, I think you've made a mistake.
We'll see.
Hey, please.
Please, that was my mother's.
Oh, er, thanks.
Don't want a flood.
Bring the computer.
Er, I I work on that.
It has my deliveries.
No, you'll get it back.
Bring him too.
Look, I've not done anything.
This is outrageous.
I I don't know this, er Jacqui Quinn or, er Deborah.
Deborah Statesman.
Deborah Statesman! Deborah Statesman! Where were you between 4pm and 10pm on that Friday?! I already told you I can't remember.
It was months ago.
Sorry, Sarge.
You're wanted - Superintendent.
Interview suspended, 9:27.
Stay with him.
I'm sorry.
Enough rope.
You have to release him.
He was off work, no alibi, we've got the garbage routes, we've got the roadworks.
What you have is circumstantial - at best.
The DPP will laugh at it.
Don't you talk to me about detective work, Cotton.
When's the last time you stepped out from behind your bloody desk? Nonetheless, he's right, Stanley.
The account of a terrified, drugged and blindfolded young woman is not going to cut it in a courtroom.
Just give me more time.
Oh, why? So you can what? Ask more questions? How long's it been now? He hasn't even raised a sweat yet, has he? No, he hasn't.
That's exactly it.
That is it.
He's too sure of himself.
He's been preparing for this.
He is the one, Bernice.
I know he is.
God told you, did he? James, that's enough! I'm sorry, Stanley.
As much regard as I have for your gut instinct, this is not the time to run with it.
Release him.
Simon and a uniform crew are gonna keep watch on the Carlton house, front and back, until 4am.
After that, I want to continue round-the-clock surveillance.
I'll organise uniforms, you work your shifts out between yourselves.
How long do we have to watch him for? Until I bloody well tell you to stop! Well, if you guys do the graveyard shift, I'll take over at 8:00, OK? I've got a fair bit to do before then.
Just as long as you turn up, that's all.
? I built ? A riverboat ? For you ? Matt.
Matt! She fits our profile - age, the way she disappeared - late Wednesday, walking home from her grandmother's.
Little Red Riding Hood.
And this one disappeared on Wednesday and we brought Carlton in Thursday.
It's possible.
We've had him under surveillance ever since.
She still has to be in there if he's got her.
Oh, he's got her.
Yeah, Sarge, it's me.
Yeah, she's a cam girl, alright.
All the equipment's here.
Get someone over there to get into her computer and get a recent photo from the parents.
Let's go.
What's going on? I don't know.
Carlton! Police! Open up! Mr Carlton? Break in.
Sarge! We don't even have a warrant! He's not here, Sarge.
He has to be! He brought his paper in half an hour ago.
We've been watching the place front and back.
No, he's here and the girl too.
Somewhere in this house.
Keep searching - a door, a secret room - something! Hey.
Wolfie's out of line.
It's his call, Duncan.
Check the bedroom.
Duncan! Couldn't see yourself getting out to the rubbish tip with this one Mr Carlton? I'm not stupid.
I knew you were watching me.
No point in hurting the girl anymore.
It's over.
And what, do you think I intend spending the rest of my life in jail? No way.
But I imagine you'll do me a favour, won't you? I'm betting you'll happily shoot me to stop me from slitting this one's throat too.
Why did you kill her? The other girl? You let all the other ones go.
Because she wouldn't promise.
She wouldn't promise to be quiet.
Even down here when she woke up, she yelled and she scratched and she she said I didn't scare her.
Little bitch, she didn't leave me any other choice.
I had to kill her and I'll kill this one too.
I'm gonna count to three and then I'm gonna slit her throat.
Unless you pull the trigger.
I would love to, believe me.
But it's in the rules, Mr Carlton - we don't become the thing we hunt.
One What what if I hurt the girl? Two Wait.
Wait! Are you ready? Mr Carlton? Three.
I've got the knife.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I've got you now, you're safe.
Bloody hell, Sarge.
I don't know that I approve of your methods.
Bit risky whacking him over the head with a gun, but good result.
Would've been riskier shooting him and anyway, I didn't wanna give him what he wanted.
Good morning.
The, er, the girl's gonna be OK, Sarge.
Well, physically anyway.
I'm not sure if we did much of a favour saving her.
Oh, she's alive, isn't she? Matt all that videotape down in the basement, there's a lot of footage there.
You want me to do it? Mmm.
Look, we've got Carlton, we've got victims, witnesses, photos, tapes Deborah's parents have suffered enough, don't you think? If he's got any videotape of Deborah, in her room Evidence can so easily get lost.
A beautiful, wonderful promise of all the things that she eventually grew up to.
? I don't believe in the existence of angels ? But looking at you ? I wonder if that's true ? But if I did, I would summon them together ? And ask them to watch over you ? Well, to each burn a candle for you ? To make bright and clear your path ? And walk like Christ in grace and love ? And guide you into my arms ? Into my arms, oh, Lord ? Into my arms, oh, Lord ? Into my arms, oh, Lord ? Into my arms.