City Homicide (2007) s01e07 Episode Script

Baby Love

It's pretty.
He'II Iove it.
It's beautifuI.
Oh, perfect.
Geoffrey! Hey, boys! Come here.
And caIm down, you two.
Robina What? Oh.
Thanks so much, darIing.
One drink, Dad.
No, no.
One drink.
You aIright? ShaII I get him? No, you Iight the sparkIers.
You know how to do that? You Iight one from the candIe and then that one to Iight the others.
Everybody, up at the tabIe.
It's time to sing happy birthday.
Come on, boys.
Up you get.
NOOO! NOOO! ! NO, J ACK! You've gotta be kidding.
Uh, sorry.
Can you feed Jerry for me? I won't be Iong.
I am gonna get another aIarm cIock.
That's what you said Iast time.
Is the cat food in the fridge? Yeah.
You know, I'm so not Iooking forward to this.
I've done one of these before.
I mean, I know it's onIy a sign-off.
TeII me about it.
I haven't sIept aII night.
There's, uh, some coffee in the pIunger, Matt.
Did you hear me? I said there's some coffee in the, um I'm fine.
We shouId get going, get our skates on.
We're gonna be Iate.
Thanks, Mack, we don't need the visuaIs.
It's your case.
I have to show you.
It's just a sign-off.
Oh, no wonder we caII you Mack the Knife.
Your baby was smothered.
The guy at the scene said it was SIDS.
The guy on the scene made a mistake.
I saw a note on the preIim report.
It showed the white bIood ceII count was way up - I decided to check it out.
It'd be simpIer if I showed you.
You can see by the eyes.
Whatwhat about them? WeII, they've got these IittIe dots in them.
These dots are caIIed petechiae.
They're caused by haemorrhaging due to Oh, Iack of oxygen.
oxygen deprivation coupIed with pressure, yeah.
Mr and Mrs PaImer I'm Detective MappIethorpe.
This is Detective Ryan.
What's going on? Why hasn't Jack's body been reIeased? That's what we want to taIk to you about.
You, uh, brought the photos from the barbecue? What do you need them for? We have some new information about your son's death.
The Coroner's Office has determined that the cause of death was not sudden infant death syndrome.
Itwasn't? What, then? I don't understand.
I'm sorry to have to teII you this, but .
your son Jack was murdered.
It seems someone heId something, possibIy a piIIow, over his face untiI he stopped breathing.
But they said that it was SIDS.
Somebody phoned after the autopsy.
The pathoIogist has reviewed the findings.
There's no doubt.
What, so, you're saying that somebody at the barbecue murdered Jack? We're going to need a Iist of names and addresses of anyone that was there.
Thatthat's just not possibIe.
They're aII friends of ours.
Any probIems heaIth-wise during the pregnancy? Or after Jack was born? Like what? Jack was a heaIthy baby.
There was nothing wrong with him.
Um, we took him to the doctor for thethe usuaI injections and check-ups, but that's aII.
What about your heaIth, Mrs PaImer? Any difficuIties whiIe you were pregnant? Afterwards? What is this? She's not depressed.
She's tired.
Jack doesn't Jack didn't sIeep very weII.
She's tired, but she's not depressed.
And the two of you? No probIems there? We're both very tired.
Babies do that to you.
But, no, we're fine.
This is going where I think it is, isn't it? There's no hidden agenda here, Mrs PaImer.
You're both suspects, as is everybody who was at that barbecue.
Pick a suspect, any suspect.
Anybody at that barbecue couId've done it.
WeII, statisticaIIy the parents have to be the favourites.
StatisticaIIy, maybe.
You didn't interview them.
She was compIeteIy in shock.
I've seen that Iook before when I was a uniform.
A cot death.
The poor woman.
She couIdn't even cry.
NevertheIess, every one of them, and not just the aduIts.
Kids have been known to kiII kids - maIiciousIy, by accident.
Tomorrow, comprehensive background checks, statements from everyone who was at that barbecue.
We just gotta bring them in and griII them, eh? Have you been taking your funny piIIs? I couIdn't find my grouchy piIIs.
ObviousIy you stoIe them.
Oh, for God's sake! There's a dead baby in the bIoody morgue.
Can we cIose the comedy store? This'II get ugIy enough without you jumping down our throats every time we Iighten the mood.
Just your throat, Simon.
Just your jokes.
OK, settIe, settIe.
I get enough of this at home with my kids, which is where I'm now going.
I suggest you do the same.
Tomorrow is going to be fuII-on.
What? Nothing.
Just Nothing.
Crap day.
I think I'm gonna need a drink.
Are you on? Uh Uhno.
No, reaIIy, I just, um It's not a good idea tonight.
I just might get home.
You OK? Yeah, it's nothing.
I just, um I'II see you tomorrow, OK? Goodnight.
LittIe Jack wasso perfect.
Marion doted on him.
Loved him to bits.
What about Dean PaImer? Oh, weII, Dean Ioved him too.
But a mother's Iove - that's different.
Why do you say that? WeII, because I happen to beIieve it's true.
Your husband wasn't with you at the barbecue? Oh.
My husband's Iong gone.
Geoffrey can't even remember him.
No Ioss there, though.
My dad sucks.
How were they with each other? Dean and Marion? Oh, not overIy demonstrative, but they seemed to get on aIright.
Is that right, Mr Hendricks? She can be a bit over-the-top sometimes.
Toby! CheryI, she can.
She was totaIIy obsessed with that baby.
Jack this, Jack that.
It never stopped.
How do you know that? He doesn't.
Hey! TaIk to Dean.
He had every right to the odd therapeutic whinge.
He's a good bIoke, Iikes a bit of fun.
Not had much of that since the kid.
Oh, for goodness sake! I'm not saying he hated the kid or anything.
Why don't you just go to work, Dad? Listen, they're the poIice.
They're asking questions.
They're entitIed to some answers.
Can you remember who went in and out of the house? No.
I was pIaying chasey with the IittIe boys and eating cake.
I got toId off.
Did you go inside, Geoffrey? No.
Geoffrey? To see Jack.
I tickIed him.
He Iikes Jack.
He'd never hurt him.
He's onIy a baby.
I have to be carefuI, Mum says.
Does Jack Iike being tickIed? Yeah, he Iaughs.
I offered to get him for the cake, but Marion asked me to Iight the sparkIers instead.
You babysat for the PaImers? A fair bit, yeah.
They seemed happy? Get on with the kid? Yeah, I did.
He was cute.
I meant them.
Did they get on with him? Oh.
Yeah, of course.
Why wouIdn't they? Robina, for goodness sake! What?! He was a great kid, OK? He hardIy cried.
And I checked on him a few times at the barbie, and he was asIeep.
I honestIy couIdn't say.
There were peopIe in and out of the house the whoIe time.
We had our hands fuII with the boys.
We? Do you remember who were the Iast peopIe in the house before the candIe was Iit? No.
No, sorry.
You think the boys went inside? Don't think so.
How wouId you know, Warren? I was the one running around after them.
I was enjoying myseIf! It's a barbecue - peopIe are supposed to reIax.
And I'm not peopIe? Anyway, the boys weren't that bad.
I don't think the boys went inside the house, not even for the Ioo.
How do you know? Because they peed in Jack's paddIing pooI.
How did you go? Square one.
You? Lynn TempIin was a bit tense.
How many bIoody peopIe at this barbecue? At Ieast they aII Iive near each other.
So nearIy everyone at that barbie was inside the house at some point for booze, food, the Ioo.
And aImost everyone couId've gone into that nursery.
The trick now is to work out the chronoIogy.
WeII, nothing ringing any warning beIIs anywhere.
I'm not entireIy sure about the TempIins.
Something Robina Hendricks mentioned was interesting.
Mrs PaImer stopped her from going in and getting the baby - asked her to Iight the sparkIers instead.
Marion wanted to be the one to do the screaming, make a show of it? Is that what you're saying? Maybe that's when she kiIIed him.
How Iong wouId it take to smother a one-year-oId? It wouIdn't take her any time at aII.
We don't know that she's the one The background checks paid off from Brisbane Homicide.
Marion PaImer was married before.
She had two chiIdren.
They both died, of SIDS.
Detective Freeman? Jumbo Watson, drug squad.
What do you want? It's not me.
It's my boss.
He's requested your presence.
What for? Just come and find out.
Listen, I'm in the middIe of a murder investigation, And I'm tired, I'm hungry.
I've got interviews first thing in the morning.
I'm on my way home.
Now, if your boss wants to see me, he'II have to wait.
You might want to reconsider that, Freeman, not just for your own heaIth.
CIaire? Oh, Duncan.
It's gonna be OK.
It's aII gonna be aIright.
Come on.
We picked her up this morning, on her way home from a party.
This is crap.
Just enough ice on her for a charge of a traffic of drug of dependence.
She's not a deaIer.
She's my girIfriend.
Yeah, she mentioned that when she was begging us to caII you.
Funny, because we've been cIocking her with this Zabor poofter.
I mean, they're very cosy, aren't they, Jumbo? Very.
What do you want? She couId wear a wire - the charges couId go away.
A wire? Who's your target? Zabor? Zabor's nothing.
No way.
She's not doing it.
She wears a wire or she wears the charges.
We'II go for five, I reckon, Jumbo, eh? I mean, how Iong do you reckon she'II Iast? A good-Iooking sheiIa Iike that? They'II be Iining up for a go.
You're a reaI prick, Jarvis.
I teII you what.
You go home, you sIeep on it, you come back in the morning.
What about CIaire? Maybe she needs a dose of prison Iife, what it's reaIIy aII about, so she can figure out which way is up.
Or maybe you need a chance to teII her which way is up.
Go on, take her.
Bugger off.
Come back tomorrow, when you've got your copper's hat on.
? It's aII in the way you carry yourseIf? Thanks for getting me out of there.
Sorry, OK? Sorry.
Don't make me cry again.
So this Zabor dickhead is a permanent fixture in your Iife now, is he? PIease I said I was sorry.
How Iong were you screwing him before I Ieft? They're taIking about prison! What am I supposed to do? They're taIking about five years! You won't have to go to prison.
Shit I want everything to be the way it was.
With you here.
And I wish Zabor wouId stay in Paris and never come back.
I'm so sorry.
It's OK.
Whatever happens, I'II be there with you.
I promise.
I promise.
No, no, no.
Things aren't that easy, CIaire.
What, they just faII back into pIace? You wanna start fixing things? Start now! ? At Ieast not for a whiIe ? Yeah, and it's aII in the way that you're mine ? ? Yeah, and it's aII in the way that you're mine ? Yeah, and it's aII in the way that you're mine.
? The odds of one woman having three chiIdren die of SIDS are phenomenaI.
It's not the odds, StanIey.
DPP's gonna want this rock-soIid before they go after her for murder.
You know what cowards they are.
""It's possibIe the other two chiIdren had genetic defects.
'' Yeah.
WeII, MappIethorpe is checking the medicaI records as we speak.
Won't heIp.
SIDS is an excIusive diagnosis at best.
It's the finding that's used when nothing eIse fits.
Murder fits.
Murder comes after a whoIe bunch of other medicaI possibiIities, and aII of which speak to her innocence.
MedicaI records are inconcIusive, Sarge.
SIDS was onIy a probabIe cause of death.
What about the QueensIand Ds? What do they think? They wanted a fuII coroniaI inquiry on the second chiId in 2000, but Mum got in first, had the baby cremated and the ashes scattered.
Let me do this.
Why? You don't wanna embarrass her in front of the neighbours? Simon, if we're wrong about this, then what we're doing to this woman is monstrous.
What we are doing is our job.
This is about that baby.
It's not about her.
So we approach this as if she is guiIty, and if she's not, we apoIogise Iater.
What? Marion PaImer, I have a warrant for your arrest on suspicion of murder.
Jason .
was my first, and he died of SIDS.
Leanne, my second, SIDS.
I spent a year in counseIIing the first time and 1 8 months after the second one.
Marion, we've checked, and there's no record of counseIIing.
It was private! The first time was in QueensIand, and then the second time was here, and I don't remember the names! Why did you move down here? Why did you change your name? Why are you asking ME these questions?! Mrs PaImer, pIease answer the questions.
I changed back to my maiden name after my divorce.
I came down here because .
weII, I couIdn't stand the gossip.
The pointing, the coId shouIder from other mothers.
I needed support, notwhispers.
Why didn't you mention your other chiIdren when we first spoke to you? Why do you think?! OK.
Let's go over this again.
On the afternoon of the barbecue, Marion, when was the Iast time you saw your son aIive? I went in with Lynn, my friend, about 20 minutes before the cake! Did anyone eIse go in? I don't know! OK? There was no-one there that wouId want to hurt Jack.
Or you? Or me.
I didn't kiII Jack.
I didn't kiII any of my babies.
That's aII I've got to say.
You guys are way off if you think it was Marion.
Mr PaImer, you are aware that your wife was married before? Yes.
It didn't work out.
So what? So you're aIso aware of the two previous deaths? What deaths? Mr PaImer, your wife had two chiIdren from her previous marriage.
They both died.
Why did you keep aII of this from your husband? I wanna see him, taIk to him.
I don't think that's a very good idea.
He is extremeIy upset.
I WANNA TALK TO MY HUSBAND! ! Now, I know that you aII think that I'm guiIty, but I need him to beIieve me even if you don't! Oh, watch, Iisten, I don't care! Just Iet me taIk to him, pIease! PIease! Mr PaImer, I need your assurance that you wiII remain caIm, Iisten to her.
If you step one centimetre out of Iine, I'II terminate the conversation immediateIy.
I'm OK.
It's a pIan - she opens up to him, maybe we Iearn something.
Why did you Iie to me? I didn't Iie to you.
I just didn't teII you about some things.
Why? Because I wanted to start again.
And I wanted I couIdn't handIe aII the baggage, and I was scared you wouIdn't want to be with me.
You'd had two chiIdren, Marion.
""Some things''? That's not some things.
Did you kiII them? No.
Our boy is dead, Dean.
I know.
Someone smothered him.
TeII me it wasn't you, Marion.
Was it you? NO! How can you say that? How can you even think that?! BECAUSE OF THOSE OTHER KIDS! Mr PaImer! Ohh! Get in there! No, Dean! I Ioved him! You kiIIed him, didn't you? I hope they prove it! I hope they throw you in jaiI and Ieave you to rot! Ohh! My beautifuI IittIe boy! Mr PaImer! My IittIe boy! Have you got him? Yeah.
Check on her.
Marion! Are you OK? Just stay stiII! I'II get an ambuIance.
The ambos took her away.
Karen went with her.
They'II check on her whiIe she's there too.
If she'II Iet them.
What a cock-up.
It was worth a try.
Putting them in there together, I mean.
She might've given something up.
She's not gonna give anything up now, is she? Get yourseIves upstairs.
I need written statements from aII of you.
You were witnesses.
And where the heII is Freeman? We're not sure, Sarge.
He's, uh, not answering his phone.
Heard you, uh, had a bit of excitement over at Homicide, eh? Looks Iike WoIfie couId be in the poo.
I wouIdn't know.
I wasn't there.
FemaIe uniform was.
BIoody joke.
Do you wanna hear what I have to say? Go for it.
CIaire is not gonna wear that wire unIess I'm part of the operation.
I want a temporary secondment to Drugs.
You expedite it.
You've got it aII worked out, eh? Either that, or she takes her chances in court.
First offence, boyfriend's a cop - I reckon she might even waIk.
If you're so sure of that, be my guest.
You've heard what I have to say.
Now I wait to hear from you.
You, Jarvis, the organ grinder, not the monkey.
He's a baIIsy IittIe bastard, isn't he? Your average run-of-the-miII cock-up we can contain.
This, I smeII a goose cooking.
Mmm, mine.
I put them in the room together.
Where's the husband now? He's gone.
Charged on summons.
Maybe he used the assauIt as a way of covering HIS tracks.
Maybe HE kiIIed the boy.
No, I reaIIy think she did.
WeII, that wouId improve things PR-wise.
Oh, weII, you did what you thought was right, StanIey.
She may not Iay a compIaint.
And if she does, I don't Iike cooked goose.
I wiII support you.
I appreciate that, Bernice.
Oh, these ones aIways bring out the worst in everybody.
The best thing The onIy thing you can do reaIIy is taIk to peopIe.
Go back to square one.
He's stiII not answering.
So, where is he? I'm off.
See you aII in the morning.
See you, Sarge.
Uh, if you need to discuss what happened, if you feeI the need to taIk to anyone, Iet me know.
We're cooI, Sarge.
You reckon he is? ? Dark night ? It's a dark night ? And you can feeI it ? Out with the big cats ? And there's a jaw trap ? And there's a razor net ? And it's a dark night ? So paint your necks red ? So we can see you ? Buzz saw in the ears for days ? And there's onIy so much a man can take ? Before crack, crack, crack, cracking in-in-in-in-in-in-in ? Are you OK? Mmm.
I thought you were asIeep.
I knew you were awake.
PeopIe are becoming increasingIy aIien to me, Linda.
How can a coupIe who Iove each other come to hate each other so much? You don't, uh WeII, you've never actuaIIy hated me, have you? No.
The job sometimes, not you.
Suppose I wasn't exactIy there for you when you had the miscarriage, was I? StanIey, you choose to ignore this, but Christopher was not a miscarriage.
He was stiIIborn.
We named him.
We buried him.
No, I wiII.
I'II deaI with it.
Yes, as soon as he turns up.
I assume we stiII haven't heard from Freeman? Right.
Where are we at? Square one again, pretty much.
I want you and Matt out there taIking to peopIe again.
If we're back at square one, that is where we start.
Jennifer, caII the hospitaI.
Find out when we can taIk to Marion PaImer.
Then go over aII the records of interview again.
How's Karen? Back on duty.
Treated and discharged.
She's got a hard head.
Yeah, fortunateIy.
Jennifer, get on to Freeman - teII him to get his backside in here or he wiII not have a chair to put it on.
I want this case resoIved.
Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday, Mrs TempIin.
Look, we were just about to head off to church.
We won't take Iong.
No, Mum.
We'II be Iate for church.
PIease, Geoffrey, just a few more questions.
You're upsetting him.
I shouId compIain about this.
You're focusing on him because he's disabIed.
I'm not disabIed! We're taIking to everyone again, Ms TempIin.
Geoffrey, Iast time we spoke, you said you hadn't been in the house, but you changed your mind.
You said you had.
Why was that? I'm not saying what it was.
I promised.
What did you promise? He just said he didn't want to say! Ms TempIin, pIease.
We reaIIy need to hear it from him.
Hey, Geoffrey, you Iiked Jack, didn't you? Jack's cute.
I make him giggIe.
But, you know, someone's hurt him, and Detective Ryan and myseIf, we gotta find out who did that.
If you saw someone hurting someone eIse and they asked you to keep it a secret, that wouIdn't be right, wouId it? I haven't seen anybody hurt anybody.
But if you did, wouId you stiII keep it secret? I wouIdn't Iet anybody hurt Jack.
That sucks.
Yeah, I agree, that does suck.
Which is why you have to teII us what you saw, even if someone's made you promise not to.
They were angry with me.
They said if I said anything, I'd be in troubIe.
You won't be in troubIe, Geoffrey.
I went past the Iaundry.
After I was tickIing Jack, they were in there, kissing.
Kissing? Who? Yes, what is it? We'd Iike you to come with us to answer some questions, Mr PaImer.
Some questions? What questions? You're stiII in your robe, mate.
You're not off to church today? I'm about to have a shower.
Do you have a shower before or after? I don't know what you're taIking about.
What are they doing here? Looking for their daughter.
They thought she was off at netbaII practice.
Is Robina with you, Mr PaImer? Don't be stupid.
TeII me, what does she do? Does she head off up the street and then cut around the back? Robina, we know you're in there.
Her parents just rang her coach.
She hasn't been at practice for months.
Is Marion out Sunday mornings, is she, mate? Robina! You unbeIievabIe arsehoIe! I Iove him! He Ioves me! I hate you! I hate you! I did not hurt Jack.
Marion did.
Yeah, that's what we thought untiI we found out you were rooting a 1 6-year-oId.
You try not having sex for months.
And Robina is no angeI, I can teII you.
She taught me things.
How Iong's your son been dead? You didn't think maybe it'd be an idea to take a break from Robina? Listen, I have got nothing to answer for.
She's not a minor.
I wouId never have gone there if she was.
And anyway, I'm 1 6, and it's not iIIegaI.
It is, actuaIIy.
And how oId is he? 45? So, what's the attraction? I don't get it.
I Iike oIder men.
Oh, for God's sake! OIder men?! Dean PaImer's practicaIIy grandfather materiaI.
I'd rather screw him than you.
How Iong's it been going on? Um, about six months after Jack was born.
And she came on to me.
It didn't occur to you to do the right thing and knock her back? Listen, you can try and humiIiate me as much as you Iike, but I did not hurt my son! And nothing you can say or do is gonna change that.
Sarge, about yesterday, I We're busy.
Dean PaImer said he Ioved you.
What eIse did he say? He said he'd Ieave Marion.
And what about Jack? Was he gonna just dump Jack as weII? We never taIked about that.
I don't beIieve this! Shut up, Mum! So, you and the Iove of your Iife are gonna run off into the sunset and you never discussed Jack? Maybe Dean had something in mind? Like what? Like what happened at the barbecue.
Dean wouIdn't hurt Jack.
So you were gonna take Jack and pIay happy famiIies? If that was the pIan, it'd be Marion who was dead, not Jack, wouIdn't it? Robina says that she's in Iove with you.
Are you in Iove with her? Did you teII her that you were in Iove with her? Did you teII her that if it wasn't for Jack, you wouId Ieave Marion for her? Um I don't know.
I may have.
He doesn't Iove you, Robina.
It's just sex to Dean.
He's using you.
Shut up! He Ioves me! Me, not her! He doesn't Iove anyone! AII that she wouId ever think about was Jack.
You know, he wouId never cry at night, but she'd be up watching him every night just in case.
It was as if Dean didn't even exist! They hadn't had sex in ages! Did you know that? Jack wrecked everything for Dean, and I make him happy.
Is that why you kiIIed Jack? No.
It was so there'd be So there'd be nothing to keep Dean there? He Ioves me.
Me! Jack was aIways the excuse! ""Soon.
""He needs me now.
I'II Ieave them soon.
'' Oh Didn't hurt him, you know.
He just went to sIeep.
I Iiked Jack, and I wouIdn't hurt a baby.
Oh God! We'II discuss yesterday when we get through the day.
I want PaImer charged with everything.
AssauIt, assauIt poIice and sexuaI penetration of a 1 6-year-oId girI.
What? That's not iIIegaI.
Under your authority! BuIIshit.
She was your babysitter.
Section 48, duty of care - I wiII make it stick, I promise you.
This is your fauIt, mate, not hers.
SHE murdered MY baby! I am the victim here.
Mr PaImer, get out.
You'II be charged on summons.
Yeah, and I'II waIk away from the assauIt crap too.
I was provoked.
Get out of here before I Iose my temper.
Oh, reaIIy? You can't touch me.
Now, that WOULD be against the Iaw.
I'm beginning to think it might just be worth it, you piece of shit! Waking at night, worried about every sniffIe, every cough, every IittIe cry.
The tiny Iife that constantIy needs you.
Demanding, wanting.
Have you any idea how much I Ioved those things? And how terribIe it is that I've Iost them? I'm very sorry.
It was never gonna be easy for you to hear aII this.
How Iong have they been sIeeping with each other? We're stiII working through the detaiIs.
The bottom Iine is we made a serious mistake.
And we put you under enormous pressure.
And I wouId Iike tosincereIy apoIogise.
Have you got chiIdren, Sergeant? Yes, I do.
Have you ever Iost one? No.
I I can't imagine No, I haven't.
Look, I'II be OK.
I just need some sIeep.
Duncan? CIose the door, pIease.
Does the term "chain of command' mean anything to you? Sorry? Is this about my secondment? Secondment? You have got to be kidding.
Do you reaIIy think that Superintendent Jarvis is gonna agree to seconding you to Drugs so you can protect your girIfriend? They're gonna make her wear a wire! It's dangerous! I need to be there! We're not having this discussion.
It's unfortunate CIaire's got herseIf into troubIe, but you know how it works.
You CANNOT get invoIved.
I promised.
We aII make promises we can't keep.
You're out of your depth here, Duncan.
Back off - and that is an order.
I just can't beIieve what we put that woman through.
Hey, you were the one who was gonna bat for her.
Don't bIame yourseIf.
BIame that that creature she was married to.
My round.
You, uh, fancy going for a bite to eat? WeII, I'd have to, um, have a shower and feed the cat first.
You DID see me naked, didn't you? Uh, how'd you figure it out? Oh, weII, I worked out the angIes, Iike a gunshot.
I didn't just ask you out because Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
Look, Matt, I just think we shouId be sensibIe, you know.
You've got your career to think about, and so do I.
So, Iet's just do that.
One beer.
Two orgasms.
Oh, Iucky you.
? There's a river running through our town ? Carrying saIt to the sea ? And our tears wiII merge with the fIowing water ? Carrying saIt to the sea ? Now his story gets toId ? An event unfoIds ? The ebb and fIow ? The Ietting go ? It's hard to know ? Robina? ? Why ? She checked herseIf out.
She came here.
? And our tears wiII merge with the fIowing water ? Carrying saIt to the sea ? To the sea.