City Homicide (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

Serious Men

Secure code 6-47.
What happened to the usual guys? We killed them and stole the van.
Yeah, boss, gate guard reckons there's no way the weapons got in.
They say the place is as tight as a duck's bum.
Checked the van too? Inside, outside, underneath.
Popey, how much? Says six million.
Give or take.
Except someone already took.
OK, you lot, let's go.
We've got a crime scene.
Superintendent Waverley will be joining us.
What's the story, Sarge? Joint taskforce with Armed Robbery.
Oh, not those bastards again.
Is Calabrese working on this? Ah, don't know as yet, Simon.
Because if he points another gun at my head, I'll deck him.
OK, everyone, listen up.
The boss believes our colleagues in Armed Robbery could do with our help on this one, so we work with them.
Best practice, do not buy into their politics, OK? You mean their crap? Duncan, you have a bunch of flags on your file already.
You cannot afford another one.
Yes, Sarge.
Jarvis would love to fly you a few more.
Yeah, precisely, so stay out of his face.
And, Simon, you stay out of Calabrese's.
Best behaviour, Sarge.
That's right.
Best behaviour means best practice.
With any luck, you'll have a legitimate opportunity to demonstrate your superiority.
What's AGB? Australian Gold Brokers.
They on-sell gold to manufacturing jewellers.
They always use Securevan? Yeah, most of the time, he reckons.
Alright, let's check their security camera footage.
Er, boss Whoever it is, I'm not in.
I asked for Crime Scene, not Homicide.
What's this? Interdepartmental cooperation, Terry.
Armed Rob and Homicide - Bill Mulholland wants a joint taskforce on this one.
Is that right? We'll see about that.
Boss, you'd better take this.
It's Assistant Commissioner Mulholland.
Hello, boys and girls.
Yeah, g'day, boss.
Well, I don't understand Well, I wasn't told anything about it, so In at the fourth rib, out below the fifth.
Elevated trajectory.
Only ever seen that kind of long-range through and through once before.
It was in pictures.
Ballistics seminar.
Some FBI bloke talking about snipers.
Recreational sport in the States.
Righto, Simon.
Let's check it out.
OK, 'bye.
Alright, if we're gonna get into bed with each other, we'd better work out who's sleeping where, eh? Stan, you wanna fire off some memos? Have a little meet in the morning? We'll get the Crime Scene report in first.
Where do you wanna meet - your place or mine? Oh, mine.
We've got electricity.
Door's been forced.
Second roof lucky.
The shooter was definitely up there.
The door had been forced.
What was the range? Ah, it'd be about 1,000 metres.
A bit more, I'd say.
How high? The trajectory fits.
Crime Scene located a deformed bullet at the warehouse.
The bullet went straight through the guy.
It skidded off the concrete and embedded itself into the ground.
Details? Ballistics are working on that now.
But all they can confirm is that it's a high-velocity round.
They said they'd have more details for us first thing in the morning.
So, high-powered weapon, HV rounds.
They knew they couldn't get the guns into the compound so they came up with a long-range hit.
Two hits.
Just took them out.
These guys are pros.
Does Jarvis know about the bullet? I said I'd pass the information on.
Yeah, we might, er we might wait until we get all the details.
Matt, see if you can sign that bullet out before the briefing in the morning.
Sure, Sarge.
Anything to help.
Good morning, boys and girls.
And Carmel.
Now, the Assistant Commissioner has asked us to work in the spirit of mutual cooperation, so that's what we're doing.
Stan, if you'd like to join us.
Your blokes done the death knocks on the two stiffs? Ah, the families of the guards were informed last night.
Yes, sir.
We're not big on ceremony here at Armed Robbery, are we, guys? Not big on clearance rates either.
Are you right? You sure? Now, this is a big one, even for us.
Six million - gold bullion, one missing van and occupants, two bad boys, with a possibility of, er, help from an inside source.
This is the best the gate guards could do for us.
Ebony and ivory, eh? I want you to get these out to the usual suspects - snitches, fences, bottom-feeders.
We want that gold back, so don't be afraid to kick some arse, kids, right? They'll need to spread it about.
It's a lot of weight to move locally, Terry.
Sir to you.
And we don't know what the hell they're doing with it, do we? VKC to Sunshine 102.
Can you attend a code 12 on Montague Street? Vehicles involved are two cars and a pedestrian.
Sunshine 102.
received that.
Mark us en route.
ETA 10 minutes.
Coburg 309 to VKC.
Mark us code 5 outside the Melbourne Magistrates' Court.
Expect to be about 30 minutes.
VKC to Coburg 309.
Crime 751 to VKC.
Nothing on our Armed Rob at the target destination.
That's 'cause they are looking in all the wrong bloody places.
Keilor 203 to VKC No bloody clue.
Tasking for my crew, Terry? Colleagues in Homicide can, er, shuffle the usual papers.
Backgrounds on all employees at the bonded warehouses and at Securevan.
Criminal associations, etc.
Don't get any papercuts.
Anything from you, Stan? Yes, as a matter of fact, there is, Terry.
Small thing, thank you.
Crime Scene recovered this deformed round.
It's high-velocity.
The tool marks suggest a high-powered rifle, like the Remington 308 or the Kresta 50.
The shooter would've had to have used a long-range scope.
The shot was fired from a rooftop Oh, professional.
Maybe military? Mmm, quite possibly.
If it's alright with you, Terry, we'll follow up on the guns as well as shuffling paper.
Are you trying to make a mug out of me in front of my crew? No, Terry.
No, I am not.
Cards on the table.
That'd be nice for a change.
If we recover this bullion, fine, you can take all the credit you want.
But those two guards were murdered, and I'm not gonna let you or anyone else sideline my team in this investigation.
Fair enough.
You follow up the guns and the employees.
We'll chase the gold and look after the van.
But I'll tell you one thing - you keep that Freeman away from me, OK? Serious men, these.
Bit scarier than some menopausal housewife who's had a hot flush and decided to stab her hubby, hey? They're pros.
You reckon you'll manage? You wanna start watching your mouth Don't give him the satisfaction.
Come on, Si - if his dick's as big as his mouth, his girlfriend here must be worried.
I don't have to listen to that! Yeah? I don't have to listen to this smartarse mouthing off! Alright, guys, forget the handbags at 20 paces.
Just calm down.
Now, for your information, Calabrese, there's nothing scarier than a menopausal woman.
Yeah? Well, when we find these blokes, you might wanna reconsider that opinion, Sarge, OK? Because they're not going down without a fight.
I'm sure we can rely on you to protect us, should the need arise.
Not a problem, darling.
Alright, my lot, out.
Hit the streets.
Not you, O'Loughlin.
I want you to stay here, liaise.
Make sure we all find out what gets found out, when it gets found.
Boss, come on No argument.
I'll find you a desk.
Jennifer, you and Simon, backgrounds.
Matt and Duncan, you're with me.
How do you like your coffee? In a takeaway cup.
Out on the street.
So, Wilton, if you could tell them what you were saying before.
Yeah, about four months ago, this, er, army bloke, Lieutenant Jensen, got 5 years for stealing munitions from an army base out west.
What sort of munitions? Oh, a whole bunch of stuff - from, er, small arms to rocket launchers.
Definitely worth checking out.
He may have sold our shooter that rifle, or at the very least he'd know who the middle men in the trade are.
We'll get on it.
Thanks, Sarge.
Joys of heart failure.
Get to lie in bed and read the papers.
Sorry to interrupt.
I I left a message earlier.
Oh, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry.
We've been in a briefing - that double shooting - um, so I turned the thing off.
It's been hectic.
You probably don't have time for this then.
It's OK.
Never mind.
No, no, no, no.
Come here.
You left these.
Susan's term results, remember? Yeah, I do.
Yeah, you were gonna have a little look at them before the parent/teacher meeting.
Six o'clock.
Sarge, we Sorry, Mrs Wolfe.
Hi, Duncan.
Just give us five minutes.
No, it's actually fine.
I'm I'm done.
Delivery made.
I will be looking at this tonight.
Well, you'll be late and you'll be tired.
Just try to find some time before tomorrow, OK? OK.
Yeah, and it is important, Stanley.
She'd rather you be there.
Yeah, I know that.
See you, darling.
See you, Mrs Wolfe.
Er, the army guy.
Yep? Lieutenant Jensen.
I spoke to Correctional Services.
They're bringing him over right now.
OK, good.
Let me know how it goes.
No worries.
Do we still call you Lieutenant? Just Mr Jensen will do.
A gentleman, eh? But no officer.
What can I do for you? Were either of these weapons stolen or on-sold by you? Why don't you just check the exhibits list from the trial? Because I wanna see your face when you answer the questions.
And if the answer's yes, we have more questions.
Like what kind of person does it take to use one of these effectively at 1,300 metres? A professional.
A damn good one.
Even with a long-range laser scope? You try keeping that dot on target at that distance.
It's about breathing, relaxation, absolute concentration.
Original question.
Did you sell one of these weapons? I've already appealed for a reduction of sentence.
I stole.
So what? No-one was hurt.
So perhaps you could help me out in that regard.
Someone was hurt.
Two men were killed using one of these.
They had families.
So how about we do get involved in your appeal, crank up your charges to armed robbery and conspiracy to commit murder? Or how about you answer the question? Now, which one? Thank you.
Now the name of the buyer.
Milos Antonovic.
Who's he when he's at home? He isn't at home.
He's a refugee immigrant, ex-Serbian militia.
Very hard nut.
And your people have never heard of him? Most people we've been rousting today buy throw-downs from backstreet middle men, you know.
Well, these guys are high-end operators.
They needed a high-end dealer.
Yeah, and they found one.
According to ex-Lieutenant Jensen, before Antonovic scammed his way into the country, he sold armaments in Europe.
Jensen gave us a location.
We've checked it out.
Antonovic is there alright.
And he can tell us who bought that rifle off him.
Which gives us a lead on one of your three robbers.
They're bound to have weapons in there.
He won't be scared to use them.
So we handle with care, right? Alright.
We want him alive and squawking.
We'll get him while he's sleeping.
Dawn raid.
No, the rules say we hand the raid over to Special Operations.
But we can do it ourselves.
Our call.
Antonovic isn't likely to be going through menopause, is he? Good luck there, Joyner.
You're first in.
Don't muck it up, eh? Yeah, combat advice from a bloody Italian.
Don't worry about him.
He's a smartarse.
Yeah, I don't need advice from you either.
Our guys are in position.
Your guys? Go.
That is a go, go, go! Ch-choo.
Police! Don't move! Police! Police! Don't move! Police.
Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Don't move! Don't move! Whoever shot Antonovic, he knew them well enough to turn his back on them.
No sharpshooter needed this time.
Crime Scene have located his weapons stash.
Very impressive - machine-guns, hand grenades, thousands of rounds of ammo.
Rifles? Oh, yeah.
The same two that were used in the robbery.
There were three noted on the register of evidence in Lieutenant Jensen's trial.
So who's got the third one? And Antonovic isn't gonna be any help now, is he? Sarge.
Make sure you sign the paperwork when you log this in.
Yes, Superintendent.
Don't wanna cock up the chain of evidence.
This links Antonovic to our bullion guys.
So how'd it end up here? Shape of a boot tread.
Commando sole, maybe? Well, how do you get gold caught in the tread of a boot? You melt it.
Enjoy your Chinese.
Gwen's got a lovely roast on.
So Antonovic was definitely killed by one of our robbers.
Anything strike you about all this? Big-time robbery, high-end gun dealer, Jarvis's mob not being able to pick up anything on the street.
What, new boys in town? Could be from overseas.
Previously connected.
That is a very good thought.
I'll get a request off to Interpol with Antonovic's prints and photo, let them know where he washed up.
Known associates with a history of similar jobs might help.
I'll give Jarvis the heads-up.
Yeah, I'll pitch the idea of an inside man as the M.
Good idea.
In my experience, a job this big, usually inside info's the go.
Speaking of which Antonovic getting himself whacked.
What do you make of that? What, you mean we discover his identity and he's killed before we get a chance to speak to him? Yeah, the thought had crossed my mind.
Next lead we get, Stan, we play our cards a bit closer to our chest, eh? Ah, yes.
Hello, Stanley Wolfe here, Susan Wolfe's father.
Er, we had a meeting with Susan's teacher this evening.
Er, I've been trying to contact my wife, but her phone's turned off so they're probably, er, already in the meeting.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, I wonder if you could tell them that I have been delayed somewhat, er, but I will be there AS AP.
That'd be good.
Thank you.
Ah, Wolfe.
Stanley Wolfe.
Thank you.
Bugger it.
Heart starter.
Sorry it's not takeaway.
Not half as sorry as I am.
If I have to look at one more personnel file, I'm gonna go blind.
Thanks, mate.
I'm used to being a bit more physical.
So how'd you get into Armed Robbery? Jarvis recruited her from Arson.
I asked around.
It pays to know who you're working with.
Oh, yeah? You'd be the one who punched my boss in the face, right? So there are no matches at all? OK, thanks.
Hey, er, since we're caring and sharing, I've got something.
Charles Whicker.
What about him? Charlie didn't turn up on our first run because he's a subcontractor and runs a security company.
One of his assignments used to be the warehouse that got hit.
Oh, bloody hell.
He's a Pom, married.
Emigrated three years ago.
AGB security check gave him a clean sheet.
But? I just checked with Immigration.
They've got no record of him or his wife coming into the country.
Far as they're concerned, he doesn't exist.
Good one.
Nice job, Mattie.
Looks like a pretty hard character.
He's smart too if he's slipped past AGB and Immigration.
So, what've you got for me? Bloody hell.
What are you doing here? No, no, no, no! No, please! Please, I won't I don't know anything! Please, please, don't kill me! Please! This is getting repetitive.
Certainly is.
Put them all in pairs, doorknocking.
Someone must have seen something.
One AR, one Homicide in each pairing might be a good idea.
Yeah, good idea.
I think it's time to say what we didn't say before.
Oh, you can't be serious! Whicker's one coincidence too many.
Someone's tipping them off.
Every lead we get, they snuff it out.
Well, who knew about our interest in Whicker? All of Stan's crew.
And Carmel O'Loughlin, who could've told any one of your mob.
Oh, I trust my lot.
Yeah, we trust our people too.
It could've been anyone.
They didn't have to pull the trigger.
All they needed was enough time to make a quick phone call.
Yeah, well, the shooters got there bloody fast.
Which means they're smelting the gold somewhere reasonably close to the Whicker house.
So we have a more defined search radius.
We point that out to our rat too, do we? We're gonna have to.
But from now on, we need to know exactly where our people are whenever we break any new information.
All of them.
Complete waste of time, that doorknock.
Calabrese just got everyone's backs up straightaway.
Talk about aggressive.
O'Loughlin's the same.
She's not into the finer points of public relations either.
Yeah, they're into something.
What do you mean? He means what we're all thinking.
Someone's tipping off the people that we're after.
And it isn't one of us.
So who do you think? Freeman.
You seen his sheet? More flags than a footy final.
No, I'm for Joyner.
Why? Why? He's too nice to be honest.
I suggest you keep them in pairs.
Mixed doubles.
Already done.
Don't have even numbers.
Well, put Sparkes with one of ours then.
You do trust Sparkes? Yeah.
Mixed doubles.
Question is, who's watching who? Even numbers.
It's not a competition, Terry.
We've got a problem.
Let's solve it together.
We've already got five dead bodies.
Seven, possibly.
The missing security guards.
You just think I, er, care about the money, don't you, Stan? Don't you? You think I don't care about the people that've been killed? Their families? I'll tell you something, Stan.
I do.
I worked Homicide.
I cared.
I cared too bloody much.
I cared so much Money's easier.
But you're right, we do have a problem.
And, be it yours or mine, we've gotta solve it together, so Stanley.
We got something.
Alright, listen up.
Interpol have put together Whicker - real name, Charlie Whitmore - and Antonovic, our arms guy.
They were involved in a major robbery at Heathrow Airport five years ago.
Antonovic supplied the weapons.
The robbery was a swansong for Whitmore.
He disappeared, leaving Britain with two million sterling And headed over here on false papers.
Known associates - Reg Brown and Desmond Akuna, ebony and ivory.
Gate guards didn't do too badly with descriptions, eh? Now we've got the real thing, thanks to our friends at Scotland Yard.
Brown and Akuna were involved in the Heathrow job.
Brown is ex-S AS.
Wilton? Well, forget holidays on the Costa del Sol.
You can't afford it, and it's full of Pommy criminals.
We can place these blokes there several times recently, probably for planning meetings.
Last recorded travel for McCartney and Wonder was under alias passports to Sydney.
And then here, to pull this job with their old mate.
So Whitmore's military too? Mmm.
S AS like Brown.
Both of them.
Yeah, pros or not, they still have to stay somewhere.
They have to eat.
Mmm, precisely.
So, back on the streets.
In pairs, wave these around.
Someone must've seen the bastards.
Focus on this area here.
We believe that they're somewhere reasonably close to the Whitmore/Whicker house.
Why's that? Because that's what we think.
The streets then.
Keep the mixed pairings.
Wilton, you're with Simon.
Let's go.
Great source of potassium, bananas.
How much of that area do you reckon's industrial? I'll tell you.
About half.
How many of those industrial premises do you reckon are vacant at any given time? I don't know.
Then find out.
I'll take care of my potassium intake, you grab the Yellow Pages and make a list of commercial real estate for us to check out.
Why just commercial? Well, a van's gotta be parked somewhere.
It's gotta be somewhere they can smelt the gold and pack it.
Like a factory, or a warehouse, or something like that.
Odds on.
Eh, eh, eh, eh! I said Yellow Pages, son.
You can access the Yellow Pages online these days, Sarge.
Well, bugger me.
Take your time.
There might there might be someone who works in the Look carefully, just look.
He looks familiar.
That guy? Yeah.
You haven't seen anyone? Yeah, hi.
This is Detective Senior Constable Simon Joyner from Homicide.
How're you doing? Good.
Listen, I'm after a list of perhaps recent lettings of warehouses or factories.
OK, great.
Thank you very much.
Three of them? Fantastic.
Could you give me the details of those? Can I call you back? Thank you.
Yeah, I'm after a list of commercial properties.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll hold.
Yeah, sure.
Can I get some more information on that? Really? How long was that lease? Three months? Can you tell me a bit more about that? A round of applause for Sparkesy and his little mate.
We checked with the surrounding warehouses.
There were a lot of comings and goings of a car that matches the one that was parked in Charlie Whitmore's garage.
No sign of the van? Not that lucky.
We've got a surveillance team watching them now.
Buggers are in there.
I'll bet my right arm on it.
Ah, thank you, Senior Sergeant.
So, another day, another raid.
Eyes front, mate.
Yeah, just taking a leak, boss.
No, cross your legs.
We're in the middle of a briefing.
From right now until we hit that warehouse, no-one goes anywhere, calls anyone, does anything alone.
Including pee.
Am I clear? No point pissing about, we're gonna hit this place straightaway.
All in position.
Be my guest.
All go! Go! Let's go, come on! Police! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Go, go! Police! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Police! Don't move! Clear! Jeez, that was dumb.
It's an armoured van.
Clear! Hey, Fatso, what's happening? You should've seen him before he lost 9 kilos.
Brown's not here.
He's still on the loose somewhere.
Spread out.
In pairs.
Lines of sight.
Go! Police! The guards are here! They're alive! Dunnie, oi! I think we've found what your boss has been looking for.
The gold.
It's clear.
He's done a Houdini.
No sign of him anywhere.
His photo's with every mobile unit in the bloody city.
He won't get far.
He's done a pretty good job of avoiding us so far.
Well, you got your gold, Terry.
We've got a murderer to catch.
You're welcome to keep my guys on it for a bit.
I'll give Mulholland the good news, eh? As per our deal? Yeah.
Your credit, Terry, as per our deal.
Ernie, you stay here for a bit.
Good work, mate.
Er, uniforms will need to secure the perimeter until AGB can arrange for the removal of the gold.
I want two people inside the factory with that bullion until that happens, everyone else focused on finding Brown.
So, volunteers? Their eyes follow you around the room, eh? How much you reckon one of these is worth? Huh? Just one? I got no idea.
A lot.
So, what, you're just gonna let your mate skip off and leave you to wear this, are you? Where is he? Where did he go? Where has he gone? Your mate.
Has he got a tip-off? That's it! He's got a tip-off and he didn't tell you.
What a shame.
All that work and nothing to show for it.
All the planning and preparation It's nice gear.
It's very high-tech.
Where was it bound, all that gold, eh? Screw you, Fatso.
Oh, whack him one.
We believe your mate Brown had a source, Mr Akuna.
We believe that's how he managed to stay in front of us.
He killed Antonovic, killed the Whitmores.
You wanna help us with that instead? I won't be helping you with nothing, Fatso.
Nor you, you streak of piss.
"Streak of piss".
Never been called a streak of piss before, Wilton.
Very nice.
I think I prefer Fatso.
You know, I think Mr Akuna doesn't understand how serious we are, Stanley.
I think this is gonna be a long Problem? No.
No problem.
I think there is.
I saw your face when my boss mentioned a source.
I think you're that source.
I think you've been ratting us out.
That's crap.
You were there when Matt put the finger on Whicker.
So were you! So were the others! You were the only one who snuck out to use her mobile phone! Hey! You got balls, not often found here in the women's toilets.
Look, I did not rat anyone out, OK? But I'm not about to either.
So, what's the problem? My boss was paranoid about you guys stiffing us, so he told me to let him know as soon as any info came through.
When the thing about Whicker came up, I came in here.
I called him.
Jarvis? Yeah.
But I couldn't raise him.
So I called someone else.
But he wouldn't rat us out.
He wouldn't.
Here, catch.
Calabrese, put it down.
It's evidence.
Sorry, mate.
About what? About this, sunshine.
Get his gun.
Mate Get his bloody gun.
Tell uniforms to stay put.
Do not move on the factory till we get there.
We don't want Calabrese to know that we're onto him.
We've found our insider.
Get to the factory.
So you're the rat.
Mole, more like.
I'd say you've done your dash as a copper, Ernie.
You'll need a bigger share now.
To disappear.
What about him? Nighty-night.
No, sorry, mate.
A couple of hundred grand in an offshore account, that's one thing, but a dead copper, that's something else entirely.
Don't go soft on me, Ernie.
I'm sorry, mate.
Leave it.
Bloody idiot! This side! Your bread's buttered this side! Now then Oh, dear, oh, dear.
Call it a misunderstanding.
I wasn't gonna shoot you right then.
I was gonna politely request your assistance in loading the van.
Bloody Akuna smashing that forklift.
There'll be a dozen police outside of this place, mate.
And it's an armoured van, dummy.
Who dares wins.
Eh? Make it to a small airfield.
Light plane.
PNG's still possible.
You won't make it to an airfield, mate.
I'll give it my best shot.
That'll do.
We want the plane to be able to take off, don't we? This time.
You little shit.
Police! Put down the gun! Drop it! Bloody hell.
It's the Magnificent Seven.
Put it down.
And lose my advantage? Dream on, son.
I'm putting Boy Wonder here in the van with me and we're leaving.
Personally, I'd rather you shot the prick.
Yeah, right.
I could kill this prick Simon, we got him.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Give him some room.
He's in shock.
There you go, son.
Put this on you.
Keep warm.
There's still a pulse.
He'd be better off if there wasn't.
Call you an ambulance, mate.
I can't believe we didn't pick it.
Why? We didn't.
Gone? Yeah, I need an ambulance now.
At the old goods factory on Leonard Street in Westport.
Don't think I might've jumped the gun there, Stan? I don't think you did, Terry.
I don't think anyone would say that you did.
? Told me a lie ? If I never kissed ? Told me a lie ? Bloody Jarvis, eh? Bang.
No hesitation.
The man's a mongrel.
I'll speak to you in the morning.
Maybe that's not a bad thing to be sometimes.
That was O'Loughlin.
Calabrese's still critical.
I wonder how long he's been on the take? Don't know.
This wouldn't be the first time.
Yeah, well, everything's down to him now - from the gangland murders to global warming.
Maybe you're right.
He'd be better off dead.
Back in a tick.
Simon, you alright? Couple of splinters in the back of my head.
Pain in the neck.
You guys cut it a bit fine.
Oh, we knew you'd keep him entertained with your bad jokes.
Knock knock.
Who's there? Man in a coffin.
Man in a coffin who? Simon.