City Homicide (2007) s02e07 Episode Script


(MEN SING) * We are the South End Kookaburras High-flyers, every one MAN: Get into them! We're up there and we're at 'em At 'em! We are the number one We're the top! You can't ruffle our feathers Whatever you may do You do! 'Cause we are the South End 'Burras And we always see it through! (LIFE S UPPORT MACHINE BEEPS REGULARLY) MAN: He won't feel anything.
They're ready to do this.
Not yet.
(MOUTHS) No! Ma'am.
I suppose you 're wondering what we're doing here.
I'm sure you 're going to tell me.
They've just switched off Cameron Gunning's life support.
This is now officially a murder inquiry.
You 've all seen this on the news over the last couple of weeks.
Dale Rookwood, Cameron Gunning and Jazza Johnson.
Yeah, like we don't know.
Standing there having a drink, these two come over and pick a fight.
JENNIFER: Hm, bastards.
Looking for trouble.
How come divisional CIU hasn't turned up any of these guys? It's not for lack of trying.
They ran these enhanced images of them in the papers, on the TV - nothing.
DUNCAN: Ohh! There are other angles inside, but this next part is the exterior.
There's no sound here, of course.
According to the Uniforms' running sheet Oh! Yeah.
this was when they were approaching.
The sirens alerted them.
Huh, look at him run.
Doesn't look like Cameron Gunning took any major blows in what we've seen so far.
A few love taps.
"Love taps"?! They just went for it.
We assume the blow that did the damage happened later, out of view of any of the cameras, most likely round the side of the pub where he was found.
Tuesday afternoon, no witnesses? No.
Everyone wants to nail these thugs.
And now the charge against them is murder.
It's gonna be very high-profile, Sarge.
It already is, ever since they found Gunning in that alleyway.
MAN ON RADIO: We've got an unconscious male in his mid-20s.
Massive head trauma, GCS 4.
ETA Queen Vic Emergency - (SIREN BLARES) This is from two weeks ago when it happened.
We can expect more now they've pulled the plug on him.
What's your take on it? Pretty much the same as everyone else at the moment.
They didn't start the fight.
They weren't backwards in coming forwards either, were they? They were provoked, ma'am.
Yeah, well, the question is what happened between the time Gunning disappeared from the external surveillance camera and his being found in that alleyway an hour later.
Rookwood and Johnson's statements confirm that everyone scattered when they heard the sound of the sirens.
We're gonna re-interview everyone and initiate a new search for the two that started the fight.
Hopefully, we can find them.
No sightings at all? No.
They must have gone to ground.
Until we turn them up, we're going to focus on Rookwood and young Johnson.
You two wait outside for me.
I'm coming to the club rooms with you.
Uh, ma'am.
I know Cameron Gunning was high-profile, but a call from the minister? He called you? Demanding complete discretion on the one hand and on the other, that I personally keep the club fully informed.
How's that supposed to work? Well, Leon Grasby isn't just a president.
He's pumped so much cash into that club, he practically owns it.
And he's still a bigwig in the law society.
So if he wants to be kept informed, he's got the connections to make sure it happens.
Maybe we can make that work for us.
I'll run interference, you can run the investigation.
(DARK MUSIC) Good God, it's Princess Di all over again.
You 're not into the football, ma'am? My son plays football - the round ball version.
She's really got no idea how big a spotlight she's walking into, does she? Either that or she just doesn't care.
Excuse me, we've been kept waiting for 20 This is ridiculous.
Right, a memorial service for sure, honour guard of players, the works - no expense spared.
The guys would like to see his number retired as well, Leon.
Coaching staff feel the same.
Absolutely, Doug.
That's that's a fitting gesture.
Jumper on the coffin, gift to his family.
I'm sorry, Detective.
I won't be long.
Superintendent, actually.
The minister has asked me to keep you informed.
Yes, of course.
Forgive me.
Leon Grasby.
Sorry to have kept you.
Busy time, as I'm sure you realise.
And a sad one.
Of course.
Detectives Freeman and Mapplethorpe will need to speak to the other two players involved - Mr Rookwood and Johnson.
Can you show the detectives down to the players, thanks, Doug? Let's get this done, hey? Right.
This way, guys.
And I'll get those arrangements in place.
Right, good.
Right, shall we go through? Thanks.
(PLAYERS JOSTLE AND YELL) I don't want the boys upset any more than they have been.
We're already coming off two six-day breaks.
We'll do our best not to disrupt your preparation, Mr Spalding.
But you do understand we have an investigation to run.
That comes first.
It has to.
Cameron Gunning was one of the greatest players ever to wear our jumper.
Winning the spoon six years ago, getting him as a priority pick best thing that could've happened to this club.
It's a tragedy.
We want these thugs found and brought to justice.
Yes, I agree that should be a priority.
So, frankly, Mr Grasby, I don't understand why I'm here when I could be pushing this along.
You 're here because we need to make sure this whole thing gets done quickly, for the good of the club.
The job will be done thoroughly.
I can't promise quickly, I'm afraid.
Well well, of course not.
But let's try for both, shall we? Gunner's dead, we've been fined for breaking team rules and now we've got to go through all this again? Can you just tell us what happened exactly? You mean you haven't seen the tape? The rest of the world has.
If you don't mind, Mr Spalding, we'd like their version.
Well, we were having a quiet drink, keeping our heads down.
Because we weren't even supposed to be there.
We've embargoed alcohol completely - players' decision.
Anyway, these two drop-kicks come over and they start hassling us, having a go.
(MEN ARGUE INDISTINCTLY) What was said? Oh, you know, the usual rubbish - we think we're king dick, but we can't play to save ourselves.
Eventually, Gunner'd had enough.
He got back in their faces.
On for young and old.
That's it.
These boys are under a lot of pressure.
They have to deal with this kind of thing every day.
So how did Cameron Gunning deal with it? Oh, impeccably.
He was a good kid.
In fact, he set the standard around here, and that standard's high.
We take our social responsibilities very seriously.
I'm sure you do.
So how do you explain his drinking and getting into a fight in the first place? Well, unfortunately, we'll never get the chance to ask him that, will we? MAN: We heard sirens and we got out of there.
So which way did everyone go? Me and Jazz ran off in one direction and Gun ran off in the other.
But we didn't see where these other blokes went.
Yeah, that's right.
Wish we had seen what happened.
Maybe he'd still be alive.
He was their family, my family.
You weren't there when they switched off his life support.
Look, I don't want to go head-to-head with you, Superintendent.
I'm still a member of the bar.
Matter of fact, right now I could be running the old man's law practice instead of this joint, so Anyway, look.
I understand how investigations work.
That's good.
There shouldn't be any misunderstandings, then.
Was that an accident, Miss Lynch? You could say that.
Occupational hazard? No.
This happened today before work.
My husband's an idiot sometimes.
That's all.
We can have some colleagues look into that, if you like.
Not worth it.
He's OK.
It's just He's got a temper, jealous type.
So you say you didn't hear the actual content of the exchange between Cameron Gunning and these guys? Well, the music was pretty loud.
As far as I could tell, they were in the players' faces.
It was unprovoked? As far as I could see, yeah.
They were drunk and they were aggressive.
Cam and the other guys, they didn't do anything.
And, uh, are these enhancements accurate? Yeah, they're pretty close.
There was a girl there too.
How about you, Mr Lawson? What did you see? Not much.
I was behind the bar here.
We've never had any trouble with the footballers before.
And these other guys? New, never seen them before.
How come you lot haven't found them yet, with all that publicity? They would've seen it too so they're probably keeping their heads down.
I guess it'd be pretty good for business, having footballers drink here, would it? What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Just that it would make good business sense not to slag them off, wouldn't it? If you 're thinking we're protecting somebody, you can forget it.
Look at the film.
Everybody's seen it.
It speaks for itself.
MATT: Oh, that's gotta hurt.
We'll check all the other angles, of course, but it looks pretty straightforward to us.
The boys are having a drink, these idiots decide to have a go.
But why? And what happened out here once they split? Another thing, Sarge.
Take a look at Dale Rookwood here.
His mates are fine, chatting away.
Rookwood looks like he swallowed a cockroach.
Maybe he'd already picked up on the vibe from across the room.
These poor buggers can't even go out for a beer without people getting in their faces.
Price of fame.
Deal with it.
Check further back in the recordings.
Start from when they first arrived.
Maybe something happened earlier.
Alright, Sarge.
There's no visual confirmation of how the two groups split up once they were out of range of the cameras.
We need witnesses.
DUNCAN: Maybe we'll go one better, Sarge.
We may have located one of these guys.
This one was treated at the Queen Victoria Hospital for a broken jaw late on the 29th.
The night after the fight.
Now, a doctor said that she saw media reruns of the pictures.
This guy came into the hospital with him and a woman.
His name is Daniel Solakis.
Next of kin, Serena.
Serena Solakis.
What do you want? To speak to you, your husband and his mate about a fight.
What fight? I don't know anything Come on, Serena.
We've got you on video.
We've got the pictures.
Where's your husband? China.
Alright, OK.
Maybe we'll take you to the station Leave me alone! Just leave me alone, OK? They didn't do anything! They didn't do anything! Those other bastards started it.
Get your hands off me! Serena Solakis, you 're under arrest.
Murder? (SCOFFS) Give me a break.
I threw a few packets of crackers at you.
We're not talking about that, Mrs Solakis.
This is a serious offence and if you would like a lawyer I told you I don't want a lawyer.
Where's your husband? I told you that too - China.
He's a rigger for a shipping company.
So is Mike.
Their boat left a week ago.
And Mike would be this man? Michael Smith.
Mrs Solakis has confirmed Michael Smith is the subject in the second photograph.
Mike is Danny's best mate.
They didn't do anything.
We were just having a few quiet drinks.
I went off to the toilet and when I came back, Danny noticed I was quiet and a bit upset.
He asked me what had happened.
DUNCAN: And? And I'd run into Cameron Gunning in the passage outside the loos.
He was pissed, had a go at me.
Had a go how? Blocked the passage, wouldn't let me get by.
He said I was 'rootable'.
I told him to piss off and then he started in with all this, 'Come on, darling, you know who I am' stuff, like I should be grateful for the attention.
Then he shoved me against the wall, grabbed my tits and stuck his bloody tongue halfway down my throat.
There was a camera back there.
He didn't give a stuff.
Where the hell's THAT footage? Not logged in the evidence from the division.
We'll find out.
If she's telling the truth, they're gonna have to hang up his halo and I'm gonna have to buy a flak jacket.
And he went and had a word? Of course he did.
I'm his wife.
That prick grabbed my tits.
Danny and Mike went over to speak to him.
He just told them to bugger off.
That's how the fight started.
It went outside, was getting ugly.
Till they heard the cops coming, yeah.
Mrs Solakis, when everyone ran, did Danny follow Cameron Gunning? No.
I grabbed him and we took off across the street, jumped in a cab.
What about his mate? Ran down the road a bit and we stopped and picked him up.
Honest! Either of them go back after Cameron Gunning? No.
Did they go back later, Mrs Solakis? No! Did they go back, find Cameron Gunning in the alley and attack him? No, they didn't! How, anyway? That prick had broken my husband's jaw.
Try and locate the cab she says they caught, check out the story.
Maybe the driver saw something.
Why wouldn't the cabbie come forward two weeks ago? Maybe he's not a South End fan.
Make contact with the shipping company.
Arrange to speak to them AS AP.
What about Gunning's fiancée? Romy, uh, what's-her-name? She'd know if he was a womaniser.
Mm, good thought.
Get Matt and Jennifer on to that.
You two go and find out what happened to that camera footage near the toilets, now, thank you.
Sorry, I can't find the disks.
You said they're kept for six months.
Yeah, they are, but I can't find the ones with the toilets on them.
If you 're withholding evidence He isn't.
Senior management came in that night and took that camera down.
He knew nothing about it.
Maybe they took the disks at the same time.
You ever had any trouble with Cam Gunning before? What kind of trouble? Drinking too much, coming on to women? It's the women who come on to the players most of the time.
They pretty much chuck their knickers at them.
Yeah, and they lap it up.
It works both ways, Bree.
You should talk to his fiancée.
Yeah, we already are.
MATT: We're with Cam Gunning's fiancée at the hospital, Sarge.
JENNIFER: Back off! Get out of here, you vulture! Look out, mate! MATT: Sorry, Sarge.
Bloody press.
No, we're not going to get anything out of her.
She was on the bedroom floor when we got there.
It looks like an overdose of sleeping pills or something.
Yeah, OK.
Poor kid.
Sorry, ma'am.
He won't be long.
Bali? Bali, Thailand Pick your spot.
The club will foot the bill.
What about training? We're only a percentage out of the eight, Leon.
I need these blokes! You 've got a big enough list, Doug.
You 'll have to cope.
So now we're dispensable.
Is that it? You 've spent more time on the pine than the paddock this season, Dale.
We could've delisted you.
We gave you a two-year contract.
Now show some gratitude.
Look, you 've been through a very traumatic experience.
I'm just trying to take care of you here.
I'm not gonna run away.
That's not what I'm suggesting.
Keep a low profile for a couple of weeks till all this blows over.
"Blows over"? Gunner's dead! Yeah, I like Bali.
I went there last year.
Oh, Jazza, it just feeds the beast, mate.
However he paints it up, it'll look like we have something to hide! LEON: Well, you do, don't you? You 've lied to police, both of you.
You told us to! I'm trying to make sure no more worms crawl out of any more woodwork.
What worms? Nothing for you to worry about.
What's that mean? I'm bloody coach.
I need to be across everything.
You need to be across the coaching! Now, are you gonna be sensible or not? A couple of weeks.
Or what? Get cut? Is that a threat? Nobody's threatening anybody, alright? Two weeks.
Two weeks, then back for the finals.
If we get there.
I'll talk to my manager.
But if that's what you need, we'll look into it.
Good man.
You can shove it.
Talk to him, mate.
He's being stupid.
Justin, don't go home.
Let us know where to get the tickets to you.
What worms? Don't sweat it, Doug.
Now, what's that cow of a superintendent want? Cameron Gunning's fiancée's taken an overdose of sleeping pills.
DOUG: Oh, what? That's all we need.
Oh, your concern is touching.
Well, of course I'm concerned and we'll do everything we can to support her.
I'm sure.
That's why I'm letting you know about her.
And I also have a few questions.
What about? Has Gunning ever been in trouble before? Uh, what sort of trouble, specifically? Women, drink.
Why has this come up? Because there's been a suggestion of provocation.
Oh, who from? You 've caught those bastards, haven't you? You 've caught them and you 're taking their word - the word of a couple of thugs - over our boys'.
This is typical! The other men involved claim that Cameron Gunning molested a young woman (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) at the hotel, and call it a coincidence, but the recorded evidence of that part of the pub seems to have disappeared.
Ha! What are you suggesting? Nothing yet.
We want to talk to Rookwood and Johnson again, on tape this time.
Sorry, won't be able to.
The counsellor's recommended they have some time away.
What's the name of these blokes who attacked our boys? What's this about provocation? I can't tell you those things.
No? Maybe you 'll feel more inclined to tell the minister.
Should I get him to ask you? 'Cause you know we play golf together.
My detectives expect to talk to Rookwood and Johnson first thing tomorrow.
So make them available, would you? And yourself too.
A sledgehammer won't work on this, Superintendent.
You need to think about how you handle it.
We're all targets here - players, management, the club itself.
They get a sniff of scandal, they'll be on us like a pack of dogs.
Not my problem.
No, no, it's mine.
Gee, I'd hate it to become yours.
You 've just, uh, put in for the Churchill Fellowship, didn't you? You 've been doing some research.
Well, it would be a big feather in the cap if you get it.
Make your players available, Mr Grasby.
STANLE Y: Bad press.
Who do we think is putting a negative spin on this? Grasby hates not getting his own way.
This is gonna be front-page news tomorrow.
And upstairs here as well.
I got a call from the AC, asking me to keep him abreast of things.
What?! I assume the assistant commissioner will be keeping the minister abreast of things.
I'd say the old boys' network isn't entirely confident that you 're gonna be playing by their rules.
So they ask you to feed them information.
Always go for someone who you think can't say no.
Unfortunately, I had to say no, I couldn't help them.
I just went on compassionate leave for a few days.
Thanks, Stanley.
Grasby is also mates with high-flyers in the hotel industry, which may well account for the rapid disappearance of that camera.
You 're not just dealing with a footy club here, Bernice.
I know, believe me.
And I do not intend to lie back, close my eyes and let them shaft me.
Grasby's hiding something.
If they want us to close the case, we will.
Tell your people to go full throttle on this, Stanley.
We're gonna find out who's telling the truth and who's lying.
And I don't give a toss who they are, I'm gonna nail them to the wall.
Where are you taking him? Kirsty, it's alright.
Call Leon Grasby, tell him what's happening.
You can't do this! Calm down, Mrs Rookwood.
He hasn't done anything! It's Gunning who can't keep it in his pants, isn't it? Don't push it, mate.
Hey, don't you push it, mate.
You blokes think you can get away with anything.
Well, with us, you can't.
You 're looking for a slap, mate.
And you 're gonna give me one? Hey, hey! You bastards! Leave him alone! OK, just calm down.
Oh, yeah.
SIMON: Oi! Now you 're under arrest for assaulting police.
I'll assault you, you smart-arse! Hey! Get out now.
Call Leon! Take him away and read him his rights.
That's the same guy that was there when Matt and I took Gunning's fiancée to the hospital.
It's like living in a fishbowl.
WOMAN: I can't tell you anything.
I wasn't even there.
But you spend a lot of time with the players, right? Parties, functions, even the games.
So? So tell us about Cam Gunning.
What do the other wives make of him? Nothing.
He's one of the boys.
That's all.
Word is he puts himself about a bit.
That's stupid.
He's engaged.
It's happened before, it'll happen again.
Not with Cam.
He wasn't like that.
He loved two things - football and his fiancée.
In that order? Did you ever see Cam Gunning playing up, coming on to other girls? I'm not comfortable with this.
I'm calling Leon.
That's the way it works, is it? Need a clearance from the club before you answer any questions? Cam is the victim here! He was a lovely guy.
Leave him alone.
You 're only looking for a way to pull him down.
Why would you want to do that? It's not fair.
What about Romy? What about his parents? What about the guys who are accused of attacking him? We're just trying to get the truth.
Well, you 've got it.
Those bastards were jealous and they killed him.
That's it, open and shut.
Now leave me alone too, OK? We dropped in on your mate Jazza Johnson as well.
But he wasn't home.
Is that right? His flatmate - that big ruckman - he said he'd gone away.
I wouldn't know.
I bet you would, though.
Wouldn't you, Mr Grasby? I'm here to represent Dale's interests, not to answer impertinent questions.
Tell us what Gunning did before that fight.
Cats among the pigeons.
ROOKWOOD: I dunno what you mean.
He molested a young woman.
You have any proof of that? We don't have to answer your questions either, sir.
There's a difference between representing your client and disrupting an interview.
We've got a recording that shows how Gunning treated women.
That disk is missing.
MATT: OK, this is a warning.
If you keep interrupting, we'll suspend this interview while your client obtains other legal advice.
And we'll make a formal complaint against you to the Law Institute.
Pity I'm not here to see it.
Right, we're not talking about the missing footage outside the toilets.
We've been back through the other security recordings from earlier in the day.
Trying to find out why you were so miserable, Mr Rookwood.
You got a phone call, didn't you? What did they find? Just what we were looking for.
Sleazy or what? Now, that's not very nice, is it? What are we supposed to do? They chuck themselves at us all the time.
Maybe just sometimes you don't have to catch them.
Ever tried saying no? It's not hard.
Now, personally, I'm more interested in this phone call.
You ever heard of the expression "If looks could kill"? Your face.
You 're not happy with Gunning there, are you? MATT: You sure you ran in different directions when you all split up outside? Yes.
Ask Jazza.
We can't do that, unfortunately.
The club counsellor sent him on holiday, didn't he? What was said in that phone call? That is my business.
It's ours now too.
Then I can't remember.
How's that? Never mind.
We've checked your phone records.
Our colleagues can ask the bloke who called you, while you sit here and think about it.
OK, so I called Dale Rookwood.
It's not illegal, is it? Well, that depends on what was said.
I was doing him a favour.
I told him his best mate was rooting his wife.
You told Rookwood that Cameron Gunning was sleeping with Kirsty? Yes.
JENNIFER: Why would you tell him that? Because it's true.
I got shots of them going into a motel a few days before, him first, her later.
And then you just happened to be around to take some happy snaps when Gunning was found almost beaten to death? That's right.
You provoked this incident, didn't you? I just told him the truth.
Grasby's sweating blood next door.
How are they going? They're doing fine.
You waited for this to blow, so how come you didn't get any photos of the fight? Who says I didn't? Well, I haven't seen any published and none have turned up in evidence.
Look, I'm not a journalist.
I'm a freelance photographer.
I sell my photos to whoever wants to pay the most for them.
You blackmail people.
No, I haven't blackmailed anybody.
So who paid for the photos of the fight, Mr Stevenson? The same people who bought the photos of Gunning and Kirsty Rookwood at the motel? The football club.
The football club? That'd be confidential.
You know what? You 're not a freelance photographer, are you? You 're a slimy bottom feeder.
Hey, I do my job.
They provide the slime.
Footy players are my bread and butter.
There's always something to shoot with these guys.
They're idiots.
you can count on them - drink driving, nightclub stoush, end of season trip.
Most of them are decent blokes who get the rough end of the pineapple from parasites like you.
They're mugs - pay them a couple hundred grand a year, they think they can get away with anything.
So did you actually see what happened to Cameron Gunning? No.
Well, how come? Everybody split.
So did I.
When everyone ran away, Mr Stevenson, were you still taking photographs? Yeah.
We'll be getting a subpoena to obtain those photographs.
So why don't you tell us now which way Rookwood and Johnson went when they ran away from that pub? Did Rookwood go with Johnson? No.
He took off after Cam Gunning.
DUNCAN: Motive, means, proximity.
We'll have the photos by the end of the day.
It doesn't mean he killed him.
Say nothing, they've got nothing.
Piss off, Leon.
Hey, I am trying to look out for you here.
You are trying to look out for the bloody club, like always.
You don't give a stuff about me, about any of us.
If I had gone to the police like I wanted to, if I hadn't listened to you, I wouldn't be here now.
Do you wish to make a statement? Yeah.
There used to be a bit of respect, a love of the game, some decency.
Now it's just a business, a brand.
It's all about profile and entertainment and the bottom line.
It sure as hell isn't about the players.
Dale, come on.
Get out of here, Leon.
I'll make a statement without him around.
Listen, mate.
Think about your career here.
Think about My career is done! And I'm not your mate.
Bugger off.
Mr Grasby.
(EXHALES) Me and Jazza, we went and told him what had happened.
He told Jazza to lie if he had to, to back me up.
It's not Jazza's fault.
He's just a kid.
So what did happen? What a bust, hey? Those pricks.
Hope the cops catch them.
There's cameras in that pub.
So what? They started it, wog boy and his big mouth.
What's gonna happen anyway, huh? Longest-serving player and golden-haired boy - we'll be even bigger bloody legends, mate.
Did you do it? Do what? What he said - touch up his wife.
(CHUCKLES) Mate, did you see her? Very nicely stacked, mate, but a stuck-up bitch.
"Get your paws off me!" She's lucky I didn't bloody slap her one, hey? Let's move before the cops come looking.
Like a kid in a bloody lolly shop, aren't you? A rich kid.
Piss off, Rooksy.
They're not all there for the taking, mate.
Some of them are already bloody taken.
Like Kirsty.
She's a married woman.
(SCOFFS) She's my wife.
This is crap.
Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about! I've seen the looks between you at parties.
And now I know about that motel.
You 've been screwing her.
We're supposed to be best mates! Don't push it! (GRUNTS) (BOTH GRUNT) Go on, then, mate.
She's the one you should be thumping.
She's the one who raves on about how boring and clapped out you are.
She's the one who cracked on to me.
Arggh! I hit him, hard, right in the face.
SIMON: Did you intend to kill him, Dale? (SCOFFS) I wanted to right then, but I didn't.
No, he died later in hospital.
Not from that.
I hit the bastard, but not hard enough to kill him.
When I left, he was sitting in the gutter, pissed, nursing a fat lip.
GUNNING: She came on to me, you prick! She was gagging for it.
She came on to me! Fuck! (PLAYERS YELL AND GRUNT) Bugger the bad press.
We need to stand by this bloke.
Why? Rookwood's the oldest bloody player on the team.
Well past his prime and he's just crapped in his own nest.
Maybe, but you can't just We've already lost our star midfielder.
We lose Jazza Johnson as well, we can kiss the finals goodbye.
That's not going to help your contract negotiations, is it, Doug? We make the most of Gunning's behaviour - Rookwood's a comrade betrayed, a decent bloke whose only mistake was confronting a mate, and, sadly, it all went horribly wrong.
You 're gonna hang a dead man out to dry and shine a spotlight on the bloke that killed him just so we can keep Jazza Johnson on the PR back-burner and get through the bloody season!? This is fabric-of-the-club stuff, Doug.
This is about culture.
I've got sponsors breathing down my neck! This is not how decent people behave! This is not what this club is about! Excuse me.
This is a closed meeting.
You can't come barging We've picked up Justin Johnson at the airport en route to Bali, board shorts and all.
He's still singing from the same old song sheet so we now have two different stories about what happened and we think you know which one is true.
Alright, Superintendent.
Dale Rookwood killed Cameron Gunning.
I know, you know.
No, we don't.
We know he hit him.
That's all.
He says you knew that too, and a lot earlier.
I was simply He told you he hit Gunning.
You were concerned that Gunning died later from that blow, weren't you? I was concerned about protecting the club's reputation.
And that justifies concealing vital evidence, like photographs? Rubbish.
You also arranged for evidence to be removed from the scene, didn't you - a security camera and recordings.
(MOBILE PHONE RINGS) And, finally, you coerced the players involved into lying about the whole thing.
Mr Grasby, we will be pursuing all of these matters, I can assure you.
We'll see about that.
He was so beautiful, you know? And charming.
He knew how to turn on the charm.
He was your husband's best mate.
In a lot of ways, he reminded me of Dale when he was younger.
Now with Dale, it's all just joint pain and ice baths, recovery sessions, trying to get up to speed for the next game.
He's got nothing but football.
A media career, coaching - forget it.
He'll be lucky to get a job stacking shelves.
That's why he trains harder than all the rest of them - to keep up with the pace.
Talk about focused.
But always on the footy, not on me, not anymore.
Guys, I just finished going over all that earlier footage.
I think there's something useful there.
And you might want to take a look at the pathology report.
It makes interesting reading.
Anything more on the killer punch? That's just it.
It wasn't a punch that killed him.
Gunning was hit with a blunt object.
Ease up.
Take a look at this.
I think we have another contender for the king hit.
End of the day? Beginning.
The recording's only been running a couple of minutes.
JENNIFER: That's it? It's enough, isn't it? I think Lawson and this waitress are getting it on.
And Gunning copped a feel of her too.
So maybe Rookwood and Serena Solakis's husband aren't the only ones who are pissed off with him.
Think we need to speak to Mr Lawson.
Thanks, guys.
Thanks, love.
Hey, what can I get Miss Lynch, remember me? I'm Detective Joyner.
This is Detective Freeman.
We want a word about what happened to Cameron Gunning.
But we've already given our statements.
We'll need you to come in this time.
What for? We can talk about that when we get to the office.
You too, please, sir.
You don't need to talk to her, just me.
Uh, Mr Lawson, I need to advise you that you 're not obligated to say anything at this point.
Forget all that crap.
It's got nothing to do with her.
I can tell you what happened, the whole thing.
The truth, right? I'll tell you everything, just keep my wife out of it.
Your wife? Bree.
Her name's Lawson, not Lynch.
They don't like employing married couples at the hotel so she goes under her maiden name.
DUNCAN: Someone hit her just recently.
Who was that? It was me.
It all came up again, when Gunning died, yesterday, the papers.
SIMON: What do you mean? I mean it's like she worships the guy, you know? When he finally died, she started carrying on about him again, crying.
I lost it.
I hit her.
Partly it was because she'd made me angry.
Partly, I guess, it was because of my guilt.
Guilt about what? About what happened.
What are you looking at? Nothing.
I mean, like, really nothing.
Well, piss off, then.
Where do you blokes think you get off, hey? Are you looking for some? Mate, I wouldn't dirty my hands.
You know who I am? Cameron bloody Gunning.
All Australian, premiership captain, best and bloody fairest.
That's who I am! No, you 're not.
You 're a low-life sleazebag.
You think anything with tits and a hairdo is fair game.
But listen up - I might be Mr Nobody in your book, but you put your hands on my wife again and I'll knock those capped teeth of yours so far down your bloody throat, that next time you wipe your arse, you 'll bite your fingers! (GRUNTS) You prick! He already had everything, but it wasn't enough.
He had to take what was mine too.
I tossed the pipe in a ute that was across the road.
Some unsuspecting idiot drove your evidence away.
Did you mean to kill him? Yes, I meant to kill him.
Right that second, I'd have been happy to see his brain splashed all over the wall.
But did I plan to kill him? No.
Is there a second that goes by without me regretting it? No.
Did I mean to kill him You could've called for help afterwards.
But you didn't.
You just left him there.
I went home, with MY wife.
So, um is this a truce, Superintendent? No.
I just thought you might need a drink.
Now, my boss rang me.
Apparently there are going to be photos on the front pages of tomorrow's papers of us arresting Dale Rookwood.
Really? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Yep.
Senior Sergeant Wolfe back from leave.
Got things sorted out, ma'am.
Thank you.
So did I.
Mr Grasby, I know you called the same photographer who sold you the photos of the fight.
And I have a pretty good idea that it was you who told him we'd be picking up Rookwood.
(SCOFFS) Why would I do that? To get some pictures of the arrest because you knew that eventually what you thought was the truth would come out and you wanted to be sure it hit the front pages quickly, didn't you? STANLE Y: That photographer would sell his own grandmother for a few dollars.
I certainly wouldn't trust him with any of my secrets.
I don't have time for this rubbish.
The thing is Rookwood didn't kill his friend.
Someone else did.
That aside, how do you think the members of your family, your great big footy family, are going to feel if they find out that you were prepared to throw Rookwood to the wolves just to keep your season alive? So don't even think about trying to threaten me or malign my people, Mr Grasby, because the boot's on my foot now and I'm well inside the fifty.
Was that right - "well inside the fifty"? Spot on, Bernice.
Well played.
You beat him at his own game.
Well, I got him on my own home turf, Stanley, and here I do know how to kick.