City Homicide (2007) s02e18 Episode Script

A Green Light

(PHONE RINGS) Si? Dunny! Yeah, I'll be there in two.
Dressed in four.
I'll wait in the car, otherwise people might talk.
Yeah, you wish.
I'll come out.
See ya.
Yeah, yeah.
I thought you said that you were gonna wait outside.
Remember us? (SHOUTS) (LAUGHS) Oh, Rhani, come on! I don't want anything this time.
Well, no, nothing except dinner.
It's a date.
Well, have fun at the morgue.
See ya.
Whoo! Whoo! (WINDOW SMASHES) Oh, he's got company.
Thanks for the great party, mate.
We had a ball.
(SPITS) Dunny? Dunny! Dunny! Duncan! Drop it now! Ohh! (DROPS PIPE) (TWO GUNSHOTS) Duncan! Dunny! Dunny! No, no, no, no! Duncan! WOMAN ON POLICE RADIO: VKC to all available units in region three.
Serious assault of a fellow member.
Suspects decamped.
MAN: Southside 301 en route.
What happened? Simon called it in! Two assailants.
He got shots off.
Is he here too? Joyner? He's just hurt his arm.
He's with Dunny.
How bad is Duncan? They're trying to stabilise him.
You need to tell us exactly what you remember, OK? There were two of them.
One was a woman.
I only got half a look at them.
She had dark hair.
I reckon I could do an ID.
You got some shots off.
Do you reckon you hit one of them? Maybe, yeah.
I don't I don't know.
I I was talking on the phone while they were doing this! Sarge, he needs to go to the hospital too.
He also needs to breathe and tell us what happened.
Are you OK? I'm OK.
I'm OK.
They had they had a bat and they had a piece of pipe and they just they dropped it.
They just left it there.
OK, Jennifer, Matt, I want you to go over Duncan's cases.
Concentrate on anyone that he put away that has been recently released.
And I want Uniforms on a doorknock.
The whole street.
Now! Sarge.
Sarge, there was there was a dark blue 4-wheel drive.
It was parked over there.
It had a bumper sticker.
It was, um It was it was something It was something about pigs.
It said 'I Dig Pigs'.
Plates? Plates, mate? It was it was N It was N-X something It was N-X something.
A KALOF on a dark blue 4-wheel drive.
Partial plate - November, X-ray.
The rest unknown.
Was it the rear bumper? 'I Dig Pigs'.
MAN: He's arrested.
(LONG BEEP) (MACHINE WHIRRS) It's OK, alright? You did good.
It's alright.
It's alright.
MAN: Clear! Again.
200 joules.
Clear! (DEFIBRILLATORS PUMP) I got an output.
Load and go.
Let's get these bastards.
(SIREN WAILS) Nothing yet? No.
Nothing from the doorknock either.
We need an ID on these maggots.
Are you OK? Not really.
We'll get them.
Your crew, I'm thinking of pulling them off this.
Why? This is their mate, Stanley.
You know what happens.
They go feral on us, we could end up kissing a conviction goodbye, or worse.
They're professionals.
They won't go feral.
Not unless you try and sideline them.
Yeah, we might all get sidelined.
This isn't a homicide.
Not yet.
Serious Crime are already sniffing around.
Leave my crew on this, Terry, unless you want a riot on your hands.
MATT: It wasn't just a beating.
They wanted to kill him.
I think Wolfie's right.
It's payback for something in Duncan's past.
But killing a cop? They must know we won't stop looking for them.
Megan Black and John Cassidy.
I take it most of you have heard of them? Megan Black, she was the woman who helped her boyfriend escape from prison a while ago.
That's right.
This bloke, Cassidy.
She used a helicopter.
That's right.
Hijacked it at gunpoint.
Forced the pilot to drop it right in the middle of the prison yard, picked up lover boy like he waiting at a bus stop.
We sure it's them? SIMON: Her, definitely.
Him, I didn't get a look at his face, but it makes sense.
They're a long-term item.
Both were put away for armed robbery.
She got 10 years.
He got 12.
Three months after she was released, she broke out Cassidy.
STANLE Y: That was five months ago.
They haven't been seen since.
Serious Crime formed a taskforce to hunt them down.
It was wound up six weeks ago.
It was believed that Cassidy and Black had gone out of the country.
Well, if the taskforce had done their job properly, this would never have happened.
The bottom line is these psychos didn't leave and now they're our problem.
What was their beef against Duncan? That's what we need to find out.
Whatever it was, they wanted their money's worth.
Yeah, they might still get it, the bastards.
There's no more that can be done for Detective Freeman.
He's currently in surgery.
Gonna be a while before we hear anything.
So we concentrate on getting the people who did this.
J ARVIS: Leave it with you, Stanley.
OK, let's focus on Detective Freeman's career prior to Cassidy and Black going into prison.
Their paths must have crossed at some point.
Senior Sergeant? We've located the 4-wheel drive.
Got an address for the owner.
Update, Sergeant.
Owner's name is Jacqueline Charteris.
The mortgage is in her name and so are the utilities.
Looks like she lives by herself.
Any connection between her and Cassidy and Black? None that we can find.
Record? One minor charge 15 years ago.
Marijuana bust.
Weekend detention.
That's it.
They may not be connected but that doesn't mean Cassidy and Black haven't come back.
Come back here? That's unlikely.
STANLE Y: That's not impossible.
Why didn't she report the car as missing? Yeah.
Simon, stay here and man the radio in case we need backup.
You 're hurt.
You 're not going in there.
I've already sat some of this out.
I was outside on the phone while they were beating Dunny to a pulp.
You interrupted them.
You saved his life.
The jury's still out on that.
Not negotiable, Detective Joyner.
You take your two with you.
Cover the back.
Listen for us coming in.
Then you come in too.
Let's go.
Police! We're coming in! FEMALE OFFICER: Police! Coming in! Police! Show yourselves! (WOMAN GROANS) (WOMAN GROANS AND STRAINS) Sarge.
Is there anyone we can call? No.
Mum and Dad are overseas.
They've just retired.
There's only me.
She ID'd them from photos.
They knocked on the door, forced their way in when she answered.
They've held her there for two days until they took her car this morning, so she says.
We believe her? There were boxes of ammo in the house, 12-gauge.
They've got their shotties.
What happened over the two days? Nothing.
They kept me tied up.
They ate my food.
Watched my DVDs.
Had sex in my bed.
Gonna have to get rid of it.
Did they hurt you? Just tying me up.
She was a bitch.
He was OK.
Gave me water.
He was gonna give me something to eat but she said no.
No possibility she's connected to Cassidy and Black? Seems to be a random selection.
She was just unlucky.
She's alive.
After dealing with those two lunatics, I'd call her bloody lucky.
One time he said they didn't have to do this.
They could just piss off.
Anything about where to? No.
She caught me trying to listen to them.
She was gonna thump me, but he stopped her.
Come on, guys.
Crank it up! Are you sure you 're telling us the truth about this? What? Because if you 're lying, you 're implicated in Assault Police.
An assault that could turn into murder.
MATT: The detective they attacked could die.
I'm not lying about anything.
Why would I lie? Money, fear.
MATT: Were you helping them? No! Are you covering for them now? No! I'm not! I don't know them.
I don't know anything! I never saw them before.
I was scared.
I've never been in trouble with the police before.
That's not true, is it? You have a conviction.
What?! Juvenile?! What? 15 years ago? Give me a break! I thought they were gonna kill me! I was terrified! I want to go now.
What's happening with my car? Someone will call you when it's been released.
Bloody gas-gobbler.
I only drive around town.
I wish they'd kept it.
I could've claimed the insurance.
Cut loose.
She's not gonna be any help.
What else have we got? We're checking through Freeman's past, but there's nothing there yet.
If we're gonna keep this case, Stanley, we need to make some progress.
Gary Beck from Serious Crime's already making noises.
Gary Beck! Why? He led the taskforce that was after Cassidy and Black.
He didn't catch them, did he? How do you think that's gonna look on his record? I really couldn't care less.
Yeah, well, he's looking to redeem himself and this isn't a homicide.
Freeman's not dead, so strictly speaking, this should be a Serious Crime gig, not ours.
Then you 're gonna have to keep Gary Beck off our backs, Superintendent.
(KNOCKS) Sarge, something you need to take a look at.
(BEEP!) John Cassidy and Megan Black dumped the car and then took off.
But this first.
What's that? STANLE Y: Money.
A lot of it.
And then JENNIFER: Look at them showing off.
That money is probably the unrecovered proceeds from the armed robberies.
They want us to know they've got it.
Which tells us what? MATT: That we don't have much time.
Their attack on Dunny was a last hurrah.
They're leaving.
Or they've already left.
Airport, trains, buses - all covered.
They'll know that.
They've got a plan.
We need to find them fast or lose them.
(HEAVY METAL MUSIC) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! I'm waiting on the storage guys.
I'm off in a couple of days.
What is it? Duncan Freeman was attacked this morning, Bernice, in his own home.
He's currently in theatre at Queen Victoria.
Oh, my God! And we know who's responsible.
John Cassidy and Megan Black.
That pair? I thought they'd skipped the country.
Yeah, so did everybody until today.
JOSH: Mum? These going? Oh, yeah.
Box in the study.
Mr Wolfe.
How is Freeman? He gonna be alright? Too early to tell.
Now, I assume you know Gary Beck, Superintendent at Serious Crime? Yeah, I don't like him but I know him.
He's pushing Jarvis to take over the case.
You want me to tell him to back off? Yeah, precisely.
This one is ours, Bernice.
(VEHICLES APPROACH) Superintendent Bernice Waverley? Yeah.
Michael Mellor, Office of Police Standards.
This is a warrant to search these premises and take into evidence the items listed.
That's your copy.
What are you talking about? It's all in the warrant.
What's going on here? And you are? Detective Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe, Homicide.
I'd like to see an original of that warrant.
I'm not obliged to show you anything, Senior Sergeant.
I'll ask you to step away and not interfere.
You know what you 're looking for.
You 'll be required to attend a formal tribunal later today.
The address and time.
What formal tribunal? For what? You haven't told me anything.
JOSH: Mum? What's going on? Who are these men? It's alright, darling.
Stanley, I'm gonna have to go with them.
Yes, of course.
Call me, Bernice.
Anything I can do.
I'm sure it's a mistake.
BERNICE: Come on.
What's all this about? This computer, its data and files are being seized as part of an investigation.
What am I supposed to do for a computer? Make a call and I guess you 'll be supplied with another one.
Thank you for your cooperation, sir.
I'll make a call alright, you bloody clown! You believe this? Hey? They've just taken Bernice Waverley's computer and some of her old files.
They've raided her house too.
It has to be a mistake.
You 'd like to think so.
I was there.
I told her about Duncan Freeman and asked her to help keep Superintendent Beck out of our hair.
That's not gonna happen, Stanley.
I've just had words with him.
As far as Beck's concerned, this case should be turned over.
What? And you agreed? No, of course not! I told him to get stuffed, but he'll go through official channels, which is why I want you down there at that hospital.
When this thing turns into a homicide, it's ours by right.
Now, wait a minute.
You 're getting ahead of yourself here, Superintendent.
Duncan is not dead yet.
Come on.
You saw the state he was in.
You really think he's gonna pull through? Yeah, I'm praying that he will.
And if you think I'm gonna sit in a hospital corridor saying that prayer, then you can think again.
Yeah? What if I order you? Well, you can write me up for disobeying an order.
My crew are on this.
I'm on this.
If ever they needed someone at the sharp end, it is now.
Nothing from patrols at the bus and train station.
Nothing from the hire car doorknock.
Nothing from the airport watch or traffic patrol.
Nothing from the files either.
He's still in theatre.
We need to work out why it was so important they kill him.
They had their money.
Why didn't they just take off? Three cups.
What? On the sink.
Three cups.
And city girl, she said she never takes the car out of town.
Look at it.
So where has it been? (MOBILE RINGS) Karen, how did we go? She still here? Hasn't moved.
My partner's keeping watch out the back.
Petrol card shows transactions from stations all the way down to Geelong.
Over what period? Last five months.
Quite a few.
Megan Black broke John Cassidy out of prison five months ago.
Maybe Jacqui Charteris has been keeping them supplied with essentials.
She's been making regular trips down there, alright.
Hang on.
The Free-range Pig Farmers Association has a place listed for sale just down past Torquay.
It's owned by a Murray Charteris.
Her dad.
OK, thanks a lot.
She's been involved all along.
We've got petrol card records! You said you never drive out of the city! That was a lie! Geelong's not out of the city.
SIMON: Crap! Your car's covered in mud.
It's been off-road.
A farm.
You 've been travelling up and down from there ever since John Cassidy got busted out of jail.
Your parents didn't just retire.
Their farm's up for sale.
So what? So we've got patrol cars going down there now and Crime Scene.
They'll find prints.
Cassidy and Black hide out at that empty farm for a few months, supplies brought in by you, then they head back into town with you, spend a couple of days, get something done before they skip the country! No.
If Detective Freeman dies, you 'll be an accessory.
And that's good for 20 years! I was scared! They made me do this.
I didn't know they were gonna try and kill somebody! Where did you hook up? detention on the marijuana thing.
That's when I met her.
And you became friends? No way! She turned up out of the blue, her and her boyfriend.
They scared me! SIMON: And what? She remembered my folks had a farm.
They made me take them there to hide.
And they made you keep them supplied for five months? Yes.
Why didn't you just tell someone? While you were skipping back and forth? I was scared of them, I told you! They said even if they were caught, they had friends who would find me.
You weren't just cooperating! You were in on it! No! So they tied you up to make it look like you had nothing to do with it?! Yes.
I don't buy that.
You weren't just helping them because you were scared.
Otherwise you would've come clean sooner.
How much did they pay you? (SHOUTS) How much?! MATT: Where is it? It's in a plastic bag behind the shed.
I didn't do it for me.
I was gonna put it back in the farm and take it off the market.
Dad didn't wanna sell.
But last year's drought and the feed prices It was his life! It is our mate's life! Now, where are they and what was the plan? What did you see and what did you hear? They'll kill me.
They'll be in jail! Tell us what you know! No money.
A hole and this.
MATT: What did you expect? They ripped you off.
They took it after they tied you up and left you in the bathroom.
Getting away - where? How? Port Moresby.
I think they're leaving tomorrow.
What have they got? A boat, a plane? What?! I don't know! As a favour, Gary, because it's as much a morale issue as anything.
Just leave it to Homicide to handle it themselves.
That's all I'm asking.
Yes, you too.
Superintendent, you 're late.
There's been an incident with one of my people.
Currently, Superintendent, you don't have any people.
This way.
Superintendent, this is not a hearing nor is it a forum for the presentation of a defence.
Defence of what? This is a formality advising you that the Office of Police Standards is currently conducting an investigation into your personal and private affairs and into possible corrupt activities related to your position as a Superintendent of Victoria State Police.
I've never been corrupt in my life.
We're not at this time able to discuss the details of the investigation with you, but must advise you of your right to retain a lawyer through the State Police Association.
I don't need a lawyer.
You 'll be suspended from all duties at the end of your current shift cycle, pending the outcome of the inquiry.
While suspended, you will not be authorised to enter police premises and you should be aware that any contact you have with currently serving officers, while suspended, may result in their investigation and charging in relation to this matter.
I'm supposed to be leaving for Europe the day after tomorrow.
As you may be required for questioning at any time, all travel plans will need to be put on hold.
I have a study fellowship to take up.
Do you understand what I've just told you? Yes, I understand that you are under the mistaken impression that I am corrupt.
Do you understand? Yes.
That's all, Ms Waverley.
Thank you for your attendance here today.
Albeit late.
I will get to the bottom of this and when I do, I will expect a formal apology from you and your office.
There is nothing from anywhere.
It's like they've just disappeared.
They were always good at that.
There's stuff-all in here about old haunts or old contacts.
Someone's gotta be helping them get out of the country.
Plus there was nearly a million dollars unrecovered from those robberies.
Who was looking after it for them? JENNIFER: They were armed robbers.
The Armed Robbery Squad was cleaned out a few years back for corruption.
Maybe there's a lead there.
There is.
A special taskforce was set up to capture Megan Black and John Cassidy.
When they were arrested 10 years ago, it turned into an armed confrontation.
Megan Black would not put down her weapon and she was going to be shot.
Auniformed officer intervened and tackled her to the ground.
Why would they do that if she was armed? Medical reports.
Megan Black was seven months pregnant at the time.
Very obviously pregnant.
John Cassidy's baby? Yeah.
That's right.
She hit the ground hard, the baby had to be delivered prematurely, and it died two days later.
The uniformed officer who tackled her needed counselling.
It was Duncan.
It was Detective Freeman.
And they blame him for saving Megan Black's life? These are not rational people.
MATT: This all happened Yep.
Why was it a special taskforce? Shouldn't it have been an Armed Robbery gig? J ARVIS: Armed Robbery had been cleaned out.
The allegations were that several of its members were green-lighting armed robbers operating all over Victoria at the time.
This was five years before I took on the gig, in case anyone's wondering.
STANLE Y: So Armed Robbery had been turning a blind eye to things, accepting major chunks of the proceeds for doing so.
That's about it.
JENNIFER: Did this include John Cassidy and Megan Black, sir? J ARVIS: I don't know.
There's someone I can ask.
He's running Serious Crime now.
Gary Beck.
I came out of that investigation squeaky clean.
I have no bloody agenda here.
Yes, you have, Gary! You 've been all over me like a rash, demanding I hand over this investigation.
I do not appreciate you getting up me in front of your subordinates, Terry.
Bernice Waverley contacted you and personally requested you stay out of this.
You refused.
Why? Because this isn't a homicide.
Get him out of here.
I'm not going anywhere.
He stays.
I don't know why you 're so rabid about this, Terry.
Wasn't Freeman the bloke that punched you in the face, broke your nose? Yes, he was.
I think he's a prick and a smart-arse, and he'd happily spit in my eye, but he is a brother officer, and we're gonna find the bastards that did this to him.
Me, Stanley and his crew.
Clear?! We might have to see what the Commissioner thinks about this.
Tell me about these blokes first, Gary.
Eh? Your old mates from Armed Robbery.
Should your mug shot be there too? Frank Nugent, ate his own gun.
Graeme Paulson, fled to NZ.
Possum Copeland, did seven years, then went bush.
This bloke, DSS Neil Cranford, he was the ringleader.
They were all as bent as a dish licker's hind leg.
Cranford's still inside.
Did Megan Black and John Cassidy have any dealings with these men? I don't know.
Because I never had anything to do with any of their activities.
And if, following these events, there is any suggestion to the contrary, I shall deny it.
Do you understand me? Show me your hind leg.
He'll keep.
We'll check these names, see if there's any connections.
This one's dead, this one's currently in jail in New Zealand.
Which leaves these two, Possum Copeland and Neil Cranford.
SIMON: Cranford's in prison on 23-hour lockdown, so there's no way they made contact.
So we focus on this bloke, Possum Copeland.
He disappeared soon after he was released from prison.
A couple of years ago.
It's possible he was looking after the armed robbery cash for Cassidy and Black.
Yeah, more than that.
He could be the one helping them get out of the country.
OK, we contact the Department of Corrections, find out which prison he was in, who his cellmate was, liaisons inside, probation officer, guards - the works.
Guys, Duncan's out of surgery.
(MACHINES BEEP) How's he doing? He was in theatre for nearly nine hours.
What's the prognosis? It's uncertain.
You gonna catch them? I don't know, Judith.
I really don't know.
Changing of the guard.
Ms Welling.
How'd you go on those old Armed Robbery contacts? We're working through them.
I've come to sit with Dunny.
We've organised a rotation so that someone's always here for when he wakes up.
Call me.
I will, Sarge.
You 're top of the phone tree.
Looks like we might have blown our cover.
Had to happen sometime.
Hey, do you want me to take you home? Not till this is done.
None of us will be going home.
Jen, I think I got something.
Yeah? Have a look.
Get onto Civil Aviation.
I'll start making some calls.
We need some people on the phones here now! MAN: Detective, there's a call for you.
Matt Ryan.
Simon, what is it? Where? OK.
Sign out a weapon for me.
Possum Copeland has changed his appearance since leaving prison.
He now goes under the name of Jeremy Kent.
We ran all calls from both Jacqui Charteris's house and the pig farm over the last five months and there's a number of calls to a certain mobile number shortly after they went to ground, then a flurry of calls to the same number over the last three days.
The mobile account belongs to a Jeremy Kent, but when we pulled up the licence, it turned out to be Possum Copeland.
And so he's their way out.
SIMON: Yeah.
Looks like it.
He's an amateur pilot with a couple of hundred flying hours.
He's hired a light plane for the week, starting this morning.
He's logged a flight plan to Darwin but he's bought enough fuel to take him to PNG.
How long? Now.
Copeland's just picked up the paperwork from the office.
Stand by.
JENNIFER: Copy that, Superintendent.
Standing by.
On my signal.
J ARVIS: Take them.
Let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS) (TYRES SCREECH) Police! Don't move! Police.
Don't move! Get down! Gun! (GUNSHOTS) Aargh! John! Go! Get out! JENNIFER: Don't move, Black! Hold fire! Round the back.
Go! Go! (TYRES SCREECH) Do not move! Go! Put your hands where I can see them.
Put your hands so I can see them or I'll shoot you right now.
It's OK.
He's not going anywhere.
Are you sure? Yeah.
It's alright.
We got backup.
How's your mate? Alive.
Oh, crap.
After the beating we gave him.
And you 're gone, Cassidy.
You 're inside for life this time.
Not if Megan's got anything to do with it.
Oh, we got her too.
So she'll be back in her box and you 'll be in yours.
I hope you kissed each other goodbye.
I'm not going back.
Yes, you are.
Yes, you are! It's finished.
I want you to tell her it was for Michelle.
What? You tell her it was for Michelle.
Don't you forget.
Cassidy, don't move or I will fire! Megan Black, she's got away! She's Suspended? Sarge, with all due respect, this is crap.
Cassidy was reaching for his shotgun.
I had to fire.
Ask the witnesses.
And I'm sure they will back you up.
But until the shooting investigation comes to that conclusion too, you 're off duty.
These people just tried to kill Duncan, and they might have succeeded.
He could still die! Yeah, I know that, Simon.
And she is still out there.
How did she get away? The car belonged to an airport employee.
There's a KALOF out, patrols.
Well, she'll have dumped it.
She'll know we've got the rego.
I know that too, Simon.
We will find her.
Why don't you go to the hospital and stay with Duncan? Keep us all informed.
OK? Sarge, I did nothing wrong.
Cassidy left me no choice.
I had to shoot him.
I believe you.
You did the right thing.
You 'll be fine.
The suspension's only temporary, pending inquiry.
RADIO: Police warn that Megan Black is armed and extremely dangerous.
She should not be approached under any circumstances.
Yesterday, Cassidy and Black made an attempt on the life of Detective Duncan Freeman, who survived and is in a critical but stable condition in Queen Victoria Hospital.
(SNIFFS) (SIREN WAILS) How is he? Alive.
No change.
They're still looking for Megan Black.
The city's crawling with uniforms.
Matt's here.
He's, uh, downstairs with Emma.
What did you tell the shoot team? I just told them what I knew.
That you had him and I didn't see what happened.
Do you think I murdered him? No.
Course not.
Why not? He almost killed Duncan.
I can come back and get you if you like.
No, I'll grab a cab.
I might be a while.
He's gonna be alright.
Hi, Simon.
How are you going? Better than Duncan.
I saw you at the airstrip.
You shot John.
I came for your mate, but you 'll do.
You kill me and I won't be able to give you your boyfriend's message, will I? You 're a liar.
He didn't talk to you.
You shot him.
He went down.
No, he wasn't dead.
He spoke to me.
Does the name Michelle mean anything to you? What? WOMAN: Police! Put it down.
Drop your weapon now! (GUNSHOT) (WOMEN SCREAM) (GUNSHOT) Matt.
Aargh! Aargh! Your boyfriend bailed on you, Megan.
No, I had him.
But he made me shoot.
He reached for his gun, and he told me to tell you that it was for Michelle.
He wanted it to be over for Michelle.
Who's Michelle? Our baby.
She died.
She died.
Simon, let us take her.
Shoot me too.
Go on.
Shoot me too.
Just do it! Simon.
I beat the crap out of your friend.
He's gonna die.
Shoot me! (SHOUTS) MATT: Simon, it's not worth it.
JEN: She just wants to be with her boyfriend.
Don't give her the satisfaction.
Come on, do it.
No! OFFICER: Don't move, Black.
No! Don't move! MATT: Get rid of her.
Take her away.
Oh! Please! J ARVIS: We told his next of kin? He doesn't have any family that we know of, sir.
There's gotta be someone we need to tell.
He's private.
He doesn't talk about personal stuff.
We're pretty sure it's just him.
Make sure.
Just to be on the safe side.
I'd better be off.
Press statements.
Oh, paperwork's a pain in the arse.
You want a lift, Bernice? Thanks, Terry.
So basically, until somebody tells me what it is I'm being accused of, my hands are tied.
And as of about now - yep - I'm suspended from all duties.
No-one's saying anything? Well, that's how these bastards operate, Terry.
They keep you in the dark.
You haven't come up with any event, anyone you could think of? I've done nothing.
Someone is engineering this.
You 're in a fine bloody mess.
And? And I'm glad it's not me.
(ENGINE STARTS) (EVIL LAUGHTER) He got through the surgery.
He's strong.
He'll get through this.
You did good work today.
I'm proud of you.
All of you.
I'll be contactable.
Any hour.
SONG: * We are young We are old All the love we had Can't be bought or sold And when everything is gone And you 've lost all hope And you have come to the end of your rope Well, I believe That the flowers Will bloom again.