City Homicide (2007) s03e05 Episode Script

Thai Take Away

Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Yes? Yeah, I'm here to pick up my pants.
Sorry, I can't find my ticket.
I was sure I had it here somewhere.
But the name's Hislop.
Mr Hislop? Yeah.
Yes, blue pants? Yeah, yeah.
They're the ones, great.
There was a slight problem.
A problem? The zipper.
The manager will explain.
In his office.
This way.
Something that can be fixed, I hope.
Yes, I'm sure it can.
May I help you? I just wanna get these done.
Excuse me? Where's the manager? Er, office? Manager? Thanks.
OH&S would have a field day.
Yeah, OK.
Squatter found him while he was looking for somewhere to sleep.
Whoever did it didn't hold back.
Burn marks.
He's been tortured.
Yeah, check out his back.
Some kind of rash.
It's been waxed.
You know, hot wax goes on, rip, out come the hairs.
What, so, gay? Wouldn't be my first guess.
Plenty of straight men have it done.
My bet's this is for his girlfriend.
Married men don't usually try that hard.
Preliminary time of death? Judging on the liver temperature, early hours of the morning.
Ah, Nick, Mattie said we're getting stuck with you.
Yeah, mate, I got the short straw.
Oh, we'll go easy on you.
Detective Buchanan.
Senior Sergeant.
Welcome to the team.
Thank you.
Good to be here.
This is Allie Kingston.
Nick Buchanan.
So, what have we got? Torture, waxing and a John Doe.
Sounds like fun.
No keys, no ID, no wallet.
And no shirt.
Shirt might have had ID on it.
Could have been a uniform.
They did miss this, though.
It's a loyalty card to a coffee shop in the city.
Only needed one more and he had a free cappuccino.
Find out who owns the building, who had access, what kind of security there is, if any.
Matt, take Nick and check out the coffee shop.
The victim was a regular, they might be able to give you an ID.
Wonder if he told them what they wanted to know.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Brody Moore.
Detectives Ryan and Buchanan.
The cafe across the road identified an employee of yours.
Derek Hislop, yeah.
He's not in yet.
What's he done? What can you tell us about Mr Hislop? Not a lot.
He's a fairly quiet guy, shy.
Good phone manner.
How long's he worked here? About 1 8 months.
He married? Not as far as I know.
Friends? He doesn't tend to socialise with work mates much.
Look, what's this about? We're not at liberty to say at this point, Mr Moore, but we appreciate your cooperation.
Can we see his desk? I guess so.
Just this way.
Do you have his address? I'll get it for you.
Just here.
Thank you.
No keys.
No, there's nothing here either.
Hang on.
No name.
She's pretty.
One pair of blue trousers, due to be collected.
Here you go.
Know her? No.
But one of the girls just told me she thinks Derek's seeing someone.
He's started wearing aftershave.
Girls notice that stuff apparently.
Derek Hislop, travel agent.
Nick and Matt are heading over to his apartment now.
Make a start on next of kin, bank accounts, phone records.
You know the drill.
The building was owned by the railways.
It's been derelict for 1 2 months, awaiting demolition, minimal security.
Forensics reckon the burns were caused by some sort of electric element.
Like a Taser? No, they suggest something more primitive Like a branding iron attached to a car battery.
Primitive but effective.
Most likely cause of death - cardiac arrest brought about by prolonged, extreme physical stress.
So if they were trying to get information Maybe his heart gave out before he talked.
If you do come up with anything, let me know.
Why would anyone wanna torture and kill a travel agent? Building manager said Derek Hislop wouldn't say boo to a goose.
Maybe it's a case of mistaken identity.
I don't know.
Love makes people do crazy things.
Like getting every hair ripped out of your back? Police! Don't move! Clear! Keep your hands where we can see them and turn around slowly.
I can explain.
Kim Charlton.
Detective Buchanan.
Do you know Detective Ryan? Y es.
A journo, right? I was just about to call the cops.
Looked like it.
I didn't do this.
What are you doing here, Kim? I'm looking for the guy who lives here, Derek Hislop.
We found him this morning.
Derek was a potential source on a story I was working on.
What story? The Asian sex trade.
Girls from Thailand shipped out here and forced into prostitution.
Over 1,000 girls brought into this country every year as sex slaves.
Ms Charlton, would you please Some still teenagers.
Some young mums.
It's a national disgrace.
You're alleging Derek Hislop was somehow involved through the travel agency? What?! No! Derek Hislop was just a sad, pathetic loser who spent most of his money banging Asian prostitutes.
Until he fell in love.
That's right.
With this girl.
Y es.
You've met her? He showed me this photo.
Did he tell you her name? Destiny.
Destiny? I don't think it's the name her parents gave her.
Then it's not much use to us.
Have you got a problem, Detective Ryan? This is a murder investigation.
We need everything you've got on Derek Hislop.
I'm giving you that.
Why would I hold anything back? Let me take a wild guess - front-page story, your career.
If that's the way you feel Hang on, hang on,calm down.
We all know journos who'd do anything to get a front page, hey? Kim's not one of them.
I've been straight with you guys in the past, how about a bit of mutual respect? Fair enough.
How did you and Derek first hook up? He found me.
How? Google.
I'd already done a few articles on prostitution.
The Asian sex slavery thing was a part of that.
What was his information? I don't know.
This is what I'm talking about.
I met Derek once.
He wanted to free his girlfriend but was scared if he went to the cops, she'd be deported.
I said I needed hard evidence.
And, to be honest, I never expected to hear from him again.
But you did.
Three days ago, he called me and said he had something.
What? He didn't say.
I expect something like passports.
That's what I told him to look for.
Why? The traffickers take them so the girls are trapped.
If you're so hot on this story, why did you wait three days? I was in Darwin following some other leads.
Which are? Irrelevant to your investigation.
Look, I'm sorry Derek Hislop's dead.
He's only a sad, pathetic loser.
Who still didn't deserve this.
I can give you the illegal brothel where Destiny works.
What's this? SOG-ies and Vice raided the illegal brothel last night.
Why didn't we get a Guernsey? Jarvis's call.
They get Hislop's girlfriend? Destiny? No.
She'd have to be on the endangered species list.
Kim Charlton reckons she's probably still OK.
Because she's worth more money to them alive? And they can intimidate her.
Kim Charlton? Nick's a fan.
Mate, she's a journo.
She's done her homework on this and she's a straight shooter, that's all I'm saying.
Crime Scene been through all this stuff? And there's heaps more.
They're holding onto anything with potential DNA.
Of which there's a bucket load.
OK, that's just grossed me out.
Hey, Matt.
Check out the name.
Hislop had that on his desk Same dry-cleaners.
Coincidence? Don't believe in 'em.
Sorry to keep you waiting, gentlemen.
No problem.
One moment, please.
You're not Mr Hislop.
You know him? No.
But these pants would not fit either of you gentlemen.
Detectives Buchanan and Ryan.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Of course.
You recognise him now? I think so.
We have many customers coming and going all the time.
Blue pants.
Ah, he came in the day before yesterday to pick them up.
They had a broken zipper.
So what happened? He spoke to the manager.
We need to speak to him.
Is he here? He's out the back.
The manager.
He's got a gun.
Police! Stop, or I will fire! Stay where you are now! Hands on your head! Perhaps you'd like to tell us what you're doing with this.
Come on.
Your name is Tam Samak, is that correct? Yes.
What were you doing with an unlicensed firearm, Mr Samak? It's for personal protection.
Protection from whom? We had threats from gangs.
Why did you run? I was afraid.
Do we look like gang members, Mr Samak? Perhaps.
Did you report any of these threats to police? No.
Why not? Police do nothing.
We busted you, sunshine.
Recognise this man? He come in the day before yesterday.
Blue pants.
They need new zipper so he was going to come back later on.
What about her? No.
Take a good look.
I do not recognise her.
This girl is Thai.
Y es.
I meet many like her.
What do you mean? She's a prostitute.
Why do you say that? You show me a photo of a Thai girl who is in some sort of trouble.
Many Thai girl in this country is forced to work as a prostitute.
She has the look of sadness on her.
And you wouldn't have anything to do with her having that look, would you, Mr Samak? I try to help these girls.
I'm sure you do.
You're just brimming with the milk of human kindness.
I help them to go home.
Just how do you do that? When I know a Thai girl is working as a prostitute against her will, I inform the authority.
The police? The Department of Immigration.
They are placed in detention, then sent home to their family.
You can check if you like.
We will.
This is a great dishonour to my country.
If I give you the name of the people who is forcing these girls to work, you can stop them? Go on.
They're Aussie, not Thai.
Name is McKean.
Laurie and Faye McKean.
Look of sadness, my arse.
He's in this up to his eyeballs.
Unless we get something else, we're not gonna be able to hold him.
Detectives, Ms Charlton is here to see you.
Thanks, Todd.
I heard you made an arrest.
Word travels fast.
If you know where to listen.
Any statement for the press? Get real.
Fair's fair.
I gave you the brothel.
Which was empty.
So you're telling me this didn't come from anything you found there? I knew it.
Nick, come on! I'm telling you there's no statement at this time.
When there is, you'll be the first to know.
There's one other thing I've come up with that might be of some use.
So there is more? I haven't been able to verify it.
But a local couple might be involved in the operation.
Names? Laurence and Faye McKean.
I knew it.
She's drip-feeding us.
How long have you known this? Like I said, I haven't been able to confirm it.
We asked you for all you had, you held out on us.
What else do you know? Nothing.
Hindering a police investigation is an offence, Ms Charlton.
That's all I have, honestly.
Journos wouldn't know the meaning of the word.
Show Ms Charlton out.
Derek Hislop made five calls to Kim Charlton's mobile in the last two weeks and also made repeated calls to the illegal brothel.
Have we been able to trace the owner of the brothel's phone account? Yeah.
A Thai girl who left this country six months ago.
Nothing on her.
We think she could've been one of the girls being held as a sex slave.
They put the account in her name to avoid detection.
Now, the good news is Derek Hislop used his credit card to pay for the sex.
Might as well get frequent flyer points if you can.
The brothel appears on his bank statement as a book shop, all very discreet.
Now, we traced that to a company - the LFM Property Group, owned by a husband and wife, Laurence and Faye McKean.
They're the names Tam Samak just gave us.
And Kim Charlton.
Ms Charlton was holding out on us? You bet.
Too trusting, mate, too trusting.
Do we have anything on the McKeans? Yes, Sarge.
We kicked a goal.
LFM Property has an extensive portfolio.
Top of the list - a building in Coventry Street, Richmond.
The dry-cleaners.
Allie and Simon, go and bring in Mr and Mrs McKean for a chat.
You two pay another visit to the dry-cleaners, find out if they know about the McKeans.
I'll get these other properties checked out.
Did we get anything else from Mr Samak? He reckons he's a model citizen.
How so? Says he reports any sex slaves to the Department of Immigration so they can be sent home to their families.
I'll put in a call to Canberra.
I'm sorry, I don't know these people.
They own the building.
I've never seen them here.
Are you sure? Yes.
Is Tam Samak coming back to work? Why? He does the repair work.
I thought he was the manager.
Everybody here has to work hard.
Will he be coming back? Not if we have anything to do with it.
We'd like to have a look in his office.
I don't want any trouble.
We have a search warrant, ma'am.
You don't get a choice.
This way.
I saw the way Tam Samak looked at you when we arrested him.
If you feel like you're in any danger, ma'am I need this job.
I send money home to my family in Thailand.
I need this job.
We understand.
But if you're in any danger, we can offer you protection.
I don't know anything.
I just do my work.
I don't want any trouble.
Hey, Matt.
Hislop's girlfriend.
It's OK.
It's OK.
You'll be alright, we're the police.
You're alright.
Mr Samak, are you the owner of a blue Holden sedan, PNC 41 3? That's my car, yes.
And where did you last see it? I park it out the back of my shop.
Has it been stolen? No, no, no.
It's still there, safe and sound.
But we found something in it.
Somebody in it.
This girl.
I don't know her.
I already told you that.
Then can you tell us how she ended up in the boot of your car? I have no idea.
In my car? The girl you said you'd never seen before was bound, gagged and beaten in your car.
How do you explain that, Mr Samak? Someone must have put her there.
Sometimes the simple explanations are the best, aren't they? And that someone was you, isn't that right? No! Everyone knows I never lock it.
Someone must have put her there while I was here being questioned by you.
And why would anyone do that? I don't know.
Show us your hands.
Put them on the table.
Palms down.
Explain that bruising.
The work I do is very physical.
Bashing young women? Lifting laundry, putting into machines.
Lifting a steel press.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We heard you were the specialist repair guy.
I do everything.
You're a coward, Mr Samak, a coward who beats women.
No! And forces them into prostitution.
No! We're gonna take a swab of your hands.
If we find any trace of her DNA, you'll be charged with attempted murder.
You think this is a joke? It isn't.
Anyone could have accessed my car.
Ask the girl if Tam Samak even touch her.
She will say no.
Sarge, no sign of the McKeans at their house.
Their neighbours haven't seen them for a couple of days.
Looks like they've done a runner.
Put out a KALOF on the McKeans and their car.
Yeah, already done.
And notified Customs and Immigration.
Two days ago, they transferred into an overseas account.
No activity on their credit card since then either.
Know what bothers me? Why would Derek Hislop use a dry-cleaner if he knew it was in any way connected to the people he was trying to expose? Could be he was set up.
Tam Samak's thumbing his nose at us.
Challenged us to have the girl ID him.
He knows she won't.
She's terrified.
With good reason.
Tam Samak's claim that he reported prostitutes to the Department of Immigration checks out.
You're kidding? However, they suspect it is not the civic-minded duty he would have us believe.
Surprise, surprise.
Apparently this is a tactic used by traffickers to get rid of women at the end of their contract.
What, they think they're gonna set up in competition? Or go to the authorities.
How is she, Destiny? Doctor says she's well enough to be interviewed.
I'd like you to handle that.
Senior Sergeant Leigh is preparing a brief on what to expect.
She'll go with you to the hospital.
Sarge, I don't need someone looking over my shoulder.
Yeah, it's a difficult and sensitive situation.
I know Her expertise could be the thing that makes the difference.
Sarge, I've interviewed rape victims before.
I know how to handle a woman in crisis.
The psychology of these women is very similar to that of rape victims, you're right, Detective.
Shame, humiliation, self-blame.
All that.
But also the well-placed fear of retribution for themselves and their families.
Does Destiny know that her boyfriend's been murdered? We don't know that.
I wouldn't be surprised if Destiny refuses to cooperate.
We don't even know her real name.
We have to get a statement from her or Tam Samak's going to walk.
We have to at least get that.
We might if we go about this the right way but we're on a knife's edge.
Gaining her trust might be easier if it's one-on-one instead of two of us coming at her.
In that case, I'll keep a distance.
But you should not engage emotionally and don't tell her her boyfriend's dead.
Not yet.
I can handle that.
Keep in mind, Detective Kingston, that girl is our best chance of locating Derek Hislop's killer.
Nick and Matt, find out if Derek Hislop really was set up.
Derek was with a client.
Why do you want to know this? Indulge us.
Well, this guy knocked over his coffee and it landed in Derek's lap.
The guy was very apologetic, offered to get his pants dry-cleaned for him overnight.
Well, Derek had a spare change of clothes here, so the guy took his pants and came back a little later with the ticket.
When was this? About three or four days ago.
Yeah, that'd be right.
Is one of these him? No.
You sure? Take your time.
The guy was Caucasian.
Big guy, greyish hair.
Any of these resemble the man? Yeah.
Yeah, that's the guy.
Did he kill Derek? Thanks for your time, Mr Moore.
Is that what I call you? Destiny, my name's Allie.
All I wanna do is help you.
We know about the prostitution.
It's my job to get the people who hurt you.
They will go to jail.
They won't be able to hurt you again.
Derek wanted to get you away from them, didn't he? He found something? What? He stole some things.
What things? Passports.
From the office.
At the brothel? He said we would be safe too.
Nobody can hurt you here.
You're safe.
Derek ask me to marry him.
You love him? Yes.
Of course.
Um, the police have the passports? No.
Destiny, do you know the man who hit you? All you have to do is tell me his name.
He'll be held in custody.
He won't be able to hurt you, I promise you.
Destiny I don't know who hit me! Where is Derek? I want to see him.
You can't see him, I'm sorry.
Where is he? Where's Derek? I want to see him.
Please bring him! Tell me where he is! Destiny, Derek's dead.
No! I want to see Derek! No.
I'llI'll marry him.
I love him! I want to see Derek! Senior Constable.
No! You deliberately went against my advice.
I'm not gonna gain her trust by lying to her.
And you're not gonna get it by leading her into hysterics either.
I explicitly told you not to tell her about Derek! She wanted to know the truth.
That woman has been bashed, raped.
She lives in constant fear for her life.
It is not your job to decide whether she is ready for another trauma.
But it's my job to get the information we need to catch those arseholes.
I know why you're doing it but you need to understand why it's not working.
All you have done is reinforced the fact that all of her fears are true, that she's never going to be safe.
I might have got carried away, but I can fix it.
You were way off the mark, Kingston.
And you have put us right back to square one.
So McKean sets up Derek with the dry-cleaners.
Then skips the country while Samak does the dirty work.
That'd explain why there's no sign of him at any of these properties.
G'day, Sarge.
We've reached a dead end.
Yeah, Derek Hislop was set up.
By Laurie McKean.
Travel agent lD'd him.
We've just checked out the last of the properties owned by McKean's company.
Place is deserted.
Nick, their car's here.
Hang on, Sarge.
We've found the McKeans.
You won't believe this.
Don't tell me we're letting him go.
Word came down from upstairs.
Insufficient evidence to grant us an extension of interview.
Tam Samak's a free man.
You're kidding.
I wish I was.
He's as guilty as sin.
He was smart giving us his bosses' names.
He knew they were already dead when he gave them up.
What's going on? We're about to watch a killer walk out.
He's lawyered up and we don't have enough to hold him, yet.
Nick's convinced he's our man.
The gun that popped the McKeans was a different calibre to the one you found on Tam Samak.
He had more than one gun.
I'm telling you he killed Derek Hislop and the McKeans.
Preliminary examination reckons they've been dead for three, four days.
So who transferred the money two days ago? Someone with access to his account.
He knew once they were found their funds would be frozen.
So the McKeans weren't top of the totem.
Or they were and Tam Samak gave himself a promotion.
With a bullet.
They've given her something to help her sleep.
I'm heading off, you should do the same.
How do I get this back on track? There's nothing you can do tonight.
She's sedated.
When you come back in the morning, you bring your kid gloves.
I don't have any.
I've got boxing gloves.
Do you think it would be a good idea if I was here when she woke up? A familiar face? Absolutely.
You've got five minutes.
What's this about? So how come you're back in Homicide now? Four and a half minutes.
OK, we'll do it your way.
Is it true Tam Samak's walked? Without hard evidence, we couldn't hold him.
You won't get him, you know.
And you're not helping by withholding information.
I like to be sure before I start pointing the finger.
Justify it any way you like, it doesn't change the facts.
Three minutes.
What if you were to catch Tam Samak buying back the documents that Derek Hislop stole? You mean the passports? He took other papers too, stuff that links the whole circle of those involved here and in Thailand.
That's what Tam Samak wants.
How do you know what's in them? Have you seen them? Have you been withholding that too? No, I haven't seen them and I don't have them.
I'm just guessing that Tam Samak doesn't either.
Tam Samak did Derek's place over.
If he knew where they were, why bother? Maybe Hislop wasn't too specific before he died.
OK, that's possible.
I still think it's worth a shot.
What is? Using me as bait.
Tam Samak turns up thinking he's buying back the stolen passports and documents.
We get enough on tape to implicate him in the sex slave trade.
Maybe even Derek's murder.
Enough to hold him.
Which gives Allie more time to win over Hislop's girlfriend at the hospital.
Sarge We do not use civilians in undercover operations.
Then I'll go along and do it without you - hire a photographer, publish the whole thing and rely on the court of public opinion.
If you're right, Tam Samak has already killed three people.
He will not hesitate at a fourth.
I'm not an idiot, Sargent, I'll take precautions.
I'd prefer to have you guys come along but if you haven't got the balls This is not about testicular fortitude.
It's about putting an untrained person in a very dangerous situation.
Nothing you say is gonna stop me.
I can put a trained officer in there.
That won't work.
Tam Samak knows who I am.
I'm doing this.
Not like we've got a whole lot of options, Sarge.
And those documents could blow apart their whole operation.
If we do this, I set the ground rules and you do exactly as I say.
Mr Samak? I've got the documents you want, Mr Samak, but they're gonna cost you.
Mr Samak? I'm listening.
$50,000 or they end up front-page news and in the hands of the cops.
That's a lot of money.
Worth it to keep your operation running and you out of prison.
Leonard Street, Richmond, near the railway station, in one hour.
This happens where we can see you.
Do not go anywhere private with him.
And stay in full view of our cars at all times.
Take her downstairs, get her some fake passports, put a wire on her.
I wanna hear every word.
Looks like Tam Samak's a no-show.
You really think she'd go it alone? No question.
You tried to talk her out of it? What do you think? Waste of time.
I think she's an idiot.
Yeah, maybe.
You don't agree? She wants these bastards as much as we do.
Sure, but She's pig-headed, stubborn, won't take no for an answer.
My kind of idiot.
Really? Getting a good signal from the tracker in her phone.
Five more minutes and I'm pulling the plug.
You guys getting this? A girl can feel pretty lonely out here.
She's losing her nerve.
She's not losing her nerve.
Can you hear me? That's cool.
Just checking.
OK, we're in business.
There's a burgundy Calais on approach.
Got him.
Get ready to move on my go.
Get in.
No, thanks.
I don't do business on the street.
Get in.
Do not get in that car.
Where's the money? I have it here.
My documents? Must be pretty important if they're worth killing Derek Hislop over.
Could she be more obvious? I don't know what you mean.
No, of course he doesn't.
I am happy to pay you a finder's fee.
They are very valuable to me.
The women on these passports are someone's daughter, someone's sister.
You're getting my silence for a bargain.
Ms Charlton, please, we can talk about this further.
Get in.
What the hell is she doing?! She's trying to get him to incriminate himself.
What, you think I'm wearing a wire? You don't know how much journos get paid, I need that money.
Where are the other documents? What, you think I'm stupid? They're in a safe place.
What? What? Pai! Move! Now! Move! Oi! This is a set-up! Sarge, they found her wire and switched cars.
They've gone.
Tam Samak is not messing about.
We need to find Kim Charlton fast.
I've got uniforms combing the street but there's no sign of them.
Your girl is our best lead.
Understood, Sarge.
Undercover op went wrong.
Tam Samak has Kim Charlton, whereabouts unknown.
Sarge needs information now.
What's he after specifically? Another location, maybe.
Doesn't have many other avenues.
You'd prefer to take this? It's not in Destiny's best interests to be changing interviewers at this stage.
Close the door And take A seat Where are the documents? I don't know.
I don't have them.
OK, sweetie.
Mummy will be home soon.
Yeah, I love you.
Be a good girl.
Love you.
You're not supposed to use these in hospitals.
Don't tell on me.
My daughter.
Because I stayed here last night, she's worried about me.
Do you have family? I do have family.
You're worried about them? My daughter.
What's her name? Tasanee.
You must miss her so much.
Destiny Pleasedon't call me that.
My name is Mahneewan.
The flesh of the pig resemble the flesh of the man .
or the woman.
Where are my documents? I swear I don't know.
I don't have them.
Mahneewan, have people threatened to hurt Tasanee? Do you know that Derek contacted a journalist, a woman, Kim Charlton? Y es.
You know she was doing a story? The people that threatened to hurt Tasanee, they will be arrested if this story gets published.
I hope so.
That's why we need your help.
Tam Samak has Kim Charlton.
We need to find her.
Is there anything that you can tell us to help? If Tam Samak has the documents, there will be no story.
Mahneewan, he doesn't have them.
Please, I'm appealing to you as one mother to another.
Please,can you help us? Derek said he put the documents somewhere safe.
What did Mr Hislop mean by "behind Siam"?! What? That's all he told us before his heart stop.
Behind Siam! What does it mean?! I don't know.
You've got to believe me.
I swear, I don't know, I don't know.
Behind Siam? What does that mean? I don't know.
That's all Derek told me.
The documents are behind Siam.
There are dozens of businesses listed in the Greater Melbourne area with Siam in their name - most of them are Thai restaurants.
All we can do is start with a process of elimination.
Hit the phones.
Behind Siam.
Behind Siam.
What? Behind Siam.
Come on, Matt.
Where are we going? Guys, how can I help you? There - "Magical Siam".
I knew I'd seen it.
Excuse me! Have these been moved? I don't know.
The brochures get moved around all the time.
Hey, Look at this.
Something taped behind here.
This is it, the documents.
Nothing there about where Kim Charlton might be? Some addresses.
Pippen Street.
That's the illegal brothel Vice raided, the deserted one.
This one's on the McKeans' property list - Clarke Road, Abbotsford.
Pound Road.
That's where we found Derek Hislop.
So, this last one? Don't know it.
Might be where they've taken Kim.
Come on, Let's go.
I'll call the sarge.
Please, you've gotta believe me, I don't know, I don't have them.
Police! Drop your weapon! Police! Drop your weapon! Don't move! Don't move! Drop your weapon now! Don't move! Gun! Drop your weapon now! Put your hands where I can see them! Put your hands up! Put your hands behind your back now.
I tried to help her.
I'll need an ambulance now.
It's OK, it's OK.
I can walk.
OK, that's enough.
Let it go.
Tam Samak said he would kill me if I didn't do as he said.
He did, did he? He said that? Yes.
I should have said no but I am an old woman.
I was scared.
Who wouldn't be? I'm so sorry that Miss Charlton was hurt.
It's understandable she did what she did, but I would like to see another doctor for this burn.
She prefers 'Ms', not 'Miss'.
Thing is, Mrs Simaplee, we recovered these documents from Derek Hislop's work.
Passports of six young Thai women, and documents written in Thai and English, a list of illegal brothels and other premises.
Including where you took Ms Charlton.
We've had the Thai translated - monthly progress reports with funds transferred to various overseas bank accounts.
Now, that's worth killing for.
And to top it all off, your name appears at the bottom of each report.
Derek Hislop had no idea what he'd stolen, did he? And because the brothel was the McKeans' responsibility, they paid the price for stuffing up, right? I want a lawyer.
A lawyer's not gonna save you, you evil old bitch.
So how is Kim Charlton? She'll need skin grafts on some of her burns but she insisted on making a statement from her hospital bed.
Of course she did.
I'd told Mahneewan that Tam Samak was dead and we'd arrested Mrs Simaplee.
I swear to God, she looked 1 0 years younger.
And she admitted she never loved Derek Hislop.
She was just using him to escape her life.
Poor Derek, a loser to the end.
Went out on a limb for her, she didn't even love him.
I don't blame her.
You do what you have to, I reckon.
Good work.
Ah, Allie, one moment, please.
Senior Sergeant Leigh said that in spite of your unusual methods, you did a good job in there.
Really? Mmm.
In your personnel file, there is no mention of you having a daughter.
I don't.
God,can you imagine me with an ankle-biter? I took a punt.
How I noticed stretch marks on Mahneewan's stomach and I guessed she'd had a child, which fitted with Senior Sergeant Leigh's profile.
So, the phone and the photo? I faked the call.
I borrowed the photo from one of the nurses.
I figured that Mahneewan might be more inclined to open up to another mum.
Whatever it takes, right? She won't see the light of day for a while.
You alright? Yeah.
No, I'm happy.
We solved Derek Hislop's murder and knocked out a sex slave racket.
It was a good result.
Kim Charlton is just doing her job, you know.
She really cared about those women.
Pity the documents are now evidence in a murder.
Would have been a good story to get out there.
See ya.
Lawan Simaplee's going down.
Those papers put her right in it.
We did a handover to the feds.
They're taking it from here.
The public needs to know as well.
Unless governments are forced into action, nothing will happen.
I need a copy of those documents.
Couldn't publish them till after the murder trial.
I know that.
But once that's done, I can come out with both barrels blazing.
Nick! My hands are tied - it's a federal police matter.
I thought you might have been different.
Guilt thing doesn't work with me.
I gotta go.
It's a get-well card.
It's funny.
Brighten up your bedside table.