City Homicide (2007) s03e17 Episode Script

In Wolf's Clothing

Crime Scene on their way? En route.
ETA 1 0 minutes.
We'll need a spatter analysis.
Shotgun, you reckon? Say so.
From the hip.
Philippa, what's the blood here and down the hallway? The wife's, I think.
She managed to get to the phone.
Made the Triple-0 call there before she collapsed.
So you discovered her when you responded to the Triple-0? Y es.
Front door was open.
It looks like a murder/robbery, but there's no sign of forced entry.
Maybe he answered the door and that's when it all kicked off.
- Yeah, maybe.
- It was a rape too.
The wife's in a bad way.
We've got her at the neighbours'.
Ambos attending.
How bad? Confused, disoriented.
Concussion maybe.
They bound her up with gaffer tape after they finished with her.
Her name's Hansard.
Jacinta Hansard.
Luke's dead, isn't he? My husband? I'm afraid your husband's injuries were fatal, Mrs Hansard.
Ohhh We'll get you to the hospital as soon as we can.
But if you do feel up to answering any questions I, uh .
heard a shot.
I didn't see anything till I ran out.
Oh, God, Jordan.
Did they find him? Did they find Jordan? Who's Jordan? I heard them yelling.
I told him to hide under the bed.
Oh, God, Jordan.
My son! Where's my son?! Jordan? Jordan? Jordan? It's gonna be OK.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Jordan? I'm a police officer.
Hi, Jordan.
I'm Jennifer.
I want my son.
Social Services are looking after him.
They'll bring him to you as soon as we're done.
I'll take the rape kit straight to the lab, get them to make it a priority.
Yeah, thanks, Philippa.
Please, I've let them do their examination, take their photos.
Now I really need to see my son.
A couple of questions first.
He's only six! I meant you, Mrs Hansard, just a few minutes.
We need to find out what happened.
Oh, God, it's all a blur.
I don't know.
There was a really loud knock at the door.
I think Luke must have opened it and these two guys just busted in.
You didn't see them come in.
Where were you? I was reading a story to Jordan.
I heard shouting, then a loud bang, Like a shot.
I told Jordan to hide under his bed and I ran out and they were looking for something.
Do you know what? No.
They grabbed me, they tied me up with that tape and they forced me into the bedroom.
Then they just carried on their searching.
Can you describe them to me? No, they had balaclavas over their faces.
With gloves.
Black gloves.
Anything else? Size? Clothing? I can't remember.
I don't even know if they found what they were looking for.
I thought they were gonna kill me.
Understand? I thought Jordan would come out and I thought they'd kill him too.
And then they just left? After the big one had raped me, yeah.
They both beat the crap out of me when I tried to stop him.
"The big one"? Do you mean bigger in general or? Bigger than the other one! Bigger than me.
And when they were done, they tied metied me back up with that tape.
Took me ages to get loose.
I crawled to the phone and then I passed out.
Thanks, Jacinta.
You've done really well.
We'll see about getting Jordan in now, OK? Thank you.
Allie, what's the deal? The deal is that Social Services cow knows exactly how this works.
She knows that we can't question the kid without his parent, a guardian, or an independent person - namely her - present.
So she keeps finding things to do.
Well, maybe she's just buying time for the child to relax.
I've had dealings with Miriam before.
Coffees! Ahh! Detective Mapplethorpe.
I'd better get one for you too.
I'm fine, thank you.
How are you, Miriam? Oh, I'm great, thanks.
I've got a magistrate lined up to hear the Protection Application, so we can take care of the little one.
His mum's gonna need some help for a bit.
There's no other rellies.
- How is Mum? - Oh, she's still in shock.
She's asking for Jordan, but we need a few moments with him first.
Like I said, we need to establish if the boy was a witness.
He seems to have settled down a bit.
But I do have to be present.
So bring your coffee with you.
They had things on their heads.
And how did you get this bruise? I banged it when I hid under my bed.
So the men, they didn't hurt you? No, you stayed hiding, didn't you, mate? Under the bed and then you moved to the closet.
Yep? The cupboard.
And so, how did you see the men, Jordan? They were looking for stuff.
Did you see what happened to your dad? I think that's enough for the moment.
Your mum's OK, Jordan.
She really wants to see you.
Come on.
One of them had a funny gun.
What type of funny gun? I said that's enough.
From the wound on the deceased we know it's a shotgun.
The kid said that it looked funny.
It sounds to me like it could be a sawn-off.
That'd fit the blood patterning in the lounge.
Close range.
Heavy load.
Pity they didn't leave a cartridge.
Got some interesting background here on our victim.
Luke Hansard is known to police.
A few minor convictions before he was married.
House break-ins, car theft, but all from a decade ago.
- Wife didn't say anything about that? - No, sir.
She just told Jennifer that the intruders were looking for something.
Just 'cause the convictions aren't recent doesn't mean he stopped.
He could've just got better at it.
Perhaps he stole the wrong thing this time.
Or he stole from the wrong person and pissed somebody off.
What have we got from the scene? Not much yet.
It looks like opportunistic rape.
The woman's too traumatised to remember much, but Jennifer's still working on her.
She's claiming that there were two males, one bigger than the other.
The bigger one's the rapist.
Both of them wore balaclavas.
One had the shottie, but she doesn't know which one.
Uniforms are doing a doorknock, sir.
Maybe someone saw a car or something.
Pathology? They're working the body and we have Ms Hansard's rape kit at the lab.
So the woman's account seems accurate, does it? Yeah, I pulled it from Triple-0.
What's the exact address of your emergency? I've been raped.
My husband He shot my husband.
Please, please OK.
What's the number you're calling from? I'm at home.
I can't OK, try and stay calm.
Police will attend too.
Can you confirm your address, please? Please, he's shot! Please! Please! No wonder she can't remember much.
You OK now, sweetie? I'm going to be OK too.
Now, I want you to be a really brave boy for Mummy and go with this nice lady, OK? Your mum has to spend some time with the doctors.
It's OK, Jordan.
I'm going to stay with your mum.
- Come on, darling.
- I'll see you soon.
Detective, I don't want him put through any more, OK? You be a good boy? I've remembered some things.
About the men? Yeah.
One of them was bigger than the other and he had dark hair on his arms.
And I think .
I think I've seen them before.
Two guys bailed us up three days ago, me and Luke.
One was big with dark hair.
One bald.
Smaller but really scary.
It was in the car park behind the shopping centre.
What did they want? I don't know.
Luke made me go back to the car as soon as he saw them coming.
He made out he wasn't worried, but I know my husband.
Did you see what happened? They were really aggro.
The big guy grabbed Luke and the smaller one put something to his throat.
I froze.
I thought Luke was gone.
Then they just shoved him on the ground and took off.
Did your husband tell you who they were? No.
Luke came back to the car as if nothing happened.
I had my phone out ready to call the cops but he said I was being a drama queen, wouldn't let me call them.
This is really helpful, Jacinta.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Harry Shaw and Rex Trevallion.
We got Mrs Hansard to do a Photofit of the offenders.
I recognised these two straight off.
We're old friends.
Kingston, refresh my memory.
OK, so Rex Trevallion is a stand-over man.
Harry Shaw is his muscle.
I busted them for assault back when I was working the Divvy.
Trevallion's into pills too? Yeah, he keeps the party supplied via a network of dealers, but intimidation is his favourite game.
And this is his new boofhead? He's not so new.
They teamed up inside a few years ago.
Shaw was doing a stint for armed robbery.
So an argument between thieves? Old stagers defending their turf against the new kid on the block maybe.
Which makes Luke Hansard not too bright 'cause these two have a very scary reputation.
Trevallion is vicious, he's unpredictable, his weapon of choice is not a shottie.
It's a straight razor.
Yeah, you should see pictures of his victims.
Well, obviously, Luke Hansard had something they wanted.
So why shoot him? Yeah, why not cut him? Give him a chance to tell them where it was.
Maybe they gave him his chance in the car park.
There was no result Boom! We should see if that car park has CCTV.
You really think his wife had no idea what these blokes wanted? Maybe hubby kept her in the dark about lots of things.
Maybe she's in it up to her eyeballs and both crossed the line with them.
Why not kill her too then? Because rape's more fun.
Teach her a lesson, scare her into silence.
Result's come back from the rape kit.
Semen present, one assailant.
Sample's been sent for DNA.
So if Harry Shaw raped her, what was Rex Trevallion doing? Maybe he likes to watch.
Allie said he was a mean little bastard.
Yeah, good.
Either way, we've got two suspects.
We need to find them.
It shouldn't be that hard.
My mate at Division says that Trevallion's patch is up near Vale Street.
He doesn't stray far from the pub.
Cruise the surrounds.
You might get lucky.
Got it.
If you try to gyp me again, I will cut your nose off and stick it down your throat! Do you understand?! I do.
Shh, shh, shh.
I promise, I was gonna give it back.
I was gonna give it back.
Cops! OK, now piss off! Careful, I bite! Detective Buchanan, Homicide.
Yeah? Rex Trevallion? On the wanted posters again, am l? Not too tight for you, Rex? Police! It's fine.
I like it tight.
But I'm telling you, though, Detective, you've got the wrong blokes.
Why did your mate run off, then? I don't know.
I do know you've got nothing on me.
How about the murder of Luke Hansard? I don't know any Luke Hansard.
What, is he a friend of yours? No, he's a petty thief like you.
There's nothing petty about me.
We know you're acquainted with him, Rex, even if you're not mates.
We've got CCTV footage of you and your mate pulling a blade on Hansard three days ago in a car park.
Oh, yes, there was a bloke, yes.
He called me a poof and I took offence.
Me and my temper.
But he started it.
He started it.
Me and Rex finished it.
So what? You don't like Mr Hansard? He's a jerk and a smart-arse.
A dead smart-arse.
He's been murdered.
Really? Well, if it is the same homophobe, I can't say I'm disappointed.
We know you knew Mr Hansard, Rex, so stop lying to us.
You killed him, didn't you? Killed him? No.
If you've got your CCTV footage, you'd have seen him scuttle back to his car.
Mr Hansard was killed in his home earlier today.
By you and Harry Shaw.
Why would we want to do that? You tell us.
A dispute over proceeds.
What proceeds? We never worked together.
I don't work with other people.
You were involved in criminal activities with Mr Hansard.
You tried to extort money from whatever illegal scams he had going.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You got stuck into Hansard.
Then it went further, didn't it? No.
We were just making a point.
Him and his mate, big-noting themselves about the place, calling us a pair of has-beens.
His mate? Who's his mate? That guy he works with, that arsehole.
Neil Seresin.
Where were you at 1 2:00 today? I was having a drink with friends.
No, you weren't.
You were at Luke Hansard's place, weren't you? His wife says you were.
She also says you raped her.
I don't need to rape anybody.
I've got girls chucking themselves at me.
She's just trying to drop us in it.
And why would she do that? Malice? Who knows why women do anything.
You're a mystery.
What type of car do you drive, Rex? I don't drive.
Harry drives me.
Falcon ute.
Mag wheels.
Real throaty exhaust.
Falcon ute doesn't fit.
Fit what? What have you got? Uniforms picked up several reports of a vehicle that took off about an hour before the Triple-0 call was put in.
A blue Camry, not a red ute.
Not Harry Shaw's style at all.
Yeah, they both alibied each other too.
You know, drinking with mates - Gave us names.
- Yeah, I saw the list.
That alibi holds about as much water as my uncle's bladder.
He has a colostomy bag.
Half the blokes that were supposed to be drinking with them are bent and all of them are probably scared witless of Trevallion.
Any usuals on the Camry? Uh, just the colour, sir.
Light blue.
We've got a KALOF out.
We're doing a vehicle search, but there's a lot of Camrys around.
Timeline fits.
About an hour before the Triple-0 call.
Which is how long it took Jacinta Hansard to free herself.
- Did no-one hear the shottie? - Plenty.
They thought it was a car backfiring.
We do have one other area of inquiry - Neil Seresin, an associate of Luke Hansard.
Harry Shaw gave us the name.
Said they worked together.
Not exactly a credible source, but we ran a check just in case.
No convictions, but if he did work with Luke Hansard, he's gotta be dodgy.
What did he drive? A Camry.
Baby blue.
He's a friend of Luke's, yeah.
You didn't mention him before.
Why would l? Luke has lots of friends.
Jacinta, the two men you pointed out are saying they had nothing to do with your husband's death.
If this is a falling out among thieves, we need to know What do you mean, thieves? Are you saying that you're unaware that your husband is known to police? You've got the wrong guy.
Luke's a rep for a sheet metal company.
So he spent a lot of time on the road, did he? Sometimes, but he's a straight-up guy, not a criminal.
He's got convictions for burglary and theft.
And we've got information he worked with an accomplice, Neil Seresin.
No way, not Luke.
Neil's his mate, that's all.
They've never done anything criminal.
We haven't seen Neil in months, anyway.
Maybe we should ask Jordan about his dad's mate.
I've told you - I don't want Jordan dragged into this anymore.
He's been through enough, don't you think? We think this should be pretty straightforward.
Be honest about what your husband and Mr Seresin did for a living and about how much you know.
If you're scared, we can get you protection.
You know? I don't need protection.
I just don't know anything, OK? She's not telling us everything.
Of course not.
She's terrified of Rex Trevallion and Harry Shaw.
With good cause.
Rex isn't above slicing a child.
We need to re-interview the kid.
Miriam, can we have a word? Sorry, detectives, this can't wait.
I've got to talk to Mrs Hansard.
Something happen to Jordan? Something he said when I was putting him to bed, without me even asking.
What? He said he'd be better off without his father, anyway.
And I found more bruising.
I think he was being beaten.
By his dad? Who knows? I'll talk some more to both of them, see what I can find out.
Actually, that's our job.
We should be talking to the kid.
Detective, that child is severely traumatised.
He's withdrawn.
The last thing he needs is to be interrogated by the police.
We think the kid may have seen more than he's told us.
I mean, he went from under the bed into the cupboard.
He's already told you what he saw.
His mother was raped.
And he didn't see that.
Aren't you pleased? The last thing we want to do is further traumatise Jordan, but we also don't want his evidence becoming contaminated.
Look, I know you need to resolve this case the sooner the better.
Words take time.
Give a little and you might get a lot.
Morning, boys and girls.
Been busy bees, have we? Making some progress, sir.
Neil Seresin's a Queenslander, so I've been running their databases too.
Think we might have found out what Hansard's killers were looking for.
Hansard and his mate Seresin have been busy up north.
Queensland cops are looking at them for a series of convenience store robberies.
Using a cut-down shottie.
There was over 1 00 grand taken in eight different small-time jobs just about the right size for Seresin and Hansard's CVs.
Queensland cops even came close to nailing the pair.
Had them charged, bailed and a court date set but the evidence wasn't solid so it never made it to court.
The money's not inside the house.
It's been searched thoroughly.
You think Trevallion and Shaw got what they're after? Possibly, sir, yeah.
Or Harry Shaw got a crack at Jacinta Hansard as a sweetener.
Seresin may have the goods on Shaw and Trevallion but be too scared to come forward because of his own involvement in the robberies.
Or maybe he's involved with the two of them, ripping off his own partner.
Find Seresin and ask him what the deal is.
We're trying, sir.
He's not at his house or any of his known hangouts.
You seen the Crime Scene report? Has it come through? Yes, sir.
There is a lot of blood from another individual.
Not Luke Hansard and his wife.
A third person.
Did Shaw or Trevallion show any signs of injuries? Nothing immediately apparent, sir.
Well, evidence isn't always immediately apparent, is it? OK, I'll start checks on EDs for walk-ins with serious wounds.
Kingston, drag in your mate Rex Trevallion and his off-sider.
Check them for injuries.
Enjoying the show? Get on with it, Rex.
Scared you won't be able to resist me? Needs you to chaperone, does he, love? Ready for the big finish? I prefer a female audience.
Yeah, well, we drew the short straw.
- You like what you see? - Get dressed.
Drop your dacks, Harry.
That do you? The Full Monty will be an extra hundred bucks.
Jacinta, there wasn't a mark on either of them.
So? So you've been holding out on us.
Who else was there? I've got no idea.
I only saw two men.
But that doesn't make any sense, Jacinta.
There was no sign of injury on either of them.
I'm only telling you what I saw and that's two men.
Look, I can't believe you're hassling me with this when I've got to identify my husband's body.
The blood from the third party can't have come from Shaw or Trevallion.
It is a serious amount, not just a nosebleed.
So what are you doing about it? Well, we're canvassing hospitals, doctors.
Good, because I honestly can't help you.
I didn't see anyone else.
And maybe I was wrong about those two or maybe only half wrong, even.
Meaning? Meaning maybe they hired someone to do it or to help one of them do it.
Look, if I knew anything, I'd tell you.
You think I don't want to find out who killed Luke? Do you? What's that supposed to mean? Well, how was your marriage, Ms Hansard? How did your husband treat Jordan? Just get me to the morgue.
We'll need you to say his full name.
Yes, that's my husband .
Luke Martin Hansard.
I want to be with my son now.
Yes, of course.
She didn't behave like a woman who had just lost her husband.
Maybe she was pulling herself together for the kid's sake.
Or perhaps she's got If she thinks she can hide it from those two, she's out of her mind.
Thanks, Si.
We've got a hit.
Doctor at the Queen Vic fixed up two possible knife attacks - one yesterday afternoon and one in the early hours of this morning.
Around the same time Jacinta was found.
He gave a false name but the doctor lD'd him from a head shot.
So Neil Seresin was at the house when his mate copped it? Looks like it, but the question is why and did he join in or was he collateral damage? Either way, Jacinta Hansard knew that her husband was a crook.
I had a hunch so I got Queensland to fax down Luke Hansard's bail records.
She was the one who signed him out! So she's lied to us all along.
Jacinta, we know that you're aware of your husband's criminal activities.
You signed his bail in Brisbane.
His and Neil Seresin's.
Is that why you lied to us about Seresin being at the house? I'm not lying.
OK, Jacinta, here's where we're at.
The pathology report notes abrasions on your husband's knuckles.
He was in some kind of fight.
In the car park.
Yeah, I told you that.
We also know that Neil Seresin, his accomplice His friend! .
suffered a slashing wound to the upper thigh.
He's lucky it wasn't the femoral artery.
It seems highly likely to us that the other blood at your house was his.
Why lie? So you can keep the money? What money? The 1 00 grand that was stolen in Queensland.
A sawn-off shotgun was used in those robberies too.
Neil and Luke fell out over the money, didn't they? No.
Two men came in.
They shot my husband, they searched the house, the big one raped me, they left.
End of story.
Yeah, right.
Jordan saw the two of them.
He told you that.
Maybe you told him what to say.
Maybe we need to talk to Jordan again.
You stay away from my kid! She's well-rehearsed.
Stuck to her story like glue.
Except for one slip-up.
She freaked out when I mentioned the kid.
So why haven't we gone there again? Case worker.
She's throwing her weight around.
Had a bit of a run-in at the hospital.
Basically, she said no more interviews.
So what? Tell her Homicide takes precedence.
Miriam's being pretty explicit.
She feels another interview with the child could cause even more trauma.
But now that Jacinta's out of hospital, she has every opportunity to contaminate his evidence.
It's better that he answers our questions first.
Miriam? Toffler.
She's the social worker.
I know Miriam.
Leave her to me.
Social Services may not quite have your budget, but we still stretch for a cup of instant.
Ah, for you, Miriam, real coffee.
Top barista stuff, this.
How much? Umumthe usual.
Why? I meant how much is it gonna cost me? What do you want, Superintendent? Miriam, I'm hurt.
I know how hard you work, no time to breathe.
I just brought you a coffee to say thanks for your assistance so far.
That's all.
Let's see.
Among current cases, the only one that would have any interest to Homicide involves a six-year-old named Jordan Hansard.
Well, that's good.
We don't want too many ankle-biters mixed up in Homicide scenarios, do we? There's no point in upsetting him further.
He's deeply traumatised.
Jordan Hansard has already been interviewed.
We want to solve his dad's death, Miriam.
He may have more information now he's had the benefit of your expert TLC.
Look You're very good at your job.
We're good at ours.
His mum's lying to us.
We need your help, Miriam.
No crime scene photos on the table.
No graphic details.
No shock tactics.
And any question to be withdrawn immediately if I say so.
Fair enough.
And I can call an immediate halt to proceedings if I see fit.
You're a gem.
One more thing.
I don't take sugar, Superintendent.
Here you go.
Now, there's Alfie.
Oh, do you know Alfie, Jennifer? Yes, but we haven't been introduced.
You got any kids, sir? Dodged that bullet, did you? Well, Alfie is Jordan's best friend.
We thought Alfie could help Jordan with any tricky questions.
That's a good idea.
Alfie was at the house too, wasn't he? So we were wondering if you could tell us anything else about the two men? Are you sure that there were just two men? Y es, they got cross.
And do you recognise .
these two men? Why don't you ask Alfie? He's got a very good memory.
Alfie? OK.
What aboutthis man? Oh.
Does Alfie know his name? Alfie says it's Uncle Neil.
Uncle Neil? And was Uncle Neil there when the bad men came? No, the bad men shot my dad.
You saw it? Jordan, you're not in trouble here.
And if you saw it, you must have been really scared, maybe too scared to even tell us before.
Because before, you told us that you only heard the gun go bang.
I saw.
Then the man hit me, so I ran away and got in the cupboard.
The man hit you, Jordan? Not your dad? I think we'll leave it there, Detective.
It's OK, Jordan.
Let's go.
Let's see if we can find something to drink.
You believe him, sir? I believe the monkey.
Why would he lie before about what he saw? About being hit? 'Cause he's scared.
Or he's doing what his mum told him to do.
Uncle Neil.
Maybe he's around there a lot.
His dad's mate.
That's what I was thinking.
But? Miriam talked to the boy some more after.
About the shooting? She can't do that.
No, no, about his family situation.
And? And he does call Seresin Uncle Neil and he is around there a lot.
And he also gives him lollies and DVDs.
Please tell me this isn't going where I think it's going.
No, not quite.
Jacinta said that she hadn't seen Neil in months.
That is not true.
Seresin goes around there when Luke Hansard is away.
Spends a lot of time with Mum.
Things are coming into focus.
So the boy's maintaining their secret.
Well, trying to.
Except now he's getting confused.
We know now he saw the gun go off.
But he still insists that it's one of the "bad men".
She made up the two intruders to cover up for a shag buddy.
We have the gun.
Uniform's recovered the murder weapon.
We were right.
Sawn-off shottie.
Where was it? In the Hansards' back garden, wedged up a tree.
They're checking it for prints.
Talk to Jacinta Hansard again.
She must know something about that.
Sir? Yeah, what? We're busy.
Detectives Buchanan and Ryan have located a Neil Seresin.
They asked me to give you a heads up.
Take it.
Murder? How'd you work that out? You received that knife wound in an argument with Luke Hansard.
Didn't you? No.
You killed him with a shotgun you used in the Queensland robberies.
Right? No, I didn't kill anybody.
I hurt my leg climbing through a broken window, OK? Locked myself out of my flat.
Yeah, right.
That story may have worked in Emergency.
Keep digging, idiot.
Just digging a bigger hole for us to bury you in.
Did you kill Luke Hansard for the money? You two are crazy.
I didn't kill him.
No? Thiswas found by Uniforms.
In Luke Hansard's garden.
I didn't put it there.
It's been wiped clean of prints, but it is the same shotgun used in the Queensland robberies, isn't it? I didn't By you and Luke Hansard! I didn't kill him.
Your car was seen driving away.
A blue Camry.
Jacinta Hansard says that she was raped.
But we think she's lying.
So you tell us what happened.
OK, look.
Me and Luke pulled the robberies, yes.
But we were partners.
So maybe it wasn't about the money.
You see, we've been thinking about robberies and 'hard men' and stolen money, when really it was just a simple domestic.
Wasn't it, Uncle Neil? Lollies, DVDs.
Bribes to keep the kid quiet.
Which wasn't hard, given that he seems to like you more than he likes his own dad.
But kids, they slip up and all of a sudden you're going down for murder.
Me and Luke were just about to move up to the major league.
Why would I kill him? Because he caught you with his wife! OK.
He caught us together.
I'll tell you exactly how it went down.
The money we stole was gonna be used to buy into a major job.
Got to spend money to steal money, Luke reckoned.
He was off organising it in Sydney while I stayed down here.
Giving it to his wife? It was an opportunity, yeah.
How long's that been going on for? Over a year.
Almost every time he went away to set up a job.
- Handy arrangement.
- Except he got back early.
Caught us at it on the couch in the lounge.
You bastard! Nice.
Where was the boy? In his room, watching DVDs.
He loves the telly, keeps him quiet.
Luke went crazy, pulled a knife, tried to bloody castrate me.
Argh! But I got away.
I ran like hell.
You'll never screw anything ever again! Then you came back and you shot him after he'd given his wife a beating? No, no, I swear I didn't.
When I took off, Luke was still screaming and yelling with a bloody knife in his hand.
You'll keep! He was off his nut, but he was still alive.
He was still alive! What do you think, sir? I think we still don't have our murderer.
We're holding Seresin for further questioning.
It's not gonna help much, though.
Any traces of semen are gonna be his, same as the blood in the house.
All supporting his story.
So says Seresin.
It could also support him being a rapist.
And there are things that don't make sense, Like the gun, right? Yeah, why take the time to wipe the gun clean, hide it in a tree when you're bleeding like a stuck pig? And there was no blood on or near the tree.
- Maybe she hid the gun for him.
- Maybe.
If they were lovers.
Which makes her an accessory after the fact.
Look, even if Luke Hansard did attack Seresin and Seresin did shoot him, it'll still be self-defence.
We've got her blood in the hallway, we've got her blood in the bedroom.
She must have gone in there, rumpled the bed to support her "rape, I didn't see anything" story.
Then she taped herself up, waited a while and crawled to the phone.
OK, so what if after Seresin took off, the opposition crew really did arrive looking for the money? They killed Luke and Jacinta just lied about the rape? Either way, she's still lying about all or some of it.
And coaching her son to do the same.
- So where's the money? - Up in Sydney, supposedly.
Buying into a bigger job.
Mapplethorpe, spend your penny.
My gut feeling is caught in the act.
Seresin gets stabbed and runs off.
Jacinta gets beaten up by her husband, she turns his gun on him.
Then she wrecks the place.
She makes the rest up.
She's been thinking on the run ever since.
So prove it.
Had a look at the photos you sent over.
A bit like the 3-D posters in my kid's room.
Stare at them long enough, the bigger picture jumps out at you.
See here.
This bruise is new, but just above it there's one that's already fading.
So she's been beaten before.
Domestic violence? Possibly.
The upper arms - they're classic grip markings for being held, shaken, tight grip.
These marks on the chest - punches.
And on the neckanother grip mark.
One hand.
So, those are the latest bruises, the ones sustained in the rape and beating? But, look, the older bruises cluster in the same areas as the new ones.
They're not random.
He favours certain holds,certain punches.
Battered wife syndrome.
And yesterday she suddenly snapped.
She's good at covering.
She'll have a story for every one of these old bruises.
You want something stronger? That'd help.
These marks on her lower back, they were made by lashes from a thick belt.
And look.
Bird of prey.
This is her husband's belt.
He was wearing it when he died.
- Miriam.
- She lied to us again.
It was her husband who beat her up.
- You can prove that? - Conclusively.
We can show you the photos.
His belt.
She must have put it back on him after he was dead.
So if she's lying, you need to talk to Jordan again? Yeah, because Jordan's been struck by someone too, hasn't he? Don't assume he'll give the person away.
Children can be fiercely loyal.
This is a murder, Miriam, and that child holds the key.
We know that your mum made up a story and we know she made it up because she was scared.
But now we've got to get to the truth so that we can help her sort it out, OK? So let's start with a hard question.
Did your mum have the gun? Did the gun go bang and shoot your dad? But your mum didn't do that? Did Uncle Neil do that? So who did? You like Uncle Neil.
And you even keep secrets for him.
Secrets about your mum and him? The bad men shot my dad.
Like Mum said.
Then they hurt her.
But, Jordan, we know they didn't do that.
We know your dad hurt your mum.
I wanna go home.
Jordan, try to talk to Jennifer.
She's trying I wanna go home! Jordan, we really need your help.
No! Please? He doesn't know a thing.
Please? I'll tell you what happened.
I'll tell you everything.
Please?! OK.
Thanks, Alfie.
Give her two minutes, then bring her in for an interview.
I lied.
Neil and I were having an affair.
We had fun together.
He's great with Jordan too.
What about your husband? He was a pigto Jordan and me.
Bashed us both on a regular basis.
And Neil was sympathetic? He listened.
The sex thing had to happen eventually.
Just sex? No, no, more than that, I guess.
But you didn't love him, though, did you, Jacinta? You were prepared to let us pin the murder on him.
I was scared.
I've got my son to think about.
I've got to be there to look after him.
I went over the photos with a fine-tooth comb.
All of them.
I thought they'd tell the same story.
And they didn't? - So what happened? - Jordan was in his room.
And Neil and me were on the couch.
Luke had taken the money back up to Sydney but he came back early.
Then all hell broke loose.
You bastard! He always carries that bloody knife in his boot.
- Please! - No, no, no, mate.
Argh! You will never screw anything ever again! You'll keep! I was lucky.
He just used his belt and his fists on me.
You bitch! Aargh! Don't! Argh! I was sure he was gonna kill me.
He just beat the crap out of me instead.
I crawled for the bedroom.
And? And he came after me.
Laying into me with his belt.
And then hehe went back out to thethe fridge to get a drink.
I went, um, to the wardrobe.
I I got the shotgun.
Then I shot him.
That's all fine, Jacinta.
But it doesn't work, does it? What? I don't know what you mean.
I mean that you're still lying to us.
I'm not lying.
So when did young Jordan get hit? He didn't get hit.
He banged his head hiding under the bed.
Hiding from who? Hiding from the fight.
He was scared.
Our pathologist took a look at this bruise.
And in her opinion, this bruise is the result of a good solid backhander.
I can't remember.
He might have come out and copped one from Luke.
It wouldn't be the first time.
- Stop it! - No! There's another bruise too, on his hip.
And that wasn't made from a kick or a punch.
Look at the shape of that.
No, you're wrong.
Yeah, something else.
It was something that knocked him over.
Leave her alone! Argh! Ohh.
No wonder the trajectory was low.
You wiped the gun clean.
You hit it and you got rid of the knife.
And you took the time to tell Jordan what to say, to really drum it into him before you faked the taping of your wrists and ankles, then undid it and made the Triple-0 call.
Jacinta, we know that you're just trying to look after your son.
We know the truth.
He's a child.
It's gonna be OK.
The more that you tell us, the less we have to ask him.
He's just a kid! And you love him.
That's why you're so scared.
What's gonna happen to him? He didn't mean to kill him.
He didn't mean it.
He was just trying to protect his mum.
Sometimes the truth we get is the last thing we want, huh? Yep.
Jacinta would've stuck to her guns too if it wasn't for the photographs.
I just don't get it.
We're not monsters.
If she'd told the truth from the start, this could've all been over with.
A mother's instinct is to protect her child.
Yeah, but at what cost? She risked going to prison until her son was grown up.
- She didn't think it through.
- Well, she was scrambling.
Once we started finding holes in her story, she came up with another one.
Well, wouldn't youfor your child? The story about the confrontation in the car park, that was true.
But that's about all.
I assume she's been charged? Impeding an investigation and making a false report.
Then I'd better arrange care for Jordan.
Come on, Miriam, we're not that callous.
She's gonna be charged and bailed so she can look after him.
Well, that's something at least.
Thank you, detectives.
I'll walk you out.
See you, Miriam.
Poor kid.
It's gonna stay with him for the rest of his life.
And us.