City Homicide (2007) s04e06 Episode Script

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srt by GeirDM We got a decomp.
RYAN: I'm glad we dodged that bullet.
I hate decomps.
I know.
If it's a decomp, you want it to be thoroughly decomposed.
How long, do you reckon? Oh, I'd say about two years, give or take.
What's the outfit? Wonder Woman.
Unfortunately, her superpowers weren't enough.
Detectives, there's a couple here wanting to speak to whoever's running the investigation into the body found in the bush.
What? It hasn't even gone public yet.
Well, they seem to know all about it.
FREEMAN: Any idea about the cause of death? Blunt-force trauma.
The back of her head's been smashed in.
MAN: it's a still from a home video.
WOMAN: It was used in the search for Naomi.
You must remember her - she went missing 18 months ago.
I actually remember this case.
Detective Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe.
Mervyn Bancroft.
My wife, Kitty.
How do you do? This is Naomi.
New Year's Eve, she went to a fancy-dress party.
Height, hair colour, gender, everything fits.
As soon as I saw that costume, I knew this has gotta be Naomi Bancroft.
She's been wrapped in a blanket, buried in a shallow grave.
They found a phone in with her too.
FREEMAN: Picnic blanket.
I wonder where that came from.
The lower half of her clothing's been torn.
I'll give them a call at the office.
(PHONE RINGS) Mapplethorpe.
I'm sorry, I do have to ask you, how did you even know that a body had been found? Merv got a call.
From a friend.
It isn't her, is it? I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Bancroft, I know you need some sort of closure on this, but what we have at the moment is still very sketchy.
We have nothing to suggest that it is your daughter.
Your friend has done you no service by calling you at this early stage.
I suggest that you go home and if anything OK.
comes of this Thanks.
I'll be in touch immediately.
OK? Thanks.
Sarge They're right.
it's her.
Looks like we found their daughter.
(INDISTINCT RADIO COMMUNICATION) Ta, ta-da-dah! Oh, my Lord! It's Wonder Woman! (SINGS) Wonder Woman! You look fantastic! Thank you.
(LAUGHS) Do you like it? You look beautiful, darl.
That footage of Naomi and her parents was shot on New Year's Eve at approximately 7pm.
This is the last time Naomi was seen by her parents.
However; we've located several CCTV images of Naomi.
This one was taken on a fixed camera in Drummond Street at 12:17am on New Year's Day.
If anyone saw Naomi or has any information which may help us to find her; please call Crime Watch.
Please, we want our daughter back.
And now, 18 months later, progress.
How are we going on the ID? We're running the dentals and the DNA.
But the costume is pretty much the clincher.
And the remains are right for the physical details.
So, who called the body in? Orienteering group.
Animals turned up the remains.
How did the parents find out? A friend.
But they won't say who.
A leak? Crime Scene maybe? Try Delaney.
He's been working on this case for almost two years.
My bet, he gave them the heads-up.
Yeah, but who told him? WOLFE: We will deal with the leak later.
Let's focus on the investigation for the moment, shall we? Naomi Bancroft two years ago, Naomi Bancroft 12:17am New Year's Day and now.
Put simply, we need to find out what happened between each of these photos.
We've already pulled the case files, Sarge.
This is another in a series of CCTV shots used to track Naomi's movements.
It was taken at 11:20pm.
The two other girls are Naomi's best mates - Louise Boulton and Melissa Standish.
They were the last people to see Naomi alive.
Have we spoken to them? No, Sarge.
Louise is in Europe and Melissa's a domestic flight attendant.
She's still in the air.
When she lands, get her in here.
It's time we gave this family some closure.
Not the kind of closure they would've been hoping for.
Where do you think you're going, Kingston? I'm just gonna Need to make a phone call, do we? Just a personal call, yes, sir.
Personal? I don't suppose Detective Delaney is on that contact list of yours, is he? You worked with Delaney at Fitzroy CI, didn't you, Kingston? For two years.
Yes, sir.
The officer in charge of Naomi Bancroft's disappearance said it makes sense he'd called the family, but how the heck did he know about the body? Unless Sir, I really didn't think he'd contact the family.
Save it, 'deep throat'.
Before you start, let me say I don't have any excuses.
Well, that's a change, eh, Stan? And Detective Kingston isn't to blame.
That's just crap! The two of you gave confidential information to civilians.
They knew about the body before Stanley did! They knew where the body's buried and now they've got plenty of time to get themselves together before the media grabs hold of it.
That's what I was hoping.
If they found out from the news, they'd be devastated.
Kitty and Mervyn Bancroft are suspects in their daughter's murder.
Comprendes? Sir.
With all due respect, I've worked this case for 18 months.
I've become close to the Bancrofts.
There is no way they're involved.
Have you considered you might be too close to this, Detective? I know that I am.
It's been a monkey on my back for 18 months.
I've got a daughter the same age.
She was out partying that New Year too.
It could have been anybody's kid.
I made her father a promise.
So this wasn't your first mistake.
Detective Delaney didn't have any choice but to get close to the case.
Command cut down the task force.
I've been a task force of bloody one for the last five months.
I got nowhere.
Kitty and Merv ring me every week for an update.
Every Monday morning 9am without fail.
Yeah, well, from now on when they call, all you'll be talking about is the weather.
Hand over your case notes to Stanley.
This is a homicide now.
Yes, sir.
Not so fast, Kingston.
Delaney stays away from the family, you stay away from him.
You got me? Nobody knows more about this case than Delaney.
He's a valuable resource.
The best resource you've got is a fresh set of eyes.
We've got a body now and we're close to closing this thing.
You keep your distance.
Keep your objectivity.
For Christ's sake, keep your nose clean.
Get out.
I should've known it was Allie.
It wasn't so long ago it was your big mouth getting you into trouble.
I've learnt to keep my mouth shut.
Well, most of the time anyway.
But Allie spends half her life with her foot in her mouth.
Standing right here.
How are you going, Allie? Back in uniform yet? (CHUCKLES) Come on, whatever you got, fire it at me.
You want to tell me how I compromised the case? You wanna tell me I stuffed up? You worked with Delaney.
He's a good cop, right? Yeah, he's one of the best.
Well, I would've done exactly the same thing.
Have the parents had the ID confirmed yet? No.
That's our job now.
Good luck.
Emma! Hi.
Oh, they said Matt would be up here.
He left with Nick about half an hour ago.
Oh, damn.
Cuppa? No, I should be getting back.
I've only got 20 minutes before I'm needed again.
Do you want to leave a message? It's better if I do it face to face.
They want a decision on Europe.
What do you reckon? Should I go or turn the job down? I mean, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Matty wasn't too happy about it at first.
I'm sorry, I'm lost.
What job? He hasn't said anything? Typical.
Uh, it's a big offer but it means spending at least two years in Europe.
Based in France.
I thought he might've said something to you.
Not about that.
I can talk to him if you like.
No, no.
Leave it.
I should be getting back.
It's definitely her? I'm sorry, Mr and Mrs Bancroft.
They matched the dentals.
it's definitely Naomi.
No, what about DNA? You haven't matched the DNA yet.
Your daughter had some very unique dental work, so with that and other forensic details we can now say without a doubt it's Naomi.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I vacuum and dust every week.
Merv insists, "Keep it ready.
" it's pretty much the same as the night sheleft.
He never once lost hope that she'd walk back through that door.
Maybe now he can .
let her go.
What about you, Mrs Bancroft? Did you think Naomi was still alive? I wanted to think that.
I wanted to believe but .
we're all so close, there's just no way that Naomi would've upped and left without telling us.
I knew something had to have happened to her.
Who's this? That's Sean.
He was Naomi's boyfriend.
Did they get along well? He loved her.
We all loved her.
Oh, Mrs Bancroft, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this is for you.
But is there anyone, anyone at all, that you can think of who might've wanted to hurt Naomi? No.
Sean? No.
They were going to get married.
He was going to propose that night.
Did Naomi mention anything about him being violent or angry? No.
She said he was a sweetheart.
You can't possibly think he killed her? Mrs Bancroft, everybody's a suspect at this stage.
Mrs Bancroft, when your husband's ready, we will need both of you to come to the office.
There's going to be DNA evidence on the blanket Naomi was buried in.
And we're asking everyone who knew her to volunteer a sample.
No, I won't put Merv through that.
We've been through enough.
You talk to Rod Delaney.
He'll tell you it's not necessary.
Mrs Bancroft .
we've got a court order.
(GAS PS) I'm afraid you don't have a choice.
Excuse me.
Detective Freeman and Kingston.
We're looking for Sean Eden.
I'm his brother, Jimmy.
Is there a problem? Where's Sean? Upstairs.
We're on a job.
What's wrong? We just need to talk to him.
Sean Eden? Yeah.
What's going on? We need to speak to you about Naomi Bancroft.
Why? Have you found her? She's dead, isn't she? I'm sorry, Sean.
Alright, just, um just give us a minute, yeah? Sure.
And then we'll need you to answer our questions, OK? I'd been going out with Naomi for five years.
She was my first girlfriend and I was her first boyfriend.
It's crazy butshe was the one.
Did you have any problems? No.
We never even fought.
People used to rib us about it.
They called her Little Miss Perfect and me Constable Responsible.
I was going to ask her to marry me.
I had the ring and everything.
Still have.
If you were so in love, why didn't you spend the night together? I was out drinking with my mates, she was with her friends at some fancy-dress do.
We'd organised to meet before midnight.
That's when I was going to do it.
Do what? Propose.
I was all set.
She never showed.
Are you sure about that? Yeah, of course I'm sure.
You didn't meet up, have an argument? Kill her? No, for Christ's sakes! I love Naomi! I was going to ask her to marry me.
I thought this closure thing was supposed to feel good.
I just want to throw up.
So, the last time you saw Naomi was at that fancy-dress party? Yeah.
We split up at the club.
Louise and I went off with these two crazy Norwegians and Naomi went to see Sean.
But she never got there.
We should never have left her alone.
There's CCTV footage of Naomi alone in Carlton looking tipsy at 12:17.
Any ideas about why she'd be in Carlton? Well, to see Sean.
How'd they get along? Sean adored Naomi.
He was gonna propose to her.
Do you think Naomi would've been surprised by that? I mean, they were pretty young.
No, she wouldn't have been surprised.
She found the ring a week earlier.
So she knew what Sean was planning? Not that she told him that.
And how did Naomi feel about it? Did she want to get engaged? I don't know.
She was excited.
But at the same time she was freaking out, you know? So, was she going to say yes? She said she was.
She even had five shots to pluck up the courage before she left.
Butl think she was having second thoughts.
And what makes you say that? That night, Louise and I made new year's resolutions to go backpacking around Europe, do the London thing.
And I could tell Naomi was jealous.
She was just really edgy.
So, why didn't you mention this before? It's just a feeling I had.
It feels wrong to gossip about it.
It's not gossiping - it's a homicide investigation.
Yeah, I know.
So, is there anything else you can tell us? I thought I'd find you here.
Allie! I could've sworn your boss was going to warn you off me.
Your intuition's still pretty good, then.
You're not doing yourself any favours being here.
I think I've got a lead.
Sean Eden? I spoke to both him and Naomi's best friend Melissa Standish.
Sean's sticking to his guns but Melissa seems to think there was trouble in paradise.
Reckons Naomi was getting cold feet about the relationship.
She never told me that.
We've got a body now.
It changes everything.
You're telling me.
So, what's your take on him? I went through your case notes and you discarded him as a suspect.
Why? Nothing more than a one-eyed copper's opinion.
Oh, come on, Delaney, share.
I have never seen you get it wrong.
You're the best judge of character I know.
If you've got a reason to keep Sean Eden out of the mix, let me hear it.
You need fresh eyes on this.
You sound like Jarvis.
Then Jarvis knows what he's talking about.
Yeah, if you're talking about racist, sexist jokes, yeah.
You think I'm a good judge of character? Let me tell you how I see you.
Stubborn, disrespectful of authority, impatient to cross the finish line and, quite honestly, just a little annoying.
Yeah? Thanks.
Which is why I like you.
But you're in Homicide now.
You don't need me.
Now, get out of here.
I don't want to see you again until this thing's closed.
So, where are we at? Forensics are still running tests.
There's some traces on the rug.
Hopefully they find something usable after all this time.
We've requested DNA samples from all the main persons of interest, including the parents.
It didn't go down well.
If you asked me, the boyfriend's still our strongest lead.
Sean Eden.
No record.
He was an apprentice plumber when he met the victim.
He's got his own business now getting off the ground.
Training up his younger brother Jimmy.
They alibi? To a point.
We've made a timeline.
Naomi splits with her girls at 11:20 and then we've got a couple of CCTV grabs of her between then and midnight heading towards Carlton.
And then we lose track of her.
Sean left his mates in the pub at 11:45.
He waited outside.
He came back in a bit after midnight.
He was very angry.
He said that she hadn't turned up.
CCTV at the pub? It's not working.
He said he'd got drunk, then went back to a mate's flat to party on and was there until lunchtime the next day.
But no-one can say for sure he stayed there all night? Right.
So, he could've met with her outside of the pub around midnight, had a fight, got even more drunk, then gone and found her again.
He had opportunity to kill her.
But getting rid of the body in the bush? He could've put it in his car boot and got rid of it later.
Delaney had the car tested - it came up clean.
He's still a suspect.
Where's the tiara? WOLFE: The tiara? It's not listed in the recovered items, Sarge.
I mean, so, somewhere between that last photo and that grave, it was lost or it was taken.
She was drunk - could've dropped it anywhere.
Well, I guess.
Sarge, got the lab report on Naomi's mobile.
Yeah, anything on it? After nearly two years buried, not a chance.
Huh! Mmm.
What about the call records? Yeah, I've just been going through them.
So, she made three calls to the same number that night, a number that turns up a lot on the Bancrofts' home phone, a taxi service.
Yeah, Naomi used a regular pool of drivers run by a bloke called Mikey Kendall.
The case notes say Kendall didn't help her out that night because he was too busy - he was working all around St Kilda, he said.
Yeah, log book supported that.
I think we should talk to him again.
You bet we should.
These were taken A passing cab.
RYAN: Mikey Kendall's cab.
Yeah, she made three calls to me.
All went to message bank.
Didn't have a chance to reply.
I was flat out.
So you never saw her that night? No.
She used your service regularly? Neil, one of my pool drivers, yeah.
We refer bookings to each other.
But not that night? I didn't even have time to pick up calls.
We were getting street business left, right and centre.
New Year's our biggest night of the year.
People are prepared to pay premium.
Big tips.
Isn't that illegal? Everybody does it.
And you didn't pick up anyone in the city that night? The city on New Year's? it's ridiculous.
Ended up working St Kilda and south.
You guys took a copy of my logbook.
Yeah, well, this photo says your logbook's crap.
You were in the city that night.
RYAN: How do you explain that? Alright, I picked up two guys in St Kilda.
Both pissed.
They wanted to go to Mentone but their mate was stuck in the city.
They wanted me to swing by for him.
Swing by? Why isn't this in your logbook? Because they paid me an extra $100 to do the pick-up.
I wasn't going to put that in my books.
That wasn't all, though, was it? You knew Naomi Bancroft.
She was a regular client.
We have lots of regulars.
An attractive girl, she was drinking heavily that night.
She called you and then, suddenly, her photo's all over the TV and the papers - she's missing.
You didn't want to be placed anywhere near Naomi, did you? Honestly? No.
I knew how it'd look.
She called me the night she disappeared.
What if I'd been held up in interviews for days? I work really hard.
If I don't drive, I don't earn money.
These passengers going to Mentone, how'd they pay? Cash.
Where'd you drop them? At the intersection by the shops.
So, you don't have an address? No.
That's convenient.
it's the truth.
Look, I'm sorry for what happened to Naomi, but I didn't pick her up that night.
If that's all, I really need to get going.
I have to pick up a fare.
We'll be talking to you again, Mr Kendall.
Consider this a getting-to-know-you chat.
Did you get a chance to speak to Emma last night? Yeah.
Course I talked to her.
We live together.
No, I mean, about Europe.
She told me about the job offer.
It sounds like a pretty big deal.
We've talked about Europe.
She keeps trying to convince me to reconsider but she knows I'm not going.
That's a bit of a tough call, isn't it? Jen, she knew what she was getting into when we first got together.
She knows what it means to me to be a homicide cop.
There's no point in us meeting for coffee just so she can try and change my mind.
What? What am I going to do in France for two years? I don't speak the language.
And your career would take a hit if you left for a couple of years, trust me, I know that.
But Emma puts up with a lot for you and your career.
I know.
But, Jennifer, this is what we do.
There's nothing else to say.
Allie, Matt, how did you go with the cabbie? He's definitely on the list.
Thank you.
Anything in his background? Lame.
A couple of speeding tickets, one citation from the taxi authority after a complaint.
Complaint about what? Overcharging.
Nothing sexual, nothing violent.
Might still be worth testing the cab even after all this time.
No, it won't, Sarge.
Why not? Same number, new cab.
He scrapped the old one.
OK, a closer look at him then.
That is, after you've gone to the burial site.
The burial site? I thought Crime Scene were finished there.
Yeah, they have.
The parents want to visit the place where their daughter was found.
They need an escort.
Mr and Mrs Bancroft, are you suspects in Naomi's murder? (REPORTERS CLAMOUR) Is it a relief to find her body? Do you know who killed your daughter? Please, if you could respect the privacy of the family.
Do you know who killed Naomi? Are you glad to finally have closure? SONG: Like a turning head Like a second look Like a burning leaf of an open book Like a pounding sea Like a messy crime When your eyes first met with mine Like a broken word Like a tragic smile Like a thousand steps or a single mile Like a lonely chance Like a savage glow J' (CRIES) J' When you turned and said hello I was just about to go There were flowers on the ceiling You left me feeling Like a setting sun Like a last goodbye Like an incomplete Do you know who killed Naomi? Lullaby.
Did she know her killer? Are you suspects in Naomi's murder? How do you feel now your daughter's dead? Back off! Ease up! Police brutality! Move away.
Move away.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Out of the car.
I haven't done anything wrong.
I was just paying my respects.
Get out of the car and show me your license, please.
What's your name? Adrian Farrell.
And you're paying your respects? That's what I said, yes.
So why did you take off? I don't have to answer your questions.
My questions haven't even started yet, mate.
Detective Kingston.
Have you seen the news coverage? I was hoping to avoid it.
That won't be easy.
it's proving popular.
And the photographer you assaulted is requesting your suspension.
Suspension? It was a love tap.
Which shouldn't have happened.
I'm sorry.
I lost my cool.
Understandable, given the situation.
I was trying to protect the parents.
A word of advice, if you want to protect the parents, protect yourself first.
You can't help them if you're emotionally involved.
And you certainly can't solve the case if you're suspended.
Next time you want to give the press a bit of push and shove, do it off camera.
What was your relationship to Naomi? Nothing.
I just followed the case.
I felt sorry for her.
I went out there to pay my respects, like I told you.
He turned up at the gravesite? With flowers.
ALLIE: How did you know where it was? It was in the news.
Not the exact location.
Near enough.
I was looking for it.
I saw a news van and followed that.
And what? You were gonna wait for everybody to leave, then have your own private moment out there? Something like that, yes.
Relive burying her body? That was after you raped her? She was raped? Some of her clothes had been torn.
Your car's numberplate was deliberately obscured.
The roads are dusty out there.
Oh, yeah.
That wasn't dust covering your numberplate, that was mud.
I didn't hide the numberplate.
Did you hide it the night you snatched her? What? You were following her, weren't you? You followed her, then you abducted her and then you killed her.
No, I did not.
I would never hurt her.
I mean, it was New Year's Eve He's got an emotional investment in her.
NICK: Sarge.
The warrant to search the house.
Get going.
Tell us the truth, Mr Farrell, you were following her, weren't you? (Does BARK) Is that the mum? Yeah.
She lives in the main house, he lives in here.
So far it's all very Norman Bates.
Take this in to the techs? Oh, I'll have a crack at it.
It may not be password protected.
Kinky or sick? Both.
Or just frustrated maybe.
He's been following the case.
Guysit was password protected.
I tried 'Naomi' and I'm in.
Take a look at this.
These were taken before Naomi's disappearance.
So the case wasn't all he was following.
We've got ourselves a stalker.
ALLIE: These were on your computer.
I told you, I followed the case.
Yeah, we know.
Very bloody closely.
What are these, trophies? Details of the failed investigation? Were you enjoying the fact that we couldn't find her? Were you laughing at us? No.
I just wanted to know what happened.
You're what happened, aren't you, Adrian? No, lwouldn't hurt her.
You're obsessed with her.
You even used her name as your computer password.
These photos are candid.
You took them without her knowing.
I liked her.
A lot.
He didn't show up in Delaney's investigation? No.
One of hundreds of cars driving by on New Year's Eve.
ALLIE: So how did you know her? We used to exercise in the same outdoor circuit in the park.
She was beautiful.
I wanted to say hello but I couldn't get up the courage.
Until that New Year's Eve.
I never saw her that New Year's.
Really? I swear.
So where were you? At home.
By myself.
I didn't hurt her, I promise.
The clippings aren't trophies.
And he's not laughing at us, he's grieving.
But that doesn't mean he didn't kill her.
Butwhat does he do? He catalogues her life and she becomes a part of his.
His whole occupation is loving her.
This is just one file.
He's taken photos of Naomi every day.
From the day that he met her to the day before she disappeared.
He has all the clippings from afterwards.
I think there's a day missing from his collection.
The day she disappeared? But he says he never saw her New Year's.
It's not like seeing your girlfriend - you have an appointment to see her.
He has made her a part of his daily ritual.
So he did see her.
Which means he has more photos.
I didn't kill Naomi.
(SNIFFLES) I wasn't trying to stalk her.
I loved her.
I know how it looks, but I'm not a stalker.
And I don't think that you deliberately set out to hurt her.
Did you? No.
But she was hurt, Adrian.
She was murdered, possibly raped.
And we need to find out exactly what happened to her.
It wasn't me.
I'd really like to believe that, Adrian, but you're not being completely honest with me, are you? You won't believe me if I tell you what happened.
If you didn't hurt her, if you didn't rape and kill her, and you're completely honest with me, then I will help you.
Adrian, I know that there are more photos.
Now, will you tell me where they are? ALLIE: He buried this in his backyard.
And the photos were in there? Not just the photos.
He had the tiara.
ALLIE: Sick little prick.
It's gotta be him.
Not necessarily.
Now, these are copies of the photos that we found in the box.
The photos were taken at 1 2:11 am outside the pub Sean Eden and his mates were drinking at.
Sean said he never met with Naomi that night.
He also said they never fought.
They don't look very happy there.
So a break - two strong suspects.
Adrian Farrell definitely had opportunity to kill Naomi.
And Sean Eden had motive.
So which one did it? Wonder Woman! You look fantastic! Come here, Wonder Woman.
Thank you.
You look beautiful! NAOMI: .
op shop and, yeah, so I can't wait to see what the other girls are wearing, though, too.
Don't forget you're Wonder Woman.
She's so embarrassing.
(LAUGHS) I'd made a resolution.
I'd been followingNaomi and taking photos for four months, and I found out her name from the mail.
So, what was your resolution? To speak to her.
And I saw her in the fancy dress that night and I followed her to that club.
But I couldn't go in, so I parked the car and waited across the street.
(ALL LAUGH AND CHATTER) I talked to her after she left her friends.
She was walking (DANCE MUSIC RESONATES) And after a while, I pulled alongside her and offered her a lift.
But she said she was going to meet her boyfriend.
I lied about not seeing Naomi outside the pub.
NICK: Now, why would you do that? Come on, you know why.
She was missing, probably dead, and I'm supposed to tell the police we just had a bust-up? I was scared.
You told your drinking buddies she hadn't shown.
I wasn't going to tell them I'd just been dumped, now, was I? Why did she dump you? Because I loved her too much.
I kneeled, told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.
And she said no.
She said we were too young.
She wasn't ready.
We argued and she took off.
He's telling the truth.
Naomi was so angry, she didn't want anything to do with him and left.
And you followed her? She was all alone.
Crying, upset.
So I got out of the car and offered her a lift again.
I'd spoken to her once, so I kept my new year's resolution and I just kept telling myself that it'd pay off.
So this time she accepted the lift? Yes.
Why would she get in the car with a stranger? I knew her name.
I told her that I recognised her because I live near her.
So, what are you saying? Are you saying you drove her home? I offered to but she was a bit drunk and upset and she said she wanted to find her friend.
So I drove her around looking for them.
What are you talking to me for, anyway? What about that guy you arrested at Naomi's grave? He was in the news taking flowers.
He knew where the body was.
I explained that.
I followed the news van.
Why did you need to take flowers? I felt guilty.
If I'd taken her home and she hadn't left the car, she'd still be alive.
Why did she get out of the car? Ll tried to kiss her.
We stopped at some lights and I tried to kiss her.
And she got really angry and told me I was a sleaze.
Then what happened? She got out of the car.
Oh, come on, Adrian, this is the girl you loved, you idolised.
She knocked you back.
She humiliated you.
Made you feel like a pervert, a sleaze.
You didn't leave it there, did you? No! lapologised.
I tried to explain and I offered to take her home.
But she told me to piss off and she slammed the door.
She told me to stay away from her.
And she left the tiara behind.
When? When did this happen? About 3am.
Where? I don't remember exactly.
OK, we'll get a map.
We'll jog your memory.
Which way was she going? Which way was she headed? I don't know.
She said she was going to get a taxi.
She called me.
Three times.
But that was earlier in the night.
Check the phone records - she never called me after 3:00.
There's also nothing in your logbook after 3 o'clock.
I told you, I knocked off early.
On New Year's Eve? With all those tips? So, who do we believe? Did Adrian Farrell really drop her off? And if he did drop her off, did he then go back and grab her against her will and that's where things got out of hand? Or did Kendall finally respond to her calls for a cab, pick her up, rape her and kill her? Or did the boyfriend leave his mate's place, find her, fight with her again and then kill her? It's gotta be the stalker.
Come on.
He had her tiara, he buried it in the ground like he did her body.
Yeah, but, Mattie, Naomi's grave is on the other side of the city.
It's 100 k's away.
Why didn't he just bury it with her body? If he's telling the truth, why can't he remember where she got out of his car? You have to remember.
The general location, a street, traffic lights.
You kissed her, right? Yes? So she slapped you and what? She's calling me names - creep, sleaze.
She yelled and then she got out.
Straightaway? Then she yelled some more and then she slammed the door.
No-one cared.
They were too busy partying.
Where? Outside the pub.
Pub? On the corner.
A pub on the corner - what pub? I can't remember.
Think! A pub! The Commercial.
The Commercial Hotel here.
So, Naomi told Adrian she was going to call a cab to go home but her usual cab driver didn't respond.
MATT: So she was last seen by Adrian walking along this street, in this direction here.
She was heading home, was she? No.
Home's here.
But here, and much closer than her own home, is where Sean Eden then lived.
At 3am, I was passed out on my mate's couch on the other side of town.
I told you that.
And your mate was pissed and passed out too, according to your earlier statement.
Yeah, and I didn't see him until the middle of the next morning when we were both looking to throw up in the same bathroom.
That's a shame.
Because, essentially, no-one can alibi you for that time.
But I didn't go home.
You can ask my brother.
Your brother? Jimmy.
We shared the place.
Picnic rug.
Party rug.
You recognise it? There are traces of DNA on this.
And the lab's testing it right now.
Even after all these years, we can still pull evidence from this rug.
You do recognise it, don't you? Your brother did.
We've got all night.
Even if you don't say anything.
Even if we have to wait a month to get the DNA off this.
We're going to get the truth.
I was in the back garden, out on the rug and Naomi rocked up crying.
Looking for your brother? No.
She was looking for me.
She'd come to tell me she'd broken off with Sean.
She said she felt terrible, that she wasn't sure.
Then she started crying and hanging onto me andone thing led to another.
So you slept with her? We shagged each other stupid.
And then we were lying there afterwards, wrapped in the blanket, having a few more drinks, and she said she was going to tell Sean.
She said it wasn't cheating.
They'd broken up, so it proves she wasn't ready for marriage.
But you didn't think it was a good idea that she should tell Sean.
I told her she was crazy.
Sean's my brother and he loved her.
He still does.
So what happened? She gets up and starts getting dressed and I told her not to say anything.
He's my brother.
It would've killed him.
And then she left.
I swear.
Fight got out of hand and you killed her.
No, she left.
She called a cab at about 4:00.
I didn't see her after that.
That is a lie.
We've checked her phone records.
She didn't call anyone after 3 o'clock.
She didn't use her phone, she used mine.
The battery was dead.
She called a cab, wrapped herself in a blanket and went out to the street to wait.
This is crap.
That's what you've been spinning us the last couple of days.
We checked your phone records, Mikey.
Naomi did call you - I didn't get any calls from her number.
She used a friend's phone.
ALLIE: The rush was over, wasn't it? You took the call, it's Naomi, she's distressed, she needs a ride.
It's early, it's not quite warm yet.
You found her waiting, wrapped in that blanket.
She's a pretty little thing.
ALLIE: What happened? She gets in the back of the cab, exhausted, emotional, she falls asleep on the back seat.
You don't take her home.
You take her out there - to the bush.
That's when you rape her and kill her.
We've got the blanket, Mikey.
We've got her costume and We've got the DNA results back from the lab.
The DNA's a match? After two years underground, the DNA's too degraded to be of any use.
And Allie knows that? Allie knows that.
Hey? Come on, Mikey.
You scrapped your cab but you didn't get rid of the blanket.
You buried this with Naomi.
You did a good job of hiding her.
ALLIE: Not good enough, though.
an orienteering group come along and the uncover this - your big mistake.
What happened, Mikey? She'd passed out.
Wearing next to nothing for all to see.
So you helped yourself, is that what you're saying? She was too drunk to know any different.
So you had sex with her? She wasn't saying no.
Then she came to .
realised what I was doing .
started screaming.
Hitting me.
She bit me.
Then I smashed her head against the car.
By then it was too late.
She said she'd call the police.
So what happened, did you hit her again? No.
No, I strangled her.
I didn't want to hurt her.
I just didn't think she'd wake up.
Mikey Kendall, you'll be charged with Naomi Bancroft's murder.
You're not obliged to say or do anything Gotcha.
but anything you do say or do will be given in evidence.
Sowe finally got him.
Well, you certainly did.
I'm going to have the brief on your desk and ready by morning.
Take your time.
I dare say he'd not going anywhere in too much of a hurry.
Yeah? Allie.
Good job.
(GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) SONG: If I saw you today What would you do? What would you say? Would you laugh? Would you cry? But you made me say But you made me say goodbye 'Cause I don't know where you are And I don't know you no more But, my, how you've gone away I adore Those memories of you Those memories Those beautiful memories Those memories of you.