City Homicide (2007) s04e20 Episode Script


The victim's name was Andrew Hope.
-He rented here alone for the last year.
-A year? According to the neighbours.
Why? It just doesn't really look lived in.
Who found him? The manager of a local homeless centre.
He volunteered for them.
When he didn't turn up for his shift, she came looking.
Well, there's no sign of a scuffle, so possibly known to his killer.
Yeah, who clearly wanted him to suffer.
Four small calibre gunshots, all pre-mortem - Left shoulder,right shoulder, stomach and between the eyes, in that order.
How can you tell? Amount of blood loss from each wound.
They suggest a series of very painful delays before the fatal shot.
-Which happened when? -24 hours ago, maybe a little less.
Anything else? Yeah, powder burns to the eyes.
It's highly likely our victim was looking at his killer when the trigger was pulled.
I can think of nicer views before I croaked.
One plate, one bowl, one cup, one set of cutlery, one frypan.
And only one change of clothes in the wardrobe.
You know, it's my guess he lives alone.
My guess is you're a dick.
OK, guys, what have we got? Andrew Hope - taped to a chair, shot four times.
Estimated time of death - 24 hours ago.
No personal information anywhere in here.
No phone book, no address.
The guy lives like a monk.
And he obviously spent a lot of time with his Bible.
That could tie in with the gunshots.
There were four shots, possibly in a cruciform Let's stick with what we know, hm? Well, we know there was a delay between each shot So we're probably dealing with a sicko.
Or someone trying to make him talk.
No driver's licence, financials or known family.
Talk to Missing Persons.
I'll get Forensics to run his prints.
Hey, his boss from the charity is outside.
The ambos have just cleared her.
You two go and get a statement.
We need to find out who this man was, hm? Right.
""By the way, good morning, detectives.
" I'm sorry.
I know this isn't helping.
But I keep seeing him sitting there.
Can you tell us how long Andrew had been volunteering at your shelter? A year, six shifts a week.
He was spending so much time with us I offered him a full-time job.
Hehe turned it down.
Did he say why? He didn't want to be paid for helping out.
He was a true Samaritan.
What else can you tell us about Andrew? Personal life, friends, family? As far as I know, he didn't have any What about enemies? Anyone at the shelter take a dislike to him? No.
With all respect, detectives, you didn't know Andrew.
Everything he did was for others.
He spent months helping out Mr Scharndorf when his health deteriorated.
Scharndorf? As in the real estate company? Armin Scharndorf.
He was also the founder of our charity.
He was so grateful to Andrew for helping him that he wrote him into his will.
He was going to leave Andrew his house.
I wonder how the Scharndorf family felt about that.
Heidi Scharndorf? Homicide? Come in, please.
-This is about Andrew Hope.
-You've heard? Somebody from the shelter rang, thought Dad would want to know.
How'd he take it? I haven't told him yet.
He'll be devastated.
He thought the world of Andrew.
What about you, Heidi? What did you think of Andrew? I only met him once.
Dad talked about this man who was spending a lot of time here.
I was worried he was taking advantage of my father.
By looking after him, filling his prescriptions, doing his shopping? That's what Andrew Hope did for him, isn't it? Yes, my father's sick, wealthy - people he's never heard of are suddenly trying to get into his good books.
-And his will.
So what exactly did your father leave Andrew? -$10,000.
-Is that all? And this.
And now that Andrew's dead, what happens? That'll be for the lawyers to decide.
But it's more than likely the house and money will revert to you, right? I suppose.
Persian Blush.
What did your father think of Persian Blush? Where were you yesterday, Heidi? I was here looking after Dad as I have been every day for the last month.
You mean ever since your father changed his will? Ever since he took a turn for the worse.
We'll need to speak to your father, confirm you were here.
Oh, he won't be of any use to you.
His memory's terrible these days.
We'd still like to talk to him.
He's asleep.
I'll get him to call you when he's up and about.
Yeah, we'll just check.
Which way is his room? He was awake? With enough marbles to give us the full picture on his doting daughter.
Yeah - manipulative, selfish bitch.
Not his words exactly, but he did say she was ropeable when he changed his will.
Plus, he can't vouch for her alibi for the time of the murder - he was asleep.
So she had time to go out for target practice without him knowing? Yeah, but do we really buy her as gun-toting? Andrew Hope was a saint, everyone loved him, no-one had motive to kill him.
So far she's our only viable suspect.
Jennifer's hoarding all the stationery.
-Has anyone heard from her? -How long is she away for anyway? Your guess is as good as mine.
I just got these back from Pathology.
Andrew Hope was beaten up five days before he was murdered.
Well, that doesn't sound like Heidi Scharndorf.
No, it was done by somebody who knew what they were doing.
There were no blows delivered to any part of his body that might show.
Right, so someone with experience.
I've been backgrounding the people from the shelter.
A guy with priors for assault has been working there as part of his parole conditions - Samuel Brian Spears.
This is "hasslement', alright? What? Some guy gets topped, so I get pulled 'cause I got a few priors? ""A few"? Corrective Services is putting in a revolving door for you.
Yeah, that's real funny.
Look, whatever I'm here for, I didn't do.
You mean you didn't give Andrew Hope a slapping or didn't go back later and shoot him? I didn't do either, alright? He wasn't a bad bloke, you know, for a do-gooder Well, he was good enough to get written into someone's will.
Yeah, well, half his luck.
Where were you the day he was assaulted? Downing a few frothies with me mate Ant.
You find him, ask him, he will tell you that.
And is that how you hurt your wrist? Yeah, I was drinking heavies.
-And what day was that? -Wednesday.
So how do you know Wednesday? 'Cause I always have Wednesdays off.
She means how do you know that was the day Andrew was assaulted? Hope told me.
-He told you he was assaulted? -Yeah.
-So did he say who did it? -No, he didn't.
He opened up to you 'cause you're such a great guy, but didn't tell you who did it? Yeah, it's a real pity he's not here to ask.
-Where were you yesterday morning? -At home.
-By yourself? -Yeah, so what? Because, Sammy, that's when Andrew Hope was murdered, and you don't have an alibi.
Yeah, but I didn't do it.
I didn't kill him.
I've just told you I've got an alibi - I was home by myself watching the telly.
I was! What? As dumb as he is, he would've had a better story ready if he had shot Hope.
So you're clearing him as a suspect because he doesn't have an alibi? He doesn't have a strong motive for murder.
Hope can't inherit anything if he's dead, right? If Spears was after his cash, he's just shot himself in the foot.
Sarge, we got it wrong.
Andrew Hope isn't the saint we thought he was.
He's a convicted killer.
Births, Deaths and Marriages have confirmed that Andrew Hope was formerly Andrew Wade Rigg.
He was released from prison last year after serving 19 years of his 20-year sentence for aggravated burglary, rape and murder.
Rigg worked with an accomplice - Martin Sanderson, a really nasty piece of work.
On 3 September, 1990, the two men broke into a house in Doncaster, the home of the Chisholm family.
Shirley Chisholm and her two daughters Megan and Liz were tied up while the two men ransacked their home.
And while our mate Rigg was helping himself to the loot, Sanderson was helping himself to the 14-year-old daughter, Liz.
What about the murder? The mother broke free while her daughter was being raped, almost killed Sanderson with her bare hands.
Andrew Rigg panicked, shot her, Left the two girls there to watch her die.
And according to a newspaper article on the trial, Liz, the oldest daughter, threatened to kill them both -when they got out of prison.
-Don't blame her.
Rigg might have fooled the nuffies down at the homeless shelter.
Don't let him fool you.
He's a hard man with a violent history.
There'll be a long list of people wanting him dead.
OK, guys, let's get out there and find them.
So you think the world's a better place without him? Rigg - dedicated his life to others, he was obviously trying to make up for what he did.
No making up for that.
Well, it's gotta count for something.
You look at Sanderson, Rigg's accomplice.
He hadn't changed at all.
-Any word on his whereabouts? -Nothing yet.
What about the girls? Liz Chisholm, the girl who was raped, has got a long list of drug- and alcohol-related offences.
No fixed address.
The younger one, Megan, seems to have coped a bit better.
She and her hubby live out in Abbotsford.
Ready to go have a chat? -Senior Sergeant.
-Thank you, Senior Constable.
-Sweetheart, what's the matter? I screwed up, Dad.
Come inside.
You OK? Sorry.
So I was driving home from uni one night and I clipped this parked car.
Had you been drinking? No! But I was talking on my mobile.
Anyway, I stopped and I was gonna leave a note, but it was a really quiet street and And what? There was no-one around.
I just took off.
-Oh, Stephanie.
-I know.
I know.
OK, so you didn't leave a note but, what, somebody saw you? They got my rego and put a note under the guy's wipers, then he called the cops.
I panicked, OK? I already had too many points on my licence after double demerit and I couldn't afford the insurance excess on top of my rent.
That is not panic, Stephanie.
That is self-interest.
Why didn't you come to me for the money? There's more.
My friend Miranda was there when the cops came round and she's got plenty of points, so she ended up saying she was the one driving, only the cop checked and found that she was in the Whitsundays at the time.
So now this Constable Bremner wants me to come in and he says he's gonna charge me.
Stephanie, you are studying to be a lawyer! If you're convicted of lying to the police, there goes your whole career.
Have you thought of that? Of course I have! I made a mistake, OK? It's not like you've never made any.
We all make mistakes.
It's about taking responsibility and .
trying to put things right.
So will you help me, Dad? Sweetheart, I wish I could.
It's just a phone call for you.
This is my whole life! Surely you understand I cannot use my position to help you in this situation.
No, the job always comes first.
It always has.
Andrew Rigg.
I'm glad he's dead.
I'm not saying I did it.
No, but it is our job to ask - did you? -No.
-Does she look like a killer to you? It's OK, Tristan.
It's a fair question.
No, it's not.
You're the most gentle person I know.
She literally can't hurt a fly.
It's an avenue we have to explore, Mr Walsh.
What you witnessed as a child, it must have had a powerful impact on your life.
Nothing 10 years of therapy couldn't fix.
And just for the record, I'm glad Andrew Rigg's dead.
That bastard should've shot his mate, not a defenceless woman.
Where were you yesterday morning, Mr Walsh, around 10:00 or 11 :00? I was at work.
You can ask my colleagues.
-Megan? -In Sydney for the day at a seminar.
What do you do? I work in international aid.
I'm a development consultant.
And she's a brilliant painter.
It started as therapy and turned into a hobby.
She's got an exhibition next month.
Is there anyone you can verify you went to the seminar? My boss.
And I drove her to the airport and picked her up when she got back.
We need to get in touch with your sister.
Do you know where we can find her? Um, Liz used to live pretty much on the street.
I haven't seen her for years.
She didn't cope as well as you? Well, I wasn't raped.
Over the years, Liz needed a lot of help.
I tried to be there for her.
It wasn't always appreciated.
Your sister threatened to kill Rigg when he got out of prison.
Do you think she meant it? Oh, maybe at the time, but she didn't do it, did she? I think he got out a year ago.
Yeah, he changed his identity.
Maybe it took Liz that long to find him or to build up to it.
She was 14 when she said that.
I mean, Liz isn't a killer.
I probably said the same just not where anyone could hear me.
And you really feel like you're over it now? No, I don't think you ever get over it.
Over the years you learn to live with it and when you find out one of the men responsible is dead, you live with it a little easier.
Yeah, but do you think she really is over it? I think she gets 11 out of 10 for just surviving Let alone having a kick-arse career, a stable relationship and sense of humour.
Task force room, guys.
Do you want a progress report, Sarge? Uh, you go ahead.
Megan Chisholm-Walsh was out of town at the time of the shooting.
Her boss confirmed she was sent to Sydney for the day.
We're still waiting on a call back from the seminar conveners.
Push them.
They've gone bush on a team-building exercise, out of mobile range.
Get the local uniforms to track them down and show them her picture.
-What else? -Hubby's in the clear.
He was at work when Rigg was killed.
His office confirms that.
The other sister? There's no reports of her death, so she's probably still living on the streets.
-Which streets? -We're still working on that, Sarge.
-We've got a KALOF out.
-Well, who else? Martin Sanderson, Rigg's accomplice.
-Motive?-Oh, plenty.
I mean, after he and Rigg fled the scene, Sanderson skipped town and Yeah, and when Rigg was questioned, he told them everything, gave up his mate.
So Sanderson could've come looking for him.
-Have we found him yet? He hasn't checked in with his parole officer for the last two months.
I'm still following it up, Sarge.
Well, here's something else you can follow up.
I've been crosschecking phone records That was on my job list, Sergeant.
and these two have been in frequent phone contact - Heidi Scharndorf and Samuel Spears.
Find out why.
Sam Spears? You're joking.
He's not exactly my type.
You found this connection? Yes.
I was worried the case was starting to drag a bit.
My number? We've got your mobile phone records.
You two were in constant contact.
So let's start again.
How long have you two known each other? We met at the shelter.
She came by to check out the guy who suddenly appeared in her old man's will.
How'd that go? Hope wasn't there.
And? Said I was happy to fill her in over a drink.
What can I say? One thing led to another.
She's only human.
So we went out for coffee once and that's all.
Coffee or "coffee"? Sometimes coffee just means coffee, Detective.
You didn't offer him sex in return for him assaulting Andre Hope? Or maybe he made the offer and you accepted.
The only offer he made me was to find out if Andrew's interest in my father was above board.
I didn't say no.
So the phone calls? He phoned me incessantly with updates.
If he did assault Andrew, he might have done it to impress me.
but I had no idea it was going to happen and I certainly didn't ask him to.
Come on, Sammy.
You need to think how this looks.
Less than a week after you first meet Heidi, Andrew Hope gets beaten up and a few days later he's dead.
And you're left in the frame for murder? Had any calls from Heidi lately? You been able to get in contact? Or have all your calls just suddenly gone through the voicemail? Yeah.
Now, listen, Sammy.
A smart girl like Heidi would only treat a bloke like this if she thought he was an idiot.
So anything you want to share, Sammy? Go on.
It seems your coffee buddy's smarter than you thought.
Pardon me? He's just made a statement claiming you had sex with him in return for him beating up Hope.
I don't believe you.
What he didn't confess to is the murder.
Which brings us back to you.
Andrew Hope was gonna get your share of the inheritance.
You were counting on that money.
You had planned your entire future.
All of a sudden, Andrew came along and ruined everything.
And now we have proof you conspired to have him beaten.
Here's what's gonna happen next, Heidi.
We're gonna get a warrant to search your place for a gun.
Now, your dad will be there, won't he? Alright, I lied about Sam Spears.
I gave him some money.
I did not have sex with him.
I asked him to put some pressure on Andrew for me, but just to scare him.
I did not kill him.
I swear I didn't kill him.
-Senior Constable.
-Senior Sergeant.
We had a KALOF hit on Martin Sanderson, Sarge.
He's been sighted at a motel out on North Road in Williamstown.
Police Police! Don't move, don't move! -Stay where you are.
-Drop on the ground now! OK.
Alright, alright, I'm doing it.
Thank you.
If I was paranoid, I might take this as some heavy-duty senior sergeant pressuring a lowly senior constable, in the nicest possible way.
No, no, it is nothing like that, I can assure you.
I'm just letting you know that I've spoken to the owner of the vehicle and he is happy to let the matter drop as long as his costs are covered.
And you'd be the one doing that? Initially, yes.
Believe me, my daughter will be paying me back every cent.
-Well, a lesson to be learnt, huh? -Yeah She's not a bad kid, really.
As a matter of fact, she is doing a law degree.
There's an irony.
Yeah, she wants to be a solicitor.
-Possibly even a barrister.
As you would be aware, any criminal conviction would put an end to that.
So you'd, uh .
you'd need me to forget about her lying to the police as well.
No, no, I'm not pressing you to do that.
No, I'mjust wanting to make sure that you understand the situation.
Oh, I understand, Senior Sergeant.
Leave it with me.
Thank you.
Listen to me.
I don't know anything about Rigg's murder.
-I didn't even know he was dead.
-Why did you run from us? This isn't the reaction of an innocent man when the cops come knocking.
-I thought you were someone else.
-Who? -Liz bloody Chisholm.
-Oh, cut it out.
I was wearing a flak jacket and yelling, ""Police.
" You knew exactly who I was.
Why would you think it was Liz Chisholm, the girl you raped 20 years ago? Well, it's all she's been doing since I got out.
And why would a big tough guy like you be scared of a little girl he raped when she was 14? I wasn't scared of that 14-year-old, sweetheart.
I'd do her again in a second.
-Except she's grown into a psycho.
-What do you mean? She's always leaving notes under my front door smeared with blood, how she wants to see me suffer, how I should die a painful death.
She's the one you should have here, not me.
-Lucky us, we've got you.
-We found her yet? Still following it up, sir.
-Nice of you to join us, Stan.
See, we think you blame Rigg for all the years you did in prison.
He dogged on you.
Rigg told them everything - all the jobs you'd done before that, how you'd raped Liz, more importantly, where to find you.
Look, they were gonna find me sooner or later.
I left DNA all over that little girl.
You sick prick.
you had to get back at him, right? Alright, you're right.
I did.
But I wasn't gonna wait 20 years for it.
You know what I did? I got some mates inside to pay him a visit, give him a real introduction to prison life.
I don't reckon he sat down for a week.
You see, darlin', I already had my revenge.
What about the loot from the Chisholm job - 50 grand? -Rigg have your share? -Nup.
Didn't even want his cut after what happened.
He was too busy blubbering about killing that mad bitch.
Told me to keep it all.
If he's got no motive, we've got no case.
You've got bugger all to say I did.
You can't charge me.
Oh, we can charge you.
We've got you on assault police.
Bite me! Interview suspended at 1 2:07pm.
Oh, sorry.
Man, I wanna bust his arse.
Don't let it distract you from other suspects.
Is that blood? Uniforms found it in the rubbish at Sanderson's hotel - Liz Chisholm.
-So she was stalking him.
-Looks like it.
Maybe she was doing the same to Rigg and it escalated to murder.
-We need to find her.
How's that going? -Slowly.
There's still Heidi Scharndorf and her inheritance.
$2 million.
That's just a conservative estimate of her share.
That's Megan's husband.
What the hell is he doing here? Hey, Tristan.
Please, don't tell Megan I was here.
She's justshe's just trying to protect her sister.
What's going on? I can tell you where to find Liz.
Where was she? Dossing under the North Melbourne railway bridge.
Take a seat.
Nah, I'm right.
It's not an option.
Sit down.
So what do you wanna hear? All the juicy details of what Sanderson did to me just before they killed my mum? Or all the reasons I'm glad Andrew Rigg's dead? How'd you know Rigg was dead, Liz? Oh, God, I'm gonna spew if I don't eat something.
-How'd you know? -Nah, seriously, I got the shakes.
Where were you the day before yesterday? I dunno.
I've been off my face for the last 10 years.
I don't even remember where I was this morning.
This transcript's gonna read a treat.
The doctor said she was fit for interview.
Yeah? Well, that's not the way her lawyer's gonna spin it, is it? I don't even know where I am now.
Where am I anyway? You're at the police headquarters.
You know that.
Ow! Oh, you bitch! -She kicked me under the table.
-I did not.
Ow! Oh! See? She did it again.
-That's not funny, Liz.
-No, it's not funny! None of this is funny! You know what? You get me out of here.
-Get me out of here! -Settle down! -No, you keep away from me! -Settle down! -You keep away from me! -Settle OK, Liz, settle down.
-Get me out of here! I'm sick! -Settle down now.
Alright, this interview is suspended at 7:03pm.
You bitch! Put her in the cells overnight, make sure she eats and sleeps.
Then start over again, get it right this time.
Stanley, working late? Mm, same as you, Bernice.
Something I can help you with? Got a call from a colleague at South Caulfield.
One of his senior constables is a Lleyton Bremner.
You know the name? I spoke with him today.
About? I wanted to make sure he understood the wider picture in a case he has on his books.
Apparently you didn't succeed.
Bremner is currently preparing a report stating that, ""Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe, Homicide, "tried to coerce him" "into dropping pending charges against his daughter.
" What were you thinking? It was a chat, Bernice.
I explained things.
I explained that I had spoken to the owner of the vehicle, who was fine with it.
And so was Bremner, so I thought.
Yeah, well, you thought wrong.
Yeah, ifif he was uncomfortable with it, all he had to do was tell me and I would have let things take their course.
Why in hell would he report me? I'll tell you why.
Because according to his senior sergeant, "The man is an ambitious, obnoxious snake in the grass.
" and you have offered him your head on a plate.
These are very serious allegations, Senior Constable.
Yes, ma'am.
Which is why your senior sergeant passed them directly to me.
Yes, ma'am.
As I said in the summary, members who use their position for personal gain shouldn't be members at all.
Yeah, I couldn't agree more.
It's very thorough work, Senior Constable.
-How long have you been in the job? -Seven years.
You like it? -I love it.
You'll go far.
Thank you, ma'am.
It is unlikely that someone of Senior Sergeant Wolfe's calibre will face dismissal over this.
Consideration will have to be given to the fact that he wasn't exactly seeking personal gain and that he happens to be one of the most successful homicide investigators.
But surely that doesn't alter the fact he approached me on his daughter's behalf.
Of course it doesn't.
It was a very bad judgment call, one that could seriously impact his career.
If I could offer some advice, Bremner Oh, I'm sure the same thing would never happen to you.
No, ma'am.
But I'd hate to see such a promising young member get It's amazing how unforgiving some of our colleagues can be when they think that a junior officer is trying to get ahead by crucifying one of his own.
They can put up roadblocks to your career, send you out to the sticks, badmouth you to anyone who cares to listen and, sadly, the bosses do listen.
Believe me, I'm not the kind of boss who enjoys seeing a young policeman ground under and I'm sure you're far too smart for anything like that to happen.
I'll leave you to get on and lodge this.
Morning, Sarge.
-Sleeping Beauty awake yet? -I'm still waiting on the doctor.
Come on.
We both know she was putting on a little show last night.
And we both know her lawyer will say she was unfit for questioning.
I'll let you know as soon as I hear.
I think it might be best if someone else joins Rhys in the interview.
I'm off the interview.
Yeah, well, Liz didn't take much of a shine to you either.
Pretty tough life.
It's a waste is what it is.
I know she's had it hard, but it just seems pointless to throw the rest of her life away.
She was raped and then watched her mother get murdered.
Yeah, it makes you realise how strong Megan must be to come through it all.
Oh, you're up.
Was that the green light to interview Liz? It was Dunny.
Liz isn't the one we need to interview.
Her sister, Megan, lied about going to Sydney.
The seminar organisers said she had a colleague attend in her place, so she never got on a plane and she never left the city.
She was in town when Rigg was murdered.
Morning, detectives.
Up bright and early.
Did you want to come in? Actually, yes, we do.
We've got a warrant to search your house, Mr Walsh.
The details are on the form.
Hey, I thought coming to see you would avoid this.
Yeah, we're acting on additional information.
You're looking for a murder weapon?! This is crazy! I told you yesterday Liz hasn't been round.
You spoke to them about Liz?! -Honey, I'm sorry.
-Why would you do that? For you.
You've gotta stop putting her first.
If she's done something, people can help her.
She hasn't done anything! This wasn't her! You can't keep rescuing her all the time.
That is not for you to decide.
You can't help her anymore! -Can you tell me what's in this? -I've never seen it before.
Have you got the key? How can I have the key if I've never bloody seen it? I do.
Megan, we need to question you in regards to the murder of Andrew Rigg.
They're just drawings I did as a kid.
I was angry.
How did you find Andrew Rigg after all these years? I didn't.
Did you track down his name change or run into him by chance? -I didn't find him! -Come on, Megan.
We need the truth this time.
No more lies! Now, we know you didn't get on a plane to Sydney, we know you got a colleague to do the seminar for you.
What Andrew Rigg did to you, to your family, anyone would understand you wanting to take revenge.
You have no idea what Andrew Rigg did to my family, what he's still doing to my family today.
I didn't get on a plane, no, and I didn't go to Sydney.
And you're right - I am a murderer.
Tristan never even knew I was pregnant.
We'd been trying for so long.
He thought it was his fault that we couldn't conceive.
I was still taking the pill.
Somehow Nature's little miracle.
I lied about the seminar because I didn't want Tristan to know where I actually went.
I let him drop me at the airport and then I caught a cab to the clinic.
I couldn't I couldn't bring a baby into the world after what happened to my mum and my sister.
How do you ever explain that to the man that you love? Abortion clinic confirmed Megan Chisholm-Walsh checked in at 9am and was released later that afternoon at 12:17.
She couldn't have killed Andrew Hope.
Can the procedure happen that quickly? Even including prep, the whole thing only takes two hours.
Then if everything's OK after another hour of observation, the patient's free to go home.
Or in this case, to the airport to lie to their husband.
Cut her loose, then you and Dunny have another crack at her sister.
Thought you wanted me to stay away from Liz.
I did, but now I need someone to push her buttons.
Yes, Sarge.
Heads up.
-How'd you go? -Megan's alibi checks out.
I knew she wasn't good for it.
I'm gonna tell her she's free to go, then we'll start on Liz.
I'll see you downstairs, yeah? Sure.
Any of these ringing a bell, Liz? How did you find him? Why? This is what you've been working towards for the last 20 years.
What did you do with the gun after you shot him? I didn't.
You did know where to find him, though, didn't you? -Yeah, alright, I knew.
-Well, how'd you know? -I saw him.
-When? I don't know.
A couple of weeks ago, I guess.
-I'mI'm not good with time.
-Where? The shelter.
I went to get a feed.
I looked up and and there he was.
He was pouring me soup.
-What did he say? -He said, ""Enjoy," or some crap.
He didn't recognise me.
So I sat there and watched him for a while and The people there, they liked him.
They smiled at him and shook his hand.
He seemed happy and content.
What's he got to smile about after what he did? So what happened then? II hung about outside and I followed him home that night and .
I wanted to hurt him.
And then what happened? -Then nothing.
-You didn't leave a note? -No.
-Smeared with blood? -No.
-Because you wanted to go back later.
-I didn't.
-Went back with a gun, didn't you? -No, I didn't go back! -Well, why the hell not, Liz? Because I'm a drug addict and a loser and a waste of space.
But I'm not a killer.
I wanted to be.
I wanted to hurt him! But I couldn't do that.
I couldn't even do that.
Detective Kingston, you got a minute? Megan's alibi isn't watertight.
I just called the clinic again and spoke to a nurse who said she checked on Megan's recovery cubicle an hour after she went into it.
-It was empty.
-So she went to the loo.
-That's what Megan told them.
-So? I asked how many times they checked on her during the hour she was in recovery.
They didn't.
They were short-staffed.
So she was out of sight for a whole hour? At the same time Rigg was being murdered.
We know she had motive, Allie.
-Now we know she had opportunity.
-Did you bring her in? She never went home.
Come on, Liz! You seriously expect us to believe you wouldn't tell your sister about Rigg? I haven't seen her.
We don't talk.
You can ask her.
We know you've seen Megan, Liz.
You told her where Rigg was living, didn't you? -No.
-And she did what you couldn't.
-She murdered him.
-No, that's not true.
Yes, it is.
We know she lied about where she was when he was killed.
We know she's so messed up by this whole thing, she had an abortion without even telling her husband she was pregnant.
-What? -What? She didn't tell you either? -I don't understand.
-OK, she is in trouble, Liz.
Think of all the times she's been there for you over the years, helped you out when no-one else would.
If you have any idea where she might be, you need to tell me now.
-There's a place we used to meet.
-Where? Liz, where?! Mum used to bring us here when we were kids.
It's the last place she brought us before she died.
She used to sit right there.
We used to climb this tree.
I remember I got all the way to the top and Jesus.
Megan? -Megan! -Liz, Liz, Liz.
-Megan! -Wait.
Hello, Megan.
Can we talk? There's nothing left to say.
There's plenty, Megan.
You've done so well for yourself.
You know that, don't you? You've got a great job, you've made a fantastic life for you and Tristan.
I lied to him.
He loves you, Megan.
He'll understand.
I've got a phone.
Do you want me to call him so you can talk? I can't keep lying anymore! You don't have to.
We can help you through this.
You know, hehe crossed himself.
Before I taped him to that chair.
Like he had a right to talk to God.
Don't think about him! That's when I got the idea to shoot him the way he crossed himself.
Liz is down there, Megan.
Can you see her? She needs you.
She wants to help you too.
The first bullet was for me.
The second one was for Liz.
Don't think about it.
It's done, it's over.
You don't want to do this.
It's not gonna help anything.
Just take a moment to calm down and step back, please, and we can talk this through.
The third bullet was for my mum.
Megan, don't do it! Megan! Megan, look at me! You have come so far after everything you've been through.
Don't give up.
I admire you so much.
The fourth was for my baby.
-You OK? -Better than her.
And her.
NO! No! Sarge, I can't talk to him.
I'll take care of it.
-Hey, Dad.
So I did what you said.
I took responsibility.
-I called Constable Bremner yesterday.
He wouldn't even speak to me.
But he called back just then and he said he's gonna let it go, provided I pay for the damage to the car.
Right, that Whatever you did, thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Don't suppose I could borrow $600? I was thinking of doing something for Liz Chisholm, pulling a few favours, getting her into a program.
Yeah, good idea.
And then after that maybe somewhere to live with an actual bed.
I know I'm probably not the right person to be doing it, but I'm worried that if I don't, no-one else will.
She doesn't have to know it's me.
I thought that, um .
I thought that being strong was all it took.
and that .
and that if you were strong enough, you could do anything.
But it's not enough.