City Hunter (Siti hyunteo) (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Episode 3 I’m going to the restroom.
What is this? It’s fire! Fire! Fire! Hurry! What is that? Call the fire department! Get everyone out safely! Lee Yoon Sung! Lee Yoon Sung! [Food Coupon Subsidies Program.]
You startled me! Wow! You're showing your true character! You ran off to save yourself without even bothering to look for me? How can a man go into a women’s restroom? We all got out okay.
Isn’t that enough? Let’s go.
But, what’s the bag for? Ah, to block out the smoke.
Did everyone get out? Mi Jin and Do Jin are in this record book, but not in the government record.
There are many kids like them.
The kids went hungry, while somebody embezzled the funds allocated for them.
That's why the papers were shredded.
This is Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan.
This is Shim Jae Dong.
The 2 billion won taken out of the Hunger Prevention Fund, has been deposited into 5 anonymous bank accounts.
I just handed the cards over to the captain.
You can use the pin number written on the back of the card.
Thank you.
I'll immediately make a call to the Vice-Superintendent to promote you.
Thank you, Assemblyman.
Since there's an unlimited supply of tax money, surely the district government can divert some money from the funds for other purposes.
Just set aside a sufficient amount for the elderly and the children, and don't make any noise about wanting to use land or fix roads.
Pass all of it to me! What? Bag! Bag! Get him! Don’t! If you look at the account books of Haewon Construction, everything is perfectly clear.
The promissory notes and land deeds that Lee Kyung Wan wrote don't match this ledger at all! These were all forged to obstruct our investigation, that's all! Do you think we can issue an arrest warrant just based on this? Are the judges all stupid or crazy?! Hey, you better stop doing dumb things.
Who will believe a lowly prosecutor from the Public Prosecutor's Office, Kid?! Chief! Is this power that exists within true power? If he can't help, then forget it, but he had to insult me.
Prosecutor, there’s a package for you.
This The 2 billion won taken out of the Hunger Prevention Fund, I just handed the cards over to the captain.
Since there's an unlimited supply of tax money, surely the district government can divert some money from the funds for other purposes.
Just set aside a sufficient amount for the elderly and the children.
Pass all of it to me! Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan.
Now, to carry out the investigation of Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, Prosecutor Kim Young Joo from the Public Prosecutor's Office has just arrived and is walking into Parliament.
By not publicly disclosing his crime, but proceeding with the Assemblyman's arrest, the law necessitates that all Assemblymen agree to his arrest.
Just based on evidence that cannot be trusted, and issuing an arrest warrant, that appears to be unfairly targeting me in an investigation, everybody.
This goes against the Constitution when it comes to laws on arrests.
It defies all the principles that dictate lawful detention during any investigation! Respected Assemblymen, during the 20 years in which I, Lee Kyung Wan, have been politically active, I have never, ever received a cent of unclean money.
That I solemnly declare! He's never taken a cent, I see.
The cent that you're referring to, I wonder how much it amounts to.
I sincerely plead with everyone.
The assemblyman's self-defense has come to an end.
I ask members of the Assembly to please be true to your beliefs, and reach a decision concerning the motion to arrest.
[Voting Results.]
[On the fence: 278 votes, Agree: 11 votes Reject: 267 votes, Abstain: 0 votes.]
Therefore, with regards to the arrest of Lee Kyung Wan, I announce that it has been denied.
Hurray for justice and democracy in Korea! Hurray! Today it was proven to me that law and justice still prevail in Korea.
- How do you feel now? - What are your plans for the future? Aigoo.
What do we do about this? You brought this all the way to the National Assembly, but failed to reach your objective.
Stop wasting your time going after those who work so hard to establish the law, and go catch criminals instead.
Isn't that what prosecutors get paid to do? And you gathering documents illegally will not be forgotten.
Get ready to resign for that.
That wasn’t our doing! Move out of the way please.
I wouldn’t dislike him so much if his mouth wasn't so foul! What was the reason for not making the evidence open to the public? What is your next plan? - Say something! - One comment please! Comment please! Comment please! Something is strange You're saying the bag with the bank cards and the anonymous account books, were taken by a tall, skinny person, right? It happened so fast that I didn’t get a good look at him Do you remember seeing him before? Maybe lingering nearby? Maybe? Me? I don't like kids starving.
Citizens are paying a lot of taxes, so I want to know why kids are still starving.
Yes, a while ago a man came and said he didn't understand why two children from the lowest income bracket were starving.
Hey, check I got five shots in.
I got seven shots.
You all need to improve; I got nine shots.
When I’m in good condition, I can get nine in too.
How many shots did Professor Lee get? Really! Just one bullet! What is that? He's making our team look bad! Don’t they shoot guns in the U.
? Do I need to teach him when I’m in a better condition? What? Hello? Hello? This is Mi Jin’s.
Now this is Do Jin’s.
Now this is Mi Jin's! - Ouch! - So bad! Why did you hit me? You’re eating all the good sushi and giving kids plain rice.
No, Unni.
We can’t eat raw fish, so Oppa is eating for us.
Really? Your problem is your fist always goes first.
Are you a gangster? Why does your fist always go first? Kids, let’s eat kimchi stew! It’s been fermented for a long time, so it’s really good! Eat the rolled eggs too.
This kimchi stew is really delicious! Really? It is good! Did you really make it yourself? Delicious.
Delicious, right? Just like Mom’s fresh cooking? Why? You said it was good.
Ah! So delicious! Would someone like Lee Kyung Wan know this kind of feeling? Probably not.
It's because he doesn't understand, that's why he's suspected of embezzling the Hunger Prevention Fund.
What do you mean by that? Don’t you watch the news? It was all over the news today.
I’ll get going first.
I didn’t even get to say goodbye.
How can you fall apart over a minor setback like this? Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
Who’s falling apart? I just wanted to be with someone who understands how I feel.
You were the one I thought of.
We broke up because I couldn’t understand you.
So why did you come? By the way, you’re getting news about Na Na, right? Yes, Na Na's aunt is my investigator.
You really are keeping her on your radar.
Kim Young Joo, I’m worried that you’re too soft-hearted.
I’m full.
What is this? My dad marked my height there.
Every first day of the month, without fail Ah Ahh Ahjussi? Are you doing well? Of course I’m doing well.
Loving and receiving love Ahjussi, what is repossession? And auction? Did you borrow money from a bank? Why would I do that? I think Na Na did, the girl you asked me to look after.
Is she living a very difficult life? Yeah, it seems so.
Whatever it is, please help her.
Seriously, I’m begging you, Yoon Sung.
Ahjussi, have you ever experienced hunger? Yes, it’s the saddest thing in the world.
It makes you wonder why you were born.
It makes you want to set this hateful world on fire.
And it makes you want to die.
Why? Someone who lets a child starve, must be a bad person, right? If you put it like that Bas Ay, I can't even express it in words.
Someone like that should be dragged to the gathering point in front of Gwanghuamun, and be torn apart by horses, ay.
Ah, I suddenly want to eat the fake jambbong and mixed vegetables that Ahjussi makes.
I miss the food you make, more than a mother's cooking.
I'm hanging up.
Take care of yourself.
- This is from the Japanese.
- Okay.
How is Huay Ni? Watching her cry from the pain was heart wrenching at times.
But I could take care of her, which was a relief.
After you send her off, go back to Korea, and go to Yoon Sung.
What about you, Boss? Am I going by myself? That That revenge can you give it up? Isn't that the woman in Yoon Sung's photo? So this is the mother who abandoned you? She doesn't seem like someone who could do that.
How could she abandon her own flesh and blood? Then, I'll go out first.
I've been in politics for over 20 years, so what occurred yesterday, of course I've been through things like that before.
It appears that he's a young prosecutor, and his youth and energy are the cause of this misunderstanding.
He's already a grown man, I don't feel right ordering him around.
I will try and talk to him.
I'm deeply apologetic.
No, you don't have to do that.
If the prosecution issued an arrest warrant, then, doesn't that mean there's a real cause for suspicion? What suspicion? I'm completely innocent! Are you really innocent? Of course! Good.
Among all of us who are seated here, if there really is someone involved in corruption and bribery, then, I feel that person should be severely punished according to the law.
It doesn't matter if it's me or my family, there will be no exception.
Everybody, please remember the goals we had in our hearts when we first started.
Did he become president all by himself? He hasn't even assumed the position for a year, and there are rumors of a lame duck*.
(*an elected official who might not run again) I assume he doesn't want people to gossip.
People who don't bend, will be broken.
If anyone stands in the way of our path, we can only step over him, no matter who it is.
I have a prior appointment.
That Can you postpone the date of the book launch? Of course not.
Especially at this juncture, we have to be more aggressive than ever.
I want to crush those who think they can defeat us! Shim Jae Dong just called.
He said he found out the tall guy is trying to get close with those kids.
Is that so? As long as we find those kids, we can catch the big guy, right? At the book launch, get those kids to be flower children.
Yes, Assemblyman.
Dad, did something happen again? You're back.
What about school? Of course I went and came back.
It's just I had things to worry about, like Dad, so I took a little break in the middle.
For Dad, as long as I smell the scent of wood, my worries disappear like smoke.
For Dad Is wood a remedy? No matter who it is, I really hope he won't make Dad worry again.
He's giving you more and more wrinkles.
The leader in creating wrinkles on my face is you, Girl.
Ah, yes.
Dad! Can I change my tutor? Again?! There's someone who's really smart, and it's someone who works at the Blue House.
Therefore, his background won't have to be investigated, and what time I go out and come home can be regulated too.
Isn't that killing three or four birds with one stone? Even so If the people here all find out that my daughter is not good at academics, then where can I show my face? It's something everyone knows, anyway.
I'll just pick a tutor who's really smart.
All right, Dad? Hey, hey, you should at least discuss it with your mom! Ah That girl Are you late? This is great.
Give me a ride! Why should I? Don't you have a car? If we go in together, people will misunderstand.
Run like the wind.
Really Ah That irritating guy is really frustrating! Even if there's a misunderstanding, it's I who stands to lose! Hurry and say it! Hurry and say yes! Hurry! I asked you to answer me quickly! Hey - Can you move so I can get out of the car? - Answer me first.
I told you I wouldn't do it.
Are you all right? Professor Lee You're really rough towards women.
Women? Who, you? Then, am I a man? You are a girl.
The day after tomorrow is my coming-of-age day! I My English and math skills are really bad.
If you raise my grades so I can enter university, my father might give you a really big reward, you never know.
Good for you.
Tutor? Which subject? Calculus? That's easy.
Algebra? Statistics? For English The active voice? Or the tenses? When I started in university, they called me the king of all trades.
Are you going to do it or not? Didn't I say I wouldn't already? Not only is your brain bad, but do your ears not work either? How many times do I have to tell you? If you don't want to tutor me, then date me! I will Hey, Kid.
I said I wasn't a kid already! I know Little Da Hye has really high standards, but you're not my type.
Should I buy you a full-length mirror? Yes, Chief.
What? Hacking? I understand.
Go sunbae, run.
I will make him do it! Da Hye, let's find another tutor.
That guy is dangerous.
How would Unni know if he's dangerous or not? Chief, you want to sit at the side, right? - Change my seat.
- Yes! Lee Yoon Sung.
- Lee Yoon Sung! - What? Why aren't you using formal speech in the workplace? So what?! The first lady says she wants to see you.
The first lady? I have a lunch date.
I'm just on my way out.
A lunch date? Yeah.
I will simply go crazy if I don't see this person every single day.
Bye! He rations every minute and second to date.
That's great, really.
Dad! Aigoo How am I going to survive? You should have lived so we could come back together.
How am I going to live by myself? Aigoo, I'm so scared.
Ahjussi! Yoon Sung! Yoon Sung! Huay Ni is gone! Bury it in your heart.
We'll live a good life together.
Wow, you look great.
How do I look? Like a different person, right? Oh, yes.
Aigoo, my wife - My wife.
- I missed you, Ahjussi.
Me too.
Have you eaten? Wow! Is this a house, or a palace? You know I don't like mess in my house, right? Yes.
Bring in your luggage and unpack first, I'll come back after work.
Wow The heating of this house must cost a good amount of money.
Why aren't you using your driver or errand girl? Have you gone money-crazy? Go to sleep.
Money-crazy? Look at the way he talks.
What an irritating fellow.
What? No, nothing.
Mi Jin and Do Jin have been selected to be flower children at tomorrow's book launch.
They are making paper flowers, don't even try looking for me.
Unni, what did you say? Hurry and make them.
Unni is getting faster and faster.
Flower children? Why does he need flower children for the book launch? Mr.
Yoon Sung, drink some coffee before continuing with your work.
This is your favorite Thai coffee.
Ahjussi, your coffee-brewing skills are also first-rate.
Ah, it's so bitter.
Was it always so bitter? Oh, your taste has changed.
Ah, these few days I've been drinking the coffee that person makes for me.
Makes coffee for you? Oh There's just someone.
Work hard.
There's something I need you to help me with tomorrow.
I'm counting on you.
If you say you need help, I will definitely help! Public opinion has been getting really loud over your issue.
The law might bend to your will, but the public might not necessarily do the same.
I'm Lee Kyung Wan.
I won't be beaten down because of such a small matter.
Don't worry.
Do you think I'm worrying about you? I've even forged the loan documents for you.
That They say the flower children are here.
Could I borrow that guy over there? Once I settle this, I should be able to find the guy who put me in this troublesome situation.
Ah, Assemblyman! I'm Reporter Lee Young Joo, from Korea Daily.
Regarding the bribery case involving Haewon Construction and Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, - The lowering of construction standards - I apologize.
Let's go.
Hold on I don't think this is going to work.
Make sure Lee Kyung Wan is more careful.
You follow Lee Kyung Wan.
Watch him well.
Hurry, come over.
Is everything all right? You've arrived? You've come too.
This time, what evidence are you looking for? If you want to stir up something, you better leave.
Didn't you teach me to know my enemies? Of course I have to do so.
Enemies? I would like to find out who’s using the citizens’ tens of thousands of dollars just to buy a nail.
I have to find out what's going on too.
I'll see you later.
He really has some guts.
I'm sorry.
That child still has a lot to learn.
Having gone through turmoil in the political circle, he has become very politically-driven as well.
Only having tasted the perils of the world, will he come around.
What did you bring these for? The assemblyman is over there, go greet him.
Go wait at the entrance.
Kim Na Na! Oh, Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
But, Kim Na Na, why are you here? I had to bring the children who have been chosen as flower children.
Oh, I saw on TV, what you were investigating at the club the other time.
That was your work, right? Yes.
You must protect the law.
The justice of the nation is still alive.
This is all a sham put up by Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan.
I know that too.
No matter how he lies to the people, he can't cheat my conscience, can he? It's good you can be so strong, Na Na.
Let's go.
All right.
Today is the book launch for Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan's 6th book, "The Day the Citizens' Tears Fall is the Time I Weep.
" Thank you for coming.
To kick start the event, Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, who has recently been feeling some political pressure, the defender of democracy, his journey so far, let's discover it through the big screen! May 1st, 1948.
Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, born in Gyeonggi-do, the second son of his family You You can't believe everything you heard on the news.
Those are fake images that people who want to topple Grandfather created.
All right, all right.
It's these children.
Oh, Do Jin.
Min Jun.
You You know these children? They're from my class.
The beggars from my class Hey! Didn't you get all the coupons last time? Only children with empty stomachs will do that kind of thing.
All right, all right.
All right, all right, Min Jun, go to your mother.
Oh, all right.
You guys are so cute.
All right, what are your names? Soon Mi Jin.
All right, Mi Jin.
How about you? Soon Do Jin.
Do Jin.
All right, all right, Do Jin.
You That You know that tall man? The ahjussi who looks dopey? How could you say that about Hyung? Ah, all right, all right.
You know him! All right.
Where's that hyung right now? Hello? It seems you're looking for me right now.
No matter what, they're from the same class as your grandson, that's going a little too far.
You Where are you? Where are you hiding right now? Stop keeping those frowning kids, just let them go right now.
I will personally come to you.
All right.
If you don't keep your promise to appear obediently, I can't guarantee the children's safety.
Let's go.
Take him in! You actually slithered all the way here.
You're not too bad, I see.
Who are you? Me? I'm just someone who hates people who let poor children starve, a jobless guy.
A jobless guy? Who are you? The fellow who stole my money.
What? "My money"? How could taxes become your money? Isn't this just daylight robbery? What? Robbery? Do you think the nation is an orphanage? For someone whose parents don't even know of their existence, why should the nation bear that responsibility? The taxes of the nation, so what if I took a little? Even if I don't take it, someone else would have done the same and taken it.
Even so, for the nation and its citizens, it would go to much better use if I use this money.
That's how I become the warrior who uses his body and mind to defend democracy! Mm, your body and mind? With just a little power, your entire body and mind rotted with it.
At such a young age, you already want to become a hero, and do battle with me.
Even so, the law will be on my side.
Why? Because I have power that you will never have.
That's what power is like.
That's why people all fight for power.
People like you, I eat you for food.
Just leave everything here to my men and leave first.
That should do it.
I at 13, I welcomed the 419 Movement*.
(*student-led movement, fought for citizens) But I in the end, saw the true meaning of democracy! So what if I took a little of the nation's taxes? Even if I don't take it, someone else would have done the same and taken it.
Even so, for the nation and its citizens, it would go to much better use if I use this money.
That's how I become the warrior who uses his body and mind to defend democracy! What is going on?! - Turn it off! Now! - You want to become a hero, and do battle with me.
Hurry, turn it off! Even so, the law will be on my side.
Why? Because I have power that you will never have.
People like you, I eat you for food.
Do you think the nation is an orphanage? For someone whose parents don't even know of their existence, why should the nation bear that responsibility? The taxes of the nation, - so what if I took a little? - That person, what is his name? He's that - Lee Kyung Wan, Lee Kyung Wan.
- That's right! for the nation and its citizens, it would go to much better use if I use this money.
That's how I become the warrior who uses his body and mind to defend democracy! Investigator Jang.
Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan just described how he committed his crimes at his book launch.
Please issue an arrest warrant right away.
I'm heading over right now.
I'm going to leave first.
In Yong, take care of this.
Either take him abroad to avoid backlash, if not, send him to meet the Grim Reaper.
- Don't let things worsen.
Hurry! - Yes.
Let's go.
I eat you for food.
- Food.
- Where is the Assemblyman going? Where is the Assemblyman going? [To: Prosecutor Kim Young Joo, Seoul District Prosecutor's Office.]
Ah, really What is this? To Prosecutor Kim Young Joo? Go! Contact Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
All right.
- That's right, it's this.
- It's this? Yes, this is right.
What? This says it's for Prosecutor Kim Young Joo, what is all this? - What is this? - Who sent it here? What is all this? Someone contacted our news agency, and said if we went to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Seoul, we would be able to see something interesting.
He said to go look for Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
This is something that was mailed to you, Prosecutor.
But this thing moves! Would you like to open it? What is this? [I Believe in the Republic of S.
Hurry and take photos, hurry and take photos! - Reporter Lee! - Hurry and take photos! Hurry and take photos, hurry and take photos! This! This is illegal! With regard to my arrest, the National Assembly ruled against it! If it's an ongoing crime, the situation is different.
Didn't you reveal everything at the book launch? You said you embezzled tax money.
That That! I've you see that Korea isn't a dead country yet, right? These are military dog tags.
These These aren't mine! I didn't even go to the army! Yes, this is Kim Young Joo.
Lee Kyung Wan, that piece of trash, I'll give him to you to handle.
Hold on No wonder you're the team leader.
I was still wondering why we were rolling in the dirt in the Golden Triangle.
Ah, it's really as simple as a small side dish, a small side dish.
You were almost flying.
Swoosh swoosh What are you doing? I don't want to leave evidence, so I have to throw it away.
But, did you get the boss's permission to do this? I don't think he'll let you off easily.
Killing him isn't my method.
Destroying him completely, that's my method.
Where are you? The view by the river is nice, and the kids looked a little bored too, so we came to the park by the Han River.
Why? Did you want me to run errands and drive you again? Make me a cup of coffee.
I'll give you two stamps.
Hey, Lee Yoon Sung! - What do you - I'll give you the stamps once I get there.
If not, nothing.
The musical fountain at the Han River Park.
Come over and see for yourself.
Ahjussi, you go first.
Just take me to where the car is parked.
Why? We should at least have a party to celebrate.
We'll have the party later.
I don't know why, I want some sweet coffee.
Kids! Kids, come here! Let's play together, it will be fun! I'm not in the mood to play right now.
When I grow up, I'm going to leave Korea.
It's all fake.
There are no adults whom I can trust.
I say, Little Miss, were you lied to growing up? Don't be mad.
Think about it from her standpoint.
She really isn't in the mood today.
Really? Ah, but there are no such fountains in America.
I thought it was really fun and cool.
Ah, it's great for washing off the horrible feelings after being rejected by a woman.
Let's go! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Didn't you ask me to make coffee? This isn't bad.
Ah, that's delicious.
At first, I wasn't really feeling great today.
But seeing the kids cheer up, I've cheered up too.
Why were these military dog tags, hanging around your neck, Assemblyman? That How would I know that? Listen to me, if you were really a prosecutor, you would catch the guy who turned me into this.
In Korea! What's the system coming to, if an assemblyman can be brought to this state?! Of course we will catch him.
But why would he kidnap the assemblyman, and bring him to the Public Prosecutor's Office, I'm more curious about that.
Only that fellow would know about that, how would I know? If you still don't know, I will tell you personally in court.
Look here.
Your father, could end up the way I did too, you know? Please do not insult my father.
All right, all right, all right.
Let's see.
- Investigator Jang Pil Jae.
- Yes.
Investigator Kim Mi Ok.
Yes, Prosecutor.
Please try and find some information on these military dog tags.
I already did.
There was no information on all three of them.
Ah, he has drooled all over me again! Ah, children drooling when they're asleep is very normal, why are you so harsh? In any case, it's wet already, it has to be washed sooner or later! - This has to be dry-cleaned.
- Sheesh Do Jin, wake up, let's go home and sleep.
Noona, are we home? Yes.
Thank you.
Goodnight! Ah, it's cold.
Let's go.
Where? Your house! Why are you going into a girl's house? Who's a girl? You, who flips me over her shoulder every day? I say! It's cold! Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, who has been officially arrested by Prosecutor Kim Young Joo of the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office What is that boy Yoon Sung doing?! has expressed that he will act according to the law [Father.]
You're not picking it up? We're unable to connect you at this time and are transferring you to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Is it a woman again? Which woman is it this time? Does that woman know? That you are a man who picks out his vegetables and doesn't eat them? What kind of japchae has no meat? I did a lot of things today.
Oh, you act like you accomplished something huge.
If there's no meat, at least give me some tofu! The beans are the tofu! The meat that grows out of the ground.
I I don't eat beans.
Oh! It's Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
Wow, some people do such huge things.
Some people only know how to look down on side dishes.
Do you not see how some people run around trying to catch corrupt government officials? Reflect a little, reflect.
Is that something so great? Of course.
With such people like Prosecutor Kim Young Joo around, you have no idea how secure it feels.
The assemblymen are all rotten and corrupt.
This is all a trick that they've discussed.
The fact that the government will protect these thieves I think they should just get rid of the government, it would be better.
Who in the world should the citizens trust? A city hunter who hunts criminals like Lee Kyung Wan - The city hunter should be given a medal.
- City hunter? That's pretty accurate, City Hunter.
The City Hunter who sends all the bad people to the Public Prosecutor's Office.
Who is it? Who could it be? Who could it be? Hey, do you really have no tofu? Do you want me to go out and buy it?! Why do you have nothing else to eat but kimchi? Then why in the world do you want to eat here? Ah, sorry.
Yoon Sung! This is for you.
I saw you enjoyed the kimchi.
Forget it.
You eat it.
My aunt always sends me some.
When I give it to you, take it.
Next time, even if you demand it from me, I won't give it.
Ah, it will make the car smell.
This doesn't smell.
Thank you for playing with the kids today.
Is that all? The method you said you had for destroying him? How could you believe the prosecutors and send him there? The inability to do anything in the face of power, that is the definition of the prosecutors of Korea.
But I still wanted to believe in him once.
That belief has no use.
You will be defeated by these weird ideas you have.
You should have killed that fellow.
The method where people will never be able to forgive him, there's only this.
What is all this? Kitchenware.
Yoon Sung, Korea is really a heaven.
One phone call and they deliver everything.
This frying dish, it won't burn even if you don't add oil.
This pot! Even if it doesn't have water, you can cook radishes and pumpkins.
This is a free gift.
Where is there a heaven like this? Huay Ni should have enjoyed good days like these too What should I do about this poor person? Ah, Huay Ni Ah, my head How about the bill? Whose card is it? Of course it isn't mine, I just got here.
Ahjussi, are you crazy? Did I buy this for myself? Of course I bought this to make food for you! Did you marry me? - Is this a dowry? - Hey, Kid! I planned to cook food for you with a maternal heart, why are you spouting so much rubbish? Have you tried looking for your mother? I heard she's alive.
What use is there looking for her? Someone who abandoned me to live a good life But she's still your mother! Blood is thicker than water! Ah, enough Stop.
Yoon Sung Yoon Sung! This kid, really I have to pack I have to pack.
Ah, that kid His mouth is so hard, but he has a heart as soft as tofu.
He is old beyond his years.
Pal Pan Gab? It's a guy who is like a ghost.
No matter what, we can't track his IP, and even if we find it, it's the Blue House.
It seems someone is hacking into our system and playing around.
He's making a mockery of our country's reputation for being strong in IT.
Why don't you kill me, Mr.
President? No, Chief.
We suffered a hacking attack while I wasn't paying attention, it's my fault.
President! I'm willing to die in place of the Chief! Ah, to tackle this, just strengthen the security of our technology systems, don't worry too much.
The important thing is the embezzlement of the taxes, and furthermore, it was carried out by an assemblyman.
Allowing the kids whose lives are already difficult to starve The fury of the public is to be expected.
Using this incident as an example, we must make every public servant aware, and Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan must be punished severely as the law dictates.
Also there were three sets of military dog tags hanging from Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan's neck.
Military dog tags? Yes.
I don't know why, but in October 1983, there were people with secret identities, who went missing on the same day.
Although they shared the similarity of being special agents No matter what, we'll temporarily stop further investigations.
Elders, I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know where this building is? Isn't this Pal Pang Gab? Is there anyone who is familiar with Pal Pang Gab? Isn't this Kyung Hee? That's right, this is Kyung Hee.
She was a pretty famous ahgassi then.
Ah, is that so? Then Do you know where she is right now? Yoon Sung! Yoon Sung, Yoon Sung, Boy What is it this time? An iron? An entire kitchen set? You are casually swiping my card everywhere, but a little bill will come soon.
No, it's not that.
I seem to have found it.
What did you find? Your mother! I found out where she is.
You're happy, right? You feel blessed, right? I've said this many times before, Kid, at times like this, you're supposed to smile! Who did you find? Mother? Whose mother? When did I have a mother? Kid Don't ever do anything like that again.
I don't have the time to look for someone who abandoned me.
I'm busy.
Go out first.
It's here, it's here.
This is the address.
When you feel better, go take a look.
[Seoul City Northeast Neighborhood Song Ji Dong 77-9, Delicious Snacks Food Store.]
Here, enjoy it.
- If it's not enough, let me know.
- Yes.
- Here, take it.
- Yes.
You are Madam Lee Kyung Hee, right? Yes, how can I help you? There's someone who would like to see you.
Who? Brought to you by WITHS2 You're asking me to capture the City Hunter, is that it? It seems you're following me.
I told you to kill them, not turn them over to the Public Prosecutor's Office! Don't feel anything for them anymore.
The court says they want to sell the house.
Once I leave that house, I have nowhere else to go! Trying to do this by myself, is really scary and tiring.
Do you want to turn me in too? Even more so between father and son, there can be no forgiveness.
You will die in my hands.
Ahjussi, it's Father.
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