City Hunter (Siti hyunteo) (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

Lee Yoon Sung.
My father please forgive him.
I'm sorry.
Kim Young Joo.
Kim Young Joo.
Kim Young Joo! [ If you want the classified documents, come to the Seoul junkyard.
City Hunter.
Father, why did you do it? Why did you resort to lying to bring in Kim Young Joo? Because one of Korea's public prosecutors wanted to know the truth, I just helped him.
Do you know? Kim Young Joo, who committed no crime, was killed, and it's no different than if you had killed him yourself.
Even those who commit no crime can easily die.
Like my comrades did Now, Chun Jae Man will soon die at my hands.
Let's go.
So, you plan to stow away.
A man who has stowed away before knows that feeling.
You've destroyed me, now what the hell do you want? Your life At that time, we had no choice.
At that time, you had no choice? And now too, you have no choice but to die.
You can't.
You can't.
You can't! You can't.
Don't come closer.
Don't come.
Don't come.
Don't come.
Don't come.
Don't come! Don't come.
Don't come.
Spare me.
Please spare me.
Spare me.
The classified document is in the junkyard car crusher.
Lee Yoon Sung, you expose it.
Kim Young Joo.
Did you find it? After North Korea committed the terrorist act at Aung San, it was strongly felt that action against the North was necessary.
A special force of experienced Anti-North spies was selected, and a decision was made to send them to Pyeongyang.
7 North Korean generals were killed, but near the South Korean Navy submarine which was promised to return them home, the entire troop was killed by sniper fire.
This operation was planned and executed by the following: Lee Kyung Wan.
Even if I don't take it, someone else would have done the same and taken it.
That's how I became the warrior who uses his body and mind to defend democracy! Why? What is going on? Turn it off! Seo Yong Hak.
As a handling fee, I want 20 percent of the profits.
Hey, turn it off.
Turn it off immediately! This is undoubtedly political sabotage, ladies and gentleman! Kim Jong Shik.
The City Hunter stole our university's operating funds, and to increase his popularity, he distributed it to our students.
Punishment? Forgiveness? Confession? Screw it all! Don't come any closer.
Chun Jae Man.
The City Hunter is not a hero, but a criminal who has betrayed his country.
Choi Eung Chan? Ultimately, it was this? Chun Jae Man's blood Did you clean it off well? You’re going to have to clean off Kim Young Joo's blood too.
Chun Jae Man is the one who killed Kim Young Joo.
Do you know? You're no different from Chun Jae Man.
Chun Jae Man didn't kill the Special Forces troops directly either.
He only borrowed other people's hands.
You dare put me in the same classification as Chun Jae Man?! The final one to be punished turns out to be President Choi Eung Chan.
The cruel revenge you spoke of, Father, was this it? To have me kill my real father with my own hands? It must have been quite amusing over the last 28 years.
Taking me from my mother, making me believe someone else was my father, and now, having me wreak revenge on my own father.
That revenge I don't think I'll be able to carry it out.
Because he's the father whose blood flows in you? No.
Seeing him up close, I found him to be quite a respectable president.
Do you think that president you find so respectable got to that position cleanly? Choi Eung Chan I anticipate seeing the look on your face when you realize the man he really is.
Don't anticipate seeing any look on my face any longer.
It won't turn out the way you want.
You'll have to clean off the blood of those two from your hands for quite a long time.
I, Seo Yong Hak, for coming out now and exposing the truth to all of you, our citizens, I feel great remorse.
However, for the sake of the people's basic rights, I have mustered up courage and stand before you here.
The next target of the City Hunter's punishment is specifically President Choi Eung Chan.
Because of Operation Clean Sweep Assemblyman Lee Kyung Wan, Chairman Kim Jong Shik, Chairman Chun Jae Man, and I, all of us, have become targets of revenge.
In fact, the one who led Operation Clean Sweep 28 years ago is the current president, Choi Eung Chan.
He directly devised the plan and directly commanded the operation himself.
Chief, Seo Yong Hak made a statement that President Choi Eung Chan is next.
Yes, he said that 5 of them signed off on Operation Clean Sweep, but he's keeping silent on the nature of the operation.
[President Choi Eung Chan Emergency Press Conference.]
Why was Operation Clean Sweep devised? It's not something I'm aware of.
Are you really saying that in October of 1983, a plan like that was never devised? Yes, I am.
Former supreme council member Seo Yong Hak said the City Hunter has you as the final target.
I don't really know what motivated him to say something like that.
With this, we will end today's press conference.
Let me ask one more thing.
Are you aware that a Seoul District public prosecutor from Special Investigations, during an investigation to track down a classified document from 1983, was recently killed? [President Choi Eung Chan Emergency Press Conference.]
The one who led Operation Clean Sweep 28 years ago is the current president, Choi Eung Chan.
He put the plan together personally Is this true? The president, really? The president? Then to punish the president, you intentionally distributed bribes to those around him, and encouraged corruption? Are you frightened? Just clear my dead brother's name.
I don't want to shake the nation.
Just clear the names and reputations of the dead troops! And, let's end this all, Boss.
Boss! Young Joo.
Young Joo.
Bad kid I told him so many times never to check out a scene alone.
The chief's words just went through one ear and out the other.
Bad kid.
I didn't even know he was facing such conflict over his father's case and just complained about all the work he was having us do.
Prosecutor, I'm sorry.
Prosecutor, I'm so sorry.
Whether you're dead or alive, you're my kid.
What you couldn't finish, I'll take care of it all.
The bastards who did that to you, I'm going to haul them all in and put them away.
And that realization of a just society you wanted so much, as long as I'm a prosecutor, I will stand by that principle to the very end.
[Choi Eung Chan.]
Why are you here? Our Prosecutor ended up like this chasing you.
Huh? City Hunter.
That's you.
Huh? He ran all over the place trying to catch you.
That's how our prosecutor ended up like that! You got it, You Killer?! Hey! I will catch you.
I will absolutely catch you! Hey! Let go! Let go! Hey, City Hunter! I came because I felt we lost a valuable prosecutor, but I think I should just leave.
I dug into Chairman Chun Jae Man and President Choi Eung Chan to find out what was there between them, and found out after the president took office, Haewon won the bid to build the Minja Highway bridge.
And there was a dispute regarding special business favors over that too.
Right before the presidential election, a large amount of money moved out of Haewon.
That money was used for campaign funds.
And, winning the bid was the reward.
City Hunter.
That's you.
He ran all over the place trying to catch you.
That's how our prosecutor ended up like that! You got it, You Killer?! Hey! He entered the country April 13, 2011.
He got hired into the Blue House Communications Network Team on May 2nd.
During the Lee Kyung Wan case, a Blue House IP was used, and so I met with Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung in this room.
And when the Police Department's CCTV control computer was hacked, A Blue House IP was used, and prosecutor Kim Young Joo was in and out.
And the time he was looking for the 1983 Presidential Security Service Album in the Blue House Library Is it Lee Yoon Sung? Investigator Jang Pil Jae from the Seoul District Prosecutor's Office is here.
Ah, send him in.
Prosecutor Kim Young Joo wondered if perhaps the City Hunter isn't 2 different people.
Lee Jin Pyo and Dr.
Lee Yoon Sung.
Lee Jin Pyo and Lee Yoon Sung? Lee Jin Pyo used to be in the Special Forces, and was definitely a Blue House Presidential Security agent until 1983.
But after that, he was reported missing.
And Prosecutor Kim Young Joo found out he was definitely connected to Operation Clean Sweep.
He's currently known as Steve Lee, a US expatriate, but it's a false identity.
We've found out that he was likely involved in the drug trade in the Golden Triangle, but we aren't certain of it yet.
Triangle Then, what about Lee Yoon Sung? He was the son of a Special Forces agent who went missing in 1983 named Park Moo Yul and a woman named Lee Kyung Hee.
P Park Moo Yul and Lee Kyung Hee? From our investigation, we found Lee Jin Pyo took the 1-month infant Lee Yoon Sung and raised him in the Triangle.
Um I think the president suspects something.
He requested your personal file from the Security Service personnel department.
Have you been practicing uploading pictures to your blog? Yes, I've managed to upload the images of my orchis* paintings.
(* an orchid genus) and I've even tried editing a video.
Will you take a look? Did you see the press conference too? Yes.
I did.
Let me just ask you one thing.
What was said at the press conference, is it true? It's true.
This position is a position that's always forced to make decisions.
To solve all the problems that have piled up is impossible with my power alone.
So, I've decided to focus on just 2 things.
The health and education of our citizens.
The people's health cannot be threatened by the privatization of medical care, And young people, unaware of their limitless possibilities, cannot lose their chances for an education because of expensive tuition.
Whatever it takes, I'm going to protect them.
In just a few days, The Private School Amendment Bill that I've staked my presidency on will pass in the assembly.
Would that be such a great service? Even if the means and method are wrong? Ah, Eun Ah? I guess you're currently on duty? Have you been well? Yes, I'm well.
What about Lee Yoon Sung? I guess he isn't home yet? I'm sure he'll come.
He's just always busy.
But why are you wearing long sleeves when it's hot? Is it hot there? The air conditioner works so well here that it's unbearable in short sleeves.
By the way, this house is under my name.
- Excuse me? - Ah, it's nothing.
Just that you're welcome to drop by when you're bored.
You're here? - Yeah.
- Na Na's here.
Na Na? I heard from Ajumeoni, that President Choi Eung Chan is your real father.
The man who raised you is too cruel.
Taking you away from Ajumeoni was ultimately to have you two end up like this.
Everything you've done in the name of revenge Lee Kyung Wan, Seo Yong Hak, Kim Jong Shik, Chun Jae Man They were all involved in corruption.
If they had not been corrupt, I would have probably forgiven them.
And if the president is also involved in corruption, are you going to punish him too? If he's involved in corruption Does it have to be you who does it? He's your father.
- How could you do that to? - Kim Young Joo must have felt the same way.
Because it was his father, because he was his father, he covered up and concealed things.
But, was that really the best thing to do for his father? I'm a Presidential Security agent.
There could be a chance, like the time I guarded Seo Yong Hak, that we may face off again.
I'd like it if you wouldn't do something you'll regret.
You know the New People's Party Supreme Council member Assemblyman Lee Young Tae, right? Lee Young Tae? He's being investigated in connection with Haewon Group's Chairman Chun, for bribery over the Medical Care Privatization Bill.
He's in the same party in power as President Choi Eung Chan, but they're political opponents.
If Assemblyman Lee Young Tae doesn't budge, it won't be easy for the Private School Amendment Bill to pass.
He's currently opposed to it.
The votes by the Assemblymen who support him are definitively important.
Then President Choi Eung Chan will have to try to persuade him somehow.
All right.
I'll look into it some more.
You've come, Mr.
President? We've completed the inspection of the interior of the restaurant.
We did not find anything suspicious.
Assemblyman Lee Young Tae is waiting for you inside.
Please have the agents wait on-call outside for a moment.
We can't do that, Mr.
There was that act of terrorism in that reception hall last time We have to guard you from a close distance.
Just give me 30 minutes.
It will only take 30 minutes.
I will speak frankly.
Please help me get the Private School Amendment Bill passed.
And if I help you, what will you give me? I will make it so you are not summoned by the Public Prosecutor's Office.
After Lee Kyung Wan's case, most of the National Assemblymen will likely not intervene due to the high resentment level of the citizens.
Particularly, a man who allied himself with Chairman Chun Jae Man.
Since public opinion is what it is But, I will help you.
Thank you.
A divided party in power only benefits the opposition party, after all.
The Private School Amendment Bill you want to pass, I will put my power and influence behind it.
Then I will put my trust in you and go.
I will count on you then.
How did you get in here? I had no idea you were so skilled in making deals, Mr.
If letting one Assemblyman hold onto his seat is payment for allowing tens of thousands of students to study, then I don't regret this decision.
Didn't you say a president's position is one of providing service? Since when did it become a position of making deals? When you're in politics, there is sometimes a just and great cause.
Back when those 20 lives were sacrificed, I suppose that was the case too.
Many people want the Private School Amendment Bill because of expensive tuition, but the National Assembly that makes the laws is full of Directors of universities, chancellors, professors, and their in-laws and second and third cousins.
Do you think it will pass easily? There is no way.
No way Let me just ask you one thing.
To feed orphans, would it be okay to steal? Just because it is a great service, one cannot force another's sacrifice.
Just because it is a great service, it's not okay to cover up corruption.
The confidential document classified until 2030, I have it.
That decision you say you don't regret, I will make you regret.
This is my great service.
President! Are you all right? Ah, yes, I was about to get up.
Agent Kim Na Na, what's the matter? It's nothing.
It's just that the president didn't come out even though 30 minutes had passed.
All right.
Let's go now.
[Bear Na Na.]
You say you're a reporter? Because I'm someone who touched money during the election, I stepped out of government, so I wouldn't be a burden to the president.
How did you find me? When the president ran during his candidacy, I heard he tried to run a clean campaign.
I have a guess as to how the campaign funds were raised, but I don't know.
He said he would take the responsibility later and managed it himself.
Since he's a thorough person, I do believe he kept records.
Records? Yes.
Because he's someone who keeps a diary and even an office accounting ledger.
There is definitely some sort of record.
It must be somewhere in his private residence.
Da Hye heard the news about Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
She has completely stopped eating and drinking and just lies there.
She doesn't even go to the clubs she used to love so much.
Da Hye won't go to clubs? Wow, last year, even when she kept failing out of university, she always went out to clubs.
That's why I'm so worried.
- What do I do with our Da Hye? - Just leave her alone.
After feeling that sort of pain, Miss Da Hye will grow a up a little, don't you think? Sometimes I get confused whether I'm her security agent or personal assistant.
Shall I set up a blind date for her? Don't go on about her blind dates, and just, just look after yourself.
Maybe see how someone near you might be looking at you, or who might be right next to you, or what he might be feeling.
You know something like that.
Like a loving look or something Like I, well, well I can't say these things very well, but I love you.
I Sorry.
So a tall, distinguished looking man said he was a reporter and asked about the campaign funds from the last election.
All right, that was a good response.
Right, be well.
When I'm out of office, let's go hiking.
My youngest daughter bought me a hiking jacket.
Yeah, okay.
He'll be here soon, I suppose.
Please let it be after the amendment bill passes.
Why are you so listless? Eat that chicken you like so much and buck up.
I just feel so bad for Prosecutor Kim Young Joo.
I knew Chairman Chun Jae Man too.
To think he did such a thing There's no one you can trust in this world.
Everyone's to be pitied.
Everyone is scared.
Unni, you keep this.
What is it? This is a man's.
- Give it to Go Ki Joon.
- Go Ki Joon? Did your crush change over to Go Ki Joon? Unni, don't you have a clue? He and you look good together.
Me and Go Ki Joon? The two of you should date.
- I came to tutor Da Hye.
- Go on in.
Thank you.
Did you come looking for this? I see you have absolutely no fear.
Seeing how you entered the president's study like this.
I guess you don't know how to stop.
Stopping doesn't suit me.
Let me just ask you one thing.
What is the reason you're doing this? Because of faith The faith that the politicians the citizens have elected into office will govern with a conscience.
The faith that the troops who were deployed to protect the country will be protected by the nation.
The faith that universities will create capable people for our next generation.
The faith that enterprise will grow along with its workers and their pains.
And, the faith of those 21 people waiting off the shores of Nampo, believing in their motherland's promise.
Protecting that faith is what I believe I need to do.
Operation Clean Sweep, I have not forgotten it even for a day in the last 28 years.
How much Jin Pyo must have been hurting, I know very well.
Take it.
During my time in government, it chronicles the illegal campaign funds I had no choice but to accept.
I will do as you wish.
I'd be grateful if you were the one to do this.
Yoon Sung.
For making you have to live like this, your father is sorry.
Are you really going to see this through to the end? It will be the hardest and most painful on you.
Do you have to do this? There's no one else to do it but me.
I have to do it.
[City Hunter.]
[The People Daily, Politics Bureau.]
Then, we shall start the vote on the 2011 Private School Amendment Bill.
- What is this? - A package.
The president was the leader of Operation Clean Sweep? What? What is this? off the shore of Nampo? Isn't this crazy? Let me see.
The president was the leader of Operation Clean Sweep? Can you believe this? Look, look.
These are the records of the president's political slush funds.
It's really detailed.
The assemblymen on this list were apparently given some sort of deal in return for passing the Private School Amendment Bill.
It's a scoop.
[Social Law Amendment Bill Passage, In Favor: 228, Opposed: 41, Abstained: 5.]
With this, I declare that the Private School Amendment Bill is hereby passed into law.
It's done.
It's finally done.
Does it make you that happy? Of course it does.
You said you put yourself through school, too, right? Right.
It should have been done a long time ago.
Come in.
Um, Mr.
Something terrible has come up.
[President Choi Eung Chan's Illegal Campaign Funds Exposed.]
President Choi Eung Chan, in the process of passing the Private School Amendment Bill, not only violated the separation of powers and shaken the lines of democracy, but also in his intent to conceal the past about Operation Clean Sweep, deceived our citizens.
And therefore, from this moment on, it has been judged this sort of president can no longer stand in the way of the leaders of this nation, and an impeachment motion has been made against President Choi Eung Chan.
The National Assembly has just made a motion for impeachment.
I'm sorry I was unable to protect you.
It's all right.
Actually, I feel much lighter now.
This is the way it has to be.
What is this? [City Hunter.]
[The 6 Assemblymen who received bribes.]
So, they received bribes in exchange for [for Private School Amendment Bill passage.]
voting for the Private School Amendment Bill.
Stand them up.
Take them in.
It has been brought to light that these Assemblymen were bribed by the president to vote on the passage of the Private School Amendment Bill.
They have been delivered along with evidence to the Public Prosecutor's Office.
Aigoo, I guess it will go to impeachment.
Harsh Well, I suppose the citizens must be feeling really betrayed.
Where are you going, Yoon Sung? Father will be coming.
Kim Na Na.
You're off duty tomorrow, right? For the time-being we're in an on-call emergency situation, so be ready to come to the villa at any moment.
Chief, I'm not off duty tomorrow.
You are off duty.
Maybe you're mistaken? No, I wrote it down in [7-Day Presidential Security Schedule.]
Hello? Rather than the citizen's judgment, you must receive my judgment.
If you don't want any more innocent people sacrificed, I hope you don't block me.
The meeting is in 2 hours.
Chief Park.
Before then, a very important guest will be coming to see me.
Please just let him pass without a body search.
Yes, Mr.
And, I'd like to be alone for a little bit.
But, I can't allow that.
Please, Chief Park.
I have some things to think about alone.
I'm here to see the president.
Yes, I've been told.
He's waiting inside.
Please go in.
You've come.
There is nothing left for you to do anymore.
This is not a place where you should be.
I told you I would stop you myself.
A revenge 28 years in coming, you cannot stop.
A cruel revenge where I must shoot my real father, if I did it, would I be able to go on well with my life? I, who had to point a gun at the woman I love do you think I'd be fine? A father who lost his leg for me, and I have to face off with him How do you think I feel? I wanted you to think of me just once, and stop.
I I just wanted to live an ordinary and happy life with you.
But It was all a dream.
If this is my destiny, I will end it with my own hand.
You can't! Stop! Stop now.
Yoon Sung, please stop now.
Please put down the gun.
I was waiting for you.
That life you promised me I came to collect it.
Agent Kim Na Na I'm sorry.
Take the president outside! Put down the gun.
Put down the gun! Don't move.
If you make any move, this person will die first.
I'm the sole survivor of Operation Clean Sweep, Lee Jin Pyo.
To take revenge for my comrades betrayed and killed by the motherland, I killed Lee Kyung Wan and Chun Jae Man with my own hands, dropped Kim Jong Shik from the overpass, and sent Seo Yong Hak to the Prosecutor's Office.
And, now, lastly, I'm going to kill Choi Eung Chan.
I am the City Hunter! Here, the very Café Latte made by Choi Da Hye.
Wow, it's pretty.
- You really seem like a barista now.
- Right? Unni, it must have been really hard on you when your father died.
You've got dark circles down to your chin.
Really? Put some concealer on, will you? - Hello! - Hi, Da Hye.
Na Na unni.
You came? Did you get everything sorted out for your father? Yes.
Well, that's how it turned out.
We're getting married.
I told you that you two looked good together.
Thank you.
But Na Na unni, since you quit, and Lee Yoon Sung isn't around anymore, the Blue House is really cold and empty.
You said that as long as I was around, you were always happy I guess that's why they say you have to be careful when you get married.
Take it.
Take it, Unni.
Da Hye.
Even if you can't come because you're busy, I'll send you the account number for the congratulatory gift money.
[Wishing you much health and happiness, Choi Eung Chan.]
Be happy, Eun Ha.
Um, Mother, when go to the US, let's not call the shop Madis, but the Delicious Korean Restaurant, and What does the former president say? That he was sorry and grateful, and wishes me to be happy.
You know, I, uh used to work in the galley on an ocean ship, as a chef.
World-renowned Korean cuisine total jackpot! Do you know how to say jackpot in English? Oh, Day-bock.
[In 1983, 21 brave soldiers went on a mission for their motherland and died with valor for their country.
The names we will proudly remember forever .]
[Lee Jin Pyo, Park Moo Yul.]
~ Thanks for watching City Hunter with us! ~ Main Translator: meju Special thanks for the lyrics in the series: lizzyd Spot Translator: ageosi Watch dramas legally at I can’t think of any words to say.
I never imagined I’d see your face again.
This dizzying feeling stays with me through the dark and solitary nights.
The traces of you left behind bring silent tears to my eyes.
Please tell me now, what did I do wrong? Please tell me now, is it because I'm lacking? I want you so badly, enough to make me crazy.
I’ve prayed all along for us to meet again.
I’m a shell of a person, more dead than alive.
So goodbye, don't cry, and smile.
The days filled with emotion, I'll entrust them all to you.
So goodbye, to the me who existed alone in the dark.
I need you.
I need your love again.
So goodbye, don't cry, and smile.
The days filled with emotion, I'll entrust them all to you.
So goodbye, to the me who existed alone in the dark.
Oh, it's all right.
Oh, it's all right.
The beatings of my heart for you never stop.
Oh, it's all right.
Please overlook my scars.
You're my ever love.
Oh, it's all right.