City on a Hill (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

High on the Looming Gallows Tree

Well, the Revere heist murders is an ongoing investigation, so I can't comment on the recovered bodies.
But what I can say is that the Boston FBI has a storied history of catching and convicting violent criminals.
And we are close to finding the monsters who murdered those three brave guards.
We will deliver justice to those grieving families.
- Bastard.
Have the bodies been identified? He's taking all the credit, like we don't exist.
What can you tell us about the suspects? [HANK.]
Once upon a time you said, "Jackie hasn't fucked us yet.
" Well, my friend, "yet" is now.
It's time for me to pay another visit to Sheik Sheehan.
And reconvene the grand jury? Jackie Rohr will not have the last fucking laugh.
If you have Michaela Freda's notebook in there somewhere, now would be a good time to put her reporting to use.
Well, the last thing I want to do is take a shot at Jackie Rohr before I'm ready.
I got to talk to some people first.
- I'm the king of the castle You're the dirty rascal Look a-there.
You're so tense.
Hey, you were never this tense before you went to Florida.
There's a lot of things going on making me tense.
I know.
Hey, I just want to help, Corie.
You know? I wanna I wanna lighten the load for ya.
Jimmy, I think that's going to make me even more tense.
Hey! Whoa.
Excuse me! Marie, on your butt right now! Guys, come on, would ya? Tony, Marie, you two know better than this.
What is going on in here? Where's Frankie? - Huh? - Huh? Where is Frankie? He's upstairs.
He's He's taking a shower.
Why? [CATHY.]
The FBI found the bodies, Frankie.
They found the guards.
Can you hand me a towel? This is all over the TV, for fuck's sake.
Did you not know? A towel, Cath.
You got nothing to worry about.
The guards are dead.
- They can't talk.
- You and I both know that's not true.
This is the FBI.
- They have tests.
- I'll take care of it.
You'll take care of it.
You're always saying that.
And I always do haven't I? Haven't I always taken care of it? Lylak.
I don't know what that means.
The three guards you killed.
I never killed anyone.
I don't think you killed them.
The guards.
You're not a killer.
You don't have the ability.
The guilt is eating you.
You probably only helped get rid of the bodies.
If you could have put me in Walpole you would have already.
You're right.
Look, you and I both know what this is.
I'm trying to scare you in the hopes that you'll tell me which of your friends actually had the stomach to kill those guards, and I know you won't talk.
But I have to give you a chance, because I don't want to go into that grand jury and watch you fuck up your life any worse, because that's the unfair part of this game for you.
I can make your life miserable, and all you can do is tell me to go fuck myself.
You know, I wish I hadn't called you a nigger.
I really wish I could take that back.
Oh? Yeah.
Because it'd feel so much better saying it right now.
I'll see you out on the stand.
What are you doing here? Just 'cause you're on TV, Mr.
Hotshot, don't mean you're welcome in this house.
I came to get some clothes, okay? I've been wearing the same fucking suit three days running.
You came to see Benny.
Where is she? Asleep.
And leave her be.
Do the decent thing for once in your selfish life.
Are you sure you don't want to come over? Matter of the Heart is due back tomorrow.
DJ, I can't.
Okay, no pressure.
But I'll see you next week, and we'll hit the library after class, okay? - All right.
Fucking work.
Fucking piece of garbage.
It's still fucking here.
Oh, fuck! Fuck! Stupid motherfucker.
Come on! Fuck.
Stupid piece-of-shit car.
Hey, you okay? Look, do you have someone you can call? My husband.
The bastard left me.
And now I am stuck in Brockton with this broken-down shit box, - and nobody to pick me up.
- Hey, it's going to be all right.
How about I give you a ride? Okay.
When my husband and I first met, you know, we'd go dancing at Zanzibar every weekend.
He'd do backflips for me.
Swear to God.
Yeah, he was so I don't know.
He was gallant.
And now what? No more backflips? [LAUGHS.]
Not for me, anyways.
Your husband, Johnny Johnny? - Jackie.
- Jackie.
What does What does Jackie do? FBI.
An FBI agent in Boston? Oh, shit.
That explains why he doesn't want to go dancing.
My God.
Well, no doubt he's seen a thing or two, you know? Well, Jackie doesn't really tell me about work, you know.
He says he can't.
But on his face, I don't know, he's got worries.
You know, we're riding this fucked-up merry-go-round.
You know, he can't tell me and then I can't help him.
I understand.
My husband didn't tell me that he was fucking the front desk girl at work.
- So - Oh, God, I am so sorry.
So, what does What does What does your husband not tell you? Does he disappear a lot? Well, like, you know, he said he went to Miami to rescue an informant.
A drug charge.
I only know because I packed his overnight bag.
Then again, do I really know where he went? Did he say where the informant got locked up, or give you a name? [JENNY.]
Twenty years with Jackie, spending time with his pals.
What are you doing? Cops have a way about them.
All right.
Come on, what What ? Get the fuck out of my car.
Were you aware that Kelly Kinicki was an informant? [SHEIK.]
I don't know.
There's rumors about everybody.
Might this rumor be the reason that Mr.
Kinicki disappeared? I don't know how else to say "I don't know.
" Hey, did you Did you hear rumors about bodies being dumped in the Mystic? Wait, Mr.
Ward, was Mr.
Kinicki's body dumped there like those guards on the news? What guards? [DECOURCY.]
Oh, the bodies of three guards were found chopped up, stuffed into barrels and dumped into the Mystic.
This happened after the January 8th armored car heist in Revere.
What were you doing on January 8th? Why, are you asking me for an alibi? [WOMAN.]
Do you have one? Lady, you remember what you were doing on January 8th? Because I don't.
Well, hey, how about I help you, you know, refresh your memory.
The log from your department shows that your work truck was checked out the morning of January 8th, and returned January 9th.
Right, okay.
January 8th, that was that was right after Suffolk Downs reopened.
Must have been the night we went to the track after work.
Okay, I see.
Only, that doesn't explain why your work truck went missing for 18 hours.
Where was your truck? [SHEIK.]
Well, I didn't get off work till late, so I drove the truck straight to the track.
They let a city truck park free, so I saved a few bucks.
There's no harm in that, right? [WOMAN.]
Why not return the vehicle after you were done at the track? This was my first time back at the races, and I admit I had a few too many.
So I did the responsible thing, left the truck in the parking lot for the night and brought it back to work the next day.
So you drove a city vehicle to the racetrack.
Got drunk, so drunk that you were incapable of driving it back at the proper time? Yeah.
So what? You do realize, Mr.
Sheehan, that what you did is a crime.
If that's a crime, you'd have to lock up everybody who worked for the DPW.
Not everybody.
Just you.
Where's Sheik? Is he getting ready to go home? I'm afraid your husband isn't going anywhere, Mrs.
- What? - Excuse me? - [MRS.
What happened? - He just admitted to misappropriation of government property.
He's looking at five years at Walpole.
Misappropriation of what? His DPW vehicle.
Look, you want Sheik home earlier than that? Tell him he needs to start being more open, more honest.
What do you really want, Ward? What are you after? If you're going to take that blood money, counselor, I'm going to make you work your ass off.
I'm on my way to ask Judge Tirone for a subpoena.
Tommy Hayes, I want you to bring him in for round two.
We got the bodies.
Tommy won't be as cute as he was last time.
So, uh, what's the latest on Sheik? Well, Cathy heard at the salon that he's in front of the grand jury today.
Oh, Christ.
Today's the day he could break.
Maybe we can pretend like we've been here before.
- Weren't dead bodies before.
- All right, all right, all right.
I think I think we should just get out of town for a while.
Ehh No.
That's the chickenshit thing to do.
- It's a Chelsea move.
- No, I'm just saying.
We get out of town.
By the time we come back, the whole fucking thing will have blown over.
If you're going to do something stupid, just tell us now so that we can bury you.
We're here to escort Thomas Hayes.
He ain't here.
Search, you don't believe me.
Okay, kids, get in the other room.
Let's go, come on.
He's required to appear in front of the grand jury.
Required, huh? You done? All right.
Well, if you want what's best for your husband, for your kids, you'll tell us where to find him.
What the fuck are you looking at? Where are you from? - Here.
- No, you ain't.
I'm from here.
Where the fuck are you from? [BABY CRIES.]
Ma'am, I don't think you understand the situation that your family is in.
Who are you pretending to be, huh? You going to come into my kitchen and talk to me about my family? - Who the fuck are you? - That's enough of that.
What do you think, you put your hair half up and drop your R's, and you're from here? All you're missing is the hoops.
You don't get to say that.
You don't get to say you're from here.
You don't even know what that means.
- You didn't earn that.
- You shut the fuck up.
You're a fucking clown.
- Mrs.
- Yeah, fuck you too, slim dick.
- All right? Yeah, yeah.
He ain't here, I told you.
Search if you want.
It won't make any difference.
Tommy ain't here.
He's left town.
Thank you.
Cathy, have you heard? Sheik's not coming home.
Five years.
He's facing five fucking years.
What's the bullshit charge, Tara? They're just trying to scare Sheik.
I'm scared, Cathy.
Five years.
We got him a lawyer.
He's good.
He's going to handle all the ins and outs.
Is there something else you need? More money, Cath.
Five hundred a week don't pay for spit.
How's another 50 bucks a week sound? Can you do 100? Christ, Tara.
I'm not the Bank of Boston over here.
Do you think I like begging? How would you feel? Frankie not coming home? Okay.
You're a saint, Cathy.
Hey, Tara.
What are you going to do? What are you going to do if Sheik goes to prison? He can't.
I need him back, Cathy.
Really? Do you, though? 'Cause the last fight you had, you ended up in the ER with a broken nose.
Look, maybe you use that money, you take those kids and you go on a vacation.
- Maybe you don't come back.
Sorry, I shouldn't be here, but you need to talk to Jackie for me.
Are you fucking kidding me? My baby needs a father.
You have a child.
You know what I mean.
Get in.
- [MAN.]
Todd set me up with Josh last February at the University Club, so we have you to thank.
Siobhan, Decourcy, thank you again for hosting our little group.
Oh, not little for long, all the great work you're doing.
The same can be said about you, pal.
Josh says you're single-handedly cleaning up Boston, gunning for the mayor's office.
Well, I don't know about all that.
Could be a great fit to have a strong, progressive black man in leadership, one who's tough on crime but also able and unafraid to host an event like this.
Ladies, gentlemen.
Our gracious host, Decourcy Ward, would like to say a few words.
- What? No, hold up.
- Come on down.
Come on.
Thank you, Josh, for the warning.
Uh You know, play me in, Rich.
You know, in the words of Bayard Rustin, we need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers.
- Especially now.
Especially here.
Unlike before, our communities have a reason to work together.
And Dr.
King's tactics were molded by Rustin.
An openly gay man who went to jail on a morals charge.
Now, as a lawyer, I'm familiar with hypocrisy.
There is the law, and then there's what's right.
My work with the St.
Clair Commission, cops abusing citizens for confessions without fearing any repercussions, it showed me exactly how far the system would go to protect what is legally allowed while ignoring what is just.
So I appreciate your struggle, as I know your community appreciates my community's struggles.
You know, together, I think that we can make the South End a home for all of us.
Knowing you have our backs gives us strength.
And I hope, eventually, the feeling becomes mutual.
So to causing a little trouble.
- Cheers.
Excellent speech.
Pizza man.
I'm so glad you came, pizza boy.
You're my hero.
Listen, I'm just a pizza man with a pizza with double cheese.
- I'm horny and I want to fuck.
Capisce? - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
It's open.
- Yeah, capisce.
You got it.
It's open.
About fucking time you got here.
Look, if you Jenny, hey.
- I I wasn't - For some reason, Jackie, that girl seems to think you're a good person.
What What are you talking Who? Yvette? Yeah.
Prove her wrong.
Show her the Jackie Rohr I know.
She's nuts, honey.
I can't control her.
Well, she showed up at my door again.
Yeah, you've been a prick to me for 20 years.
Now go be a prick to that slant-eyed bitch and get her the fuck out of my life.
I will, I promise you.
Hey, you in some kind of trouble? Me? What? No, no.
Not any more than usual.
Why? Today some woman, you know, says her car broke down.
- Her husband left her - [DOOR OPENS.]
Sorry I'm late.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Good luck.
Hmm, she's cute.
- Fuck me.
Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night, sir.
That was quite the preview, Decourcy for your campaign speech.
I was I was just vamping.
Nothing more.
Josh said he's going to talk to the party leaders about where you'd fit in the next election cycle.
Running for office takes time and money, and time raising money.
Well, the South End is teeming with new and gentrified cash.
All you'd have to do is keep Excalibur shining.
Yeah, well, tomorrow I'm going to go to a woman's home and threaten to destroy her family if her husband doesn't tell me what I want to hear.
And the people I'm going to ask her to betray are probably her cousins, people she's known her whole life.
So Decourcy, you have a gift, and an opportunity, and an obligation to put them both to good use.
Whatever you do, don't run for mayor.
Mayor of Boston is a dead end for anyone's political career.
Set your sights higher.
You too.
Governor Ward.
That sounds pretty good.
Good night, all.
Well, you've been awfully quiet.
You agree with them? That's enough politics for one night.
Get me out of this damn dress.
Can't sleep? Yeah, me neither.
You mind? Sure.
Did you hear they're tearing down Deer Island Prison? They're going to build a water treatment plant.
Old Mother Hubbard was jailed there.
"Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get her poor dog a bone.
And when she got there, the cupboard was bare.
" My father used to say that nursery rhyme to me.
And then he ended up in Deer Island Prison, just like her.
That must have been hard.
I spent my whole life running from him from Charlestown.
Yet you came back.
The devil you know.
You know? Tell her I put Yvette on a plane, never to be seen again.
He took care of the dragon lady.
She'll never come back.
I'm coming over to see Bennie.
Oh, she's not here, asshole.
She's got a session at that rehab place.
Jenny's about to go pick her up.
Wait, no, see, actually Nice, Ma.
Now I got to beat traffic and get there before he does.
It's hard for me to remember which of you is the good parent and which is the bad.
You and I both know that him taking the work trucks to the track is a lie.
I don't know.
I got no part in this.
I'm his wife, that's all.
Look, Mrs.
Sheehan, you seem like a good person.
And because of that, this is difficult for you.
So I'll I'll just be on the level, hmm? We've been keeping an eye on your finances.
Now, since your husband's been in custody, you've been depositing exactly $500 every Thursday.
Now, you don't have a job.
Sheik obviously isn't earning any money in jail.
You mind telling me where the money's coming from? My parents.
They're giving me some.
Parents? Oh.
The parents.
The ones on food stamps with even less in the bank than you? I gamble.
Clearly we're getting nowhere.
Thank you for your time.
You're not listening to me, Mr.
I gamble.
Oh, sir, hey, excuse me.
Anyone ever tell you that you look just like Sophia Loren? All the time.
Who are you here to see? - My daughter.
- Name? Rohr.
Benedetta Rohr.
- And you are? - I'm her father.
Name's Jackie.
Jackie Rohr.
I'm not seeing you on the parental list.
It's John, officially.
Plus, I'm fucking FBI, so Wow.
I still can't let you enter.
We have very strict rules for very good reasons.
Okay, you have rules so that you can keep bad guys out.
But, see, I'm one of the good guys.
But that could change very quickly, Grace.
Are you threatening me? Is that a threat? Honey, you know exactly what this is.
Now, let me through.
I can't do that, sir.
- Please just leave.
- Or else what? - What? - [GRACE.]
Or else I'll call security.
Call security? Call whoever the fuck you want! Jackie, Jackie, how is this helping Benny? My name is not on this list.
Where's my fucking name? I'm her father for fuck's sake! Oh, yeah? You're her father, huh? Then start behaving like one.
Or just go away.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't even know there were Iranian restaurants in Boston.
Well, that's because you're gastronomically illiterate.
You think Howard Johnson is fine dining.
You speak Arab? Persian.
So I put out a BOLO across the northeast for Tommy Hayes.
You finish making contact with those other places? Erie, Sullivan, Ogemaw counties.
Everywhere Hayes has a past or Family ties.
Now we wait.
Now we eat.
What about Jackie's wife? She say anything worth listening to? Yeah.
Jackie went down to Florida to bail out some CI.
It might be that Clay Roach.
The one Michaela interviewed.
I'm going to go to Bromley Heath later to find him.
I'm happy to tag along while we wait for news on Tommy Hayes.
What? The wife.
She was right.
I'm not from there.
I'm from here.
Hey, yo, Decourcy.
How did things go with Sheik's wife? Oh, pure joy.
I need you to follow a crumb she threw me.
You know any bookies? One that might be connected to Kinicki, Hayes or Sheehan? I'm not a betting man, but I can ask around, sure.
All right.
Hey, be sure to try that.
- There you are.
Daddy! Let's see those muscles.
You guys want to go on an adventure? Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Look out for cars.
Hold hands.
What are those? They call those the Five Sisters.
They're breakwaters.
What are breakwaters, Daddy? Well, you see, when there's a big storm, huge waves come rolling in.
One rolled through right now, you, you, me, our car would be washed right out to sea.
- Cool.
- Even that house? That house? That house would be a billion little pieces.
And that's why they built the breakwater, to break the water.
To take the hit so that you don't have to.
Where do you think that plane came from? I don't know.
Maybe France, huh? Or Japan.
The world is a big big place.
It's a lot bigger than Charlestown.
My wish for you what your mother and I really want is for yous three to grow up together.
To look after one another.
Go see the world.
But I don't want to leave.
What do you know, dummy? Huh? You never been anywhere.
You can always come home to me and your mother.
You guys always have a home here.
No matter what.
I'm not under arrest? Why am I here? You're a bookie, I'm a state trooper.
I investigate.
You're investigating me? Come on.
Well, it depends on how you answer my first question.
Answer honestly, you go home.
You don't, you don't.
- Have a seat? - I'm good.
You ever take a bet from Sheik Sheehan or his wife Tara? Nope.
I haven't even heard of them.
Tell me about the other bookies.
You guys get along? We stay out of each other's way.
Which ones don't? Uh Well, Vito Lupo.
But word on the street is he's retired.
Anyone else? Richie Ryan.
Lousy Charlestown mick fuck.
He owes me 400 bucks.
- Roach? - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
You're not in trouble, all right? I-I-I just want to ask you a few questions.
He went out.
Um Roach? Are you sure? Yup.
I spent quite a bit of time at the peephole, you know.
Any idea where he is? Can't imagine.
Has Roach left town in the last few weeks? To Florida, maybe? Kid was gone for a bit.
Could have been in Florida.
Could have been in jail.
Could have just been nodding out in some basement junkie shithole, you know? Hey, I need a favor.
Think you can make some calls quietly? See if a guy from your Boston office, Jackie Rohr, sprung a CI out of Miami-Dade lockup.
Might be named, uh, Clay Roach.
Two, maybe three weeks ago.
Yeah, real quiet.
Jackie Rohr's got big ears.
Big ears, tiny pecker.
Any word on Tommy Hayes? Still waiting.
And you? You figure out which bookies know Sheik's wife? Where's Decourcy? So when Tara Sheehan said she was gambling, she was pointing you to Richard Ryan, local bookie, been around since Ike was president.
He's the father of Frances and James Ryan, two typical townie rim jobs.
The Ryan brothers.
They dirty? Well, Frances seems to have kept his nose pretty clean, but James, he's a national treasure.
Remember how after the Kinicki disappearance, Sheik went on that two-year bender? - Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
The younger Ryan brother was his drinking buddy.
Got booked together three times in '89 for public intox.
James Ryan, huh? And here's the other curious thing.
Most of his file is sealed.
Meaning maybe he's an informant.
For who? Not the state.
Not the BPD.
Not Suffolk County.
Leaving our friends at the FBI.
James Ryan.
Tail him.
But don't bring him in yet.
Just keep an eye on him.
If he is working with the FBI, let's hope he shows us who.
Hey, Beth, how you doing? Whiskey.
Fucking Bird.
Shitty way to go out, huh? Limping.
How old are you, Brian? What the fuck do you care? Is that how you want to go out? Thanks.
Limping? Depositors Trust.
Yeah? I hear three cops got busted for that.
Cops robbing a bank.
You don't think they caught all of them, do you? You remember Irish Red Kelley? The Plymouth Mail robbery.
You have any idea how much he got away with those five years they were trying to catch him for that job? Hmm.
What's your fucking point? Depositors Trust.
Red Kelley.
The police, they never caught on because the people that pulled off those jobs are the same people they never fucking suspected - in the first place.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you asking what I think you're asking me right now? [KEYS RATTLE.]
It's hard to feel bad for Bird.
I mean, he's limping away with $26 million.
I wanted to see you so we could talk bail package.
You are coming to me to help my client? What do you want? I want you, Mr.
Moore, to drop a name in open court.
Say that your client is being held on the word of a top echelon informant.
The CI's file is sealed, so only a judge can open it.
Pre-trial hearing, you argue for discovery.
Say you need access.
Meaning you need access.
Either way, your client goes home.
All you got to do is say "James Ryan.
" So Sheik gets what he wants, you get what you want.
What about me? I break the law to help you? Why? You tell me why, counselor.
No, thanks.
I represent 15 Sheik Sheehans.
This one stays in jail.
I still sleep at night in my bed.
Nice try.
So how are you settling in then, Reverend Hanlon? Not bad, not bad.
Feels good to be back in the old neighborhood.
We are glad you're here, after what we've been dealing with.
What did I miss, ladies? Come in, Captain Lewis.
How many times I got to tell you, Shirley, call me Shag.
It's good to see you too, Siobhan.
What's wrong? Hmm.
Normally, I wouldn't say anything.
But if we can't be truthful with each other, we can't expect the community to be either.
I don't know how I can trust you.
Not after Reverend Fields.
Fields acted inappropriately.
He did.
Still, the way you went about exposing him Was best for the community.
I have my reservations, concerns, working with you.
I understand.
But I'm sure you'll come around, like Decourcy did.
These goddamn elevators take forever.
Long time no see.
Oh, I've seen you on TV, commenting without commenting about the Revere Beach heist.
Might as well have given the case files to the killers.
Well, as usual, you're not seeing the big picture.
The vast panorama.
Oh, I am.
I am.
See, you're pissed at me because I didn't do what you wanted.
And now you're willing to fuck up this case to school my ass.
We had an agreement, you and me.
Focus on the heist.
The guards thaw the Kinicki case, pump the grand jury.
But you, you wander off like some kid that hears the fucking ice-cream truck to chase guns in Roxbury, and what do you get? You get shit on your shoes.
So you want to listen to me, do what it was that we agreed to, fine, I'm happy to be of service.
But you want an ice-cream sandwich, go fuck yourself.
Good night, Uncle Jimmy.
Good night, Aunt Corie.
Good night.
So you decided, huh? You decided you want to do another job? Hey, keep your voice down.
You're going to wake up the kids, Cathy.
Maybe your kids come in here, you'll realize exactly what you have to lose.
Maybe then you'll smarten up.
You'll actually think about this.
All I do is think about it.
About you and the kids.
The bills.
About Ma and Jimmy and Sheik and Tommy and their wives, their kids.
Jimmy, get away from there.
The FBI's got the bodies.
There is a grand jury on.
And you want to do another job? And with half your normal crew? Cathy this is our way out.
Not only do we get enough cash to breathe a little bit, but here's the plan.
We're going to frame another crew for this heist.
And that'll throw the FBI off our trail for the Revere job.
So that's it, huh? You go tomorrow? Not one extra day? I got to work on Monday, Jimmy.
You got to work? Yeah.
And you wouldn't know it, but taking two kids to the airport, keeping them quiet on the plane, it's a bitch.
How How Come here.
How about I go with you? All right? Sit down, sit down.
And we can drive.
I'll drive.
The whole way.
And then I'll come back [SIGHS.]
the very next day.
- But, Jimmy - Hey, Corie.
I promise, okay? Jimmy - Jimmy - I love you, Corie.
I love you.
- Get a condom.
- What? - Get a condom.
- It's fine.
I haven't been with anybody.
Well, I have.
I don't care.
I want to run away with you.
Jimmy - Jimmy - What? What, Corie? What? I haven't just been with somebody else.
I'm with someone.
Leave him.
Corie, I'm telling you, we can make this work.
- You're not following me.
- I am following you.
Jimmy, I'm engaged.
You're engaged? Yeah.
To who? Huh? What the fuck? Me and the girls, we're going We're going to be moving in with him.
You're marrying this guy? Who the fuck is he, huh? Are you fucking with me? Are you fucking with me? Where's your fucking ring? Where's the fucking rock? You're fucking with me.
Jimmy, you kept pushing me.
You just kept pushing me and pushing me, and Why couldn't you just shut up and fuck me? Why you got to keep pushing me all the time, always? You're always pushing me.
Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you before I got here, but you said we wouldn't see you.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck! [SIGHS.]
Another day goes by Still the children cry Put a little love in your heart If you want the world to know - We won't let hatred grow - [INDISTINCT CHATTERING.]
Put a little love in your heart And the world will be a better place - All the world will be a better place - [SNIFFLES AND GRUNTS.]
- For you - For you - And me - And me - You just wait - Just wait And see wait and see - Whoa.
- Hey, hey.
Fuck, you know what? I'm sorry, bro.
- What the fuck you want, huh? [GLASS SHATTERS.]
Come on, you piece of shit! [YELLS.]
Oh, fuck! What the fuck? [GRUNTING.]
Fuck this.
Decourcy said to wait.
Piece of shit! Fuck you! - For you - For you - And me - And me - You just wait - Just wait [GRUNTING AND MUTTERING.]
Put a little love in your heart In your heart, oh, baby Put a little love in your heart You've got to Put a little love in your heart Come on and Put a little love in your heart - [PHONE LINE RINGING.]
- [SPITS.]
Hey, it's me.
Uh I-I-I got to talk to you.
Can you Can you meet up? [TURNS ENGINE OFF.]
Jesus, kid, what the fuck happened to your face? What happened? What happens? - I'm a killer, Jackie.
- What? I'm a killer.
I killed them.
Who did you kill? The bank guards.
All three of them.
Yeah? You killed them how? I shot them.
You shot them? With what? With what? [SCOFFS AND LAUGHS.]
Jesus, with a fucking gun.
What kind of gun? .
30-06? Bullshit.
Why the fuck are you doing this, huh? Because I did it, Jackie, okay? I killed them.
I'm a killer.
Who are you trying to protect, Jimmy? Nobody.
You You just got to take Take your fucking hands off of me! What the fuck's the matter with you? [PANTING.]
I'm a killer.
I killed them.
Take me in.
Take your own self in.
I got my own shit to deal with, all right? Fucking Fuck.
Waste of my time.
Jackie Rohr and James Ryan.
One plus one equals two piles of shit.
Decourcy will be thrilled.
So we gotta thank God Dishing out the plastic Do the dance till you spastic If you dis It gets drastic Listen to the rhymes It's time to make gravy If it moves your booty Then shake, shake it, baby All the way to Africa A.
the motherland Stick out the left Then I'll ask For the other hand That's the right hand Black man Only if you was noted As my man [KEYS JINGLE.]
Babe we got a big break in the case.
Were you and Captain Lewis working together behind my back to get Reverend Fields ousted? Did you know about every single one of those women and not tell me? I I knew what was going on, yes.
But, Siobhan, Shag was in control.
That's your excuse.
I was trying.
You lied to me.
You lied and manipulated me.
- No, baby, baby - You embarrassed me.
The partners scolded me, sat me down, talked to me like a five-year-old.
And I found out the whole time, you were a part of the plan? You pretended to be on my side, and the whole time you were undermining me.
Because I was right.
And I knew it was right.
And you know I was right now too.
You're not right, Decourcy.
I'm your wife.
This is about being partners, standing together.
Oh, were you standing next to me when Fields called me a house nigger? Hmm? S-Siobhan.
Look you believe passionately in a cause.
And I love that.
But sometimes you can turn a blind eye to what's really happening.
You're the one who's blind, Decourcy.
You don't see who you've become.
Well, the DA don't have him, and neither does the FBI.
You think it's smart doing a job where no one knows where Tommy is? - Who he's talking to? - You're nervous.
Don't fucking look at me like that.
He's not talking.
- [BRIAN.]
- Yeah? Are you all right? I'm fine.
Jesus fucking Christ.
Whose idea was this job, huh? Mine.
Well, do we move forward as planned? [BRIAN.]
Fall River? [JIMMY.]
Wholesale on Fall River.
There's been a lot of trouble with this kind of thing in Providence recently.
Providence PD found a hair sample at the last robbery.
So we hit the truck, we leave the sample, we get the fuck out of there.
Boston PD goes after another crew.
Looks like nigger hair.
- What? - [JIMMY.]
Be honest.
You got that at Nazzarin's mother's house.
Yeah, fuck you.
Fell off a barstool, huh? Huh? Whiskey and gravity don't mix, right? I asked the doctors at St.
You know, Sue Stanton, my cousin Emery.
But they all said there are better places outside of Boston - to send Benny for help.
- Send her away.
Yeah, this place in Vermont.
You're asking, how can we help Benny? The answer is, we need to get her to talk to us so we can find the scum fuck that did this to her.
No, it's not that simple, Jackie.
Look, what happened to her makes her feel shame.
Real shame.
Deep shame.
You know, it makes her feel shitty inside, like like trash.
Like a like a piece of meat to be thrown away.
- She said all this to you? - Yeah.
- In her own way, yeah.
- Did she say how she got there? Who brought her there? Some boy.
You know, it made her feel like she Some boy? What boy? I don't know.
Uh, Clay.
Clay, she said.
Are those new drapes? I just noticed that.
Jackie, what ? Where are you going? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
What the fuck, Jackie? Can you believe that Arthur Ashe got the bug? Goes in for surgery and the doctors pump him full of fucking AIDS blood? What the hell are you talking about? I don't know, it just doesn't seem fair, is all.
He's the greatest tennis player ever.
He's a stand-up guy.
Family man.
Doesn't even get to fuck anybody in the ass.
Still gets a fucking death sentence.
I mean, that's [INHALES.]
Some people, though, you know Some people deserve what comes to 'em.
Let me ask you a question.
What happened to you? I mean, how did you get so fucked in the head that you would screw with an innocent little girl? No, Jackie.
You're wrong.
- You got the story all wrong - Did you fuck with my daughter because I fucked with you? [CLEARS THROAT AND SNIFFLES.]
I did.
And she loved my cock in her mouth.
Put a little love in your heart [SNIFFLES.]
If you want the world to know We won't let hatred grow Put a little love in your heart - And the world - And the world Will be a better place - All the world - And the world Will be a better place - For you - For you - And me - And me - You just wait - Just wait And see wait and see Take a good look around And if you're looking down Put a little love in your heart I hope when you decide Kindness will be your guide Put a little love in your heart - And the world - And the world