Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

The Goodbye at the End of Summer

1 Watch out, Tomoya-kun! Are you all right, Tomoya-kun? Yeah.
I spaced out there for a second.
Don't be looking up at the sky! We're sorry! It's not my fault if you get hurt! Dad's at bat.
I want you to cheer for him, too.
Akio-san, fight! This home run is Sanae! This one's for you! He did it! You're amazing, Dad! You see that?! Hey.
We're gonna go play baseball.
Go ahead.
Don't give me that! There's another game next Sunday, so I'm telling you to go get a team together.
You never did.
We're up against the neighboring shopping district team.
They're the rival of our shopping district team.
Dad's part of the adult team, too.
Note: Koshien is the Japanese national highschool baseball tournament.
But they've recently recruited a former Koshien player.
Thanks to that, we're on a losing streak against them.
We're pathetic.
So that's why the neighbors do not look as cheerful as they normally are.
To liven up our town, we've got to win the next match no matter what.
I don't care if the entire team's made up of helpers.
What's most important is to reverse this course.
So why do I have to be a part of this? Nagisa, could you pass me the soy sauce? Second semester starts for you guys today.
You've got your buddies in the school theater club.
From the moment I saw the teamwork you guys showed at the School Festival, I've been wanting to play baseball with you guys.
If you're Nagisa's boyfriend, then be nice to the daddy, too.
Hey! You know my right shoulder's injured! You lit the fire in my heart! Like the fireball! That made no sense.
We might be able to make a miracle.
The second semester has started.
I'm still living at Nagisa's place.
As a senior in high school, we should be starting to decide our futures.
But I still don't have a clue about my future.
I'm in! It sounds fun! Having Kyou-chan on the team will make us invincible.
To draft this Sunohara Youhei Nagisa-chan's father knows how to pick 'em.
He has high hopes for your prodigy-like athleticism.
I see.
So talent seems to pour out even when you're trying to hide it.
He's as easy to manipulate as usual.
What did you just say?! I was just joking with you! You're a super prodigy and super athletic, and super-slim so super-safe at night, too.
Note: Okazaki is making a reference to the commercial tag line for menstrual pads Damn right I am! Tomoya-kun.
I want to try playing baseball, too.
Do you know the rules, Kotomi? I watched you and Tomoyo-chan having a match against the Baseball Team.
It looked like lots of fun.
You were watching that? What about you, Ryou? I-I'll cheer from the side.
I don't have confidence in sports.
I'll do my best at cheering, too.
Good luck, Tomoya-kun.
What? You guys are looking more and more like a couple now.
You think so? What do you want, calling me to a place like this? Sunohara wants to do something perverted to you.
I guess there wasn't a need to test Tomoyo's athleticism.
Am I a measurement tool?! What is this about? It's amazing that even Tomoyo-san's joining.
I haven't decided to, yet.
I said I would if Misae-san would, too.
Misae-san looks like she has good athleticism, so we've got to talk her into it.
I've known her for a long time, so it'll work if I ask her to join.
It's Yoshino Yusuke-san.
Ah, from the wedding some time ago.
Let's invite him, too.
Hey, Yoshino-san! It looks like he didn't hear you.
Let's start a Yoshino call.
Yoshino call? Like calling for an encore at concerts.
Then I bet he'll remember the days he was a musician and answer us.
Ready? YOSHINO! YOSHINO! YOSHINO! Louder! What kind of harassment is this?! I can't.
I have work on Sunday.
I see It's nothing personal.
See you.
Wait! Tomoya-kun.
I don't think you should push it.
He Sunohara looks up to you.
His house is up north, so when he graduates, he probably won't ever come back to this town.
So he wants to create a memory with the man he looks up to, you, Yoshino-san, before he departs.
Who knew he felt such a way.
I had no idea.
Okazaki You were that considerate of me? You guys shouldn't cry over it.
I see.
Sorry for being so thoughtless.
Then! Yeah.
I'll try to make some time.
What do you all want with me? Let's play baseball! No.
It looks like it's better for you to stay quiet.
Why? Misae-san, could you hear us out? You still need something? Let's play base- You keep your mouth shut.
Oh, Sakagami-san.
Are you here to ask questions about the student council again? Not today.
We wish to play baseball with you.
Baseball? Yes.
You're my goal.
And I want to be your rival, as well.
If we can fight through sports, I'm sure there is much that I can learn from you.
Could you come play with us? I can't say no when I see those eyes.
We managed to get nine people.
Didn't think the last person would be Mei-chan.
I wonder if she'll really come.
Let's have your father come, too.
Let's have him see you working hard.
I want to properly meet your father, too.
Maybe next time.
Yeah? Tomoya-kun! Please wait! I-I-I-It really is Yoshino Yusuke-san! I'm glad you were able to get here in time.
When I told her she could meet Yoshino Yusuke, she came flying over on an overnight bus.
I remember you well, Sagara-san.
You always stood out.
Thank you for your guidance during those days.
Looks like you're getting along well.
Thanks for your concern.
Misae-san and Yoshino-san all knew each other? Looks like it.
Bring it in, everyone! Thank you all for coming today.
It's my honor to have you all.
But it's pointless if we lose.
Anyone who screws up will have to eat Sanae's bread.
Play like you mean it! What does he mean by Sanae's bread? It's better that you don't know.
The game's starting! Do your best, Onee-chan.
Good luck, Yu-kun.
Everyone, fight.
Puhi puhi.
To challenge us with a slapped-together team like this You've lost your wits.
I'm not sure about that.
This might turn out to be the most entertaining team.
Strike! It's fast.
Your brother's the only person who can catch a pitch like that amongst us.
My hand's gonna die! No one cares about your hand, so make sure you catch it.
Aren't you too harsh?! Three up and three down.
It's a nice start.
Hey, was he a lefty hitter? I bet he's thinking the left batter's box is closer to first base.
Faked a swing and bunted instead And a pop up, too.
So lame.
That's a horrible start for us.
You're a pox on the team.
We're up against a Koshien-level pitcher! Can you hit it?! Let me show you.
Pretty good.
How's that? Let me hit third! Do you not know the rules? Let's get three runs, shall we? Akio-san, fight! Hey! Why don't you face me?! We have one out and the bases loaded.
We're counting on you, Tomoyo.
It's my first time being the batter.
Switch the grip.
Is this right? Widen your stance and lower your center of mass.
When you hit, you run to first base.
Strike! Tomoyo! Don't swing at anything that's not in this zone.
Tomoyo-san! Fight! Take that, you guys! That's impossible Sorry.
I made us lose the ball.
It's fine! Go take your lap! He looks really strong.
Can't expect less from a former Koshien player.
Are you all right? Old man! I'm sorry.
Are you all right? You did that on purpose, didn't you? N-No, it was an accident.
What do you want to do now? Do you want to borrow a player from us? Don't be a fool! That'd make this game pointless.
For the sake of this town, we can't lose.
Pitcher change.
Relief pitcher! Furukawa Nagisa! Will Nagisa-chan be all right? When a person with good athleticism pitches, they're more prone to getting hit.
On the other hand, a slow, arcing ball thrown by a bad pitcher is harder to hit.
Nagisa! Fight! Puhi puhi! Nagisa, take it easy! Even if you get hit, we're here to cover you.
Thank you very much.
Come on, Nagisa-chan! Tomoyo! Out! I managed to hold on for the inning thanks to everyone.
It's nothing to worry about.
That's what we're there for.
Okazaki! Make sure to get on base before me! Don't ask for the impossible from a person with a bad shoulder.
Strike! Batter out! Probability of the first ball being on a low-inside trajectory: 62%.
Length of the bat: 800mm.
Diameter of the ball: 70mm.
Incorporate my arm length, range of motion, and the speed of the ball into the calculation, then I'm sure I can hit it.
An accidental hit.
Kotomi, run! Safe! I did it! I'm up next.
Time to go get my name tarnished.
That's a horrible time.
Out! Are you an idiot? Kotomi was on the base and you totally wasted it.
You suck, Sunohara.
So lame Indeed the time to tarnish your name.
No outs, runner at third.
Another moment of truth.
You can do it, Nagisa-chan! It's going to right! I caught it! Kotomi! Throw it back home! Hurry! Throw it! I'm sorry.
I forgot about the tag up.
Don't worry.
You limited us to giving up only one run.
You did fine.
We just have to get it back.
Swing away! Our girls are amazing.
They're getting one hit after another off a former Koshien pitcher.
It's no outs with runners on first and third! Who's up next? Oh yeah, it's you.
A squeeze will do.
S-quiz? What kind of quiz is that? Don't worry and swing with all your might! Strike! Batter out! I'm sorry.
Who cares? It's our slugger, Tomo-pyon, next.
Don't give me a strange nickname.
Tomoyo-san, hit another home run for us please.
Don't want to.
I want to hit a small clean hit like a girl.
Fight! It's hard to hit a girl-like hit.
Okazaki-san! The best I can do with this shoulder is Good luck! Out.
Not my kind of play.
But not a bad tactic.
You've fallen to the pits.
It's better than ending up in a double play like someone.
That's not true! If you're a man, you've got to challenge things! Nice one, Misae-chan! Don't call me that! That's the way I like it.
Yoshino-san, good luck.
Strike! I couldn't contribute to any plays so far, but for the sake of the kids here, I will hit.
Strike! Fight! Here's my gift to all of you! So this scene still exists, eh? Children.
This is the best gift I can give you right now.
A gift without form called memory.
I don't have money.
I can't buy you anything with form.
Even so- Out! He really hasn't changed.
Sorry about that.
They've finally turned the tables around.
Fight, everyone.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault, Nagisa-chan.
They're just too strong.
It was off your wild throw that the last run advanced.
Before that, you made the wrong play.
It was also you who missed the pop fly and let the runner who scored the fifth run reach base.
I locked up.
One down Nagisa, go on.
Calm down, Nagisa-san.
Concentrate, Nagisa-chan.
Swing as hard as you can.
Relax, relax.
Don't worry about getting out.
Swing hard so you won't regret anything.
So I won't regret I did it! Good! Now that's my daughter! I'll hit it as hard as I can! Can't do anything about that one.
It was unlucky.
Am I smiling right now? No, not at all.
Sorry for being like this Sorry for being so pathetic Sorry for being this kind of memory But! I will smile in the end! Good luck, Yu-kun! Here's my gift to you all! All right, we have two runners on base.
This is the best gift! Time out.
This is the best gift I can give you right now.
A gift without form called memory.
I don't have money.
I can't buy you anything with form.
Even so, even without form, a memory will last forever! I believe that it will.
Um Are you done? Yeah, thanks.
Good job, Yu-kun.
I'm touched by your words, Yoshino-san! Hey brat.
It's two outs, bases loaded.
You can't go for a squeeze.
Everything's up to you now.
But my shoulder is Okazaki-san! Fight.
You'd better let Nagisa step on home plate.
Please give it your best, Okazaki-kun.
You can hit it, Okazaki.
Good luck, Tomoya-kun.
Bring the win back to this town.
May I come visit your home again? Sure.
Come any time you like.
Sorry for the wait! Eat all you like.
It looks very, very good.
Puhi puhi! I've been wondering all this time, but who is she? Nagisa-chan's sister? Something like that.
Babe sisters, eh? Nagisa-san.
I have a favor to ask.
Yes? Um That seriously felt good.
This has got to be the strongest possible team.
You looked really good out there.
Let's play another game with these members! If it's for the cause of making memories, call me anytime.
Let's get this started.
To celebrate the Furukawa Bakers' victory.
Cheers! Run! Yes! Sunohara-san.
Do you have a goal or something you want to do? I've never thought about it.
I can't go to college, so I'll find a job and work.
Well, if I had a level-headed girlfriend, too, I bet my sister would rest easier.
That's it! Good luck, Sunohara-san.