Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Disagreeing Hearts

1 I'm Isogai Sanako, 17 years old.
Your brother always takes good care of me.
Have we met somewhere before? It is a small city, so we may have passed each other on the road.
You're really beautiful.
Thank you very much.
You're so beautiful, yet Yet Onii-chan has I feel sorry for you! What's that supposed to mean?! Good.
Mei-chan didn't figure out that she's Sanae-san.
Get off! Get off of her! Please, I'm begging you, so get off of her.
I'm surprised, too.
I couldn't tell she was my mom for a moment.
Hey, there's a ghost right here.
I'll tell our mom! I still think I've met her somewhere before.
It's your imagination.
Where do you think Sunohara-san is headed to? Maybe some food to start out? But does he know any classy restaurants? Hey Nagisa.
Do you remember what's around here? No I'm sorry, I can't remember.
Would you be hungry at all? Yes, a little.
Then there's a place I go to a lot.
How about we start by filling our stomachs? That sounds good.
Take me there.
This is the place I visit regularly.
It's a really nice place.
Onii-chan My recommendation is the pork cutlet bowl.
I eat it like three times a day.
It's an expensive store, so average students stay away from here.
You regularly eat here? And only pork cutlet bowls? Someone like me can.
It's ready.
Yay! Itadakimasu! Thank you for the food.
It was delicious! But the flavoring tasted familiar.
Eating only pork cutlet bowls is an unbalanced diet.
Please try cooking for yourself from now on.
Yes! You're really kind, Sanako-san.
You're so kind, yet Onii-chan has I feel sorry for you! Would you stop that?! Where could they be going next? I bet to a movie or shopping.
One of those standard activities.
Who would want to be taken to an arcade right off the bat, right? This is horrible.
Sunohara-san's really into it.
What's wrong with this thing? I bet it's broken.
You can't do that, Youhei-kun.
Let's get out of this place.
Let's go to a CD store next.
His taste in music is It's horrible.
Look, I found it.
It's my favorite group.
Thank you very much.
He's completely hopeless today.
It's getting a little dark.
The night's just starting.
Let's go to a place that has some great scenery! He still wants to take her around? Shouldn't Sanae-san head home soon? Yes.
We need to start preparing dinner.
No! You're in the way.
We can't play, you know? I'm not moving.
I said get off! You're in the way.
Does it bother you? Yes.
I'll go stop them.
Please wait.
I'll go stop them.
What's the big deal? But That's nothing.
Kids grow up through fighting.
Onii-chan Hey! Don't pick on my sister! Looks like the matter's settled.
Shall we move on? But um Something looks wrong.
Would you wait here for a moment? It seems they left home on an errand but got lost.
While the brother was looking for the way home, the sister was bullied by those boys.
Lost children, eh? I want to find their house for them.
It's fine.
They'll find their own way home.
Onii-chan! Come on now We should ask their names first.
You're right.
What are your names? She has a name tag on her clothes.
Great! There's an address written on the back, too.
This isn't far from here.
Shall we go? Aren't you glad you can go home? I'm glad it was closer than expected.
Their parents looked really happy.
Why don't you stop with the attitude and come up here? Are you upset with me, Youhei-kun? No.
I don't care.
It was our date.
Onii-chan, you're still saying something like that?! Youhei-kun.
Please don't be so upset.
If you don't mind, I'd like to see you again.
Really?! It makes me happy that you feel the time we spend together is so important.
But at times, there are things that are more important.
Please don't lose sight of that.
O-Okay! Hello, Okazaki.
And a toilet seat cover.
You sound really cheerful.
Let's go get food.
Oh, and a toilet seat cover.
I'll only get food, thanks.
I'll have a pork cutlet bowl.
And a toilet seat cover.
You'll upset your stomach.
Oh, but Sanae-san told me to watch my diet, didn't she? And a toilet seat cover.
Mei-chan was worried about you last night, too.
She said you didn't change despite finding such a nice girlfriend.
Yeah, I should think things over for Sanae-san's sake, too, like my future.
And a toilet seat cover.
You're thinking about such a thing for Sanae-san? When I was a kid, I had so many things I wanted to become.
A soccer player.
A pilot.
So cool! A teacher.
Stunning! And a toilet seat cover! They all sound difficult to become.
I can't keep doing it! Just adding "and a toilet seat cover" at the end ruins any kind of serious talk! Then quit doing it.
You're the one who told me to do it! I did? Well, I won't get mad at you today.
A guy in love has a forgiving heart.
You're in a really good mood, aren't you? Of course I am.
She's supposed to call me after school.
It must be that she seriously fell in love with me.
Why don't you think about Mei-chan a- If I get married to Sanae-san and you to Nagisa-chan, that'd make us brothers.
I look forward to that day, my younger brother! It's good! Maybe it had the wrong effect.
I think so.
That idiot's totally out of his mind.
Are you waiting for Sunohara-san? Yes.
You're not with him? He went home already.
He says he shouldn't miss his girl's call.
Gosh, he's hopeless.
Would you not bother me? Sunohara-san Hey! Your sister came all the way to check on you.
You shouldn't be saying that.
When in midst of love, sisters fall out of sight.
Love is amazing! Rather than that, Mei, shouldn't you go home soon? I'm not going home yet.
There's something I have to do.
Something you have to do? Ah, I gotcha.
What could they be talking about? So basically, checking up on me was just an excuse to begin with.
She's always loved the city, so she wanted to spend some time here.
Right? That's right.
See? But that's not all.
The person I like is here, so I came to meet him.
P-Person you like?! Someone I met the last time I was here.
He's really mature and teaches me all sorts of fun things.
And he's kind, too.
He says I'm cute, too.
Hold on, Mei.
Love is amazing, isn't it, Onii-chan? Wait! Who exactly is the- I'm supposed to see him after this.
So I have to go now.
Enjoy your time with her.
Mei-chan! Please wait! Hey! You should go after her, too! Y-Yeah, but I shouldn't go in case Sanae-san calls.
Are you still saying something like that?! What are you going to do if the guy is some scumbag? But love is a person's choice.
Onii-chan? Sorry.
It's me.
I understand you're upset with him, but wasn't that a little much? What are you going to do now? You're only complicating things.
I don't want to see Onii-chan like that.
I wanted him to come after me and tell me not to go with a guy like that.
I didn't mind if he hit me.
I was ready for him to.
I wanted him to yell at me When I was little, I was picked on by boys in our neighborhood all the time.
But Onii-chan was always there to help me.
When I cried, Onii-chan would always come running to me.
Saying, "Stop making Mei cry!" It made me really happy and was reassuring.
After starting middle school, he started to become really good at soccer.
He was counted on not only by me, but by everyone in the team, too.
He's not the brother I used to know.
He wouldn't have kept his mouth shut after seeing a girl picked on.
He's supposed to worry about me, too.
That girlfriend of Onii-chan's was a fake, right? Yeah, we knew you'd figure it out.
The one who played the role of his girlfriend was my mom.
Sorry we lied to you.
I knew it Gosh, he's so hopeless Causing so much trouble for everyone No, we never thought of him like that! He's so hopeless You're going on a date with Sunohara again? Yes.
To make up for the last time.
I don't think there's a need to go in disguise.
I've come to like this outfit.
Hey, what are you all doing here? S-Sanae?! Dad, you're amazing! You knew this was Mom instantly! Akio-san, this is for- Mom! Shh! It's a secret.
What? What are you guys planning on doing? We were practicing theater.
Theater? That's right.
We wanted Sanae-san to help out with the practice.
But man, they're all girls' clothes.
Sanae-san, please go on.
What kind of play is this? We're still in the process of coming up with the plot.
Excuse me then.
Where did Sanae go? She probably ran away in embarrassment.
She's cute no matter how old she gets.
So, what's the story going to be like this time? Nagisa's the one coming up with the plot again.
Sounds like she's hit a wall, so would you give her some advice? We'll go look for Sanae-san.
You got it.
They weren't meeting here? I didn't hear anything.
I was planning on following Sanae-san.
Well, I'm sure we can leave Sanae-san alone.
How about we go hang out somewhere, too? If you only worry about Sunohara, it'll tire you out, right? It's so cute! It'd probably look good on you.
I wish you were really my brother.
Do you really mean that? I do.
Then try treating me like I'm your brother.
Like you're my brother? Then Hey, Onii-chan.
What's wrong, Onii-chan? N-Nothing.
That was more effective than I'd thought.
What are you saying? You're so weird, Onii-chan.
This is dangerous.
No more "Onii-chan"! Why? I can't call you "Onii-chan", Onii-chan? Actually, don't stop.
You guys Since when? He's making Mei-chan call him "Onii-chan".
He's dangerous.
He looked really turned on.
Oka Okazaki-kun No.
There's a reason behind this.
We didn't see anything.
You'll infect us with your idiocy.
Run for it.
You got it wrong! Hurry! Wait Don't follow us! No more "Onii-chan" after all! Actually, I take that back.
What should Mei do? No more! I forbid it!!! Wow! There are so many to choose from! The city is amazing after all.
This isn't really a city, you know.
Want me to treat you? Really? Then I'll have This one! I've never seen anything like this before! Princess Crepe? She's right, I've never seen anything like this before.
Hey, the price is princess-like, too.
Girls are unbelievable.
How about something else? How about the Maharajah Crepe- Onii-chan Mei wants to have the Princess Crepe.
It's delicious! I'm such a Do you want to try some, too? Then I'll take a bite.
You took the strawberry.
You said I can try some.
I hate you, Onii-chan.
No! Don't hate me! Then can we do that together? Then I'll forgive you.
You're kidding.
That's so lame.
Strawberry! Okay, okay! Maybe it's this? This? This is so exciting.
Choose a frame you like.
Which one do you want? This one! Okay.
We'll now take the picture.
Okay! Ready? Say "Cheese!" This is really embarrassing, you know? Okazaki-san! Make sure you put it on your student ID! No way! Hey.
Where've you been? I was meeting my girlfriend.
What were you two doing? We were looking for- What's this? What's the meaning of this? It's none of your business! Give it back! Man, looks like the truth has come out.
It's just as you imagined.
Mei-chan's boyfriend turns out to be me.
What happened to Nagisa-chan? Obviously, I'm breaking up with her.
The truth is, Mei-chan actually stayed over at my place last night, too.
Right, Mei? Y-Yeah.
I was alone with Okazaki-san, too.
Shall we get a move on, Mei? Yes.
Wait I said wait Why does it have to turn out like that? Damn it! And nothing more? I tried to pull off an act thinking we'd make him worry.
I'm sorry, all for our sake It's all right.
But even with all the provocation, he didn't say anything.
I was hoping he'd show his "reliable brother" side.
It looks like he doesn't care about me.
That can't be true! But, lying is wrong.
Mei-chan, shouldn't you go home soon? You've been absent from school a whole week.
Your parents must be worried about you, too.
I can't go home leaving things the way they are.
Not until Onii-chan gets his act together.
I want Onii-chan to play soccer again.
If he plays soccer again, maybe he'll return to the way he used to be.
If possible, he should return to the Soccer Team and I think that's difficult.
You know what happened between Sunohara and the Soccer Team, right? But I think that's our only chance.
I'm busy taking care of matters with Sanae-san.
I don't have time to worry about Mei.
Mei-chan, let's think it over.
He has many good traits but just can't express them well.
You wanna fight, Okazaki?