Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e23 Episode Script

The Event from One Year Before

1 Yay! We're in the same class again! Yuck.
Minoshima's my homeroom teacher? This sucks.
3-D Good morning, Furukawa-san.
Good morning.
Looks like we're in different classes.
So you're in class D Do you see anyone we were with last year? No one among the girls.
I see.
I'm sure you'll make new friends soon.
You're cute, after all.
I-I don't think that's true, but Don't be so shy and go talk to others.
I'm in class A, so see you.
I'm sorry.
Sign: Welcome New Students Why is this the first thing we do as juniors? That's because we screwed up escaping from class.
You guys! I can't take this.
I'm the one who can't take this! Why the heck do I have to keep my eyes on you guys?! You should have just let us go, then.
We're here because you turned us- That's called undue resentment! If you don't know the term, want me to crack open your skull and hammer it into your brain? Your eyes are serious.
This is why I didn't want to accept being the class representative! Then let's finish this and go back.
None of us want to waste time doing this.
What was your name again? Okazaki Tomoya.
What's yours? I don't have a name to give delinquents.
I said my name, so you tell yours, too! Never.
I don't want to acquaint myself with idiots.
You have a wonderful personality.
Hey, looks like you have an eye for people.
Do you at least want permission to talk to me? There you go again! You idiot! H-Hey, keep off.
I saved you, and you're giving me that? Hey, I'm not all right, you know.
It's iffy whether you deserve a word of gratitude or not, but I'll give you my thanks this time.
You'd better be grateful.
I'm Fujibayashi Kyou.
I'll be with you guys for a year, but don't give me too much trouble, you hear? Fujibayashi? There was another Fujibayashi in the next class over, wasn't there? That's my twin sister.
It's confusing, so just call me Kyou.
We got to know a strange girl.
I bet she's thinking the same thing.
Hey, what should we do now? Let's hang out by the train station.
We've got nothing else to do, anyway.
You're right.
I'm back.
Hey, welcome.
How's the new class? I couldn't talk with anyone, so I was a little lonely.
Why don't you just dive in? Go introduce yourself.
"Hello? Yeah, it's me.
" "Ah? I'm Nagisa, your granddaughter.
" "I got in an accident, and I'm in a little trouble" Do at least something like this! That's a little different.
I'm saying you need a determination on that level.
Be proactive! Proactive! Even as a junior, it took me a lot of time to become friends with my classmates.
It looks like it'll take time this time, too.
All it takes is a chance.
Everyone around you wants to make friends fast, too.
You're right.
Chance it is.
All right.
I'll teach you a special trick.
You know how embarrassing it is to call your teacher "mother" by mistake, right? You adapt that and call the teacher, "Mother of Ultra"! Then a rumor starts to go around.
"Could Furukawa-san be related to the Ultramen?" "I wonder if she can transform.
" "Let's ask her.
" "Hey, Furukawa-san, do you want to eat lunch together?" I think that's too difficult to accomplish.
Then how about sharing this with the class? Mom's bread? There must be someone willing to suffer through eating this.
Talk to kind people like that.
Though, I think that's too much to ask.
So my bread was my bread was too much to ask for?! I love them! I'll now explain tomorrow's entrance ceremony.
First, the juniors and seniors will sit in the gym, then the freshmen will enter.
After the ceremony, freshmen have orientation.
Juniors and seniors will start their classes.
The freshmen will- Mother of Ultra! I have a question! Furukawa-san, you're related to the Ultramen? So cool! Can you show us your transformation? Oh, I made a mistake.
Sorry for being so clumsy.
Make sure you don't scare them by recruiting for clubs too aggressively.
Also, refrain from doing welcome events other than those organized by the school.
This guy Wake up, Okazaki! Fifth period's about to start.
God I guess he belongs to the cool-looking side, now that I take a close look.
I wonder if he has a girlfriend.
Okazaki, watch out! Su-Sunohara.
What do you want? What were you doing? Were you trying to kill him while he's asleep? Or, were you trying to screw around with him in the guy-girl relationship sense? Of course not! Are you sure? Weren't you thinking something like, "Hey, he's pretty good looking"? He looks like a total retard, but he's pretty sharp.
A punch erases memory, right? Where is this coming from?! Shut up! What's with the commotion?! Okazaki! You were in danger, you know?! You were about to be in a guy-girl rela- Erasing memory, accomplished.
Furukawa-san! Kimura-san.
Finally caught up.
Are you by yourself? Yes.
I got to know her in my new class.
We're going to go check out some clothes; do you want to come with us? Me? Furukawa-san's a really funny person, you know? Come on, let's go.
But it's not good to linger on the way home.
No one cares about that kind of stuff nowadays.
Here, let's go.
It looks cute! She's right.
You look nice, Furukawa-san.
I'm so nervous.
If a teacher finds us, we'll get yelled at.
Next, try this dress.
Okay Oh no, Furukawa-san! A teacher's on patrol here! We're going to make our run, so good luck! Please wait! Please don't do that! I Even if you wish me luck I'm sorry, Sensei! Just kidding.
We're sorry about that.
You were so funny, we couldn't resist.
It's fine.
Though it scared me a little.
Such a waste.
You're such a fun person, yet nobody realizes it.
It'll be nice if you can make friends in your class soon.
See you! Good bye, Furukawa-san.
Like that, I was with Kimura-san on the way home, so it was fun, but But you're alone in the class like always.
Thirty people packed in a small class, so there ought to be at least one person you can get along with.
Even among those you pass in the hallway may be a friend forever or your soulmate.
But without action, they're forever no one to you.
How should I take action? This comes into action! Bread made by Sanae is mixed in this.
Give this to the class and enjoy the surprise.
Same as those pranks you see at parties.
It's bound to start a conversation.
"Furukawa-san, you come up with the funniest ideas.
" "I want to be friends with you.
" Just like that.
So my bread was my bread was something meant to be enjoyed as a surprise?! I love them! Six of Spades and Eight of Hearts.
And, Nine of Spades.
"6" and "9" come together and make the shape of "8", so Your fortune-telling method's completely original as always.
Onee-chan, you'll be asked out by someone tomorrow.
Asked out? The person will say, "I like you".
From some nice boy.
I think we need to let her know how terrifying we are.
What? Going to pick a fight? We're taking a much smarter path! "Dear Fujibayashi Kyou-sama.
" "I fell in love with you the other day and want to confess my love for you," "so please come to the reference room in the old building during lunch.
" "See you there.
" We're going to put that in her shoe locker tomorrow.
When her heart's pounding and all, we'll watch her and laugh.
This is my first time seeing a love letter with "I'm stupid" written all over.
With this, Fujibayashi Kyou will be shocked and won't be able to stand tall again.
We'll be able to enjoy the rest of the year! True, a terror will be waiting.
In many ways.
Right? I can't wait for tomorrow to come.
Sign: Entrance Ceremony Sign: Welcome New Students I'm the person on duty, so I'm going to head up.
Yeah, see you later.
"Dear Fujibayashi Kyou-sama.
" No way! Ryou's fortune-telling's right?! Look at her blush.
She can be pretty cute.
I think we're doing something really sick.
Look, look, that boy's cute.
What? You're setting targets now? I wonder how many we'll get into our club.
It'd be nice if we could get at least two.
Good morning.
Look, he's well-built.
Hey, that boy with the round face.
Doesn't he resemble that? You know, that thing that was popular a few years back.
The mascot character.
What was it called? Something like this.
Ah, what was it I can't remember it, either.
It was pretty popular, wasn't it? With lots of dolls and such getting sold? Um, that's All right, we're going to the gym now.
Sign: Hikarizaka Private School Entrance Ceremony New students, I hope you will have three wonderful years here.
Next, salutation from the new students.
Hey, am I actually looking forward to meeting the guy? "There has been a little mishap.
Please come to the rooftop.
" "I'm sorry.
Please come to the gym storage room after all.
" What is this guy thinking? You'd better quit it soon.
Why? You can't find something this funny that often.
Mother of Ultra.
Mother of Ultra.
She still doesn't realize she's being messed with.
Let's quit it already.
It's gone too far.
This is only the beginning.
Got to get ahead of her.
You better make this it.
I know.
There has been another mishap, so this time- Where should I make her go this time? How about, "I'll be waiting for you in Hell"? Hell? Hey, nice idea.
I like that scary sound.
I'm glad it's to your liking.
I thought I was really getting sent to Hell.
So, why are we doing something like this again? We're going to trick the freshmen to unwind.
Taking it out on others? What should I write? "Sunohara, Okazaki, the friendly team.
By Howdy.
" How's that sound? We'll use difficult kanji to write howdy like punks do.
There were several things I could point out, but nonetheless, won't.
Then, "Youhei-Tomoya, the best.
By Howdy.
" So you know, "by" goes before the names.
In that case, "Sunohara-Okazaki, the friendly Euro extreme ironing team, featuring the Hikarizaka Bros.
By Howdy.
" It's sounds stuffy now.
Then you write it.
When this breaks, that falls out, right? Yeah.
We're going to drill into them that high school life's not easy.
Then this is the best bit of advice I can give them.
Sign: Welcome New Students What's that? It's too suspicious, no matter how you look at it.
Why don't you pull it? No way.
I don't want to get soaked.
No one's falling for it.
Only a moron falls for that.
Damn it.
You mean they're smarter than me? Heck, you're the lowest of all.
Is she a freshman? The collar's blue, so she must be a senior.
Oh no.
She's knocked out.
Health center! Take her to the health center! Hey, Okazaki Yeah, there was a moron.
Furukawa-san, are you all right? Yes.
But my head still hurts.
It was someone's prank.
I was right behind you.
Note: The Drifters is an old comedy group who used the falling metal tub routine often It was like a scene from the Drifters, and I laughed.
I'm sorry.
I'm completely fine.
I've wanted to have a chat with you for a while.
I heard from Kimura-san that you're a nice person.
From Kimura-san? I'm happy that I finally have a chance.
Could you be my friend if that's all right? Yes! But I'm Me, too.
Let's be friends.
Great, thank you.
Could being a kindergarten teacher be as tiring as this? Did something happen? There's a pain in my class that causes nothing but trouble.
Every day is a workout.
But you don't look like you mind.
Yeah, I guess I don't mind it much.
Hey, haven't your breasts grown again? What are you doing this time? Love Letter Mission 2.
This time, I'm pretending to be a freshman falling in love at first sight.
We have so much time to waste, don't we? It was my first time talking to her, so I was a little nervous.
But she was a very kind and fun person.
That's great.
But it's thanks to this.
That's what was in the banner ball? Yes.
I kept it as a memento.
Thanks to this, I was able to muster the courage to speak.
"Don't lose to the obstacles you'll face.
" Thank you very much, person with kanji too hard to read.
The End