Clarence US (2014) s03e40 Episode Script

Anywhere But Sumo

1 [Remote clicks] [Upbeat music] I don't care what you say! I'm gonna do what I want all day! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of the world! [Upbeat music] [Bell rings] [Screaming] No running! [Bell rings] See you tomorrow, everyone! Slow down! Clarence, see you at detention tomorrow! Okay.
Bye, Mr.
Reese! Remember two lines, people! - Oh, Ryan? - Yeah? Will you be joining us for Rocket Club tomorrow? Yeah.
And then Dustin said that he already had a snack, - so he gave the snack to Darlie.
- Oh, yeah? [Grunts] Yeah! [Grunts] Sumo! Aw! Look at all this hair.
[Laughing] Yeah.
It's hot.
I should cut it before summer break.
That reminds me, Sumo.
I got those pictures developed from when Malessica braided your hair.
[Laughs] What?! [Laughing] - Can I get a copy?- Yeah, and me, too?! - I got us all copies.
- Whoa! Hummuna, hummuna, hummuna, hummuna! [Soft music] Wow! What? It's some old trash couch! No, Jeff! This could be our couch.
A place to call our very own.
[Rodent squeaking] - Ooh! - Oh! This thing's crawling with nasties! I'm out! - What should we call it? - How about - Claremoland! - Ha, yeah! [Upbeat music] Detailing [Grunting] It's perfect just like you.
Wait a minute! What day is it? March, April [Gasps] Hello, are you here for the sleepover? - Cut my hair? - [Chuckles] All right.
[Giggling] Tomorrow's our haircut anniversity! - Wow! - Only one thing left to do.
Yeah? [Chuckles] - Let me cut your hair tomorrow? - Yeah! Friendship haircut anniversity! [Grunts] You okay? [Chuckles] And put it all together and now you have a tornado! Pretty cool, huh? Okay, um, step three is - Clarence, do you have the glitter? - Just give me a minute.
Come on, dork, I want to see the tornado! What is this?! You used all the glitter! Miss Baker! - Just keeps going and going and going - Miss Baker! Claremoland? Are you and Sumo still sitting on that discarded couch? It's our haircut anniversary! Want to come? I think I'll pass.
Speaking of plans, though, - this summer I was thinking we could - Summer? That's a squillion miles away! And anyway I gotta run.
- Okay, but, Clarence - Bye, Jeff.
Love you! [Panting] No one ever asks me if I want a hair cut.
[Buzzing] Hey, Mom! Can please borrow your haircut stuff? - Thank you, bye! - Clarence, I'm in the middle of Hey, Clarence, what did I say about [Sighs] Clarence, you can't just take it while I'm Sir, do you want to just stay this way then, or you want a [Humming] [Grunts] Sumo? [Giggling] - What's going on? - [Gasps] Huh? [Gasps] [Dramatic music] Uh, this goes here eh? [Gasps] Uh, sorry, man.
I was just showing my Westie friends Claremoland.
Dunkin here brought out the scissors, - and one thing led to another.
- It's okay.
But - they missed a spot! - No one cuts it like you, man.
Who even are these kids? - Like and who's this guy? - I'm Jimmy Chakravorty.
You helped me be more confident, remember? Hmm I didn't know y'all was friends.
Oh, we mostly hang out at school.
- Oh.
- Jimmy here's a real wild man! - As if! - Remember that one time we filled the library with pigeons?! Miss Lofton was so mad! We're bad.
And, Bree, remember when we made your baby teeth into jewelry? All: Tooth Squad! Bree: My mom says its disgusting but what does she know?! - Well, guess what, one time - Remember when we took Mozer's phone? - And called his mom? - Oh, Sumo and me Dude, dude, dude! What about Hummus Day! - Dunkin makes the best hummus! - Naturally! [Laughter] Ah, you guys are the best! I thought I was the best Well, you're one of the best.
You guys can't be friends! I can't believe it! I shan't believe it! I plant believe it! I gotta unravel this mystery.
- Clarence, wait! - Sumo, could you help me with my Latin? [Clarence coughing] Mother, I'm so sick! [Raspy breathing] - Ac-choo! - Uh, I guess you're a little warm.
No, no, I'm a good little schoolboy.
I can't fall behind.
Uh-oh! Here comes the coughing! [Coughs] Oh, my gosh I coughed up a lung.
All right, well, just read your book or something.
I think I'm infected! - Blah! - I'm already out the door, hon! - Got her.
- I'm humoring you.
[Upbeat music] [Laughs] And then, my brother thought it was a goat Just as I thought psychedelic! Whoa, neat! [Laughter] I'm hiding out collecting intel And what I'm seeing frankly isn't cool I've got a hunch this won't end well 'Cause me and Sumo ain't at the same school [Laughing] No, me and Sumo Hmm.
I guess they are his real friends.
Aw! I wish I was huggin' up in there.
- Dang, they're still huggin'! - Aw! If only there was some way I could be in two places at once.
Lofton: Ahem! This is not your school.
[Screams] If only there was some way I could be in two places at once [Crows] Mm-hmm! Hey, Mom, can please borrow your haircut stuff again? - Thanks, bye! - Clarence, oh, not again! Come on! [Making zooming noises] - Psst what's your name, over here! - Huh? Mm-hmm.
[Bell rings] [Blowing raspberries] Clarence: Hey, Sumo, it's me, Clarence! [Music] Your best friend, remember? Now we can hang out all day at school, just like we used to! Aw, man, that's awesome! - Wait, what's he saying, Jimmy? - He said it was awesome.
No, no, let me hear Sumo say it.
Uh, I said awesome, man! [Chuckles] Cool.
Today we're gonna play a prank on Mr.
I put a chicken under his desk.
Here's the plan Mr.
Mozer comes in, and the chicken pops out and scares him! He passes out and the computer falls over, and it explodes, and the chicken eats Mr.
Mozer for power.
[Clucking] Until it's all exploded up.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! - Oh, man, here he comes! - All right, willing minds, let's get some learning done, shall we? [Giggling] What do we have here? What a delightful surprise! This chicken is the perfect addition to my lesson plan for today! - What the heck? - Clarence: Sumo? Sumo, come in! What's happening? Is he so scared? [Laughs] What a riot! It's a funny prank! Who did this?! Oh, I know, this was the work of everyone's two favorite pranksters.
- Sumo and Clare - Sumo and Jimmy - the inseparable duo! - What no! Clarence: You mean Sumo and Clarence! Ha ha! You two are quite the pair! Uh Abort, Jimmy! Abort prank! Let's get a photo of you two to hang on the Best Friends board! - No! - Smile! Nooo! [Laughter] Guys, what's going on! Tell me what's happening! Are me and Sumo best friends again? Come on, Clarence, this is your final test.
Where is your shirt? [All giggling] [Chuckles] Clarence, just just give me one last normal day.
Clarence hugs Sumo.
Clarence hugs Sumo.
You can play walkie-talkies on summer break.
He's a better Clarence than me.
- You can give me a hug.
- Shh! Children: [Chanting] Best friends! Best friends! Best friends! [Kids clamoring] So I'm thinking about a pool membership this summer.
My mom wanted to know if you and Sumo were interested.
I can't go back because of what I left in the locker! [Sighs] Claremoland was supposed to be for me and Sumo.
You sure like that couch, huh? It's a little dirty for me, but I could bring my folding chair to sit on.
It doesn't always have to be what I want to do, right? I just won't see Sumo for a while.
But, you're right, we'll always have summer break even if it is a squilligan days away.
Clarence, I've been trying to tell you! Summer break starts tomorrow! [Cheering] Can we get another pizza, please? [Cheering] "Have a good summer.
" Next.
Summer!? Jeff, you beautiful genius! Why didn't you tell me? Ha, Clarence, I tried to, but you were so caught up in this Sumo couch business.
I just I guess I didn't think you had time to be friends - with Jeff the clean bean.
- Children: Three, two, one [Bell rings, cheering] No more books! No more teacher's dirty looks! I'm sorry, Jeffery.
You're my other best friend in the whole world.
And so are you and Sumo! Now let's have the best summer ever! [Panting] - Sumo! - Cut my hair? [Laughter] [Both gasp] Eh, what the heck.
But if I get bedbugs, you guys are paying my hospital bills.
Deal! [Sighs] - All: What?! - What? - Huh?! - What?! Oh, dang! [Cheering] - Huh?! - Oh! Yes! [Chuckles] Early to bed Early to rise Picking my nose