Clark (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Let the Party Begin

1 Has he mentioned anything during these, uh what is it now, five hours well, four and a half, that this has been going on, if he demands a guaranteed escape from here? Uh I don't know if he has, uh, made his plans known.
What we are waiting for now is this, uh, Clark Olofsson's arrival.
Then we'll have to see how the situation develops.
Do we know anything other than he speaks English? No, we still don't know.
What the hell?! Go live! Suddenly we hear three to four shots from a submachine gun in the square.
My God, Clark! In this regard, we can tell that the robber is pretty unstable.
Let the party begin! Goddamn it.
Janne freakin' Olsson, the chicken thief.
That annoying bastard.
The walls have ears.
Of course, I knew that all along.
Hello there, Slufsen.
It's me, Janne.
Of course I know it's you.
- Like hell you do.
- Of course I do.
Ah, don't even-steven.
I told you I'd get you out, huh? Don't you see? Three millions.
And a goddamn fucking Mustang! Shit You know, I've learned from the master.
Soon, we'll be on our way.
But first Come on.
The others are in the vault.
I think you're gonna like the girls.
Maybe I should have done that.
Bang! Get it all over with and become a national hero.
The others are in the vault.
- But what's the fun in that? - Yeah.
Ah, damn it.
After all, I am a bank robber and I didn't want to miss this.
Anyway, I had nothing better to do.
Four? I thought you only had three.
Well, I found the guy hiding in a closet, so I kept him too.
Yeah, yeah.
Everybody! This is my best buddy, Clark Olofsson.
Hi there.
When I saw her, it became clear as day.
I set myself three clear goals.
One, I would rob the damn bank.
Two, I would get that hot babe.
Three, I would get out of this whole mess as a national hero.
A freakin' piece of cake.
Come on, Janne.
You can't keep them like this.
What are you doing? Try to stay in character, man.
You can't say my name, or, so What do you now do? Drop the freakin' act, Janne.
These nice people haven't done anything to us.
They're our friends.
Help me untie the others.
Listen to me and everything is gonna be just fine.
I promise.
Let's see.
Thank you.
I'm Clark.
What's your name? My name is Kicki.
Pretty name.
Come on, sit still! I get that you're scared.
It's just a plain reef knot.
But I'm here now so it'll all be just fine.
Just right over and left off the Yeah.
Hell, I'm starving.
Is anyone else hungry? - Mm.
- Yes.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
Clark will cook something up.
"Cook"? Ha! Huh.
Uh, well Mm.
Here's the food, Tommy.
We'll be up here if you need anything.
W-why the hell did we agree to this? Why can't we just starve them out? - Here's the bread.
- Well, Clark must be starving.
It's been a long day for him.
Hiller, goddamn it! - Move aside! - Oh, sorry.
- So grumpy.
- He's been like that all day.
I think he's stressed.
Hello? - What the hell, Clark?! - I got you.
- You scared the shit out of me.
- Did you get everything? Yes, sir.
Anything else you'd like? Some Glace au Four, perhaps? Sangria? - Anything else? - Sangria! That's a great idea.
- Can you get some? - Come on, Clark.
Or should I just walk away and let the chicken thief shoot everybody in there? Is that what you want? Or do I have to go and call Palme myself? You realize that I have a bunch of trigger-happy half-monkeys out there who are waiting for the chance to shoot you both.
No, for fuck's sake.
You can't do that.
Then he will kill all the hostages, and it will be your fault.
Janne is batshit crazy in there.
Who the hell is Janne? Tommy-Pony, Tommy-Pony, Tommy-Pony, Tommy-Pony As always, you are one step behind me.
The guy in there is none other than Janne Olsson.
Armed to the teeth, high as a kite and totally insane.
And he's completely lethal.
I am your only hope.
But, uh he told me to tell you something.
He told me that he hates damn cops with ridiculous mustaches and bad comb-overs.
Like hell I did.
- Give me the food.
- Just take it already.
Uh, just slip the bread in here.
Just, uh, make sure you get some results.
Go shit yourself, Tommy.
And, uh, don't forget the sangria.
- Hiller! - Goddamn it! King Gustav Adolf's health has taken an unexpected and serious turn for the worse.
The king has been placed on a ventilator after All attempts to get an interview regarding the king's health have been futile.
in the late hours of August 22nd Look what I found.
at approximately 10 p.
, the king's condition suddenly worsened significantly.
You hear that? Apparently, two kings are one too many in this crappy country.
- from a severe stomach ulcer.
- Psst! - Mm? - Clark.
increase dramatically, and he was finding What do you want? Would you kindly tell me what the hell is going on? We just have to wait a bit.
But stick to your demands.
We need a Mustang, the money, and we'll bring, uh, two of the babes with us.
Uh, Kicki there is really hot.
illness that the king suddenly worsened - Bring the babes? - Yeah.
What What good will they do? Huh? As hostages, obviously.
We are waiting for And, hey, let's tell them that you'll need me as a driver.
Jesus! What the hell, Clark?! - We have to - We have to have some fun! No, no - All right, guys.
- confirming the distress Let's see.
Oh! Dare to dance, goddamn it! In the midday sun They beat on their drums ♪ When Poppa Joe comes to town ♪ With his coconut rum They can all have fun ♪ They can drink it Till the sun goes down ♪ Poppa Joe just smiles politely ♪ Come on, sweetie.
We might as well have a little bit of fun.
As he hears them say-ay-ay-ay ♪ That's it! Poppa Joe, coconut ♪ Poppa Joe, hey, Poppa Joe ♪ Come on, everyone.
Come on! Come on.
Hey, Poppa Joe ♪ Hey, Pop, Poppa, Poppa Joe ♪ That's it.
Don't pretend to be shy.
That's great, Sven! You can see them race ♪ Through the streets You can hear the sound ♪ Hey, look at party-pooper Janne.
- Come on, Janne.
I'm just kidding.
- He's grumpy.
We're live at Norrmalmstorg again.
A Norrmalmstorg that is getting darker by the hour.
There are a few curious spectators here.
What the hell is that sound? Poppa rumbo, rumbo ♪ Dammit, it sounds like they're having fun! It's one hell of a party.
Rumbo, rumbo ♪ It sounds like Sweet.
Damn, you're right.
It's Sweet.
They were playing at Gröna Lund this, uh, summer.
Oh? Damn! I told you this was a bad idea.
Fuck you, Hiller! Rumbo, rumbo, hey, Poppa Joe, coconut ♪ Hey, Poppa Joe, hey, Poppa Joe ♪ Rumbo, rumbo, hey, Poppa Joe, coconut ♪ The hell is Clark doing down there?! Rumbo, rumbo, hey, Poppa Joe, coconut Hey, Pop, Poppa, Poppa Joe ♪ Rumbo, rumbo, hey, Poppa Joe, coconut ♪ Poppa Joe, hey, Poppa Joe ♪ The hell?! Go live Norrmalmstorg.
- What the hell was that?! - It sounded like a bomb.
- It was a bomb.
- Yeah, a fucking bomb.
Yeah, it was.
Janne, what the hell are you doing?! Huh? Just watch.
You may learn a thing or two, Slufsen.
You can't You can't You goddamn Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
Idiot! Uh What the hell is going on?! - It was another bomb.
- That was a bomb.
Yes, it was a bomb! I know it was a bomb! There were two bomb - It's another bomb! - Why are they bombing down there? Damn it! We don't know that, you know.
Whoo! Freakin' hell! That was one hell of a blast! You have to calm down, Janne! And why is that?! So you can have fun without me?! I thought that you and I did this together! Me and you! - Janne, of course we're doing it together! - Sure as fuck don't feel like we are! - Sure we are.
- No! - Yes! - No! - Yes! - No! Yes! An inspection of the exterior shows that the windows are intact.
We shouldn't draw any hasty conclusions, but it may now be safe for us to stand up again.
You are a chubby fucking traitor! Like hell I'm chubby! Have you looked in the mirror lately? You're damn spaghetti! I'm not a fucking spaghetti! - And I'm sure as hell no traitor! - Good.
So let's shoot the hostages, then.
- He's gonna shoot the hostages.
- Call Linderoth.
- Tell me you have a clear shot on him.
- Come on, Janne! Got him.
The one that was dressed up as an Arab before.
- Well, take the shot, for God's sake! - Roger that.
- Come on, Clark! - You don't get it, Janne! - You're so high, you don't understand! - Understand what?! Damn, I missed! Everything went great until you showed up! You asked me to come here! You have failed with every freakin' thing.
How is that my fault?! - I'm just trying to save everything! - Hey! Answer me, damn it! He's moving around like crazy.
I risk hitting Olofsson.
Isn't that what we want? Take the shot, you damn amateur! - Shoot! - Damn it! You have no idea what you're doing! Blah, blah, blah! If you're such a fucking pro, why aren't we sitting in the Mustang with the millions now, huh? You're thinking with your tiny dick, Clark! My dick is not fucking tiny! Do you hear me, Janne? Huh? Stand still, dammit.
It's a thousand times smarter than your damn chicken brain, you damn chicken thief! Don't you fucking call me a chicken thief! Janne Olsson is the robber this time! You would have been jack shit if it weren't for me! They're gonna write books and make movies about my life, and you will be completely forgotten! Tommy, we have a new situation.
They They're aiming guns at each other.
Now, where the hell did you get that from? I've got you, you bastard.
- Just shoot, you damn - No You scared me! I missed! Get down, Janne! Get down! - Oh, damn it, Tommy! - Die! I-I think Clark just saved Janne's life.
Here on Norrmalmstorg, the tense wait has just been replaced by a dramatic scene.
Stay calm and keep behind the barriers! Did you have that gun the whole time? Yeah.
Stupid Tommy gave it to me.
Stupid Tommy-Pony! Did he say, "Stupid Tommy-Pony"? Well, that's what he said.
Stupid Tommy-Pony! Those damn idiots! DAY 2 Well, Tommy Lindström, yesterday we heard gunfire.
- Have you injured the robbers? - No, we haven't.
Earlier you were optimistic, but, uh but an hour ago, you sat here I can't answer any questions.
You could say that we have the situation under control.
But Chief Linderoth was very optimistic and said that you were operating according to a plan.
Yes, we have a new plan.
We're gonna I'm afraid we cannot comment on that at this moment.
So why have you set up this press conference? Well, I have no clue.
- This was not my idea.
- It was my idea.
Hiller, it was a terrible idea.
Any further questions that I won't answer? We have heard that the robber has made some pretty serious threats.
What kind of threats? - Could you elaborate? - No.
Well, according to the papers, the robber is extremely violent.
I just woke up and I haven't had time to read the papers yet.
Plus, you shouldn't believe all the crap they write.
What do you mean? We're writing the news! Hey, it's like this.
It can be hard for normal people to comprehend how such a very horrible man can exist.
But the police have help.
We have Clark Olofsson in position.
So, do you really trust Clark Olofsson to help you? Mm.
I don't trust Clark Olofsson for one second.
I only trust him to make a mess of things.
There, write that.
He also seems to have joined forces with the robber.
Huh? But I can promise you one thing.
We will rescue the hostages.
We will never succumb to criminals.
Even if we are forced to resort to force.
Deadly force if need be.
Thank you.
But was it such a good idea, sending Sweden's most notorious bank robber into the bank? Rumor has it that he's even got a gun which you provided him with.
I'm afraid I can't comment on that.
Why did we agree to this? If you want to take a picture, I'm Hiller.
- Hiller! - Calm down, Tommy.
And could you guys gives any comments? Uh Well, it's just like Hiller says The robber is not giving up.
Damn cops.
Get the car here now.
I'm driving.
He wants three million, and he asked to have Clark as his driver.
You are not driving anywhere.
Here's Norrmalmstorg, and we're just waiting.
- The second day is finally - You are going back to jail! You think it's my idea? They're his demands! And they want to bring two of the babes No, I mean hostages, of course.
This doesn't feel right.
- Danger to the hostages? - We can't know that.
- I trust Clark completely.
- Ask Palme.
I'd say aqua-blue.
They demanded a car and they received it.
What's he's up to? But the police is ready to shoot if need be.
Back to the studio.
THIRD NIGH I didn't know how long the fun would last, so I had to think about the future and work on my goals.
It was only a matter of time before Tommy and his monkeys would spoil all the fun.
DO NOT OPEN UNLESS I DIE! "Maria, my beloved Maria.
I want you to know, all I do in here is think about you, about us, about our future together.
Everything I do, I do for us.
I hope you know that.
" Oh, Clark "I know that a lot of things went wrong, but I want to make them right as soon as this nightmare is over, if I survive.
I love you.
Yours forever.
" Here we see Clark Olofsson walking around inside of the bank's external premises.
I got dragged into this and I'm innocent.
I'm just trying to be a national hero.
" Thank you for that.
And here's the news.
Inspector Tommy Lindström is maintaining that Clark Olofsson is collaborating with the robber, and that he, under no circumstances, should be trusted.
Here's a recording from the rather confusing press conference from yesterday.
I don't trust Clark Olofsson for one second.
We will rescue the hostages, even if we have to resort to force.
Deadly force.
Earlier, we've been able to report that Clark Olofsson now has joined the robber and, uh, has made himself available to drive the getaway car.
- You've come to the news-tip hotline.
- Hello.
- This is Clark Olofsson.
- Clark? I'm calling you to straighten out a few things that you've clearly misunderstood.
Is this really Clark Olofsson? - Yeah, you bet your ass it is.
- Okay.
And what do you want? Here's the deal.
The robber, he's dangerous for real.
You heard him when he blew up the registers.
And how are the hostages? How they are? Obviously they're scared shitless.
I see.
- They can't eat or sleep.
- Can't sleep? - The whole thing is a freakin' nightmare.
- Nightmare But I can take care of it.
Write that down.
So, did you have anything else to add? I can tell you one more thing.
You may think that the robber will give up, but that won't happen.
No, no.
He's entered a full-blown kamikaze state of mind.
Oh, dear! Kamikaze? Yeah, and God knows what he'll do next.
I just want to say one more thing.
I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Not even the robber.
No violence and no bloodshed.
- Um - No violence? No bloodshed? Very admirable.
Uh, something's happening here.
- What's happening? - I got to go.
- What - Bye.
Hi there.
You're awake? Everything all right? What do you think will happen now? Huh? I'm scared.
You don't have to be scared.
I'm here.
You're safe with me.
Really? Yeah, for sure.
What the hell? Not now! We'll have to continue this later.
Yes? What the hell! Hello? - Olofsson, this has gone too far.
- Who the hell is this? Come on.
You know damn well who this is.
Oh, shit.
Palme? Uh, duty above all.
Uh, consequently, I want you to know that you're not the first prime minister Olofsson, be quiet! You've had your chance.
Now we'll do it this way.
H-hello? Palme? Palme? Palme is grumpy.
What the? What the hell are you doing?! Open up! You damn fucking shit-eating cop bastards! - Open up! - No, Janne! Idiot! Fucking shit! Well, now we have locked them into the vault and we've shut off the electricity.
So now they're sitting around in the dark.
It's pretty smart, actually.
- And what about the hostages? - No comments on that.
Just call him and tell him what we discussed.
Yeah, okay.
I'll do my best.
You're gonna do great.
The prime minister's office.
This is Eva Leander.
My name is Kristin Enmark.
And I am one of the hostages at Kreditbanken.
I would like to talk to Prime Minister Olof Palme.
The prime minister is asleep.
He's resting.
But, hang on, he'll take the call.
Yes, well, I hope he can talk.
- I'll put you through.
- Okay, then.
- Yes, hello? - Well, hello.
Yes, hello.
My name is Kristin Enmark.
I am one of the hostages at the bank, among other things.
Well, and I'm actually very disappointed in you.
Are you? Why is that? Clark and the robber haven't harmed us in any way.
So, uh, what are the guns for, then? Well, maybe they need them to be able to defend themselves against the police.
Consider the situation carefully.
They have entered a bank to rob it, and fired on the police.
Listen, now.
Let me tell you something here.
The police pulled their guns out first.
- That's right.
- Yep.
A policeman has been shot.
Oh, what do you think is better, then? That his hand has been wounded, or that six people die? Yeah, exactly.
But why don't you just tell them to put their guns away and let you go? They won't do that.
But this, uh Clark, he is a convict sentenced to six years in prison.
But, you see, Clark has gotten everybody to calm down in here.
But sooner or later, they must realize that it can't go on like this.
Well, you know, Clark, he really has nothing to do with all this, more or less.
And the robber, well, he will never give up.
Surely you realize that? Yes, he will, sooner or later.
But I want me and Elisabeth to go with him.
I trust the robber and I trust Clark.
And do you know what he does? - Well, he pecks me on the cheek.
- Exactly.
But do you really feel that the police are a hostile force? Yes, because I know that if a police officer were to come in here, he will shoot.
And in that case, we'll have no chance of survival.
Uh, of course you will.
Oh, please.
My dear little cutie-pootie pie, if you would have been here now, I could have kissed your feet.
Listen Olof, you have the highest authority here.
It's up to you to handle this.
You will call Norrmalmstorg right now and tell them that it's settled, and one and a half million in foreign bills.
- Three million.
- Yeah, three million.
Otherwise, you can come down here yourself and trade places with us.
Thank you for your help and goodbye.
Hello? Damn, that was great! Incredible! Great fucking job, Kicki.
Freakin' great.
- I-I-I did it.
- Yes! DAY 4 It's now ten o'clock.
The robber and Clark Olofsson have now started to negotiate directly with Prime Minister Olof Palme.
- Maybe we can come up with some ideas.
- It doesn't look good in the papers.
- We can release wasps into the vault.
- We could fill the vault with water.
- And outside, we put soap on the floor.
- Great idea, Micke! Yeah, but how? Yes, we have some new clever ideas.
Norrmalmstorg is bustling with activity.
You can see that they have some kind of strategy.
The police need large mirrors, as well as smaller mirrors with handles.
The police are loading a lot of sandbags.
And then the gunman rushes out.
Zoom! - That's when we get the bastard.
- Hiller! One, two, three! Go left, left, left.
- More sandbags! - Careful with your back.
You carried in welding equipment.
What is he gonna do with it? I have no idea.
We can also see that four ambulances have been prepared.
- Watch the door.
- An eerie feeling surrounds the square.
Nobody knows what will happen, but something big is going on.
- Help him.
- Lift with your legs.
Are we witnessing the beginning of the end? I'm not sure.
It's like the hostages don't want to come out.
It's as if they're more scared of the police than the robbers.
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME - WHAT IS IT? Yes, uh, that is correct.
A new group has now been formed, consisting of, on the one hand, the robber, Olofsson, and on the other hand, all of the hostages.
The hostages have obviously sought, uh, some form of, uh, sense of security with the robbers.
Human beings cannot function in a threatening situation without something to attach our security to.
So the hostages trust the robber more than the police? Yes, understandably so.
After all, the robbers are the ones holding the submachine gun.
And, thus, that is where they will start to seek their comfort.
Damn, things didn't look too good for us.
We were totally isolated from the rest of the world.
No water and no grub.
And Janne was about to run out of speed.
He was like a goddamn bomb, ready to explode.
But I had no problems being locked in.
I had a lot of unfinished business to attend to.
How are you holding up? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I can't take it anymore.
- Huh? - I don't want to die.
You're not going to die.
Sweetheart you know I love you.
Tell me something.
How was your childhood? Where did you live? Well lots of places.
And your parents? Tell me, what were they like? Your father? Well, they were He was good.
He was real good.
Why is everyone always asking me about my childhood? Hello.
- Ba-dee! - Ah! As if that would make a difference.
Honey, look here.
The same social mumbo jumbo.
Who the hell cares? There we go.
Now, just tune it and let's see if it works.
- There's no sound.
- Calm down.
- But it's starting soon.
- I'm not done yet, damn it! Damn goddamn hag.
Welcome to tonight - There! - Damn it! Sten! You ruined it! It had just started! Hey, you.
Come here and help out, will you? Here, take this.
- Come on, hurry up.
- Do you see that cable? It conducts electricity up to our asshole neighbor.
Take this, then connect it to that, so we can listen to the radio.
Okay, Dad.
Huh? I'd do it myself, but you have to learn, right? So, put it on there.
Just connect it.
Yeah, that's right.
- Mm! Huh? - Yes! It's working! - Free electricity! - Yes! It really does! - How about that? - Mommy! It's Snoddas.
What the hell now? You useless son of a The fuck did he do? - And it had just started! - What the fuck?! - And it was so - Goddamn it! Go get me another beer.
- Clark? - Sort it out.
Clark? Clark, wake up! Goddamn it! Get your own fucking electricity! Sten! Sten! Fire! There's a fucking fire! Now look what you've done, you stupid goddamn woman.
Look, now there's a fire! I'm so sick and tired of you! You always have to ruin Ah, well, I didn't really know my father.
He left when I was very young.
I grew up with my mom and two sisters.
I think he's proud of you.
You risk your life for all of us.
You're a hero.
Everybody knows that.
Oi! He's probably sitting around, bragging about you to all his friends.
Telling them how proud he is of you and how great he thinks you are.
CLARK AGENT OF TERROR He must love you very much, Clark.
Yeah, I like you too, Clark.
Very much.
Fuck! What in the name of fuck is going on now?! What is that? Is that drilling? What you hear in there is a very big drill.
We'll go in through the roof and not through the door.
Tommy and his damn idiots were going to drill their way through the vault's rock-hard concrete roof.
They had gotten themselves a huge drill.
But they had no idea how the drill worked or how thick the roof was.
Let's go again.
Cops shouldn't break into banks.
Leave that to us professionals.
The code? I forgot it.
Where's my drill head? That damn drill was so loud that the girls went crazy.
They panicked, started to scream.
Stop drilling! Stop! Some journalists heard the girls screams and spread a rumor that Janne was raping the hostages.
Yes, the robber could be raping them.
But he was just sitting in his corner, shaking like a leaf.
What a freakin' mess they made.
Total amateurs.
Uh, we'll return as soon as as soon as something happens at Norrmalmstorg.
DAY 5 Out of my way! Fuck! What the hell are you doing?! You fucking assholes! Cocksuckers! Oh, shit! He's hit! Ha! Take that, you fucking pig! Go to hell, you asshole! What?! What the hell are you saying?! What he is trying to say is, "Go to hell, asshole," but you hit him in the cheek, so he can't speak properly.
Serves him right! - Damn it, Janne! - Careful with my drill! Do you think I give a rat's ass about your stupid drill?! Tommy! Toss down the money and the keys to the Mustang now, damn it! Otherwise Otherwise, I'll fuck this fucking bank in its fucking ass! Calm the hell down, Janne.
About ten minutes ago, during a drilling operation, a shot was fired from the vault, through one of the holes, and hit a policeman.
Ugh-guh! - What is he saying? - Ugh-guh! Damn, that's a great idea! - Tell me what he's saying! - He's saying, "Nerve gas.
" Nerve gas? Yeah.
- Won't that kill them? - Yeah, that would kill them.
Yes, that would kill them.
But i-isn't that what we want? Want? That they die? W-what the hell are you saying? - Sc-mm! - Yes.
D-did you hear what he said? Yes, I heard what he said.
I understand that we're gonna scare them.
- With nerve gas? - It's definitely worth a shot.
- People die from nerve gas.
- We can't know that, Tommy.
- Yes, we can know that.
- H-hello? Um Maybe there's a milder gas.
- Damn, that's a great idea.
- Yeah, it's great.
They threatened to let in gas through the hole.
To stop that, me and the babes came up with the idea that we would put nooses around their necks, and threatened that they would be hanged if the gas knocked them unconscious.
It worked I'LL HANG THE HOSTAGES IF YOU GAS US! at least for the time being.
The robber Olofsson, I was about to say, has been placed there in a professional situation, whereas the hostages, on the other hand, are there completely without fault or dignity, and their lives are completely dependent on what the robber and Olofsson decide to do.
It is a very skewed psychological situation.
So you could say that they seek comfort in their own executioner? Yes, if the executioner is the only one who can provide comfort.
The time is 11 p.
, and here is the latest news update.
We'll start with the ongoing hostage drama at Norrmalmstorg.
In line with the last 24 hours' violent escalation, the public is now asking for the drama to come to a swift end.
According to reliable sources, the robbers have entered something called a "kamikaze state of mind," where anything could happen.
Right the guys are very, very tired Tommy, do you copy? Tommy? Over.
Here is the latest report.
Now we've learned that the king's health has dramatically deteriorated.
DAY 6 Hi there.
We're screwed aren't we? Yeah, it sure as hell looks that way.
But, hey that doesn't mean that we have to leave empty-handed.
What the hell are you talking about? Look what I found.
They're everywhere.
A 10,000 bill.
Three, four, five, six 60,000 damn crowns.
And then we'll do this.
Roll them up real tight.
Sixty thousand.
And then Then what? Yeah, w-what do you mean? You shove it up the sheriff.
What goddamn sheriff? The brown eye.
You shove the money up the starfish.
Uh Your asshole! Goddamn it.
Clark, you always have the best ideas.
Yeah, I know.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- Yeah.
But I'm gonna need your help with, uh Sure.
Of course.
Let's do it.
- Sixty thousand.
- Yeah.
- You could fit 100 in there.
- You think so? - Sure.
- Huh.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! For fuck's sake! Take it easy! Ooh! Ah! What's he screaming about? - Let's go in.
- Relax.
You're too tense.
- It's fine.
- And breathe in.
- It won't work.
- Sure it will! - Relax your back.
- "Relax your back"? Damn! It's pushing back.
Damn, it is! It's sliding in, Janne.
- Push! - Now it's sliding in.
- Yeah! - Come on! Ooh! Yes! Now it's fucking in! Don't you tell me it's not! - No, damn it.
- What the hell? Don't hit me! You were the one who asked me for help.
Breathe! You're just pushing it out.
I give up! - No.
- No.
- No.
- No.
- Push harder! - I am pushing.
I-I know what I'm doing.
- But what's sliding into what? - How should I know? Take a deep breath.
One, two, three! Nice and easy! Yeah, now he's crawling up there.
Yes! Well, it's in.
- He got the bugger in? - Yeah.
What did he get in? Right, try another one.
Generally, how long can one endure this kind of mental pressure? Well, you can't answer that question in a general way, but if I was to guess, an educated guess, that, uh, we are talking about a few days at the very most.
It could be a question of less time than that.
It's eight o'clock, and this is the latest update about the ongoing robbery taking place at Norrmalmstorg.
It's critical, guys! The police have tried to negotiate with both the robber and Clark Olofsson for six days, but to no avail.
Both the police and Palme are sticking to their approach.
Quote: "We live in a state of law and will never give in to criminals.
" - No fucking way! - End of quote.
You won't fucking win! Hear me?! You fucking goddamn cock-sucking pussy-fuckers! Get up! - For Christ's sake! - Janne! I'll kill her! - Shh! - And that's your goddamn fault! N-no.
Drop the gun, Janne.
Kicki's off-limits.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
It was supposed to be you and me! The Mustang and the millions! "Let the party begin!" "Let the party begin.
" Right, Clarky boy? Dammit.
How the hell could it all turn out so fucking wrong?! I don't know.
Janne, come on, stop sniveling.
I'm not sniveling! You really are crying, though.
But that's okay, Janne.
Goddamn it Clark, what's going on? Not now, Tommy! Oh I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Okay, well, release the gas.
- Sure.
Copy that.
What the fuck? I'm sorry! I give up! - Stop it! - I give up! Do you hear me?! I give up! - He gave up right away.
- Get the bastard.
Be ready to open fire if we have to.
Okay, open the vault! There! Open it! Janne! The hostages first! Nice and easy! No way! You'll just shoot me once they're out.
- Come out now! - I'll go first! We refuse! Janne goes first! Okay.
But, Janne, don't do anything stupid.
- What the fuck was your name? - Håkan.
I said, "What's your name?" Håkan Rundlöv! Håkan Rundlöv, I'm coming out.
And don't you shoot me, dammit! Olsson is coming out, over.
Olsson is out, over.
Get him! Janne, you are under arrest.
I give up! - Hey, I said I give up.
- Clark, for God's sake, come on out.
Yeah, I'll be right out.
Okay, Kicki Oh, Clark I hope we see each other soon.
I'd really like that.
Clark, get out here this instant! Babes, Sven, take care.
- Here he comes.
- Hi, guys.
- You sure took your sweet time.
- Get him! What are you doing? Ow! I'm on your side! Take it easy! I'm Hey! I'm Hey, Tommy! Well, now we can finally report that the drama is over.
The robber has surrendered.
Show us Clark already! The robber has surrendered! The robber is being escorted out across the square in handcuffs.
The square is full of emotions, after six full days of a dramatic course of events that have kept There you go.
Easy, now.
Here is the first one, a male.
Bo Holmström corrects that.
The first one was a woman.
Here we see a female hostage being led out of the bank.
It appears as if Clark Olofsson pulled this off.
Here's another hostage coming out now, and we have And lift.
The images that are spreading across the nation are remarkable, and it's all thanks to one man.
- That was the last of the hostages.
- Fun! - They're all safe.
- That's one way to look at it.
- Clark! - It's Clark Olofsson! Yes, and now we'll try to get some footage of Clark Olofsson My little baby boy! in handcuffs, but he is met with cheering and applause from the public.
And so, thanks to me, cry-baby Janne surrendered.
My work was done.
Daddy's a hero.
The hostages were unharmed.
Nobody died.
You're welcome, Palme.
And you're welcome, Sweden.
You did it, Clark.
BECOME A NATIONAL HERO - CHECK Nobody has been harmed, says Deputy Torrander, and the press have been intrigued regarding My Clark.
Around us are I always said you'd make something of yourself.
joyful scenes of great relief.
Hi there.
Well, that went well.
- What the hell happened to you, huh? - Janne shot me.
- What are you saying? - He says that Janne shot him.
- Through the hole.
- Was that you? Yeah.
I tried to stop him.
But, um Well, you know.
So, what happens now? Disco? We have to celebrate! There won't be a celebration or a disco.
You're going back to prison.
- Oh, come on.
- We're gonna make a pit stop first.
A pit stop with a toilet, I hope.
- say anything about that? - Okay, let's go.
Clark Good luck, now.
Hiller, goddamn it.
Uh, firstly, where's the toilet? Bit of a crisis.
I have been holding it.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, to your right.
Then it's the first door to the left.
First door on the left.
Found it.
I had a feeling that I'd been there before.
Or maybe it was a déjà vu, or whatever it's called.
Really strange.
Oh, the fancy stuff.
THE FIRST PICTURE FROM INSIDE THE VAUL But then, all of a sudden, I remembered.
You damn kids! Yeah, that's right.
And then I understood who I was there to see.
Olof freakin' Pa I see that you've helped yourself to a drink.
- Yes.
Uh - Palme! Yes, indeed.
I thought I deserved it.
You are to be commended for your effort.
Assuming that your claims are correct.
Yeah, well, of course they are.
I've been working for you all along.
I hope that you will follow through on your part and extend me some consideration.
Well, yes.
Obviously, everything needs to be settled in court and so on, but I'll make sure nothing affects you negatively.
I don't view you as a hero, Olofsson.
You're a criminal.
I just wanted to meet you.
I'm, uh, fascinated by you.
Yeah, I have that effect on people.
I bet you do.
Finish your drink, Olofsson.
It'll be your last drink for a long time.
- We should be the ones in there.
- You could try and be happy for his sake.
Damn it, Hiller.
Take care now, Olle.
- Yes, you too, Olofsson.
- Go shit yourself.
Kicki! - Clark.
- What the hell are you doing here? The prime minister apparently wanted to see me too.
I'll be damned Maybe he can wait one minute.
One minute? Uh-huh.
I can't wait any longer.
- Me neither.
- Take me! - I freakin' love you.
- Oh, Clark! Ooh-hoo-hoo! Oh, goddamn, I love you.
GET THE GIRL - CHECK - There you go.
- Thank you very much.
I just had sex.
Mm, nice.
With Kicki.
Clark, I have bad news.
How the hell is that possible on a day like this, huh? What's going on? Your father has passed away.
What are we waiting for? Let's go.
Here you go.
Let's go.
So damn typical of my old man.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Stupid piece of shit! - You're not welcome here.
- I Typical of that bastard not to allow me to be a little happy.
Come and taste it! Taste my ass! Not even on a day like this.
It's always been like that.
It's always about him, him, him.
They said he died completely broke, with his pants down and his dick in his hand.
I'm never gonna miss him.
Open the gate.
- Thank you.
- Yes, roger that.
You look great, Clark.
Huh? Thank you.
You stupid little shit.
Stop smiling like that.
Oh, poor little thing! Okay, look at the camera.
Olofsson, you have a visitor.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi, honey.
What a freakin' circus, huh? Palme asked for my help, so I had to do it.
- That's amazing.
- And I saved the whole damn thing.
I know, honey.
- You're a hero.
- Yeah.
You did so well.
- Did you get my letter? - Yeah, I got it.
And I loved it.
And I meant every word.
A-and the other one? Uh, did you get that too? Yes.
- Here it is.
- Oh, great.
- What's in it? - Huh? Just stuff you jot down when you think you're gonna die.
It must have been horrible.
You were so great.
Yes, you were.
You are the best.
Do you know that? You're the best.
Now, come here.
ATTENTION! DO NOT OPEN UNLESS I DIE! Did I mention that I'm a genius? I really am.
But you already knew that by now.
CLARK'S 3 GOALS: ROB THE BANK - CHECK Oh, that's right.
I almost forgot Like I said Genius.
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