Class Act (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[insects buzzing, birds twittering]
[parking brake clicks]
[mysterious music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[Dominique] You're crazy.
You could've drowned.
I felt like a swim.
Those sons of bitches screwed me over.
Coupant is such an asshole.
But I still have OM. This is our year.
That'll show everybody.
And the business,
are things as bad as you say?
There are some holes.
But we're not sunk yet.
Coupant is the priority.
If we wanna survive, we have to move fast.
It'll be easy enough to sell Adidas,
then get back to what we know.
But I need you to trust me.
No more bullshit.
No politics either.
[woman] This matter should've
been resolved months ago.
If we leave without an agreement
here today,
we'll have to let the courts decide.
You'll be sure to lose money,
as well as waste everyone's time.
Are you so sure we'll lose?
I've said it since the beginning.
That money was compensation
for what the Tapie group
invested in Coupant.
That's it. Nothing proves otherwise.
Oh, save for the check stubs, tax reports,
a letter. What more do you want?
And I've been fired from the government.
What more do you want, you rat bastard?
I never should've gone into business
with you. You're a loser, always will be.
I think we should all try to remain calm
and work for a solution.
- I'm very calm.
- [chuckles]
We asked you here today because
we've just concluded an extensive audit.
Selling Adidas has allowed us
to expunge part of our debt,
but balancing our liabilities
is going to take time.
There's no way
the group can afford to pay
a sum as exorbitant
as the 60 million you're asking.
Well, then I guess we're done here.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Coupant] Hmm?
Thank you, Dominique,
for trying your best, hmm?
Should we bring your shell companies
into the discussion?
The ones your group
is using for tax evasion?
[tense music playing]
They explain why 60% of your commission
from the sale of Diguet-Denys
was routed through the Bahamas.
They also explain
why the official commission is more like
20 million?
And not the 45 million
with your disputed 13.
That that allegation
is totally unfounded.
Twenty million.
And I'll withdraw my case.
Six million, right now.
Or we can have that trial
you're so confident about,
if you don't mind the risk.
Twenty million.
Not a penny less.
Twelve million
and we put this behind us.
This dwarf will never take
less than 20 million.
Twelve million.
I'll throw in the Picasso.
Is it even real?
Great, if we're done,
what are you doing tomorrow night?
I could take you to the Vélodrome.
We're two matches away
from the European Cup final.
It'll be the perfect occasion for us all
to celebrate our deal.
- Hmm? Ma'am?
- I'm not much of a sports fan.
- Ah. Mr. Deputy.
- Sir.
I'm glad we came to an agreement.
Yeah, we all are.
I'll show you out.
After you.
Too bad. I really liked that clown.
Please tell me it's a real Picasso.
Are you a real lawyer?
How's it looking against Glasgow?
You're interested in soccer now?
Anything my clients do, I'm interested.
We're gonna kick their asses.
What do you think?
[Tapie] A fucking tie?
They walk around in kilts, and we
can't even beat them on our own turf.
Ah, ref. Well done.
You said he was a good.
That ref's an asshole.
Mr. President, nothing's been lost yet.
There's the match against Bruges.
No, what you don't realize is
that guy in black was paid off by Milan.
Berlusconi's too scared to face us,
so he sends out his little envelopes,
and because we're naïve, we get screwed.
[player] Can you pass me a water?
[indistinct chatter]
Did you hear how excited they were?
Do you think you earned that?
That you were good?
None of you has the balls to answer.
Eydelie, didn't I tell you
to watch Steven and Durrant?
Did I tell you or not?
Who was marking them? Huh?
There are kids out there dealing drugs
just to buy a ticket
to come see you play like shit!
You're paid a fortune
and you can't even run for 90 minutes?
It's not exactly the result we wanted,
but if we win in Bruges, we'll qualify.
No, no, if we play like this,
it's not worth the trip. Okay?
What about you, Boli?
Where were you for that goal?
You can't even stick out your ass
to defend?
What what what are you doing?
Put it back on. No one's changing.
I want 12 laps from everyone. Go.
If you have a table booked at a nightclub,
cancel. There's a phone in my office.
Mr. President, uh, I'm sorry,
but the problem isn't
the players or the referee.
It's the squad.
It's not developed enough.
We play a match every three days.
If you wanna win
the Championship League,
we need to sacrifice the French title.
We don't sacrifice shit. We win it all.
You hear me?
You want Paris
to be the French champions?
[Raymond] No, Mr. President.
Let's hope your fans even come back
to boo you at least.
They did everything they could.
Oh, that's great.
Real winning attitude.
- Well, we can't win all the time.
- [Tapie] What did you say?
What did you say?
Well, I said, "We can't win all the time."
- [Tapie] Oh really?
- Well, no.
- Really?
- That's just soccer, right?
[Tapie] Since when?
As long as soccer has existed.
I'm sorry, Mr. President.
Soccer's worse than politics, actually.
Fuck, I know we can do it,
but there's always something.
If it's not the referee, it's an injury.
If it's not an injury, it's a suspension.
Yeah, but isn't that
just the way sports are?
If you start thinking like that,
you never win.
Speaking of wins,
I think we found a rare gem.
Fabien dug this one up.
Food processors,
they're rival's with Thermomix.
- [Tapie] Molinder
- [Dominique] This market is the future.
Everyone will have one of these
in ten years.
Honey, we used to own
the biggest sports brand in the world.
Now pressure cookers?
We said we'd go back to basics.
We got caught up in politics.
We need to rebuild one step at a time.
First, we need to consolidate,
then go for something big.
Look at their balance sheet.
Yeah, yeah.
- You don't like it?
- Well, what do you want me to say?
That I always wanted
to make pressure cookers?
No, they're food processors!
Food processors.
So it cooks dinner
and serves it to you, is that it?
It does the dishes,
and then joins you in bed?
- Hmm?
- Oh.
- With it's little electric thing.
- Oh yeah?
[Tapie] That's the future, right?
All right, guys. Let's go. Let's go!
[upbeat music playing]
Come on. Get moving!
Get the ball!
You all of you know what's at stake here.
You really screwed up against the Rangers,
you know.
No, no, no, no, no, no ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Stop! Stop! Give me the ball.
You guys.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
You need to anticipate the next move.
Know where you're gonna send it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
I wanna see blood on that field.
Club Bruges,
they've got that big fellow up front,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
[Raymond] Look alive, guys! Look alive!
[sportscaster] Ah, and now,
coming up the pitch fast
is Amokachi making a run.
Can he win the ball?
Going into the corner,
he plays it safe, and it's
[knock on door]
- [commentator] It's out for a goal kick.
- Yeah?
- You asked for me, Mr. President?
- Ah, yes. Tell me.
Why didn't you get me to sign Amokachi?
Uh, the Bruges attacker? The Nigerian?
[Tapie] Yeah.
He was on my short list two years ago,
when he was still in England.
- Okay, and?
- Um
- He's got a weak knee. It put me off.
- [Tapie] Well done there, my friend.
He hasn't missed a game
and scores all the time.
Some nose you've got.
Well, he's good on the attack,
that's for sure,
but we'll definitely win
the battle for midfield. I'm not worried.
You're not worried?
Well, I'll just forget about it then.
- Is that the lineup?
- Yes.
Boksic's on the bench?
Raymond thinks
he lacks energy while training.
[Tapie] "Lacks energy." No.
He's a top player, okay?
His ass is on the field.
So Amokachi. What's the plan?
Desailly will mark him man-to-man.
And get another yellow card?
If we don't win this game, we're out
of the final. This is now or never.
No I I mean, some things
are out of our control, you know.
But we have a better team than them.
- Is Leroy the agent for the Nigerian guy?
- Yes. Why though?
call Gilbert Leroy for me, please.
What are you doing Bernard?
Gilbert, Bernard Tapie here. How are you?
[chuckles] Yeah, that's great.
Tell me. You represent
the Nigerian prodigy, right?
No, Ber
- No.
- [whispers] This this is not a good idea!
[Tapie] Yeah.
No, because I've been thinking we need
to strengthen our attack next year.
And I know he'd look great
in an OM jersey.
I'm sure Bruges is lovely,
but we have the sea and sunshine.
That's not too bad, right?
No, I'm not playing head games, Gilbert.
You know me.
I'm just thinking out loud.
You don't even have to mention it to him.
Yeah, since we're gonna win
the Champion's League,
we'd be offering him quite the salary.
Plus a nice little commission
for you, huh?
So then everyone's happy.
Yeah, well, there's no rush, no, no.
Okay, great. Let's speak soon.
And send my best to your lovely wife.
Bye, Gilbert. Bye.
See? That wasn't so hard.
- [whistle blows]
- [player] Over here!
- [grunts] Ah, shit!
- Fuck! Basile, come on!
Can you at least try
to get your head on it?
We're just exhausted, Mr. President.
Oh, you're tired? Well, it's our asses
on the line in three days, man.
I wanna see your guts on the field, okay?
Get back in there.
[Raymond] All right, gentlemen.
Let's go again! Focus up. Let's go!
Remember what we talked about!
You need to move Bruges players
around the field!
All they do up there is eat bacon all day!
Come on!
- Yeah, that's it. Over there.
- [applause]
That's good, Basile!
Now just do that in the final, all right?
You're the King of Marseille.
Not too bad, huh?
[whistle blows]
If you win the European Cup,
uh, you'll be the King of France.
But a king without power, what is that?
A celebrity? Is that what you wanted?
What's up? You miss me?
- A little.
- [chuckles]
Since you left, the government's message
is falling on deaf ears.
Ah, well, that's too bad.
They should've thought of that
before tossing me out.
You have something that they don't.
When you walk in a room,
everybody shuts up to let you speak.
Do you know how rare that is?
What's more, you're popular.
All right, are you going to stop kissing
my ass and tell me why you're here?
If you win the European Cup with OM,
you could be Mayor of Marseille.
The second biggest city in France
with a presidential race
that's anyone's game.
Bernard Tapie,
the winner who brought France
its first European Cup.
The self-made man who's going
to reconcile the left with capitalism.
A president for all.
You just have to run.
That's why I'm here.
- Go on.
- I joined the MRG.
- It would be perfect for you.
- [Tapie laughs]
Radical left. [chuckles]
Those non-profit pansies, huh?
Always sucking up to the Socialists
to get a few seats
and buying their foie gras
with taxpayer money.
Well, thanks, but no thanks.
They have everything you need.
Elected officials, a network,
militant supporters.
And you, you have
what they need, charisma.
How about you just meet with them
and explain your vision for France?
It's gotta be better
than choosing lineups.
I don't choose the lineup.
- Sometimes I think I should.
- Even more reason to join us.
Look, do you know
why I went into politics?
Because I wanted to change lives.
But I ended up in a den of vipers
and nearly lost my wife.
It's not so bad.
I make people happy every weekend
in the stadium.
And that makes me happy.
I see.
Well, if you ever change your mind,
you know where I am.
It was great to see you.
I'm sure it was.
Safe journey back to the capital.
[reporter] The streets of Marseille
are empty
for this decisive European Cup match.
The taxis are off duty for the day,
and the restaurants are empty,
with the exception of those
who had the great idea to invest in a TV.
[commentator] The Olympiastadion in Bruges
is the setting for this decisive game
for group A of the Champion's League.
The next 90 minutes will determine
the future of Olympique de Marseille.
They need to win here today.
Any score will do.
All right, guys. We didn't come
to the Venice of the North for a vacation.
I want to see warriors out there
on the field.
- Give them all you've got!
- Ready?
[Raymond] Let's go! Yeah.
Referee's office?
There, on the right?
[player] Let's do it!
[Tapie] How are you?
- Hello, Mr. Tapie. What can I do for you?
- [Tapie] Nothing.
I just wanted
to wish you good luck tonight
and tell you that I'm very glad it's you.
And I also wanted to say
the level you're at,
if you were French or German,
they'd have you refereeing the World Cup.
And I don't think that's fair.
The next World Cup is happening
pretty soon in the US, right?
- Would you be interested?
- Of course I'd be interested, Mr. Tapie.
Okay, well, I know everybody at FIFA.
So, uh, no mistakes tonight.
OM have the ball, on the attack again.
Pushing up the field.
Could this be the moment?
[team in French]
Tonight we're bringing ♪
Tonight we're bringing the fire! ♪
Tonight we're bringing ♪
Tonight we're bringing the fire! ♪
Tonight we're bringing ♪
Tonight we're bringing the fire! ♪
Tonight we're bringing ♪
[in English] Whoa! Whoa! Hey, hey, hey!
Easy. Go easy on the champagne.
[player] We're going to the final!
[Raymond] Quiet down, everyone!
The mayor is here.
Yes, yes. Well done, gentlemen.
The whole city is so proud of you.
You've shown the world
an incredible image of Marseille.
And tonight was something
all of France will celebrate.
[cheering and applause]
Now I'm counting on you to win the final!
Well done. Yes. Well done. Well done.
Well done, Mr. Tapie.
I knew you'd be a better club president
than Minister of Urban Affairs.
It would seem you're more useful
to France outside of politics.
Well, you know, it's not Mr. Tapie.
It's Mr. Minister.
Didn't you learn protocol at school?
I don't know
what the protocol is specifically
when a minister is forced to resign
following a public scandal, Mr. Minister.
Ah, there you go.
Oh, hello, Bernard.
Hello, Mr. Mayor.
- Do you two know each other?
- Oh yes!
He was my Chief of Staff at Urban Affairs.
It was short, but sweet.
I apologize for this impromptu visit.
We've just started
my campaign for re-election.
You have no idea how exhausting it is.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Why don't we go out with all the players
and let the journalists
see all of us together?
The people of Marseille
would be thrilled to see that.
- You think so?
- [mayor] Oh yes.
Yeah, of course, if you like.
The ball hit the post
so many times in the first half.
And when Deschamps missed,
I was terrified.
That was the most tense I've ever been.
[ominous music playing]
Can you tell me what's wrong?
Nothing. I'm tired. That's all.
I'm not an idiot.
You haven't said a word the whole flight.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
Scared of the finish line?
Why would I be scared? Huh?
What is this, psych 101?
"Oh, are you scared of the finish line?"
- I swear to God
- Don't talk to me like that.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Following their victory in Bruges,
Marseille pursues its dream
[Tapie] That asshole, Vigouroux.
He wants to use the club
to help his re-election.
[scoffs] He's never helped us.
Doesn't know soccer.
He's the mayor of Marseille
and he can't explain offsides!
So what?
What do you mean so what?
[reporter] As if by magic, they appeared
in the center of Marseille
to celebrate their victory.
[crowd on TV chanting] OM!
You want to run for mayor of Marseille.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Stop it. I know you.
Oh, you know me? Can you read
my thoughts now like a TV psychic?
What's your problem?
I don't have a problem.
We're buying Molinder, right?
We're going to make
thousands of kitchen gadgets.
- Hundreds!
- Food processors.
Right, food processors.
We'll get ten so you won't
have to suffer my paella.
So what's the idea?
Put your family
and all we've built in jeopardy?
I think I had something
to do with building it.
So you tell me. What's your plan?
'Cause we just got screwed by Coupant.
I sold Adidas.
I gave up politics! What's next? Tell me!
I sell OM?
Get myself a job at Darty
selling kitchen gadgets?
And by the way, I had the idea for Darty
before Darty existed.
I could've been a millionaire at 25
with my Tapie stores idea.
I could've done anything.
I still can. You'll see.
You've lost your mind.
[Tapie] I'm sorry? You know what?
You don't like politics, fine.
I'm the one who wants to do it, all right?
- Because when I do, I feel alive.
- Oh, to feel alive? That's what you need?
- Oh, well, yeah, so sorry.
- To be alive and ruined?
- And in jail?
- [Tapie] Oh my God.
Okay, you know what?
Go back to that shit
if you love it so much.
When the hell did you
get so annoying, huh?
Pain in my fucking ass!
I mean, fuck!
Are you sure you're Greek?
- You're like living with a Danish pastor!
- Fuck you, Bernard!
Twenty years now,
you've been pulling this horseshit!
It's a miracle we survived
what you dragged us through.
Are you done with your little lecture?
Hey! I'm still young, aren't I?
I still have lots
to offer this fucking country.
So if I win this final,
they'll come and beg!
[indistinct chatter on TV]
I'm going back to Paris.
You can keep this fantasy
if it suits you.
If you think you don't owe me,
well, we're not even married,
so I don't owe you!
[reporter 2]
The crowd is chanting Boksic's name,
this evening's only goal scorer.
In Bruges, Robert Vigouroux,
an early supporter of the club,
made an energetic declaration
of his love to the city.
[Vigouroux] The entire Marseille family
is proud of this team
and these players tonight.
And I'll let you in on a little secret.
I've never been more proud
to be the mayor of this vibrant city.
This city, which is afraid of nothing.
This city, which can do anything.
This city that I'd give my life for.
Ah! [chuckles]
One more.
Come on. They're waiting for us.
See you, Dad.
Think we should talk?
- Didn't we say it all last night?
- I didn't know what I was saying.
I think you knew
exactly what you were saying.
And really, I mean it, go ahead.
Go feel alive.
Go be the mayor, the president, whatever.
But it isn't going to end well.
Honey, it'll be different this time.
I was dumb to believe Mitterrand.
I'll run on my own,
and I'll listen to you instead.
[somber music playing]
It's over.
It's two years now I've been trying.
Two years, because I love you,
but the man I loved isn't here anymore.
Are you sure?
[somber music continues]
[man] Whatever happens in the final,
this season has been a resounding success.
Did you see the crowd at Vieux-Port
after the match against Bruges?
So many people!
Well, I don't want to jinx it, but you
can still lose everything here, right?
PSG is right behind you in the ranking.
It wouldn't look good
for the local elections
if PSG overtook OM.
- PSG overtaking OM?
- [man] Mm.
You're a funny guy.
- We're playing Valenciennes.
- [man] Ah.
They're ranked second-to-last place.
The championship is ours already.
And once the season's over,
we launch a huge print campaign
with one slogan: the boss in city hall.
All right.
We're still going up against
Vigouroux, but we've got a chance.
Up against Vigouroux?
Nobody cares about this guy.
Everyone hates him.
He looks like a dead fish.
Get him out of my bouillabaisse.
No thanks!
What more do you want?
When I go anywhere, everyone loves me.
That's how it is. It's not fair.
Okay, uh, I love Marseille.
Uh, this is all well and good,
but how does it get me
into the president's office?
Uh [chuckles]
I'm sorry, but are you kidding?
Reagan did it, so why can't I do it?
Reagan? Come on.
This isn't the United States here.
France and US are the same.
France is just ten years behind.
If we take on the Socialists, they'll
do everything they can to crush us.
- I agree with Bernard.
- [Tapie] See?
- If we do this right, we can use them.
- [Tapie] Hold on.
I'm not talking about
political strategy here.
I'm talking about a revolution.
A kid who grew up in the projects,
in Aubervilliers,
with working-class parents,
now the most beloved businessman
in France.
I'm giving it to you on a platter.
I don't understand
what there is to think about.
It's a miracle for you.
You're a tiny party
no one gives a shit about.
I'm sorry, but let's be pragmatic here.
I mean, come on.
Instead of counting the opposition
and shitting your pants, trust me.
You trust me with Marseille.
Trust me with the Élysée.
I know what you're thinking right now.
"Uh, politics isn't showbiz.
It's not business."
It's exactly the same. I'll prove it.
In three years,
we'll have this lunch at the Élysée.
[suspenseful music playing]
Jean-Pierre! Raymond!
In my office.
You wanna give Paris the league? [scoffs]
Well, it's official. You're both morons.
I think we should rest
the starting players
and play the reserve squad
against Valenciennes.
The last time I heard something
that stupid, I was in government.
Yeah, okay, Mr. President.
Tholot, he sprained his ankle.
Now he's out for two weeks.
Ouédec, hematoma on the foot,
gone two games.
Martins, concussion, one game.
And Klinsmann, hema
Okay, okay, okay, I get it.
Well, yes, Mr. President,
and that's just the last two months.
The players for Valenciennes are brutal.
They injure
at least one person every game.
Mr. President,
I already know what you're going to say,
but I really think he's right.
Our goal for this season
is the Champion's League.
We can't afford to risk our starters.
We should leave them on the bench.
And risk losing the game?
But if we win the European Cup,
no one will remember
who won in France, huh?
And just give it to PSG? Is that it?
What if we lose against Milan? Nothing!
You're complete morons. Unbelievable!
No, you know what this is?
This is grocery-store thinking.
Yeah, it's,
"If I lose this, I might win that."
If that was my attitude,
I'd still be selling TVs.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, we're not turning around
in the final stretch.
Our goal is both France and Europe, huh?
And we win with same team.
Mr. President, I think that our reserves
can beat Valenciennes. I truly mean it.
The guys who haven't played all year?
Who barely made the team?
Unbelievable! You're both morons!
Go on. Get out! Get back to training!
We're playing our starters
against Valenciennes.
That's it. I've made up my mind!
Ugh, it's your call.
[Tapie] Jean-Pierre, stay a minute.
how's Mrs. Tapie been, Mr. President?
Okay, first of all, it's Miss Damianos.
Second, mind your fucking business.
Hey, doesn't Eydelie
have buddies over at Valenciennes?
[Jean-Pierre] Yes.
If I recall, he played
with Robert and Burruchaga,
and he's friends with Glassmann, I think.
Well, that's very good
That's the backbone of their team.
No, Mr. President, we can't do that.
- That that would be a huge risk!
- Oh, it's a risk, you say?
Thanks for telling me. I hadn't realized.
No, hold on.
Uh, let's think about this for a minute.
We're not just discussing sending flowers
to a referee's wife here.
I've taken risks my whole life,
unlike you.
It's gone pretty well for me so far.
Don't you think?
- Well?
- Yeah.
You realize this is
about more than just a prize?
You wanna know about Mrs. Tapie?
- [Jean-Pierre] Uh, yeah, sure.
- Yeah? Well, Mrs. Tapie left me, actually.
- Uh-huh. You know why?
- No.
Because I throw myself into things.
No turning back. No looking
in the rearview mirror. My entire life.
Now think carefully.
Are you with me or against me?
With you, Mr. President.
[Tapie] Right answer.
goodbye, Mr. President.
See you.
[door opens, closes]
Hey, Jean-Jacques, it's just a phone call.
I I can't. I can't, Mr. President.
Glassmann, he's like a brother.
That's even better. If you're buddies,
he'll understand everything
you have at stake.
And what do I have at stake again?
Think about it. You're 28
at the end of your contract. Hmm?
Champion's League finals
don't come around often.
And it would be a shame
to watch it from the bench.
- [player] I'm not looking forward to it.
- [player 2] Don't think.
- [player] But I'm the one to do it.
- [player 2] Leave that in the locker room.
[ominous music playing]
[man on TV]
Fabrice wanted to be an electrician.
He gave up on the idea
because his credentials weren't current.
- [man on TV laughs]
- Oh!
Can you change the channel, please?
This show's terrible.
Fine. Pass the Game Boy.
Hey, hey, fuck!
- [man] Jacquot?
- Yeah?
Come on. There's a phone call for you.
You lucky bastard
- Who is it?
- Eydelie.
- What's he want?
- Oh, nothing.
He can explain.
[man 2] He just got here. I'll put him on.
Come on. It's for you.
Hey, Jean-Jacques. You miss me?
[Eydelie] Hey, dummy.
How's it going?
[Glassmann] Fine, you?
You know we're gonna
see each other tomorrow, right?
No, I didn't forget. Don't worry.
You know, um
You know how we're playing
the final next week?
Yeah, I think
the whole world knows that. [chuckles]
[Eydelie] You know, uh,
it would be better for us if
if we won the match tomorrow
without too much effort.
[chuckles] You're kidding.
[Eydelie] I'm not kidding, Jacques.
I'm serious.
Look, if you just held back a little,
you know,
take your foot off the gas a bit,
you'd be well compensated.
Really well.
It's a win-win situation.
But wait, Jean-Jacques.
I mean, you can't be serious.
How could you ask us for that?
You realize if we lose,
we're out of the league.
Well, you should've secured
your place in the league earlier.
You're already screwed.
All your buddy is trying to suggest
is that we've got your backs, okay?
Who am I speaking to?
Jean-Pierre Bernès, sports director at OM.
Does that mean anything to you?
Jacques. Jacques, be fucking reasonable.
If you're going down a league,
you might as well have 400 grand.
[Jean-Pierre] I'm sure you know
if Valenciennes goes down,
your career in the first division is over.
I can see how that would be worrying.
But, you know,
we have friends at Martigues.
They're our neighbors
and happen to be moving up next season.
We're really very close with them.
We've spoken about you.
A few seasons in the sun
would be good for you, eh?
Okay, we'll do it, but we want half a mil.
[sinister music playing]
[music fades]
You got a deal.
You'll get half tonight.
If you stick to your end of the deal,
you'll have the rest next week.
No problem. I'm team captain.
I'll make sure it happens.
[Jean-Pierre] Good. That's good.
I hope you do.
What a negotiator. [chuckles]
Hey, Jacques. You with us?
- I don't know, guys. This is
- No. Look.
It's too late.
You understand?
We've negotiated.
We've got a deal.
Uh, I'll call my wife.
She can get the money.
[man in Spanish] Go ahead.
[ominous music playing]
[clears throat] So Mr. Barnès,
we agree I'm playing the final?
You have my word.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[ominous music playing]
[commentator] Now it's Costacurta.
[phone ringing]
We're staying midfield with AC Milan
- Yeah?
- [Jean-Pierre] It's done, Mr. President.
Good. And there weren't any problems,
were there?
[Jean-Pierre] None.
Okay, we need to speak to Raymond
tomorrow after the game.
We need to change our tactics
or we'll go down by three in the final.
[sighs] Let's discuss it tomorrow,
Mr. President.
[Tapie] Yeah, okay, you're right.
Thank you again, Jean-Pierre.
- [Jean-Pierre] Good night.
- [Tapie] See you.
[line ringing]
[woman] Hello?
Hi, Maria. It's me.
Is Dominique there?
No, I'm sorry, sir. She's gone to bed.
She was exhausted.
- [Tapie] Did she get the flowers?
- Yes, she did.
There was a little card. Did she read it?
[Maria] No, she didn't, sir. I'm sorry.
Okay. That's all right.
Can you tell her I called?
Yes. Yes, I'll tell her, sir.
- [Tapie] Okay, good night.
- [Maria] Good night.
[hangs up phone]
[somber music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[crowd chanting, shouting]
[man] Over here! Over here!
[horn blowing]
[crowd cheering]
[horn blowing]
[crowd chanting]
[horn blowing]
[man] Come on! Come on!
Yeah, Jorge!
[man 2] Christophe!
[woman] Christophe!
[overlapping yelling]
[woman] You can do it!
[man 3] You fucking got this!
[coach] No messing around today.
Let's go.
You okay, Jacques?
We're playing
for the team's survival tonight.
[Glassmann] Yes, Coach.
I'll give it everything I've got.
[coach] Okay, let's do it.
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music playing]
[yells] Ah!
[whistle blows]
- Ah!
- [whistle blows]
[Di Meco] Hey, what's wrong with you, huh?
Calm down. Calm down, Mr. Di Meco.
Let's go!
- Yeah! Yeah!
- [whistle blows]
[somber music playing]
Okay, guys. It's not over.
They're only up 1-0.
We need to hurt them, guys.
We need to hurt them.
Don't let them run away with it out there!
[coach] Hey, there's no going easy on them
just because they're Marseille
and they're richer and stronger than us.
We can do this!
[coach] Leave it all
out there on the field!
[breathing deeply]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Glassmann] Sir?
- Sir.
- [ref] Yes?
I need to talk to you.
It's very important.
Uh, okay, I'm listening. Come with me.
Yes, sir, I want to make a complaint.
[ref] Uh, okay. Uh, Mr. Deschamps,
could you come here, please?
[speaking indistinctly]
[commentator] As the game gets underway
at Valenciennes' Nungesser stadium
with a half-time change
for Olympique de Marseille,
Durant has entered the game
and replaced Abedi Pelé.
Valenciennes returns to the field
Goodnight, Dom. I'm leaving.
Hold on a sec.
Is that my jacket?
- Yeah.
- [Dominique chuckles]
It looks good on me.
Yeah, you look great.
All right, I'm off.
[commentator] It seems
a complaint has been made
So what's his name?
[commentator] were approached last night
by Olympique de Marseille
[Dominique] You're meeting someone, right?
between the managers and the referees.
His name is Étienne.
- And what?
- Well, are you seeing each other?
Uh, what kind of question is that?
- [laughs] Excuse me.
- I mean, I
A lot of girls are interested in him.
I'm not sure he wants something serious.
You know,
I thought the same thing about your dad.
- Oh yeah?
- [Dominique] Mm-hmm.
How did you know he was the one?
If I'm being completely honest,
it wasn't obvious.
Not the first time we met anyway.
He looked like an idiot,
carrying a TV like that.
[both laugh]
By the way, how did you meet?
- He never told you?
- [Stéphanie] No.
He had this appliance company,
and I was his investor's secretary.
I used to go every week
to pick up receipts.
We would chat, you know?
Getting to know each other,
but that was it.
- And?
- [chuckles]
this one night,
we were taking a walk, just the two of us.
I lived in the 17th then.
And we didn't talk about much, but
I just knew.
But how?
I can't explain it. It was like a
a big ball in my stomach.
There's no other way to describe it.
- Okay, I gotta go. I'll be late.
- Have fun.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[somber music playing]
[door closes]
[gasping, crying]
[team cheering]
[player] Yeah!
- Listen up, you guys! Listen up.
- The boss is talking.
- [Tapie] Guys, guys, okay.
- [Raymond] Hey, hey, hey.
The French League
is officially ours.
- [player] Whoo!
- [cheering]
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
- Wait just a moment before celebrating.
- [player] Why?
Because our next game
isn't gonna be against Valenciennes.
Hmm? It's AC Milan.
Yeah, not laughing now.
What does that mean?
Van Basten.
- Costacurta.
- Mm-hmm.
Papin, of course.
- Huh? The crème de la crème!
- [player 2] Yeah.
But I'll tell you something.
After this game, the names Eydelie,
Di Meco,
will inspire the same respect.
And you know why?
Because you are the best.
And you'd better not doubt it,
even for a second.
Is that clear?
I believe in you guys.
I believe in you more
than I've ever believed in anything.
And I know I can be hard on you.
Yeah, all right. But it's because I know
you have the potential to be the best.
And I'll tell you something else.
If you succeed,
you will forever
be the first.
You hear me?
Forever the first!
Forever the first, you guys!
That's right.
[all cheering]
[Raymond] Great speech, Mr. President.
[player] Yeah!
- Mr. President, it's Glassmann.
- What?
[indistinct chatter]
Deschamps, come here a sec.
[ref] Mr. Glassmann, you're filing
a claim of corruption
against Olympique de Marseille,
against three players
from Valenciennes, including yourself.
[Tapie scoffs]
I'm sorry, but, ref, what is this?
- [ref] No, Mr. Tapie, please.
- Come on, sir. This is complete bullshit.
He's just a sore loser. That's all.
He knows he's going to languish
in League II for the rest of his career,
so he's making things up.
I stand by my word.
Oh yeah? Who are these other players
we supposedly corrupted?
Christophe Robert and Jorge Burruchaga.
That's false!
It's completely false, I swear.
There you go. Well, really?
This is Burruchaga
you're talking about here.
He's a world champion, right?
He probably drives around in a Ferrari.
That's also false.
Who cares? It's just an example.
Are you saying he'd accept a few francs
to throw a game? No, be serious.
I remind you that in five days
we have the European Cup.
Why would we need to fix this game
against one of the worst teams
in the league?
- No, no, no, that's unacceptable.
- No, it's true!
- [coach] You can't talk like that!
- Gentlemen, if you please
[Tapie] Am I supposed
to listen to him lie all day?
[overlapping chatter]
- Let's calm down.
- If you please
Uh, Mr. Glassmann, can you confirm
the veracity of your allegations?
I can.
We got a phone call
from Mr. Bernès at our hotel.
So now you also know Bernès?
- Yeah, I know him.
- All right, where is he then?
He's behind you.
- And when did he call?
- He called last night.
No, he didn't call!
How did you know it was him?
Because he introduced himself
as sports director for OM!
Oh, well, if he said it,
then it must be true!
I could call you tonight
as the Queen of England.
- "How do you do, Mr. Glassmann?"
- [chuckles]
Come on. Let's be serious.
[ref] Okay, Mr. Glassmann, I'm going
to ask you to sign your complaint here.
You too, Mr. Deschamps, if you please.
You should be ashamed.
You think you're the mafia?
Well done. You wanted some publicity
and this is what you came up with?
I should connect you with my publicist,
speed things up.
["Scrute le terrain" playing]
You trying to wind me up?
You better not be trying that.
Are you sure you want to do that?
What about you? Wake up, Boksic.
Come help me out. Help me out.2
You said everything went okay.
I don't know.
He must've had second thoughts.
He seemed all right on the phone.
Thank God you shut him down.
We'll pretend everything's fine, huh?
We've got a final to win.
- Of course, Mr. President.
- [Tapie scoffs]
[players chatting indistinctly]
[woman] It's okay.
You tried.
You did the right thing.
That's what matters.
What was the point?
It's unfair, but it's done.
Now you need to move on.
What do you mean I need to move on?
You need to let it go.
Or they'll crush you. You hear me?
[line ringing]
[Maria] Hello?
Hey, Maria. Uh, is she back yet?
[Maria] Uh, no, sir.
Okay. Did she say where she went?
No, she left in a hurry.
She didn't say anything.
Well, keep me posted, huh?
I'll be keeping my phone on.
- [Maria] Of course, sir.
- [Dominique] Bernard?
[tender orchestral music playing]
Will you marry me?
[music swells]
[woman] I'm not sure
[indistinct chatter]
You need to ask Sylvie. She'll know.
- [knocks on door]
- [woman 2] Mr. Prosecutor.
[man] Yes, come in.
[woman 2] Here you go.
- Yes, thank you.
- [woman 2] You're welcome.
[dramatic orchestral music playing]
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